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Generation Gap - Ruth and the Precocious Debra

Ruth is 25-years-old and regularly spanked by her 45-year-old girlfriend and lover
This is the third chapter in the Generation Gap series. I am Ruth, the 25-year-old lovingly disciplined by my 45-year-old girlfriend. Slowly our friends discover the relationship which increases the intensity we both feel towards each other.

I was annoyed to be told by Sharon that her close friend Claire was coming over with her daughter Debra. Debra is 22-years-old and a bit of a princess, a bit precious; and extremely precocious; we normally ended up arguing with each other. I wasn’t happy and made my feelings known to Sharon, and my arguing led to the inevitable spanking. Even as I answered her back so I knew what would happen. Sharon glared at me and I put my hands on my bottom even though I hadn’t been spanked for two days.

Sharon just nodded her head and said in her strict motherly tone, ‘Too right young lady; you know exactly what is coming. I fail to understand you sometimes. You are 25-years-old and still mouth off so I have no alternative but to give you a good long hard spanking.’

I never really minded Sharon telling me off. She was so many things to me. I think first and foremost she was my 45-year-old chummy mummy, my girlfriend, and my lover; she took the mother role I never had; very strict, resolute, and very demanding. She was quick to get annoyed with me, and that led to her other major impact on me; time out standing on my naughty spot with my nose pressed against the wall both before and invariably also after time spent across her lap having my bottom spanked. My 45-year-old lover spanking my 25-year-old bottom.

The spanking always hurt. I always cried. Sharon intended for me to learn a lesson by being spanked; a lesson that I asked for. After the spanking I got hugs and cuddles and by then both our pussy’s were very very wet; mine because I was spanked, and Sharon’s because she was aroused by being dominant and spanking me. Afterwards, when she told me to be a good girl, we licked and fingered and caressed each other until we gave each other so many orgasms. So many wonderful mind blowing orgasms. We were so deeply in love.

So it was no surprise that Sharon was furious with me for answering her back so rudely. She ordered me to the spare bedroom, telling me sternly. “Get undressed quickly you naughty girl. How you can talk to me like that I really don’t know?”

I tried to apologise but as always it was just too late. Sharon sat on the chair and glared at me as I got undressed. Even as I turned to her to unzip my dress she gave me a slap on my bottom and told me to hurry up. I quickly got undressed and spent 15 minutes on the naughty spot with my bare bottom fully on show, my hands on my head, and my nose pressed against the wall. My nipples were tort and also pressed against the cool wall. Even as I was getting aroused I spent the time thinking about how rude I had been and convinced myself how much I deserved to be spanked. It was easy though as my pussy was wet at the thought of the spanking to come.

When my time was up Sharon ordered sharply, “Get across my lap, young lady.”

I turned and stepped over to my waiting chummy mummy. I looked at her thighs. She was wearing cotton shorts so her thighs were bare and I was going to be lying across them. So sexy, I thought. I bent over knowing the pain to come; but as usual I enjoyed the submissive position, with my hands on the floor, my toes dangling a few inches above the floor, lying on Sharon’s firm lap, her bare legs looking so attractive; and I waited for the re-assuring rubbing.

Today though there was no rubbing. Sharon gave me a hard spank followed by another and another on one bare bottom cheek; then spank after spank on the other bottom cheek; and on the same spot. She was really annoyed with me but after a while it didn’t matter as all I knew was that my bottom was stinging and Sharon hadn’t even started with the hairbrush yet.

Sharon berated me throughout the spanking telling me how badly behaved I was and how I really needed to improve. I just about heard but was focussing rather more on the spanks raining down on my bare bottom than on what she was saying. Sharon kept on telling me off even after she started with the hairbrush although my gasps and screams were so loud she must have known I wasn’t listening; but I know her telling me off did her good so she did it anyway. I knew I had been rude, in fact more rude than usual, so wasn’t surprised the spanking was so hard. I grasped the chair legs to keep me steady so I didn’t try to get up; not that Sharon had ever told me not to; it was just I knew I should stay bent over and accept whatever spanking Sharon decided I needed.

The spanking eventually stopped but it took me quite a while to calm down. Sharon’s gentle rubbing of my bottom and legs and back was so welcome. I was about to apologise when Sharon announced, “ Eight One Strike days, Ruth, I think.”

I exploded, “Eight, that’s too much.”

The rubbing stopped, Sharon’s thighs tensed, and I froze. “Really Ruth, too many; shall we discuss that?”

I was about to say what I thought when the hairbrush came thrashing down again on my bottom. I had completely mistaken what Sharon meant, which was really stupid I know; but by discussion Sharon meant a further spanking to make me see sense; which of course meant to accept Sharon’s decision which I now wanted to do but couldn’t until she decided she had added enough spanks to my sore bottom.

It was only after several dozen more spanks with the hairbrush that Sharon stopped. She asked, “So, eight One Strike days, Ruth; agreed?”

“Yes,” I said through my crying but clear enough for Sharon to say, “Good girl, it’s always better when you agree with me, isn’t it?”

That still wasn’t quite enough because Sharon said, “I need to make your bottom a few shades redder so just a few dozen more I think; now we are agreed on eight One Strike days,” and set off again bringing the hairbrush down so hard time and again as I cried and cried with the pain. By the time I stood up rubbing my bottom and hopping from foot to foot Sharon smiled as she said, “Don’t forget, Claire and Debra will be here tomorrow so you had better be on your best behaviour.” Sharon added with a smirk, “I don’t suppose you will be too happy having Debra watch me spank you?”

Sharon looked at me closely and could see me struggle. In days gone by I would have given her very short shrift with a sharp response that told her what I thought; but I have improved, and can hold my tongue more, and successfully managed to answer, “I’ll try my best, Sharon.”

Sharon smiled broadly and said, “You see, you can do it when you try hard.”

I got lots of hugs and kisses for that and felt really good. I was so aroused after the spanking, my pussy was wet, my nipples erect, and I just wanted make love with Sharon and have a great orgasm. I leant forward to kiss Sharon and saw her nipples pressing out through her top. Our mouths opened as our lips touched and her tongue entered my mouth searching out my tongue. My arms flew around Sharon’s neck as we kissed and cuddled. I undid the buttons of her shorts and my fingers quickly edged inside her knickers and ran along her pussy. Her wet pussy lips. I gasped as Sharon’s fingers ran along my wet pussy lips. I was already naked and Sharon kissed and sucked my erect nipples. My bottom was stinging but I enjoyed sitting an intensifying the sensation. Sharon smiled as I gasped as I moved on the seat.

“Stay there,” Sharon ordered. She stood up and quickly pulled her vest top over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her shorts and knickers followed and when she sat down again she was as naked as me. We kissed each-others erect nipples and soon our fingers were inside the others wet pussy and flicking each- others erect clits. It was heaven as we brought each other to an orgasm

We relaxed for a few minutes afterwards but then Sharon said, “You can help me get the house ready for the visitors.”

Sharon chatted as we worked away; reminding me I was still under the One Strike rule. I remembered and knew that would mean unless I was ever so careful I will be spanked in front of Claire and Debra. I kept smiling as I looked at Sharon, who stayed naked after making love. She smiled back and as I worked every now and again as I bent over she kissed my burning bottom. Her nipples were erect almost the whole time and I knew when we were finished we would be going to bed.

I thought about our guests. The thing was that Debra was a lot like me; what with the way I answered back and did what I wanted rather than what Sharon wanted. Debra was only 22-years-old though and Claire was in despair over her daughter. Claire knew Sharon spanked me and they had often joked how much life would improve for Claire if she could spank Debra. Sharon explained that meant that Debra was likely to get away with things during their stay that Sharon won’t stand for if I do the same things. That was an added pressure on me, I knew.

I was well behaved as I helped Sharon with the house and got through to the evening without another spanking; and spent the night with Sharon in our huge double bed where we gave each other so many mind blowing orgasms.

I felt really good in the morning; until Claire and Debra arrived. Even then Sharon insisted I was charming to the visitors and I certainly was; for a while. Until after lunch in fact when Debra said she wanted to watch TV and Sharon told me I had to help with the washing up. Claire suggested to Debra she should help as well but Debra ignored her Mum and just went to the living room and switched on the TV. I didn’t say anything; I knew that I would have done the same if not under the One Strike rule.

After the washing up Claire suggested a game of cards which I really didn’t fancy at all; but Sharon said I had to play so I did; all the time eyeing the TV which Debra was still watching. I wasn’t concentrating when I put down an incorrect card. Sharon told me to pick it back up and play properly. That’s when it happened. I was so annoyed about Debra, who seemed to get away with everything, that I just said, “That’s the card I’m playing.”

Sharon asked sharply, “Really, young lady?”

“Yes, old lady,” I replied, immediately followed by a double take and an apologetic, “I am so sorry Sharon, I wasn’t thinking; I mean I didn’t mean to say that.”

Sharon looked very cross, and said in a harsh tone, “Really? Well, you know what happens now.”

I looked around wildly; first at Sharon then at Claire and then at 22-year-old Debra who was only half listening until she heard Sharon say, “That will be a good hard spanking for you, young lady.”

Debra spun around and said with a broad grin, “Really? Wow, can I watch?”

Claire said in a less than authoritative tone of voice, “No Debra, it’s between Sharon and Ruth.”

“Drat,” Debra said adding, “It’s not fair, you know.”

Claire was feeling frustrated and just a bit embarrassed about the way her daughter was acting. She said to Debra, “You know, Debra, you have sulked all day so far and Ruth has been far better behaved than you; but she is the one about to get a spanking. You could learn from that, you know.”

Debra shrugged her shoulders as she turned back to the TV and said in an offhand tone, “Whatever.”

Sharon said what I didn’t want to hear. “Actually, if Ruth earns a spanking in front of visitors then she gets spanked in front of them.”

Debra spun back around and shouted gleefully, “Way you go; that’s so cool.”

I slumped back in my chair thinking being spanked in front of Claire was bad enough; but having the brat Debra watch as well was going to be just so humiliating. I had no choice though.

Sharon told me, “Go and stand on the naughty spot Ruth, knickers and skirt off; you know the drill.”

“Cool,” Debra repeated staring at me.

I turned my back to Debra and stepped out of my knickers knowing how it must have looked; me being 25- years-old and undressing for a spanking. I put the knickers on a chair, unzipped my skirt and stepped out of it putting it on top of the knickers, and went to my naughty spot. I pressed my nose against the wall and put my hands on my head. I could feel the heat of my blushing face, and the anger was hard to hold in. Still, I knew that feeling will pass when I go across Sharon’s lap. It still didn’t stop me hating the 22-year-old brat.

Debra giggled. Claire said sharply, “That’s not very nice of you, Debra. I am sure Ruth is embarrassed enough without you going on at her.”

“You have to admit, Mum, this is better than playing cards,” Debra said, still laughing.

I did feel humiliated and totally embarrassed, but also angry. Very angry with everyone for reasons I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Usually the naughty spot was quite a turn on for me knowing Sharon was eying my bare bottom contemplating the spanking she was going to give me; but it wasn’t anywhere near as erotic with Claire and the dreadful Debra watching my bottom as well.

Sharon didn’t sympathise as she kept me on the naughty spot the full 15 minutes before telling me to turn around, and in a stern voice ordered, “Fetch me a hairbrush, Ruth.”

“Wow,” Debra said as I went over to the cabinet, opened a drawer and took out one of the many wooden backed paddle hairbrushes located around the house; for just this use of course. I walked over to Sharon who was now sitting on the upright chair flattening her skirt as usual and explaining to Claire, “Ruth knows this happens when she misbehaves in front of others so she hasn’t any complaints.” Sharon looked at me and asked sternly, “Have you, Ruth?”

I was blushing when I answered, “No, Sharon.”

“That’s a laugh,” Debra said, really getting me annoyed; but I was in no position to snap back at the brat as I will get very short shrift from Sharon.

Claire said firmly, “Debra, don’t be nasty. Ruth is going to suffer enough what with getting a spanking.” Claire added timidly, “You might consider yourself lucky I don’t spank you.”

Debra sniffed, “No chance, Mum.”

Claire looked at Sharon with an exasperated look, maybe wanting some sympathy I suppose; but that didn’t help me as Sharon looked at me and ordered, “Get across my lap, young lady.”

I only looked at Sharon’s lap not daring to look up and see Claire or Debra staring at me. I was soon across my chummy mummy’s lap balancing with my hands on the floor and as usual my toes dangling a few inches above the floor on the other side of the chair. I knew my breasts will be swaying as I got in to position. Sharon rubbed my bottom which I was so pleased about; at least this bit was soothing, and even my pussy quivered as she ran her hand across my bottom and down the backs of my legs.

Sharon explained for Claire and Debra’s benefit, “Just so you know, I will spank Ruth with my hand for quite a while and then use the hairbrush.”

Claire asked, “How many times will you use the hairbrush, Sharon?”

“Probably about 300 spanks, Claire. Ruth is 25-years-old and needs a really hard spanking to teach her a lesson. I didn’t always spank her for so long, but this is where we are now.”

I kept my head low during the explanation though as Sharon was using her stern maternal voice I was getting turned on by her. I knew my pussy was getting wet at the thought of the spanking that I was about to get. However, the mixture of lying submissively across her lap, the rubbing with her hand, and the strict tone of voice, all added to my increasing arousal. Just as I knew Sharon will also be getting aroused, as she always did when she spanked me. I suspected in reality we were both getting turned on by the fact two women were watching. Add to that the fact that Sharon made the decision which as always I simply accepted and the scene was set for both a very hard spanking and two very wet pussy’s.

I giggled to myself wondering whether there might be three or even four wet pussy’s in the room. I doubted Claire got aroused by anything; but Debra was just the type to get turned on watching me getting spanked.

My thoughts were confirmed when Debra asked, “If it’s such a punishment how come her nipples are erect?”

I couldn’t see my nipples but knew they were erect. Sharon knew they were erect. How come Debra even mentioned it though?

Sharon answered quite candidly, “Oh that is quite normal, Debra. Don’t worry, though, as they will shrivel back to normal after a short while; as I turn her bottom redder and redder.”

That added to my humiliation. I dropped my head closer to the floor in what I knew was now total submission.

A few moments later and Sharon gave me the first spank which as always made me gasp. She didn’t leave any time between spanks. She just spanked me again and again, all over my bare bottom cheeks; she was so methodical as always; it never felt like she missed even an inch of my bottom. I was gasping and groaning as spank followed spank.

I heard Debra say to her Mum in what I was sure was in a tone betraying her wonderment, “I’m glad you never spanked me like that.”

Claire replied, “More’s the pity Debra; maybe you would be better behaved now if I had done.”

“I doubt it, Mum,” Debra said but she didn’t seem to be all that convinced by her own statement.

Sharon chipped in with, “It’s never too late to try, Debra. I know your Mum thinks it will help.”

“No way, Mum,” Debra said; her comment directed towards Claire. I glanced sideways and saw her licking her lips. I couldn’t tell if the 22-year-old was enjoying my distress or thinking about sharing it?

All this time my bottom was being splattered with spank after spank and Sharon was getting frustrated at Debra’s annoying comments; and as she was getting herself more and more aggravated she was taking it out on my bottom. I was kicking my legs as Sharon was giving me spank after spank on the very same spot as she heard Claire tell Debra how a spanking might do her some good. How come I got such a beating because Claire and Sharon were annoyed with Debra? I disliked the brat even more than before. Still, my spanking went on and on and I know I was gasping ever louder as Sharon spanked me harder and harder. After a while the chatter stopped although the spanking didn’t. I didn’t care too much as my bottom was stinging so much but I reckoned Debra was now just staring at my bottom and wondering when the spanking would end. Much like I was wondering as my bottom and legs continued to be spanked so hard.

I stopped worrying about Debra and Claire as the stinging took a hold. I was enjoying the stinging and my pussy fluttered. That was good and bad. Good because it was so enjoyable; bad because I knew it meant Sharon would hear from my breathing I was enjoying it and would move on to the hairbrush.

Sure enough, Sharon stopped spanking for a moment to pick up the hairbrush and I felt a few light taps with it.

Debra asked, “Are you really gonna use that thing on her?”

Claire answered, “What else Debra? That really is a silly question. Sharon told us she was going to spank Ruth with the hairbrush didn’t she?”

Debra said, “I guess; it’s just her bottom is so red already; I just wondered, that’s all.”

Was Debra feeling sorry for me I wondered? It didn’t matter as Sharon will decide when she has spanked me enough, not the brat.

The hairbrush was doing its job as I was gasping and screaming as it was spanked down on my bottom; and I squirmed on Sharon’s lap and kicked my legs, none of which led to any sympathy from Sharon; it was more her justification for spanking me even harder, because if I was crying it meant I was learning after all. I was really sorry of course. I always was when crying my eyes out. I could feel the trails of tears running down my cheeks and dribble on to the floor and knew my bottom will be so red and sore afterwards.

When the spanking did eventually end Sharon was rubbing my bottom although it took quite a while before I started to feel any better; I was still crying huge sobs, but Sharon was so tender, as usual.

I had forgotten Claire and Debra were there until Debra said in an amazed tone, “She won’t be able to sit down for a week.”

I was still crying as Claire said, “Really Debra; you are still stating the obvious. It’s a spanking so there must be consequences; but Ruth will remember to be well behaved every time she tries to sit down.”

“Gee whiz; I guess,” Debra said.

Was she really feeling sorry for me I wondered?

Sharon said sharply, “Right, Ruth you can get up.”

I slid off Sharon’s lap rubbing my bottom hopping from foot to foot and feeling the stinging stretch right across my bottom. I looked sideways through tear-filled eyes and saw a sympathetic Claire giving me a motherly look but one that said, ‘it was a well-deserved spanking but now you have been disciplined you can start to get over it.’

Debra on the other hand was wide eyed; but at least silent for a change.

Sharon pulled me in to her and gave me motherly hugs and kisses. Even so she said sternly, “I hope you will learn from the spanking; and that I won’t have to give me another spanking for a while.”

I sniffed back a sorry and a thank you as I pulled myself away so I could keep rubbing my sore bottom.

Sharon said pointedly, “Now don’t forget Ruth, the One Strike rule still applies.”

“What’s that?” asked Debra.

Sharon explained how I got no warnings; just another spanking if I misbehaved.

“Oh,” is all Debra could say.

Happily for me, I was sent off to the bathroom to clean up. When I looked in the mirror I sobbed again as my bottom was just so red. I washed my face and made my way to my bedroom. I lay on my tummy on my bed for a while rubbing my bottom and getting all aroused again from the spanking; and thinking about masturbating. However, before I could masturbate there was a knock on the door, and when I called, ‘come in,’ I was surprised to see Debra walk in.

“Come to gloat?” I asked, sneering.

Debra said, “No, I wanted to see how you are. Mum and Sharon are having a coffee in the garden and are chatting about discipline so I thought I would come up and see you.”

“Oh, that’s nice of you then.” I felt a pang of conscience at how nice Debra was being.

Debra was looking at my bottom. “I bet it hurts.”

I laughed, and said in a friendly tone, “You think?” adding with a smile, “Yes, it hurts like crazy.”

Debra said quietly, “I see your nipples are erect again.” She was swallowing, clearly nervous.

I wondered why she was really here and said, “Yes. Why do you reckon that is then Debra?” I know my tone was sarcastic but I really thought all she wanted to do was gloat as I was the one who got spanked.

Debra replied seriously though, “Well, I would say you are, like, turned on; but how can you be? I mean, having been spanked like that?”

I replied, “I tell you what, Debra; if you are even thinking about it then I reckon you know. Yes, I am turned on by being spanked, just as I think you are; or would be if you ever got spanked.” I was guessing; reckoning Debra wouldn’t be here talking as seriously as she was if she wasn’t thinking sex.

Debra asked tentatively, “Is your pussy wet?”

I smiled and raised my bottom, “Want to see?” I wasn’t sure why I did that but I didn’t mind girls feeling me and Debra was actually quite attractive.

Debra eagerly stepped forward, ran her fingers along my pussy, and said, “Cool; you really are turned on.”

I gasped as she touched me and knowing I was already so close to cumming said through wet groans to Debra, “Please don’t stop; make me cum.” I was so aroused I just didn’t want the moment to pass. I knew I shouldn’t let Debra play with me. I was in a relationship with Sharon and this was cheating on her. I was just so aroused though and Debra was attractive and I just didn’t think.

“Sure,” Debra said eagerly.

I added, “Just don’t tell Sharon,” and before I could say anything else I was gasping and groaning and my breathing juddered until I let out such a long orgasmic gasp as I came. I took a few moments to recover before turning to Debra and reminding her, “Don’t tell Sharon as she’ll kill me for cheating on her,” and laughed.

Debra said, “You know, I reckon I was so turned on watching you get spanked that I bet I could cum like that.” After another moments thought, Debra asked tentatively, “What’s it like then; being spanked?”

I answered truthfully. “It hurts, I mean really hurts; but then afterwards the stinging sensation is so erotic and I get the most amazing orgasms; even better than the one you just gave me.” I decided it was best to let the brat think I was talking about masturbation rather than making love with Sharon.

“Really? I mean you really do have such great orgasms?”

“I know it sounds like I’m crazy but I can tell you that if you just let your Mum spank you then you will find out.” After a moments delay I added, “I get a real buzz out of being spanked; like it’s a real real turn on. The fact is though to get the turn on I had to give up some control. I gave that control, disciplinary control, to Sharon, and so she spanks me when she says so.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to get someone you know to spank you? Like, would you spank me ? At least that will tell me.”

I said excitedly, “Debra, believe me, just speaking like you are means you will be turned on if your Mum spanks you. Give control to your Mum and experience real highs. I mean orgasms you only dream of right now.”

“What if it just hurts and Mum gets to keep on spanking me?”

I said firmly, “You know Debra; you should go downstairs, say we have chatted, and that you think it would be a good idea if spanking was introduced at home. Your Mum will agree immediately and I am telling you that you will you be so aroused.” I added a cautionary note, “Listen up Debra; maybe not after the first spanking, but after a few times across your Mums lap you will enjoy them afterwards.”

Debra said genuinely, “I was so turned on watching; but you know I wasn’t watching you so much as Sharon. She was just so wicked spanking you. She was so cool.”

“My chummy mummy,” I said laughing. I was starting to like the brat. She seemed much nicer now we were talking seriously.

Debra was still thinking seriously. “So you reckon if I do ask to be spanked then my Mum will agree?”

“Believe me, Debra. She’ll do it.” I could the 22-year-old was getting hooked so added another cautionary note. “The main point is that she won’t want to spank you just the once.”

“Why not?”

“Because she will see you just want to try it and it’s bound to hurt the first time so that doesn’t do it for her. It will be far better if you ask for a trial period; say 3 months.”

“Three months?” Debra replied raising her voice in surprise. “That’s a long time.”

“Not really. I bet you by the end you’ll be asking your Mum to extend it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Sure I’m sure.” I was really enjoying this. Initially I didn’t care how often she got spanked. I just wanted the brat to get spanked once in front of me. Now though she really was asking for reassurance. Even though she seemed to be getting there I was still sort of shocked when she asked, “OK, how do I do it?”

I was stunned but recovered quickly. “You go downstairs, tell your Mum you are sorry you were rude before and know you deserve a spanking.”

Debra said almost sounding worried, “Right; but like she never ever spanked me before.”

“That’s OK. Sharon will give her enough pointers. Believe me you want it as hard as she can do it.” Would she go for this crap I wondered? She will, if she wants to get spanked, I reckoned.

I was almost blown away when the 22-year-old said, “OK. Will you come with me?”

Well, she has decided and she is going for it. “Sure,” I said, standing up. “Let me get dressed.” I put my knickers on, easing them over my extremely sore bottom, but the skirt was easy, as was my top. I left the bra off as I knew my nipples will be erect again if I watch Debra get spanked. “Come on,” I beckoned.

We went downstairs and stood in front of Sharon and Claire. Debra faltered so I egged her on with, “Claire, Debra and I have been talking and Debra has come to a decision,” I said turning to Debra and saying, “Go on then.”

Debra licked her lips and said, “Well, Mum, I saw how the spanking helped Ruth and I suppose it would do me some good if you, well, erm,” She stopped.

Sharon stepped in with, “Debra are you asking your Mum to spank you?” Debra looked at Sharon and nodded.

Claire was eager but intentionally sounded reserved. “If you really want me to then I will, Debra. I know it will do you a lot of good.”

Debra looked up more confidently. “Yes, Mum, I really do, and Ruth reckoned we should have a trial period; like 3 months.”

Claire was surprised but kept a straight face and went with it. “I think that 3 months is good. Do we need to agree reasons?”

Sharon jumped in there. “Actually, Claire, as it’s a trial period you should use typical mother daughter rules. Only you decide if she needs a spanking. You must have the final say so if you think Debra should be spanked then you do it.”

It was great how all three of us were playing Debra to get her to agree to her Mum spanking her. It worked, as Debra looked at me and I nodded. That seemed to settle things as Debra looked at her Mum, nodded again, and said, “OK.”

Claire asked, “So are we agreed, Debra?”

Debra nodded again with a brave smile. “Yes, Mum.”

Sharon said, “I reckon then you should start now. Debra was pretty rude before and deserves a spanking.”

“Good idea,” I added, with a feigned look of encouragement at Debra.

Claire said more confidently than usual for her, “Yes, I think so too.” She looked at Debra and said, “There’s no time like the present is there? I think you should come with me and take your spanking.”

I chimed in again.” If we watch then Sharon can give you some pointers.”

Claire agreed saying thoughtfully, “Yes, that makes sense; and Debra did watch your spanking.”

We all stared at Debra who looked from one of us to the next in turn. After a couple of seconds she nodded her head. “OK, she said sheepishly.

Claire said immediately, “Right, Debra come with me,” and she took her arm and led her to the chair. She sat down and made the 22-year-old stand to her side.

“Knickers off, Debra, just as you saw Ruth do it. Keep your top on; this time anyway.”

It was Debra this time who looked at the floor as she yanked down her knickers and stepped out of them; and even without being told took her skirt off as well. She asked, “Do I do some naughty spot time like Ruth did?”

Sharon said, “I think that is an excellent request but you’re Mum had best choose a suitable spot when you get home. She will know what is best. I think right now it is the spanking that is the most important bit to deal with.”

“OK,” Debra agreed and turned to her Mum and asked, “Do you have the hairbrush?”

Even I was impressed with Debra now. I stood up and got it from the drawer and gave it to Claire with a, “Here it is.”

“Thank you, Ruth,” Claire said.

I sat on the sofa next to Sharon and watched.

“Right Debra, get across my lap.”

Debra turned and edged herself down across her Mum’s lap. Claire rubbed Debra’s bottom, looked across at Sharon, and smiled before raising her hand and bringing it down hard on Debra’s bottom. Debra gasped, wriggled slightly, and gasped again when Claire spanked her again. After a dozen spanks Sharon said, “A few more like that but then you should go harder Claire; you need to make her bottom turn red.”

Claire nodded and after a dozen more spanks upped the power of each spank; and as Debra gasped louder and louder so Claire got well into the spirit of the spanking and spanked even harder.

As the spanking continued Sharon said quietly to me, “Well done Ruth; you must have done a great job convincing her.”

“It took some doing Sharon, but I got there,” I said smiling.

“Anyway, as you have done such a good job I think I’ll reduce the number of One Strike days this time.”

I turned to Sharon and said, “No, I don’t want less days, I want more. I know the One Strike days are much harder for me but I know they help me. So please, Sharon, I want more not less.”

Debra’s spanking continued in front of us and tears were starting to roll down her face as her bottom was being turned a pretty deep red. I was watching Claire and thinking how intense she was right now; and I knew I was getting turned on by her.

Sharon caught my attention with, “How about we make One Strike day last for a whole month?”

I turned to Sharon and said, “Really, yes that works for me Mum. I mean Sharon.”

Sharon smiled at me but didn’t press me on that slip up. “Well, a month is fine with me.”

We both watched the spanking continue and were enjoying seeing Debra reduced to tears. Sharon continued saying quietly to me, “You do know when I get mad with you and spank you I get a lot of stress relief.” She paused a moment then added, “How about you Ruth? How come you want to be spanked more?”

I told her the truth, “You see, Sharon, I don’t want to return to my old self; with all my opinions I press on people and my snapping and the like. Since you went to the One Strike rule I know my behaviour has improved; so making it a month is good for me. My temper is more under control than ever, thanks to you.” I added happily, “Anyway, I still get so turned on when you spank me. It’s like having the greatest orgasms every day.”

Sharon smiled. “Well, that works for me as I get aroused every time I spank you; as well as the stress relief of course. So, that’s a deal then, Ruth. Sharon added, with a smirk, “I guess I will be getting lots of stress relief over the next month.”

I laughed out loud but neither Claire nor Debra heard. Both were too engrossed in the spanking; although Debra was crying as well.

I kept watching the spanking and now Claire was using the hairbrush and was still spanking Debra really hard. It was a crying sobbing and very sore bottomed 22-year-old Debra who was eventually allowed to get up. She rubbed her bottom madly as the tears streamed down her face. It took Debra quite a while to calm down.

Claire looked at her daughter and said, “So, Debra, for the next three months I decide if you need to get a spanking. OK?”

“Yes, Mum,” Debra said still sobbing and still rubbing her bottom.

Claire and Sharon went to the kitchen leaving me and Debra in the living room. “Are you turned on Debra?” I asked.

Debra had tear- filled red eyes but managed a smile, saying. “Go on, feel,” still sobbing and rubbing her bottom.

Eagerly I put my hand between her legs and sure enough her pussy was damp. “I told you so didn’t I, Debra?” I said happily. Debra returned the smile and I felt we were friends now. We chatted while Sharon and Claire were in the kitchen.

Claire came back in to the living room and said, “Well I guess it’s time we got going. We have a lot to do. Put your knickers back on, Debra.”

Debra scrunched her face up. “I only have my tight knickers, Mum. Can I go home without putting them back on?”

Sharon stepped in with, “Actually, Debra, it will be a good reminder for you; of your spanking.”

Debra nodded, and we all smiled as she stepped in to her knickers and eased them up, gasping as the tight elastic stung her legs and bottom. Her very slim and attractive legs, I had to admit. She stepped in to her skirt and zipped it up. She did look sexy as the skirt was very short and didn’t cover her very red legs. Still, she was only going out to the car so that wasn’t really a problem.

Claire chatted happily, “So, Debra, when we get home I will point out all the naughty spots for you. Just like Ruth you will face the wall before a spanking, and quite often afterwards as well. It’s good thinking time.”

Debra gave me a glance, but looked at her Mum again when Claire continued. “Sharon has kindly given me a couple of hairbrushes, but we must go to the shops tomorrow and get plenty more. Sharon has also explained how Ruth gets grounded for anything from a day to maybe a week. Then there are the times she gets sent to bed early.” Claire looked at Sharon for confirmation as she spoke, telling Debra, “After a spanking she is often sent to bed with her lights out at 7 o’clock.”

Debra perked up with that. She looked at the clock and said to her Mum, “So if we leave now we will get home in good time for me to be sent to bed early?”

Claire nodded. “I will decide on the way home, young lady.”

“Oh. Yes, of course, Mum.”

I knew what Debra was thinking as she stood there rubbing her bottom. Early to bed meant more time masturbating.

Claire and Sharon led the way back out in to the hall. Debra and I hung back. Debra whispered happily, “Wow, I have never heard Mum speak so confidently. I am so turned on now I know she is in control. You were so right, Ruth.”

I smiled as I followed the 22-year-old out in to the hallway, noticing how she was still rubbing her bottom.

Claire turned to Sharon and said enthusiastically, “Thank you so much, Sharon.”

Debra gave me a wet goodbye kiss and a wink when her Mum wasn’t looking.

Once alone, Sharon said to Ruth, “I must say once again it was brilliant how you got Debra to agree to be disciplined.”

I smiled at my chummy mummy. “Do I get a present then?”

Sharon gave a quizzical look. “Tell me, what does a 45-year-old give her 25-year-old girlfriend?”

I smiled. “Maybe two dozen spanks with your hairbrush and then off to bed. Together, of course.”

Sharon laughed. “If you want some more spanks then with pleasure, young lady. Mind you, I am turned on already with what has happened today.”

I went over to Sharon and put my arms around her neck, kissing her. Sharon said in to my ear, “Go on and feel me.”

I nodded, kissing her again. My fingers went quickly under her skirt, and I felt her knickers over her pussy. She was so damp already. Without asking I edged my fingers over the elastic of her knickers and ran my fingers along her wet pussy. Sharon groaned as I edged my fingers inside her.

She broke off kissing me and said quietly but in a stern tone, “You didn’t ask to do that, did you? Your two dozen spanks just became four dozen.”

I stroked her clit and she gasped as I brought her closer to an orgasm. I whispered back, “Make it six dozen as I feel like being particularly naughty.”

Sharon pulled her head back smiled and said in mock anger. “I think we need to get right down to business, young lady. Get undressed and go up to our bedroom. Put my hairbrush on the bed. I’ll be right behind you so don’t dally. Ten dozen spanks with my hairbrush first. At least. Then, when you are crying your sweet and oh so pretty eyes out, we are going to bed to make love; all night long.”

I kissed her again. “Sounds like paradise.”

I gave a last thought about Debra. I was sure the 22-year-old will be nursing her own sore bottom right now, and will soon enough be in bed and masturbating. Maybe one day she will meet someone like Sharon who will spank her and make love to her. I knew I was lucky to have her.

Sharon got undressed with me, and we both left our clothes in the living room. We went upstairs quickly, and I got out the hairbrush and gave it to Sharon as she sat on the spanking chair. A moment later I was bent across her lap, my legs apart, and my bottom ready to be spanked. Sharon rubbed my bottom but before spanking me ran her fingers along my pussy lips. I gasped out as I came almost immediately.

Sharon said sternly, “Just a small present to get us in the mood.”

Next moment the hairbrush was spanked down on my already stinging bottom. I cried out. Sharon ignored the cry as she splattered my bottom with hard spanks. I cried out each time but knew this was the best foreplay for us both. Intense pain before passionate sex. The way we both loved it.

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