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Generation Gap – The One Strike Rule

Ruth is 25-years-old and willingly accepts her 45-year-olds girlfriends disciplinary control
This is the second chapter in theGeneration Gap series. Ruth is 25-years-old and has 45-year-old Sharon as her lover; Sharon disciplines Ruth when she needs it in what is a mutually desired pseudo mother-daughter relationship.

Sharon and I had been seeing each other for about three months and she still spanked me several times a week. We loved each other but still my behaviour wasn’t good enough for her.

So Sharon stepped up my discipline. I was still speaking without thinking; just blurting out an answer and not thinking how rude I was. I used to get a couple of warnings, like, ‘Do that again and you’ll get a spanking,’ or ‘Watch your tongue young lady or I will have to put you across my lap,’ which would usually calm me down and I would behave for a while. Unless I was trying to get a spanking of course. However, other times I would go in to an uncontrolled strop and snap at Sharon again really soon afterwards; and get the already threatened spanking.

However, as my behaviour didn’t improve quickly enough for Sharon a more intense disciplinary system came in to force. Sharon sat me down and explained, “Ruth, I do love you so, but you can be such hard work. I think we need to increase your discipline rather than reduce it and by that I mean giving you less leeway. What do you think?”

I wasn’t sure what she meant so explained what I knew to be the case. “I do know I can be very self-opinionated and that I am also rude to you and have a short fuse; which I guess is the main problem with me. I do want to be a better person though and make you happy to have me around, so will be happy to try anything.”

Sharon smiled. “Don’t worry, Ruth. This isn’t about us breaking up. Far from it. I want to make sure we stay together.”

“Oh, right,” I said relieved. Feeling far happier, I asked, “So what do you have in mind?”

“Well, I was thinking of a one strike rule.”

I looked quizzically at my chummy mummy and she continued, “Right now I give you a warning, sometimes several, before getting to the end of my tether and giving you another spanking. Instead, once you have been given a spanking, rather than keep giving you warnings after your spanking, I will then specify a period of time; one day, two days, maybe three days, during which you get no warning. If you do anything whatsoever that deserves a spanking then I will give you one straight away. The One Strike rule. I know that might even mean more than one spanking a day but I think that will teach you to think before you speak. Oh, and I need to be really in charge so in future you will be naked when spanked.” Sharon took a deep breath before continuing, “Well, what do you think? A good plan?”

I knew Sharon only had my best interests at heart and that I was short tempered and could be a real pain; so what the heck? “OK Sharon, it must be worth a try. I guess I’ll be spanked rather more than before.”

Sharon answered enthusiastically, “Yes for sure, but I think after a while you will stop and think before you make an unnecessarily rude comment so you should end up with less spankings.” She paused and added, “Over time anyway. I just think it’s worth a go.”

“I guess so Sharon,” adding, “No, you are right. Definitely.”

So that was agreed.

It was harder than I thought, but I reckoned Sharon knew it would be. The very next day I earned a spanking and was sent to the spare room. Sharon followed me in and after 15 minutes on the naughty spot thinking about nothing else but how rude I was and how much the spanking was going to hurt I turned to see her holding the hairbrush.

“Right young lady, today starts the new regime. After your spanking for the rest of today and tomorrow you get no warnings at all. Instead, you will get another spanking, even if that means several on the same day. Understood?”

“Yes, Sharon,” I replied. Somehow I knew it could be a good thing for me. Yes, I would probably get an extra spanking or two but hopefully that will teach me to think before I speak.

“Another change is our sleeping arrangements.”

I froze. Was she going to stop making love to me?”

When I spank you you sleep in the spare room, but that means I suffer if you misbehave. So, from now on, if you earn a spanking I will give it to you, but we will still sleep together.”

“Oh, right, Sharon. That makes sense.” What a win, I thought.

“Good. On the other hand, I will also be stepping up the spanking; making it harder and longer.”

I supposed that made sense as well. “OK, Sharon, harder spankings all round then huh?” I giggled.

“I didn’t mean it as a joke, young lady. Me spanking you is serious and needs to be taken seriously.”

“Sorry, Sharon,” I said quickly, licking my lips as I was about to get the first of these harder longer spankings; so maybe I won’t be finding it so funny in a short while anyway.

“Good, so is that all agreed then?” It was said firmly as a statement.

“I guess,” I conceded looking at her fiery green eyes which always got my pussy quivering; just as it was now even with a spanking coming.

Sharon smiled and said, “Good. So let’s sort out your spanking now under the new rules. Get undressed whilst I get myself settled.”

This was it then. I was going to be naked when spanked under the One Strike Rule. I took my vest top and bra off, putting them with my skirt and knickers which were already on the table, and then stood in front of Sharon. Her getting settled meant sitting on the high backed chair holding the hairbrush watching me get undressed. I didn’t mind, as she was so used to seeing me naked; and glancing towards her as I undressed turned me on actually; seeing her flatten out her skirt, run her fingers through her hair, roll her sleeves up, and all the time giving me a strict stare and leaving the hairbrush in full view for me. It all turned me on.

As usual, once I stood in front of Sharon, this time naked, my hands behind my back.

Sharon asked in a firm tone, “Do you know why you are being spanked, young lady?”

“Yes, Sharon, I do.”

“Do you agree you deserve to be spanked?”

“I do, Sharon. I know I deserve the spanking. I am so sorry.”

I knew that she was right. I was apologising to her before I knew it, really meaning the apology and not just saying it. Like always I was regretting what it was that earned me the spanking and promised all sorts of things that we both knew I wouldn’t keep to; all before bending across her lap and coming eye to eye with the floor once again.

“Get across my lap,” Sharon ordered.

I knew it was going to hurt but as usual I felt a flutter across my pussy as I bent over in to the submissive position I relished. I liked it when Sharon rubbed my bottom a few times before the spanking; it was sort of loving in a maternal way; but the spanking itself was always painful. Long, hard, and she did what she promised; well she always did; and the spanking was harder and longer and far more painful than usual. Her hand spanking was a non- stop spank after spank after spank. I was gasping and she was spanking even harder than usual. As she promised she would. Then with the hairbrush she again went on and on, ignoring my crying, maybe even spanking me harder because of my crying; and all the time she kept telling me how this was for my own good. If I begged her to stop she would just say, ‘Did you stop when I asked you to? No. So why should I stop when you ask me to, young lady?’ She just kept on spanking me with that hairbrush; and of course she was right.

I hardly noticed the spanking stopped but registered her hand rubbing my bottom so I started to relax. Not for long though. “You know I said I will be spanking you harder from now on, Ruth?”

She waited for an answer but I was still crying and just couldn’t speak properly; that is until she gave me another dozen hard spanks with the hairbrush and she asked again, “Did you hear me, Ruth?”

I managed to get out a very sob filled, “Yes, sorry.”

“Well, Ruth, do you remember or not?”

I again sobbed a, “Yes, Sharon, I do remember.”

“Good girl; just answer when I ask you a question. You know how it annoys me to be ignored. Anyway, as I was saying, I will be spanking you harder and so I will be making your bottom a deeper shade of red than before. You will see the difference when you look at your bottom in the mirror afterwards. The point is that I want to get your bottom a shade redder right now so I will be spanking you some more. I will use my hand and then the hairbrush again. I know that it will take a mite longer but I want to do it that way. Is that OK Ruth?”

I was bewildered as to why she was asking me but whilst I was still crying I at least knew to answer and said, “OK, Sharon.”

“Good girl; you see I like it so much better when you answer me quickly and politely.”

Like it or not Sharon started to spank me again; lots of spanks all over my bottom and the tops of my legs, and I was soon crying again even though it was only her hand. When she used the hairbrush again she spanked me on two spots only. One on each bare bottom cheek. I was shrieking throughout that part of the spanking. Goodness knows how red my bottom was going to be when I did get to see it in a mirror. Eventually the spanking did stop and Sharon said, “Up you get and stand in front of me, Ruth.”

I slid off her lap and stood up rubbing my bottom madly. I know my breasts were swaying as well but knew Sharon loved watching me do the spanking dance; and knew it was even sexier when I was naked. She told me so when making love.

Sharon ordered. “Go to the cupboard and have a look in the mirror then.”

I turned, eager to see just what colour my bottom was. I went to the full length mirror, turned, and gasped when I saw how red my bottom was.

“See there, Ruth, that’s how red I will be making your bottom each and every time I spank you. That’s what we agreed, wasn’t it?”

I just cried some more. Sure I knew I deserved to be spanked and yes I agreed I needed to be spanked harder so I wasn’t going to object. I just needed to learn to control my tongue some more. Still, I managed to say, “Yes, Sharon, we did agree to this.”

“Good. So I am going out now but I want you to think about how to control what you say so you are not as rude to me in future. I know you just think they are your opinions but believe me you are just plain rude to me, and to others most times. However, now you are under the One Strike Rule you won’t get any second chances; today or tomorrow.”

I looked at Sharon and although fully realised what she said I knew she was anxious to go out for the afternoon with a friend so thought it would be fun to wind her up a bit. So I asked, “Just run that past me again, Sharon please; because I need to be sure what’s going on.” I did know of course but I enjoyed winding Sharon up, even after a spanking, because when she looked annoyed I was so turned on; and I thought a few fiery words from her will do wonders for me when I am on my bed masturbating.

Sharon sighed and said, “You know very well Ruth, so we may as well start right now.”

That took me aback; no stern response; no angry tone of voice; nothing to turn me on; Sharon just came over to me, took my arm and led me back to the chair, sat down, and put me back across her lap.

“That was cheeky, Ruth, and we have discussed this so many times. I know you like to wind me up and I usually just tell you off, but one strike means one strike and you get a spanking. No warnings. No second chances.”

“But I only asked, Sharon, really. Please.” I was begging but knew exactly what the rules were and knew this was yet another deserved spanking.

“I think you know you were cheeky young lady, and cheekiness gets a spanking. So, as I am not giving you any warnings during the One Strike rule period I will be giving you another spanking.”

Sharon began spanking me again and it seemed much harder because I suppose my bottom was already stinging from the hard spanking I had already been given just a few minutes ago. I was soon crying but Sharon was still telling me off, and reminding me what one strike meant; and that I had better learn soon enough or I might get four five or six spankings a day.

That telling off did strike a chord. I knew being spanked was a huge turn on for me but doubted four or five times a day will be much fun. I supposed that Sharon was driving her point home with a very persistent hand spanking and telling me that I need to improve my behaviour to avoid that number of spankings. She was right. A one strike rule is just what I need to improve my behaviour. Soon though my thoughts were lost in the increasing pain all across my bottom and the tops of my legs; the stinging pain soon increased many fold by the hairbrush as Sharon spanked me again and again.

I kept on crying well after the spanking finished and well after Sharon was rubbing my bottom with her hand, shush shushing me, and calming me; whilst reminding me this was all my own fault and that I needed to be better behaved. It took me several minutes before I eased myself again off her lap, stood, and rubbed my bottom. It took a while but I stopped sobbing, although continued to rub my stinging bottom.

I looked at Sharon who sat with her arms crossed, and her legs crossed, glaring at me. After a few moments she asked sharply, “Well, young lady?”

I was about to make a caustic comment, my mouth opened, but just in time I stopped myself. After all, I knew if I said something, almost anything, I would most likely get a third spanking there and then. I calmed myself down and said quietly, “Sorry, Sharon. I’ll try not to be rude again.”

Sharon said gleefully, “See. You were going to be rude but thought about it. So the one strike rule is working.”

I laughed. Of course, Sharon was right. I said happily, “Maybe I won’t get spanked again?”

Sharon said, “I doubt that, Ruth. Mind you, if you are good for days on end you can always ask me to give you a spanking.”

“Can I?” I asked. “You mean not do something on purpose? Just ask you?”

“Yes, Ruth,” Sharon said. “If you ask me to spank you then I will.”

“Wow, Sharon. That is so cool.”

“I can now tell you, Ruth. I do find having authority over an adult erotic. I do love making love to you. I know you are my daughter’s age, but that doesn’t matter to me. You are my lover, and the fact I punish you when needed is an added bonus to me.”

“Me too, Sharon,” I said beaming.

Sharon stood up and pulled me in to her, my arms flew around her neck and she hugged and kissed me. It felt so good, 45-year-old Sharon being so maternal to her naughty 25-year-old Ruth.

A short while later after more hugs and kisses Sharon told me, “Now I’m going out. You be a good girl and don’t forget One Strike lasts until tomorrow at midnight. OK?”

“Yes, Sharon,” I replied most respectfully. Sharon really did know how to bring me back down to earth. She was the best.

After Sharon left, I thought about my temper and how short I was with people, and how I flew off the handle at almost the slightest thing. Why? Because there was no deterrent. Not a real one at least. Now though I had to be more careful. I obviously knew being good just once didn’t mean I had changed. I was certain to earn many more spankings. I did giggle to myself; knowing if I became a goody good shoes I can still ask Sharon to spank me. Actually, I felt all goosy at the thought. My pussy fluttered. It didn’t matter that more and more people will know I am spanked by my chummy mummy.

I relaxed when Sharon was out, masturbating and generally feeling really good after some wonderful orgasms.

When Sharon came home I made her some coffee and we sat and chatted.

Sharon said, “You know that I get aroused on when I spank you?”

I hoped she would be, and now she admitted it. “Are you?”

“Sure, and up until now I have seen it as a punishment on you if we don’t have sex after I spank you. But in fact it is me that loses out because I bet you masturbated when I was out.”

I blushed.

“I knew it,” Sharon said, with a wicked smile.

“So now you can give me a present.”

“What would you like?” I asked reckoning I knew.

Sharon said sternly, “You; between my legs; now.”

Sharon eased herself up from her chair and slipped her knickers off. I knelt between her thighs and my lips eagerly kissed her pussy lips. They were so wet already. I licked her and slid my tongue in to her as I heard her breathing deepen. My finger followed, finding her clit, and as I flicked it she gasped as she edged towards orgasm. I licked and kissed and sucked as I played with her clit; Sharon’s breathing got even deeper until she let out a long hissing breath and groans of orgasm.

After several more erotic gasps Sharon settled back, satisfied. I kept kissing her pussy and tasting her wonderful sex juice. I was a good girl, giving my strict chummy mummy her present.

That night I shared Sharon’s bed and we gave each other some most glorious orgasms. Then the next day I was on my best behaviour and went the whole day without another spanking. Not sitting all day because my bottom was still stinging was a good reminder I had to admit. We made brilliant love again that night.

As I expected I wasn’t so well behaved always. Far from it. In the early days of the One Strike rule I would go several days in a row being spanked two three or four times every day. I began to forget what it was like to sit down comfortably on a hard chair. I did improve after a few weeks and was then nearly always a good girl for most of the One Strike period. Some lapses still led to multiple spankings in a day, but I soon improved; and I even held out once on a three day One Strike period. Sharon was certainly proud of me and even I thought how much better the atmosphere was in the house. Always loving but less tension; which of course I knew I caused. At the end of the three day One Strike period I even asked Sharon for a spanking. In fact I went and got a hairbrush without being asked to make sure I cried properly.

Things got better and better although I was still spanked and Sharon regularly set the One Strike period to three and then four days; always stretching my boundaries and pushing me to behave. I often went two or three days without incident but never four days; and once I earned one spanking I regularly lost my cool and was spanked two or three times a day; each one a full no nonsense spanking that left my bottom stinging and throbbing.

Like today. I am in a four day One Strike rule period. The first two days went like a dream. I was extra especially careful. On the first day Sharon and I went shopping, without any disciplinary incidents. We chatted, joked, shopped, and got home exhausted. Even so after dinner we watched a romcom and slept together in Sharon’s bed and made glorious love. On the second day we again spent some real quality time together. I was very well behaved although once nearly made a sarcastic comment that would have earned me a spanking. I didn’t though and again got through the day and enjoyed the most wonderful night with my chummy mummy. Sharon jokingly asked if I wanted a spanking. I so fancied her just then. I asked for my legs to be smacked. She obliged. I stood with my hands on my head. She smacked the back of one leg so many times. I lost count at fifty smacks. She then gave me roughly the same number of smacks on my other leg. I was crying and sniffing. Sharon held me afterwards, and kissed my tears. She led me to the bedroom and we spent the night together again. She reminded me how spanking me was a turn-on for her. I cried I was so happy.

The third day went sour though, bringing me down from the high of the night before. We went shopping at the supermarket. I went off to get some vegetables when I saw one of Sharon’s friends I called an airhead. A nice enough lady but not the sharpest pencil in my view. I put the vegetables in the trolley, saw Sharon standing just ahead looking down an aisle I couldn’t see, and said in a loud voice, “Guess what Sharon, I’ve just seen airhead.”

Sharon turned to me with a furious look and as I got to her I saw she was talking to airhead. I blushed and stammered, “Erm, er, sorry.”

Sharon said in an irate tone of voice, “That will do young lady. Let’s see if you are quite so rude half an hour after we get home.”

A shop assistant was standing close-by and heard the exchange as well. The shop assistant stood open mouthed as she saw me blush and my hand unconsciously covered my bottom. She knew what that meant and can only have wondered at my reaction given my age. Airhead smirked as she was also quite sure what was going to happen. She emphasised her feelings by saying, “I hope seeing her cover her bottom indicates what she will be getting when you get her home, Sharon?”

Sharon said bluntly, “I think we all know the answer to that one.”

The shop assistant gasped and covered her hand with her mouth.

The car journey home was uncomfortable for me. Sharon told me in no uncertain terms how annoyed she was with me, and that I would be paying dearly when I got home; also making it clear I came very close to having my knickers taken down in the supermarket and spanked there and then.

“I’m sorry, Sharon,” I said thankful that didn’t happen. In my heart of hearts I reckoned Sharon would never have done that to me although in a strange way I found the threat arousing.

Once we got home and the front door was closed Sharon got straight down to business. She ordered me upstairs and on to my naughty spot. I made sure I was fully naked standing with my nose pressed against the wall by the time she came in to the room. Sharon came up to me and without a word smacked me hard on each bottom cheek six times. I gasped pressing my pussy against the wall but of course was unable to avoid the spanks.

“Come over here,” Sharon ordered. I turned to see her sitting on the chair. She was rolling up her sleeves, which I still found so sexy. The hairbrush was already on her lap.

I looked across the room and saw she had opened the window. A sure sign of how cross she was with me. The neighbours were going to hear me being spanked again. Once more they will know their 25-year-old neighbour is having her bottom spanked.

“Bend over my lap, Ruth,” she commanded. Sharon picked the hairbrush up as I got to her and I immediately bent across her waiting lap. I knew it was going to be a very hard spanking.

“I cannot believe you,” she told me sternly. “You have been so good for two days, and then look. Once again your mouth was working without your brain.”

Sharon rubbed my bottom as she berated me. On and on she told me off, until she was satisfied I knew how naughty I had been.

Sure enough the rubbing stopped. There was no hand spanking this time. Sharon was really cross with me. The hairbrush was brought down hard on my bottom; then again, and again. The spanks rained down all over my bare bottom, a mixture of spanks on alternate bottom cheeks and dozens of spanks on the same spot. I gasped and yelped as the spanking progressed. I knew there were far more spanks with the hairbrush than normal and Sharon showed no signs of stopping. The spanks to the backs of my legs were particularly painful. Even when tears flooded down my face my legs kicked and I shrieked out as each spank landed, Sharon just kept going. Of course, I had called her friend airhead. Sharon didn’t; and Sharon was teaching me not to; ever again.

When after what felt like hundreds of spanks with the hairbrush Sharon stopped. I kept on crying though for ages. My bottom was stinging like never before. I just lay across Sharon’s lap and cried. Sharon rubbed my bottom which always soothed me, but there was no rubbing between my legs and her hand never made it anywhere close to my pussy.

After what must have been a long time I stopped sobbing.

Sharon asked me, “What’s her name, Ruth ?”

“Marion,” I answered.

“What will you call her in future?”

“Marion,” I repeated.

“Yes you will,” Sharon said firmly, emphasising the point by landing another whole lot of spanks with the hairbrush all over my bottom. I screamed out again as the spanking continued. Dozens more very hard spanks on each bottom cheek. All landing on just two spots on my bottom cheeks; or so it seemed.

I stayed across Sharon’s lap crying. She seemed to enjoy keeping me in my position of capitulation. She rubbed my bottom the backs of my legs and my thighs. It helped me to relax. As usual I began to think about being 25-years-old and still spanked. It was strange I wanted to be, and strange that my 45-year-old girlfriend come lover enjoyed spanking me.

Sharon eventually said, “The One Strike rule will run for five more days, Ruth; as a lesson.”

That stopped my daydreaming. I sobbed. Five more days. Could I possibly go five more days without earning a spanking? Well I would try. Very hard. At least it didn’t affect us sleeping together. Whether she spanked me or not we always slept together now. Whether I was good or bad. I know she wanted me in bed with her and it was a punishment for her as well if we slept apart just because I was naughty. Why should she suffer, she argued? So we slept together irrespective. Actually she loved kissing my tears as they ran down my face anyway; and I loved making love with a stinging bottom.

It didn’t mean any fewer spankings. Actually it meant more. However, she loved me and I loved her and I needed my behaviour to improve.

“Right, young lady. Get up and go and face the wall, Ruth,” Sharon ordered.

I was rubbing my bottom madly, my breasts swaying, as I passed by the open window. Several neighbours were standing looking up. When they saw me, they pointed, smiling. I stood still for a few moments, still rubbing my bottom madly, not realising then, not until I was facing the wall in fact, that my breasts will have been swaying crazily as I rubbed.

I stood for 15 more minutes with my nose pressed against the wall and my hands on my head and sobbing as I came to terms once again with the undisputed fact I fully deserved my spanking.

After my time was up Sharon stood behind me and said quietly, “I hope you behave now Ruth, and the next five days won’t lead to too many spankings.”

“I’ll be good, Sharon,” I said both sincerely and in hope; also knowing how hard it was for me to go more than three of days without a spanking when the One Strike rule was in play.

I felt Sharon’s arms on my shoulders as she turned me around and my arms flew around her neck as she hugged me tightly. I felt so secure, and loved, by my chummy mummy. It was only after several seconds I realised my breasts were pressing against hers; my naked breasts against her naked breasts. I ran my hand down her back and felt her soft skin, right down to her bottom, and felt her bare bottom cheeks. I leant back and looked in to her eyes; and love stared back at me.

The early days, when we slept apart if I was spanked, were well behind us. I am glad Sharon changed the rules. It’s much better this way. So while the One Strike rule still applies and my 45-year-old chummy mummy will be as strict as usual, she also has needs. As she said so wonderfully, “ I am glad I changed the rules so that even straight after a spanking and with your sore bottom you still share my bed and we make love .”

I smiled at my chummy mummy, kissed her lips, saw her erect nipples that I know matched my own, and even with the stinging in my bottom I nodded; and said an enthusiastic, “I so love you and love being spanked and making love with you with a sore bottom. I know I am 25-years-old but please don’t ever stop disciplining me.”

Sharon replied, “Don’t worry. I won’t.”

I let Sharon lead me by the hand out of the spare room across the hallway and in to our bedroom.

We both wanted to make sure the One Strike rule was a success; for Sharon and for me. It was working although I suffered relapses, and that meant a painful spanking for me. I will try harder though. I had to, for my chummy mummy. I felt so secure and loved knowing that I can be spanked one moment, and made to pay the price for my misbehaviour; and then afterwards share Sharon’s bed. Well, our bed. So here I am. I was still 25-years-old. An adult; but one who is spanked regularly when I needed to be; by my loving but dominant chummy mummy. Sharon squeezed my sore bottom and I gasped looking in to her smiling teasing eyes. We kissed, her tongue quickly entering my welcoming mouth, and her hand caressing my breasts.

My fingers ran down Sharon’s soft skin and between her legs. She was already wet. I knew now spanking me aroused her. That was wonderful really. We were both aroused by the spankings, so they had a dual effect. My behaviour will improve; I was sure of that. A t the same time it got us in the mood to make love. At least I knew that once my behaviour did improve I would still be able to ask Sharon to spank me. We will both want that I knew for sure.

Sharon’s fingers caressed my pussy as my fingers edged inside her. I quickly found her clit and was gently flicking it as she found mine. We were both groaning as we brought each other to orgasm. My bottom still stung like crazy which made my orgasm so special. I hoped Sharon’s was special because of the knowledge she had taught me such a good lesson across her lap.

As we lay there in each other’s arms we kissed and cuddled knowing we wanted to have several more orgasms. The spanking was not forgotten, nor forgiven, but put to one side for now. Tomorrow though I will have to be careful again, or get another spanking, or three, for sure. I smiled to myself while Sharon was rubbing my bottom. Pain was so sweet when I’m with Sharon and I was going to be on the receiving end many many more times under the One Strike Rule.

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