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Getting Caned (True Story)

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Getting the cane at work!
About five years ago, when I'd just started out with my present firm, I was one of about ten female solicitors. We had a large open plan office, and we girls were all at one end in our own enclave. It was very spacious, and our desks were quite a distance apart, and there were screens which gave us some degree of privacy.

One of the girls found a thing on the internet. It was a short film of a woman being caned on her bare backside. I only watched for a minute or so then had to go and take a call.

When I'd finished the call, I got the link off her and started to watch it on my own computer, with the sound barely audible. I was about half way through and I was totally absorbed, when I sensed someone was behind me.

It was our senior partner, and fuck knows how long he'd been standing there. He saw my panic and softly asked if I liked being caned. I was blushing furiously, and told him that it had never even crossed my mind. He smiled and said that he'd got a cane in his office, and that I should come up and visit him sometime! He grinned and walked away!

He is the senior partner. He is so important that God himself seeks his advice! I was stunned, but promised myself that I'd never ever go up to visit him!

A whole week went by and nothing was said about it, when suddenly I got a call from his PA saying he wished to see me that afternoon. He wanted to discuss a particular file I was working on. Now when you are in my lowly position, you never get to discuss cases with the senior partner. Junior partners are normally as high as you get.

I went up to the 6th floor and was admitted to his presence. He was very affable, and I gave him a synopsis of the case. He looked at some of the documents and made one or two annotations. He then closed the file and asked if I'd thought anymore about the caning film. I'm glad I was sitting down because I would probably have fallen over!

I stammered some sort of reply in the negative, and he then, quite brazenly, asked if I'd like to try it? Christ this was surreal! He was the senior partner, and one just didn't say no to him (not if you wanted to keep your job). He saw my consternation, and said that I could keep my clothes on and he wouldn't do it hard. So I ended up bent over his desk and he tapped me about 6 times lightly on the bum. I was wearing panties, tights and a thick skirt so was fairly well protected!

He asked if I enjoyed it, and of course I said yes. He said that if I did then I might like it on my bare bum next time. I said I'd have to think about it, and gathered up my files and left - very red in the face.

About a week later I got another call from his PA . Apparently he wanted to discuss that file with me again after lunch. My first thought was to panic!!! I really didn't know how I was going to handle this situation. I was wearing a knee length skirt and a pair of tights - strange how you think of the practicalities in times of crisis. If I was going to succumb to his demands, then I certainly wasn't going to take my tights of in his presence - most unladylike.

It then struck me! I was actually thinking about going ahead with it! And once I'd settled that in my mind, I got quite excited at the thought of him seeing my bare bottom! After lunch I dashed into the ladies and removed my tights, and put on a clean pair of panties (I always carry a spare pair). I went up to his office and was duly admitted into the "presence". As I went through his door I noticed that his double red lights were on, which meant he was not to be disturbed for any reason whatsoever!

He invited me to sit down in one of the soft leather armchairs (usually reserved for VIPs), and he sat opposite me. He asked me all sorts of questions about my work, my qualifications, my ambitions etc., etc. He then dropped the expected bombshell. Did I want to take our little game a stage further? I think from the way he asked the questions, the implications were pretty obvious. Give him his 5 minutes of fun and my career would take a turn for the better.

It was a no brainer as they say. I told him yes, I was ready, but asked him not to hurt me. He reassured me that he would be as gentle as a kitten. Again I leant over his desk, and he pulled my skirt up above my waist, and stroked my panty clad bum. He then slid my panties down to around my thighs and, thwack, hit me really hard. I squealed and he was immediately apologetic. He got some ointment and smoothed it into my sore bum and said I'd better get dressed. He said how sorry he was and that next time he'd really be gentle with me. He got his diary out and make an appointment for the same time the following week.

When I left his office his PA looked up and gave me one of those smiles! How embarrassing, she must have heard me squeal. Anyway, to cut a long story short, he caned me a few more times and I got promotion!!! And I got a new fetish. My only problem was telling hubby that suddenly I liked being caned!!

The light caning went on for about 6 months or so, and it was at least once a month. I was transferred to our Special Projects section, which meant I got to handle cases being dealt with personally by the Partners. These were invariably on behalf of our most valued customers, and required a tremendous amount of discretion - hence a nice pay packet!

Most of my work was for the senior partner, Sir Geoffrey (not his real name, but he was a Knight!). This meant lots of meetings and case conferences, usually with other members of the team present. On all of these occasions he had his double red lights on so no-one could come in.

Sometimes, about once a month or so, I would have a one to one with him, and this is when the cane came out! Not always but more often than not. He loved caressing my bare bottom, but never explored any further. He particularly loved me wearing white underwear.

One day when we were alone he said he'd like a change from the caning, and would I mind just simply showing him my underwear instead. I unclipped my skirt and stood there in front of him in just my white thong, and white thigh high stockings and my blouse. I did a slow twirl for him and then put my skirt back on. The look on his face was priceless, and I actually detected a bit of a tell-tale bulge in the front of his trousers!

From then on that was the pattern of our meetings. As soon as I came in to his office I went into the private bathroom and undressed, and then came out into his presence in just my underwear. Very often, I would spend the entire time with him undressed like that! God it was extremely erotic. Hubby reaped the benefit, but never knew why my sex drive had gone through the roof!

He finally announced his retirement three years ago. He was approaching seventy. At our last meeting I decided to do a bit of a "special" for him, and came out of the bathroom start naked apart from my white stockings and suspenders. Poor old chap nearly had a heart attack! I walked up to him and took his hands and placed them on my bare tits, and then I kissed him. Well it was a french kiss, deep and meaningful. I allowed my hand to brush against the front of his trousers, and he gently moaned and pulled away from me. I looked down and saw that the poor old dear had cum in his pants! How embarrassing for both of us! Worse - it was seeping through and staining his suit trousers, so obviously we had to do something about it.

I got him to take them off, and I took them through into the bathroom, where I sponged them clean. I then held them under the hand dryer for about five very long minutes until they were dry. His underpants were beyond help I'm afraid so he had to leave them off. When I went back into his office with his trousers he was just standing there, looking very forlorn. He was naked from the waist down and sporting a very limp cock. He stammered an apology, and I said something along the lines of not to worry we can always do it again sometime. I kissed him again and reached down and played with his willy for a while, but there's no way it was going to spring back to life! He put his trousers back on, and I went into the bathroom to clean up and get dressed, and then I gathered up my files and left.

He retired a week or so later. Because there was a certain amount of unfinished business concerning some of his old clients, I had to visit him at his home on several occasions. Each time I had to take a bundle of files and the firm provided a limousine - I felt like royalty!

On the first visit his wife was there, and we had a long chat and she provided tea. All very nice, but it was obvious Sir Geoffrey wished she wasn't there. The next time I visited she had gone away to visit family, and I decided to give him a special treat! I stripped off in front of him, and let him caress all my body (mainly bum and boobs, because he kept well away from my pussy for some reason). I asked him to get undressed, and to get his cane and to give me a bit of a thrashing. He actually had an erection! I bent over the back of the sofa, and he hit me so hard with the cane that it took my breath away, and it was bloody painful (I had a wheal on there for about a week afterwards, and luckily hubby didn't see it! ). He hit me three times like that before I leapt up and told him that that was more than enough!

I got him to lie down on the carpet in front of the fire, and I straddled him and eased his cock into my soaking wet pussy. I lowered myself down on to his shaft, and moved up and down a couple of times before the poor old lad came. It was very premature as far as I was concerned, and I finished myself off with my fingers, on the sofa! He was absolutely fascinated, and said he's never seen a woman do that before. He was seventy years old!

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