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Gorgeous Chloe's First Spanking - Part II

Continued from part I, Chloe walks in on my bare bottom spanking...
Shortly after school started, Chloe became the most popular girl, possibly in our entire school history. I mean, a popular Asian girl? Her resume doesn't fit a stereotypical popular high school girl in this part of the country. Her slender physique and pale skin are surprisingly deceiving--she's one of the most athletic girls in school. Chloe shows her strength in volleyball, being incredibly fast and light. She's fast in all sports, although she doesn't out run Ana on the track. Chloe lacks short muscles governing explosiveness like Ana has.

One time, I saw her in her bathing suit, towel drying herself by the pool. Everyone there was secretly eyeing her, her elegant neck, gorgeous face, long and shapely legs. What drives every girl mad is that even though she's lean, her D-cup breasts, and the bottom that makes even black girls jealous, defy common human anatomy. I can see the senior girls hazing her if weren't for her friendly and unassuming demeanor.

Everyone knows she comes from a filthy rich family, rich enough to acquire the city botanical garden lot. But she never shows off her wealth or brags about it. For example, she drives a Honda Civic to school. A brand new one, however, so new that I suspect she bought it after my innocent comment about how we don't really see Mercedes sports car around here. The combination of her family background, elegance, beauty and personality makes her popular among girls as well.

Even though Chloe Is friendly, she always seems preoccupied, aloof at times. She's like a goddess sent from heaven, and at times doesn't remember why she's in this filthy world, and is lost among us mortals. Her goddess-like manner is so out of this world, that few guys dare to approach her. Therefore as beautiful as Chloe is, she doesn't pose too much threat on previously popular girls, mainly Susan, Lisa and some other cheerleaders. They simply admire her, and are so relieved that she never so much showed interest in their boyfriends, that they can afford to be nice to her.

We see each other in school from time to time. I don't know if it's my imagination playing tricks on me, she acts warmer, more down to earth, when she talks to me. My friends can't believe my good luck living so close to her, and that I've met her before the school started.

I always get questions about her, "How big is her family?"; "What did she say to you?"; "Have you gone shopping with her?"

They also tell me Chloe acts like we're good friends when she talks to me, and that makes my head spinning for hours, confirming it's not all just in my head. Then after a night's sleep, I'd convince myself my friends must be mistaken as well, and bring myself back to reality.

I don't want to make myself sound too ordinary. I could've joined the cheer leading squad if weren't for my father's objection. It's ironic how he doesn't mind displaying my bare bottom to public but thinks cheerleaders' outfit is too skimpy and their moves too sexual for his "little girl".

My tanned-skin accentuates my blue eyes and sand-colored hair. I'm only 5'4", but I'm well proportioned that I look much taller than I deserve to be. I'm popular among boys my age too, but of course my father won't allow me to go on a date whatsoever. But since my family is poor, I can't afford going on those weekly shopping trips like some other girls do. I don't wear the most fashionable items, t-shirts, old navy sweaters and jeans are my staples as they never go out of fashion so I don't have to replenish my wardrobe. I'm still an attractive girl, after all, so I do day dream about going to the shopping mall with my girl friends, or God forbid, Chloe...


One Saturday afternoon, a few weeks after school started, Chloe paid me a surprise visit at my house. She asked me to go shopping with her. I really can't imagine Chloe shopping in the mall like us regular kids. I can barely afford to buy a pair of socks, and I know my dad won't be too pleased finding out about me hanging out with a rich kid, but how could I turn down her invitation? I grabbed my sunglasses and went with her. I was excited to see her shiny Mercedes sports car, but I didn't comment about it.

It's quite a humbling experience accompanying Chloe in public. Although I don't consider myself drop dead gorgeous, I'm used to being checked out by guys rather frequently, especially teenager boys. But with Chloe, I got zero glance. Almost 80% of the crowd, both men or women, old or young, would stop conversation, or drop whatever they are doing to stare at her, and a lot of them don't bother or forget to be discrete about it. Chloe doesn't seem to mind, and I wonder if she is aware of it because she doesn't seem self conscious at all. If she was born extraordinarily beautiful, she'd be so used to stares by now that she'd barely notice, right?

She has a nice way about her girlfriend not buying stuff too. She doesn't push me into buying anything, but she encouraged me to try things on and pick outfits for me to try. In the end I just got a t-shirt, and she got... I don't know, maybe 15 bags of things. OK I'm exaggerating. Probably 10 bags.

Chloe dropped me off in front of our fence-less back yard. Before I opened the door, she handed me 2 bags.

"You know what? I changed my mind about these. I already have too many black skirts, and I'm too lazy to return them. I think these would look cute on you."

"Oh no, you should return or exchange them. These are name bran..."

"Nah, it's alright, just try them on. I'll return them if they don't fit you," she smiled, keeping her arm extended.

"Well, wow, thanks a lot! I'll try them on." I took the bags and closed the door.

As soon as she drives off, I see my dad sitting on a chair on the porch. As I walk closer to him, I notice the Jack Daniel in his hand. My heart sinks. My dad isn't an alcoholic, but he does drink a lot when he's in a bad mood. I wonder what happened at work today that upset him.

"Who was that in that fancy car?" He asks.

"That's Chloe, from school." I don't want to point out that she is our 'fucking rich neighbor' as my dad would describe them.

Dad gives out a burp. "She just turned into those rich guys' land."

Can't hide now. "Yeah, she lives there."

"She's the neighbor? And you're hanging out with her?" He raises his voice. He shifts his focus down to the bags I'm holding. "What the heck are these? You went shopping? What the fuck? You think just because you can hang with her, you are one of them rich ones?"

My heart rate shoots up immediately. I don't want to piss him off when he's drunk or buzzed. "No, I only bought a t-shirt..."

"You think I'm stupid?" He cuts me off before I can finish. "A t-shirt in 3 bags? Come here!"

Oh shoot, I know what that means. I try to explain as I get closer to where he sits, "No, the other 2 bags are hers..."

Dad grabs me by my hair, and pulls me across his lap. The pain makes me teary-eyed at once, and makes me drop my bags. He barks, "Stop lying! You better jut shut up or I'll use my belt!"

It doesn't take him long to pull off my shorts, and my thong along with it. I feel the touch of breeze on my exposed butt. He adjusts me so that my bare bottom sits perfectly for a proper spanking session. Knowing the drill, I place my hands on the floor. It's a bit of a reach for me because of the height of his chair, so it's more like my finger tips and toes barely touching the ground. This makes balancing difficult, leaving little room for me to struggle or kick. I don't dare anyway. Fighting or kicking is an invitation for a belt or a stick.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

I clench so that I won't moan. In my mind, the less painful I make it sound, the less satisfaction I give him, even though it's simply a matter of time before I start moaning, crying, and begging for mercy like a little girl.

I absolutely hate the feel of his hot, big, rough hand on my bare bottom. Humiliation is an understatement, when your bare ass is neatly placed over your own father's knees, and in public! I mentioned before that we don't have a wall or a fence for our privacy. Our yard opens to the road, which thankfully is rarely used by locals.

"You useless piece of shit! I lost my job today, and what did you do?" Whack!

"Ow!" I finally let out.

"You went spending money, brat!"

Whack! Whack! "No!" Each smack stings even more than the previous one. "Please stop, daddyyyy." Tears well in my eyes.

"Shut up! Hold your position or I'll restart!"

Another smack. I moan louder and louder with each blow. I can feel my ass getting hotter and hotter. I imagine it must be glowing red.

In the midst of the slapping sounds, dad's scolding and my own shrieking and crying, I didn't hear the car engine. The first thing I heard that makes me aware that Chloe is here, is her cry, "Oh my god, Beth!"

I gasped. This is my worst nightmare, being spotted by someone, anyone, in this awkward position. But now I'd rather be witnessed by 10 strangers than Chloe, my idol, my goddess.

Despite my surprise and humiliation, I do not dare to move out of the position or even cover my butt. My scarlet red bare bottom, arced on top of my dad's lap, is in full display for Chloe to see.

-to be continued-

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