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Gorgeous Chloe's First Spanking - Part IV

Chloe caught my father spanking me, tried to stop but only to find herself on top of his lap
Pleaseread parts I - III first in order to fully enjoy the story; otherwise it's hard to fully appreciate Chloe's humiliation and Beth's desperation. Enjoy! Long story short, Chloe caught my father spanking my bare ass, tried to stop but only to find herself on top of my father's lap, skirt up and panties down.


I can't help but admiring and envious of her astonishing beauty, her exposed, reddened buttock contrasted by her lean, porcelain like legs over my father's lap. I watch in silence as my father continues slapping her bare bottom, and her squirming and moaning.

After about a minute or so I can't stand the sight any longer.

"Daddy, please stop. I'm sure Chloe has learned her lesson." I plead with tears swelling in my eyes. I have no idea what my dad's plan is, or if he has any. How does he plan to get away with this? What if words spread out in school? I'm sure he'll be sent to prison and I'll be placed in foster home, and be the laughingstock of the school and the town for the rest of my life.

My father stops momentarily, looking askance at me. "Has she?"

Chloe quickly responds, "YES! I have! I'm really sorry and I promise I'll never hang out or even talk to Beth again."

"Ha! At this point you seriously think I care about what lesson you've learned and what promise you're going to keep? Have you already forgotten what I have in my camera? Get up!"

Chloe pushes herself away from his knees, awkwardly finding her balance with her underwear strapped around her calves. She's standing straight now, but not quite sure if she has permission to pull up her underwear.

My father grabs her ear and brings her into the house.


"Beth, move that chair in front of the mirror. Get the camera again and record." Father commands.

I quickly fetch the camera again from upstairs. Back in the dining room, there's an old long wooden back armless chair with a white cushion. I bring it to the living room facing the body-length mirror that's next to the TV, across from the couch. I'm not quite sure what he's up to at this point, but I know better not to ask.

He orders Chloe to take off her skirt and underwear, and kneel on the chair facing the mirror. Chloe obediently follows the order as well. Father orders me to turn on the recorder. I can see Chloe glaring at me with her red eyes through the mirror.

He stands behind her, so that she can see him from the mirror that he's admiring his marks on her deep red bottom. She's biting her lower lip, frowning, eyes wet, but doesn't mutter a word. She knows he's right. With the pictures at his hand there's nothing else she can do but obey whatever he wants her to do.

"Take off your top. Let me see your tits."

I gasp in silence. What? What is he doing now?

Chloe hesitated for a second, but not for long. She starts to move her hands around her waist to pull up her white tank top.

"Wait, leave the shirt on. Just take off the bra."

After Chloe removes her bra, he sticks his right hand inside her shirt, while standing at her back. I can see him rubbing her nipples and squeezing her breasts. Chloe shuts her eyes tightly to endure the discomfort and shame.

Then he pulls down the front of her shirts, so her large breasts are exposed and are hanging outside her tank top. Her breasts look like two perfect round melons, full and perky, with beautiful pink nipples on her white porcelain skin. She is simply perfect!

He continues to play with her nipples until both nipples are rigid and erect. Chloe is clenching and unclenching her buttock, and wiggling a little bit.

He snickers, "Ha! I know you're such a slut!"

Father turns around and grabs the TV remote from the coffee table, and continues his spanking with the remote on her bare bottom.

Chloe is grabbing the back of the chair tightly with her hands in order to remain in position. From the mirror, I can clearly see her tits bouncing in rhythm with each smack. My father can see it as well and he keeps playing with her nipples with his free left hand while spanking her. Chloe wiggles her lower body in pain, making the jiggle on her round, delicious bare ass that much more obvious, and her breasts bouncing more violently with every struggle. She opens her eyes occasionally, but what greets her is the shocking image of her exposed self, with a man's hand over her breast, her tits bouncing, and a video camera remembering everything.

After a few minutes, my father tosses the remote onto the couch. He feels her private part, and grins, "Why am I not surprised you're this wet? You can't wait to be fucked, huh?" I'm so glad he doesn't know I'm wet myself.

Chloe's eyes are shut tight, and she continues to clench and unclench her but cheeks to relieve some pain.

"Now, tell me. Would you rather be fucked in the mouth, or fucked in the pussy?" He moves his hands up to her breasts.

After a few seconds of silence, he swats her raw bottom. "OW!" Chloe jumps slightly in shock, sending her breasts bouncing, and her nipples rubbing against his rough palms.

"Make a choice!"

Chloe wiggles her butt, "please don't..."

"Oh, you know you want to." Another SWAT!

"Ok ok stop!" Chloe pleads. "Um, down there..." Her voice is barely audible, so I'm sure I heard it wrong. Did she just ask to be fucked?

"Down where?" Father doesn't make it easy for her.

"My... my pussy." Tears of humiliation roll down her face.

"Because you're so horny? Hahaha!" Father laughs. "Tough luck, slut! I'm not going to fuck your pussy. I want to see you wiggling your ass thirsting for my dick. Instead, you'll have to suck it. I'm going to stick deep into your throat, and you'd better take it, young lady. I will come in your throat, and you'll have to swallow. If you don't, I'll make you regret for the rest of your life. Do you hear me?"

"...Yes, yes sir." Chloe softly sobs.

"Beth, give me the camcorder, and go back to your room and shut the door." He reaches his hand out for me.

I hesitated for a second. I'm so wet by now, I'm afraid that if I move my juice will flow down my thigh, or my father will smell me. I blush deeply not knowing what to do.

"What are you waiting for?" He barks.

I stand as far away as possible from him, hand him the camera and sprint up the stairs, before he could utter another word.

I slam the door shut, jump onto the bed, and bury my face into the pillow bawling. I don't know what I'm feeling right now. I don't understand why I'm aroused, excited, ashamed and sad at the same time. I try not to picture what is going on downstairs. I cry as loud as I could into the pillow so that my mind would stop wandering. After I don't know how long, darkness and exhaustion finally come over me and I drift into a restless sleep.

===The End===

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