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Half Term Week with Auntie Beryl

I'd been spanked by Auntie her friends a year before but I never expected it to happen again.
At the end of my last stay with Auntie Beryl I had started to think that her daughter Kate and I might get on a bit better. We had never seen eye to eye but being punished together I thought had maybe changed things between us.

When my parents suggested I spend a week with Auntie again I agreed. Although being punished in front of others was embarrassing I had started to enjoy the sensations more and more, plus, I had watched Kate having to bend over before she was caned just a foot or so away. That was arousing.

It was May half term and Dad took me over to where they lived. As usual I could hear Auntie agreeing with Dad that it would alright to punish me according to family rules if need be. She made a point of telling me this before he left, much to my embarrassment; I was nearly 18 for goodness sake.

Kate was at a mate’s house and only returned in time for supper. Then I learnt that her half term was a week later so I was going to be on my own most of the time. I had hoped that our last encounter, being spanked together, would change our relationship but it was clear when Kate came home that she and I were not going to be friends.

The evening passed very quietly as we watched the usual Sunday night fare on television. Auntie reminded me of the house rules, most of which seemed designed to ensure a punishment was not far away. When we finally had had enough TV I was glad to get to bed.

One of Auntie’s rules meant we had to be up, washed and have tidied our room before coming down for breakfast by 7.30am. I could understand this if I had been going somewhere but after Kate left for school I had nothing to do but read a book or help Auntie Beryl round the house. The day dragged on but I managed to stay out of trouble.

That evening during dinner Auntie said was having three friends round the following afternoon. This had been planned for some time before she realised I would be around. She told me she expected me to stay in my room while they were here; she did not want a repeat of last year when I apparently spoilt the day for them and ended up being punished by them all. I went red at this being said in front of Kate.

The evening was much as the one before with Auntie choosing the most deadly programmes and being unwilling to let Kate or I see what we wanted. I was bored.

Another day arrived and it was sunny. Things were looking up until Auntie reminded me that she wanted me to stay in my room when her friends arrived. I was so bored I offered to do some shopping for her, just to get out and do something.

After lunch her friends started to arrive and I went to my bedroom. It was such a lovely day they went out into garden and got out the sun chairs. My room looked out over the back garden and I could hear their laughter. I was getting really fed up, stuck here with them having all the fun. I went over to the window; I could see them but unless they looked up they wouldn’t know. I remembered them all from last year and I started to feel horny, remembering being forced to strip and being spanked by each of them.

Facing the house was Helen, a very attractive blond lady in her early 30’s. Next to her was Alison, mid thirties, about Auntie’s age. She was a slim busty brunette with long legs, and sitting between her and Auntie was Sue, who looked a little younger, she had a very pretty face though she was plumper than the others.

I recalled how each of them seemed to have enjoyed spanking me and I felt my penis start to grow as I realised I actually wanted to be spanked by them again. I was bored, sitting reading in my room and it made it worse hearing them have such fun out in the sunshine. Then I suddenly had a brainwave, I’d seen a large water pistol in the garage. If I could get that I could have some fun and the worst that could happen is that I’d get caught.

I checked that they were all still in the garden then crept downstairs, filled up the water pistol and came back up to my room. I gently opened the window, without a sound. It was obvious from what they were saying they were enjoying relaxing in the sunshine. I aimed the gun up into the air and shot a fine spray out over the patio.

There were shrieks and each lady held out a hand in disbelief. I had to do it again to make this work. Another blast and they started to clear away their chairs and all the paraphernalia, then just as I put out the pistol for a third blast Helen spotted me and called out to alert Auntie.

“Come down here immediately, Jim, and explain yourself.” Auntie was livid.

When I got down there they were standing in a circle waiting. “Sorry,” I began, “It was just meant to be a bit of fun. I was bored.”

Auntie shouted “Fun! You have ruined our afternoon - Again! Go back to your room and we’ll decide what to do.”

I turned and went back up to my room and waited. I didn’t have to wait long before Auntie appeared in the doorway.

“It seems again that my friends are going to have to witness your punishment. I am going to give you six strokes of the cane. Come down now, take off everything except your shirt.”

I tingled with anticipation. I couldn’t believe I was actually looking forward to this. I stripped down to my shirt and went down. There they were standing in the lounge, all waiting for me. Auntie picked up the cane. One glance from her reminded me to move my hands away from my cock and put them by my side but as I did all eyes locked onto my growing erection.

Before Auntie had time to tell me what to do next Alison suggested that I should be punished out in the garden as that is where they had been enjoying their day.

“You can’t spank me in the garden,” I began, “someone might see.”

“You should have thought about that before you pulled your silly prank.” said Auntie and she lead me out on to the patio.

I looked round and was grateful to see that only a couple of houses overlooked the garden. I just hoped no-one else would see.

“Take off your shirt and bend right over the little table.”

There were murmurs and comments as my erect cock came fully into view. Auntie wasted no time and tapped me hard across the shaft. “I do hope you have not forgotten that I will have to deal with him too if you are unable to control yourself.”

“No, Auntie, I’m sorry.”

“Bend over the table,” she ordered.

Swish, swish, I felt the stripes appearing. Auntie told me to spread my legs more, slipping her hand up between my legs and brushing along the full 8 inches of my hard on. I felt the eyes of these attractive women studying my body and my cock throbbed in response.

Swish, swish, swish, three more stingers criss crossed my taut cheeks.

“One more,” said Auntie putting her hand on my back to keep me in place. Swish, right across the top of my legs making me yell out.

I stood up and rubbed my bottom. I could feel the tramlines but when I looked up I realised that my cock had been waving round as I rubbed and was again the focus of the ladies attention.

Auntie took hold of my cock, “Fetch the plastic ruler from the kitchen, Jim. I did warn you to keep this under control.”

I returned with the ruler to hear a clamour of chatter.

Auntie took the ruler from me saying, “All my friends are shocked at your lack of control and have offered to help me punish you. Lie down on your back along the patio table. Each of us will spank your penis twice, then perhaps you will learn to behave properly in front of my friends.”

I sat on the edge of the table and swung into place, my erection pointed straight up and despite my predicament I felt very aroused.

Alison took the ruler in her right hand and with her left she parted my legs more. She cupped my balls and then ran her fingers all the way up my cock before flicking the ruler across the shaft, once then twice. She held out the ruler and Sue stepped up.

I had never thought of my body as particularly special but it seemed to fascinate Auntie’s lovely friends. Sue rested her hand on my flat stomach moving it down till she reached my penis. She put both hands round the shaft before moving up to the head and back down again. Thwack, one stroke under the shaft and, thwack another along the top.

Helen was next up, she was very sexy and my cock responded as she ran her fingers up and around my full erection. My juices were flowing now and she rubbed them around the head, pulling my foreskin back as she slid her fingers towards my balls. Thwack, she landed a stinger on the head and thwack another on the tip.

Auntie put the ruler on the table, “I hope you realise just how you have spoilt our lovely day. You still do not appear to have learnt your lesson,” she said sliding her hand along the shaft. “I am going to give you three strokes.”

She picked up the ruler and just then I heard Kate’s voice, “Hi Mum, is it OK if Pauline stays for tea?”

I looked up to see Kate and Pauline appear at the patio window. Pauline, Kate’s friend, had seen me in a similar situation a year or so before but from the look on her face she was clearly surprised to see how much I had grown. Auntie was worried in case they had seen her holding my cock and let go as she turned towards them. Both Kate and Pauline were trying to take in the scene and were staring at my throbbing erection.

“You may stop staring now girls. You’ve seen it all before so you may as well stay to see the end of Jim’s punishment.”

“No!” I shouted, “it’s too embarrassing, they’re staring at me.”

“It’s a pity you didn’t think of that before you ruined our afternoon.” said Auntie. Turning to the girls she added, “Jim is being punished for soaking us with a water pistol and now we are giving him a few extra strokes on his penis to teach him to learn some self control.

The girls stayed in the doorway, obviously deciding that this gave them a good view. Auntie picked up the ruler again and I was determined not to cry out in front of Pauline and Kate. Thwack, thwack, two flicks of the ruler struck the top of the shaft making it bounce and the girls giggled until they got a look from Auntie. Thwack, a stinger on the tip and it was all over.

“You stay there till I tell you to move.” said Auntie, “Come on girls, lets go and get ourselves another cuppa,” and off they went in doors.

Except that Kate and Pauline let them go and then came over. I could see they were enjoying the feeling of power they had over me.

“Don’t make a sound or I’ll call Mum out again,” Kate threatened as she held my cock in her hand. It was hard already but still responded to her touch.

“Pauline, get the ruler and give him a couple of spanks.”

She needed no further encouragement. She picked up the ruler and standing next to me she ran her finger through the juices and pulled back my foreskin. Then thwack she flicked the ruler across the head and thwack a second flick right on the tip making me whimper and they laughed.

Kate told Pauline to check that they were still busy in doors then she picked up the ruler. She put her hand round my cock and squeezed bringing more juices flowing. Thwack, thwack, thwack she gave me three stingers right on the tip sending my cock bouncing but I bit my lip and didn’t cry out. Kate put down the ruler and they stepped back into the lounge.

Moments later Auntie returned, saw that I was still fully erect and gave me one last stroke along the shaft before sending me upstairs to get myself under control.

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