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Hannah’s Mum Spanks Nina

Mrs. Bowman catches Nina lying and disciplines her
Hannah had left the office to go home and Nina tidied up her desk and read again the contract signed earlier and was happy all was in order. Nina sat in her chair and decided to finish the bottle of wine. There were a couple of glasses left. She was thinking about the day, how Mrs. Hopkins had spanked her, then Hannah, twice. Her bottom stung as she pressed down on to the chair and her hand went between her legs inside her knickers and as she drank her wine so she ran her fingers along her pussy, still so wet. She was edging herself towards yet another orgasm when her phone vibrated.

Maybe it was Ella she thought. Quickly Nina picked up the phone and read the message. It was from Hannah’s Mum, who she had to call Mrs. Bowman, and asked Nina to come over as she had something to discuss. How strange. Nina wondered if something had happened when Hannah got home or whether this was the invitation from Mrs. Bowman to come and see her. The one Nina had longed for ever since Mrs. Bowman had spanked her. Nina checked her watch and realised time had passed and Hannah must have been home for well over an hour by now.

Nina decided to phone Hannah to see if she knew about the text message but whilst the phone rang after three rings it went to voicemail. Nina smiled to herself picturing Hannah having got home but maybe whilst slurring her speech from the wine told her Mum not to spank her again, and was right now facing the wall waiting to be spanked. Hey, maybe this time she will get to watch Hannah spanked properly and then she can spend time with Mrs. Bowman when Hannah is sent to bed early. Nina chuckled to herself at the thought and decided to catch a cab to get to Hannah’s house. Anyway it would be a great chance to make love to Hannah’s Mum.

Twenty minutes later Nina rang the doorbell and Hannah’s Mum answered the door, dressed so invitingly in a sleeveless summer dress that stopped just above her knee. Nina saw a hard smile as Mrs. Bowman invited Nina in to the house.

“Please go to my bedroom Nina get in to the nightie and knickers I have put on the bed and face the wall. I’ll be up in a minute. I am going to spank you Nina so be prepared, and be very respectful.”

Nina bit her lip to stop herself smiling as she turned and rushed out of the room making it look as though this was the last thing she wanted, but it wasn’t. Mrs. Bowman had told her any lovemaking will be preceded by a spanking so things were looking good. Nina wondered where Hannah was but there was no sign of her or her sisters. Nina got to the bedroom and was none the wiser so focussed on Mrs. Bowman’s instruction and quickly undressed, taking off her expensive business suit and blouse, then her silk bra and finally stepping out of her silk knickers. All vestiges of power were gone as she stood naked knowing the humiliation of being spanked was to come. With a sigh Nina slipped on the nightie, looked at the school type knickers and making the conscious decision to leave them off as they looked cheap and nasty and wouldn’t be on for long anyway.

Nina noticed the high backed chair at the desk was already turned in to the room and reckoned that is where Mrs. Bowman will sit to take her across her lap. Maybe she will have to bend over and grasp the seat to be caned. Maybe. Nina walked over and faced the wall putting her hands on her head and waited, knowing the nightie had risen up above her bottom which would be fully on display when Mrs. Bowman came in to the bedroom. She knew her bottom was still very red but Mrs. Bowman won’t mind she thought.

Ten minutes later Nina was wet with anticipation as she faced the wall and had even rubbed her pussy a few times to heighten her arousal. The door opened and Nina still facing the wall took a deep breath when Mrs. Bowman announced sharply, “Nice red bottom Nina. Well you can take the nightie off now. I see you don’t have any knickers on already Nina, so that saves time I suppose. ”

“Yes Mrs. Bowman,” Nina replied smiling at the wall, feeling quite relaxed even though she would soon be put across Mrs. Bowman’s lap for another spanking. It was afterwards she was looking forward to. Nina quickly pulled the nightie over her head. Mrs. Bowman stood behind Nina and said to the back of her head, “I am going to turn your bottom much much redder Nina, and then even redder still whilst you cry. You are such a naughty girl, so very naughty.”

Nina was so up for her spanking. The whole domme scenario gave her such a buzz she was now so up for the pain, a spanking, maybe a few strokes of the cane, then straight to bed, with Mrs. Bowman, what heaven. Nina licked her lips as she waited and knew her pussy was getting wetter by the second.

“Turn around and bend over and do it quickly my girl,” Mrs. Bowman snapped.

Nina turned and saw the chair pulled out in to the room. She wondered why Mrs. Bowman wasn’t already seated to carry out the spanking and held her breath when she said sternly, “I said bend over Nina, so do it now.”

Mrs. Bowman gave Nina a hard smack on her bare bottom which sped her along, stepping over to the chair and grabbing the seat sticking her bottom right out. Nina would have preferred a spanking first but if the cane comes first then that’s ok, unusual but alright. Mrs. Bowman stood behind Nina and tapped the cane on her bottom. Nina edged her bottom out even further inviting the first stroke. Mrs. Bowman tapped the cane a few more times and asked, “A red bottom already Nina? Who spanked you today?”

Nina had anticipated the question and as she didn’t want to tell her that Hannah spanked her she lied and said, “Oh I was really annoyed with myself at the office and spanked myself with my hairbrush.”

Mrs. Bowman replied sounding surprised, “Really?”

“Well yes Mrs. Bowman,” Nina added, not quite sure now, maybe she shouldn’t have lied.

Mrs. Bowman pulled back her arm and Nina heard the whoosh of air just before the cane hit her with a thwack and pain spread across her bottom. Nina gasped. Mrs. Bowman asked, “Are you sure Nina?”

Nina heard the whoosh, followed by the thwack and pain spread across her bottom for the second time. Nina took a second to recover before answering, now regretting lying. “Yes Mrs. Bowman.”

“Don’t lie to me Nina,” Mrs. Bowman snapped. Another whoosh and thwack and this time the cane caught Nina at the crease below her bottom and she sang out such a scream as the stroke really stung. Nina bent her legs as the pain etched its way deep inside her.

Mrs. Bowman tapped Nina’s bottom again and said, “Hannah came home drunk Nina.” Nina gasped. Oh no, surely Hannah hadn’t told her Mum. If she had then she had been caught lying. Nina heard the whoosh and thwack and the cane struck the top of her thighs, so another heartfelt scream.

Mrs. Bowman knew she was causing Nina a huge amount of pain when she bent her knees again, one leg raised telling her just how painful the caning was, and after savouring the pain Nina was suffering she smiled as she watched Nina struggle back in to position. Mrs. Bowman was finding this so erotic. It was nothing like spanking Hannah. Disciplining Nina was sexually arousing probably because she knew that once she had punished Nina the two of them were going to bed for some serious pleasure. Mrs. Bowman was getting more and more aroused the more she caned Nina and watched her suffer. It was time for the next stroke saying first, “You called Hannah’s mobile after I sent my text message asking you to come over but she couldn’t come to the phone though, on account of...”

Nina heard the next whoosh and thwack and this time the cane struck her full across her bottom, a good stroke, a hard stroke. Nina screamed again, and when she recovered from the stroke Mrs. Bowman continued, “Hannah couldn’t speak to you because she was across her sister’s lap being spanked.”

So Hannah was spanked as well Nina now knew. Maybe her refusal to be spanked again received the obvious retort. Nina heard the whoosh and thwack and again the pain spread across her bottom. She again bent her legs and wriggled her bottom to try to subdue the pain and as usual that didn’t work. The first tears filled Nina’s eyes as the pain was taking its toll on the 38 year old.

Mrs. Bowman continued, “Hannah’s stormed in, the worse for drink I must say, and told me she wasn’t going to be spanked again. Told me Nina. Not asked or suggested but told me, quite rudely in fact. I knew it was the drink talking and so you know what Nina?”

The next whoosh and thwack was followed by the inevitable spread of pain rippling across Nina’s bottom. Another scream. Another few seconds to recover.

Mrs. Bowman continued, “I told Hannah what for, that I decided if she was disciplined or not, and that being drunk was one of the things that earned her an immediate spanking.”

Nina heard the next whoosh and thwack and the pain swiftly followed. Nina heard herself scream out. Mrs. Bowman continued casually, as though the cane strokes were just a common interference between sentences, and asked, “What shall we make of that Nina, Hannah gets drunk, with you, and the next thing she’s a rebel. I was wondering if it is all your fault Nina? Eh Nina. Was it all your fault my girl?”

Another whoosh and thwack and again the searing spreading pain, another shriek, another wriggling of the bottom and bending of legs. Mrs. Bowman was enjoying herself caning her daughter’s boss. She already knew the answer to the question she had posed. It was just a matter of time before Nina admitted it. Hannah had already been questioned. Mrs. Bowman decided to explain the conversation to Nina. “Hannah admitted, eventually, well after quite a long time across Steph’s lap, that you and she had got drunk together and she told you she was going to tell me not to spank her again and you told her to go for it. Well Hannah will most certainly be spanked again in future.

In fact Steph was right now explaining what was going to happen to Hannah in future. In Steph’s bedroom, Steph sitting on the exact type of chair Nina was grabbing hold off as her bottom wriggled around waiting for the next stroke. Hannah was across Steph’s lap. Steph had a large oval wooden backed hairbrush in her hand and was getting ready to give Hannah another dozen or so spanks, between telling her off again and making it clear that Hannah will be spanked again and again, whenever she earned a spanking in fact. Hannah was feeling more and more uncomfortable as her sister explained. She was regretting her rebellious attitude. What was she thinking of? Steph made it clear the level of discipline will be far harder for her in future. It was to be far worse for her now.

Mrs. Bowman tapped Nina’s sore red stripped stinging bottom. “Hannah has been spanked for being drunk and argumentative. You were drunk as well, at least I am going to assume the same applied to you. Correct?”

Another whoosh and thwack and another stroke across the backs of Nina’s legs. Nina screamed out again and wriggled her bottom. Nina was hurting too much and had reached the point when she had to tell the truth. She could not lie now. The truth had to be admitted.

“Yes,” Nina said crying.

“Good Nina, the truth at last.”

Mrs. Bowman couldn’t resist giving Nina another stroke. Nina screamed out again.

“Hannah also told me she spanked you today which is why she got a taste for it. How could you Nina? It’s not just that Hannah spanked you, but you lied to me as well. Spanked yourself with a hairbrush you said. Really? No. Spanked by my daughter. So as well as being drunk you have lied to me. That’s two very good reasons to spank you. Well not just once I can tell you. I called Ella and told her you will be staying here. She told me to discipline you however I felt right. Hear that Nina. Your Stepdaughter has given me permission to discipline you.”

Nina heard yet another whoosh and thwack and again the pain spread across her bottom as she bent her legs and wriggled her bottom as she desperately held on to the seat of the chair. It was then she heard it. The scream from another room. It was Hannah and from the sound Nina reckoned she was being caned.

“Hear it Nina? That’s Steph caning Hannah. Twelve we agreed. Twelve strokes of the cane this time. For coming home drunk. You on the other hand are not just drunk. You also lied to me. So you Nina will get spanked, by me, and I will give you twelve strokes of the cane.”

Nina groaned and Mrs. Bowman felt a quiver in her pussy at the reaction. She just loved having power over Nina, real power that was freely given and not at all like disciplining Hannah. Mrs. Bowman loved that power, got aroused by it, wanted to make Nina cower in to submission, a crying bawling woman, and then make love to her, just as she was certain Nina wanted to submit, be thrashed, and then have her soothe her, caress her, make love to her, but always to be told what to do and when to do it, always Mrs. Bowman’s choice not Nina’s.

“So, Nina. You were drunk and I will punish you for that. I will spank you until you are crying your eyes out. Only then will you get 12 strokes of the cane. We will then go to bed, together, and you had better do well Nina, very well indeed, or else I will spank you again. Then tomorrow, Saturday, you will be grounded and dressed only in this nightie. I will decide when to spank you again. Any misbehaviour during the day, and I mean any at all, will be met by spanks on your bottom. You will get 12 more strokes of the cane. Then on Sunday the same, spanked by me and 12 strokes of the cane. Just for good measure you will get 12 more strokes on Monday morning before work”

Nina listened in horror. She will be spanked so many times over the weekend and given what, 48 strokes of the cane. She will be so sore by Monday, definitely standing on the bus to work and, a thick cushion will be needed for sure for her chair. Nina wasn’t aggravated at being disciplined. She knew she deserved to be disciplined. She had been caught out lying and there was only one penalty for that and it was severe. A spanking and a caning. That was quite right and she knew she would be made to suffer for lying.

Nina was deep in thought wondering what it will be like being so sore when Mrs. Bowman continued, “You had better be well behaved Nina, the whole weekend, and you had better give me lots of presents. Oh, and no lying Nina, ever again. What do you say Nina?”

Nina swallowed and looked at the seat of the chair knowing her bottom was still sticking out and Mrs. Bowman still held the cane. Nina said a very regretful, “Sorry Mrs. Bowman.”

“Indeed Nina, yes sorry sums it up.”

Nina heard another whoosh and thwack, felt the swirling pain, closed her eyes and gripped the seat of the chair keeping her bottom sticking out every muscle straining as she screamed. Nina felt Mrs. Bowman’s hand on her bottom, rubbing, around her in circles, then the tops of her legs, and between her thighs, brushing up against her wet pussy.

Mrs. Bowman smiled as she heard Nina gasp, thinking how Hannah will have done the same this afternoon, indeed knew as she had made Hannah explain in detail what had happened, far more detail than Nina will have suspected, but she will tell Nina over the weekend, to see her blush, to humiliate her, before making love to her. Mrs. Bowman put her hand on her own pussy, inside her knickers, and caressed herself as she also stroked Nina.

Nina was now sobbing. This wasn’t how she pictured it when arriving at the house. Yes she expected a spanking, wanted it in fact as it got her so aroused. She didn’t want twelve strokes of the cane. She closed her eyes and bent her head though in acceptance. Mrs. Bowman had decided and so Mrs. Bowman will do. Then Nina wondered about the caning she was receiving now. She hadn’t counted but she must have had twelve strokes already, or if not close, or maybe even more. So was that it, just a spanking to come?

Nina’s good thoughts were quickly shattered though when Mrs. Bowman said, “Your punishment starts now Nina. All the strokes you have received are an extra penalty for lying. Your punishment, the punishment I have described, will begin now. So forget all of the cane strokes I have given you so far.”

Nina sobbed again. She wasn’t surprised as after all that is just what Ella would have done, or Nicole, Her Stepdaughters were always tough and strict.

“Get up Nina,” Mrs. Bowman commanded. Nina was still sobbing and sniffing but turned to see Mrs. Bowman smiling at her. “Come here you little fool.” Mrs. Bowman said giggling and putting her arms around Nina’s neck pulled her close in to her.

Nina put her arms around Mrs. Bowman’s waist and they kissed, each slipping one hand between the others lags, cupping the others pussy. Mrs. Bowman pulled away and Nina helped Mrs. Bowman out of her top and bra, then her skirt and knickers, and the two women laughed as Mrs. Bowman ordered, “On the bed Nina,” and gently pushed her backwards guiding her the few steps and Nina was eased down on to the bed and she closed her eyes as Mrs. Bowman balanced herself on top of the 38 year old as they kissed and cuddled. They cavorted naked on the bed, caressing each other’s breasts stroking each other’s arms and legs and stomachs and thighs and bringing each other towards orgasm.

Nina squeezed Mrs. Bowman’s nipple and when she gasped she turned Nina over and smacked her bottom. “Naughty girl,” Mrs; Bowman snapped, but with a smile, as she bent down and kissed Nina’s hot red and lined bottom. Nina twisted around and kissed Mrs. Bowman’s tummy, working her way down to her pussy and eagerly licked her lush lips and enjoyed her sex nectar, reacting with sexy tremors as Mrs. Bowman kissed her inner thighs and her pussy. Both women gasped in delight, long low gasps, as each felt overwhelmed by the others lovemaking, until they each let out final long erotic gasps. Breathing heavily they collapsed in to each other’s arms and lay there deep in their own thoughts whilst stroking the other. Slowly recovering, coming back down to earth, to the realism of what had happened.

When she had recovered Mrs. Bowman said, “You will consider yourself grounded Nina. I will give you some time to recover, to go to the bathroom, rub lots of cream in to your bottom. Make no mistake though Nina, I will be up again to give you your first discipline spanking. OK?”

Nina nodded.

“You will remain undressed Nina, although you can put on the nightie if you need to leave the bedroom. Understood?”

“Yes Mrs. Bowman,” Nina replied.

Mrs. Bowman looked strict as she continued, “Then Nina, you will have to make do with sharing my bed, if that is ok with you?” Mrs. Bowman was smiling, knowing the answer already.

“Yes of course Mrs. Bowman,” Nina said enthusiastically.

Nina watched Mrs. Bowman stand up and get dressed. When Mrs. Bowman had put on her bra and knickers she threw a loving look at the punished 38 year old went over to Nina, bent down and gave her taut nipple a long sucking kiss, biting gently, and when Nina gasped stopped her bite but kept licking and kissing her breast, stood up and said, “That was just too delicious to miss Nina.”

Nina sat on the bed enjoying her nakedness and as Mrs. Bowman finished dressing and was once again the strict matriarch so Nina relished her own humiliation being left naked, an humiliation that was important to Nina. It kept her firmly in her place. Mrs. Bowman went over to Nina, caressed her naked breast, gave Nina a wink and left the room.

Nina waited. Slowly the pain turned to stinging, a warm stinging, and Nina knew her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. Nina slipped her hand between her legs and her breathing deepened as she rubbed herself, soon she was gasping as she slipped her fingers inside her pussy, quickly found pressed and flicked her clit and gasped in delight as she fantasised about being spanked again tonight, and tomorrow and the next day. Spanking after spanking. She knew how she felt soon after a spanking. It was like a drug. She wanted another spanking which is why she masturbated so often during the hours after being spanked and caned. This will be different. She will get the next spanking she wanted, needed. The caning as well. Would the weekend make her hate being spanked or want it the more? She wanted to know, looked forward to finding out. Whatever happened though she will also make love to Mrs. Bowman, her disciplinarian and her lover. How wonderful.

Nina knew today had been one of very different perspectives. Until today her office and home life, being in charge in the office but wholly subordinate at home, was a given. Today that almost changed. Being spanked at the office was a first and was horrifying because of the possibility of being caught. She didn’t enjoy the prospect at all of her staff at work finding out and even the possibility scared her rigid. Nina hated being scared. So different to when at home where being spanked was so exciting and like now made her wet with anticipation of the pain to come.

Nina slipped on the nightie and went to the bathroom and as she entered saw first Hannah facing away from her at the sink, her bottom red and with lines where she had been caned. Hannah turned and Nina saw her red tear filled eyes. She was about to say something but Steph came up behind Nina and said sharply, “Two naughty bottoms together. How touching.”

Nina smiled at Steph and saw her smile at her red eyes. Steph said casually, “Hannah tells me she has got a liking for spanking. I think she put you across her lap didn’t she Nina?”

Nina sighed at the question. “Yes Steph, Hannah spanked me.”

Steph looked at her younger sister and said ironically, “First and last time I suspect sis, you are far too naughty to be in charge.” Steph looked across at Nina, and said mockingly, “Next time you think Hannah should spank you give me a call and I’ll discipline you Nina.”

Nina blushed. She remembered Hannah spanking her. Sure they were tipsy when Hannah ordered her across her lap, and maybe Nina had wondered since whether Hannah might spank her again, but she understood Steph may well have spanking authority over her so decided she had better just nod obediently.

Steph laughed, then said with a haughty laugh, “No time to talk now as Hannah needs another six strokes with my cane and then early to bed for the naughty young miss.”

Hannah sniffed, looked again at Nina who gave her a supportive smile, and seconds later Hannah and Steph were gone. Nina washed her face and creamed her bottom, had a final look in the mirror and smiled as she went back to the bedroom. As she passed Hannah’s bedroom she heard the unmistakable swish of the cane, the thwack as it landed, and Hannah’s plaintive scream confirming to Nina Steph was doing exactly as she had promised. Nina decided not to wait around but went straight to the bedroom closed the door and waited.

An hour later the door opened. Nina looked up. It was Mrs. Bowman who held a wooden backed hairbrush, but no cane. Mrs. Bowman saw Nina had removed the nightie and was naked as she went to the chair sat down and ordered in a no nonsense tone, “Over my lap Nina.”

Nina walked over to Mrs. Bowman and bent across her lap. Nina stuck her bottom in the air. Right now Nina was in the position she so often looked forward to, one of submission, which is very different to when at the office where she is in charge, in the position of power, dressed in expensive quality clothing, At home Nina welcomes being submissive, being disciplined, having the spanker sitting in an upright chair, Nina bent over the spankers lap, fully naked, devoid of the feeling of authority her clothes always gave her, her hands on the floor both keeping her balance but making it extremely difficult to protect her bottom, seeing her legs on the far side of the chair knowing they will soon kick to the tune of her spanker, in an as humiliating position as possible, her bottom being spanked hard so it stings, so often with others watching and laughing at as she cries out in pain. Work is exhausting so as much as she relishes the power she has at the office so equally she finds her ability to switch off at home positively relaxing and whilst being spanked and caned is painful the after spanking soreness is so sexual, erotic, desired, needed, and so necessary to keep her sane, alive.

Nina felt Mrs. Bowman’s thighs tense and Nina knew the first spank was on its way. Nina nearly came as the first spank hit home, she knew she was wet, her pussy was throbbing and very soon her bottom and legs will be throbbing as well. Nina fully understood she will cry and scream whilst her pussy will stay wet and afterwards she will lie on the bed and was sure to think about the next spanking, and there were the 12 strokes of the cane still to come before the haven of bed and the joys of having Mrs. Bowman in bed with her.

Nina knew Hannah would feel the same, will be suffering the same, and was sure to experience the heady peaks of orgasm so many times before the weekend was over although Hannah will use her vibrator to reach those peaks. Nina will discuss their experiences on Monday. She couldn’t wait. As the first tears welled up in Nina’s eyes and she surrendered to her punishment she knew there was just the matter of several spankings and another 48 strokes of the cane to suffer first.

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