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Happy In the End

(Z is for Zoe) Zoe's husband catches her reading spanking stories online
Zoe sat down at the kitchen table with her laptop and sighed. It was a leisurely Saturday morning and her husband Kirk was sleeping in. She had the rest of the house all to herself. She was wearing her luxurious terrycloth bathrobe, which always felt so soft and warm against her skin. She was in her early 30s with wavy blonde, shoulder length hair and blue eyes. She was fairly average in just about every way, from her moderately curvy hips to her C cup breasts.

She opened up the web browser, clicked in the address bar and typed in lushstories and pressed Enter. She had lots of bookmarks for other sites she frequently visited, but Kirk looked after her computer, and she didn't really feel like explaining herself to him.

She ran down the list of stories on the front page. She wrinkled her nose at the first one. It was in the Incest category and already had 57 votes. She rolled her eyes. She ran down the list. No new Spanking stories. She frowned, but then these days stories didn't stay on the front page very long. Maybe there were some new ones anyway. She clicked the "Spanking" button and the page loaded quickly.

Sure enough, the top three stories were ones she hadn't yet seen. One of them caught her interest. It looked like a workplace story. A secretary spanking his female boss? That's an interesting twist. She opened the story and started to read it. Her mind conjured up for her the image of the executive office described, and the tall, haughty woman being reproached by her handsome, younger secretary. As she read, her pussy started feeling warm and tingly and her mouth opened. While her right hand worked the down-arrow key as she read, her left hand drifted down inside her robe and found her pussy, already slick with her juices.

She read about the secretary bending his boss over her desk and flipping her skirt up over her back and spanking her with a wooden paddle and she started breathing deeper, while her finger probed inside her wetness. The images in her head started to change subtly, as she became the woman bent over the desk and Kirk, the tall, manly secretary paddling her. In her mind, she started to cry as her secretary Kirk yanked down her panties and laid into her ass with renewed vigor, while in reality she started to moan and pant, her fingers dancing over her clit. A moment later, she heaved herself forward in her chair as she came, her high pitched breathy whines of "oh God! oh God!" filling the kitchen.

"What the hell?! Zoe, what are you doing?"

Zoe's eyes snapped open when she heard Kirk's voice.

"Oh, Kirk, Honey... I didn't want to wake you..."

"Hey, you want to wake me up like that, I'll never say no, Baby."

She blushed. Kirk walked closer, "So, what are you looking at, anyway?"

She straightened up, "Oh, nothing..." she started to reach for the lid of the laptop, but he stopped her.

"No, I want to see. What is this?"

She moved her hands away and bit her lip. There'd be no hiding it from him anymore. He looked closer at the screen. "Lush Stories?" He scrolled up and started reading the story from the beginning. He skimmed through it quickly, "So, spanking turns you on, does it?"

She bit her lip and nodded.

"I think it's very naughty that you've been keeping this from me, Zoe."

She suddenly felt very warm.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

"I'm.... I'm sorry." She wasn't sure why she said that. She wasn't really sorry she read dirty stories, but she felt like a naughty little girl who had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

"Stand up. Bend over the kitchen table."

As she stood up, he moved the laptop further towards the center. As she bent over the table, he moved the laptop to in front of her face. She saw that the part of the story where the executive was being bent over the desk was there, as she was being bent over her kitchen table. Kirk reached down and flipped her robe up over her back, exactly how the skirt was flipped up in the story. Without any warning, Kirk started spanking her with his hand. He spanked hard and fast, randomly moving the spanks across both cheeks. She couldn't focus on the story, but she had the images in her head from her reading of it before. Her ass started to burn from the heat of the spanks. Tears welled up in her eyes and spilled out, running down her cheeks. Despite that, the smoldering, warm wetness in her pussy started to intensify. Before long, it overshadowed the fire in her ass and boiled over, carrying her with it, making her tense up and cry out in a far different way. Kirk saw this and stopped spanking. She collapsed down onto the table and continued to cry. Kirk placed his hands on her shoulders and urged her to stand up. She did so, and pressed her face into his shoulder as he held her tight. She calmed down and looked up into his eyes and he kissed her tenderly. They stood like that for a long time, just sharing their love of each other, her sniffling occasionally.

Finally, he broke away, and said, "So what's the deal with this Lush Stories site?" He sat down at the chair and brought the laptop back over in front of him.

"Oh, well, it's an amateur erotic story site. Anyone can write just about anything they want, within reason."

"Really? So who wrote this one?" He scrolled up. "Sensei? Who the hell is that?"

Zoe just shrugged her shoulders.

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