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Helping Myself To Rita (Part 3)

Continuing the punishment.
Ten past six and she’s not here. 

Twenty past six.

Half past six.

Twenty to seven.

Ten to seven and still no show.

It’s now five minutes past seven and Rita is only now running towards my house.

I sit in the living room watching her race as quickly as possible after seeing her son off with a relative.

There is a knock at the door.

“Come!” I yell.

The door opens and closes quickly, and Rita rushes into my living room. She stands before me, her chest heaving, trying to draw in air after her brief dash.

“I’m sorry that I’m a couple of minutes late (deep breath), my mum couldn’t pick up John until just after seven,” explains Rita, dragging in more heavy breaths.

I look closely at her face and see the worry in it. Her eyes are a little wider than normal.

In an unbelieving voice I reply, “Last week I told you to be here an hour earlier.” Leaving a few seconds gap I continue, “And now you’re telling me some shit about only being a couple of minutes late!”

Rita opens her mouth to reply but shuts it quickly as I glare at her.

“I told you last week to be here an hour early, instead you turn up not only five minutes late for the previous time you have come around but a fucking extra hour later that I told you to be round!” I say in a low voice.

“Ssssorry, I… I… I thought it was for seven, not six.”

I jump up. “That’s not fucking good enough! I told you to be here an hour earlier. That was six not seven, fucking six!” I shout at her.

“Sorry!” Rita blubs as tears stream down her face.

I sit back down and wait for her to stop crying. A couple of minutes later she gathers herself together and looks at me.

“As you know, I won’t force you to do anything,” I remind her, allowing her a few seconds to say anything.

“Get undressed now!”

Without any hesitation Rita takes off the three items of clothing she is wearing. Just like last week she is prepared to get undressed without any problems.

I sit looking at her, making her wait for my next move. Over the next few minutes she spends the time looking down at the floor, every so often sneaking a look at me. I use this time to reacquaint myself with her delicious body.

Even just standing there I cannot believe how beautiful she is. Her hair has managed to curl itself around one shoulder making her looking vulnerable as she shifts her weight from one foot to the other. I can tell that she is worried as to what I am going to do with her today.

“What time is your son back?”

“He’s not back until tomorrow evening after school; mum is having him for the night and taking him to school tomorrow,” Rita explains.

I smile at her. “Good, you can stay the night. Do you like Chinese food?”

“Yes thank you,” she replies quietly.

“Move to the centre of the room. I want to check that you are shaved properly,” I tell her as I motion for her to move forward.

Standing up I circle her body slowly, taking the time to stare at her beautiful assets. Once I have circled her twice I reach out and rub my hand over her pussy. I slide my fingers carefully over her damp lips and allow a finger to graze over her clit.

Rita’s body shudders slightly and a barely perceptible groan sneaks out of her mouth. Moving my hands up to her breasts I gently caress them and pinch her nipples until they look like large bullets ready to fly off towards their targets.

“Can you close the curtains please?” Rita asks reasonably.

“No,” I reply. “You don’t deserve it after being so late. Now shut up and don’t say a word until I give you permission to do so!”

Through all this I have not closed my curtains. I have a thin set of netting up but this is easy to see through if you stop and stare in, but if you keep walking past the most you will see are shadows.

“Go into the kitchen and bring through one of the chairs at the table without the arms on. Put it where you are standing now facing the window,” I tell her.

Quickly Rita’s naked form darts into the kitchen and returns with the chair. She places it exactly where I have indicated and I sit down on it.

“Rita, you were told to be here and hour earlier that last week. You have ignored this and even worse you were five minutes late for that original time as well!” I tell her in my sternest voice.

“I will not allow this to happen. You have done me wrong and agreed that I can punish you rather than calling the police. This I have been doing," I continue, “However your tardiness cannot be ignored so you will now be further punished for that!”

Rita looks at me forlornly and opens her mouth to speak. Quickly she remembers that I have forbidden her to speak unless I give her permission to do so. She nods quickly and looks me straight in the eye.

“Lay your body over my legs. Put your hands palm down on the floor and keep your feet touching the floor as well. When you have done that you will receive one minute worth of spanking for each ten minutes you kept me waiting!” I explain. “For the extra five minutes that I have just told you about you will receive one lash of my belt for each minute!”

Shocked Rita shakes her head slightly and tears once again begin to run down her bright red cheeks.

“Get over my knees now or get out and I will call the police! It’s your choice,” I say to her in a near whisper.

Through all this I am praying that she will not leave as she is beginning to mean something to me that I cannot explain.

Jumping from the shock of my demand she steps forward and positions herself correctly over my knees. I look down to see the most perfect bottom ever, her perfectly central bum crack leading down to her dark star and beyond to her glistening pussy.

I lightly slap the insides of her thighs a few times, making her spread her legs out so that I can see her juicy pussy mound fully. I allow my hand to rove around over her sumptuous bottom, lightly sliding over her dark star causing her to pucker up every time I do it.

Through this Rita keeps her head pointing down to the floor as I caress her bottom, but her body shudders occasionally and she continues to sob at the humiliation she is having to endure. Placing my left hand on the upper part of her back I pull back my right hand for the first smack.

“I’m going to begin now,” I explain. “I am keeping the correct time using the clock on the wall in front of you. If you squirm too much and not hold still I will begin again. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Rita answers in a near whisper.


I begin spanking Rita’s bottom as hard as I can, alternating between one cheek and another. I don’t stop until both cheeks have turned a bright red. Rita to her credit has kept both hands and feet firmly on the floor, barely moving but crying as the pain increases every time I spank her amazing bottom.

I check the clock to see that I have been spanking non-stop for near on five minutes. I take a break and realise that my hand is just about as red as her bottom and it is feeling the pain as well. Gently I caress her bottom again but this time allow my fingers to move down over her pussy.

My cock has been steadily growing whilst I have been spanking her pert sexy ass and I use this opportunity to move my body slightly to accommodate its new size. I can tell that Rita can clearly feel my erectness as she moves her own body to help in my movements.

As my finger makes contact with her slit I can feel her pussy has exploded with juices and are coating the whole of the insides of her legs. I take some of this juice and massage it gently into her raw bottom cheeks and gently blow cool air over her glowing redness.

Rita through all this keeps still, never moving but her sobbing has quietened down to low moaning and sniffing.

Without warning I begin my assault again on her arse. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I continue for another thirty seconds. At exactly six minutes since I had begun I stop.

Rita sobs once again but this time more quietly than before. I again gather more of her slick juices from her pussy and smother them once again onto her cheeks while blowing cool air over them.

“You took that well,” I tell her.

“Thank you,” Rita replies, to my surprise. I never expected her to say that to me after I have just punished her bottom the way that I have.

“Stand up in front of me without touching your bottom and face the wall.” I instruct her.

Slowly, carefully and on unsteady legs Rita stands up before me. I allow her the time to gather herself and move in front of me a couple of paces away.

“Bend over,” I instruct her again.

Rita bends forward and her bright red ass pulls itself open to show her crinkly dark star and dripping cunt. I admire my work as I watch tiny droplets of Rita’s pussy nectar gather and drip onto the carpet. My cock is now massively erect and I allow myself a moment to caress it through my jeans.

I think for a minute about not continuing the punishment as I recall what she has recently been through as I stare at her bent over in front of me. I feel myself feeling more and more sorry for her but quickly give myself a ‘mental slap’ and shake my head to push these feelings aside.

“Pull your ass cheeks apart and hold them that way,” I manage to say as I struggle to keep my emotions in check.

Rita complies without a moment’s hesitation or complaint and I watch as her splayed fingers change the bright redness of her ass cheeks to a ghostly white around them. I divert my eyes slightly downwards to see her sticky pussy lips half pull apart to form a crinkled valley which nearly makes me take her there and then.

Instead I stand up, move in front of her and squat down so that I am her level.

“Look at me,” I instruct her once again, trying to take control of myself to fully complete the punishment I have set.

Rita lifts up her head to look into my face. Once again she looks straight into my eyes and just like on the day I caught her trying to steal from me and fucked her mouth roughly I can see the same enjoyment and satisfaction radiating from them.

This look throws me slightly and I quickly realise that while Rita hates what is happening to her it seems to be giving her just as much enjoyment as what I am getting.

“It’s the belt next, five lashes and then we are over! We are not going to be late again are we?” I grind out between gritted teeth. I do this to emphasise my unhappiness at her tardiness.

“No sir!” she replies back swiftly.

Once again I am taken back, this time by the title ‘sir’.

“I am not a sir! I am not here to physically abuse your body or make you my submissive. I am here to punish you for what you have done to me personally and this specific punishment for being so late!” I fire back at her. “Do you understand?!”

“Yes si... sorry... but I don’t know your name?”

“My name is Peter,” I tell her in my normal conversational tone. “Now move over to my chair, bend over once again and hold onto the seat of it with both hands,” I continue with more steel in my voice.

Quickly Rita is positioned correctly and I slide my leather belt from the belt loops on my jeans. Stepping to her left I once again take the time to look at her fabulous body, this time sideways on. Her whole figure just looks perfect to me, the hang of her breasts and the slight curve in her spine causing my cock to continuously twitch.

Once again I gather myself and pull back my right arm, the belt dangling menacingly from my hand. I stop myself just before beginning the movement to strike it across her bright red bottom. I suddenly find myself unable to continue with the punishment.

I stand like a statue looking at her bent over holding onto the chair. Her head down, eyes closed waiting for me to humiliate her further. My brain tells me that I should continue as I have made the commitment to punish her and told her what I will do. However my heart is telling me that enough is enough and that there is no reason to carry on, she has learnt her lesson.

“Stand up and move back,” I instruct her once again.

This Rita does and I sit back down again and look into her face. Rita looks back at me bewildered.

“You have been punished enough. I don’t want to punish or hurt you further, I just want to emphasise to you to listen to me and do as you’re told. Remember you are the one who did me wrong.”

Rita’s face softens slightly towards me and I stare back into her gorgeous eyes.

“Wait there,” I tell her as I dart upstairs to my bathroom.

Returning with a small bottle I sit back down.

“Lay over me again like before,” I tell her as I put myself in the correct position.

Rita gingerly walks back to me and carefully leans her body over my thighs. My erection is fully obvious as it pushes into her stomach. Carefully I take the bottle I have retrieved from my bathroom and drip the cool liquid onto her bright red bottom.

Rita sighs and wriggles slightly due to the extreme coolness of the liquid on her searing rear but calms down as I begin to gently massage it in to her skin.

For the next ten minutes I take the time using my right hand to very gently ensure her whole bottom is coated in the liquid and watch as the bright red colour fades into a dull shade of red. With my left hand I use more of the liquid and massage her back and hips.

“How does that feel now?” I finally ask her.

“Much better, Peter, thank you for that.”

Once again I find myself taken aback by her attitude and language towards me.

Feeling a little guilty at what I have done I continue to caress her bottom and slide my hand down to her wet furnace of a pussy. Gently I stroke my middle finger through her puffy lips and allow it to slide down to her rigid clit.

I have barely touched it when Rita cries out that she is beginning to cum!

I press harder and swirl my finger around over her clit and thrust another into her hot hole. Quickly Rita explodes, shooting out an amazing amount of hot liquid which splatters over the palm of my hand. Her body jerks about over and over on my lap until she becomes as rigid as a board and an enormous scream reverberates around the room.

Slowly Rita’s body relaxes and she is once again bent over my legs but this time totally worn out. I gently pick her up and sit her in my lap, her head laid on my shoulder.

Rita moves her arms around my neck and looks up at me.

In a whisper Rita says, “Thank you,” and puts her head back down on my shoulder.

I sit still holding this amazing woman in my arms and pull her closer. I can feel her heart slowing down as her naked chest is pressed against my own as my heart begins a rapid tattoo.

Leaning my head forward I whisper into her hair, “Let’s get you in the bath and I’ll order us that takeaway.”

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