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Her first time

Christine experiences her first spanking at the hands of an experienced dom.
The door opened between them and Mark got his first look at Christine. She was average height for a woman, and had short, auburn hair. She was wearing a knee-length skirt, sandals and a white blouse with a plunging neckline that showed off her ample cleavage. For his own part, Mark was six feet tall, short blonde hair, and dressed in black jeans and a black polo shirt.

They had been chatting for months over the Internet. They met on a kinky singles website. Mark was an experienced spanker, and Christine had a life long interest in spanking that she wanted to explore. They had gotten to know each other well enough that they both agreed to a meeting for Christine to get her first ever spanking.

And so, they both traveled to Denver - which was roughly half-way between them both - where Mark had reserved a nice hotel room for them. He had checked in earlier that day and texted the room number to Christine. An hour later, he heard her knock on the door.

“Hello, Christine,” he said as he reached forward to wrap her in a welcoming hug. She returned his hug and raised the ante by kissing him. He returned her kiss, but then broke away and ushered her inside and shut the door behind her, following her into the middle of the room, where they returned to their embrace and another long kiss. He broke the kiss again, but kept holding her in his arms.

“Are you sure, Christine? It’s not too late to change your mind.”

She didn’t hesitate. She nodded, “Yes. I want to be spanked.”

He smiled, “Alright, Christine. I’ve planned this for a while, and am certain I know how to proceed. But I want you to understand that if you need to stop at any time, I want you to say ‘mercy.’ Ok?”

Christine nodded and said, “I understand.”

Mark let go of her and turned and walked to the bed, leaving her standing in the middle of the room. He sat down on the bed and said, “First, Christine, I need you to take off all of your clothes for me.”

Christine suddenly felt herself get warmer while Mark stared at her expectantly. She knew that they had spoken about this, and she knew that he was insisting on this to heighten her embarrassment - embarrassment she was already feeling before she even took of a single stitch. But she felt something else too, welling up from deep in her loins. Her trembling hands moved slowly to the hem of her shirt and slowly peeled it upwards to her head and then up and over it. She dropped it at her side and looked back at Mark. His expression remained unchanged. She moved her hands down to the zipper on the side of her skirt and lowered it, and then dropped the skirt to her ankles. She stepped out of the skirt and kicked off her sandals and kicked them over to the shirt. Now she was standing before him in a thong panty and lacy bra. She reached her hands behind her to work the catch on the bra, releasing it and allowing it to fall off her shoulders as she brought her hands back in front of her. She dropped the bra to the pile of clothes, revealing her large breasts, and exposing her nipples to the cool room air, making them harden instantly. She paused only long enough to realize there was only one step remaining. She bent over as she peeled her panties down, hoping to delay the final moment as long as she could. Finally she straightened up, revealing her neatly trimmed thatch of brown pubic hair that ended just above the beginning of her notch. She stood and forced her hands to her sides.

Mark smiled and said, “Good girl, Christine. Now, turn around once slowly so I can take you in.”

Christine felt a flush come over her face and she took a small step to turn to her right. After a couple of steps, she could no longer see Mark as he sat on the bed, but she knew that he was still there, still staring at her naked body. As she moved, she could feel her breasts and bottom jiggle slightly. When she was half way around, she heard Mark say, “That’s the nice, spankable bottom I wanted to see, Christine.”

She continued turning slowly until she came back around to face him again.

“Now, come over here. We’ll start with you over my knee.” Mark said, pointing to the ground immediately to his right side. Christine took small steps over to the spot where he indicated. He continued, “Now, lean over and brace yourself on my left leg while you lower yourself down over my lap.” Christine again complied with his instructions, awkwardly placing herself in position. “Further over to my left, please. I want your bottom higher up.” Christine cooperated as Mark positioned her perfectly. When he was satisfied, she had to admit to herself that the position was less uncomfortable than she anticipated. Her breasts were hanging free next to his left thigh, her hands were on the floor, and her bottom felt like it was ten feet in the air. She felt more exposed and vulnerable than she had anticipated, which made her shudder. She felt Mark pat her bottom. “Are you ready, Christine?”

She gulped and said tentatively, “Yes.”

A moment later, he brought his hand back and quickly down hard on her left ass-cheek. The loud splat sound filled the room and Christine threw her head back, and involuntary, “Aaah” was forced out of her.

Mark paused for a moment and watched as his handprint outlined in pink appeared on her skin. It was her first ever spank-print. His handprint was the first to ever mark her flesh. Mark felt a moment of pride, but reveled in the moment only briefly before he repeated it on the other cheek. The first two strokes were moderately hard, but he then dialed back the intensity a bit as he continued spanking her.

For her part, Christine was taken back. The experience was literally breathtaking as it started. She wasn’t prepared for how intense it was. She first felt the sting of each impact, but left behind from each was a burning heat that kept building with each spank. The burning quickly dominated her consciousness, driving away any rational thoughts. Her exclamations after each stroke quickly morphed into a continuous whine.

Mark kept raining spanks over the entirety of her bottom and upper thighs, turning every available square inch a uniform shade of pink. When at last he was satisfied that he had achieved perfectly even coverage, he stopped.

He helped Christine to her feet and her hands flew behind her to rub her stinging bottom. Her eyes were moist and she sniffled once.

Mark said, “Alright, Christine. That was a nice warm-up. Now I’m going to let you experience three implements, so you can get a little taste of them. And then I’m going to give you a proper spanking, as if you were being punished. Are you ready for that?”

Christine just nodded. Mark stood up and said, “First, I want you to lay down on the bed. But first, take the pillows and make a stack. I want the pillows under your hips to elevate your bottom.”

Christine walked to the side of the bed, collected the pillows and stacked them up in the middle of the bed. She climbed up on her knees on the bed and positioned herself just behind the pillows, and then sort of flopped down on top of them. Once again, her perception was that her bottom was a mile in the air.

Mark said, “Spread your legs a little, please.” Christine did so and Mark said, “That’s good. Now leave your legs right there, Christine. You’re going to get the strap first.”

Mark turned and fetched the strap from the table in the corner of the room. It was made of stiff, thick leather and was two feet long and four inches wide. He came back to the side of the bed and draped the strap over Christine’s bottom, testing the length and positioning. When he was satisfied, he brought the strap back and straight back down hard. Christine immediately howled in response. Mark paused for a few seconds and then struck again, the strap covering her entire bottom side to side, just slightly below the first stripe. Christine howled again. Mark waited a moment for Christine to recover. He then said, “Alright, Christine. I want you to tell me how many more with the strap you want.”

Christine was not quite prepared for the question. She thought about it for a long moment. Part of her wanted no more, but that part of her was overridden by the warm feeling radiating outwards from her very wet pussy. She heard herself say, “ten, please.”

Mark smiled, and said, “Ten it is. Here we go.”

He brought the strap back and down hard just above the first to stripes. He began a slow cadence with the strap, moving it up and down, but in every case centered across both cheeks.

The strapping brought her to tears almost immediately. Her mind was completely occupied with the burning pain - in fact so occupied she was unable to count the strokes. She only knew when Mark’s rhythm with the strap came to a stop. She relaxed into the pillows and buried her head into the bedsheets and cried.

Mark gave her a few minutes to recover. When she was calmer, he helped her to her feet and said, “Alright, now it’s time for the cane. Step over here to the center of the room.”

He took her elbow and gently led her to the center of the room. He continued, “Now, I want you to bend over and hold onto your ankles.”

Christine slowly bent over at the waist and placed her hands on her ankles. She could feel the skin of her bottom stretching taut and the cool air of the room washing over her pussy. Mark went over to the table in the corner and returned with a rattan cane, 3 feet long and pencil-thin. He stepped over to her side and, as with the strap, tapped it on her bottom, testing his own positioning. He brought the cane back and brought it snapping back onto her bottom. There was a brief pause before the sting wrenched a squeal out of Christine’s lips and Mark could see the welt begin to form. He waited a few seconds before repeating the stroke slightly lower on her bottom, making her squeal again.

Once again, Mark waited a moment for her to recover and asked her how many more. She replied “six.” Mark tapped her bottom again with the cane and then resumed applying stripes on her bottom with it. Christine shrieked as each was applied and was crying continuously when the last was laid across her cheeks.

Mark placed his hand on Christine’s bottom and felt the welts. Christine was obediently still grasping her ankles. Mark urged her to her feet. He said, “One more implement to try, Christine: the hairbrush.” Mark walked back over to the table in the corner and retrieved the brush. It was an oval, flat-backed wooden brush with a head about 4 inches in diameter. He walked over to the bed and sat back down, “For this, I want you back over my knee, Christine.”

Christine walked back over to his right side and lowered herself back over his lap, remembering how to position herself properly from the first time. Mark reached over and grasped her right wrist and brought it up behind her back, pinning it just above the top of her bottom. He brought the brush down and patted her left sit-spot and then gave her two hard strokes, one on the left sit-spot and one on the right. Christine cried out and began to sob right away. Mark gave her a moment to regain her composure and asked her how many more. Her reply was, “Please, please, no more with that.”

Mark replied, “Alright, Christine. That’s fine. Now, I want you to stand up and have some time in the corner to think about your upcoming punishment.” He helped her to her feet and escorted her over to the corner of the room and brought her wrists up to the back of her head. He left her there and stepped back over to the bed and sat down to wait for a few minutes while she recovered.

Christine was sniffling fitfully at first, but a few minutes of waiting had a remarkable impact on her mood. Her bottom still burned and throbbed more than she could ever remember. She had nothing in her life experience to which she could compare it. But for every throb of her tender bottom, there was a corresponding clench in her positively molten pussy.

After a few minutes, Mark came back over to the corner and turned Christine around and gave her a tight hug. She pressed her head into his shoulder and held him tight, almost as if he could protect her from his own, punishing hand.

“Alright, Christine, are you ready for a full punishment?”

She looked up into his eyes and nodded.

“Remember, you can stop any time you wish. You understand that, right?”

She nodded again.

“What implement would you like for your punishment? Keep in mind that the implement you choose will determine how many strokes you get. It’s difficult to explain, but the punishment will end when it needs to end. It’s about where your mind is taken as a result of it, not about how many strokes have been delivered.”

Christine thought about what Mark said. She decided that the best choice would be the hardest one - that would mean that she would take fewer strokes. She said, “The brush, please.”

Mark raised an eyebrow at her unexpected choice. He led her back over to the bed and sat down in front of her.

“Very well. Now, I want you to straddle my left leg and then lay down over my leg and the bed.”

As she did, she noted that with her thighs on either side of his, her pussy was fully on display for him. He patted her bottom with the brush and wrapped his left arm around her waist, holding her tightly.

He raised the brush and brought it whipping down on her bottom. He set up a pattern of several spanks spread around her entire bottom followed by 4 strokes alternating directly on each of her sit-spots. He felt her squirm over his thigh as he spanked. As he continued to spank her hard, he remained attuned to her every cry and movement, waiting for the moment when she calmed and began to subconsciously acquiesce to her punishment. He knew that that was the moment that her punishment was complete. He put the brush down and once again urged Christine to her feet and wrapped her in a hug. She returned the hug, once again burying her head deeply into his shoulder and just cried, not having any thought but that.

Mark rocked her in his arms while she came back to her senses. When her crying mostly stopped he said, “You’ve taken your first spanking very well, Christine, and I am very proud of you. I think you deserve a little reward. Come lay down on the bed.”

He led her over to the bed and helped her down onto her back. She winced as her raw bottom touched the bed, but he lifted her legs up, taking her weight off her bottom. He held an ankle in each hand and brought them up, bending her knees and bringing them down towards her chest. He knelt in front of her and brought his face down to her sex. He began to tongue her pussy, running his tongue up and down her entire slit, taking a couple of long licks all the way around her clit at the top of each cycle.

Christine closed her eyes and began to moan and pant. He continued his ministrations on her pussy, but let go of her ankles, and bringing his hands back down to her bottom, feeling the heat radiating from deep within her bottom and the welts raised on the surface. Without warning, she suddenly tensed up and clamped her thighs around his head as she came so hard that she nearly lost consciousness.

Mark allowed her to relax after her orgasm, and then helped her back to her feet and wrapped her in a hug again. She ran her hands across her tender bottom. Finally, Mark asked, “How was that, Christine? How did that compare to your expectations?”

She looked into his eyes. Her eyes were red from crying, and tear tracks ran down the sides of her face. She smiled weakly and nodded, words not coming to her. Mark smiled and pressed her face back into his shoulder and held her. Finally he released her and let her re-dress. As she was putting herself back together, he asked, “So what else is there to do in Denver anyway?”

She just laughed.

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