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His Wish

Daniel asks his Mother to spank him and she willingly agrees

“I know Mum but I fantasise about being spanked. Who better than you?”  

“One of your friends perhaps?”  

“Well yes, but I really would prefer you. It’s much more realistic. My Mother spanking me for being naughty.”  

“Daniel you’re 23 years old and I haven’t spanked you for 6 years.”  

“But if I’m naughty and earn a spanking why not give me one?”  

Mum smiled and said “Don’t get me wrong, since you have got back from Uni there have been plenty of times I’ve wanted to put you across my lap, but I just reckoned you are too old now.”

“Maybe, but isn’t it different if I agree to it Mum? Like if I reckon it will be an incentive for me to improve my behaviour. I need to don’t I?”

“That’s an understatement, but at least you recognise that, which is a move in the right direction. Well, I suppose if you agree to being spanked as a discipline thing and you are naughty then I could get mad and put you over my lap like I used to It would be good, for me anyway.” Actually his Mum could see some real benefits for her. The end to his back chat for a start. Her friend still spanked her daughter who was also in her mid twenties and they got on fine with it. So maybe it would work with Daniel.

  “Well I broke that vase yesterday Mum. I know I denied it and blamed the cleaner but it was me.”

  “Are you serious because I deducted the cost from her pay.” She could not believe what her son was saying. She had had such a go at her cleaner who denied it all, truthfully it now seems. How embarrassing for her.


  “Sorry? Is that all you can say? Actually that makes me really cross. Like really really cross. You lied to me. Well OK Daniel, if you want to be spanked then that does it for me.” She looked at her son expecting him to baulk but instead he smiled as though to say he had won the argument. Well his Mum would see about that.

 “OK Mum. How shall we do it?”

  “It’s your fantasy Daniel, so what do you want?” She looked at her son with pursed lips. The little liar was going to pay for breaking her vase. She was going to make sure he remembered the thrashing she was going to give him.

  “Oh, I hadn’t thought about that. I reckoned you would decide and tell me, but we can discuss it I guess.”

Yes she thought, she bet he hadn’t thought about it. Well, here’s where you should have done. She was going to try to get him to agree to rather more than he can take.

She said “OK, let’s see, bare bottom of course?”

“Yes please Mum.”

She looked at her son in wonderment. He was still taking it as a game. Well, she can play along for sure.

“You’re an adult.   Presumably you don’t want a ridiculous playful namby pamby spanking but a proper one that will hurt and make you cry?”

“Oh yes. I want my bottom to be really red, so I can’t sit down.”

Good she thought. “Right, so I will spank very hard. It has to taken for granted that once I start I’m not going to stop just because you ask me to.”

“No Mum, you are in control and you punish me for as long as it takes you. That’s what I want.”

“I hope you know what you are letting yourself in for because I seem to remember you cried when I spanked you before? She certainly knew what she was going to be doing to him once his ass is across her lap.

“Yes Mum, I trust you. It can hurt as much as you think it needs to. It’s to help me learn to behave better after all.”

She thought, trust me huh? Well you can trust me all you like when you are crying your eyes out.

She actually said though “Good, but now you are older it will be too much just for my hand. What else should I use Daniel?”

“How about your hairbrush Mum, the wooden backed one? That will hurt.”

“Ideal.” Good choice my lad she thought. That will hurt you bad.

“Mum, you just tell me what to do. You’re in control. OK?”

“Well I think I know what to do Daniel so let’s get started shall we. Go and get the hairbrush and I will teach you not to lie to me” Mum snapped. Daniel ran upstairs and when he came back Mum was seated.

“Right Daniel, I’m going to spank you for breaking my favourite vase and for lying about it. Take your trousers off and fold them over the sofa please. Quickly” Mum ordered. Daniel obeyed and took down his trousers, and folded them neatly exactly as instructed. His mind was racing. Now he was under his Mum’s control he knew she was cross and would make him suffer and just hoped it was arousing as he thought it would be. In fact more arousing than even he had expected.

“Take your underpants off as well.”

That made Daniel think. He would be on show.

“Don’t delay Daniel. I’m mad enough with you about you breaking that vase and lying to me. You will have to apologise to the cleaner anyway, but if you make me any more cross you will definitely not like it. Anyway, I’ve seen you naked before now Daniel, and if I’m going to discipline you then being embarrassed is part of the punishment.”

Daniel nodded, reluctantly, and did as he was told sliding his underpants down and putting them on top of his trousers. He looked at his Mum who was staring at his penis and when Daniel looked down he knew he was erect.

“Ok Daniel get across my lap and let’s see how quickly I can get rid of that for you.”

Daniel willingly bent across his Mum’s lap to hide his penis from her view although knew his erection was pressing down on his Mum’s thigh so she will still be very much aware of it. He remembered her threat to make it disappear but it hadn’t yet.

“I hope this teaches you a lesson young man” Mum said sternly and started to spank her son with her open palm. It felt good to her.

Daniel was soon crying but his Mum ignored him, intent on reddening her son’s bottom, oblivious to Daniel’s gasps which told her she at least having an impact.

Daniel found the hand spanking stinging, and in particular when his Mum spanked the tops of his legs, and whilst it was pretty much as he had remembered it hurt rather more. That changed when she started to use the hairbrush. The first spank was like nothing he had felt before. The stinging pain spread right across his bottom and the tingling and horrid stinging continued as the next spank crashed home and an even more intense stinging spread across his bottom. His eyes flew open as he realised that this was not fun, not at all. The spanking continued and soon Daniel was pleading with his Mum to stop. It hurt too much.

She ignored his blubbering but when he wouldn’t stop she scolded him. “Will you be quiet Daniel” Mum snapped. “It’s a punishment don’t forget. It wasn’t me who smashed my vase was it?”

“No Mum, I’m sorry.” A very wet apology, as the tears were filling his eyes and running down his face.

“That may well be Daniel, but you are paying the price for your thoughtless behaviour and if it hurts well just accept it is going to. I told you won’t stop just because you ask me to and you agreed. This was your idea and you promised to obey me, didn’t you?”

“Yes Mum, I’m sorry” Daniel said, conceding his Mum was right.

“Right, then stay quiet except for crying. I don’t mind you crying at all.”

Daniel knew that wasn’t going to be a problem.

“Nice to see your soldier has quietened down as well young man.”

Daniel couldn’t believe what his Mum had just said. That must be the most embarrassing thing possible, except he supposed being across his Mum’s lap and having his bare bottom spanked at 23 years old must run close to it. Even that thought was lost when his Mum continued spanking him with the hairbrush and his tears flowed.

Mum was quite enjoying herself. She remembered just how tense she used to get when arguing with her son over the tidiness of his room, or how late he had got home the night before leaving her worried and unable to sleep, or how he would answer her back, rudely, even with friends of hers in the house. How all that would change if she gained disciplinary control over her son again.

So what if he got aroused by it? He wasn’t very aroused at the moment was he? She smiled as she thrashed him. All the tension was flowing from her as she was turning her son’s bare bottom a beautiful dark red. The more he cried the harder she spanked and she reckoned she could go on for ages more because she was making up for every time he should have been spanked before.

It reached the point that he was hardly squirming around anymore but just taking every spank. Thrashed in to submission, his chest heaving, his breathing ever so deep, and the crying was like music to her ears. Her 23 year old son had been disciplined for sure, a thorough hiding.

“Ok Daniel, I think you have learned your lesson” Mum eventually said.

Daniel lay there, unable to get up. He took a while to calm down before asking “I’m sorry Mum, did you spank me so hard because I came?”

That took her back because she really hadn’t noticed.

Mum replied “did you? Anyway, no love that’s how I will be spanking you. Good and hard, so say if you don’t like it, it’s your last chance because once I start spanking you it will be the norm in future.” The tension had gone. The spanking had done its job. She felt her son was chastised and she was now calm. Now the hard part, making sure it wasn’t the last time. She needn’t have worried. One look at his erection told her.

Daniel eased himself up and said between sobs “no Mum, I need you to control me, to make sure my behaviour improves. It what I want Mum. Please.” He looked like he meant it. He continued “I mean it hurts like crazy but it was good not being in control, not knowing how hard or how long you would spank me. I know I did wrong to lie and have paid the penalty. But also what I really want is to be spanked even when I’m not naughty. Just when I ask you to. That’s my fantasy bit. I wanted to feel the pain, and enjoy it afterwards.”

Mum smiled at his red puffy eyes, his wet face, and then noticed it, well couldn’t miss it actually, his stiff extended penis, standing straight up, taut, at full attention. How come? Still she didn’t say anything.

“I guess there’s no harm in that Daniel. I get to spank you when you are misbehaved, and you get to ask me when you are good. Works for me” she said and gave her son a hug.

Mum asked “so it hurt huh?”

“Fuck yes Mum” he replied then froze when he saw the look on his Mum’s face.

“I will not have that language from you. Get right back across my lap now” she snapped.

“Please Mum, I’m sorry” he begged.

She was having none of it. She sat back on the chair and ordered “get across my lap now or else.”

Daniel realised she wasn’t going to take no for an answer and reluctantly bent back across his Mum’s lap. She looked down at his red bottom and just said “don’t ever swear again my lad” before thrashing down the hairbrush on his bottom. Daniel gasped louder than before but she ignored it and thrashed him with the hairbrush time and again. He was sobbing and crying and his chest was heaving. Mum lost count but reckoned she had spanked him fifty or so times before stopping.

“OK Daniel, you can get up, but be careful of your language.”

“Sorry Mum, really I am, and I won’t be swearing again for sure” Daniel said rubbing his bottom.

“Good, then at least my spanking you will have done you some good    Just like in future. When I have to spank you again.”

“Ok Mum.”

“Anyway Daniel I guess you need to know when I will spank you, you know when you have earned one.”

Mum noticed he didn’t object, so that was good.

“Well, if you answer me back in a sassy way particularly in front of my friends.”

“Ok” Daniel agreed. “Anything else?”

“Yes, if you are home late and you don’t call me or if you leave your clothes on the floor of your bedroom.”

“That’s cool. I think that’s right.”

“Good. Now if it’s one of those reasons I spank you there and then. Agreed?”

“Agreed Mum. Actually that’s even better Mum because I get spanked for real not just because I feel like it. You know Mum, you can add to the rules as well. Anything that will help me be a better person.”

Mum laughed. “OK, but I think being strict is the answer. No second chances”

“That’s perfect Mum.”

“Exactly, and I have full parental control? Agreed?”

“Yes Mum, and can I still ask you to spank me as well?

“No problem Daniel. How often will you ask me to spank you then?”

“I guess that depends on how often you spank me for misbehaving Mum.”

They both laughed. “Well on current form I guess once a week for sure, maybe more.” She looked carefully at her son, to see his reaction.

He swallowed hard, then looked at his Mum and nodded. He had to agree. He wanted to be spanked when he wanted it, but guessed accepting his Mum’s discipline was ok as well.

“OK Daniel now one thing that happens every time is you go and face the wall, with your hands on your head, and think about what you did wrong. You will stand there for 15 minutes and if you move you will go straight back across my lap.”

Mum smirked seeing Daniel grimace as he rubbed his bottom, but he nodded and went over to the wall. Mum stood behind him and put her hand on his bottom. “Don’t forget Daniel, if you move this gets spanked again. Understood?” and to reinforce the statement she said “like this” and landed a hard smack on each bottom cheek. The gasps delighted her.

“Yes Mum. 15 minutes. No moving. Got it.” Tears returned to his eyes. He knew he had been spanked and whilst he didn’t actually enjoy it whilst it was happening he was enjoying the smarting feeling, the warmth across his whole bottom, and the erection he now had.

“Ok, I’ll be checking on you.”

Mum went to her bedroom and closed the door, lay on her bed and slid her fingers between her legs. She was already so wet as she touched her pussy she knew she was almost at orgasm. So she slowed down to increase the intensity before bringing herself to the most intense orgasm she had had for years.

Yes, perfect she thought. Spanking Daniel had not just been a tension release, but had been so arousing. Not the fact he was her son, but the fact she had someone over her lap and controlled the amount of pain she was giving him. Total control of an adult. She won’t tell Daniel what it does for her. It will spoil it for her. For both of them.

Mum planned when the next spanking will be as Daniel stayed facing the wall downstairs.

After 15 minutes Mum went back in to the lounge and stood behind Daniel.

“Have you moved?” she demanded knowing she hadn’t checked once.

“No Mum, I didn’t dare.”

“Good boy. Ok your punishment is over. Come here.”

Daniel turned and Mum saw his eyes were still red, which pleased her. She gave him such a hard hug and was delighted when he hugged her back, something he started to find embarrassing years ago and so she stopped. How great was it that she could hug him again even if it was only going to be after a spanking.

“You need to clean up Daniel” she said. “go upstairs and wash your face.” That was great. She had her obedient son back.

Whilst upstairs Daniel looked in the mirror at his bruised bottom, grinned, and wondered when his next spanking will be. He was already looking forward to it. He looked down and saw his erect penis and headed for his bedroom. He lay on his bed, took his penis in his hand and rubbed. The pre orgasm wetness flowed quickly and it took only a short while for the spurt of sticky cum to ejaculate all over his chest as his back arched and he let out a loud gasp.

He thought how great it was his Mum was happy to spank him. He hadn’t thought she would be all for it. He has to agree to her having control but that wasn’t so bad. In fact it was rather thrilling being told to bend across her lap. He enjoyed the experience, well once the spanking was over at least.

Ten minutes later Daniel had changed and went downstairs. Mum gave him a careful look as she was cooking his favourite lunch.

“Hungry?” She asked.

“Starving” he said and she noticed he became chattier than she could remember.

“You are ok then Daniel?” she asked.

“Great Mum, really great” he answered with a beaming smile. Then he realised he had better check and suddenly turned serious and asked “and you Mum?”

“I’m good Daniel. You do want to carry on as we said with me in charge and giving you a spanking when you are naughty?”

“Yes Mum, definitely. It’s something I need to have happen. I want to be better behaved and this is one way isn’t it?”

“Good boy, and if you want I can still spank you anytime you ask as well. It’s just that I reckon in the foreseeable future I’m going to be very strict with you so you might be spanked often enough anyway.”

Daniel rubbed his bottom without realising, thinking about his next spanking, looking forward to it in fact. Mum knew just what he was thinking and fully expected to give him his next spanking very soon.

They both knew today marked a change in their relationship, but one they were both looking forward to for their own reasons. They just didn’t realise how close those reasons were.

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