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Home from Work

She was a bad girl and had to be punished
I come in from work, and you greet me at the door in your school girl uniform with your hair done up with pigtails on either side of your head. You greet me with a pouting look on your face saying, "I am so sorry." I ask what you have done to which you reply with a sob, "I broke your favorite coffee cup."

I raise my voice at you. "What were you doing with it?"

As tears flood your eyes you say, "I was going to wash it but it slipped out of my hands."

I grab you by the wrist and drag you into the kitchen, at which point I see the cup shattered on the floor. I tell you to pick up the pieces, and you grab for the broom. I say, "No bend over and pick each piece up by hand." You stoop down to gather the pieces, and I correct you, "I said bend over to get them."

You do as you are told and as you bend over I notice the flash of a white cotton thong riding up your ass crack. With each bend that you do your skirt rides a little higher. After you have picked up all the pieces I then hand you the broom to sweep up the small shards and place them in the trash bin. 

Tears are pouring down your face and you do not make eye contact with me. "Look at me," I say and you slowly raise your chin to look me in the eyes. "Now that my little girl has cleaned the mess you made, you must be punished."

You say, "But, Daddy, it was an accident! I didn't mean to."

I sit on one of the dining room chairs, pull you across my lap and pull your skirt up, revealing your pretty ass. The sting from my slap hurts my hand as my hand print turns your ass cheek red. You let out a little whimper but not enough for my liking, so I give you a matching mark on the other side. This time you start to cry a little.

I feel a little bad that I have hurt my little angel so I slowly rub your ass and move my hand between your thighs and feel that your pussy is so wet your panties are damp. I pull them to the side and caress your swollen labia and feel you erect clit. As my finger passes over it you shudder and moan. I tell you, "This is not pleasure, it is punishment and you are not allowed to make any sounds or cum until I tell you it is okay."

I have you stand up and take off the panties, blouse and bra but leave the skirt on. You do as instructed and I get hard seeing your body. I stand up and have you take my clothes off and sit back on the chair. As you see my hardening cock a small drip of your juices flows down your leg.

You immediately kneel down on your knees and lick the pre-cum off my cock. Without any hesitation you take all of me into your mouth and deep throat my cock . I grab your pigtails and each time you go down I pull you further onto it and deeper down you throat.

I hold you down for a few seconds each time before allowing you to come off and breathe. You cup my balls and play with them trying to milk my semen out of me because you think after I'm done your punishment is over. As I feel myself about to explode in your mouth I jerk your hair, removing my dick from your beautiful mouth. 

I fondle your tits and lift you up and sit you on the table. "Again, my sweet princess, this is not for your pleasure you must not climax until I say it is okay."

I bend down and slowly lick the juices from your thighs and outer lips and insert my tongue into your tight swollen pussy. Licking up to your clit, I suck it into my mouth and flick my tongue over it. Your body begins to shake because you are wanting to cum so I stop, look up at you and all you can say is, "Please, Daddy, I need to cum. May I please?"

I pinch your nipples and tell you, "Not yet. You must hold back."

I go back down and continue to tease your clit by sucking and flicking my tongue. Again you start to shiver and I pull back and tell you that you may cum as I slide a finger inside of you, massaging your g-spot so you can let it go. Your cunt squeezes my finger as wave after wave of pleasure flows through your body. After your climax I tell you again, "No more unless I allow you to."

All you can say is, "Yes, Daddy, I will not do that again until you tell me to. Thank you, Daddy."

I sit back on the chair and you climb on me and impale yourself on my thick hard cock. You start to rock back and forth, squeezing me with your muscular pussy. I can tell by your actions and breathing that you are about to come again.

Since I am close myself I slide my hand behind you. I tell you that you may cum as I slide my finger into your ass; I know how that pushes you over the edge. As your body spasms on my cock with your intense climax, I flood you with my own cum.

Both of us being spent I walk you to the bedroom and as we lay down, I hold your body next to mine. I whisper my confession to you, "Honey, my favorite coffee mug is still on my desk at the office."

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