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My bride asks for a spanking
On the night we were married my bride confessed that she had a fantasy about being spanked on her honeymoon. She wanted a harsh bare bottom spanking over my knee.

We had been together for almost a year so I knew she liked a few slaps on her backside during lovemaking but this was something different. This was a surprise. She wanted more.

She wanted to be a good, obedient wife, she said, and she wanted me to be strict with her. She liked the idea of domestic discipline.

She blushed as she told me all the embarrassing details of her fantasy. She had never been spanked as a child, she said but she had read stories about teenage girls who were spanked by their fathers or their teachers and she imagined herself in their position.

She liked the ritual. In her fantasies, spankings were always administered to her bare behind. She wanted to be draped over my knee.

What she didn't know, what she couldn't have known, was that I had considerable experience as a spanker. Coincidentally, my very first girlfriend loved to be spanked and I had plenty of practice warming the seat of her pants.

We made a deal. She would be my loving, obedient wife and I would be her strict, affectionate husband. I would spank her anytime I wanted to. I could make her stand in the corner like a naughty child with her freshly spanked red bottom on display.

What about witnesses, I asked and she blushed a bright red. I remembered spanking my girlfriend in front of our friends on more than one occasion and the embarrassment made it more exciting for her.

Penny, my wife, didn't like that idea one bit! She'd die of shame, she said, if I spanked her in front of anyone.

How about my sister, I asked.


"My brother?"

"God, no."

"Okay," I said, enough teasing, time for my little girl to get her spanking.

I helped her out of her wedding dress.

She wore thigh high white stockings, high heels and white silk panties. Nothing else.

"These can come down," I said as I took off her panties. I slipped them into the pocket of my tux.

She had shaved her pussy. I rubbed it gently. She was already slick.

I pulled a chair into the center of our suite, sat down and patted my lap.

She lowered herself face down over my knees.

"This is a perfect position for a naughty girl, isn't it," I asked.

I squeezed her bare cheeks and gave her a sharp slap. A dozen more followed and Penny began to wiggle her ass and tilt it up for me to spank. She was moaning softly.

"Do you like this," I asked as I delivered a few more stinging slaps to her bare thighs. She spread her legs and tilted up her ass for more. She loved it. I felt her again and she was dripping wet.

"Stand up," I ordered. Sure enough, there was a big wet spot on my pants.

"Look at this,you naughty girl," I teased, "you wet my pants."

I loved the way she blushed. She was so embarrassed.

It was a special night. We spent hours making love and she fell asleep in my arms. I woke in the middle of the night and felt her soft, creamy ass. It was still warm. My hand slipped between her legs and she was still wet. One finger slipped in, then two. She pretended to be asleep.

I moved one finger to her anus and rubbed it gently, pressing against it with the tip of my finger. This had always been a no fly zone but she didn't object. As it slid inside she pushed back against it until it was buried deep inside her tight ass.

Over the next few days we discussed everything. Her ass was mine. I could kiss it or spank it of fuck it whenever I wanted to. She loved the spanking I gave her and hinted I could spank her a little harder. She went into her suitcase and pulled out a heavy wooden hairbrush and put it on the dresser. "Sometimes I get a little bratty," she said. "Don't be afraid to put me in my place."

We talked about corner time and mouth soaping; early bedtimes and other childish punishments.

I suggested that we buy a rectal thermometer and she turned scarlet. She was thrilled with her new found freedom to be a naughty little girl around me and I made up all kinds of rules for her to follow. She confessed that she liked when I scolded her. She wanted more.

She couldn't help confessing all her secrets. She wanted to role play. I would be her daddy and give her a bath and a spanking for splashing. I should make her thank me for spanking her and if she didn't I should take her right back over my knee and blister her behind with the hairbrush.

Of course the reality wasn't quite what she expected. The first time I used the hairbrush on her she decided she didn't like it that hard and promised to be a very good girl.

After a few days she would forget about the sting and the burn and she'd be ready to try it again.

"I'm feeling naughty," she'd say. "I need a serious talking to."

It's your job to teach me a lesson I won't forget. Scold me. Make sure you blister my bottom. If I say "please don't spank me anymore," that means spank me more. If I say "not so hard," spank harder. If you threaten me with a more public spanking in front of your brother or in front of my brother, I should know that it is a very real possibility if I don't behave properly.

I hate corner time but I need it. I need you to be strict and bossy. I'm sorry I said no to anal sex. Although I may die of shame, I think it's necessary for you to give me a hot soapy enema to clean me out beforehand. Use lots of Vaseline and you can fuck my ass whenever you like. Don't take no for an answer.
The next time I say no to anything you want you should cut some cherry switches and really whip my behind. Make sure I can't sit down for a week. That's what I need.

I agreed. From now on I would be bossy. I asked her to imagine how sweet and obedient she would be next time my brother came for the weekend. "You'll be perfectly obedient and well mannered, won't you, knowing that you could be spanked at any time and Danny would see first hand how I discipline you, bare bottom and over my knee."

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