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Horsewoman Felicity gets her 'seat' improved

A young lady is trained to ride properly

My English tutor at university recently asked me to describe myself as if talking to a complete stranger. This is what I said:

My name is Felicity Benson-Smith and I am almost 20 years old and studying English and Media Studies.

Daddy owns a huge country estate and is extremely wealthy and is a financier whilst Mummy looks after things whilst he is away, which is very often.

I am very slim and stand little more than five feet tall, even in my highest designer heels and I am the perfect Versace dress size six. I have long strawberry blonde hair and high cheekbones and an olive skin, which I inherited from Mummy who is part Malaysian and incredibly beautiful. I also inherited her rather large breasts, which the boys seem particularly interested in and I have found I can tease them almost to a climax with a platform bra and a low cut dress. But by far my own favourite asset is my bottom and I pride myself on having a very good 'seat'.

When I am at home my passion is horse riding, a sport I have enjoyed since I could walk and I am hoping to compete in the Olympics in three years time. I have been very successful in the show-jumping world over the years and have competed regularly alongside the best, including Princes and Princesses.

I came down from University after graduating three months ago and threw myself into my equestrian eventing, taking full advantage of Daddy's stables which are probably some of the best in the country.

He hired Bradley, a top retired eventer now a coach to help me fulfil my dreams. Bradley was to live in a cottage on the estate and my training would last all day, every day. He was a huge chunk of a man, about Mummy's age with jet-black hair and rugged chiselled features and very dominant and used to getting his own way. He worked me hard from day one.

Daddy gave me a new Porsche as a present for my 20th and promptly flew to South America on business. And then things went wrong!

It seems Daddy had been involved in some fraudulent deal worth millions and it had gone badly awry, he had been arrested and tried and in no time sent to jail for 10 years. Mummy had flown out of course and had hired the best lawyers possible but it was hopeless, they wanted to make an example of foreign moneymakers and he was to languish in a stinking hellhole for possibly the last years of his life. At 60 he was much older than Mummy who was only in her early 40s. Financially we would be okay, we were awash with money and large chunks of Daddy's fortune were in her name anyway so there was no question of changing our lifestyle, unlike Daddy.

The biggest change to our lives was that Bradley was now spending much of the day helping Mummy with her horse-riding ambitions and much less time with me. He also seemed to have virtually moved out of his cottage into the big house and it was no secret to either me or the staff that he was sharing Mummy's bed! Judging from the squeals coming from her bedroom at night he was also very good in it! I didn't mind of course, in my world, affairs and sex were pretty much the norm as most people had precious little else to do with their lives.

Bradley was very strict with us both if we made any mistakes on horseback and lectured us constantly but he was good. He was taking over the dominant male role now vacated by Daddy and I know for a fact that he had even spanked Mummy's bottom at least once, because I saw it!

I was up in the hayloft having a crafty snooze when he burst in dragging her behind him. I had a bird's eye view as he sat on a pile of hay bales and pulled Mummy over his knee.

She made no protest as he spanked her hard across the seat of her jodhpurs, her highly polished knee-high boots flashing as she kicked out against the huge hand swatting her delicate rear end. He brought her back to her feet and admonished her as she stood before him like a naughty schoolgirl. It was incredible as she could have dismissed him easily if she had wanted, but she obviously condoned it.

He sat there with his hands on his knees and told her in no uncertain terms that next time she could expect to have her pants taken down and her bare bottom thrashed! Unbelievably she just stood there and acknowledged it. My mother, a very haughty woman full of confidence and very self assured stood there with her hands clamped to her throbbing backside and accepted her spanking without a murmur. There was only one explanation. She was enjoying it!

When it was safe to leave I went to my room and lay on my bed writhing to the whirring of my battery powered toy boy. I couldn't explain it but what I had witnessed had excited me beyond anything I had experienced before!

It was a very complicated manoeuvre and neither my favourite horse nor I could get it together and Bradley was becoming very aggressive. He had called me a 'silly girl' several times and it was getting me down. I wasn't used to the hired help being so insolent and I'd just about had enough when he halted my horse and told me to dismount. I refused.

He was incandescent with rage.

"If I don't get an immediate improvement I'll put you across my knee, young lady," he barked.

That was it. I wasn't going to be spoken to like that so I jumped off the horse and confronted him.

"You wouldn't dare touch me," I screamed. "Mummy would throw you off this property in seconds," I fumed and stormed off.

I tried to talk to Mummy about it but she was always too busy and I spent a sleepless night working myself up into a tantrum, which exploded early the next morning and I burst into Mummy's bedroom.

"I need to talk to you about Bradley," I stormed and without waiting for her reply added, "he threatened to spank me yesterday."

Mummy was sat up in bed wearing her favourite white lacy nightie, so low-cut her breasts were almost falling out of it. I was so angry I hadn't even bothered to put on my dressing gown and stood there at the end of her bed in my own nightie which was little more than a long T-shirt just about covering my bum.

Her eyes flashed towards her en-suite bathroom and I followed her gaze just as Bradley entered the bedroom after having just had a shower. My eyes widened both in surprise at him being there and shock, he was completely naked with not even a hand towel to cover himself and he didn't even attempt to hide anything. I was mortified. There I was in my scruffy little T-shirt with my hair all over the place just as I had jumped out of bed, looking at a rather handsome man, his dark skin glistening with moisture after his shower. His hairy chest and six-pack stomach was evidence of a man who had looked after himself.

There was also the massive cock dangling between his legs and halfway down to his knees. I gawked at it like an idiot, mesmerised by its sheer size, and manly beauty, I had never seen one as big as that, even in a glossy magazine! I was dumbstruck. But Mummy was not!

"Felicity says you threatened to spank her. Is that true?" she said seemingly oblivious to the fact that her lover was standing naked in front of her daughter.

"She wasn't trying hard enough," he spluttered. "Yes, I did."

I was getting some satisfaction watching him squirm. The hired help may be giving her one but he was still the hired help. I was still smiling conceitedly when Mummy rounded on me!

"When are you going to learn to apply yourself, Felicity?" she demanded. "Bradley is here to teach you to ride at the highest level. And you are damned well going to pay attention or you can move into town and get a job."

It was Bradley's turn to smile, and he still made no attempt to cover himself up. But then, with a body like that, I didn't want him to!

Mummy turned to Bradley.

"If she needs a spanking then give it to her. She must learn."

"Mummy," I screamed with indignation.

"And this seems a good time to start her training," she said calmly.

Bradley didn't need it writing down and immediately moved towards me, his 'thing' hardening before my very eyes. In quick succession he had moved to the end of the bed, sat down and was pulling me to his side.

“Well, Felicity, what is it to be. Do you want to continue with our training or are you going to walk out?”

I was still trying to take it all in. Here was a handsome hunk, shagging my mummy silly, who was obviously waiting for me to agree to be spanked! My stomach churned, I looked at him and almost threw myself over his knee, I knew I just had to get him to spank me!

My feet left the floor as he hoisted me across his knees. The smell of soap from his freshly washed body filled my nostrils as my hair cascaded over the back of my head towards the carpet. His arm encircled my waist and briefly lifted me from his lap as his other hand whipped up my nightie. He'd rucked my T-shirt right up to my boobs and my stomach rested against his damp bare knees, the only thing now protecting my modesty from his eyes were my frilly cotton 'bed panties'.

His large hand rested against the seat of my panties as he waited for Mummy's approval, which he obviously got and my first spanking began in earnest. The sound of his hand slapping across my knickers filled my ears and my bottom turned into a sea of heat as his hand flashed from one cheek to the other in quick succession. I noticed beneath me that the hotter my bottom became the harder his manhood grew until eventually he lifted me up from his knee. I looked into his lap and his cock sprang up like a flagpole. I was about to run off when he gripped by arm and admonished me in exactly the same way as he had Mummy in the hay barn.

"You can expect to have your pants taken down the next time, my girl," he promised.

I left quickly, panting, excited and desperate to feel something inside me.

It was obvious that Mummy didn't waste his flagpole sized manhood, through the half open door I had left as I rushed out I could see her on her knees at the side of the bed, her flimsy nightie now pulled down over her huge breasts and around her waist. She was kneeling with her back to the open door and I watched as the hand that moments earlier had been spanking my bottom was now on the back of her head persuading her onto the end of his massive cock. Her long silky hair hung elegantly down her bare back almost to her waist as she bobbed back and forth on his shaft.

As I began to turn away to go to my room I caught sight of Bradley looking at me peeking at them. He smiled knowingly at me as Mummy continued to suck his cock greedily.

I had to use my 'boy toy' to relieve the bursting excitement I felt as next door my mother moaned with ecstasy as Bradley shagged her mercilessly to her climax.

If I ever needed proof that Bradley was now the master in our lives it came about a week later.

Mummy and I had been practising dressage, not her favourite part of show jumping and my most difficult, and neither of us was doing very well at it. Bradley was becoming more and more angry with us both and the angrier he got the worse we both became until his ordered us both out of the saddle.

Like two silly girls sent to the Headmaster's office we followed him into the hay barn, knowing full well what to expect. Mummy had already spent time over his knee in there and I was about to be introduced to the rugged treatment meted out in the equally rugged surroundings. As had happened when I first witnessed him spanking my mother he sat on a convenient pile of hay bales and drew Mummy to his side. This time however his fingers worked as quickly as lightening and undid mummy's belt, opened her zip and peeled down her tight jodhpurs before she even knew what was happening.

Her surprised look disappeared from my view as she went over his knee, her pants sliding down to her knees and her tiny white thong vanishing up between her bum cheeks as her bottom reared up from his lap. It was all so quick that he had raised crimson-red handprints on her white backside before I knew what was happening. She wailed like a banshee as he paddled her fanny in an ever-quickening pace and I stood mesmerised knowing I was next in line for the same treatment.

Of course I could have left there and then but so could Mummy have. Instead we were there for the total sexual pleasure of it and I couldn’t wait for my turn.

Mummy's jodhpurs had come to rest at the top of her knee high riding boots and then Bradley tugged down her thong for no apparent reason, it certainly didn't cover any of her bottom, and continued spanking her until she was squirming around like an eel. By the time he allowed her back to her feet her bottom was the colour of a Cardinal's cloak!

She quickly retrieved her knickers and pants, gingerly pulling them up over her scorched orbs, but didn't utter a word of reproach to her employee, even when he pushed her to one side and beckoned me to him. He was indeed the master of the house and I obeyed without question.

I watched in a sort of stupid fascination as he unfastened my belt and unzipped my jodhpurs just like he had Mummy's and whizzed them down to my knees. I was wearing a pair of very 'comfortable' cotton knickers decorated with little roses and with one quick tug they followed my jodhpurs to the top of my riding boots. I stood there with my pubic bush fully exposed to his gaze, the dark fuzzy fur around my pussy highlighting the fact that I was not a true blonde but a brunette like Mummy.

In a flash he had bent me over his knee and now his hand spanked the daughter after the mother, the sharp 'SMACKK!' resounding around the barn with each arrival of his palm.

My head was in a whirl and it was all I could do not to orgasm on his knee right there and then and his fingers strayed towards the exposed entrance of my very sex. He was truly a man! I craved his attention and wanted to kneel before him, like Mummy had done and suck him off!

My bottom was like a furnace when I finally scrambled from his knee and stood by Mummy's side pulling my knickers and pants back into place. She was still panting from her session over his lap and both our breasts were heaving uncontrollably with our breathing. It was obvious we had excited him and his bulge was impossible to hide inside his tight jodhpurs, but mummy had first claim to that and off they went back to the house and straight to bed!

Mummy flew out to visit Daddy in prison in South America and Bradley was the model 'stand-in father' whilst she was away, but that's not what I wanted. I wanted him to spank me and take me to bed like he did Mummy! Trouble was I just couldn't draw him in.

My frustration boiled over and in a fit of rage I took it out on my horse, using the whip totally unnecessarily to get him to do something. Bradley almost dragged me from the horse and frog marched me over to the hay barn, I was surprised at his reaction but at least I had got his attention!

I was expecting to go over his knee when we arrived but instead he pushed me headlong over a stack of bales, as he did so he took the whip from my hand and in a flash was using it across the seat of my jodhpurs. I howled like a baby as he counted out exactly the same number of strokes I had used on the horse. He then pulled me to my feet and before I could gather myself had pulled down my pants and panties and put me across his knee.

He hand-spanked me until I felt I could never sit down again and I kicked and squealed as his huge hand fanned my tail into a furnace. My pussy was also ablaze and on fire with lust as I squirmed on his broad thigh, the rough material of his tight jodhpurs rubbing against my naked pussy-fur.

He let me up and I stood before him, red faced and rubbing by bottom as hard as I could whilst he lectured me on animal cruelty. I felt totally ashamed. But he hadn't done with me.

He stood up and whisked off his belt, folding it over twice and, with one foot on a bale of hay, pulled me back over his left knee. The sound around the barn changed a pitch, as did my squeals as he leathered my bare bottom until I could squeal no more. I lay helpless across his broad thigh, dangling with my arms outstretched in front of me and my legs kicking fruitlessly in mid air behind me. The sound of his belt thrashing my hide was intense and I was in a daze when he finally let me up. My bottom was beyond help and there was only one thing to do, I sank to my knees and went for the zip on his jodhpurs!

His cock was so hard it was almost impossible to get it through his flies but I managed it and swallowed as much of it as was possible for a woman who had never sucked a guy in her life! It felt weird, hard and warm inside my mouth but it was fantastic and without any training I instinctively knew what to do and all too quickly his hot liquid splashed across my face and hair.

I had done it!

I don't know which of us was more surprised but he had spent his load and I had finally sucked his cock, which I had dreamed of for ages. It would have been great if he had taken me to my bedroom and shagged me like he had Mummy but that would have to come another time. I slept alone that night, on my tummy with my very sore bottom in the air with nothing touching it!

My horse riding skills improved greatly under his strict direction and although I was no longer afraid of going over his knee for a misdemeanour it certainly focused my energies and things were going very well. Trouble was, that apart from getting a fairly warm spanking from him for not tending to my horse properly at the end of a particularly difficult day, it was now over a week since he had paid me any 'attention'. I was desperate for him to bed me and Mummy was due back the day after tomorrow.

After the last spanking he gave me I really thought I would end up in his bed, he had whisked down my jodhpurs and panties and like a rag doll had upended me over his left knee. It must have been obvious to him that I was 'hot' down there and I don't just mean my bottom cheeks! His fingers had strayed onto my 'girlie bits' and I literally climaxed on his lap, when I eventually scrambled up from his knee I was panting for it, but he got up and left me to pull up my pants. But I wasn't finished yet!

The housekeeper was due a day off so I decided I would cook us a fantastic meal. He agreed and I excelled myself in the kitchen. I also raided my designer collection for something absolutely stunning, and I found it in an almost back-less, strapless mini-dress which showed off my long shapely legs to perfection. My legs had been hidden from his view for too long and now, encased in the highest strappy stilettos I could walk in, he would see what I had to offer. That and my abundant breasts, which almost spilled out of the low cut designer creation which, cost the equivalent of three months of his salary! He was going to be mine tonight, no man could resist!

As predicted the meal was great and he was the perfect 'guest' both witty and charming and very, very handsome. I just had to have him.

After clearing the dinner plates I sidled up to him with my arms behind my back, breasts pushed forward.

"I didn't make anything for desert," I pouted. "I thought you might like these instead," I husked, my fingers reaching to the back of my neck for the catch on my halter top.

I released it and slowly drew down the top of my fantastic designer creation.

Bradley pushed back his chair and I shimmied closer to him between his wide open legs and stood before him, my very ample boobs bobbing into view as the dress top fell to my waist. I was naked from my belly button up except for a very expensive diamond choker I had borrowed from Mummy's jewellery box. My nipples were as hard as iron and felt as if they would literally 'pop' off when Bradley leaned forward and suckled each one in turn. I watched in total ecstasy as his mouth kissed each breast in turn, my fleshy orbs jiggling to his touch.

"You are a very pretty young lady, Felicity," he breathed. "And a very naughty one."

I ran my fingers through his thick black hair.

"Does that mean I'm going to get my bottom spanked again?"

His hands ran up the sides of my dress and disappeared up my long legs to caress my bottom.

"Yes. I will have to put you across my knee again. But not here."

With that he pulled me close to him and propelled me over his left shoulder and stood up from his chair with me dangling helplessly over it. His strong arm was clamped across the back of my legs to secure me in place and off we went upstairs. I hung there like a rag doll as we headed for my bedroom, my long thin arms dangling down his back and my legs straight and restrained as we went up. My juices were running wild. It was like a caveman taking me back to his lair to do with me whatever he wanted and I just loved it.

I looked from over his shoulder as the dining room disappeared and the hallway got smaller as we climbed the stairs. 'Felicity,' I thought, 'you are about to get the shagging of your life.'

He was going to bed me in my own room! The memory of his massive cock as he came out of the shower in Mummy's bedroom flooded my thoughts. This would be a whole new 'riding' experience!

He shoved aside the door to my room and entered, stooping forward to allow my feet to regain a footing and released me from his grip. The top of my dress was hanging limply down and my boobs bounced unrestrained as he let me go. Bradley led me to the edge of my bed, sat down and pulled me over his knee! Over I went and my long blonde hair slumped forward towards my bedroom carpet. His hand swept up the back of my mini-dress and fingers probed the waistband of my panties.

My most expensive hand-stitched black silk and lace panties suddenly pulled away from my middle and slid effortlessly down my legs to my knees. His warm hand smoothed across my bared bottom and he raised is knee slightly to present it to his satisfaction.


The initial sting turned to radiant heat then to concentrated blazing hot as he spanked me hard and quickly. I was kicking like a demented woman and shrieking like a banshee squirming like an eel against his trousers.


I had asked for it and now I was getting it! His thighs were rock solid beneath me and so was his manhood! I new I was in for a great shagging once he had tanned my hide to his satisfaction.


I scrambled from his knee and stood like a silly schoolgirl with my hands up the back of my little dress trying to salve my burning derriere. My silky panties slid down to the ankles of my strappy stilettos and I bent over and released them over my high heels and discarded them.

This was clearly a sign to Bradley of my intentions.

"Take off your dress," he ordered.

Reaching behind me I unclasped the dress from my waist and let it drop to the floor, kicking it in the same direction as my panties had gone. I was now completely naked apart from my stilettos and diamond choker. A nubile 20-year-old stark naked and under the direction of a man old enough to be my Daddy!

He got up from the edge of my bed and slowly but all too quickly for my liking, began to undress, his jacket, tie, shirt and then his trousers thrown onto a nearby chair, shoes kicked off and socks ripped off almost without me noticing. He was as naked as that day in the shower! His cock pointed towards me like some baying animal as he stepped up to me, towering over me even in my high-heels.

Instinctively my hand left my burning rump and encircled his huge shaft, gently massaging it back and forth. His hand clamped the back of my head and down I went, my heated bottom almost forgotten as I gave him a blow-job to remember. I thought he was about to burst when he lifted me from my knees and guided me onto the middle of my mattress, my long legs spread to the two corners as he smothered my little frame beneath his and gave me what I had longed for.

I orgasmed before he did, every part of me aching as my juices boiled over, then he came and shook me rigid. I was exhausted but he didn’t stop there, instead of withdrawing he began again, just as hard and just as fast and once again he flooded me with his hot liquid. I just melted into the mattress, unable to move when he finally left me.

Things quickly got back to normal once Mummy had arrived back. It was obvious Daddy was going to languish in a foreign jail for years to come so we set our sights on me becoming an Olympic champion show-jumper. Bradley was determined to make me reach that goal at all costs!

"Just make sure you take the right precautions darling," Mummy said suddenly whilst we were grooming our horses.

I looked at her with eyebrows raised questioningly.

She smiled knowingly.

"If you insist on bedding Bradley," she said, "we don't want any complications Felicity darling."

I was surprised at her advice, and even knowing anything about it. "How did you know?"

Mummy smiled broadly.

"My darling girl," she husked. "You are like me." She patted her horse. "This isn't the only stallion I need to ride. I knew you would have to sample Bradley whilst I was away. Did you enjoy him?"

"Mummy!" I shrieked with embarrassment. Then smiling. "You know I did."

"Does he spank you often?" she asked.

I shook back my hair and stood squarely to her.

"Yes," I admitted, almost proud of it.

She was still smiling and relaxed about our conversation.

"Do you enjoy it?"

Now it was my turn to smile.

"Don't you?"

"Hmm!" she cooed. "I’m happy to share him with you Felicity as long as you are a good girl." Then, "We'll let him think he is our Master. For now," she said giving me a knowing wink.

Mummy was a very pretty self assured woman but I knew she needed a man in her life whilst Daddy was away. So did I! Bradley seemed perfect. From then on Mummy and me were punished regularly and sometimes even together!

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