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Horsewoman Felicity gets 'saddle-sore'

This is a follow-up story of ‘Horsewoman gets her seat improved’ which really should be read first.

‘Felicity Benson-Smith’ I recalled my House Mistress Miss Fenton, at the Ladies College shrieking. ‘You girls should always remember just two simple rules; keep your knees firmly together and your thoughts pure.’

She had just caught me in my dorm, naked on top of my bed with my trusty ‘battery boy’ firmly between my thighs, I was only 16 and sex was always on my mind. With no boys around we had to use the next best thing. I got detention and some loss of privileges but in another era I would probably have visited the Headmistress for the cane! Nora Brownlow, our dorm prefect had her own style of discipline. You had a choice of accepting her punishment or being sent down to the House Mistress who would most likely ground you and write to your parents. Many of the girls wanted to avoid that embarrassment and opted for half a dozen stingers with the back of her hairbrush instead. Funny that it always happened at bed time, going over her knee naked!

Why am I reminiscing? Probably because that was the last time I could remember being so man-starved and frustrated!

I am still living at home with Mummy and working hard with Bradley on my riding skills. Daddy is still in prison but life for us was going along pretty well as before, Bradley now permanently residing in Mummy’s bed. Unfortunately that was the problem; they were at it again! From my bedroom next to hers came her primal squeals as Bradley yet again screwed her to Heaven and back.

It just wasn’t fair. Mummy was keeping him all to herself and I was getting desperate! At first she was happy to share him, especially if she was away on business or something but now she was keeping him on a very tight leash. I still got my bottom spanked regularly by him but seriously missing out on his ‘extra’s’.

I lay on the bed trying not to hear them, covering my head with a pillow and thinking of other times I had felt like this. The Ladies' College was no place for a horny young woman, it was seething with girls getting off with other girls but I needed cock! In desperation I once met a guy in a nightclub, twice my age and within half an hour of meeting him I’d sucked his cock and been fucked bending over a lager keg round the back! I never knew his name but the sod had left with my knickers, one of my best lacy pairs (‘a fabulous pair of purple ‘lace cheeky pants’ from Victoria’s Secret)!

The pillow wasn’t working. Bradley was still grinding Mummy who sounded as if she were running up a mountain. I couldn't understand how he did it. He had screwed her late into the night and now just hours later he was at it yet again. He seemed to have a permanent hard on! That was enough. I jumped off the bed and stormed into her bedroom.

"Mummy this isn’t fair," I shrieked.

If either of them was surprised they didn't’t show it. Mummy was spread-eagled beneath Bradley who was between her legs, his magnificent bare bottom pressed right up to her, pushing his cock deep into her pussy. He made no attempt to remove it from her but stopped to look at me as I stood by the bed. Mummy flopped her head back onto the pillow and glared at me.

"What the hell do you want Fliss?" she hissed.

"I can’t keep listening to you and HIM doing it all the time. Why can’t I have some? He’s not Daddy, he’s the hired help and I want some of it!" I wailed.

I suddenly realised how stupid I sounded. I also felt embarrassed, forgetting to put on a robe, standing there in my ‘girlie shade of mauve’ satin bedtime cami-knickers and camisole top. Bradley was casting his eyes over me, taking in my breasts heaving inside the tight top, nipples erect. It was very obvious he was still up Mummy and probably getting harder!

"You’re a spoilt silly girl," Mummy barked, "and you know what spoilt silly girls need." 

Bradley withdrew his cock (and yes it was still hard), sensing his expertise was about to be called upon.

"You need your bottom spanking my girl," Mummy announced. "Bradley, put her over your knee right now." 

Bradley needed no persuading and was rearing up off the mattress, stark naked and fully erect.

"Mummy you can’t," I shrieked, "I’m a woman and I need his cock, not his hand." 

"You know the rules Felicity," she rounded. "If you want to remain here you will accept my decision, or move into town as we agreed. What is it to be?" 

"Okay Mummy," I whispered. "I’m sorry I shouldn't have burst..."

I didn’t get to finish. Bradley had me by the hand and was leading me to the end of Mummy’s bed where he sat down and pulled me to his side. His hand went to my hips and fingered the elastic on the waist of my cami-knickers which slithered down my freshly waxed legs, his eyes briefly surveying my little pubic mound before tipping me over his knees. His cock stood up like a flagpole, probing my tummy as I nestled onto his lap.

‘SMACKK! ... SMACKK! ... SMACKK! ...’ 

The familiar sound of his huge hand swatting my little derrière filled the room, shortly followed by my high pitched squeals as the heat spread across my bum cheeks. He seemed to be spanking me forever then I was back on my feet, naked from just below my boobs down, completely uninterested in what he was looking at as I rubbed my rear cheeks furiously.

Mummy still lay on her bed but at least she had closed her legs.

"If you want his cock then get on your knees and suck it," she said nonchalantly. ‘But the rest is mine." 

It was the best offer I was going to get so down I went. No sooner had I got to my knees when his hand had scooped the back of my long hair into a ponytail, guiding my face towards his still erect cock. It’s no good sipping Bradley’s ‘head’ you need to open wide and I did as his thick erection headed for the back of my throat. There is no way I can ever take it all in, he’s much to long but there is plenty to suck and I relished him as his spanking hand now firmly on the back of my head made sure I kept to a rhythm that satisfied him.

He didn’t come. I had slaved away on the end of his weapon for the best part of 15 minutes before I was dismissed, retrieving my knickers and heading back to my room. Mummy was soon sounding like an out-of-tune opera singer again as Bradley’s massive cock found her G-spot but now I wanted to listen. Three of my fingers had vanished inside my pussy as Mummy squirmed on Bradley’s erection, an erection almost certainly born out of spanking me and seeing my entrance pouting up from his lap as he warmed my bottom. His stubby fingers had strayed onto my ‘girlie-bits’ without doubt intentionally as he swatted me and now he was going to cum, his balls full of cream put there by me!

Mummy squealed with the intensity of her orgasm, Bradley grunted as his hot load shot from his sac and I came between my fingers!

The stupid things you do when you are seriously pissed off! The tyres on my Porsche had been screaming as I zoomed into town, slewing it into the first space I could find before getting completely off my face in a small Bistro I liked. The owner knew Mummy of course and eventually she; and the handsome yet untouchable Bradley arrived to take me (and my car) back home. My head was banging that hard that I didn’t even hear Bradley banging Mummy that morning, which I am sure he did!

He had given me no leeway at all for my delicate condition as he put me through my dressage training and that is why the smell of polished leather was so prevalent in my nostrils. The tack room was of course full of the stuff but from my predictable position it seemed very strong although it was more likely because my nose was inches away from Bradley’s highly polished riding boots!

Yes, you’ve guessed it; I’m back over his knee! My hung-over head throbbing to the sound of his massive hand slapping away on the reinforced seat of my jodhpurs, and this was only the beginning. No doubt this was merely a warming session, before too long I would be back on my feet whilst he whipped down my pants and knickers. Yep, there I go, head spinning whilst finding my feet but not for long, he had my pants unbuttoned then unzipped and down to the tops of my riding boots in about ten seconds, my little ‘no-show panties’ made the same journey in half that time.

Over I went one more time, warmed bottom perched high on his knee, the smell of his shiny boots filling my nostrils again. I felt dizzy but luckily not sick. Bradley flipped up the back flap of my still buttoned up riding jacket and began to tan my hide very, very rapidly.

What is it about a man’s hand on a girl's bare derrière? This was supposed to be a punishment yet, although my bottom was getting some severe heat treatment my pussy was a furnace and I just had to get some cock!

"Ooooow! ... Ooooow! ... Oooooowwwch!"

My squeals punctuated the staccato slaps to my backside, I had one hand around the leg of the chair he was sitting on and the other gripping his knee and my head bucked up and down like a nodding dog. Luckily my long hair was bound inside a rider's hairnet to stop it flying all over the place. Bradley was in no hurry to let me up and continued to smack my poor bottom until all I could feel was two balls of fire either side of my pussy entrance which surely he could see clearly. It must have been obvious to him that I was fully ready for some man-maintenance!

I moved my hand from his knee and slid it beneath me, between his open thighs and rummaged for the hard-on I knew was there somewhere. I found it trapped against his thigh inside his tight jodhpurs and ran my slim fingers along its length, digging my long nails into the thick fabric so he could feel me probing his manhood. I wanted him to fuck me and fuck me now! It didn’t do the trick, if anything he stepped up the onslaught on my bottom but I continued to finger his cock, bringing him to the point where he would just have to fuck me!

Suddenly I was back on my feet, my behind fully ablaze, my hands instinctively heading in that direction when he finally spoke.

"No time for that, girl," he barked. "Get on your knees"’ He was pulling my arms downward and I followed them meekly my small hands groping his crotch area looking for the zipper now tightly stretched across his massive erection. I found the tab and struggled to pull it down when Bradley pushed my hand away and lifted his bum off the chair long enough to pop his button and pull down the zip pushing the flaps away to expose his weaponry.

My hands were back in a flash, he had no shorts on and I pulled him clear of his jodhpurs exposing a human stallion. The swollen-hard purplish ‘head’ nuzzled against my full-red lipstick and slid into my mouth his hand on the nape of my neck forcing me further onto his shaft. No more hangover; his cock had suddenly cleared it away and now I was bobbing on it like a practiced call-girl, my cheeks pinched in with the vacuum I had created around it.

Bradley was groaning hoarsely with a pleasure I had not heard before and I knew he was going to splash me, the thought of him between my legs made me suck him harder even though I just knew he had no intention of entering me. As they say, ‘a cock in the mouth is worth two in the bush’ and I cupped his balls in my hand, the other feebly encircling his awesome rod. I still sucked him as I looked up into his eyes boring down onto me, his hand still around the back of my head urging me on, his other on his hip thrusting his loins towards me.

His ball sac was tightening rapidly, overcoming even his ability to hold it back when he tilted my head back, removing himself from my mouth, his other hand now moving onto his shaft as it exploded across my face. God it was HOT! I parted my lips and stuck my tongue out for the second eruption which shot straight to the back of my throat. I attempted to swallow it but more followed and then another spurt streaked down my front across my crisp white blouse and worse, my riding jacket. I would have to get it cleaned before Mummy saw it!

Bradley’s magnificent cock wilted slightly but he was still semi-erect even after that, my red lipstick leaving a nice tide-mark about halfway down it, he would have to get that cleaned before Mummy saw it!

I pulled up my knickers and pants and legged it to my bedroom, requiting the fire in my pussy with my trusty ‘boy-toy’ whirring as I squealed my head off!

It was three whole days before the need for cock returned. I thought Mummy had gone out for a ride with Bradley when I entered the far door to the long stable block. I hadn’t been wrong; she was out for a ride, on the end of his cock bent over a two-bale high pile of straw, her jodhpurs down to her riding boots her pert bottom proffered high for his attention. I nearly ducked back out but Bradley had his back to me and Mummy was busy staring at the wall squealing sweet Dixie!

I edged round a bit so I could see more of the action from a sideways standpoint. No wonder she was squealing. Bradley hadn’t just got his lance in her up to its hilt he was flicking a riding whip against her bare bottom between thrusts, the little flap of leather smacking a little patch of crimson on an otherwise peach-like cheek.

Mummy was nearing her peak, I could tell having heard her many times from the bedroom next door, her hips gyrating to avoid getting a spank on the same spot and she was shrieking something that was totally undecipherable! Bradley was handling her like the pro he was and the lucky bitch was about to get her pussy filled with his love cream and I hated her for it. I wanted to scream and shout that it was unfair! I was younger than her and needed it more. I was hot and damp, and sodding angry!

"I know you’re there Felicity," Bradley’s voice suddenly boomed out.

I was struck rigid. I must have been vocal in my thoughts. Mummy screeched as she reached her orgasm.

"You can take her place," he said simply, withdrawing his cock and turning to face me.

His jodhpurs were fully undone but not pulled down and his cock pointed menacingly at me.

"Come here, my girl." He pointed the whip to a space at Mummy’s side. "Drop your pants and bend over." 

Mummy hadn’t said a word and just lay there across the bales exhausted and breathing heavily. I shuffled over to them and undid my riding pants pulling them and my knickers down as far as they would go then bending over alongside her. She was facing me as my head rested against the straw and smiled knowingly, and then I squealed as the riding whip streaked across my bare bottom, Mummy’s hand squeezed mine as I waited for the next stripe.

Instead I felt his massive cock probe my wet pussy lips before parting them and sliding into me like a hot shaft of red-hot steel. I had longed for this for ages and now he was inside me pushing further into my tunnel right up to my love button. Squeezing Mummy’s hand again she squeezed me back her face beaming, and then wincing as Bradley had his free hand on her, his fingers searching out her oozing pussy.

"Ooooowch!" I squealed as suddenly a red hot flash of pain arrived on my right bottom cheek and I remembered the leather flap on the whip and how he had teased Mummy with it between thrusts.


He did it again and suddenly I was riding his length and gasping for oxygen as he fucked me hard. I had never felt anything like it, the pain of the whip swiftly followed by the bliss of his cock-head plumbing my depths!

"Don’t stop, don’t stop." I gasped as he found the perfect momentum.

The whip continued to pre-empt a thrust of hard cock, stinging me in exactly the same spot each time. Now I was up on my tiptoes with my bum as high as I could present it to extract the most from his length.

Bradley whipped me harder and I looked at Mummy through watery eyes, throat gurgling like a baby. No man had ever penetrated me so deeply and I was shouting, ‘fuck me, fuck me, yes harder, please,’ the inane babble sounding hoarse as the words left my trembling lips.

He came across my hot bare backside in three massive jerks, each time the rough material of his jodhpurs scraping across the back of my thighs then he was gone, and suddenly Mummy had come alive as he pushed his cock into her once more. Her head nudged further over the bales as his obviously still stiff manhood thrust her forwards, she squealed then the straw beneath us shook as his load finally exhausted his balls.

I was sore for two days after that! My bum was blistered on my right cheek so staying high in my stirrups became no problem, no way was I going to allow the seat of my pants to clash with the rising saddle beneath me. It was the best riding I had done since Bradley had arrived and he was most impressed and my dressage was in his opinion, Olympic in standard. Maybe if he were to whip me with my riding crop before competing I would be getting some real medals!

Hmmm! I’ll let you know about that.

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