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Hot Bottoms at Middlesex High, Missy Meets The Dean, Part B

Missy gets the rest of her lesson from the dean
The humiliation of lying almost bare, over this good-looking stranger’s lap with her skirt raised high like a little girl being punished by her mom, was intense. Having to count out her own spanks overcame her with shame. At least when she was spanked at home, that never occurred.

Bob Perkins started the slaps again, still nice and slow, once again allowing each spank to be fully appreciated by Missy’s tender buns before the next one fell. These were however, a bit harder and caused her bottom to squirm. This added to her embarrassment, knowing the dean was watching the show being performed on his lap.

Upper right, upper left, then lower right and lower left, each as crisp and smart as the one before it. He covered all the bases. This time Missy announced each loud spank, generally with a groan or a gasp just before the number. She interspersed her counting with “Please, Dean Perkins. No more, my tush is so sore,” and, “I promise to be better, please stop.”

By the time she called out “Eight,” she was grinding her crotch into his cock. She usually used her finger there, but this felt better, not that she was in a position to fully enjoy it! With the next two, she pressed down, as if to run from the hard punishing hand, but called out numbers “Nine,” and “Ten,” as best she could. Perkins gave her the last two quickly, afraid he might explode from her pressure on his tumescent member.

Number Eleven was preceded by a loud “Owee,” and Twelve, for which Perkins waited a bit before delivering, was barely heard after her very long “Yoowee.” She wanted to reach back and rub the heat from her hot young ass cheeks, but remembered his admonition not to.

With the third dozen handsomely administered and properly counted, Perkins gave them both a short break. Missy’s wonderfully rounded ass globes were an even brighter pink now, with a million hot pinpricks reminding her of what was occurring.

He could almost see the steam escaping those full orbs rising majestically from her maturing thighs. Perkins knew exactly how Missy felt as he watched the twin spheres shaking on his knees. He had seen it many times before. That tiny patch below her bottom was wet, as were her thighs and his pants.

“Is Missy starting to learn her lesson?” he asked, feeling the love juice on his lap. “Just twelve more before we move to your hairbrush.”

“I can’t take anymore Dean Perkins, please stop spanking me. I’ll be better.”

“Holly, did you get that. She says she’s had enough. What do you think?”

“You haven’t used her brush yet, Boss. That’s what usually impresses them the most.”

Hearing Holly again, Missy looked up. She silently debated the merits of whether having Holly see her crying face or her spanked bottom was worse. As she was starting to squeal like a baby, maybe viewing the hot squirming tush would be less embarrassing. But it was a moot point; neither was very appealing.

Break or not, Missy was still looking at the floor and trying not to imagine what the dean was looking at.

“OK, Missy, we still have work to do, break time is over. I still want you call out the last twelve, of this set.”

With that, he started up again. Each smart spank on her rosy checks brought out a squeal and the official count. Usually there was an “Ooh,” or an “Ouwee” just before the number was blurted out. Missy was real sorry she bought the sexy panties. They didn’t do her any good: no protection and no compassion from her strict disciplinarian. She wondered if the threatened second spanking, “with the panties around your knees,” could be any worse.

The third slap of that punishing hand started the tears flowing and the legs kicking again. Perkins had to put his left hand on her right hip to prevent her from falling off her throne; “Queen of the Day,” she was this day!

She screamed out the next few numbers, between gasps for air. “Ooh, Seven, …Owwh, Eight, …Aaaahh, Nine, …Yowee, Ten! That really hurt!!” Maybe it was better that he went so slowly. It allowed her time to fill her lungs with air for her next response.

Missy sure didn’t like this discussion! She rolled and twisted as best as she could, hoping the punishing hand of the dean would hit a new area and not one so tender. The bouncing also took its toll on his love tool.

Perkins knew, that as her teacher, introducing Missy to his tumescent cock was off limits, but things happen. He tried his best to control himself, but as all knew, that little head has a mind of its own.

Missy felt the warm log below her getting larger, but was more concerned with the heat being generated in her very sore buns. Maybe at another time, she and Dean Perkins could discuss what was growing beneath her and throbbing against her tummy, but now her blazing bottom cheeks took full hold of her attention.

Although she needed to rub the fires out of her butt, Missy realized the only hand going there would be his. Two more sharp slaps followed, causing her legs to jerk back sharply. She didn’t announce them, as her mouth was wide open sucking in air, but otherwise let Perkins know she received them.

Perkins could see the imprint of his fingers at the outer edges of her firm, round, and burning bottom globes. Glowing like the lamps hanging from the ceiling in his den, bright, round and radiating heat. He knew he was getting through to her brain, by a more direct route.

Perkins allowed Missy a short respite over his lap. He needed it too. She cried silently for a few minutes as he tried to wipe away the heat from her beautiful and burning twin mounds of firm pink flesh. His smooth hand caressing her tender ass felt cool and caused more pussy juice to run down her legs. Other than when her fingers squeezed her clit, she never dripped like that before.

When Missy stopped trembling, Perkins directed her to get up and retrieve her hairbrush from Holly. If she kept rolling on his cock as she had been doing, he was going to wet them both. Missy had no idea of the consequence she was having on him. Her present concern however, was the effect this very well meted out spanking was having on her sizzling tush. A bottom never before caressed by a man, nor ever so boldly addressed in such a juvenile and public manner, outside of her parents’ home.

Missy painfully lifted herself up from the humiliating perch she was on, quickly pulled her skirt down and took the few steps to Holly. She accepted her hairbrush back, hoping Holly did not see the juices running down her thighs. It was the very same brush that made her hair so pretty that morning.

Holly presented the brush head first and told Missy to let her instructor take it by the handle, ready to be used. Missy turned back to Perkins and he saw her face for the first time since her spanking began. Tears running down her cheeks, puffy red eyes and quivering lips.

When she saw his face, her upper cheeks turned the color of her lower ones. She knew she had another two dozen coming with the brush. Embarrassment faded into fear. Perkins knew this was one spanking Missy would not forget very soon, maybe never. Missy already knew that and dreaded climbing over his lap again.

“What is the hairbrush for, Missy?”

“I’d like to brush my hair and go home. Dean Perkins, I have learned my lessons well today. You don’t have to spank me anymore. My bottom hurts terribly.  I will be very good in school from now on.”

“Holly, please record that answer and indicate she is getting another two dozen, this time with her hairbrush.”

“Oh, Dean Perkins, puhlese, no more, my tush is so sore, it’s on fire. I won’t sit down for a week,” she said trying to rub the heat out of her burning twin orbs.

Perkins heard the giggling sounds of the ladies outside again. “This could become dangerous,” he thought. He wondered what they would do if he invited them inside!

“Hands by your sides, Missy. I thought you knew the rules by now, and please stop all the noise. I barely warmed you up for this phase.”

“Yes, Dean Perkins, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again,” Missy said as she tried to shake the fires out of her butt. Her bottom felt like a thousand bees had stung her and she powerless to tend to it.

“Has Missy forgotten who the insubordinate student is and who the teacher is?” I need you to feel this for a while, as a reminder. Remembering helps us comply; you understand that, don’t you, Dear? Now hand me your brush and get back into position.”

“Your stinging butt is like an insurance policy. The longer you can’t sit down, the longer you’ll remember to be good at school. That’s what will keep you out of this office and help you graduate one day.”

He then took the brush by its firm and stout handle and held it comfortably. He had clearly done this before, many times.

Missy very slowly complied and draped her shaking body over the dean’s punitive lap again. She didn’t know if she could take another twenty-four, but realized she had no choice. As he lifted the tiny skirt again, Missy’s face and ears began flushing, however, Perkins did not see that. His eyes were on the lovely, nicely coloring, perky buns and full thighs looking up at him.

Perkins had never seen such great firm bottom globes as hers, even though he had spanked many of the teenaged bottoms at Middlesex. Their sweet warm color and involuntary twitchings almost made him forget his legal position as her teacher. He hoped though, he had the patience to wait until she graduated, when he might fully, and safely, enjoy her magnificent charms. Presently his enjoyment was limited to putting a fire into his student’s cute ass and then trying to rub it out, very slowly.

“Now, Missy, I want you to keep counting as long as you can. Sometimes I forget and keep going on. We wouldn’t want that to happen, would we?”

“No Sir, I’ll try my best,” she whimpered.

“I know you will, Dear. We at Middlesex know you are basically a good girl, who just needed a little extra attention today. We will teach you how a well-delivered hairbrush spanking can teach a young girl a valuable lesson. You will thank me when we are finished. Are we ready, Missy?”

“Yes, Dean Perkins,” she said talking at the floor. “But my bottom really stings and I have already learned my lesson. You can see that, can’t you?”

She shuddered at his answer.

“Missy, we will stop your spanking when your bottom tells me you have learned what your teachers have been unable to teach you. Don’t forget to keep those hands on the floor. Otherwise I have to start the count again.”

The hairbrush went up, waited a moment for her to get ready, and bounced smartly off her blazing right bottom cheek. So much for her request for mercy. She winced out the “One.” Number “Two” followed a high-pitched “Ooohh,” and “Three” came after a very long “Aaaaaaaah.” “Four,” “Five” and “Six” followed several loud “Yowwwee’s.” From that point on, there was no understanding what came out of her mouth. Every sound was garbled.

When Perkins hit one of his favorite spots again, Missy answered with a loud, “Owee, Ooh, Oooh that was really bad.”

She bounced up and down on the bulging log between them. Missy crossed and re-crossed her ankles; anything to take her mind off the powerful hairbrush strokes kissing her swollen tush. She kept rolling and twisting her near nude body, hoping the dean would not hit a previously spanked spot.

Missy was totally bare from above her waist to the tops of her sox. An ignominious way to discuss your problems with the dean!! Her movements only showed him more of what she didn’t want him to see. The fashion statement she made was also far from appropriate; white bobby sox and a tiny black thong!!

Perkins only hoped he could hold on until the spanking was over, so Holly could relieve him. After witnessing a well-administered spanking on an impudent young bottom, Holly too, had wet panties and couldn’t wait for him to cool her raging hormones, another unmentioned reason for her presence.

Missy was now like an old-fashioned claxon horn. Every “Slap,” “Crack” or “Whack” at one end was answered with a loud groan or yelp at the other. Her pretty legs kicked out with each sharp stroke of the hairbrush. First one, then the other. Usually she kicked them back, one at a time. When the right cheek got kissed, that leg jammed out. When her hairbrush met the left rosy globe, its leg shot up. But sometimes they went every which way. If it weren’t for her thong, who knew what the dean might see!

But every once in a while, because of her wild remonstrations, the patch below moved and Perkins saw the glistening wetness dripping on his lap. It always amazed him how these schoolgirls enjoyed the spanking, yet still cried out for him to stop.

Her final six, of this set, were sure to get her homework done. This time he gave her three sharp cracks on each side, low, middle and high. The low ones, where butt met thigh and some pubic hair tended to peek through, always got a different sound from the girls. Like a low moan. He didn’t understand it, but kept on with his instruction.

The dean went up the right side very slowly, allowing Missy to fully appreciate the sting of each stroke before presenting the next one, and then down the perfectly matched left cheek.

The last two almost sent her airborne. Both lovely legs went up at once and exposed her full blond bush. She emitted a long “Yowee,” followed by a plea for mercy. Missy first scissored her legs and then clasped her ankles together again in a futile hope of lessening the piping hot pain.

Perkins’ only response was a calm, “Are we learning our lessons today, Dear?” Missy shook her head up and down briskly, not being able to speak through her sobs. She wasn’t even thinking about her plaintiff cries traveling thru the door for all to hear. The only thing on her mind was the stinging pain in her sweet young buns.

Missy barely knew of her pretty legs kicking wildly in every direction, exposing her between the thighs, much to Perkins’ delight. Perkins, on the other hand, was fully aware of the private show she provided.

With only twelve left to be administered, Perkins stopped for a moment to address her. No sense talking as she cried, so he waited a few minutes, all the time keeping his eyes locked on those convulsing promontories. Two red, shimmering buns rolling and bouncing about his lap. Even his calm hand on her hot trembling mounds could not stop her movements. When she finally stopped rolling about and her crying subsided, Perkins said:

“Missy, please stand up. I want to see your face as I talk to you. You have taken your instruction very well so far. I am very proud of you. There are only a dozen left.”

“Please Mr. Perkins,” she pleaded between sobs, “Please stop, I can’t take anymore. I have never had such a hard spanking before. It feels like I’m sitting on a hot stove.”

“Your hairbrush is doing a wonderful job, Missy,” Perkins said, louder than usual as he helped her straighten up. Once on her feet, she danced a bit and then quickly shook her hips to drop the skirt.

“Every time you use this brush, it will bring back memories of this afternoon. Not the burning discomfort, just the lessons we learned with it. It should induce you to behave in school. I think it will, but if this is insufficient to teach you a lesson, you will be right back here for another lesson, over my lap.”

“Even though my time is very limited I will do my job, you understand, young lady?”

“Don’t worry; if you don’t happen to have your hairbrush that day, Holly has a nice collection, all well used before. I hope I only see you in my history class from now on and in the hallways.”

She couldn’t imagine going into his classroom.

Missy looked very sorry standing in front of him with her puffy eyes and trying her best to keep her hands off those burning globes behind her. Pressing her fingers into her thighs, and still dancing from foot to foot, she begged again for the spanking to be over. “I am so sorry, Dean Perkins. Please stop my spanking. I know I deserved it but you have made your point. I will be very good in class from now on.”

Ignoring Missy’s request to mitigate her painful attitude adjustment, Perkins told her the spanking was for her benefit and reminded her to thank him when he finished.

Directed to re-assume the familiar position, Missy shuddered, blushed at the smirking Holly, and began sobbing again.

Dreading what was to come next, Missy very slowly leaned over to put her hands on the dean’s left thigh. Missy carefully avoided the bulge pushing out the front of his pants. She lowered herself the rest of the way over the punishing lap and prepared herself as best she could for the resumption of this last set.

Perkins planned to deliver a series of hot kisses that were sure to re-ignite and fully engulf the fires already simmering in Missy’s very red and quivering ass cheeks.

Perkins again lifted the short skirt that kept getting in his way and exposing those fantastic firm and full bottom cheeks. He could see the tiny red dots that were burning through her bottom. Missy’s uncontrollable shaking gave her cute buns a wonderful shimmering effect.

Perkins marveled at the bouncing bottom cheeks dancing on his lap and admired them as they retained their perfectly round contours in spite of the punishment they were receiving. Missy was turning into an excellent student, but he hoped she would need a tune up every once in a while, until she was prepared for graduation.

Placing Missy’s hairbrush in the small of her back, Perkins glided his hand over both sweet hillocks in a soothing manner. “Missy, your bottom is accepting this spanking very well; I hope you are too. Ready to continue?”

The final twelve of Missy’s special introduction to Dean Perkins’ office were memorable. The dean now knew of the contingent of horny women outside his office who were witnesses to her pleas. That was why he left the inner door open. Their sharing in Missy’s experience had a beneficial effect on them too. One spanking could speak to several students at once. It also kept the young teachers in line.

Perkins started with two on the back of her right thigh, which stung much less as they were previously unspoken to and still white. One just above the knee and the other in the middle of that white thigh left a bright imprint of the smooth rear of her hairbrush. Depending upon what she wore the next few days, her friends might just see some evidence of her “trip to Mr. Perkins’ office.”

Then he addressed the lovely red sphere on that side, making it flinch and bounce, and causing her to squeal. Low, medium, high and on the sit spot; four sizzling beauties. Considering how sore she already was, they went right through her. She sucked in a mouthful of air and let it out with a low “Yowee.” He allowed her sufficient time to appreciate that blast before moving to its twin.

Then the left globe got ready for the stinging kisses of her ivory hairbrush. A loud howl was emitted from deep in her throat as they began to fall. It was as if a hot poker were being placed against that very tender and hitherto untouched erogenous zone. Perkins followed the same routine, only in reverse this time.

Starting at the top, he delivered four crisps hits of the cool ivory hairbrush. Missy’s howl turned into a long and loud “Aahh,” emitted from her other end, the one more familiar to her hairbrush.

Admonished or not, Missy’s right hand came up from the floor in a futile attempt to protect her sweet young and very sore bottom cheeks from this painful lesson in proper school behavior.

“Missy, please return your hand to the floor, as I must repeat the last two. I will put them where you have the most padding. Your failure to listen is what brought you over my lap and I see I must still address that issue with you.”

He then gave her two more sharp cracks on her flaming and quaking bottom, right in the middle of each luscious hillock. Despite Missy’s rolling from left to right, Perkins was right on target.

They caused her to scream out again and bang her fists into the floor. Despite the redness of her burning cheeks, a brief white outline of her hairbrush could plainly be seen on each shimmering globe.

The repeated two on her bottom caused Missy’s feet to kick so hard, her shoes went flying, reminding him that he forgot to have her remove them before. Perkins too, learned a lot from these classes.

“Ready for your last two, Missy?”

He then delivered the final two on her left thigh. Missy knew short skirts were out for a few days, unless she wanted all to see what type of hairbrush she used.

Whether on white, pink or red skin, this man knew how to spank. Missy dreaded every hot crack. This time her legs went straight up, once again showing him what her thong barely covered, her private blond bush. Modesty was no longer an issue; whether she would ever sit again was.

The spanking over, Perkins stopped. But not out of sympathy for Missy. It was his bloated member that needed a rest. He had to save it for Holly, or else there would be hell to pay. The main reason Holly stayed with him was the great sex they had several times a week, usually right after spanking a bare assed teenaged girl.

Perkins did it; Holly watched. Both got very horny. These learning sessions benefited all. Holly’s salary as a secretary was minimal so he had to keep her happy, with other benefits. His huge and hot cock qualified.

Missy didn’t realize her spanking was over, as she was still howling due to the burning pain the ivory grooming tool brought to her flaming and swollen tush, now red and enflamed like it had never been before. Perkins couldn’t believe how her lovely cheeks retained their fantastic shape and high rounded peaks during the ordeal.

Missy would eat standing up tonight and sleep on her tummy, probably for the next few days as well. She had met Dean Perkins and would never forget him. This was not her father’s spanking. It was probably much more than her mother had planned for as well.

Missy remained over the pedestal of pain and cried uncontrollably, her legs still running from her spanking. Running, but nowhere to go! Her trembling shoulders told Bob Perkins that this was another success story and Missy would be a great asset to the school and community some day.

Missy’s butt continued to burn but the clue that class was over was that she no longer heard the staccato beat of her hairbrush. Slowly, she lifted her face and first saw Holly, enjoying the show. Spanked like a little girl was bad enough, why did she have to have a witness to it?

Then she turned all the way around and asked Perkins if she could get up. Her blazing buns had been on display much too long and she was terribly embarrassed by what happened and what the dean and Holly saw. Perkins took a final long look at her majestic round ass cheeks and reluctantly agreed.

His quick supposed inspection with another smooth glide of his hand again caused Missy severe discomfort. If she couldn’t sit on her butt for a few days, an unwanted hand manhandling her tush was also out of the question.

“Of course, Missy, let me help you up,” he said as he put his left arm under her chest, just above those pert little breasts. Missy, very gingerly pushed up on his left thigh, making sure she stayed far from the still bulging log pointing straight at her.

Her skirt stayed on the small of her back until she was standing up, when it finally draped her sore butt cheeks. It hid everything but the glow of the twin fires underneath and her terrible embarrassment at being spanked like a naughty little girl by a man she hardly knew. Perkins told her to stand in front of him, but to keep her hands at her sides. Perkins waited until she regained some measure of composure before speaking.

The tears were still pouring from her puffy eyes and Missy dearly wanted to hold and rub her steaming bottom with both hands. Not being able to assuage her burning butt cheeks caused her to dance from foot to foot and squirm as Perkins addressed her.

“Missy,” he told her calmly, “I have more important things to do than teach you to mind your teachers. Please keep your hands by your sides and tell me what we discussed this afternoon.”

“I learned many things today, Dean Perkins. One is to do my homework. Then you taught me the benefit of listening to my teachers,” she said between sobs. “I will always obey them, but if I do not, I hope you will remind me,” she said as the tears flowed down her face. Her dancing increased as she tried to shake the fire from her butt.

“Did you forget about the insubordination?”

“Oh, No Sir. That will never happen again, I promise. You made that very clear to me.”

“Good, Missy. Is there anything you want to tell me?”

“I’m not sure, Dean Perkins. Is there?”

“Does your hairbrush have to remind you of my busy schedule and how your misbehavior disrupts it?”

“Oh No, Sir!! I am so sorry I forgot that. My bottom is so hot my brain is not working well.”

“Well, will you be interrupting my work again?”

“No, Dean Perkins. I am so sorry I made you take time away from your important work to spank me. Thank you for teaching me what I should have already known. I hope all my squirming on your lap did not make your job harder.”

“And how about Holly, she had to sit here too.”

Turning to face the smiling witness, Missy forced out between sobs, “I am so sorry, Holly. I know you also have very important things to do for Dean Perkins. Please forgive me for taking you away from your duties to record my answers and witness my butt being spanked.”

“Not to worry, Missy,” she replied. “It was truly my pleasure to sit in on your little class; you have no idea. Isn’t Dean Perkins a wonderful teacher?” Holly smiled at her boss, and squirmed as her love juice ran down between her thighs. If she didn’t get hers soon, she was going to be real angry.

“May I go now?” Missy needed to get out of there so she could assuage that fire behind her.

“Soon, Missy. How does that bottom feel? Aren’t you glad the girls are allowed to keep their panties on the first time?”

“Yes, Dean Perkins, they sure helped a lot,” she said with a blushing smile. “But my tush is still so hot. I don’t think I can sit in class. Is that why the boys always stand in class after ‘visiting’ you?”

Without answering her, Perkins then added, “Missy, aren’t you glad we had this little chat today? It sort of cleared the air.”

“Yes Sir, Dean Perkins. You sure know how to make the obvious very clear. I understood every word you said.”

“Good, now go with Holly to the outer office and make sure the door is closed. She has something there that will help. Be quick though, Holly and I have some unfinished business to attend to.”

Holly heard the sounds of heels clicking outside and knew the brigade was leaving. The ladies knew when the show was over!

Missy followed Holly back to her desk, as best she could, and saw her take a tube of salve from the drawer. Holly had soothed many bottoms with that tube in her office. After locking the outer door, Missy was told to bend over the desk and lift her skirt again. Holly did what she could to squelch the fire in those bright red, throbbing, and still fully profound bottom cheeks.

At least Missy didn’t have to drop those awful white panties. Holly then handed her some tissues and pointed towards her legs, causing Missy’s face to flush. Finally Holly reminded her to go back and retrieve her hairbrush. A girl always needs her grooming tool to look her best.

Missy dabbed her eyes with her hanky and returned to the inner office for her brush. It was on Perkins’ desk and she politely asked if she could take it.

“Of course, Missy. Many of your fellow classmates have been here before you and they are much better students for it, despite the noise they made while learning their lessons.”

“I expect them to be very fine young women when they graduate from Middlesex High. They will also have the benefit of knowing how to maintain discipline in their homes when they become moms.”

“I’m sure everything will be all right from now on. I think it unlikely that you will need further instruction, but I’m here should the need arise. You appreciate that, don’t you?”

“Here is your brush. Use it to keep that head real pretty, but never forget its other purpose. Oh, you might want to go to the ladies room and change your panties. No sense letting Mom see what you wore to school today. Enjoy the rest of your day, Missy.”

Missy blushed, smiled, and thanked him again for spanking her. The imp might be mischievous, but she was not stupid.

“Let me give you one last check before you go, Missy. Our plan is to train you, not to injure you. Please step over here.”

Perkins ran his right hand under her skirt and up the rear of her left thigh, very slowly. When he arrived at the sore and swollen mound on that side, he gently caressed it, running his fingers deep into Missy’s warm separation. Missy closed her eyes, not believing what was occurring.

Then she felt the tremors overtaking her body. As his gentle fingers dug deeper, and his hand squeezed down on the tender butt globes, she knew she was losing it. Holding the desk so she wouldn’t drop to the floor, Missy felt a long, hot, wet stream shoot out of her pussy. As the tiny thong patch was long since moved out of place, the pussy juice flowed right to the floor, missing Perkins’ shoes by inches. That’s when her body convulsed with the strong cum.

Oh, Oh, Ooooh, Dean Perkins. I am so sorry.”

Waiting for her cum to subside, Perkins looked at the floor and smiled. “Everything seems fine, Missy, you just have a well-spanked bottom. It will pass in a few days.”

”Please go to Holly and get her tissues. She knows just how to handle things like this.”

After cleaning up after herself, Missy, again, asked if she could leave.

“Yes, Dear, you did very well today. We will record everything in the book.”

Missy left his office, hoping she would not run into any of her friends. She walked very slowly and stiffly, the easily recognizable gait of a recently well-spanked woman. The trilogy was rounded out by her trembling shoulders and her teary and sobbing face. Anyone who saw her would not need a scorecard to know of her recent trip over the dean’s lap, where her pretty bottom was turned a nice shade of red.

Upon finally reaching the rest room Missy had a real good cry, just thinking about the embarrassing session with Holly and the dean.

She then brushed her hair out. It had gotten disheveled hanging down to the floor. All her head gyrations didn’t help it either. Other than the red eyes, hopefully nobody would have to know about her special and somewhat public disciplinary session, that is, unless they heard her singing the past twenty minutes!

Still feeling the throbs of her recently received and very hard spanking, Missy replaced her thong with the white panties. She tried again to rub the sting out of her steaming young ass, realizing this would take a while, Holly’s salve or not.

The session was finally over for Missy. It would now continue for Perkins and Holly. They both intended to enjoy the benefits of Missy’s bare bottom spanking which provided a wonderful appetizer for the main course they were about to now enjoy.

Missy returned to her class and asked to stand in the rear, to the titters of her classmates. When the students were not looking, she continued squeezing her bottom, trying and put the fires out. She wondered what her young tush looked like.

Other than hoping for a very mild tune-up, in a few weeks, she promised herself to do as she was told.

After Missy left the office, Holly locked the door and returned to her desk. Not wearing any nylons, the pussy juice running down her thighs was easily wiped away with a tissue. She just hoped there was enough left inside her to allow Perkins an easy entry. She came to him as he was putting the spanking chair back to its place. When he turned around Holly was right there, waiting for him.

"Boss, that was a very nice spanking you gave that girl. Looked like she was on a trampoline. I don't think she'll forget that trip for some time, probably see the results of it in the mirror for several days. Reminded me of the first time I came to 'see the dean.'"

"That trip over my lap, and all that followed, did wonders for you, Holly, and I’m sure Missy too, will benefit greatly from what her hairbrush did for her today."

Grabbing the protuberance pushing out his trousers and squeezing it, Holly kissed Perkins and told him, "I see it made its mark on you too, Boss. But I need it in me, now!

Holly got into her favorite position, leaning over the boss’ desk, feet planted firmly. As she swished her cute bottom for him, Perkins whisked up her short skirt, dropped his pants and admired the great view.

Pushing aside Holly’s tiny panties. Perkins entered her sweet honey pot and both moaned with lust. As much as they liked to draw out their pokes, the events of the day controlled. Just like a good spanking, Perkins usually gave it to Holly slow and deep. But today, after enjoying the wonderful show Missy’s gyrations put on for them, slow was out of the question.

Perkins was very hard and Holly wanted it fast. The horny little minx spread her legs and pushed out her butt to give Perkins all the access he needed, leaning forward on her toes, her heels far from the floor.

Perkins easily slipped in and his cock disappeared from view. Holly exploded on the third thrust, and kept screaming as the ripples of her multiple orgasms engulfed her body. She didn’t even try to muffle her sounds. Perkins kept pumping until he was fully drained. Both then collapsed on the desk, still firmly connected. Holly’s pussy had put a lock on Perkins’ spent member and held it tightly.

When the licentious couple could breath again, they both silently thanked Missy again for her contribution to a wonderful afternoon. Too bad she didn’t enjoy it as much as they did.

As Holly regained her composure, she slowly straightened her panties before dropping her skirt. After fixing her clothes and running her fingers thru her disheveled hair, she gave Perkins another warm kiss, held his limp cock and told him he was the greatest fuck she ever had.

What could Perkins say?

The End,

Rickey Smarts © 2012


Watch for the rest of the hot spanking stories from Middlesex High. As the series continues we have students, teachers, and even Miss Anderson going over the dean’s lap as they discuss some school issues. Principal Bonnie Anderson, a decent spanker in her own right, also bares some buns to ensure all know who’s in charge.

Will Miss Anderson ever enjoy the full charms of Bob Perkins, stud of Middlesex High? Read on!

It looks like even Holly and Julie might get some common sense imparted to them thru the only vehicle Bob and Bonnie know. Guess what that is?

If you plan on visiting, bring some tissues as the fluids are flying.


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