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Hot Bottoms at Middlesex High, The Science Teacher Sees the Stars, Part B

Principal Bonnie finally delivers the OTK spanking she had been promising her science teacher.
Bonnie Anderson, the very lovely, but stern principal of Middlesex High, had just prepared her young science teacher, Dave Smith, for his very first spanking in her office. If she did a nice job, he might be back for more!

Smith really needed this spanking for a variety of reasons. The official one was his students’ poor grades on the state exams. It was hoped her mahogany hairbrush would induce him to try other teaching methods. If not, there was always her secretary Julie’s hairbrush, or maybe she would have him go out and buy his own! Possibly a nice cream colored ivory one would work better. He could keep it in his office for emergencies.

Then, the quivering white buns squirming on her lap just called out to be spanked. Bonnie believed in mentoring and motivating her staff to do the best job they could. How could she not assist him?

Finally, the hot swollen cock lodged between her soft thighs told her Smith was looking forward to his stunning, yet domineering boss, addressing his defenceless ass cheeks.

Bonnie’s dean of boys, Bob Perkins, sat nearby on the couch, as the official school witness.

Smith didn’t know which was worse, the dean watching his bare bottomed, over the knee spanking, by his 41 year old boss, very sexily attired today, with a very short skirt exposing her gorgeous long, shiny black, hose clad legs and creamy white thighs, over which he was shamelessly draped, or the spanking itself.

Time would tell, as would the long handled hairbrush.

Dave Smith couldn’t believe how he wound up so unceremoniously arrayed over his boss’ thighs awaiting his spanking. Shockingly, he had asked her to spank him, in lieu of losing his job as a high school teacher.

Bonnie Anderson, as she caressed the white butt cheeks wrapped across her knees, had just explained that Smith would count out 25 hand spanks as preparatory to her using her mahogany hairbrush on his blushing buns.

As Smith’s pressed against Bonnie’s thighs, garter straps and clips, both felt his tumescent member growing between them, even though Bonnie had placed Smith’s jacket over her lap.

Counting out loud was something Dean Perkins had not suggested, even though the bare bottom spanking was his idea. But Bonnie thought it a nice gesture of cooperation. It would keep Smith involved in his training.

Then Bonnie raised her right hand and brought it down very smartly on Smith’s right cheek. Smith decided to accept it in silence, but for the count. “One!”

“One what, Mr. Smith?”

“One, Miss Anderson,” he added with chagrin. “I’m so sorry,” he added hoping not to make his punishment worse.

Perkins loved it and gave Bonnie a big thumbs up. Smith, counting the tiles on the floor, did not see that.

“Now let’s start again.”

A second one came down five seconds later, following the dean’s instructions on spacing. Perkins looked at her with approval. “One, Miss Anderson,” the young science teacher called out again.

Smith felt the hard slaps and couldn’t believe a woman was capable of them.

Evenly blasted on both cheeks until he was pink, he called out each spank, but after a dozen, he started groaning with each new attack on his tender ass.

The spanks became more painful, not because Bonnie hit him harder, but because fires were being lit under his skin. It felt as though hundreds of pins were sticking into his buns. The numbers he was forced to call out were now preceded with “Owww’s, Aaaahhh’s” and “Ohhh’s.”

Each one promptly followed a Whack, Crack or Splat.

To be dominated and humiliated by a woman like this was more than he bargained for. Smith never thought the spanking would be so bad when he agreed to a spanking to save his job. The bare bottom part and over her knee position was a shocking addition. Being spanked like a child was something relegated to his past, something that should never happen to him again.

But why, Smith kept asking himself, was his dick so hard?

As his count got into the 20’s, Smith hoped the end was near. He rolled and twisted his butt, to no avail. He also hoped his hands would not leave the floor. Miss Anderson was already perturbed by his behavior. He was trying very hard to control them, but his ass was on fire, and his mind might not obey him. His legs kicked out with each loud crack on his burning buns. Thankfully, he was far from the other furniture, but directly in Perkins’ line of sight.

Owww, 22, Miss Anderson. Yowee, 23, Miss Anderson. Ohhh, Oh, Oh, 24, Miss Anderson, please, not soooo hard!

Smith occasionally looked to his right and saw Perkins enjoying the show. Not a pretty sight; he immediately turned to the floor.

Bonnie timed her spanks perfectly. Just about the time Smith stopped rolling and groaning, the next firebomb attacked. Smith was forced to appreciate the full sting of the current spank before the next fell on his burning and swollen ass. He couldn’t wait for the last one to drop. Not that he wanted it, but hoped it would end this inglorious and painful afternoon. Closing his eyes tightly, all he saw were stars.

Bonnie waited about 20 seconds before delivering the last of the hand spanks. In between the hard slaps, the controlling principal squeezed his hot cheeks as if looking for the right spot to continue on and then reached way back for a good one. “He’ll remember this one a while,” she thought, as she blasted a very red area. “Yowwweee. Ohh, Oh, Oh, that burns, Miss Anderson.”

With that very sharp crack, Smith arched his back, then raised his butt and shamelessly shook it from side to side. Needless to say, it did not assuage the flames fiercely burning in his ass cheeks.

Anyone outside the office was sure to have heard that embarrassing answer to her last very loud warm up spank.

“Spankings are supposed to hurt, Mr. Smith. It will help you remember what we spoke about today. You do want to remember it, don’t you?"

She then gave him another smart one on that same tender ass cheek, reminding him that the spanking would continue until she heard the number 25!

“Yes, Miss Anderson. I am sooo sorry, that was 25!” Both his legs flew up, and but for Bonnie’s left hand around his waist, Smith might have bounced off her punishing lap.

His butt was very pink and couldn’t stop shaking. Bonnie saw the tiny red dots all over both cute buns. When Bonnie touched his cheeks, she couldn’t believe how hot they were or how he accepted this juvenile and very distressing attack on his semi nude body.

Smith was bare from above his waist down to wherever his pants happened to be, but well below his knees. Bonnie ran her hand around those hot cheeks and squeezed them a bit, causing Smith to squirm and yelp.

Now the anticipated pleas began, that Bob had predicted.

“Please Miss Anderson, I’ve had enough, my butt’s on fire. Please stop spanking me; I will become the best teacher you ever had. Please, Miss Anderson, my butt hurts so much.”

The chorus from outside replied, “My butt hurts so much,” and giggled again.

“Mr. Smith, you will get the full measure of your bargain, and then, hopefully, you will become a better teacher than you are now. You asked for this spanking, and that is just what you are getting. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss Anderson,” he said as his shoulders began shaking along with his butt.

She allowed him a brief respite, as she too needed one. Delivering 27 smart slaps, hard enough to prove a point was trying work. She did not want her arm to give out prematurely.

Perkins looked at her very approvingly and smiled. She responded, knowing the sobbing and mostly bare body on her lap was only looking at the floor.

Anderson ordered a wobbly Smith to his feet. She told him he could now rub his butt if this little spanking, by a woman, hurt.

Standing in front of his merciless disciplinarian, Smith realized his penis was in her face.

His cock drooped down like his pinky, although when he saw her looking at it, it looked back. Still nothing Bonnie was concerned about. That was until she grabbed it and asked if that was all he had for his girlfriend. Smith’s cock immediately came to attention and began throbbing.

Knowing what might happen, Bonnie only held it for a few seconds, and gave it a few tender squeezes, before releasing the swelling organ and giving it a flick with her finger. The power she felt over this humbled man engorged her clit as well.

Smith tried to cover up, but his principal pushed his hand away.

“Nothing I haven’t seen before, Mister, although I would expect more from a man your age!”

“Well, Mr. Smith, do you think you are capable of teaching my students here at Middlesex High?”

“Oh, yes, Miss Anderson. You have inspired me to do much better.”

Noticing that her rolled up right sleeve had come down part way, Bonnie eyeballed Smith as she slowly rolled it back up over her elbow.

As Smith looked at the open inner door, he wondered if anyone heard his groans outside the office. He had forgotten about that when the pace picked up, as he did of his humiliating howls towards the end of the first set. He hoped against hope it was also his last set. Then realizing Perkins was watching it all brought a red flush to his face and neck.

Smith was standing there with his pants around his shoes and the elastic of his shorts were now stretched at his knees.

“Lift up your shirt tails, Smith, and turn your sorry butt to me. I want to see if you understand what we are discussing today.”

He very contritely complied and looked at his friend Bob, as his sensual boss examined his red and throbbing ass in great detail. What a terrible fix to be in!

“Doesn’t seem too bad. I think it is just tender enough for the hairbrush to have a nice conversation with it. What do you think Dean Perkins?” Bonnie asked as she twisted him around for another opinion of her first spanking administered to an adult.

This turn naturally put Smith’s limp cock right into her face again. It lifted itself slightly to get a better look at the forceful woman who had just delivered a smart spanking its owner.

“As your dean of administration, I fully support all your decisions. I think he’s ready, just by the way he was bouncing on your lap. That’s usually a good sign, Boss.”

Smith was totally out of it. To have these two adults talk about his butt like that was too much for him to comprehend, particularly two colleagues at his school, and one of them, his female boss. After standing there in his shame for a while, he looked at the principal for guidance.

“Mr. Smith, it’s time for the hairbrush. Please ask Mr. Perkins for it and bring it here.”

He started to bend over to lift his pants.

“No Smith, just walk like that. I’d just have to take them down again. This will all help you to remember our little training session. You don’t want to forget what you learned today, do you? Would be a shame to have to repeat it.”

“I didn’t hear you, Smith. Will you remember this?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Something tells me we may have to give you a tune-up periodically. You don’t mind, do you, Mr. Smith? It should improve your teaching skills. Can you give me about ten minutes every week or two?”

“I hope not, Miss Anderson.”

The voices outside were heard from again, “I hope not, Miss Anderson,” they sang.

He left his pants in place and shuffled over with tiny steps, hoping not to fall. Perkins made no effort at coming closer to him. When Smith got close, enough Perkins handed him the hairbrush.

“Offer it to her handle first, she prefers it that way, Dave.”

As Smith turned for the resumption of his shameful spanking, Miss Anderson told him to check the door to the office.

“Make sure the outer door is locked, Mr. Smith. We don’t want anyone else in here watching you get your naughty butt tanned, do we?”

“No Ma'am.” he responded, “We already have enough people watching.”

As he shuffled to the outer office, both Anderson and Perkins watched his bright pink butt bounce up and down. His white shirttails covered the top half and very nicely bracketed the painted cheeks with the white of his thighs.

“Nice color there, Boss,” Perkins offered, being a bit of a connoisseur in this area.

It took Smith a while to get to the outer door, each step causing him to feel the pain below more acutely. Not only did the steam in his butt cheeks slow him down, so did the trousers around his feet.

Approaching the door, Smith thought he heard giggling. He checked the lock and all quieted down. Unbeknownst to him, Miss Anderson’s secretary Julie, having heard the conversations last night and this morning, told a few of her friends.

By 2:55 p.m., there were six secretaries, and a few young female teachers huddled outside the door, listening to the slaps bouncing off Smith’s sore ass.

Hearing the cracks of a bare bottom spanking was not as good as watching one, but with Smith calling them out and howling, the wet panty brigade (as the ladies called the group) was beside themselves.

As Smith walked back, painfully difficult even without dragging his trousers, he saw Miss Anderson in all her glory. She was up from the chair; her tits out front and long legs on four-inch heels firmly planted wide apart, black shiny thighs stretching out the small skirt. If she weren’t blistering his ass he would love having her in his face like that.

With his private parts plainly exposed, Smith hoped that nothing embarrassing would occur. He did try to cover himself up, but was so erect, that was not possible.

Maybe return visits were not such a bad idea, the whimpering teacher fantasized, conveniently spaced several weeks apart. He knew the boss had dressed for the occasion, and he loved it. Who knew what might happen after they were both partially undressed and she manually handled his love tool.

Bonnie noticed his feeble attempt at modesty and reminded him that his tiny dick better stay asleep.

He returned, asking her again not to resume this spanking. “I have been fully motivated, Miss Anderson.”

“What has motivated you, Mr. Smith?”

“This painful punishment, Miss Anderson.”

“Still having trouble saying the word, Mr. Smith. Let me hear it or I’ll think you don’t know what we are doing here today?”

Please stop spanking me, Miss Anderson.”

Knowing what was likely going on outside her office door, Bonnie said, “I can’t hear you.”

Getting very frustrated with this ordeal, he raised his voice and bellowed, “Please don’t spank me with your hairbrush, Miss Anderson, I will never sit on my butt again. I will be a better teacher, please.”

This time the snickering could clearly be heard through the door. The word of today’s session would be all over the school tomorrow. Those staff members brave enough would wait outside the building to watch Smith shuffle in from his car, walking like a person with a fire in his pants, that is, if he didn’t call in sick.

When Smith made it back to the chair, he handed his principal the hairbrush, knowing only too well what she was going to do. She again lifted up her skirt, this time almost up to her panties, and then sat down.

Before he could re-drape himself over her garter belt suspenders and hose, Bonnie pushed aside his hands and took hold of his tiny and seemingly useless organ and asked, “Is this going to cause us any problems today?”

Every time she touched him there, she put life into it. “Didn’t she know that?” he thought.

“I am trying to control it, Miss Anderson, but you know how these things are.”

Then he gazed upon her exposed thighs, including a few inches of milky white flesh peeking out between the hose and skirt. This view of his boss straightened out his flaccid cock, and it got up to look around.

As it grew in size and warmth, his principal gave the growing organ a hard pinch and reminded him to try a little harder. Smith just groaned as his cock did a disappearing act again.

Bonnie reached to the floor and grabbed his jacket, from where it had fallen when he got up, returning it to her lap. This, she hoped, would ensure protecting her clothing from any possible leakages. Pulling on his still emerging tool, as if it were a handle, she led him to her lap for the second time.

He promptly followed, knowing that his humiliation was about to begin again. When his bare frontage felt the metal of her garter clips, his cock stretched right out. That got him a tight pinch on the rear. “Mr. Smith, you’re not listening, that’s why you are over my lap,” she told him as she re-arranged his jacket.

“Dean Perkins, I was thinking about 25 more, this time with my hairbrush, considering how well he took the little hand spanking his principal gave him. I think that’s appropriate. What do you think?”

Smith twisted his drooped head to the right and looked to his friend for salvation.

“Bob, please stop her. I can’t take that many.”

“Dave, the first thing you have to appreciate is that Miss Anderson is the boss. She makes these decisions, not us. I think if you listen to her, you will enjoy your time at Middlesex more. You will also spend less time over her lap getting reminders.”

“Boss, whatever you think will be fine,” offered Perkins.

Smith returned his face to the floor, closed his eyes, and clenched up his ass cheeks for the final assault. He hoped Miss Anderson would be merciful, but doubted it. He balled up his fists but only had the floor to punch.

Placing her hairbrush on his back, Bonnie went to his butt cheeks with her hand again, assessing the damage. Other than a nice overall bright pink color surrounding some small red blotches starting to fade somewhat, she saw no cuts or weals.

After rubbing both cheeks a bit too long, Bonnie turned her hand 90 degrees to the right and ran her hand up his backside, purposely dragging her middle finger along the separation of, and deeply into, his buttocks.

That went right through Smith’s cock and caused his entire body to shutter. Upon feeling the warm growth on her lap, she reminded him of the penalty for accidental discharge.

Hoping to take his mind off his cock, Bonnie separated his bottom cheeks with the fingers of her left hand and placed her right forefinger against the pink opening of his butt hole, rubbing it briskly. She saw his pelvic area first start trembling, then the legs. Believing she was accomplishing her goal of distracting him, Bonnie pushed her long skinny finger into his rear door an inch or two and shook it.

Smith’s legs started kicking, reminding Perkins what he saw when his students started enjoying their spankings too much.

Not being very experienced in that area, Bonnie’s idea of diverting his attention backfired. Before long, Smith was bouncing on her lap and his anal muscles were clamping down hard on her intruding finger. She tried to remove the invading digit but it was held captive.

That, and the “Oh, Oh, Oh’s” told her he was shooting his load, but thankfully into his coat, and not onto her warm thighs, only partially covered with black stockings.

When Smith finally stopped rocking, and released his tight grip on the unwanted occupying finger, Bonnie asked him what he had done. Too embarrassed to tell her, he just mumbled that he was sorry.

Bonnie took her probing and partially hidden finger from his bunghole and wiped it on his shirt, leaving a small stain as a reminder. Picking up the brush from his back, she announced the resumption of his spanking, in a voice loud enough to entertain the secretly listening female staff.

“Mr. Smith, here comes the rest of your spanking, this time with my hairbrush. Please maintain your dignity and don’t cry too loud, we may still have people in the school,” she said loudly, for the benefit of others who might have to visit her soon.

“Remember, it is only being administered by a lady. It shouldn’t hurt too much.”

With that, Bonnie started his final 25. She told him to count, but knew he wouldn’t last long. Bonnie firmly grasped the instrument of his humiliation and bore into his swollen ass. Her hairbrush sang a sweet song as the smooth oval head bounced off each red cheek. This workout, Bonnie knew, would add a shine to her hairbrush’s smooth brown luster.

Smith knew both shame, and pain, as he answered each loud crack. Bonnie covered every inch of his bottom cheeks, leaving the oval imprint wherever she could. This was one powerful spanking and Smith would never forget it …. or who delivered it!

He was able to announce the first five or six, always after a loud groan. But after that it was only long “Owwee’s” and “Ohhh’s” followed by pleas for mercy.

“Please Miss Anderson, please stop spanking me, my bottom is so sore.”

“Why aren’t you counting, Mr. Smith do we have to start anew?”

The next sharp crack of her mahogany brush brought a “Yooww, that was Eight, Miss Anderson,” from his other end. “Please stop spanking me. I can’t take anymore.”

The next few caught him speechless. Not that he was quiet, just not understandable. Despite the hobble of his trousers, Smith danced up quite a storm. He was running from the hot hairbrush but had nowhere to go.

He tried to speak but could not form the words. All Bonnie heard was unrecognizable garbling coming from his mouth. When she heard no distinctive numbers during the “teens,” she called out the last five for him, as his whole body was writhing and twisting now, rolling around, hoping to protect his burning ass cheeks from those very painful and loud cracks.

Smith’s ass cheeks were bright red now and shaking uncontrollably. The footprints of this spanking could be seen all over his butt cheeks. Miss Anderson had given him more of a spanking than he could ever imagine, despite her limited experience. Smith continued to bounce and roll long after the last hot kiss fell from above.

When he finally stopped his lap dance, Bonnie allowed him to stand up, exposing the evidence of his unintended and embarrassing discharge on his coat. His cock, limp and wet, was finally put to sleep, not to stand up for a while.

“What is that, Mr. Smith? What did I tell you about leaking during your spanking? This was not intended to be a pleasurable experience for you, and I won’t allow you to get your rocks off while over my lap. This spanking was not given for your enjoyment.

It is very simply, professionally mandated continuing education for your career development, nothing more.”

As he stood there trying to hide his spent cock, she pushed his hand away and asked Perkins what the punishment for unauthorized discharge was.

Bonnie was reminded that she threatened to be severe with him, but that was if he soiled her garments. As the jism was all on his sports jacket, Perkins suggested some lesser punishment.

“Ok, Mr. Smith, your friend has convinced me, back over for five more.”

“Oh, please Miss Anderson, no more. My butt is sizzling.

“Seems you learned very little today. Now it’s ten and you better start moving!”

Realizing ten was better than twenty-five, Smith quickly leaped over her corrective lap for the third time. These he didn’t have to count off. The ladies outside did it for him, loud and in unison, knowing nobody was coming for them during the third and likely last trip their colleague was making over the boss’ lap today.

Smith bawled and bounced some more. He flinched and twisted with the pain his principal imparted to his bare ass cheeks. The cacophony of sounds was music to Bonnie’s ears.

First there was the sharp crack of her sturdy hairbrush on his raw and flaming butt. A second later, as the pain went from his ass up to his brain; his mouth emitted an unintelligible sound. “Ooooowww.” That was followed by the unofficial Middlesex choir.

As the numbers increased so did the noise. “Whack!!” then “Yoowweee!” followed by a “Five.” His torment went on. “Slap!” “Ooowww,” and “Six.” “Crack!!” “Uuuhh” and “Seven.”

Once his hand came up, but he quickly put it down and punched the floor instead. Bonnie told him to grab the chair legs unless he wanted more. Smith held on so hard she felt the chair shake. Realizing there were only three more due, Bonnie took her time. She wanted the impact of the last strokes to be memorable. No sense having them overlap and have him miss the entire benefit.

Because of Bonnie’s wise positioning of the ‘Spanking Chair,’ Smith’s wildly thrashing legs were far from any furniture and caused no damage to him or it.

Perkins, overseeing the spanking from several feet away, was very impressed.

Bonnie was very slow with the last few. “Whack!” said her brush. “Aaahh!” replied Smith and the girls chimed in with the “Eight.” Bonnie waited about thirty seconds watching him roll around her lap. Smith heard the crack before feeling it. When he felt it, he almost jumped off her lap. His throat sent out a loud “Oooaah, no more, please stop spanking me, Miss Anderson.” The girls called out “Nine,” and Bonnie waited again.

She put the brush on his back and felt his burning cheeks. That hurt him almost as much as the brush itself. She squeezed his hot buns as Smith twisted and tried to avoid her touch. “Yoowwee, that hurts, Miss Anderson. Please stop, my butt is on fire.”

Telling him the last one was coming, she saw his ass crack tighten up. The veins in his arms flexed as he got a firm hold on the chair legs. After waiting a lot longer than necessary, and extending his anxiety, Bonnie blasted the left side of his crimson ass with all she had.

At first it flattened. Then it popped back up with the white oval outline of her hairbrush in the middle of a bright red field. By the time his “Aaaaahhhhhh” came out, the white was gone and both bottom cheeks were trembling and his legs were kicking wildly.

The vicarious voyeurs ended the chorus with a very loud “Ten,” and began giggling. The white butt Smith entered Bonnie’s office with that day was now a nasty purple, swollen, on fire and very sore.

“Bob, come over here and take a look. Do you think Mr. Smith understood anything my mahogany hairbrush was trying to explain to him? You know how limited my time is, I sure hope we don’t have to do this too often.”

Miss Anderson allowed Smith to lie on her lap and sob as long as he wished. He had sustained a very painful hairbrush spanking and his raw ass showed it. She would be very surprised, actually shocked, if he needed another spanking very soon. The spanking policy at Middlesex High was do it now, do it well, and maybe the problem would go away. If not, the bare cheeks were always available for another taste.

“You did a very professional job, Boss. Dave is a quick learner. I think you proved your point, but we should ask him.”

Eventually, when Smith realized his red butt was still on display, he slid to his knees and straightened himself up, facing his principal. Still trembling somewhat and terribly embarrassed at what occurred today, he began to rub his red-hot ass cheeks.

“Mr. Smith, Did I give you permission to touch your sorry butt?” his principal asked him while re-crossing her legs and flaunting her sexuality. Impressing upon him that it was a mere woman, who so dominated him today, thrilled her.

Bonnie wondered if Smith saw any of the pussy juice oozing from her panties. Actually, she hoped he did.

“No, Miss Anderson,” he said as he dropped his hands. “I’m very sorry,” he said as he felt the heat in his face. He dreaded a supplement now.

Stopping him, she asked: “Well Mr. Smith, what have we learned today?”

“Miss Anderson,” he said between sobs, “I have not been teaching the students what they need and will do much better, you can count on that. I thank you for not discharging me for my substandard work here at Middlesex High.”

“And what can you count on, Mr. Smith, if that does not occur?”

“He blushed, covered up his spent manhood, and offered, “Another trip over your lap?”

“Spit it out man.”

“Another painful spanking with your hairbrush, Miss Anderson!”

“And where will that be, Mr. Smith, and I don’t mean here?”

“On my bare butt,” he added blushing some more.

She allowed him to stand with his small flag at half-mast for a while longer. She wanted him to know that his feelings were meaningless. All that mattered was what she wanted. Finally, she patted the underside of his limp dick a few times and said she hoped, for his girlfriend’s sake, it woke up soon. “You do have a girlfriend, Mr. Smith, don’t you?”

“Not a real steady one, Miss Anderson,” he replied.

“Well then, I guess this little guy is good enough for now.”

“You may take your sorry ass out of here now.”

Then she allowed him to pulled up his shorts, now below his knees and get dressed, except for the sports coat, which he carried inside out. Hoping his face was not as red as he knew his butt cheeks were, Smith slowly shuffled to the outer door, walking very gingerly.

Bonnie and Perkins noticed the very distinctive gait of the recently well spanked. Smith felt in every step the fires behind him. When Smith fumbled with the lock, the shoes of those not so silent witnesses could be heard running down the hall. Perkins assumed one of the gigglers was Holly, who would quickly return to his office with wet panties, hoping her boss would get there soon and release several cums from her very horny and demanding body.

Before Smith escaped their clutches, Bonnie changed her tone considerably and spoke to her young science teacher in a motherly tone.

“Oh, Dave,” Bonnie offered, in a totally subdued tone, “I need you here tomorrow morning at 8:30. You are still part of the Middlesex family and that is why I took so much time with you. I want to make sure there are no lasting injuries from your little spanking today.

Hopefully all I will see when you drop your drawers and lean over my desk will be the very well spanked bare buns of a naughty young man who had a short conversation with my hairbrush and learned a very valuable lesson.”

“By the way, Dave, don’t forget to get your paperwork in on time.” That is the next matter we have to … discuss.”

Smith scrunched up his blushing face and said, “Yes, Ma’am.”

Will his indignities ever end?

Will he ever see those sexy long legs and smooth white thighs up so close again?

Rickey Smarts © 2012

Join us again as Bonnie Anderson finally gets her wish as the tensions of the afternoon are released from her steamy body. Is the stud of Middlesex High up to it?

Can Bob Perkins satisfy his boss, knowing, he has Holly waiting for her poke in his office, and a very demanding girlfriend at hone?

Can he do them all?

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