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Hot Bottoms at Middlesex High, The Principal Gets it Good.

The principal finally gets the dean, but almost gets a spanking
Bonnie Anderson, the very sexy principal of Middlesex High needed a good fucking now.

She had just burned the skin off her 25-year old science teacher’s cute ass. Taking Dave Smith over her 41-year old lap was very thrilling, and his screams and pleas for mercy turned her on. At one point, with his red ass bucking and rolling, combined with his “Please Miss Anderson, stop spanking me so hard,” she almost shot a hot load into her panties. They were wet enough, just from fondling those firm red buns in between her hard crisp spanks.

Dave Smith did have a nice ass.

Her dean of boys, Bob Perkins, sat on the nearby couch to watch and advise her. Bob was about 32 and had yet to respond to her sexual advances, although he was always polite and professional.

Bonnie wanted sex, not polite…

That should change today. When she arrived in her office wearing a tiny red skirt, showing off her great long legs clad in shiny black hose sitting upon 4-inch heels, she saw the protuberance in the front of Perkins’ pants. It pointed right at Bonnie.

When Bonnie sat in the spanking chair and crossed her legs, her skirt hiked up exposing her garter straps and creamy white thighs. Despite Perkins having a reputation for screwing anything that wasn’t nailed down, Bonnie planned to do her best to get his cock in her wet pussy.

She had dressed that way to both intimidate and humiliate Smith in preparation for his spanking and to show Perkins what he was missing. Bonnie wasn’t getting laid on a regular basis anymore, and the young dean was her choice to regulate her flaming hormones, particularly on spanking days.

After Dave Smith had pulled up his shorts and trousers, cried like a baby during his post spanking dance, thanked the principal for spanking him (in lieu of discharging him!), and slowly shuffled out the door whimpering all the way, Bonnie reset her attentions on the young stud of Middlesex High.

Bonnie had heard that after spanking wayward students in his office, using his secretary Holly as the official school witness, Holly would grab Bob’s hot cock and drag him over to his desk, where she would shamelessly bend over and shake her butt in his face.

It was also assumed that after listening to spankings in this office, along with Julie and some others, Holly waited for Perkins to return to his office and stick it to her there. Either way, Holly was getting more in school than Bonnie was getting at home.

How they did it in the office eluded Bonnie, but Bob knew what to do and Bonnie wanted her share.

That was about to stop. One way or the other, Bonnie was getting laid today. Holly would have to wait.

Thankfully, the voyeurs were gone and Bonnie and Bob were alone.

After Smith had left, Bonnie went and locked both doors. Then she went to her area of interest, looked Perkins in the eye, and got right to the point. Finding what she knew would be there; she took hold and squeezed him. “Forget Holly today, Bob. I need you now.”

She wasn’t waiting to go home and do herself today. She unzipped her dean’s pants and went inside. What she found thrilled her: a large and very warm cock.

Erection was a misnomer for this purple monster. It was huge, firm and pulsating. Bonnie gently wrapped her hand around it and put her tongue inside his mouth. After working him up a bit, not that he needed it after watching Bonnie prance around the office, she said, “Bob, I need you inside me, but how do we do it here.”

Perkins knew how to do it anywhere and told his boss to follow his lead.

He leaned her back against her desk and lifted up her loose skirt from the front. He saw Bonnie’s exquisite creamy thighs above her black hose and garter snaps. Feeling his cock harden, he slid to his knees and kissed the milky white tops of her legs.

Perkins slowly slid her panties down, took them off and placed them on the desk. He had another use for them. With the silky barrier to her pussy removed, he kissed her where the panty had been and on her lower tummy and thigh tops, to her pleasant moans.

Perkins stood up and gently leaned his boss back onto the desk. He stood between her legs and dropped to his knees. He then placed his hands under her blouse and released her tits from the bra. He ran his fingers across the breasts and made the nipples hard, squeezing them tenderly. Apologizing in advance, he told her he needed his hands back. She did not want his fingers to leave her hard nipples, until she felt what he was doing below. He used both thumbs to spread apart her pussy lips and “show him the pink.”

Perkins then put his tongue to work in earnest. He licked the outside and the warm innards. He jabbed his tongue in and out 'till he had pussy juice all over his face.

Bonnie’s shiny black legs, sitting on his shoulders, scissored back and forth, hitting his head. When he felt she was ready, he opened the pussy lips as far as he could and exposed her clit. It was red and throbbing. Perkins took it in his mouth and very gently nibbled on her growing knob.

Then he let it go and bathed it with his tongue and lips. When Bonnie started moaning too loud, Perkins was afraid the voyeurs would return. That’s when he put her panties to use.

Like a hairbrush, panties also had a second function. He handed them up and told Bonnie to bite on them.

With Bonnie’s flaming clit between his lips, constantly being washed by his tongue, and growing with each massage, Perkins knew she would blow very soon. Anderson had never had this done to her and she was out of her mind. All it took was a few more nibbles to the swollen clit and a tightening of his lips to bring her off.

Remembering the panties in her mouth, she bit down hard and tried to suppress the scream. Her shiny black legs went wild and thrashed against his ears.

Bonnie had never had such an intense orgasm. The ripples waved again and again throughout her body. The loud screams she heard seemed to be from far off. Her clit was too tender to touch but she didn’t want him to let it go.

Finally, Bonnie exploded and Perkins felt it in her body, like a slow earthquake. She shook for quite a while and squirted love juice in his face. The powerful orgasm knocked her out; she couldn’t move.

Bonnie lay there quivering for a few minutes and trying to catch her breath. She slowly regained her composure and dropped her legs to the floor. She sat up on the desk and couldn’t stop kissing his wet face.

When she could speak, she said, “Bob, that was great. I never came like that before. Where did you learn that, you naughty boy?”

He smiled at her and said; “I think I read it in a book once.”

She sat there for a while thinking. Then she asked him, “Bob, can you tell me why Smith shot his load when I touched his asshole? I thought it would distract him.”

“Sure, Boss. It’s a very sensitive spot. If you’re up for another, I can show you. No extra charge!!”

She hopped up and kissed him again. She felt the hard cock and hoped he was saving it for her. Bonnie gently ran her hand up and down his firm shaft, reminding herself what a great specimen it was.

Watching the enjoyment her stroking brought to his wet face convinced her that this was to be her cock, regardless of who it was attached to. “Please Bob, show me. The teacher wants to learn!”

They went back to the spanking chair and he sat down. Bonnie carried her panties as he had asked. She slowly leaned over his lap and waited for him to lift her skirt and expose her great buns.

As the skirt came up, so did his cock. Bonnie wriggled on it their students do. “The last one who did that walked out of here holding a hot bottom, Boss.”

“You wouldn’t dare spank your boss, would you?”

“Only if the little lady needed one.”

He couldn’t determine which was prettier: The long sexy black legs, the white thighs above the black hose held up by the garter straps, or the wonderful round ass cheeks waiting to be caressed and kissed. Unable to make up his mind, he stroked them all, starting with the backs of her legs.

Perkins slowly went up the thighs and stopped on the exposed parts. He ran his fingers between her thighs to open her up. He felt her twitching as he lightly stroked her inner thighs. Then he delicately touched her pussy lips. She pressed down on his cock again, eagerly waiting what was next.

Perkins then went to the wonderful round globes and roamed them with admiration. She wriggled her butt to tease him and said she hopped he was not going to spank her. Perkins looked down at that beautiful sight.

This sweet bottom was voluntarily over his lap with panties removed. How was that for an invitation? He gave her a few very gentle spanks until she squealed. “Does the principal need a spanking, Dean Perkins?”

“Have I been naughty, Dean Perkins? Are you going to take my panties down and turn my bottom red?” she said mimicking his students as they presented themselves for his Special Ed classes.

Then she ground down on his cock. Perkins continued caressing those beautiful ass cheeks and ran his finger inside her warm pussy, coming up with a finger full of love juice. She squirmed, lifted herself up and gave him full access. Her moans told him he was in the right spot.

With his wet right finger ready, he spread her lovely cheeks apart with the fingers of his left hand and looked at her cute pink anus. It winked and smiled back at him.

Perkins placed the wet finger at the opening and merely rubbed the area tenderly. She began groaning and rolling away from the intruding, yet wonderful finger. After a moment or two her pink rosebud slowly opened and admitted his lubricated digit.

Being as gentle as he could, Perkins pushed his long finger in as far as it would go. His hand stopped at his knuckle. Bonnie arched her back and emitted a low moan. “Oooh Bob, that is sooo good.”

Her legs went sideways and she balled up her fists. His invading finger went to work and Bonnie’s legs did their dance. The finger could not go in any deeper, so Perkins worked it in and out very slowly. Her legs told him he was being very successful. She purred like a kitten. “Baaaaahb, soo gooood to meeee.”

When her anal muscles started to clamp down real hard and locked him in, Perkins knew her orgasm was ready to detonate. To help her along he quickly moved his probing finger back and forth, all the while causing more squeals to come from her other end. As his forefinger was making her bounce, he twisted his hand somewhat and took the middle finger and inserted it in her sopping wet pussy.

It went right in. With two fingers in her, the noise quadrupled and the legs started making like a scissor. When Bonnie finally exploded again, it was as good as the first one. Because Perkins told her to keep her panties nearby, the afternoon staff did not join in this exercise.

Bonnie’s shouts of ecstasy were partially muffled. All he heard was another “Baaaaahb, goooood.” She bounced all over him and her black shiny legs went crazy. But for her garter belt, her stockings would be around her ankles.

Pussy juice was all over his lap. It took forever for Bonnie to stop shaking on his lap, however he kept his probing fingers in place, feeling Bonnie’s gentle aftershocks. She lay over his lap until she could catch her breath. Perkins did not mind the wait. He enjoyed the view. She was a sight made in heaven and she knew just what to wear to enhance her natural charms.

The garter belt straps accented her thighs. Lovely lacy bands running down both sides, stretching the stockings upwards. Looking down at her wet thighs between the tops of the hose and the rounded globes above, Perkins concluded she was going to be a real joy to spank one day.

Bonnie turned her head around and asked for another. “Please Bob, you are terrific. Your principal needs more!”

“Pretty girls get all the cums they want, Boss. Do you now know why it was a mistake to do this to Smith?”

“Big mistake. Am I going to be spanked for it?”

“I’ll think about it,” he said as he ran his left palm across her smooth bottom cheeks, his right hand being otherwise occupied. She cooed at the soft touch, considering how much better this was than a few dozen hot slaps on her tush. Although if this is what followed a Perkins spanking, she would willingly endure one.

Perkins started wriggling his fingers again. It did not take long for her to respond. Within seconds, Bonnie’s legs went side to side, her bottom bucked up and down and the principal was crying as her cum was released. This was not like being over her daddy’s lap. Nor had any man ever made her cum so hard.

This time it took longer for her to recover, but she got up, kissed him several times, and said, “Bob, you’re a fucking animal.”

“Yes, Miss Anderson.”

Not having seen enough, he lifted the skirt again and kissed her tummy. Deciding against all the lifting, he just undid the buttons and removed it. The front garter straps, set against her white thighs made his cock even harder, causing it to peek outside his pants for a better look. ‘Turn around, Bonnie, you need a few more kisses. You cums have given you an added glow.”

She smiled, blushed and showed him her ass. He got up and asked her to bend over the spanking chair. Once again, he was amazed. Her long well shaped legs, even more sexy growing out of her high heels, ran right up to her thighs surrounded by the garter straps. He kissed both thighs and then ran his tongue up both rounded globes. Each one then got a cute little bite, a few gentle spanks and the final touch of sincerity was a tongue right into her still dripping pussy.

“You are so good to me, Bob. I have never been fucked so well, and you haven’t even fucked me yet!!”

Perkins’ pants were still open, so Bonnie stood up and went inside and grabbed her new best friend. “Bob, how do I get this inside of me? Teach me everything you know.”

“Take me to your couch and we’ll try it there.”

Bonnie did indeed take him to her couch, leading him by the cock. Perkins had a great view of her walking. The round firm cheeks jiggled with each step. Her garter straps held up the shiny hose, and the long legs in the clicking high heels made his cock want to explode.

Bonnie let go of his swollen love tool so she could bend over the side of the couch. However, before doing that she leaned down and gave him a long and wet kiss on the purple head of his rigid erection.

When she was appropriately bent over the couch and all Perkins saw was that great ass outlined by her garter belt on the top, the straps running down both sides of her thighs and the tops of her hose marking the bottom line, he began kissing her pussy again, this time from the rear.

Bonnie was very well lubricated, and it only took a few well-placed flicks of his tongue to get her moaning. First he inserted his right thumb into her. It went right to her G-spot, and he rubbed it gently, as his left hand went under her blouse and squeezed her pert nipples. She squirmed and moaned and dripped pussy juice down both long legs.

Feeling she was ready for the fucking of her life, he removed his thumb and then dropped his drawers, planted his feet and entered her sopping wet love canal from the rear. His huge and very engorged cock felt great as it disappeared in her tight, very warm, and well lubricated pussy.

Even though Bonnie thought the monster was much too big for her, it entered her very smoothly. Perkins slowly went all the way in and grabbed onto her hips. Feeling totally engulfed by his flaming love tool, Bonnie threw her feet even further apart and leaned across the couch, giving him as much access as she could. Perkins gave it to her as he spanked his girls; slow and steady, firm and hard.

Before he had stroked her four or five times, her legs went wild again and she bit into the seat cushions to muffle her screams. Standing between her legs, Perkins was safe from all the thrashing, but he did hear the muffled “Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh’s,” as her orgasms overcame her.

He could not keep his eyes off her wonderful round tush and the garter strap encased thighs. As much as he wanted to shoot his load, he held back, knowing Holly was waiting for him.

As Bonnie was recovering from her fourth cum of the afternoon, and released her vaginal hold on his cock, he quickly lifted his pants to hide his raging tool and then he brought his boss up from the couch. He kissed her face several times and asked if she had been well fucked.

“How many did I have?” she asked, her brain still in a fuck fog. “These should hold me for a while, Big Boy. Just don’t go too far, they won’t last for ever!”

Perkins took Bonnie tenderly in his arms and kissed her softly. “Watching you humiliate that guy made me stiff, Boss, but you’re the real cock teaser in this room. Anytime you need a poke, Julie knows my number.”

“Thanks, Bob, you made me feel like a woman for the first time today. I want you to visit me this weekend, can you do that?”

“Bonnie, your pussy was made for licking, and I want to be the designated tongue!”

Assuming Perkins had shot a warm load into her, Bonnie reached down and touched his cock with appreciation, as if to say goodbye. “You’re not hard again, are you Bob?”

“If I’m near you, Boss, I’m hard. But I’m too sore to do it again. Can we wait till the weekend?”

“Of course, Dean Perkins, I wouldn’t want to get a spanking for disobeying you!”

“You’re the best boss a guy could have, Bonnie. But I may spank you anyway.”

Bonnie stopped smiling, kissed the palm of his right hand and with grave concern asked him, “If you spank me Bob, you won’t be too hard will you? I heard what you did to Peabody, and that new girl. I don’t think I would like that. You’ll be gentle, won’t you?”

Dropping his hand down to her stunning bottom cheeks, Perkins told her, “Miss Anderson, even well behaved women need a tune up every now and then. It smooths out any rough edges and ensures continued good behavior. It also firms up the muscles in the bottom cheeks so they don’t get droopy.”

“I trust you, Bob. Whatever you think is best.” She stepped closer to him, kissed him deeply and squeezed his wonderful cock one last time, as she wondered what she was getting herself into.

What he did to her today was out of this world. Squirming over his lap as she counted her tiles was another story.

Putting on a serious face, he told her, “Bonnie, we are both responsible professionals who have important obligations. As dean at Middlesex High I may have to do things neither of us likes. I am sure you understand that.”

“I appreciate that, Bob, I guess I am in your hands.” She then kissed him again and nuzzled in close.

Whispering, as if others might be listening in, and still holding his erect penis to keep his attention, as if his hand on her great butt did not, she said,

“Bob, I want you to be my special assistant to the principal.”

“Anything the pretty lady wants. What will that entail?”

Bonnie leaned in tighter, rubbed her bush against his flaming love tool, and slowly told him, “Fucking and sucking.”

Kissing her back, he left the office, with a “Yes, Ma’am.”.

The principal of Middlesex High had been well fucked this day, as well as forewarned.

Thankfully, Perkins escaped with his hard-on and went to Holly, hoping she wouldn’t smell the pussy juice on him.

Perkins was right; Holly and her wet panties were eagerly awaiting his arrival.

Perkins was hoping Holly was still in the office. He had a good feeling that Holly was one of the counters outside the office when Smith received his last ten.

He was not impressed with Smith's ass, but the girls probably thought it very cute that Anderson had humbled him as he counted out her hairbrush strokes. If Holly was there, she should be dripping with anticipation.

Perkins was not disappointed. As he opened the door to his office, Holly jumped up to greet him. She ran to him as he closed and locked the office doors, pressing against him to see if he was stiff. Feeling her favorite warm log, she reached down and held it between her thumb and forefinger.

“I heard about Smith’s spanking today. His cries really turned me on, Boss. I’m guessing Miss Anderson’s hairbrush made your cock just the size I like!”

"Can you do your magic on me today? Please, please.”

“Was Holly good today?”

“I’m always very good, Boss,” she said as she grabbed his rising erection through his pants, and held onto the swelling cock until he answered.

Perkins could poke this little vixen every day. "Of course, Holly. How would you like it?"

"I get horny just looking at the spanking chair. If you sit in it, and don't spank me, I can play Hide the Salami for you."

"Are you sure you don't need a tune up, Holly?"

"No, Boss, haven’t I been very good?”

"We can talk about it later, Come here and fix my pants."

Holly knew just what to do. She approached him, opened the zipper of his pants, and brought his massive cock out for a look. The one eyed purple monster looked at her and tried to stand up, but Holly held on to it. Then she opened his belt and buttons and let his trousers fall to the floor. She kissed the protruding cock as she drew down the shorts.

Holly led him into their favorite chair by his love handle and pushed him into it. She stood next to him.

“Boss, I need your hot cock in me now! I have to feel every beat of your pulse.”

Perkins put his hand under the skirt and ran slowly up her left leg. Knowing there were no stockings, he enjoyed her smooth and sexy leg, full of goose bumps as he traveled upwards.

Arriving at the bottom of her full ass, he ran his hand all over her round cheeks that stood out from her thighs. He felt the barest of thin panties that hardly covered her great ass. Putting his hand underneath the thin sheath, he felt the results of his explorations.

Below the butt cheeks and between her thighs, she was wet. He moved his thumb under the panty and touched her ever so slightly on her pussy lips until they opened for him. He inserted his thumb a bit and got it wet, then he slowly slipped it into that warm pot of honey.

Holly started cooing and shaking. She went under her skirt and pulled aside the panties to expose her sweetness. With one hand holding the thin piece of silk to the side, she used her other to remove his thumb and grab his enormous cock. Perkins kept her balance by holding her waist and she aimed the huge piece of meat where she needed it.

Perkins lifted a bit and slowly penetrated her. Holly went up and down nice and slowly, moaning with each deep stroke. Once properly inserted, Holly placed her hands around her boss’ neck and pumped her legs. On each down stroke, she tried to get him into her body as far as she could. Her pussy hid the entire salami and she loved it.

Perkins put his hand under her blouse and freed her tits. As she was bouncing, he was massaging her nipples and making them stiff, like tiny hard-ons. When her guttural sounds told him she was ready, he released her perky, young and very firm tits and moved his hands to her waist so she wouldn’t fall over during her cum. Realizing the panties were still around her ass, but it being after 4 pm, he hoped no one would be around to hear her screams of ecstasy.

Perkins knew he needed it as much as Holly did. He did his best to get as far into Holly as he could, hoping she would not wake up the whole neighborhood. Holly didn't care and let loose with a long scream that didn't stop till her body did.

“Aah.” That was when he let go. He pumped her a few times with his hands and every time her bottom hit his lap, he squirted up into her.

She was drained already and it was his work that got him off. They both rested, with Holly leaning her head on his shoulder. She had never had such a good lover before; “Boy, that man sure knew how to stick it to a lady!!”

Perkins was still inside that warm and wet love opening and remained there until his cock started shrinking. Eventually, it shriveled and came out. Holly then stood up and dripped both discharges all over his lap.

Holly then went to her desk and returned with some wet naps. After cleaning them both off, she took the dead cock into her mouth and thanked it, but it was finished for the day.

Perkins got up and fixed his pants. He reminded Holly he still hadn't seen under her skirt and asked if she would like a kiss. Holly, always happy to show off her charms, turned around, lifted her small skirt and bent over.

Perkins went behind her, pulled down the tiny panties and kissed her beautiful, creamy white, ass globes. Even though his cock barely moved, he loved the show.

Always seeking to keep her happy, Perkins got some pussy juice from between her still wet lips, and ran his lubricated finger, very slowly, up and down her lush separation.

Giving him another great show, Holly cried out, “Oh, Mr. Perkins, that is so good. I love what you do to me.”

“Holly, your buns are just delicious when white. You will not like them changing colors.”

After putting the tiny panties back in place and giving her two more kisses, Perkins told her that Bonnie was not happy with her and Julie. He instructed her to use more discretion in the future.

"Holly, we could hear the counting and the giggling outside Anderson's office. If you are not more discrete, she may take some action."

“We'll keep it down next time, but it makes me so wet I can't wait for your cock to bring me off.”

“I’m warning you Holly, if you get on her wrong side, I can’t protect you.”

“Oh, you’re just being sweet, we’ll be OK.”

"We were just having some fun. Don't be a stick in the mud."

“Mr. Perkins, you’re the best boss a girl could have. Let me thank you again,” she said as she took his limp cock into her mouth for its final cleaning. Enjoying the attention, but realizing his tool was dead for today, Perkins returned to business.

"Consider yourself warned, Young Lady. Don't come crying to me if she raises your skirt and imparts the wisdom of her hot hairbrush.”

"What is she going to do, spank me? You know I only let you do that. And I love being on your lap, just like today!!"

He then asked her, "Did Holly like her poke? Then thank your dean."

She leaned over and kissed his cheek. "Thank you for taking time away from your important duties....," and they both started laughing.

Rickey Smarts © 2013

Stay tuned for the next hot session at Middlesex High.

Julie and Holly, who are fascinated by spankings are called to task for their indiscretions. Bonnie and Bob “explain” to the two little vixens … the only way they know how … why the wet panty brigade must stop listening in.

The girls listen intently, as they watch each other bounce and roll.

Come join us for two more sizzling bottoms in the principal’s office and sing along as the ladies dance to the sweet music of the hot kisses delivered by their bosses.

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