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Hot Bottoms at Middlesex High, The Science Teacher Sees the Stars, Part A

Principal Bonnie Anderson takes Dave Smith over her lap to improve his teaching skills.
Learning from the Lap of Miss Anderson

Bob Perkins had been the history teacher at Middlesex High since he graduated from the state teaching college seven years before. Miss Bonnie Anderson, the school principal, appointed him Boys Dean after a few years on staff, as he was very good with the students.

Bob and Bonnie had a very good professional relationship, and she relied upon his advice in matters of discipline and student affairs, even though she was nine years his senior and had much more teaching experience.

The fact that Perkins, 32, was a gorgeous hunk of a man also helped. Bonnie had been trying to get him interested in her for some time, but he always hinted that he was in a relationship with someone. Bonnie also heard he was porking his secretary on a regular basis. One way or the other, Bonnie was going to bed this guy. The current issue up for discussion might help.

She called Holly, Perkins’ pretty young secretary who had been a student at Middlesex several years before, and asked her to have Mr. Perkins to come see her after his last class of the day. Holly had been in one of Miss Anderson’s classes before she became principal about several years earlier. Holly had been a disruptive student whose mind was always elsewhere.

As Anderson’s time was limited, she asked Perkins to talk to her. After a few weeks, Holly was the most behaved student in her class. She never knew what Perkins said to her, but shortly thereafter asked him to assume the dean’s duties.

About 2:30 that afternoon, Bob Perkins called Julie, the principal’s secretary, and said he was available for the meeting her boss wanted. He was asked to come right over and he did. Julie gave him a big “Hello” as he entered her outer office. She was pretty, pert and very sexy and made sure Perkins knew it. He smiled back.

Julie, being Holly’s best friend, probably knew of their relationship and was somewhat jealous. She had ended a less than satisfying relationship with a jerk a few months ago and needed a good fucking; it had been way too long!

Perkins had great respect for his boss and always tried to please her. Despite both being single, the age difference and professional relationship they enjoyed had kept him from accepting her advances. It was probably better to keep work and social life apart. Anyway, between Holly and his very active girlfriend, Perkins, had no time, actually not enough cock, for another woman.

“Thanks for coming over, Bob. I have a problem, and you know how I relish your advice,” she said with a big smile.

“Yes, Miss Anderson. Happy to help,” he replied, always being professional with his boss.

“You have had so much success with our students who don’t toe the line; I thought you might have some ideas on a few teachers I am having difficulties with.”

She then explained to him that one of her teachers, Dave Smith, in his second year at Middlesex, was not performing up to standards. He came from a good college and knew his subject matter, but several students had failed the state exams last year, and he hadn’t come up with a plan to see what was wrong.

“Bob, I know it’s not the students, as you take care of the ones with discipline problems. It must be his teaching methods. I have spoken to him about it several times, and he just blames the results on lazy students. I don’t know what else to do short of letting him go. Maybe you have a better idea?”

“I think we have to kick this up a notch to get his attention? Whatever you do with the kids seems to work, so I thought you could help here as well. That Holly of yours was turned from a terrible teenager into a valuable school asset. Maybe you can do whatever helped with Holly.”

“I’m happy to help, Boss. While I am a firm believer in over the lap medicine, I don’t think you want me to do to Smith what I did to Holly,” he said with a smirk.”

“I have heard rumors and whispers about your methods and have not inquired further, as my interest is in the results. Do you think some corporal punishment might work on an adult?”

He almost told her to ask Holly and his girlfriend but thought better of it.

“What I do to the students would be inappropriate for him. What you heard is true. It’s the paddle for the boys and an “over the knee” spanking for the girls, usually with their own hairbrush. That tends to get their attention.”

She was taken aback by his honesty, and the talk of spanking sent a tremor through her loins. “Bob, Is there anything we can do along those lines?”

Bonnie hired Smith to teach astronomy to the kids, maybe he should see some stars himself!

“Well Boss, ‘men on men’ only works when they are gay, a father on a young boy, or what we do here; teacher paddling student. None of those apply, and there is no way I would want that man over my lap with his ass in my face. Anything else I would do to him, paddle or otherwise, would just cause big problems.”

“I surely couldn’t do it to him, being his boss and a female. How would that look?”

“May I inquire a bit, Boss, even if it’s a bit personal?”

“Sure Bob. We have a problem in this family, and it must be fixed.”

“I know you are single and have no kids, but did you ever administer a hand spanking to anyone for misbehaving?”

“I don’t have a lot of experience, but have laid into my niece and nephew on occasion. The twins were 17 but really needed it at the time. And I don’t know if this counts as experience, but my mom and dad took me over their laps a few times when I was about that same age.”

As soon as that slipped out she had second thoughts about her candor, but then realized it also affected him.

“Please tell me about both experiences, if I might ask,” he said, feeling the heat in his blushing face at the mention of her being spanked.

“Sure Bob. Remembering what my folks did to me, on very few occasions I must stress, I just bent the kids over my lap while sitting on a kitchen chair. Their parents were not around and I was with them for the day. Whatever they did required immediate attention and I chose not to wait several hours to have them punished. Even though they were big kids already, I did what I thought was right.”

“First I took Sally, the spunkier the two, and pulled her over my lap. She yelled a bit but I ignored it. I lifted her her skirt and pulled down her panties. Knowing her brother was just feet away, it increased her struggling. It was nothing to the noise she would make when I started laying into her with my hand.”

"She tried to cover up with her hand, but I grabbed it and held it to her back."

“When I stopped after a dozen smart ones, she was balling her eyes out. I then told her to make room for her brother Bill, and helped her up. She stood to the side and sniveled. I sent her to the corner and told her to hold her skirt up as she cooled off. By the color of her buns, I knew she was burning up. Then I called her brother Bill to me.”

“Now that it was time for her brother, and he needing a bit more attention, I opened the kitchen drawer and took out a wooden spatula. My nephew’s eyes went wild and he started to protest that I was not his mother and he was too old to be spanked. I just pulled him to me, telling him his mother would probably do it again, to make sure it was done correctly.”

“His mom, my younger sister, received the brunt of the spankings at our home. I learned real fast that a hot bottom was not worth misbehaving for, but my sister always took chances. Most times she was caught, and I heard her cries throughout the house.

Sometimes my parents had me come into their bedroom to watch what happens to a naughty girl. I learned real fast to obey them. It was always the same, Mom’s hairbrush on Sis’ impudent bouncing bottom. I never knew what was louder, the sounds from her top or her bottom. Many times we only heard her screams after the hairbrush was returned to the dressing table.”

“To this day, I am a firm believer that spankings work. That is why I am considering it for my staff.”

“It took Sis about two years of talking back to Mom’s hairbrush on a monthly basis before she learned to mind our folks. It was a strange conversation. The brush went “Splat” and Sis went “Yoowweee!!” Turned out well, though. She’s a great woman now and her kids are very well behaved, mainly as she doesn’t hesitate to use her hairbrush on their teenaged bottoms to this day, when needed to make a point.”

“So what did you do to your nephew, Miss Anderson?” Perkins was thinking of a plan for her problem and he needed to know if she was up to it.

“I had him drop his drawers and get into position. That spatula sang a very loud and sweet song on his bottom. With his sister three feet away and watching every swat over her shoulder, and the cooking tool doing double duty that day, his screams were heard down the block by my neighbors. He had apparently been well trained by his mother, as he held on tightly to the chair legs with his hands. The next day several neighbors asked me what happened.”

“Did the treatment seem to work, Boss?”

“On that first time, when my sister came to pick them up a few hours later, they went balling to her, complaining that Aunt Bonnie punished them for ‘nothing.’ She was great.”

“After asking me what they did to deserve a spanking from their aunt, she took my hairbrush and gave them both another dose, right in front of me. Each loud crack was preceeded by a 'Do not disrespect your aunt.'”

“My sister told me it was quite a while before they needed another taste of the brush.”

"I have always remembered those spankings, Bob, and would like to see if we could get the same results here. I have spanked a few of thge older students here, but feel we need to upgrade our program.”

Hearing his good-looking boss talk of being spanked, watching and giving spankings stiffened up his cock. Perkins wondered if that was part of her plan.

Bob felt Bonnie was up to the task he was about to suggest to her. She had some good experiences, on both side of the lap and knew how effective a proper spanking could be. There were however some legal issues to deal with, as Smith was an adult and a school employee, but Perkins figured out a way to get around them.

“Miss Anderson, if you agree, I think this might work. It wouldn’t work for me to do anything to him but watch. I think my presence would add a very good layer of humiliation that he would not forget easily.”

“However, you are the one who must administer the spanking. Bring your hairbrush to work tomorrow and I will prepare some papers for him to sign. I think when faced with the alternatives, Smith will take a sound spanking from his boss, witnessed by the dean of boys!”

How the spanking would be delivered would be explained to Bonnie the next day. No sense overwhelming her, or his enlarging cock, with those details now. He might not make it home before it exploded.

“Bob, I knew you could help me, thanks so much. If this works out and we do not lose this science whiz that does not know how to teach, I have another issue to raise with you, but let’s deal with one spanking at a time. The other one, named Amy Peabody, you will thank me for referring to you.”

“Good night, Boss. As I tell my students, Middlesex is a big family and we all have to work together. Any problem affects us all. Have a good evening.” He hoped she did not see the swelling in his pants.

Upon leaving her office, Perkins smiled at his boss’s cute little secretary, Julie, and said good night, admiring her trim body as she stood up to open the door for him. She had been coming on to him for some time and wondered what Holly had told her. She got real close and almost pressed against him. She smelled very good.

Julie had heard it all thru the door and looked forward to tomorrow’s big decision by the science teacher. If it went as planned, it would be a great occasion to gather her lady friends, self named, the wet panty brigade.

Little did Perkins know, as soon as his boss got home that night, she took off her wet panties and rubbed her throbbing clit in anticipation of the adult spanking she was about to administer to the good-looking 25 year old science teacher the next day.

Bonnie went to sleep dreaming of Dave Smith’s athletic buns dancing on her lap.

Perkins, on the other hand, kept his girlfriend up half the night. Conspiring with Bonnie Anderson was sure a powerful aphrodisiac.

The next day, Bob arrived at the principal’s office at 8 a.m. She was already there. Bonnie had gotten up early, not knowing what to wear for the occasion. Should she look sexy or frumpish, old or young? Pants suit or a dress, heels or flats?

If the plan was to humiliate him, she had to play the “sex” card. Even though she was almost 41, Bonnie Anderson was a very good looking woman, had great legs and a set of tits she was proud of.

She rarely wore slacks, so Perkins had never seen the outline of her bottom, although he assumed it was as firm and well shaped as the rest of her desirable body.

Bonnie started from the inside and worked her way out. Black satin garter belt on first, the four silky straps hanging down her thighs and awaiting the hose. Bonnie then added the thigh high sheer black stockings and clipped them into place, high on her luscious thighs. The tiny black panties were next slipped up over the hose and garters.

Bonnie knew Smith would never see the panties, or the tight flat tummy inside them but it added to her internal persona of a powerful and beautiful woman, about to dominate and humiliate him, a male subordinate. The last of her under things was a great push up bra, forcing her breasts high and forward. These, she planned to stick in Smith’s face as they spoke.

Now, she thought, what else to wear for intimidation? After much thought, she selected a short red skirt with a wide flair and a silky black long sleeved blouse. Four inch black heels were perfect to round out the outfit. She didn’t want the students to see her dressed like that, so a tan raincoat covered up what she thought would blow the science teacher’s mind, even before he felt her hairbrush.

A small bag held her traditional school attire and off she went, stopping at her dresser for the piece de résistance: A solid, smooth, mahogany hairbrush with a good-sized handle to hold on to. She had used that brush for years. Today it would learn it had another purpose: education!

On the way to school Bonnie considered how to handle this administrative duty of her making. Should she have him lower his trousers or should she? Would he be wearing cute boxers or those hideous cotton briefs she hated? How many swats should she give him? He was much bigger than the small children she had previously spanked. Would that be a problem? She would have to ask her dean for suggestions. According to rumors, Bob was very knowledgeable in delivering over the lap music.

Perkins entered her inner office and closed the door, giving Julie a brief greeting. He was stunned by the way Bonnie looked. Bob had known her several years and while she always dressed nicely, this outfit started his cock stirring again. He only wished he could drape her over his lap and lift up that short skirt, from which her long, pretty, and shiny black legs emerged.

Caressing that hidden and sweet area would be wonderful so long as he didn’t shoot his load into her creamy white thighs. Despite the workout the girlfriend gave him last night, his tumescent member was awake and rearing to go yet again.

Little did Perkins know, getting him under her skirt (and panties) was exactly what Bonnie had in mind

Bringing his mind back to reality, Perkins produced two typed documents he had prepared the evening before. Trying not to stare at her exquisite ensemble, which turned the normally very attractive principal into a very seductive woman, he sat down and explained them to her, trying to keep his mind on them and not what she was doing to his cock. She was perfect for the part.

“Miss Anderson, I think this will work. If you fire him for incompetence, he can appeal to the school board. You then have the right to plead your case. Win or lose, he is publicly embarrassed by his principal’s allegation, backed up by the high student failure rate.”

“If he loses, he will never get another teaching job. If he wins, he will be too shamed to return to Middlesex. The state failure rates are your strongest point, and your fifteen years experience support your position that he is a poor teacher. You have him over the proverbial barrel. I think he would rather be over your lap, particularly the way you look today.”

“Here is my plan, subject to your approval of course, Boss.”

“I don’t see him having much of a choice.”

“He signs the first affidavit, acknowledging that because of the students’ fail rate, his work is substandard. Because of that, he agrees to accept whatever punishment his principal deems appropriate, without specifically mentioning what it will be. He can tell his friends he had to take a refresher course.”

“That takes care of your authority to discipline him. Then we give him the second one.”

“He agrees to accept a spanking from you, legally witnessed by a male staff member. This is your insurance against his filing a lawsuit against you. He keeps his job and you get a chance to motivate him to do a better job. It is win/win for everyone. What do you think?”

“I like it Bob, you’re a genius. When shall be do it?”

“Let’s do what I do to the kids; let him stew a while. Call him in at 9 a.m. We will explain the facts of life to him. He has to accept. Then we tell him to return when you have some time to deal with this matter.

“We’ll do it after school lets out, but he won’t know that. The kids will be gone, but the staff will sure hear him sing whatever sweet song you write for him.”

“Embarrassing him when the kids are here would emasculate his credibility and end his career. But letting the teachers and staff know of your new discipline program will do wonders for teacher efficiency. Knowing a quick trip over your lap awaits those who violate your rules will keep the entire staff in line, particularly the young ones we have to mold. I learned several years ago what a great motivator a hot bottom is, all the better when the warming is witnessed.”

“Bob, if this goes as planned, you are my new dean for administration. You can squeeze in one history class to keep your license current, but I need you running this place.”

“Whatever you say, Boss. By the way, you look terrific today.”

“Thanks, Bob, I appreciate that, I dressed for you too, today,” she added with a coy smile, not missing the bulge in his pants. She felt her clit getting hard again. Could she wait till she got home school today?

Bonnie only hoped they could figure out a way to get his hard tool in her wet pussy before Perkins left for the day. She had no idea how to do it in an office, but she assumed the stud would know a way, girlfriend or not at home.

She went up to him and kissed him on the cheek, dropping her hand down between them. She felt his warm member thru his pants and acknowledged it with a little squeeze where it would do the most good. Her clit shot some pussy juice into her already wet panties. “Bob, I am so happy you are here to help me today.”

This, Perkins thought, was turning into a wonderful day, although Smith might not think so after singing along with the crisp rhythm of Bonnie’s cruel long handled hairbrush. It was actually the hairbrush’s large flat head that would impress Smith, not the handle.

Perkins went outside and asked Julie to send for Smith and then went to the cafeteria and got two coffees. He also ordered Bonnie a salad for lunch; there was no way she was leaving her office today, dressed as she was.

Perkins wondered if he and Holly could slip in a quickie today. His cock was throbbing and Holly could use a nice poke every day.

They finished their coffee by 8:50. The empty cups were thrown away and Bonnie put the mahogany hairbrush on her desk, conspicuously displayed.

Bonnie straightened her attire and asked Perkins how she looked. He smiled, winked and gave her the thumbs up sign. His rigid organ jumped up too. A moment later Smith knocked on the door.

“Good morning, Miss Anderson. I hear you wanted to see me,” Smith said very cheerfully. He then saw Perkins and added, “Hi, Bob.”

He was nicely dressed in a sports jacket, long sleeved white shirt, tie, and form fitting trousers. Bonnie admired his butt when he turned to face Perkins. “Nice cheeks,” she thought.

“Shall I close the door, Miss Anderson?”

“Yes, for now.”

Perkins took a seat on the couch facing Anderson’s desk. He could view the entire room, but Smith, now standing in front of Bonnie’s desk, couldn’t see him without looking over his shoulder.

Anderson came from behind her desk and allowed Smith a full look at her, hoping to start the intimidation process.

“Mr. Smith,” the principal said very sternly, “I am very distressed with you. I have spoken to you several times about your teaching methods to no avail. I don’t know what else to do with you.”

Smith stammered back, “But Miss Anderson, there is only so much you can do with some kids, particularly with a dry subject like science.”

“That’s no excuse and I refuse to accept it. I think I have no alternative but to discharge you, effective today!”

“Oh no, Miss Anderson. I need this job. Please reconsider. How will I pay my student loans, rent and car payments? What will I do? Isn’t there some alternative? I will do anything you say. I can take some night classes at the teachers college.” He looked to Perkins but received no support.

“I think she’s right, Dave. I checked the state exams and the midterm grades. You’re just not cutting it. I’ll help you clean out your desk.”

Turning back to his great looking, but demanding boss, Smith continued to plead his case to no avail. Despite his great dismay over losing his job, he kept staring at Bonnie’s short skirt, long black shiny legs and perfectly formed firm tits staring him in the face. He hoped she did not see the protuberance growing in his pants.

What Smith saw today made his dick very hard.

Then Anderson, feeling the time was right, dropped the bomb. “Mr. Smith, Dean Perkins and I have come up with a plan that might save your job. I don’t think it will, but the dean has prevailed upon me to give you another chance. I am willing to try it, but it’s all up to you. Are you willing to listen?”

“Yes, Miss Anderson,” he blurted out. Then turning to Perkins he added, “Thanks Bob, I really appreciate this.”

“Don’t be too hasty, Dave. There are some big choices you have to consider. Come over here as I explain your options.”

As Perkins went through the legal documents, Smith’s face went blank. He could not believe what he was hearing. Get fired or go over the principal’s lap for a spanking? He was not an errant student; he was a state licensed teacher, a professional and an adult. They couldn’t do that to him, could they?

He very quickly went over his options in his mind as Anderson, turned around the visitors’ chair to face the couch, and then sat in it crossing her shapely legs. The short skirt was hiked up to the tops of her hose and as she swung her leg, an occasional glimpse of creamy white thigh peeked out. Smith felt the pressure of his tumescent member pushing out the front of his trousers.

“I am waiting for your answer, Mr. Smith. What do you want to do? I am a very busy woman and do not have the time to deal with incompetent teachers.” She stood up and thrust her prominent upturned tits into his face. “I need an answer now!

Coming to the realization that he had no choice, Smith stammered out, “OK, Miss Anderson,” in a barely audible voice, not believing what was occurring. “I will accept your punishment.”

It is called a spanking, Mr. Smith, a spanking. Can you say that word? Tell me what you want today.”

“Yes, Miss Anderson, I want you to spank me today, that is what I have agreed to.” He couldn’t believe he said that!

Julie, just outside the door, couldn’t believe her ears. She was starting to get damp in her panties, realizing another great show was in the works.

“Very well, if that is what you want to do. Sign both documents and I will put them in the school safe in case a need for them arises in the future. Mr. Perkins will remain as a witness to ensure all terms are complied with. I will summon you when I have some time to deal with this, ah, administrative matter.”

Hearing that Perkins would be a witness to his juvenile and very humiliating punishment caused Smith additional distress, but he knew he had no say anymore. He signed the documents, looked back at his boss and wondered when he would be called back.

“You can return to your duties now, Mr. Smith. Be prompt when I summon you back.”

With that he glanced at Perkins again and left the room. Smith had heard Perkins paddled the male students over their jeans. To receive that from a woman was embarrassing at best. At least it wouldn’t hurt too much, whatever she did to him. She was only a woman.

As Miss Anderson did not mention the paddle, Smith was hoping he could handle with dignity whatever she had in store for him. He did see a mahogany hairbrush on her desk but had no idea it was for him.

Dave Smith looked at Julie as he left. She knew the look and started putting out the word that another spanking was on for today. The chain call was forwarded and the witnesses were lined up. For a male teacher to be singing this afternoon was a new treat for the brigade. Julie knew there would be a big turnout.

Perkins went to Bonnie and told her she was great. “He’s sniveling already, Boss, and you haven’t even dropped his drawers. When he feels the hot kisses of your hairbrush on that never before spanked bottom of his, he will become the best teacher here.”

“Bob, I am worried I won’t do a good job. He is much larger than the small kids I have previously spanked. I don’t know how many spanks are appropriate either. I need your help.”

“You’ll do fine, Boss. A spanking is a spanking, regardless who is at the receiving end. Just look down at the butt and apply the heat. You might want to start with your hand first. Let him know that it is you up there.”

“As for how many to apply, disregard his complaints of discomfort and pleas for mercy. You are in charge and you will determine, not him, how hot his buns get. Start slow so he feels each one before the next one falls. The louder he sings, the more attentive your staff will be.”

“Always consider that aspect as well. In case I did not mention it, you must do it on the bare. You want to see the color changes and feel the heat. The knowledge that his principal saw his squirming red ass will always stay with him. If you do good job, some of the younger male teachers may find a way to earn a similar visit to your office, but that is not our main concern. Keeping them in line is.”

It was a very long day for them both. Bonnie Anderson kept considering what she would do over and over again. She barely ate her salad at lunchtime. She wanted to totally humiliate Smith in her office, before, during and after the spanking. She thought about dropping his pants and shorts.

How she would space out the spanks, both by hand and with her hairbrush. She even practiced the words and demeanor she would use. She was ready and could hardly wait till classes were over. She wondered what was going through his mind today. Was his dick still hard?

It was a great turn on knowing that her 41 year-old body had that affect on Smith. Did the silly man actually think he was going to fuck her? Or was that just a sign of his anxiety showing itself?

Dave Smith did not leave his classroom all day. The kids were given free time, but told to keep quiet and not leave the room. The last thing he needed was to add to his problems with the principal.

While not knowing exactly what would happen, Smith knew it would be unpleasant, somewhat embarrassing and probably involve some discomfort. Having absorbed much punishment during his athletic career, he was sure he could take it.

Bonnie Anderson sure was a looker today. Smith wished that it were he lifting that tiny red skirt up and giving his sexy boss a playful spanking and watching those pretty black legs kick up a storm. That would be a wonderful sight to see, he fantasized. Maybe if he played along with her, she might want to see more of him. He would keep his options open this afternoon.

At 2:30, when the dismissal bell rang, and all the kids ran out, a student runner brought Smith a message. “You are needed in Miss Anderson’s office at 2:45 p.m. Be prompt,” it read.

Not wanting another lecture on his deficiencies, he arrived at 2:40, still dressed as before. Julie kept him in the outer office until the appointed time and then knocked on the principal’s door.

Julie was naturally aware of what was planned for the science teacher’s buns, having heard the discussion earlier. She always knew when a spanking was going down, and notified Holly.

Then they, and a select few, hovered outside the office and counted the spanks, only fantasizing they could be spanking those bare ass cheeks.

While Holly got to watch the spankings given by her boss, Julie could only hear them. Sadly, Julie had to go home with only wet panties after a hot spanking session. Holly, on the other hand, always got a nice poke right there!

Little did they know, they would both get to witness a bare bottomed over the knee spanking themselves, very soon. Each other’s!

“Mr. Smith to see you, Ma’am.”

“Thanks, Julie, you can show him in and then go home for the day.”

Julie did as told, well almost. She did leave and close the door, but merely went to the next office to await the “wet panty brigade.” As soon as it was safe, she would lead them to her office door so all could vicariously enjoy the bare bottomed, over the knee spanking about to take place.

Smith came in and looked around. Bonnie was standing in front of her desk, still very smartly dressed. His cock had a slight surge of excitement. Perkins was standing by the couch watching, but not saying anything.

“Come in Mr. Smith,” he was directed. “Sorry we had to wait till now but it was just one of those days, one problem after another. You are not the only one I have to deal with around here.”

“Sorry, Miss Anderson.”

“Let’s get this done with. First the ground rules. During your spanking, you will keep your hands on the floor. Any attempt to cover up will be dealt with harshly. Do You Understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” He wondered how this would be done.

“Now bring my hairbrush to Dean Perkins. I won’t need it for a while. On your way back to me, make sure Julie’s outer door is locked, but leave this one open.”

Hairbrush!!!” No one said anything about a hairbrush this morning, he screamed to himself. He assuaged himself by considering how his covered rear could still protect him, even from this. Not really padded though, he thought. Just a nice worsted wool pair of trousers. Maybe he wasn’t going to get off that easy.

He went to her desk and picked up the brush. It felt heavy and he wondered how it would feel on his butt. He also wondered why she wanted this door open.

Smith handed Perkins the brush and looked again for support. Seeing nothing, he went and locked the outer door and re-entered the inner sanctum, leaving it wide open. “Good thing Julie was gone,” he thought.

“Now Smith, take this chair and bring it to the center of the room, facing the couch. Remove your jacket and leave it on the couch near Mr. Perkins and then get over here. Then we will be ready to do as you wish. Am I correct, that you requested this spanking?” We have to move on with this. My time is limited!”

“Yes Ma'am,” he stammered, as he walked back to her.

When his jacket was off and the chair was in place, Bonnie slowly dropped herself into the chair, which Perkins had renamed, “The Spanking Chair.” She ordered Smith to her right side, and stated sharply “Keep your hands by your sides and remain still.”

Bonnie then rolled up the right sleeve of her blouse very slowly, obviously trying to impress upon him that she meant business.

When he quickly complied, Bonnie opened his belt.

“What are you doing Miss Anderson?”

“Mr. Smith, just stand here and be quiet. You are getting a spanking, on the bare!”

Smith closed his eyes, not believing what was happening.

Bonnie then undid his front trouser button with her left hand and pulled down his zipper with the right. With that loosened, Smith’s trousers came tumbling down to his shoes. She noticed some movement inside his shorts and looked at it. Seeing his flowery set of short boxers, Smith realized he should have worn a solid pair instead.

“I want no stains on this skirt, Mr. Smith, I expect you to control yourself.”

To emphasize the point, Bonnie hiked up the already short skirt as far as it would go, displaying her lovely long legs and full thighs. The whites of her thighs were clearly visible now, each one bearing a sexy black garter strap tugging at the hose. Even Perkins was getting hard watching this drama.

With that done, Bonnie pulled down the flowery shorts down to mid thigh and looked at his rising erection. She flicked it with her finger and announced, “I saw this little boy looking around this morning, and I hope you put him to sleep. Any accidents on my hose will be severely dealt with, do you follow me, Mr. Smith.”

So much for his hoped for “over the trousers” method.

“Yes Ma’am.”

As his jacket was off, the tails of his shirt draped part of his butt, but Bonnie would deal with that soon.

“OK, Smith, let’s get going. Assume the position, and remember what I said about your hands. Keep them glued to the floor.”

He wasn’t quite sure how to do this. He did not want to lean on her partially bare thigh and then lower himself, but dropping straight to the floor was not an option either.

Because of his hesitation, Bonnie took hold of his erect penis, now standing up at flagpole position, and pulled him down. Smith simply followed her lead, lowered his knees and pointed his hands where they had to go, as if diving into the pool. He landed palms down with his engorged penis trapped between his groin and her lap. Feeling the garter snaps on his undressed body sent additional tremors to his cock, causing it to swell even more.

“I hope I don’t lose it now,” he thought. “She’s already pissed at me.”

“I felt that Smith, remember what I said about staining me.”

“Yes, Ma'am, I’ll try my best.”

“It better be better than you did with your students, or you will be fired after your spanking anyway.”

“Smith, I have an idea. Lift yourself up a few inches.”

As his body went up a bit, Anderson took his cock with her left hand and placed it between her thighs, pointing downward. This at least, relieved the pressure on her lap and any discharges would shoot towards the floor.

With Perkins enjoying the show, and Smith not being able to see her face, Bonnie smiled at her dean and winked. She then whisked up the shirttails baring both his butt cheeks. She put her right palm on the prominently proffered buttocks and glided it over the surfaces, as if looking for the best place to start.

The involuntary trembling and the goose bumps were immediately visible. She felt the cock beneath him start to grow and put her left hand underneath him and gave it a hard pinch.

Owww,” he yelped, as it immediately shrunk. This was starting to be much more onerous that he had hoped for.

“Mr. Perkins, it won’t work this way, please bring me his jacket. I am afraid this bad boy won’t be able to control himself. Smith, hop up again for a moment. I am going to cover myself. I don’t trust you.”

Once safely protected by his jacket from any emissions, and resettling her charge, Bonnie went back to planning her first shot. Bonnie glided her hand all over his quivering ass and squeezed one cheek till he yelped.

“Mr. Smith, this is not part of your hairbrush spanking. It is merely a preliminary matter to prepare your sorry butt for the mahogany you will be talking to. However, I do need you to count out 25 for me ... nice and loud!!

Dave Smith closed his eyes and would soon be counting the stars, a galaxy full of them.

Rickey Smarts © 2012

See Part B for the resumption of Dave Smith’s introduction to Learning from the lap of Miss Anderson, and the reaction of the “wet panty brigade” to his cries for remission.

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