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Husband Spanked by Mother-in-law her Friend

Mother decided it was time my husband got a taste of the punishments he gave me
My name is Angie, I’m stark naked, lying across the knees of my squash playing husband and he is warming my taut bottom with his right hand.

“Please stop. That’s enough, I won’t forget to set the burglar alarm again,” I cried between spanks.

Mike’s response was, “Angie, you are nearly twenty one. You are a responsible adult and yet this is the third time I’ve had to spank you for forgetting the alarm. Now stand up and wait there for your caning.”

I stood up, facing him and rubbing my bottom. I knew he’d get sidetracked.

His strong arms pulled me forward between his thighs and he ran his hand around my bottom and up between my oozing slit. He nuzzled his face into my firm breasts and clamped his teeth gently on my nipples until they stood out hard.

I reached down to feel his bulging cock…..

“Oh no you don’t,” he said, pushing me back. “I see what you are up to. Bend over the coffee table for the rest of your punishment.”

“Six with the cane or more if you try to stop me or get up,” he said.

He stepped up close behind me and I could feel his hard-on pressing between my bum cheeks. Then he forced my legs apart and stepped back.

Swish, swish, right across both cheeks and the whistle of the cane warned me the next one was coming. Swish across the top of my thighs making me cry out but I didn’t move. Swish, another in the same place.

“Please, no more,” I cried, but my oozing slit betrayed the strange pleasure I got from these punishment sessions.

Mike knew how I reacted and slid his fingers up to my clit until I moaned aloud.

Then he stepped back, swish, swish, swish, three fast strokes criss crossed my bum.

I hardly had time to react before I heard him pulling off his t shirt. As I stood up he slid down his underpants releasing his magnificent thick cock.

We were both ready and he lay me down on the rug before pushing his rigid cock so far into me that I gasped. He was so aroused and so was I. How he kept from coming for so long I’ll never know but a few minutes later I had the most amazing orgasm and was still shuddering when he exploded inside me. We lay still, holding each other tight for such a long time.

A week or so later my mother came to stay with us. She still looks incredibly young; she was only eighteen when she had me, so to my embarrassment she sometimes gets taken for my sister.

She and I were going shopping and were almost out of the front door when I remembered the burglar alarm.

“Good job I remembered,” I told her, without thinking, “Otherwise I’d be in for a spanking tonight.”

“Mike spanks you?” she asked.

It was too late to back down now so I told her, “Yes, when I’ve done something wrong.”

“And do you punish him when he does something wrong?” she asked.

It hadn’t occurred to me that I might spank him. “No, I’ve never spanked him for anything. I don’t know why I haven’t,” I replied feebly.

“Well, I suggest we put that right,” she said “And the sooner the better. Try to think of anything he’s done recently that deserves a punishment.”

I couldn’t believe my Mother was saying this but I could tell she meant it.

The only thing I could think of was he’d dumped all his sweaty squash gear in the shower room and I’d found them two days later, smelling awful. I’d had a go at him for that but I never thought of spanking him for it.

Mother and I talked about my punishments some more then moved on to other topics.

Michelle, one of Mother’s friends, had come over for dinner. She was lovely, a year or so younger than my mother, very trim figure and gorgeous, shoulder length, dark hair. After we’d cleared up we were all sitting round in the lounge, relaxing with a glass of wine.

Mother suddenly turned to Mike and said “Angie tells me that you spank her when she’s done something wrong.”

His face was a picture. “I, er, well yes, when she deserves it.”

“And does she punish you when you deserve it?” she replied.

Michelle sat forward, enjoying this turn of conversation.

“Erm, no, that’s never happened,“ he replied.

She was now in full flow, “Well in that case I think that’s inexcusable and there’s no time like the present. Can you think of anything you deserve spanking for?”

Mike was shell shocked. “No,” he said after a moment, “Nothing I can think of.”

“Well, I can,” Mother continued, “For example, I understand you left a pile of sweaty clothes in the shower room for Angie to deal with. In my book that certainly warrants a spanking. Do you agree Michelle?”

Michelle nodded enthusiastically, but I wasn’t sure how they were going to make him.

“No,” he said. “You can’t spank me.” He looked round to see if I would back him up, but I was enjoying this.

“You’ve got two options,” Mother replied, “Either you strip down to your underpants and take a spanking or the three of us will undress you and then spank you. It’s your decision.”

I could see he realised he had little choice.

“All right,” he said.

“Right, fetch me the cane and then take off your clothes,” she instructed.

I was getting very excited and felt my juices flowing. Mike came back with the cane which he handed over to her. Then slowly, he started to remove his clothes. I was secretly pleased that Mother would see how fit he was.

A minute or so later he stood there in front of us all; his tanned body looking very sexy in his Ralph Loren underpants. I saw that Michelle’s eyes were taking in every part of him.

“Angie tells me you normally warm up her bottom with a hand spanking before using the cane so we will do the same,” she said, matter of factly, “Stand here.”

Mike reluctantly stood next to Mother’s chair. She leaned forward, gripped the elastic of his pants and slid them down and off, before Mike could react.

He’d obviously been getting aroused at this surprising turn of events because his penis had started to swell and continued getting thicker and longer as we watched. Mike covered his growing cock in embarrassment.

“Put your hands by your side. You can’t have assumed you’d be allowed to wear your underpants,” she told him, “Bend over my lap.”

As Mike bent over I saw her open her thighs and she clamped his cock firmly in place to stop him moving.

Michelle and I watched excitedly as my mother brought down hard, loud spanks on alternate cheeks until his bum was glowing bright red.

I’ll give Mike his due he never cried out once but I suspect that was his downfall, as he was soon to learn.

She released him and told him to stand up. As soon as he stood up we were all treated to a very rigid 8 inches of throbbing cock.

It was pointing straight at her and only a foot away from her face. Mother slapped his cock hard with the palm of her hand, which sent it swinging. Mike yelled out with shock.

“Control yourself, Mike. If you can’t we may have to punish you there as well.”

Mike looked suitably admonished but his erection showed no sign of diminishing.

“Bend over the coffee table for your caning, Mike,” Mother instructed him, “I’m going to let Michelle and Angie use the cane but if they don’t do it hard enough I will complete the punishment. Do you understand?”


The cane swished across his bum so fast we were all taken by surprise and Mike leapt up waving his cock around.

Mother slapped his cock again for good measure and asked him,“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Mother in law,” he muttered, returning to his bent over position.

I was handed the cane and took up position behind Mike’s vulnerable red bum.

“We’ll start with three from each of you,” Mother instructed us, “no, make that four.”

This was new to me. I gave the cane a couple of trial swipes and just the sound made me scared. Swish, the first stroke landed all across his right cheek, raising a bright red line and Mike let out a sharp breath through gritted teeth.

Swish, the second was dead centre across both cheeks and I was getting the hang of this. Swish, swish, I gave him his last two in quick succession, the first landing almost along the line of the last stroke and the last caught him at the join at the top of his thighs.

He cried out at that one and leapt up again to rub his bum.

“Hand me your belt, Mike,” Mother instructed, “I did warn you about waving that thing about in front of us all.”

Mike hesitantly handed her the belt. Mother wrapped most of it round her hand leaving a length free. She took hold of his cock and pulled him into place, sideways on to her, and then slid back his foreskin.

From the look on his face I could tell Mike was unsure whether to be worried about what was to come or to enjoy the moment, being stroked by his Mother in law.

Having put his cock exactly where she wanted it, Mother flicked the belt across his rigid member four times. Mike groaned as she closely examined her handiwork, noting the lines criss crossing his shaft and the twinkle in his eye suggested he was enjoying this part of the punishment.

Again he was made to bend over the table and I handed the cane to Michelle who seemed very keen. She slid her hand between his legs, ostensibly to make him spread his legs, but her fingers lingered there too long for my liking.

She stepped up and brought down the first stroke, swish, a hard stroke across both cheeks. Swish, another hard stroke and swish, a third.

Mike stayed put but swore silently and I wondered if I would suffer for this in the near future.

Michelle stroked Mike’s bottom, examining the bright red stripes but again I noted her fingers slip between his legs and wander around Mike’s balls and cock making him moan aloud.

She stood up and quickly delivered her final stroke, swish, which landed high on his bum. Mike yelled but stayed down.

Mother instructed him to stand up. The cane had not deflated his erection, which seemed to me to be thicker and longer than ever.

She slapped his cock again with the palm of her hand, “You do not seem to have listened to what I said earlier. Pass me the belt again, Angie.”

I was surprised at how aroused I was becoming, both at having Mike in this position, naked in front of us all, and his cock being punished by my mother. I handed the belt over to her.

Again she pulled back his foreskin and Michelle and I couldn’t help but move closer. It was such a turn on seeing this cock, which I knew so well, being manhandled by my Mother and from the occasional sounds coming from Mike I was sure he was enjoying this too.

“Lie down along the backrest of the sofa, face up with your penis in the air,” she instructed him.

Mike clambered up into position leaving his rigid penis very vulnerable. Michelle stepped forward and slid his foreskin back to reveal a throbbing purple head. By now I could see this was oozing pre-cum as he was so aroused.

“Six strokes,” Mother announced.

She flicked the short section of belt across the throbbing head three times and examined her handiwork. On the forth stroke Mike yelled out and sent spurts of cum into the air before he lay back exhausted.

“Well that is unfortunate,” Mother said, “I hadn’t finished so we’ll have to do this again tomorrow.

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