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I Broke My New Year’s Resolution Version B

Spanking is used to motivate him to lose weight
I Broke My New Year’s Resolution Version B

I made a resolution to lose some weight. You see, I am overweight and slightly obese, and I want to correct that. I have tried almost everything, and nothing has worked. So I made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier foods, stay away from fast food restaurants, and exercise.

During the first three weeks of January everything went really well. I bought a membership at a nearby gym, and was exercising at least four days a week. I found two grocery stores that sold a lot of organic food, and I stayed away from the fast food chain restaurants. It was a little more work preparing my own meals, but it seemed worth it. I was also eating more vegetables and I cut down my serving sizes, and losing weight. This made me look better, feel better, and have more stamina.

But once February started, a lot of things changed in my life. I work at a job where there is no overtime, and you need to complete jobs by at certain date. This meant I was working late, and I had no time to prepare my own meals or exercise. By the time I got home from work, I was totally exhausted. So most of the time when I stayed late at work, I drove up to the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant to get some quick food. Since it was later when I got off work, I also super-sized my food order, so I had more to eat.

When the end of February came about, I was surprised because I had actually gained twenty pounds. Also, since I was working long hours, I no longer was taking time to exercise or go to the grocery store. The stress at work was getting stronger and I was gaining more weight.

Now I had to find a way to stop the downward trend in my health. I have found that the best way to solve a problem like this was to consult my doctor, since I had tried a lot of different methods to lose weight. For me, as a guy, I have a different situation with my doctor. I have a female doctor because she tends to listen better to my problems, and has helped me thru major illnesses in the past.

Anyway, I told her my problem and asked her for any suggestions.

“Your problem seems to deal more with having the correct motivation to lose weight than anything else. I know someone that uses some unusual methods to motivate you, and she has gotten very good results for my other patients. Are you interested?”

“Yes,” I said. “I need a way to correct my weight problem.”

“If you see her, you need to follow her strict rules, but she would provide you with the proper motivation you need.”

So my doctor gave me her phone number and I set up a weekend appointment with her. Since I was working late every night, it was great she was willing to see me on a Saturday afternoon. When I drove to the appointment with her, I was surprised. It was a nice little house in the suburbs. Since I wasn’t sure that I was at the correct place, I called her up on my cell phone.

“Yes, I see your car in front of my house,” she said. “Go ahead and park in the driveway, then walk into my living room without knocking or ringing the doorbell. It will be nice to meet with you and work with you Steve.”

There were many things that were unusual with this therapist, besides her operating out of her house in the suburbs. First, she simply called herself Dr. Sue. That was the way she wanted at be addressed at all times. Second, my health insurance company would not pay for her treatments. So I had to bring a cash payment. Third, she could almost guarantee that her treatments would solve my weight problem, if I saw her every week for at least six weeks. I would decide if this treatment would work for me during my first visit to her. Fourth, that I had to follow all of her rules, and I would be held accountable for my actions. As I said, all of this sounded a little weird and unusual, but if I could lose weight, it was worth it.

After I walked into her living room, she offered me something to drink, and had me relax on the couch. Dr. Sue then sat on a large chair, next to the couch. She had me describe my problem using all of the small details I could think of.

Then she said, “I know that my methods are very effective in helping you out with your weight problem, so I think you will be pleased. I have worked with many other people to help them lose weight. What will happen every week is that you will discuss your progress with your weight loss. Then after I weigh you, I will use my therapy to make sure you stay motivated.”

“What does your therapy involve?” I asked.

“After you weigh in, we will calculate how long the therapy will last. Then I will take you into my ‘Motivational Room’ and you will receive corporal punishment,” Dr. Sue said.

“Corporal punishment? Like a spanking?” I asked.

“Yes, I will always start you out with a hand spanking, and then use paddles and maybe even the cane. It seems like a drastic measure, but it does give you the proper motivation to lose weight. You told me that nothing else has worked for you, and I can almost guarantee you that you will lose weight. This first session will last almost an hour.”

“So I have to allow you to spank me every week?” I asked.

“If you really want to lose weight, you need to accept a spanking every week. This will last at least six weeks and maybe more. So are you ready to start right now?”

“Well I really want to lose weight, so I will give it a try,” I said.

“That’s a smart decision that you made. My ‘Motivation Room’ is downstairs, so follow me.”

I followed Dr. Sue down a wide carpeted staircase to the basement. Then we went through this heavy door into somewhat a large carpeted room. On the walls were various paddles, whips, ropes, and other stuff. In the middle of the room was wooden furniture that I hadn’t seen before.

Dr. Sue sat on an old fashion armless wooden chair and said, “For this to work the most effectively, I expect you to follow all of my instructions without question, and follow my every command. Can you do that for me?”

“I guess so,” I said. I didn’t know what to expect.

“To start with, strip down to just your underpants. Fold everything and place them on that table in the corner. Then stand in front of me with your hands behind you.”

I felt weird taking off my clothes, in front of a woman who I had just met. As I was folding my clothes, Dr. Sue put a small weight scale on the floor in front of her. She also had a clipboard.

“I will always weigh you with little or no clothes, so step on the scale. Okay. We have your starting weight. Now let me measure you.”

She took some measurements, and wrote everything on some papers on her clipboard. “Put the scale, measuring tape and clipboard on the table with your clothes, and stand in front of me with your hands behind you.”

I did so and stood in front of her again. “A good spanking works the best on the bare skin, so hold still.” Next, to my surprise, I felt her fingertips in the waistband of my undershorts, and soon they were at my ankles. Immediately my penis sprang up. Now I was very aware of her perfume and her authoritative voice.

“Now step out of your undershorts and spread your legs.” I felt so embarrassed and humiliated like this. “Turn around so I can see your bottom that I will be spanking.” Then I felt her hands on my naked bottom. “You have a nice big bottom that I will enjoy spanking. Turn around again and lay over my lap.”

Now I became very aware of what Dr. Sue was wearing. She had on a white blouse and a short black tight skirt. As she pulled up her skirt, I could see that she was wearing nylons, and they were connected to a black garter belt. I could also see that she was wearing some very pink panties. Now I became mindful that my naked body would be lying over her partially naked upper thighs.

“Don’t have me tell you again to lay over my lap. Do it now,” Dr. Sue said. I did so and then felt her thighs squeeze together, to hold my penis in place. Now I was also aware of the warmth of her body, as well as her nice perfume again. “When you lay over my lap, always spread your legs so I can spank your upper inner thighs.” Following her orders, I immediately spread my legs. “Good. You are obeying me nicely. Now your hand spanking will begin.”

I couldn’t believe that I had consented to a spanking, especially being spanked naked, over a woman’s lap. I could tell she had spanked many men before because her hand really did sting my poor naked bottom, and her long fingers wrapped around and spanked me in my tender spots.

As she continued spanking me she said, “Be sure you arrive to every appointment on time, otherwise you will receive an even longer spanking.”

“Yes, Dr. Sue,” I quickly replied.

“Now stand up and I will guide you to your next spanking position.” I followed her to a padded wooden horse. She pulled a leather paddle that was shaped like a Ping-Pong paddle from the wall. “Since this is your first spanking, I will take it easy with you. So spread your legs and bend over this sawhorse. Hold on to the bottom of the wooden legs.”

This put my already spanked bottom high up in the air, with my penis and balls dangling between my legs. With my head near the floor, I could see her shiny black leather boots, and that she was standing beside me. Then my spanking started again. This time this leather paddle really stung my naked bottom.

“Ouch! That really hurts!” I said.

“It is supposed to. This therapy should help motivate you to lose weight.”

“It is motivating me already.” Now I felt a nice warm glow to my whole lower body. Although I was still feeling the sting of the paddle, this warm glow was a different feeling for me.

“You will receive a spanking like this, or even more severe, until you reach and stay at your desired weight.”

“You have spanked me enough. You are motivating me,” I exclaimed.

“We aren’t finished quite yet. Stand up. For today, you will have one other position and one other paddle.” Dr. Sue hung up the leather paddle and picked up a long, wide wooden paddle with large holes in it. “Now you be spanked over this.”

What I saw was a wooden devise that had two spread apart pieces of wood for your feet. In the middle was a padded piece of wood to bend over it. In front of it, there were two handle. “Stand on the wood slats, bend over it and grab onto the two handles.”

I did so and it made me feel like my already poor spanked bottom was totally exposed. “What I like about this device, is I can adjust it,” she said. Then she moved the handles so that they were a bit lower and further out in front of me. “I find this position is very effective with this paddle. I will six swats from this paddle. I want you to count these and say ‘Thank you, Dr. Sue’ after each swat. If you forget to count or move out of position, then that swat does not count. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Dr. Sue. I am glad this is the last paddle. I didn’t think a spanking would be this painful.”

“Remember to count and thank me. Here comes the first swat.”

It seemed like a long time then, SWAT! It really stung my poor bottom. I reacted by standing up and grabbing my bottom.

“Since you stood up and forgot to count, that swat will not count. Bend over again,” Dr. Sue said.

So I reluctantly bent over and grabbed the wooden handles.


“One. Thank you, Dr. Sue.”

“Good! You stayed bent over and you counted.”


“Two. Thank you, Dr. Sue.”

“Now do you think you are motivated enough to lose weight?” she asked.

“Yes, Dr. Sue.”


“Three. Thank you, Dr. Sue.”

“I will expect to see you here every week and on time.”

“Yes, Dr. Sue.”


“Four. Thank you, Dr. Sue.”


“Five. Thank you, Dr. Sue.”

“This is the last swat, unless you forget to count or you stand up.”


“Six. Thank you, Dr. Sue.”

“Now stay in position and I will rub some soothing lotion on your poor spanked bottom.” The lotion felt very good and she also rubbed it on my tender upper, inner thighs that were spanked.

“You can get dressed now. If it works for you, I will see you again on Saturday, at this same time.”

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