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I Have A Love-Hate Relationship with Spanking

I went from wanting to spank her to wanting to touch her
With the school year approaching, I was getting ready to go back to college. The college life is amazing: pretty girls, pretty girls and pretty girls. Let’s just say I like to date around. I can’t be tied down to just one woman, you know?

My name is Bred Jakes. I am a 6’ 1”, muscular, light-skinned black guy. I live in a small apartment complex in Dallas called Sunset Apartments. I'd decided to work at a camp for children with diabetes. The experience was breathtaking; the campers were filled with so much love and support for one another. While there, I met one camper in particular by the name of Cora Carter.

Cora was this amazing, but bratty, seventeen-year-old white girl. She was tiny, thin, a 34C cup, 5’ 2”, and 120 pounds with long, blond hair flowing over her beautifully tanned shoulders. I would also describe her as a total diva. Cora would wake up an hour early just to fix her makeup. Yep, she acted like a spoiled, yet beautiful princess, especially when she spoke in her obnoxiously loud voice. When she came into mess hall, everybody knew she was in charge. Her antics always demanded my attention.

On this particular day, the head counselor Skip, demanded that I teach the fishing class as there was only one counselor to handle forty-five kids. I groaned then ran out of my cabin down to Lake Dealey.

I saw Cora being an absolute bitch to one of her former friends over some guy. I decided to step in to prevent a fight, because the paperwork would have been ridiculous.

I shouted, “Cora Carter, stop with the fighting. Do I have to take you to the main office to write you up?!”

She sassily replied, “Uh… and what if I do start a fight? What are you going to do about it, chump?”

“Do you hear the words that just came out of my mouth? I will put you on probation and you will not be able to go to the dance!” Yep, I went hood on her butt.

She stood on top of the benches and flipped her hair, then took off her shirt and shorts. This girl looked like a fucking model. She had curves in all of the right places and her boobs were popping out of her black and pink polka-dot, push up bra. Mm. Sexy as hell.

I began to grow in my pants, I wanted to do so many naughty things with that girl. Her bather bottoms clung to her white flesh. Her cleavage made my cock pulse. I snapped out of it and remembered the task at hand, I needed to spank her and she needed to be pleased. I was in charge and she was a camper. I needed to assert control. I yelled at the top of my lungs, “Cora, don’t you dare jump into that lake!”

I walked toward her, placing us at eye level. We looked into each others eyes. Cora winked, then jumped in the lake. Everyone was soaking wet because of the splash from her dive. Cora's apathy annoyed the fuck out of me. I was furious at her. I could not believe she did that on purpose just to annoy me.

I screamed at the top of my lungs, “Cora Carter! Get your skinny behind here. Now!"

Cora surprisingly obeyed and swam up to the dock. When she hopped back up, Cora flipped her hair, hitting me in the face. I was beyond livid at her. She stressed me out no end. Plus, I was not able to play with her beautiful body in the water.

I grabbed her arm and sternly said, “Let’s go. Camp Director’s office, now!”

We walked towards the main office where all the paper work of the camp gets done. I was so ready to turn this bitch in. However, about halfway there Cora began to cry.

“I’m so sorry Bred, I was being a naughty little girl. Please don’t turn me in.”

I stopped in my tracks and looked into her eyes. God, I wanted to fuck her so badly, but I am the boss and she was a camper. After we stared in each others eyes for a good ten seconds, I calmed down and said, "Look, I am tired of you picking on campers. One of my campers from my cabin said you were making fun of his hair. I don’t think the camp director can punish you any harsher than the last few times.”

I explained," I got an idea," I took another deep breath and said, “I will make a deal with you.”

She whined, “What… deal?”

I said, “We go back to my cabin, I give you a bare bottom spanking, thirty spanks each cheek and I will tell everyone you were handled properly.”

Cora wiped the tears from her face and said, “Okay, and what if I refuse?”

I chuckled and mockingly said, “Well, if you refuse, I will ask the camp director to expel you from camp and you will not be allowed back for two years. That means until 2015.”

Cora put her hand on her hips and said “No! Then my Daddy will spank me a good one hundred times and he will take away my dildo for a month.”

She pondered the question for a good three minutes.

Cora rolled her eyes and said with a disrespectful tone, “Okay, let’s go to your cabin.”

We walked to my cabin. Thankfully, nobody was there. I turned the AC to the maximum to punish her.

I turned to look at Cora, then demanded: “Take off your bottoms and have your ass facing me."

She pulled her bottoms off slowly to try to seduce me, but then I gave her a quick slap on the ass and said, “Haha, nice try princess. You are not going to make me lust over you so much that I will not spank you.”

With her ass facing me, she seductively whispered, “Sir, I’m dripping wet right now and not just from the lake. You can just play inside my pussy, then I wouldn’t need a spanking.”

I actually considered the idea. Hmm. I can fuck Cora and have my way with her. Cora will never tell. She’ll get black dick for the first time in her life, my dick. I ordered her to walk backwards with her ass facing me.

She reluctantly did. I leaned her ass on my lap which made me want to put my finger in her pussy, but I had a job to do.

“I am going to spank you while you count.”

She whined and said,“NO! I’m cold and I don’t want to do this anymore.”

I laugh and I give her the first slap. “Okay, Cora, we can do this the hard way.” I raised my right hand up in the air and I began to vigorously slap her bottom.

Tisk, Tisk,

One, Two.

You could have put a metronome on me because I kept spanking her in the same rhythm until her cute, white bottom became a fire truck red. Cora began to scream and beg for mercy.

“Okay Bred, I get the point, stop spanking me, I will be a good bitch. Hell, I will be your bitch slave if you want, just please stop!”

I stopped and said, “Okay, are you ready to behave and stop acting like a brat?” Tears ran through her face but she tearfully said, “Yes, Sir.”

We both took a deep breath and I said, “I am going to give you sixty slaps in total, thirty for each butt cheek.”

I raised my hand to begin and said, “Count for each time I spank you.”

Slap..."Owww, one”

Slap… “Owwww, two”

Slap, Slap “Owwwwww! 
Is that three or four sir?”

I had a small chuckle and said, "Well… since you have been a good girl, it will be four.”

“Yay, Thank you, Sir!” She said happily. I rubbed her pussy after the combo which made her moan.

"Oooh Daddy, please rub me again.” She said while beginning to leak.

I refused to help her out and I instead gave her a triple combo, Slap, Slap, Slap!

“There you go, stop being so horny!”

I only said it to make her lust after my cock more. I continued to spank her bottom until we finally get to, “Slap… Owww, Fifty-nine” Cora said.

I gave her the last slap. She yelped, “Slap…Owwww, Sixty!”

“There you go Cora. Did you like your spanking?” She became furious at me and yelled, “Hell no! That hurt! But now, I am going to hurt you.”

I laughed so loud, I was afraid that someone was going to hear us, “How are you going to hurt me, little Missy?”

She pulled down my pants and grasped my erect dick, which glistened with pre-cum. She smirked and began to suck it. I tried to resist, because I did not want her to think that she had the upper hand. Cora eventually sucked faster, and deep throated my dick. For a tiny, white girl with no experience, she sucked my dick better then any girl I have ever been with. I spanked her already bruised bottom which made her go faster for me.

I moaned, “AH. Cora, I’m going to cum.”

Cora yelled, “What are you waiting for? Cum in my mouth!”

I moan at the top of my lungs and shot two squirts of cum in her mouth. After I pulled my dick out of her mouth, I kissed her on the cheek and said, “Good girl, Cora.”

She stood up, put her hands on her hip and said, “Hehe, I am glad I made you happy. Maybe when you get back home, you can make my pussy happy?”

I chuckled and said, "Definitely, where do you live?”

She said, “I live in an apartment complex called Sunset Apartments in Dallas.” I ran to her, gave her a big hug and a long, passionate kiss. Cora shoved me and screamed, “Why are you hugging me?”

I laughed and said, "Because, this is the beginning of a long, love-hate relationship."

A true story
*There is a Part 2 soon
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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