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I love to be spanked and banged

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I was around the naive age of twenty when I had first met Ted. Ted was in his mid thirties and had been recently divorced. He was the manager of the clothing store that I had work at.

It hadn’t been too long after I had started working at the store that Ted and I began to date. In the beginning everything was perfectly normal. Then one night while at his place he asked me what I thought was a weird question, “How would you like to be spanked!”

I was a little taken back at first when I said, “You want to spank me!”

“Yah!” he said.

I had no idea he had this fetish as I reluctantly said back, “I guess it would be alright!”

“Great! I want you to brace yourself up against the wall and slowly wiggle your pants down! I want to see your gorgeous ass very slowly as you pull your pants down,” he replied back.

I slowly began to wiggle my pants down over my ass as I braced my body up against the wall. I spent every bit of a few minutes when I had finally pulled my pants down over the cheeks of my ass. I slowly moved them down to my ankles as I had only a pair of thong underwear on.

Ted said, “Oh, god baby your ass is so beautiful!”

Ted had now removed his clothes as his cock stood at full attention. He was so turned on that he couldn’t wait to spank my ass. I then slowly grabbed the strings of my thong and pulled them down to my ankles. My bare ass was now there for the taking as I was about to experience something totally new.

“Bend over slightly and brace your hands against the wall!” Ted said.

I bent my ass out slightly towards him as it sat there perfectly for him. I had no idea what to expect next as Ted felt my ass up with both of his hands. Then a few minutes later I felt his hand smack into my ass. He hit with such force that my body immediately buckled. I cried out, “Oh my god!”

I repositioned my body again as I pushed my ass back toward him. I felt another smack of his hand as it was even harder than the first one. He then gave me 3 or 4 hard smacks with his hand. He was really getting into it as my ass slowly had become numb. My pussy began to get really wet as I felt another spank of his hand.

He had probably spanked my ass 15 or so times when he had finally stopped. My ass was a deep red shade of color and it was so numb that he could touch it and I wouldn’t have felt a thing.

Ted’s cock was throbbing like never before as I felt him come up behind me. My hands were still braced against the wall as Ted began to stroke on his cock. It had been only a minute or so later when Ted moaned out. I felt his cum shoot all over my tender red ass. My pussy was so hot that moisture from it ran down my legs. Ted was already done so I now had to wait for our next encounter together.

It was a week later when we had our next encounter. This time Ted had me get undressed and crawl up on the bed. He had me push my face down onto the sheets while I had my ass upward into the air.

He kissed and licked on it for several minutes when I felt the sting of his first slap. He smacked me very hard as I yelped out loudly.

I felt smack after smack as my body had now become extremely aroused. Moisture was now dribbling down each of my legs as I cried out, “Spank me Ted! Spank me!”

Ted had spanked me about twenty times when he had finally stopped. He was very horny himself as I felt him position his body up against mine. I wanted him to fuck me so badly as I cried out, “Fuck me! Please fuck me!”

Ted rammed his big cock into me from behind as I let out a loud cry. He fucked me like a whore as I screamed out the whole time. I had never experienced anything like it before as I felt Ted smack my ass several more times as he rammed his cock deep into me. A few minutes later I cried out as I started to cum like never before. It was one of the most powerful orgasms of my life.

Ted had fucked me for a good 10 minutes from behind as he made me cum again on his cock. He then moaned out, “Oh, god baby! I am going to cum all over your ass!”

I felt several shots of cum land all over my ass. Ted was so pumped that my beautiful ass was fully covered in cum. We both then collapsed down onto the bed exhausted.

Ted was so into spanking that we would always start our night with him spanking me. One night he had me lay naked across his lap. He wanted me to tell him that I was a bad girl while he spanked me.

I said to him as I laid across his lap, “I have been a bad girl Ted! Please spank me hard!”

Ted gave me a hard spanking that lasted almost twenty minutes. He fingered my pussy as he gave my ass several hard smacks with his other hand. It only took him a few minutes of him fingering me to push me over the edge. I started to cum right there as I felt his hand smack into my beautiful ass as I orgasmed. Twenty minutes later my ass was very tender and sore. My pussy was still very aroused and I wanted him to fuck me very hard with his big cock.

He laid my body over the side of the bed as I felt him insert his big cock into me from behind. I cried out loudly as I felt his beautiful cock deep inside me. He spanked me a few more times as I quickly started to cum all over his cock.

He fucked me very hard until he couldn’t take anymore. He moaned out as he began to fill my pussy with his cum. I also orgasmed at the same time as I screamed out into one of the most beautiful orgasms of my life. I knew from that point on I needed more than a hard spanking and a quick fuck.

It was a few weeks later and Ted wanted to spank me out in public. I at first tried to resist his attempts, but I ultimately gave in. He took me out into a public park. There were several people mingling around as Ted and I went quietly into the woods.

I slowly pulled my pants down along with my thongs. I bent slightly over as Ted got in behind me. A few seconds later I felt his hand come across my ass. My pussy was quickly on fire as Ted gave me several more smacks with his hand. The sound of his hand hitting my flesh could be heard several feet away as onlookers began to look around. The excitement that ran through my body was overwhelming.

Ted smacked my ass again and again until it was bright red in color. My juices were slowly dribbling down each of my legs as I was extremely horny. I wanted Ted to fuck me right there. I didn’t care if anyone saw us. I just wanted his big cock buried inside me. I cried out to him, “Fuck me! Please fuck me right here!”

Ted moved in behind me as I felt his cock up against my swollen pussy. He slammed his cock into me as I let out a muffled cry. He fucked me good and hard for several minutes from behind as he swatted my ass several times with his hand. I started to cum almost immediately as I did everything in my power to keep quiet. I had cum so hard my legs got extremely weak. I could hardly stay up on my feet anymore.

Then with whatever power I still had inside me Ted gave me several hard thrusts with his cock. I cried out as he began to cum deep inside my pussy. I couldn’t hold back as I also started to cum. My body shook for a good few minutes as Ted continued to ram his cock deep into me.

He gave my ass one last swat and then he was finally done. I quickly pulled my pants back up as did Ted. A few seconds later two individuals walked only a few feet from both of us. It was a close call, but the excitement of everything was very overwhelming.

It was about a month after that that we split apart. I still remember my time with Ted. There are still times today that I wish for a good spanking.

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