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Her six year fantasy finally comes to be a spanking reality
I caught myself gawping at him, and snapped my mouth shut. Never in my twenty three years had I ever met a guy like him: he ticked all the right boxes, every damn one of them.

The second that I walked into his office I had fallen under his spell; my heart had double-timed, my legs turned to jelly, and a hot flush had scorched my whole body.

From the top of his neatly groomed head to the tips of his highly polished shoes he was immaculate, and in-between those two extremities it was clear that there was a well toned body hidden beneath his fashionable shirt and pants.

Now I’m not one of these girls with sex on my mind all of the time, but right then I felt a near uncontrollable urge to throw myself at the feet of this stranger and shout “Please fuck me right now!”.

He smiled and introduced himself and I’m ashamed to admit that I heard him, but didn’t listen to a single word; but those wondrously deep husky tones of his voice will stay with me forever. They scrambled my insides good and proper, and all I could think about was how good those lips would feel teasing my nipples or licking my pussy. Nipples that were stiff, and a pussy that wasn’t just moist, it was seriously wet!

Unfortunately there was a major problem: I was there in his presence for an interview not a date!

Did I want the job? Yes of course, I wouldn’t have gone for the interview if I didn’t.

Had I any chance of getting the job? Not a snowball’s chance in hell ‘cos I was tongue tied and bereft of all outward signs of being a normal person: entranced, enchanted, bewitched, I was all of them rolled into one.

I stumbled forward to the proffered chair, uncharacteristically clumsy; I almost fell into the deep leather comfort, happy to be off my feet as I truly had begun to feel quite giddy.

The hem of my dress had risen far too high up my thighs showing a hint of stocking tops, a button had popped open on my crisp white blouse revealing more soft flesh than I had intended; in my current flushed state I actually kidded myself this was a good thing, rather than the faux pas that it was in reality!

The interview was a complete disaster. My usual poise and aplomb had been left outside the office, and the stuttering fool that had entered didn’t match up to the c.v. promises; an observation that he made quite forcefully.

In ten minutes the interview was at an end, I could see it in his eyes and as he closed my file I tried so hard to shake out of my slumber before it was too late.

“Well I’d like to thank you for your time” he started.

“Interrupt now!” I screamed to myself, “now or never if you want this job for chrissakes!”, and finally I said something.

“Can we start again please?” It took him by complete surprise. “This is not the real me.”

Surprise, confusion, and then finally annoyance flickered across his face before he stood to his full 6’ 3” and shook his head, “Sorry, you had your chance. It’s time to go now.”

“Five minutes, that’s all I ask. Five minutes for me to show you my true colours”, I was pleading now.

He bent forward, arm outstretched to assist me out of the chair, “Sorry, no second chances, my time is valuable and I won’t have it wasted, It’s time to go young lady”.

There was a gruff authority in his voice that began to disorientate me again, and now his close proximity had me enveloped in his cologne. It was a scent that tugged at distant memories, of my early teens, of good times, and sexy times; what was it exactly?

I hadn’t taken his proffered hand, and so he took mine and pulled me gently from my seat, wishing that this beautiful girl had interviewed better as he caught a close-up glimpse of my cleavage.

I rose to my feet and just then as we momentarily stood in each other’s personal space my ‘déjà vu’

was complete: this moment, this scent, his height, his annoyance, the tug up from the chair, my flush, my stubbornness, it had all happened before.

Me skirt was around my hips and I was wet. He was playfully angry and had tugged me from my seat, then fallen backwards and I had found myself across his lap. “I should spank you” he whispered, so not to wake my parents.

“I dare you” I giggled, and wriggled my seventeen year old butt seductively.

Playfully he had gently slapped both cheeks once and then gently teased my wet lips apart. I turned around to face away from him, straddling him with my wide open delights dripping gently onto his legs.

“Spank me” I begged once more, but he ignored me and leaned down to drink in my musk, then re-positioning, he entered me from behind and I rode his hard dick frantically and silently.

It had been tmee last time; he was killed in a tragic accident the next day. The pain, and the memories of the pain, had all gone now, but the ‘spanking that never was’ had tormented me forever since! I’d lost count of the number of dreams, day and night, that I had orgasmed while lying over his knee.

It was my favourite fantasy, and I had been spanked by friends & enemies, pop stars & neighbours. They had used anything and everything to warm my bottom, and put me in the wildest variety of positions to punish me. Yet still it had never happened for real.

“Are you all right?”

I was leaning on his chest, how that had happened and how long I had been there I wasn’t quite sure. I looked up into his eyes, they were blue and set in a ruggedly handsome face; the perfect face for my initiation!

“Yes I’m fine” I replied, and now I knew what I had to do.

“But I’m bitterly disappointed in myself, I’ve let myself down”, there was a resolve in my voice now, “and I need to make amends.”

He smiled again, and chuckled gently. “Be that as it may, you’re not getting any more of my time young lady. I’m truly sorry but it’s time you left now.”

Gently but forcibly I took hold of both of his arms, surprising him again, turned him slightly and with a sharp push propelled him back against the chair that I had just vacated. Catching him high up on his calves he had no choice but to fall back into the seat.

“What the hell do you think you’re playing at?” he fumed. “Are you mad girl? Get outta here before I call the police and you find yourself in a whole heap of problems!”

God he was sexy! Did he not know what he was doing to me? The anger in his voice and the stress in those arm and chest muscles were perfect. He was my dream and he was going to take me all the way whether he liked it or not!

“Shut up and listen!”

Shocked, he could only open and close his mouth in silence a couple of times as I continued.

I slowly knelt down beside him and looked meekly into his eyes. “All I ask is five more minutes of your time,”

He tried to interrupt but I continued “I have been rude and ignorant today and I’m very sory; I don’t know what came over me.”

I gave him a coy smile “Well actually I do and perhaps one day I’ll explain.”

His brow furrowed in perplexion, but he didn’t make any move to get up or interrupt.

I took this as a good sign. Added to this was the fact that his eyes kept straying to my blouse that was now open to my bra strap; I felt it was safe to assume I was making some headway.

“Now”, I paused for effect “I want another interview, and I know you don’t want to give me one, but if I could prove to you that the tongue-tied nervous wreck was a ‘one-off’ and that I’m really the girl from the c.v. would you give me a shot?”

“Well. Why not?” he said affably, surprising me, but then continued “but only if you prove that the other girl, your alter ego” he laughed at this “has left the room, and I can’t see how you will be able to prove that to my satisfaction,”

With a smug ‘I told you so’ look he sat back and crossed his arms. “Over to you young lady” he said.

I nodded gently and reached for the remaining buttons on my blouse and began to undo them; my eyes never left his, which widened instantly.

“You sir, have five minutes to spank your bad girl away. If you are capable of spanking hard enough I can assure you that the result will be totally to your liking”, I was pleased with his response; he hadn’t moved an inch and his eyes were glued to my breasts.

“So do you think you can spank this girl hard enough?” I teased, as I tugged my blouse out of the skirt waistband and shrugged it from my shoulders onto the floor. My large firm breasts held gently up and squeezed together by a lacy black bra had tightened his throat and dried his mouth; not to mention what was happening to his cock!

“Please sir” I asked timidly as I draped myself over his knees, “will you spank this bad girl? I needs to be spanked until I cries if you want me to perform properly in the next interview.”

I’d positioned myself like this so many times before. Always it was a hunk that took charge, roasted my bottom, and then touched my very soul, and so now as I shuffled into position it would be perfect!

I pulled myself over until only my rounded cheeks faced upwards. My forearms were on the floor with my head resting between them. I stretched my legs out straight behind me, keeping just my toes on the floor, and challenged myself to keep them still and straight; this was going to be cathartic!

Finally I felt him move underneath me; he was sitting up and making himself more comfortable. He hadn’t said a word and I knew that my lifetime wish was about to come true. It felt so much like a dream that I almost felt like pinching myself, my pussy was wet and my nipples hard as I’d ever felt them.

“Right, hard it is then” he finally spoke, and as he made his final adjustments I wondered whether he was referring to his manhood that I could now feel pushing against me or my upcoming punishment!

I felt his left hand in the small of my back; it was large and warm, and meant to keep me steady. Had he done this before perhaps, I wondered?

The first slap landed without warning; “wumph!” It cracked down on my right cheek that compressed then bounced back roundly. It was an exhilarating sound for both of us, and as he slowly established a rhythm I knew at last that this was no dream.

Slap after slap rained down on my ever reddening rear, and it wasn’t long before the blossoming became too much to control. The ‘’fantasy realised’ did most of the work, then the heat spread slowly from my cheeks to that point of torment that had been wet for so long but now had expanded. My lips, I knew, would be swollen and glistening pink with my juices now. They were pushed hard against the gusset of my panties and the extra friction as I rocked to and fro across his knees finally pushed me over the edge.

No cry had escaped my lips until then, and I bit down hard to muffle my sighs, tensing my abdomen, my thighs, my cheek muscles.

“Aaaaagh, oooogh, oh fuck me” I growled as quietly as I could; at last I was seventeen once more!

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