Italian Language Course (Student’s Revenge)

By Angelheart

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Three of us on the Italian Course had been spanked by the stunning Carlotta, now it was her turn
Out of the twelve that began attending the Italian night-school course run by Carlotta Shoreham (who we referred to as Miss), just four of us remained.

Julia, Jim and I had all been given the cane by Carlotta since we had accepted her suggestion that we should be spanked if we didn’t do our night-school homework properly. If we hadn't agreed the course would be cancelled. Only Sharon had somehow managed to avoid it so far.

Jim & I had just been on the receiving end of a punishment and as usual we went to the pub when the lesson ended. Sharon and Julia wanted to know all about it, how painful it had been, were we embarrassed and so on. I saw Sharon’s eyes regularly flick over to Jim’s crotch as she recalled seeing his cock while he was spanked only a foot away from where she’d been sitting.

Jim put down his pint with a sigh and said it was just a shame that we couldn’t spank Miss. He said he would love to do it but couldn’t think of a good reason. Julia and I agreed that we should try to think of a way of making this happen if we could as three of us had all been embarrassed and stung by her punishments.

A few minutes later Jim said he’d got it, we would threaten to tell the college and her husband about her punishment activities unless she agreed to take some of her own medicine. That seemed simple enough and we all thought it would work. We decided that the best approach would be to let the lesson run it’s course and then spank her at the end.

The following week we were struggling to concentrate and I could see that Jim was aroused at just the thought of what was to come. Sharon was scrabbling through her bag and getting very flustered until Miss noticed and asked her to tell the class, in Italian, why she was disrupting it for everyone else. She went red, explaining that her homework was supposed to be in the bag …… but it wasn’t, if we followed her meaning.

Carlotta said “Bring out your bag to the front, Sharon, and tip it all out on my desk.”

Sharon went out and did as she had been told but there was no homework to be seen.

Jim had become even more excited at the prospect of seeing Sharon punished at last and yelled out “Yes! Yes!” with his fist in the air.

“Jim, come out here please and stand next to Sharon.” Carlotta was looking daggers at Jim. “I will not allow outrageous outbursts like that in my class; and in English too. I was about to explain to Sharon that she would be punished but for that outburst you will be punished too, at the end of the lesson. Now sit down, both of you.”

The rest of the class progressed without incident until Carlotta told Sharon and Jim to come out to the front and remove all their clothes ready for punishment.

Julia and I could see from Jim’s expression that he wanted to turn the tables on Miss right now but we looked away and he had no choice but to obey.

They both knew that they would be spanked nude but each was reluctant to take off their underwear. Carlotta was having none of it and flicked the cane at both students. Jim slid down his pants allowing his growing erection to jump out. As he stood up he came face to face with Sharon’s ample breasts making Julia and I laugh out loud until we got a stern look from Miss. Sharon took off her tiny pants and we could see her shaven slit glistening with excitement and Jim’s thickening cock as Miss told them both to face the class.

I couldn’t hide how impressed I was at Jim’s penis which seemed to continue growing and was now throbbing as he realised he was being studied by all the women in the room.

Miss broke the spell, “Sharon, I will let you watch Jim being punished first as I have not spanked you before. Jim, turn round and bend over my desk.” Then she tapped his erect cock with her cane, ”You know that I will have to punish him if you do not get him under control.”

Again Julia and I giggled until we got the ‘look’ from Miss.

I had moved to sit in Jim’s chair, directly in front of where he bent over. His enormous cock and balls hung down, in clear view as Miss instructed him to spread his legs wider.

Swish, swish, swish, I noticed the strokes getting harder and harder. Swish, diagonally across his taut but cheeks, swish, one the opposite direction and swish a single stroke directly across his bum as he clenched his muscles giving Julia and I a wonderful show.

“Stand up and turn around,” she instructed. His cock was still rigid so she warned him, “I intend to give him six strokes with this plastic ruler when I have dealt with Sharon.”

Sharon was shaking. She had a pretty good body which had not escaped Jim’s attention. Without waiting for instruction she bent over the desk and Jim stepped back studying her tits which hung down beautifully.

Swish, swish, and Sharon leapt up, her tits bouncing seductively.

“One more time and I will give you extra strokes, Sharon. Stay still and keep your hands on the desk. Spread your legs more.”

For Jim’s sake I wished he was in his own chair. From here, with her legs wide, Sharon’s slit was a sight to behold, pink, swollen and juicy. Swish, swish, the second stroke caught her at the top of her legs and she moaned but stayed still. Jim’s cock throbbed in sympathy. Swish, swish and it was over.

Sharon rose shakily and faced the class.

“Get dressed,” said Miss. “Jim, come over here and face the front.”

She picked up the bendy plastic ruler, stroked his cock and reminded him that she would spank him now.

“Put your hands on your head and do not try to move out of the way.”

Thwack, the first stroke landed on his shaft, thwack, from the front along his shaft, thwack a flick under his shaft, thwack, thwack two across the head making him wince, followed by a swipe across the very tip of his cock, so that he cried out, in relief as much as pain I suspect, as she was not hitting him hard.

I gave Jim the nod, so without dressing he turned to face Carlotta. “Now, we have decided that you should take a spanking, as you are so keen to dish them out.”

Seeing her bemused reaction, Jim suggested that the college might be interested in her methods and her husband might be keen to hear how she spent her Tuesday evenings.

I watched her face fall and could see she realised she was beaten.

Jim was still stark naked and his rigid member stood out in front of him as he stepped up to her. “Take off your clothes.”

Only a few seconds before she had been in charge of this firm specimen and now the tables had turned. With a quick glance down at Jim’s hard on she began to remove her dress. Jim’s eyes were on stalks as her bra came off revealing a stunning, beautifully tanned pair. Then with a show of bravery she whipped off her panties and hooked them on his cock.

Jim was not distracted from the pleasure ahead and picking up the cane told her to bend over her desk.

Her pendulous breasts hung down until she flattened them across the desk.

Jim stepped up behind her and his cock brushed along the top of her thighs and close to her slit. “Spread those legs wider.”

She shuffled her feet further apart; Jim moved back until he could see her slit in all it’s glory and we could all see she was very excited, very swollen and very moist.

She moaned aloud as Jim’s cock slid up her thigh again as he reached over her to pick up the cane.

We girls hardly took in what was happening to Miss as Jim took up his position, side on behind her. His penis throbbed, it was so thick and must have been 7 or 8 inches long. I slid my hand inside my panties and fingered my clit, imagining his hard throbbing cock inside me.

He stroked his hand down Carlotta’s back, around her tanned bum and inside her thighs, again causing her to moan. Then, swish, swish, swish he brought down the cane criss crossing her tight cheeks.

Again, he ran his hand around her bum, checking his handywork before letting his fingers slip inside her. She pushed down on his fingers and shuddered.

Swish, a flick across the top of her thighs followed by two in the centre of her cheeks.

He told her to get up and sit on the edge of the desk facing the class. Then he lay her down along the desk and pulled her knees up and wide, revealing her dripping slit in all it’s glory.

“I am going to spank your slit like you spanked my cock,” he told her.

“No, you can’t do that.” she said, trying to sit up. But Jim had moved right up to her so that the tip of his cock was next to her slit and if she got up he would have pushed him inside her.

He picked up the ruler and forced her legs apart. “I am going to give you just three strokes, unless you try to stop me, then of course you will get more.”

From the way he held the ruler we could see he meant no harm and he merely flicked the ruler across her slit, thwack. Carlotta arched her back, groaning, thwack, thwack and she moaned again, in pleasure, I think.

She stood up, smiling and then she dismissed the class. When no one made any effort to move, still stark naked, she shooed us all out and told us she would see us next week.

As we filed out of the classroom I glanced back to see her sitting back on the edge of the desk, her legs apart and stroking Jim’s cock.