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It's The Paperwork That Counts

A pretty young English teacher goes over the dean's lap to learn how to follow school rules.
The administrative duties of Bonnie Anderson, the strikingly attractive 41-year-old principal at Middlesex High, were starting to pile up. Late last week she had to send two recalcitrant students to the dean for a spanking. Determining who needed a good spanking might seem like a simple task, but Miss Anderson had to investigate the problems, interview the students and teachers involved and decide on the proper punishment. She used to deliver the spankings herself, but she had become too busy the past few years and learned to delegate. The two soon to be sniveling miscreants, a boy and a girl, would not be spanked by their principal this time, but that did not mean they would be able sit in class the next day.

Each one, separately, bared their bottoms for the dean and their wailings could be heard far down the hallway. The girl, seventeen, and a frequent visitor to the dean’s office, was given a traditional over the knee spanking with her own hairbrush, a nice hefty one. Once her skirt was raised and panties lowered to her knees, there was no doubt where the hairbrush would be dancing. The spanking chair received a good workout that day, as did the poor girl’s vocal chords as she cried out as each powerful stroke of her hairbrush bounced off her well rounded, cute and totally bare bottom. Had the dean not moved the spanking chair to the center of the room, the shrieking girl’s wildly kicking legs might have damaged the furniture.

The boy, eighteen, and a persistent violator, had to give the dean his leather belt, before dropping his drawers and shorts and bending over the rear of the spanking chair and holding on to the seat. He danced very well with the chair as the dean gave him twenty burning strokes across his impudent and very well formed naked butt.

As per school policy, the dean’s 21-year-old secretary, Holly, who before being hired had spent considerable time over that same lap while a student, officially witnessed both bare-bottomed, and very hard spankings. Holly was a perfect example of the benefits that came with the lowering of one’s panties and fire being applied to the exposed ass cheeks. The dean couldn’t have asked for a more well behaved employee. Most times, after the crying and humiliated students fixed up their clothes and shuffled out of the dean’s office, Holly removed her wet panties and asked the dean to quench her fires. How could he turn her down?
The well-spanked students then returned to Miss Anderson and apologized for the misbehaviors. Following school tradition, the embarrassed students thanked the principal for their toasted bottoms, happy to have received them instead of a weeklong suspension. Their puffy eyes told the principal what their ass cheeks felt like.

Bonnie only involved herself in the most egregious matters, one of which had occurred earlier this week. A seventeen year-old boy, having dropped his trousers several times this year for well-deserved strappings, was still not listening to his teachers. Bonnie took her responsibilities seriously and decided to handle this one herself. After fully investigating the matter, she called the young man into her office, removed the leather belt from his pants, doubled it over, had him lower his pants and undershorts to his knees and bend over her desk. She then gave him twenty-five loud and hot ones with his own strap. His howling told Bonnie he was getting the message, as was everyone else within earshot.

Bonnie almost sent him away dragging his pants, but finally relented and allowed him to pull them up. He was only given the belt back as he left the office, hurriedly re-looping it before anyone saw him. The young man still attracted plenty of attention as he shuffled down the hallway with the tiny steps reflecting the fires burning in his flaming butt, sniffling all the way to his class. There was no need to tell his classmates what had occurred. His sounds of his loud strapping preceded him.

Now it was a teacher who exasperated Bonnie. Amy Peabody, a cute, 25 year old English teacher. Bonnie had spoken to Amy a few times about getting her lesson plans in on time and sending copies of the students’ test results to the main record room. Amy was well liked by her students but a bit lackadaisical with her school responsibilities. Miss Anderson hoped her dean of administration could explain the benefits of compliance to Miss Peabody.

Early in the day, Bonnie buzzed her secretary Julie, and asked her to have Dean Perkins come by when he could. Julie had an idea something was in the works, as she often heard the sounds of bare bottomed spankings administered in the principal’s office, more so when the dean was called there.

Dean Bob Perkins was definitely a real stud. Despite Bonnie being about eight years older than Perkins, she eyed him and planned to bed him very soon.

They both knew that Julie’s telegraph service notified her young friends when a bottom warming was in the offering. They did not discourage her, as the ripple effect was beneficial, although they hoped she was being discrete.

“OK, Miss Anderson, if you want me to talk to Peabody I will. When shall we do it?” the dean asked when he came by shortly.

“How about your office, about 3 pm?” she said loud enough for the pre-spanking warnings to go out. “I’m really tied up today and would appreciate the help. If she shows up, you know she agreed to go over your lap and bare her firm young bottom; please don’t enjoy it too much; she needs a good spanking!! We have to get her attention, and you making her bounce and squirm is just the way.”

Anderson hadn’t felt her dean’s cock in her yet but knew that was a temporary condition. She had plans to invite him to her apartment soon, despite knowing of his girlfriend. She also heard the rumors about him and Holly. Bonnie would have to be very enticing to get into his pants while he was porking a 21 year old.

Bonnie appreciated the signal that would soon be sent to the other teachers and staffers. A concerned, worried and well-spanked staff was an efficient staff.

At about 2:30, shortly after the students’ dismissal bell, Bonnie reminded Julie to contact Miss Peabody. With that, Julie sent a messenger. Julie then told her friends the spanking was still on. Listening to a hot spanking bouncing off a young tight pair of butt cheeks was second best to watching one, but still a far cry from the real pleasure of delivering the crisp slaps to a pleading girl’s bare buns. Being on the receiving end of a bottom warming was on a sliding scale with the degree of relationship that existed between the parties. Going over the right guy’s lap could be a great turn on. Considering today’s circumstances, the betting was that Peabody would not enjoy the attention directed at her bare and defenseless ass cheeks.

By the time Amy Peabody knocked on the principal’s door, she was done. She had no idea what was about to occur. As she walked in, Bonnie left the inner door open. The principal saw nothing on Peabody’s face that indicated she knew what was about to happen to her sweet young buns. It really did not matter. Her tight round ass would soon be toast.

Julie was told to go home for the day and close the outer door. Julie left but didn't go far. She listened at the door to find out exactly where and when Peabody would be spanked. Not being lucky enough to watch it, just hearing the crisp slaps and the English teacher's shrill answers to them was alraedy wetting Julie's panties. Julie would then notify her friends. She had named the group the wet panty brigade. Her friends blushed at the name, but none objected.

Peabody gave a cheery hello to the stern faced principal who was sitting behind her large desk. “Miss Peabody, let me come right to the point. You have been here long enough and still haven’t learned the rules. I have spoken to you before about the grades and lesson plans, and you act like a little girl with no responsibility. I have decided to let you go. I cannot have someone with your lack of responsibilities here at Middlesex. Our students are all well behaved and so must be the staff.”

Amy Peabody, not that much older than her senior students, could not believe her ears. She loved her job and could not bear losing it. Anything was better.

“Please Miss Anderson, don’t fire me, please give me another chance.”

“You have had three chances already, young lady and I believe we are way past the talking stage. Our dean of administration, Mr. Perkins will help you clean out your desk. Good-bye, Miss Peabody,” she said stiffly.

Tears began to well up in Peabody’s eyes. Her shoulders began trembling. “Please Miss Anderson, anything but being discharged! I want to stay at Middlesex High.”

Having heard those magic words before, Bonnie knowing she had just bought another spanking, the stern principal stood up, holding a package. Bonnie’s management style was simple; to motivate the brain, lower the panties. A hot bottom conveyed the message.

“Come here Miss Peabody. In very rare circumstances, school policy permits an alternative to discharge if the staff member agrees to some special conditions of employment. Are you interested in considering them?”

“Of course, Miss Anderson. What are they?”

As her principal explained the documents on her desk, Amy’s pretty face and neck turned bright red. “This is the alternative, your choice Peabody.”

“What? I don’t believe it. You can’t lower my panties and spank me on my bottom. I’m 25 years old and a state licensed teacher!”

“You’re right Miss Peabody, I can’t. All I can do is discharge you, or give you the spanking, if you request it, in writing . That is what you can sign, but it’s up to you.”

“Now please make up your mind. I have other important school matters to attend to and you have wasted enough of my time. What will it be, Peabody?”

Amy shifted from foot to foot, put her hands behind to feel the bottom that was about to be exposed and humiliatingly spanked. She started crying softly. “OK, Miss Anderson, I agree.”

“Agree to what, Peabody,” she asked sharply.

“I will sign the document saying my work was not up to par and agree to accept your punishment, in lieu of being fired.”

“And what is that punishment, Peabody?”

Amy Peabody looked around for someone to help her, but realized she was alone. She wondered who would spank her. Amy knew of the dean’s reputation as the school disciplinarian. If she had to be spanked, might as well be by a good-looking hunk.

Not wanting to say the dreaded word out loud, but realizing she had very little control from here on, Amy barely mumbled, “Miss Anderson, I agree to accept a spanking for my poor work at Middlesex High. This is so juvenile; can’t you find another way to punish me?”

“I can’t hear you Peabody. Tell me again what you want.”

As Peabody mumbled something about a second chance, her principal, in a firm voice, gave the feared response, “No, Peabody. When you act irresponsibly, like a little girl, you get spanked like a little girl. You understand that, don’t you? This spanking will hopefully modify your behavior and make you a better member of our staff. ”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Bonnie supervised the signing of the documents. Amy’s face was as red as her bottom would soon be as she read the forms. She was agreeing, in writing, to an over the knee bare bottomed spanking, for her failure to turn in some paperwork. It seemed terribly juvenile, but at least she kept her job. Distasteful as it was, Amy told herself she would survive the ordeal. What other choice did she have?

“Tell me again, Peabody. What do you want?”

Please spank me.”

“Why are you going to be spanked, Peabody?”

“My paperwork was not in on time. The spanking will make me a better teacher, Miss Anderson. Please give me a spanking. Don’t discharge me.” She forced the words out as the tears began coming down her face. “I’m so sorry, Miss Anderson. I will do much better from now on.”

“Very good, Peabody, I don’t want any confusion here. Now is the time to object, not when your buns are being spoken to.”

“Now, Peabody, Dean Perkins will administer the spanking. Please go to his office and tell him you are ready. Don’t forget your request forms, he will want everything to be in order before spanking you.”

With that information, Julie started the chain calls going. The brigade was made up of other young secretaries and young female teachers. All of them got off at hearing the spanks and the pleas for mercy.

“Peabody, based upon your history, I don’t think this will work. I should really take my hairbrush to your sorry ass, but I’m just too busy today. Tell the dean you need a real smart bottom warming, and then come back here. I’m afraid you still might need the outline of my hairbrush on that pert butt of yours. Very few of our teachers defy me after hearing my hairbrush sing its sweet tunes. Believe me young lady, you will not like the sing-a-long.”

As much as Bonnie enjoyed spanking the bare bottoms of her young students, she knew warming the cute buns of a 25 year old would be even more entertaining. Too bad she had to send this nice firm butt to Perkins for breaking in. Bonnie knew she would have to find some time to give Peabody her next tune-up.

Amy Peabody couldn’t remember her last spanking. She was probably eight or ten and got swatted by her mother for something real silly. This she felt would be much worse. Amy took the papers, turned around and went for the door.

“Peabody, don’t dawdle. Everyone is on a tight time table here.”

Amy walked as fast as her high heels would allow. She hurried down the hallway hoping no one saw her. It was well known that the dean handled many of Miss Anderson’s administrative punishments, and being seen entering his office at this time of day was a red flag that a hard spanking was in the offering and that there would soon be a red and very sore bottom. Her bottom cheeks were already trembling. This was humiliating enough without having the other staff see her.

Amy timidly knocked on the door. “It’s Miss Peabody, Dean Perkins, may I come in?”

“Of course, Miss Peabody. What brings you here today?”

“Dean Perkins,” Amy answered handing him the spanking request forms, “ I am here for my sp…sp…spanking,” she finally spit out.

“What did such a pretty young lady do to earn a trip over my lap, Miss Peabody?”

“It is so silly, Dean Perkins. I was late with some paperwork,” trying to minimize her predicament. “Miss Anderson says a spanking on my bottom will teach me to be on time. We don’t really have to do this, do we?”

“Well, you know how the boss is, ‘Spank first, ask questions later.’ Sometimes I don’t even know why I am spanking someone, but rules are rules, so let’s do what Miss Anderson ordered or I might go across her lap myself! In any event, you’ll be amazed at how timely your work will be after your pretty dance on my lap.”

Once in the room, Amy saw the dean come from behind his desk. He smiled and removed his jacket. He then took the armless visitors' chair from in front of his desk and moved it to the center of the room. As he sat in the sturdy wooden chair, he rolled up his right sleeve. The chair, quite often, doubled a the spanking chair

Perkins asked Amy if she was ready for her spanking. Amy was terribly embarrassed by the humiliation she would suffer by being spanked by the dean. Under different circumstances, she wouldn't mind having this good-looking guy under her clothes, but she was not looking forward to this experience. Amy hoped the discomfort would be minimal, remembering the spankings she received as a child, but she appreciated this would be different, her first over the knee adult punishment spanking. She hardly heard her answer, “I guess so, Dean Perkins.”

The dean explained the rules to Amy, as she stood and fidgeted in front of him. As it was her first school spanking, it would be hand delivered by lifting her skirt but without removing her panties. Subsequent spankings, although rare, were administered with a hairbrush as the offender’s panties hovered around the knees.

Although somewhat relieved at the mitigation offered first timers, Amy was still aghast at what was about to occur. Despite her usual manner of dress to accommodate her young and slender body, today she was wearing a loose fitting pleated skirt for comfort. It swished nicely several inches above her knees. Whether her spanking was on or off her panties, just having him view them was disconcerting.

Calling Amy to his right side, he asked her again for confirmation.

“I am here for my spanking, Dean. I am so sorry I was late with my lesson plans. Do we really have to do this?”

“Yes, Miss Peabody, you agreed to this spanking. When we finish, you will return to the principal’s office and thank her for showing you this courtesy. By the way, did she send any special instructions?”

Amy stood by the dean, trembling with a combination of fear and mortification. She barely peeked at him, looking at the floor instead. Amy was amazed at how calmly Perkins took this all in.

“Miss Anderson said you should make it a ‘real smart one.’” Amy could not believe this conversation.

As pretty as Amy looked now, Perkins knew she would soon be more delightful. He had always admired her buns as she bounced down the hall. Soon she would be jiggling those sweet ass cheeks across his lap.

“How shall I teach you, Amy, to follow our rules?"

Giggles from outside confirmed that Julie's friends had gathered to listen to the Peabody spanking.

“You’re going to … to sp…spank me, Dean Perkins, right on my poor bottom,” she said somewhat louder as she nervously tapped her thighs just below the short skirt.

Perkins had learned that the pre-spanking humiliation was just as important, and possibly more beneficial than the bottom warming itself. The heat and discomfort passed in a few days; the memory of the entire shameful ordeal remained far longer.

Amy puckered up and hoped her tender and never before adult spanked bottom would survive this visit to “the dean’s office.”

Dean Perkins took her right hand in his left and gently pulled her forward until she landed right where he wanted her. A small, “Oh my gosh,” came from her as she landed on him in that time honored position. He moved her a bit to get her in the correct position and then placed his right hand down and grasped the hem of her loose skirt.

The pretty English teacher assumed that some of her students had also found themselves dress up and cheeks bared, counting the tiles on the principal's or dean’s floor. But for her, their teacher, to be draped over this man’s lap, was not the way it was supposed to be. She was to be mentored, motivated and sent to continuing education seminars, not spanked on her tight round bare bottom like a naughty young teenager. She was a state certified teacher!!

As soon as Amy was over the dean’s lap. She began whimpering in anticipation and began shaking with embarrassment as reality set in. First the short skirt was whisked up over her waist slowly exposing her lovely long legs in sheer black hose. Then the unblemished white skin above the thigh high stockings came into view. When Perkins got up to her waist, he was truly impressed. Her 25-year-old rounded ass globes were perfect. Creamy, full and firm. The two still white promontories just rose up from her thighs. Her bottom looked like two small grapefruits, and Perkins couldn’t wait to feel them. He could detect the beginnings of her trembling.

Amy felt the cool air on her soon to be hot buns and knew this was real. Amy’s mind ran a mile a minute. How hard would the dean’s hand be on her sweet untouched buns? How much pain would she feel and how loud would she cry and beg for the horrible spanking to stop. Amy had heard stories about the older girls not being able to sit in class for several days after a trip over Dean Perkins’ lap. And then there was the terrible shame of having to return to the classroom with the puffy eyes and mascara streaked cheeks of a recently spanked miscreant.

Sometimes long hair shaken out of place during a rather difficult over the knee spanking also announced what had just occurred; the recent upturning of two naked ass cheeks of a pretty girl, set aglow by a spanking, delivered to her pained yet still profound, but now very hot young buns, just moments before. Amy’s main question was how would she conduct herself? With bravery, professionalism and the decorum of a 25-year-old schoolteacher, or shrieking like a little girl with her skirt lifted up and her pretty bottom set on fire.

Amy did have panties on, but barely. They were tiny pink see-throughs. The little of them that was there, stretched tightly across her enchanting bottom. The small rear formed a triangle and only covered a few inches on top. After that tiny patch, the pink string of the thong disappeared into her lush separation. At least 80% of her luscious bottom cheeks were visible to Perkins’ gaze, including the cute tattoo of interlocking hearts on the upper right side, something that only her tattooist and boyfriend had ever seen before.

That made the cock Amy was laying on swell up and she felt it pushing against her tummy. She liked the idea that her dean was enjoying her body and hoped that he would see more of it some day. Maybe then he would caress her and be gentler than what was in store for her today. She squirmed a bit on that bulging warm appendage to make him aware she felt it. Perkins was aware of what his tumescent log was doing to Peabody and he rose to meet the challenge.

“OK, Peabody, time for your spanking.” He looked down again, admiring his favorite colors. The contrast was breathtaking. Amy’s straight black legs were leaning downwards to the floor. Perkins followed the legs up from her shiny black heels to the well-shaped white thighs and the perfectly rounded globes on his lap, soon to be losing their creamy hue, separated by the thin pink strip of the thong. The cute white butt cheeks were rolling about, even though they had not been touched yet, quivering ever so slightly in anticipation.

A bit of blonde hair stuck out between Amy's thighs and Perkins knew he would soon see more. Then after Amy's curled up skirt, partially hanging over her head, were her hands holding the floor. The beautiful bottom was, in fact, on the top of the triangle. Her dean told Amy to grasp the chair legs with her hands. “That will help if you think you want to reach back and protect yourself. Only silly girls do that.” Her only charms he didn’t see were her firm mid sized breasts, but they were lying across his left knee and throbbing on the outside of his thigh.

Perkins decided to move her a bit. He placed his right leg out a few inches and the maneuver brought up her legs. Now they were sticking straight out. Separating Amy's sculptured thighs a few inches brought her pussy into view. This repositioning also gave Perkins the opportunity to run his hand along the inside of her left thigh. He went as high as he thought he could, and then slid his warm palm over both gorgeous, still white, ass checks.

When the now trembling girl’s legs were down, her pink slash pointed away from him; this way it smiled right up at him. The pussy juice oozing out told him his advances were not unwanted. The dean had been spanking naughty high school girls for several years now; Perkins was not surprised when the tiny front patch was twisted out of position, exposing her bush and much more. Only her hands were down, far out of his way, holding the chair legs; perfectly situated for her first spanking as an adult.

“I’m sorry I cannot spank on your panties, as they are too small!! With that, Perkins ran his thumb and forefinger of his left hand along the sides of Amy's panties. This hid the already tiny panties deep in Amy's crack, along with the thin string of the thong. The exposure was now complete. Amy closed her eyes and cringed, as if this would change the dean's view of her bare tush.

Let’s hope one lesson is enough for you; you seem like a bright young lady. How old are you?”

With that warning, and hearing her answer, Perkins proceeded to give the shaking girl 25 alternating slaps on her full and now naked ass cheeks. Very slow, crisp, loud and very sharp. First on one side: top, middle, low, and then the sit spot. After four sharp cracks, the dean repeated the routine on the other side, WHACK, SMACK, CRACK, and SPLATT!!! Each loud crack caused Amy to gasp and groan.

The poor girl tried her best to bravely accept the spanking without adding to her degradation by crying and begging the dean to stop. But even her heroics finally yielded to the hot slaps attacking her rear end. After a few “Oooh’s “ and “Aaaahh’s,” Amy was rolling about the dean's lap, hoping the man shamelessly spanking her would hit a new, not so hot area of her tender bottom. The terribly embarrassed schoolteacher didn't realize it, but his big hand had covered her entire bottom already, so no matter where the sharp cracks fell, the spanks stung.

Amy's legs tended to kick up with each crack of Perkins' hand, most of the kicks shifting the pink thong between her cute pink spheres and exposing her lovely pussy, already glistening with her excitement, and the surrounding bush.

When Perkins got to ten, he asked how her pretty bottom felt. Between sobs, Amy gave in to the stinging pain told him she was very sore and asked him to stop, after sucking in the air she needed to speak. By fifteen, the tears were clouding her eyes, not that there was much to see on Dean Perkins’ floor. The next five, crisply and smartly delivered nice and slow, brought forth a low gurgling and some mumbling that sounded like. “ Please stop, no more .” Perkins wasn’t sure what she was saying, but he knew she would remember him and this afternoon’s trip over his lap for some time, due to her loud responses to the hot kisses falling from above.

Each well-delivered spank on Amy’s bare butt caused her to arch her back and yowl. The pain built up, flooded her brain and then slowly diminished. After she had fully absorbed the entire effect of the loud slap on one naked and very sore ass cheek, did Perkins drop the next one on its still burning twin.

It started all over again. “Yowwweee, Mr. Perkins, my bottom hurts so much. Please stop spanking me. I’ll be soooo good, please.” So much for her decorum. There is only so much a pretty young girl’s ass cheeks can take before reality sets in. This was one hard spanking, and crying, bouncing and begging for remission was the only natural response.

The cheering ladies outside were vicariously enjoying Amy's spanking, even though many were her friends. They counted along with each loud crack to her burning butt and eagerly awaited her pained response.

Perkins too, would remember this spanking for some time. Having spanked many young girls at Middlesex High, the dean was used to pretty, young, firm, and round ass cheeks coloring as they rolled across his lap. This pair of butt cheeks however, was outstanding. Peabody, being several years older, had matured and her full thighs and perfectly proportioned bottom globes were far more enticing than any set Perkins ever had the pleasure of spanking before. Raising the poor girl’s skirt was memorable. Each time Peabody rolled across his swollen organ, Bob prayed he wouldn’t explode and ruin this wonderful experience.

By now, Amy thought she had backed into a stove. Each of the dean’s hard, steady and loud spanks went right thru her body. She was on the receiving end of a very intense spanking and there was no telling when it would end.

Blurting out what she hoped she would never do, Amy pleaded, “Please Dean Perkins, my poor bottom is burning up. I will never sit on my tush again, please stop spanking me.

When the dean, a former college tennis player who never tired reached twenty, Amy’s twin buns, already radiating a scorching heat, were bright pink and shaking like Jell-O. Once or twice Amy took her hands from the chair legs, but kept them close by, balled up into fists. All it took was one, “ Amy!! ” and she re-grasped the chair's legs. Amy had no idea how lovely she was with her skirt well above her waist and virtually nothing but shaking pulchritude down to the tops of her hose.

The target the dean had to aim for was clearly outlined. Amy’s thong thread at her white waist on top, the tops of the black hose on her thighs and a full pinkness from side to side. Dean Perkins hit a home run each time and Amy ran the bases.

The pretty English teacher barely heard the loud CRACKs and SLAPs of the hard spanks above her as she pleaded with her disciplinarian to stop the attack on her sizzling, yet still fully firm bottom cheeks. It never ceased to amaze Dean Perkins how the young buns of those he spanked always kept their full round shape during a spanking. He loved the way the young butt cheeks immediately bounced up after being flattened by a firm and loud slap. That was one of the beauties of doling out spankings to young girls. His growing erection was another.

“Have you learned your lesson yet, Miss Peabody?” Perkins asked the crying young English teacher. Peabody did not even realize the hard spanks had stopped, as the pain was all consuming.

Amy, her pretty, round and nicely colored butt still on fire, turned her head to the left and looked up at the dean. Whether her severe and humiliating spanking had ended was still undetermined.

“You are barely pink, Amy. I think a few more hot kisses are warranted,” he announced to the very embarrassed young woman, desperately trying to shake the heat from her blazing bottom. The young English teacher barely realized the effect her sexy undraped body had on the man above her as her steaming bottom rolled, twisted and bounced on the dean’s lap. She felt the warm log beneath her tummy with each effort at escaping the punishing hand.

If he would only assault her with that love tool, this would be a much nicer afternoon, Amy thought. With every good leg kick, Perkins saw a wonderful show between her thighs. “You know Amy, if we do this spanking right this time, you probably won’t have to go over my lap for a few weeks.”

Her coloring, or lack thereof, confirmed Dean Perkins’ belief that a good spanking had to be on the bare. How else to gauge the color and heat? The complaining from the person over the lap, and even the kicking of the legs, was not a good measure of the effectiveness of the spanking. While the target of his attention was not quite bare, this was as close to a bare bottom spanking as Amy had come to in many years.

Oh Please, Dean Perkins. Please stop this spanking, it is so hard. My poor bottom can’t take anymore,” she pleaded as her tears dripped to the floor. The women outside mimicked her last entreaty, stressing the words, "My poor bottom..."

Each smack of Perkins' hard hand caused poor Amy to bounce up and then flatten herself and grind her tummy on the pedestal of pain . She felt his stiff member rise up to meet her and shuddered at the show she was putting on for the dean as she danced from side to side.

Good show or not, Amy was more concerned with the roaring pain in her sweet ass cheeks, rather than any issue of modesty. It was as if a thousand bees attacked her poor bottom all at once. What Perkins was looking at was far from Amy’s mind. Embarrassment was for later, stopping the fire was her main concern now.

“When your sorry buns tell me you have learned the lesson, I will stop spanking your tush, Miss Peabody.”

Having stopped for this discussion, Perkins rubbed the lovely round ass cheeks, longer than necessary, and said, “Your bottom is a bit warm, but you agreed to receive a good spanking, Amy, and not like you, I am prepared to follow the rules. Your bottom can take a bit more. Are we ready to continue?”

No, Dean Perkins, No. Please stop my spanking. It stings so. I will be good from now on, I promise.”

From the heat in her face, she knew her upper cheeks were as red as the lower ones. Thankfully, the dean could not see her humiliation, although how else could she feel in that juvenile position with her blazing lower orbs mostly bare and on display?

“I am sure you will, Miss Peabody, but we must complete the exercise. Didn’t the principal say she wanted your spanking to smart?” 

"Make it smart," the chorus chimed in.

Taking advantage of his position, Perkins slipped the thong aside and ran his forefinger down the center of Peabody’s significantly shaped and nicely colored ass separation. Her pink slash had been staring up at him every time she kicked real hard. He took advantage of the situation and put some of her natural lubricant on his finger’s end. Holding her steaming ass cheeks apart with the fingers of his left hand, Perkins saw Amy’s cute butt hole wink up at him and smile. The little pink rosebud was surrounded by the only white areas left on that scorched and very angry bottom. Perkins rubbed the tight opening gently, and when it relaxed, he went into it about an inch, but it was enough. Trying to ignore the slippery intruding finger, Amy wriggled and squeezed real hard, trying to dislodge him, but Perkins stayed at will.

What are you doing there, Dean Perkins?”

Perkins detected the wetness that told of her excitement, despite the discomfort and embarrassment of being spanked like a naughty little girl. The wonderful aroma of sexual excitement also caught his attention, and he slipped his middle finger into the other warm opening before him, causing Amy to shudder and bounce with the second warm invasion. He went in as far as his knuckle would allow, swished his finger around the wet and warm vault, and went along for the ride as Amy shot her butt up towards his face.

He wasn’t quite sure what she said, but he did like the singing, “Oh, Oh, Ooooh, Dean Perkins, Ooooooh, Aaaaaah!!” As wave after wave of uncontrolled quivering rolled on his lap, Amy’s sharply scissoring legs kept time to the cries of joy at her other end. This little minx loved everything going on except the fires burning in her ass cheeks. It wouldn’t be long before she came back asking for more!

The first rule of spanking young ladies is to have your hand free. As Amy needed a few more crisp spanks to her already throbbing ass cheeks, Perkins had no choice but to remove his fingers from her warm and inviting openings. Amy’s cums had placed locks on these intruding fingers, but with all the pussy juice around, Perkins was able to slip out slowly.

His exit was drawn out, trying to impress upon Amy that the painful spanking was strictly school business, and not personal. Perkins massaged those inner sanctums, as if he didn’t want to leave, and his final shake of the fingers brought Amy off again, squirting out those quick, “Oh, Oh, Uh, Uh, Uhhhhs,” followed by a long and loud, “Ohhhhhhs,” and causing a major wet stain on the deans’ pants. Watching Amy’s bright red bottom, twitching and bouncing out of control and alternately pushing up to his face and then flattening along his erect member almost caused Perkins to wet his own pants.

Perkins wiped the two wet invasive fingers on the bottom of the skirt and slowly went back to those lovely pink hillocks staring up at him. He waited a few moments for Amy’s breathing to return to normal and then grasped her still quivering buns. He caressed them tenderly as long as he could. This was the Perkins she would return to. The gentle, caring one, not the businessman.

Then Perkins counted out the last five cruel spanks.

They made wonderful music together. He said “Twenty-one,” and she sang, “ Ooowwee ,” a moment after the loud spank on her very sore right cheek reverberated throughout the room. Perkins announced “Twenty-two,” as another hot slap fell, this time on the plaintiff left side, and heard her moan, “ Aaaahhh .” Each sharp spank to a very nicely colored side of her trembling ass caused that leg to kick back, as the “ Oowee ” responded from her other end. “Twenty-three” brought another crisp spank, followed by Amy’s loud “ Ooohhh, Ooohh, Yooowee, Please stop, ” and both shiny black legs flew up in unison. Perkins wondered how her heels stayed on during the wild ride the poor girl’s legs were having. Perkins waited until Amy stopped flopping to ensure she was ready for this painful and humiliating resumption. He wanted her to fully appreciate all he was doing for her.

If Perkins were not enjoying this spanking so much, he might have felt sorry for Amy’s predicament. However, the beauty of her firm red cheeks, so round and standing up so proudly, the firm white thighs protruding from the shiny black hose and the occasional glimpse of her cute pink pussy smiling at him, and spraying love juice down on his lap, overcame any sympathy he might have shown.

“Twenty-four” brought forth a “ Please, Dean Perkins, no more, I am on fire!!

Again, the brigade chimed in, "Please Dean Perkions, no more!"

At least that’s what it sounded like between the gasps for air and the loud crying. The dean waited a while and then announced, as he caressed the hot mounds, “Amy, this is the last of this set. I will administer it when you stop your lap dance and tell me you are ready for your final spank.” He waited a few moments for her involuntary rolling and bouncing to stop, but realized the twin cheeks, burning up with a thousand pin pricks, would continue twitching for some time.

With that, and her groaned “ Please, No more !” the dean reluctantly lifted his tingling hand from Amy’s delightfully warm ass and asking her which side she wanted her last spank. Not hearing an answer, gave her a solid swat on the firm right side of that beautiful round hillock that caused both of her long and shiny legs to kick upwards.

Nooooooo Mooooore. Pleeeeeeese.” Amy merely gurgled a loud and long unintelligible sound and showed him her bush. The crying started again, even though the painful spanking had finally ended. Her blotched bottom started bouncing again.

Amy squirmed on Perkims' lap for a while trying to control the crying and convulsing tremors of her entire body. She had never felt such a burning feeling in her bottom, nor the great cums that nearly took over her entire body. She wondered if the stings would ever subside. Amy wanted ever so much to put her hands behind her and rub out the flames, but knew that would only bring more pain. So she gritted her teeth, closed her eyes and cried out as she waved her red-hot bottom in Perkins’ face. Amy also wanted to postpone looking into the face of the man who just spanked her nearly very bare bottom, although in this position he saw more than he should. Neither choice was good.

Finally, with the dean's permission, Amy pushed herself up, leaning on his left thigh. It was difficult, but she avoided the large protuberance swelling in his trousers. Her dress dropped down to cover her almost bare ass and sculptured thighs but nothing could cover her blushing upper cheeks. Amy’s hands went to her pained bottom and tried to rub away the heat, as her entire body shook.

She avoided the dean’s eyes and did not want him to see her puffy eyes and wet face. She had been severely spanked and hoped it was over. Her sobbing was uncontrollable and the post-spanking dance took over her body. Amy danced from foot to foot and tried to put the fires out by fanning her flaming tush. Knowing that her spanking caused Perkins’ huge erection only added to the indignity of what had just occurred.

Changing to a more comforting tone, Perkins told Amy this part of her training session was over and he was very proud of the way she accepted her spanking. Amy, still not wishing to look at the man who just turned her poor tush into a pincushion, stared at the floor and hopped from foot to foot. The pain was mainly in her sweet butt cheeks, but she felt the radiating heat shooting down her thighs.

Amy tried to assuage her hot buns through her thin skirt, but was told to keep her hands by her sides. “This too is part of your spanking, Amy. It will help you remember.”

As Dean Perkins lectured her on her responsibilities as a teacher, Amy kept dancing and swishing her hot and swollen bottom, trying to cool it off. As with the pre-spanking humiliation, Perkins continued the therapy post-spanking as well.

Telling her to look at him, he asked tenderly, “Amy, tell me why I took you over my lap, raised your skirt and spanked your naughty bottom until it was red.” Crying too much to answer, Amy's tears just ran down her rosy face. She danced and wailed and tried to shake the fire out of her steaming bottom. Perkins tapped the bottom of Amy’s chin with his forefinger, awaiting an answer.

Still sobbing, the pretty young teacher lifted her face and responded, “I didn’t follow Miss Anderson’s school rules. I am very sorry and it won’t happen again, Dean Perkins. My poor tush is soooo sore . Please don’t spank me anymore. I learned my lesson. That was a very hard spanking.”

"Please don't spank me anymore," the crowd sang.

“Amy, I want you to go back to Miss Anderson’s office and thank her for allowing you be spanked instead of discharged. She was very upset with you and may decide you may still need a taste of her wooden hairbrush. Tell her I only gave you twenty-five, but they were smart ones!”

Oh no, Dean Perkins . My poor bottom can’t take another hard spanking. I will be the best teacher at Middlesex.

Thank you so much for your compassion. I know you could have spanked me more severely, or with a hairbrush or strap.” Amy pleaded as the dark tears continued to run down her wet face, bringing her mascara with them.

“I am sure there are still some staff and teachers in the building, Amy, so go into my washroom and clean yourself up before you go. The whole building doesn’t have to know it was you who went skirt up over my lap and screamed and kicked your legs as you had your sweet and tender buns warmed.”

As Amy rinsed her still flushed face with the cool water, Perkins returned the wooden chair to its pre-spanking position, readjusted the warm log in his pants and fixed his shirt. Before leaving the restroom, Amy repositioned her tiny thong, but it was way too late to matter. She had received a very severe spanking and was terribly embarrassed.

She hoped that the next time her buns were bared, the dean would make her squirm and quiver without putting a fire in them. The sweet pussy juice was running down her thighs, but she was left unsatisfied. That would not happen again. “Better start working on this now,” Amy thought.

The young teacher took a deep breath, tried to control her sobbing, and thanked her dean for her spanking. “Dean Perkins,” she blushed, “I won’t be sitting on my poor tush for a few days, and will sleep on my tummy tonight, but I appreciate what you did for me today. Miss Anderson was very annoyed with me and I almost lost my job. You were sooo good to give me a spanking instead, even though it was very hard. My poor bottom really stings.“

“Amy, please call me Bob. You know this wasn’t personal. I was merely following school policy, I hope you understand.”

Trying to make the best of a bad situation, Amy stepped forward, kissed Perkins on the cheek, and let her lowered hand accidently brush against his still warm appendage pushing out the front of his trousers.

Looking the dean in the eyes, Amy gave his stiff member few gentle squeezes and whispered, “I know Bob. Please tell Miss Anderson the spanking was a good idea. My paperwork will be in on time, and if it’s not, well, I know where my panties will be.”

She kissed his cheek again, and left the office. Despite her stinging bottom, Amy was still under the glow of the quick cums she enjoyed over the dean’s lap. Maybe next time she would feel something more fulfilling than a few fingers.

Thankfully the wet panty brigade had left before Amy opened the door. Some went to the restroom to change; the more daring ones going to their empty classrooms to relieve themselves.

Amy’s heels could be heard clicking down the tiled corridor as she took the baby steps consistent with a recently administered bare bottom spanking, particularly one so smartly delivered. Hoping to see no one as she went to Miss Anderson’s office, Amy tried to squeeze the heat out of her swollen ass cheeks; those poor sweet globes that had been spanked more than enough for one day. She hoped the witch’s hairbrush was not awaiting her.

Rickey Smarts © 2013

As Amy got her spanking, the chorus sang along. Will there be any consequences? What will happen when Amy reports back to the principal?

Stay tuned and listen for the sounds of the singing hairbrush. At Middlesex High it is heard often!

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