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Peter is Spanked by his Wife and Mother

Peter is spanked by both his Mother and Wife

It was inevitable really. I was never going to be able to hide the fact indefinitely from Jackie that even though I am 25 years old and we had been married for three years my Mother has continued to spank me. Mum insisted I tell her so when I was getting undressed one night after a spanking Jackie, my beautiful but easily riled 24 year old wife asked “what happened to you? That is one red bottom.”


I had in my mind that maybe Jackie would tell my Mother to stop
spanking me and being spanked would become a thing of the past. I had
my arguments rehearsed what I was going to say but when the time came
and I faced with her fierce look  I floundered with my answers before
admitting what had happened.  "I was at Mum's today and we had a bit
of an argument. I overstepped the mark, quite a lot actually, and
ended up across her lap."

"What, being spanked?" She was incredulous.


"But you're 25."

I looked at the floor.

"Are you serious?"

"Well yes" I said. I looked up and when I saw the grin on her face my
voice trailed off.

Jackie laughed. "Good for Mavis."  Jackie laughed.  She had always
called my Mother by her first name. It didn't seem strange when I
called her Mum.

Jackie then said more seriously "maybe you had better be careful or
else I might do the same."

I laughed but it wasn't so funny when she snapped "I mean it Peter,
you can be very trying at times, messing me around, being forgetful,
and the like, quite like a naughty boy, so maybe some good old
fashioned discipline from me will do you some good. Oh, and it will
make me feel better as well." My hopes were dashed. Instead of saying
my Mother must stop spanking me I knew Jackie would allow it to
continue or it seems even decide to spank me as well.

I knew from her look she really was giving the prospect serious
thought. Whilst I was spanked regularly when I lived at home I
thought my days of being spanked were over when I got married, but I
reckoned without my Mother believing I will never be too old. Mum
spanked me just three weeks after I got married and has done so many
times since then although Jackie never knew, until today.

The fact is though that I find being spanked both painful and
embarrassing.  I hate being spanked both because it hurts and because
at 25 years old surely I must be too old to be put across someone
else's knee and have my bare bottom spanked. Just for misbehaving
after all, just for not doing what I am told to do.

A few days later we were at my Mum's for dinner. I tried my best but
an argument erupted, I became agitated and started giving Mum some
home truths. She said testily "be careful Peter or else."

Jackie piped up with "oh you mean you might spank him?"

"He told you then."

"Yes, after I saw the results of one of yours."

"Good. You know I used to find it had the right effect. It made him
very well mannered actually."

"Really?" Jackie asked sounding very interested.

"Oh yes, he was much better behaved than his cousins. My sister
didn't spank them but Peter was regularly spanked and I can tell you
I was better off for it. My sister was given hell by her sons but
Peter was much more obliging obviously because he knew what would
happen if he wasn't" she said with a wide grin then continued more
seriously, "but because I was in control it meant I was more relaxed
and got on much better with him than my sister did with her boys.
Strange isn't it, but by me spanking Peter we really did have a much
happier home."

I knew that was true.  There weren't any drawn out arguments and bad
feelings never grew. Mum only had to mention the strap and my whole
attitude would change. Sometimes she only had to give me one of her
looks and any misbehaving stopped there and then. I could see Jackie
was enjoying herself at my expense but I was still blown away when
she said seriously "So Peter you have just been rude to your Mum so
that means you have must have earned a spanking."

There was a moments silence before my Mother eagerly agreed "You are
right so come here" she said firmly to me.

"Mum please, I'm sorry" I begged.

"You seem to have forgotten how to speak to me properly Peter, so it
is deserved. Anyway as Jackie agrees it must be right."

I didn't know what to say. I knew I had been rude and years ago I
would have accepted my fate, but I'm 25 now.

"I tell you what Mavis" Jackie said. "I'll settle this. Peter, you
and I will go upstairs and I will spank you."

  "Good idea" Mum said smiling.

I actually thought that maybe that was best. Jackie and I could leave
the room and I could talk Jackie out of spanking me and it will all
have calmed down by the time we get back downstairs. A great plan I
thought except it didn't turn out like that, not even close. We got
to my old bedroom and Jackie wouldn't take any argument.

"You either go across my lap or I'll call your Mother up. You decide
Peter." She stood with her arms crossed, and whilst she still looked
beautiful I knew she was intent on doing this. Her eyes flashed as
she tapped her foot showing how agitated she was getting. I realised
she wasn't going to back down.

"OK" I conceded.

She immediately took her jumper off displaying her red sleeveless
shirt which looked stunning with her short skirt and bare legs. Any
other time I would have relished taking her to bed but not this time
what with what was going to happen to me as she sat down and told me
in no uncertain terms to get my bare butt across her knee. I lowered
my trousers and pants and bent across her lap. Fifteen minutes later
we went back downstairs.

Mum ignored me so I went and sat down whilst she asked Jackie "how
was it?"

"Not bad for starters.  He certainly cried out enough whilst I was
spanking him" Jackie said to my Mum.


I couldn't believe it when Jackie asked Mum "Tell me as well as
spanking is there anything else you did to punish him when he was

I wanted Mum to stop but I think she really thought she was helping
by explaining "no dear, just my hand and the strap. That was all I
needed. It avoided any endless arguments or grounding and the like."

"The strap?" Jackie asked. "I just used my hand and must admit it
rather hurts now although Peter was complaining enough" she explained
as she held her hand up and we could see how red it was. She
added "and it is really tiring doing all that spanking so I suppose
there has to be an easier way."

Great I thought. I know what that means. It wasn't too bad just
having the hand spanking and I coped easily enough even though I made
it sound as though she was killing me.

"I wondered why Peter has been able to sit down so easily. He never
could after I disciplined him. I rather think he was coasting with

"What does coasting mean Mavis?"

"Oh, he used to cry out in pain even when it didn't hurt so I would
go easy on him. I did a couple of times until I caught on and since
then I never took any notice of how much he cried out and using the
strap meant I could really hit him hard.  Of course eventually I just
went by the colour of his bottom after I have used the strap. I
didn't stop until it was red enough" Mum said seriously.

Jackie looked at me with one of her really serious looks and
said "did you have me on up there Peter?"

She could tell from the way I blushed that I had. "Right, that's it.
I will not be lied to." Jackie looked at my Mother and said "What
kind of strap did you use Mavis as I will need to get one."

My Mother replied "There is no need to buy one as I have a couple. I
tell you what I'll get one for you and a copy of the receipt from the
shop so you know where to go in future."

Jackie said "Actually Mavis, I really think I should be solely
responsible for Peter's behaviour. I am his wife. Don't you reckon
that is right Mavis? You can call me if he has earned a spanking
which I will give him when he gets home."

"Of course you are absolutely right dear. That's why I wanted you to
be told. So you could take over responsibility for his discipline.  I
won't be around forever anyway. I'll get both of them for you."

Mum left the room.  I turned to Jackie and said "please Jackie,
there's no need for you use the strap. Can't you just use your hand?"
She looked at me, both knowing that by implication I had already
accepted she will have spanking rights but that wasn't enough for her.

"No Peter. I think we established upstairs I will be using my hand in
any case, but I will be using the strap as well as that is what you
are used to. Trying to fool me indeed. How could you? Well take your
trousers down and grab that chair, schoolboy like. I will teach you
to make me look silly in front of your Mother."

I stopped arguing as all I seemed to be doing was digging myself
deeper in to a hole. Jackie sneered at me, knowing she had wrested
control away from Mum. I knew I would have to be careful with her. At
least with Mum I only visited from time to time. With Jackie it is a
daily thing. I did as she said, my bare bottom pointed out into the

Two minutes later Mum came back into the room holding two straps I
remembered so well. Mum smiled as she handed Jackie the straps.
Jackie turned and walked across to me and said "right, I think you
will feel this."

I could see how Jackie used all her force to slash the strap across
my already red bottom. It didn't hurt as much as when Mum did it, but
hurt much more than just her hand. Two dozen spanks later and I was
in tears.

Mum said "I think you need to practice dear, but that was a good

Jackie smiled and thanked my Mother before putting the straps in her
bag with the threat "You had better be good or else next time it will
hurt more."

Next time. I certainly knew what that meant.

The next few weeks saw Jackie have me across her lap on a fairly
regular basis, always finishing off with more and more lashes from
the strap.  Mum was happily phoning her to say I had earned a
spanking whilst at hers and sure enough when I got home Jackie wasted
no time in punishing me.

Spanking became a regular disciplinary event. The terrible thing was
though that when all was said and done I had to admit that living
with the threat of disciplinary action did lead me to be far more
considerate of Jackie and she was far more relaxed and even happier
than before.

The trouble was though that our relationship became more like Mother
and son rather than husband and wife. Jackie took discipline very
seriously but found spanking me so strenuous that she rarely felt
like having sex any more. That was a real drag.

But my life had changed. No more arguments with Jackie. She didn't
have to. Just a quick instruction to follow her and I obediently
ended up across her lap having my bottom tanned. All very nice for
her of course but I had to accept it.

Jackie would spank me in front of Mum, but otherwise only spanked me
in private. I was thankful for that. It has meant some very tense
journeys home in the car with Jackie telling me off and saying how I
so deserved the spanking she was going to give me, and me just
grunting yes and no replies, knowing my bottom was going to be made
very sore as soon as we got home. The strap got plenty of use. Much
as I tried I simply could not behave sufficiently well for my
gorgeous wife.

Tonight Jackie and I were going to take my Mother to an exclusive
restaurant and Jackie explained if we were late we would have to wait
until much later in the evening for a free table. Both of them had
waited a long time for the chance to eat there and they were really
looking forward to it.  Mum was going away whilst her house was being
renovated and this was a thank you for all the "help" she had given

Unfortunately I was behind at work.  Just as I wanted to leave to get
home my boss called me over and explained about a new Client she
hoped to win. I missed my bus, and the next one was cancelled.  When
I got home Jackie was livid.

"We are too late for our table now Peter.  How could you be so late?"
she demanded to know.

I explained what had happened and apologised. Jackie was very upset.
She called the restaurant and nearly exploded when she got back
telling me the next table won't be ready for an hour and a half.

"Peter, it's no good being sorry and apologising when it is too late,
is it? You know you deserve to go across my knee for a really hard
spanking for being late and that is just what I will give you."

I expected it whilst on the bus knowing I was going to be late. I
nodded in obedience and waited to be told to go across her lap. I was
used to Mum watching.

I took a deep breath and said "Sorry Jackie."

Jackie turned to my Mother, who had sat quietly in an armchair,
watching and staring, and said "Right Mavis, we have a good hour or
so so at least we can do something useful."

Jackie looked at me again and said "Right my lad, I hope the seats at
the restaurant are cushioned because if they are hard you are going
to find it difficult to eat when we get there.  Now, go and stand in
front of the spanking chair and put your hands on your head.

I did as I was told. It had passed me by that the spanking chair was
in the lounge all along and turned in to the room.

Jackie sat down on the chair and started to wag her finger at me and
scold me for being late. She undid the buttons of my trousers. They
slipped to the floor.  I looked ahead of me, and there was my Mother
looking straight back looking very cross as she wagged her finger as
well. "I hope this is going to hurt" she said, rubbing in the
punishment I was about to get.

Just then my pants were being lowered to my ankles so I stood there
naked below the waist, my Mother looking straight at me, Jackie
sitting in front of me.

"Over you go "Jackie said.  She took my arm and guided me across her
knee.  It was a familiar position now.  Looking at the floor I knew
my bottom was in the perfect spanking position.

"Now my lad" said Jackie, I am going to spank you very hard.  No warm
up, no talking, just a good hard spanking.  Just for starters you
understand.  We do have well over an hour before we have to go."

She started to land the flat of her hand all over my exposed and
unprotected bottom.  I was squirming fairly soon. I couldn't help
thinking. Me, a 25 year old grown up man being spanked by his angry
wife who was tanning his hide with his Mother watching. What a state
to be in.

Jackie had been spanking me for a few minutes when I heard my Mother
say "I don't wish to interfere Jackie, but I do think he should be
spanked rather harder you know."

Jackie stopped spanking me but kept her hand firmly on my bottom,
rubbing gently, but allowing me to listen to the conversation. She
answered "but I'm hitting him as hard as I can. Mind you, I do get so
tired when I spank him."

"Well dear, it's not always strength you know, there is technique as

"What do you mean Mavis?" Jackie asked, and I could tell she wasn't
upset at all, just interested.

"Various things really you know."

Then before Mum could continue Jackie said to me after a slap on my
bottom to point out that she was talking to me "Right stand up, hands
on your head, and look at me."

I got up, knowing I could not rub my bottom, and stood looking at her
with my hands on my head, ignoring the fact I was naked below the

"Time for a change Peter. Your Mother will spank you." My mouth
dropped open, and Jackie was delighted.  She could tell I was more
worried about being spanked by my Mum. "Mavis, sit there put him
across your knee for a spanking."

I was about to object but Jackie was ahead of me and said "just try
me Peter, you won't like the alternative I can assure you."

I closed my mouth. I didn't dare ask what the alternative would be.
Jackie gave me a sneer and said "You can hardly complain. Just keep
thinking about how late you have made us."

My Mother sat down on the chair.  She pointed a finger at her lap. I
knew what that meant from old.  She did not guide me but just
expected me to put myself across her knee.  Once there she seemed to
delight in rubbing my already sore bottom, a hand I recognised well
of course.

"Right Jackie, I want you to see how a real spanking should be
given." Even I could feel the seriousness in her voice. I looked
across at Jackie who had her "bring it on" face. She really looked as
though she was interested in seeing just hard my Mother could spank

The first spank hit home and I could immediately tell the difference.
Her hand was hard and firm and well practiced at spanking. There was
no break at all, just a constant stream of spanks.

"You see Jackie how spanking him on exactly the same spot intensifies
the pain?"

I could tell because I was on the receiving end.

"Yes, I can see he is squirming much more when you do that."

Did I because I wasn't conscious of doing that I thought, now
struggling under the onslaught. This really was starting to smart,
just as it used to when Mum spanked me before.

Mum then gave a whole series of spanks on the tops of my legs.  These
really stung.

"You see these as well Jackie. I am getting a really good reaction
which means he is hurting."

I wasn't arguing. I was crying too much to argue, from the pain.

"Yes, I see that as well."

"Do you want to take over again dear? I can show you other things
next time?"

Next time? Next time? I don't want a next time do I.

"No problem Mavis, you finish off. I think watching you is doing me a
lot of good and at least we know Peter is getting a good lesson."

I was sobbing too much to even think about that one.

"OK dear, I will use the strap after a few more minutes with my hand."

I had forgotten about the strap just as I had forgotten how hard Mum
spanks as Jackie has been doing it for so long now. I was hurting and
sobbing uncontrollably, when she used the strap. My bottom stung and
burned at the same time, just as it had always done when my Mother
spanked me.

When it was finally over my Mother said "did you see the difference
Jackie?" I heard my Mother add, "a spanking should hurt him. Don't
hold back. The punishment must be one he remembers after all."

"Yes Mavis. I must say you made it look so easy."

"Maybe you should watch me a few more times and I can give you some

"Hey, Mavis that would be really great. I can see I have lots more to

"Don't worry Jackie, I'll show you how to discipline Peter. When I'm
finished he will obey your every word or regret it."

My Mother told me to get up but I got up too slowly, forgetting I was
presenting my bottom to her as an easy target and she landed a hard
smack with her hand.  I shot up quickly suddenly ignoring the agony
of my very sore bottom.

"You'll have to be quicker than that Peter. Now, what do you say" she

Both women turned to me and stared. I knew I had no choice.

  "Thank you Jackie, you have been very kind."  I looked at my Mother
and repeated my thanks and added "I appreciate the time and trouble
you have both taken to discipline me and I am sorry to both of you
for making you late for dinner."

"That's better" my Mother conceded. "Mind you, my guess is that
Jackie has not been anywhere near severe enough with you. What do you
think Jackie, now you have seen how it should be done?"

"Peter was definitely more obedient with you than when I discipline
him. I do so want to learn from you that's for sure."

"I'll be delighted to teach you Jackie. I have missed the challenge
of a naughty bottom since you took over."

Jackie turned to me and said "Right then Peter, go and tidy yourself
up.  We have to leave in 30 minutes.  Do not make us late."

I checked my watch, just to make sure.  "Right Jackie." I left the
room hearing them talking but I could not hear what they were saying
just lots of laughter but not the words.

I was in the bedroom looking at my red bottom with the bruises from
the strap starting to come through when Jackie came in to the
bedroom. "Nice" she said with a smile.

I spun around worried she might be thinking I needed some extra

"Calm down Peter, don't panic. I'm not going to punish you again. Not
now anyway."

I relaxed.

"So, what did you think of your Mother disciplining you then?" she
asked, now suddenly serious."

"She sure spanks hard Jackie."

"I know, I could tell when watching her. Anyway, your Mother is
coming to stay with us for a while, until her house has been
remodelled. I just asked her and she said yes."

"But that is about 9 months" I said, suddenly worried about what that
might mean.

"I know, but I thought you should know because of how it will affect

"Affect me?"

"Well yes. She said she would much prefer to stay with us but always
liked to feel useful so I asked her to take back full responsibility
for your discipline whilst she stayed with us. She was delighted to
do that as she thought that would give her lots of time to show me
how to discipline you properly. She really takes it seriously you
know, it's not a game for her at all."

I knew that from long hard experience although I did learn from it so
knew it wasn't all bad.

Jackie continued "Clearly you will have to accept her decisions again
on, well, all discipline matters so if you are naughty then she will
have the right to spank you. Just like today, except she can decide
without me, although she will wait for me to come home before giving
you the spanking."

I looked distraught.

"Oh come here you ninny" Jackie said holding out her arms. She pulled
me close and kissed me hard on the lips her hand dropping down to
between my legs, taking my balls in her hand and squeezing lightly. I

"You know, it was very sexy watching you being spanked and the way
your Mother spoke to you was really something. She is so forceful."

"Was she?" I whispered, enjoying Jackie playing with me.

"Sure.  Go on, feel me, I am so wet" she said.

I put my hand under her skirt, slid my hand over the top of her
knickers and down between her legs and felt her hair, moist, and yes
wet. She looked at me with her laughing eyes.

"Now take my skirt and knickers down and have me."

I didn't need a second instruction. I gently sat her down on the bed
and pulled down her skirt and knickers, kneeling on the floor to help
her out of them. As she lifted her legs I lent forward nuzzling my
face between her thighs and kissed her hair mound, easing my tongue
in to her soft vaginal lips.

"Hey you" Jackie said still laughing, "I want a proper job."

I looked up to see she had removed her top and bra. I stood up and
Jackie eased her self up the bed. I lent down next to her and we
kissed, our hands exploring each others bodies, I couldn't remember
the last time Jackie had been so attentive to me, and I knew from her
breathing she was more excited now than for a long time. We played
with each other until we both came together gasping out loud in

We lay there for several minutes in each others arms, reflecting,
both of us breathing heavily.

Jackie turned to me and said "so you don't mind your Mother having
all the spanking rights for a while?"

"All of them, what not you at all?"

"Exactly. It will give me a break but you will still be disciplined.
Actually I have to admit that I have found spanking you so strenuous
I haven't even thought about sex afterwards but watching today really
was a turn on for me."

"But it hurts me Jackie. It doesn't turn me on you know."

"It's supposed to hurt you silly. You're being disciplined after all
because you have been naughty. It's me it turns on though, I mean
really turns me on."

With that she kissed my chest and then worked her way down my stomach
kissing me again every couple of inches. It felt so nice. The throb
from my sore bottom was still there but I could almost forget it.
Soon she was kissing my shaft, my again erect shaft, before
encircling my erection with her warm wet lips, taking it all inside,
licking all around then sucking hard, as she caressed my penis with
her tongue, and I knew I was getting closer and closer to a second
orgasm.  Suddenly I let out a long sigh and I knew my thick cum had
spurted out in to Jackie's mouth, just as it did when we were first
married. I opened my eyes as I felt her move back up and was facing
me, swallowing my cum, smiling, looking so beautiful.

"Like I said Peter, watching you being spanked really turned me on."

I looked at her beautiful eyes. "OK, but she does spank so hard.
Can't we just have sex?"

"No Peter, not now I know how much watching you being spank turns me
on. The harder the better I say, for me anyway" Jackie replied,

  "Oh. Do you think you will be turned on more the harder she spanks?"

"I do think so."

"If I agree, do I have to be naughty though?" This time I laughed.

"Oh yes, your Mother has to have a good reason to spank you. She
takes it very seriously you know. She would be horrified if she
thought we were being turned on" Jackie said.

"It's just that it hurts Jackie, and I don't like being spanked" I

"Tough" she almost spat out. "This is about me not just you. Watching
you get spanked gets me aroused like never before so it is going to
happen Peter. You are going to be spanked whether you like it or not.
That's the only way you get sex." Then she added softly "you do want
sex don't you Peter?"

"Do I, well yes, like really yes.  You were great just now Jackie.
You took me to the heights. Of course I want sex with you."

"Good, anyway we'll discuss this later.  We don't want to be late
again do we?" she chided cheerfully.

We went to the restaurant.  The seats weren't overly soft, but I
didn't mind.  The soreness reminded me of the wonderful sex we had

Jackie and my Mother were both in good humour. In the car on the way
home my Mum drove and we sat in the back. She announced, "so, Jackie
has agreed that whilst I'm staying with you I will be responsible for
your discipline Peter.  You will find me rather stricter than Jackie,
far less tolerant. Just as I used to be when you lived at home. It's
likely to mean more spankings than you have been used to. Oh, and
Jackie will be watching every one just to add to your punishment, and
so I can teach her how to spank you harder for once I go home. Do you

"Yes I do Mother. I'm sure you will teach us both a lot" I said as
respectfully as possible. I caught Jackie's eye. I know she hoped my
Mother would be extra especially strict with me. I wasn't yet so
sure. I wanted the sex but not the spanking.

Jackie was well ahead of me though.  "You know Mavis, I agree Peter's
behaviour has deteriorated since you stopped spanking him.  Do you
think it would be a good idea to impose a zero tolerance discipline
regime?  No second chances and the like. That way he will earn so
many more spankings and I will learn that much more quickly."

My heart sank.

"Yes Jackie, an excellent idea. Peter, that starts with immediate
effect.  OK?"

"Yes Mum" I said dolefully. Jackie was smiling. She took my hand and
without Mum seeing she let me slide it down the front of her
knickers.  She was already wet just from talking about me being
spanked. Well, that answered how I was going to be spanked so often.
At least I wouldn't have to be concerned about having sex. That at
least was my saviour.

I was with the two women in my life.  One who controlled the soreness
of my bottom and the other who controlled the stiffness of my penis.
I was going to have to accept the pain and embarrassment from the
first in order to enjoy the orgasmic highs from the second. It could
be worse I reckoned.

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