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Jade, you misbehaved

Jade is a beautiful woman inside and out—very intelligent, playful with a colorful sense of humor, and very pretty. Just being in public with her makes me feel powerful and important.

Keeping Jade interested in one man or any man is a very challenging task. She is 22 years old, in college, and most of the guys that show her interest are too immature for her liking, too serious for her witty personality or just total clowns. Getting Jade’s attention is not a very hard thing to do, but to keep her interested and win her heart takes something very special. Jade wants a man that can say, “No,” firmly, and who can say, “Yes,” charmingly. You see, Jade has a strong personality and she wants and needs to feel that the man she is with is more powerful than she. That’s the only way she can get turned on.
I have known her for a year now. We get along very well. Anything we do together becomes interesting and fun. We could buy ice cream from an ice cream man, and turn our interaction with him into the most fun thing ever.

Jade is also a very stubborn woman, but I know for a fact that when she is around me she tunes it down a lot because whenever she misbehaves or act stubborn around me, she gets a lecture and I punish her anyway I can.

Jade and I have this very clear yet unspoken understanding. Whenever I give her a hard time, force her to stop talking or to behave, grab her hard by the wrist, or anything of that nature, she feels alive. Basically whenever she feels controlled by me, she feels a deep satisfaction—she feels sexy, she feels beautiful. She feels cared for and she feels loved, and something inside of her simply glows. This understanding between us is so clear even though we have never talked about it, not even once. On the other hand, whenever I feel this power over her, I feel like I own her. I feel powerful, I feel sexy, I feel wanted and I feel an intense love for her and powerful love from her.

Most times when Jade and I hang out, she initiates contact, then she gives me options of things we can do or places we can go, and that’s how it has always been. We do most things in public. We go to the movies, we go bowling, we play pool, and we kick the soccer ball around at the park. I have always known that satisfying Jade and keeping her satisfied is almost impossible, so I decided to try my best not to see her in a romantic way and to keep this special friendship that we have alive for as long as possible.

It was nine in the morning on Saturday two weeks ago when my cell phone rang. I almost ignored it; then my curiosity won again, and I looked to see Jade’s number. I picked it up and said, “Too early for a phone call especially when I have not heard from you for three weeks, isn’t it? It had better be important, Jade,” I said, sounding a bit agitated.

"I’m sorry sir, I have been very busy with school and work and homework, and haven’t had the chance to contact you but I am completely free today and would like to see you if you are available, sir. I am all yours today," she said humorously.

“Call me at 11:05. I need some more sleep,” I said assertively.

"O.K., Sir,” she said. Then we said bye and hung up.

Two hours later, my phone rang again. I answered it and quickly said, “Pick me up in forty five minutes, Jade.”

Again she replied, “O.K., sir. Bye.”

I said bye and hung up. I got up right away, shaved and showered, put some classy black pants on and a white long sleeved buttoned shirt and wore a thin black tie. I felt like looking my best that day. I got out of my apartment just when I had expected Jade to show up, and sure enough there she was, waiting outside. I got in the car and quickly noticed how beautiful she looked, and to my surprise she also was dressed nicely.

“Good morning,” I said.

"Good morning, sir,” she replied.

I smiled widely and said, “You have never called me sir before. Why start today?”

"I feel like it, and the more I say it the more I like it, sir,” she said, putting emphasis on the word sir.

"Drive us to Forks and knives (our favorite restaurant),” I said calmly as I put a CD by “Beirut” in the CD player.

We got there ten minutes later. The waitress smiled and told us that there was one table available for two. I said, “Beautiful,” as she guided it us to the table. We sat down and I ordered us two glasses of coconut and carrot juice without asking Jade if that’s what she wanted.

The waitress left as Jade smiled widely at me, letting me know that she liked the fact that I chose for her. I smiled back as I opened the menu. Jade picked up another menu to look at. I took it away from her gently and said, “You will get what I order for you,” and smiled half nicely. The waitress showed up with our drinks and asked us if we were ready. I told her that we were. I ordered rice and shrimps for Jade and I ordered steak and mashed potatoes for myself. The food came shortly after. Nothing else was said as we ate and finished our meals, which were delicious. We left the restaurant, and were going towards her car when I said, “Hey, lets go watch the sail boats. They are only here for 2 two more days.”

“Sail boats?” she said obliviously.

“Yes sail boats, why are you surprised, sail boats are an older invention than cars miss. why are you saying it like it’s something new?” I said mysteriously, not letting her know if I was joking or if I was being serious.

She seemed a little taken back and said, “No, I just meant that I did not know they were here already,” she said, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Is there a huge rock over your apartment building?” I said jokingly, referring to the fact that she lives under a rock. She liked my wit and genuinely laughed at my joke, which instantly lightened up her mood. Her eyes glowed and her pace quickened. We walked for ten minutes, enjoying this beautiful summer day.

We approached a street light and I slowed down while it was turning red. Jade tried to beat it by a second or two while a moron driver was trying to beat his red light. I watched the event unfold. A car almost hit Jade. I was angered. I was mad at her, mad at the fucking driver, and my mood turned upside down. I waited for the light to turn green again. When it did, I walked slowly joining Jade, who acted like nothing had just happened. This angered me even more. I stared at her, and calmly said, “No sail boats and no me. I am walking you to your car and holding your hand too because apparently you still don’t know how to walk alone in public. Then, I am taking a Taxi home.”

I grabbed her by the hand, and headed back towards her car while she tried helplessly to make me talk the entire way. I resisted and didn’t say a word. We got to her car. I ordered her to get in. When she did, I opened the passenger’s door and said that I will be calling a cab and not call me until she hears from me. I closed the door and walked away. I kept walking, enjoying the day despite what had just happened, and decided to walk all the way home. When I got there, I was shocked to see Jade’s car parked outside my apartment building and Jade inside the car. Her window was rolled down when I went to it and said, “What the fuck are you doing here?”

"It’s a free country,” she said, while her eyes were dripping attitude. “You didn’t have to act this way and ruin the day while we were having a great time over something so silly!”

“So silly?” I shouted. “You getting hit by a car and possibly being paralyzed forever is fucking silly, huh?” I felt my pressure rise and my blood boil. “Go home,” I said as I walked towards my building in slow pace. I heard her car door close. I looked behind me and there she was coming towards me fast.

She yelled, “No! I will go crazy if you leave me by myself after all this now! Don’t you fucking care?” she said, her eyes filling with tears.

I didn’t say anything for a minute or two. Then, firmly, I said, “Come in if you like but don’t say a fucking word if I don’t allow you to.”

“Yes sir,” she said quietly.

We went into my apartment; I sat on the couch while she stood by the door.

“Come sit down,” I said, gently pointing to the sofa across from where I was sitting. She did. “You see, Jade, the fact that you crossed the street while the light was turning red was bad enough to anger me. But, what really got me mad is the fact that you acted like you did nothing wrong, like it was not even a close call, and like I was supposed to just go on with the day like Israel had just made peace with Palestine,” I said angrily. “When you are with me I am responsible for your safety. At least this is how I feel.”

She smiled, feeling how much I cared about her.

“Next time you do something wrong at least fucking admit it and, if you are lucky, I might not lecture you!” I said half jokingly. “I just feel the need to fucking punish you and the only way I can do it is by lecturing you and by giving you a hard time. You are not my little girl and I am not your daddy to spank you!” I said and smiled, knowing she probably would love it if I did.

I got up to face the window for a few minutes. When I looked back I saw Jade bending over, her palms on the television stand with her pants pulled down. The look of her ass in her pink thong was overwhelming. My cock got hard instantly; I felt an intense sexual energy. She had the best looking ass I have ever seen, and here she wanted me to punish her, wanted me to spank her.

“Do it,” she said calmly. “You know you want it and you know I deserve it and I know that I deserve it.” She repeated, “Do it, spank me.”

I spontaneously released my belt from its prison, folded it, and made three steps towards her, saying, “You are right. You deserve a spanking and you are going to get it and its going to be very painful so that you will remember it for a very long time.”

I swung at her ass hard once, then paused allowing her to absorb the pain and to get used to what’s to follow. Her body tensed up for few seconds then went back to normal. I swung again at her ass about five time more times. I paused for a minute not knowing if I should go all the way or if she can take the pain.

"You know that’s not enough,” she said, reassuring me that she is tough enough and that she wants more.

I gathered my strength and went on a spanking rampage, hitting her hard and fast for about a minute. I then asked her to count each one out loud followed by the word sir. “One, sir. Two, sir…” I continued spanking her to fifty.

That thong was bothering me now; I ripped it apart with my hands in no time. Once I got it out, I asked her to open her mouth and I forced her own underwear inside it. Something about doing that got me very hard again.

“Follow me,” I said, as I went to my room. I sat on my bed, and ordered her to situate her ass in my lap and to get comfortable because I was not done with her. She did as I asked. Having her in my lap made me feel like she is my little girl in a twisted way. I started spanking her again with my right hand. I made her count again as clearly as she could, which was never clear enough having the thong in my little girl’s mouth.

As I spanked her, I noticed her pussy getting more wet by the minute. I humiliated her and blamed her for getting wet. “This is not supposed to be pleasurable you sick slut,” I said, as I spanked her more and more. “I have a huge hard on now and it’s all your fault. Bad girl,” I said matter of fact.

I decided it’s time to make my little girl cry, so I started spanking her as hard as I could. After about three minutes, she started inhaling and exhaling heavily and a river of tears rushed down her cheeks. I removed her thong out of her mouth. "That’s what bad girls get, Jade,” I said with an evil sounding voice.

“I know sir," she said.

I wanted to see her cry some more, so I started spanking her hard again without notice, and the more I did the more in pain she sounded and the more tears she let out. I don’t know, but something about her crying as I spanked her, gave me a satisfaction I have never felt in my life; and I knew that crying was releasing a lot of her pain that had built inside of her for years. She needed that. I was giving her what she needed and I knew she was thankful.

I stopped spanking her, but I knew she needed another type of release. I knew I would not fuck her. The only thing I have ever done with her is making out at the movies once. I ordered her to get on her back on the bed and said, “I know you need this too, miss.”

She seemed a little scared; I said, “I am not going to fuck you. Spread your legs and get comfortable.” I gently placed my hand on her vagina. It might as well have been a wet sponge. It was soaking wet. “You horny little slut,” I said, starting to gently rub her pussy lips up and down with my tingling palm.

She was already moaning in pleasure. Having her ass spanked was hitting the right nerves in her pussy, making her super horny and wet. I gently started using two fingers to rub her clit. Her moaning and pleasure noises made me extremely horny. I wanted to pull out my cock and fuck her, but I resisted. This was not the time for that and I knew it. I kept rubbing her gently and I knew that her release was coming soon.

A minute later she grabbed my arm with both hands, as I was still rubbing her soaking wet pussy. Her body started shaking uncontrollably, as she came very hard. Her orgasm lasted for a good thirty seconds and was full of moans and loud pleasure noises and, by the very end of it, I saw a huge smile on her face when she said, “Thank you sir, thank you for everything.”

“Close your eyes,” I said. I needed to cum and I needed to cum fast, having been hard for a full hour; and not cumming was going to get me pregnant, I felt. I took my pants and underwear off, climbed on top of her with my knees on each side of her torso. My hand was still soaking wet from her juices. I placed the head of my throbbing cock perfectly inside my palm, and started moving my palm in a circular motion knowing that this was going to make me cum fast. I needed to cum fast. I needed to release all my sexual energy, and I needed to cum on her. I felt my sperm rushing through my body; I felt my body tense up as I said, “Keep your eyes closed.” She knew what that meant, as I shot my hot, sick load all over her face almost completely covering every inch of it.

She smiled wide, and started licking my own with her tongue as far as she could reach without moving. “This made me feel beautiful and special,” she said.

I got closer to her, and started wiping my own cum off her face with one finger, bringing it to her lips as she hungrily licked it and swallowed it every single time, waiting for me to feed her more. With the mess on her face and cum on her lips, she looked very vulnerable. She looked real, she looked at peace, she looked happy, and she looked beautiful.

“Let’s get in the shower,” I said. We jumped in the shower, had a relatively quick one.

At one point, I looked long and hard in her eyes, and then gave her a long and gentle kiss on the lips, saying, “You deserved it. You earned it.” She smiled delightfully.

We spent the rest of the day watching movies, then ordered some Chinese food.We felt closer to each other than ever, and it felt good. It felt real; it felt pure. Jade stayed over that night. I shared my bed with her, and she lost herself in my chest all night long. It felt good having her in my arms.

I felt refreshed in the morning. I was looking forward to how things were going to develop between us. It’s been two weeks now, and all I can say, is that things are going as beautifully as any one could ever hope. “Jade, behave...”

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