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Jane's story

Jane's new job where she is shown the ropes, the cane and a double dildo.
I turned 18 a few months back and am doing temp jobs between school and university. My new job in an insurance company started a few weeks back and it was a real eye opener for me. I had just entered the front door when I bumped into a boy I knew from school. He was very fit and it was clear that he wanted to me as much as I wanted him. We quickly found an empty room and I removed my dress and thongs. I was already wet so I skipped foreplay and fucked him hard; we both came and fixed up our next meeting, lunch in fact.

When we left the room, a pretty but very stern lady approached us. She smiled at Tom, but all I got was a glare. She turned out to be my boss and she led me to the office where I would work. There were six people already working there, four guys and two girls. She then asked me in front of the whole room what underwear was I wearing. 

‘Just thongs,’ I replied.

 'Take them off,' was her command, I was taken aback but did what I was told as discretely as I could. I need not have bothered she just lifted my dress and said, 'I see you shave you pussy, now turn around and show the others'.

I was then given some typing to get on with, twenty minutes later she returned and looked at my work. I had made only forty five mistakes. I learned that a spanking punished such mistakes, two whacks per mistake. I was to take of my dress and assume a diaper position on one of the desks. She was a skillful spanker and by the time she had finished my bottom was crimson and burning quite fiercely. She informed that my dress needed to stay off for the rest of the day.

Ten minutes later, she invited me into her office and said she had been a little hard on me and wanted to make up for it. I thought pay raise, but this is not what she had in mind. She stripped off her dress to reveal she was naked underneath and she engaged me in a deep French kiss while finger fucking me at the same time. After I had cum, she had me return the favour and then she redressed.

I kept my dinner date with Tom, arriving naked. He was also naked, and so I began to give him the fuck of his life. It was then that me boss walked in, she told us to carry on and sat down and watched. She then opened the door and then she sucked Tom off in front of a growing audience. They turned their attentions to me. I do not think I have ever had such an intense fucking. They explored every hole, soon the threesome became a foursome and then a full-fledged orgy.

At the end of the day, she walked back into the office and asked me if I had a memorable first day.

'Well, yes I replied' she had decided to make it more memorable. She produced a wicked cane had me bend over and spread my legs. I then received twelve stokes on my bare backside; I do not think I had experienced such pain and today was only my first day.

The next day I arrived at work just wearing a thin dress as instructed. I met Tom in the alleyway behind the office; he had a friend named Jamie with him. I stripped off my dress and fucked both them both. It then crossed my mind that I could take advantage of the situation that presented itself.

‘Boys do you want to double penetrate me?’

They jumped at the idea. I lubricated both of their cocks and position myself over Jamie, gently taking him in my bum hole, I then glided Tom’s cock into my pussy. With both cocks in position, I went to work thrusting up and down on Jamie as Tom gave me a deep fuck. Both boys had good self-control so we were all treated to a long fuck. We all came almost together, it was only then that my boss had been watching, she smiled and gave us a slow clap.

When I arrived at my desk the boss was not around. There was however, a hairbrush on the table with the number three marked on it. I planned to be very careful with my typing. This was not to be, two of the other typists secure my feet to the chair legs and slid a vibrator into my pussy. You would not believe how hard it is to type in such a situation. I was pleased that I only made thirty mistakes, however when my boss had counted them she made it clear that the three referred to each bum cheek in turn. One hundred and eighty whacks of the brush left my bottom in a very sorry state. She said that she wanted to make it up to me, but this time not in private. She stripped of both our dresses and then donned a wickedly large double dildo, she had me adopt a reverse cowgirl position, and I was the instructed to go up and down on her as hard as I could. Our moans grew in intensity as I rode her hard; the rest of the office was clearly enjoying the site and sound of the lovemaking.

The first orgasm for both of us was not long in the coming. At this stage she chided me and said that I could be more vigorous in my action. I did as instructed and started again thrusting as deeply as I could. I came a second the a third time, I must admit I lost count of the number of times she came. Tomorrow is dress down Friday; I wonder what that will entail. 

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