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Jason Spanked and Humiliated by his Father-in-Law

Mother-in-Law makes Jason's fantasy about being spanked by his Father-in-Law come true.

I was sat in the lounge, pretending to read the newspaper, but in actual fact wondering what was going on next door. David, my father-in-law, had returned home an hour ago after dropping my wife at the railway station. He'd said a brief hello to me on his return before he'd been ushered into the kitchen by his wife, Sheila, a faint look of surprise on his face.

It was now a week since “That Day” with my mother-in-law, as I liked to call it. David and my wife Emma had arrived that very same evening and we had then spent a relatively uneventful week with her parents.

Except that I was constantly worried that Sheila might do or say something to give the game away about “That Day” to my wife or her husband.

And now that Emma had gone home a day ahead of me, Sheila had indeed said something. Sheila hadn’t wasted much time once David had departed in the car for the railway station with my wife. She had told me that this was a perfect opportunity to realize my fantasy.

And, as promised, she intended to help me do just that. I had started to say that I didn’t really want to do anything which might upset the apple cart, but Sheila had ignored my protestations, mischievously saying that it was time I had bottom spanked again anyway.

I couldn’t really argue the point, as right at that moment, I had my face buried in Sheila’s pussy. David and Emma hadn’t been out of the door more than five minutes before my mother-in-law had me on my knees in the front room worshipping her gorgeous cunt.

We hadn’t had a single opportunity to be alone together during the week and Sheila was desperate for me to make her come. It hadn’t taken long and, as she came on my face, she was yelling that she was going to make sure “I got it good” from her husband when he got back.

Not good from my point of view! And disappointingly for me, she hadn’t offered me any sexual relief either. She said I would be getting plenty of attention later and didn’t want to distract from that. So, I had spent the next couple of hours feeling very frustrated and not getting to fuck my mother-in-law, and increasingly worried as the time for David to return grew nearer.

Sheila had spent the time teasing me.

And now I was absolutely petrified about what was being said in the kitchen. I thought back to “That Day.” It had started out with a marvellous seduction of my sexy Mother-in-Law, but had ended with me admitting my most embarrassing fantasies to her – which, with barely concealed sadistic glee, Sheila had promptly decided to fulfil, whether I wanted them fulfilled or not.

So now I was waiting for Sheila to “engineer” me having my bottom spanked by her husband David – a man I heartily detested, but nonetheless had humiliating fantasies about. I really hoped nothing was going to happen but, having seen my mother-in-law's sexual awakening and new resolve, didn't think much of my chances. I'd been hearing loud whispers and raised voices from next door for a while but couldn't, unfortunately, make out what was being said.

All of a sudden, I heard the sound of the kitchen door and, a few moments later the lounge door opening behind me. I turned and saw David standing in the doorway, Sheila just behind him. I stood quickly to face them. David looked stony-faced. I gulped, glanced down at my feet and then back at David to meet his eyes. He spoke, steel in his voice and anger clearly bubbling beneath the surface.

‘Jason, Sheila has informed me that you have been rude to her whilst I was away dropping Emma at the station – “incredibly rude” were the words she used. She says that you reduced her to tears. Now I know you can be contrary and selfish but I didn't think you would resort to anything like this sort of behaviour, so you won't be surprised at how angry I am. What I really want to do is to tell you to get the hell out of my house and have done with you. Frankly, I've had enough of your attitude and lack of respect!'

David's voice had risen noticeably over the last couple of sentences but now he paused for a moment as I heard Sheila quietly say 'David...' His voice quietened again, but the steel was clearly still there as he continued.

'However, I've got my daughter to think about – and Emma will not want to arrive home to a phone message saying I’ve just kicked you out.'

‘And Sheila also tells me that you are extremely sorry you did what you did – and that you have been very contrite and are prepared to submit to whatever we decide is a suitable punishment in order to make amends – is that right, Jason?’

David was looking at me like I was something he'd just stepped in. I could sense he was struggling to hold his anger in check. Momentarily I thought how unfair it was – I hadn't actually done anything to upset Sheila, yet here I was, on the receiving end of David's vitriol with perhaps only Sheila's persuasion and/or intervention stopping him from bodily throwing me out of his house.

Meanwhile, he was clearly waiting impatiently for my reply.

‘Yes,’ I stammered. 'I'm really sorry – I didn't mean it and I'll do anything to make it right... and please don't tell Emma!' I pleaded. Christ, I was sounding submissive already... he must think I'm really pathetic.

‘I don’t see why we shouldn’t tell your wife! We will have to see about that. Anyway, Sheila has come up with an interesting idea. She has suggested that an appropriate punishment would be for you to submit yourself to me for some sort of corporal punishment. That you should, in fact, be humiliated and made to cry like she was.'

David paused again, looking into my eyes to gauge my reaction.

'To be honest I think it is a good idea and that you thoroughly deserve it. But I told her you’d never do that, being the sort of person you are. However, my wife convinced me – insisted, in fact, that I should ask you anyway. So, I am asking you. Jason, would you be prepared to submit yourself to me for... punishment – bearing in mind that you just said you would do anything to make it right?’

David continued to look at me, scepticism clearly etched on his face. I glanced at Sheila. She was looking at me and nodded imperceptibly. I looked back at David and, with increasing shame and embarrassment, nodded unhappily in assent.

‘You are prepared to have me spank you?’ He demanded, disbelief in his voice as he finally put into words the fantasy I had described to Sheila.

Reluctantly, I nodded again. ‘Yes,’ I said.

David frowned. ‘In front of Sheila?’ He demanded ‘She said that she would need to see it and that you would need to remove your trousers and pants as part of your punishment!’

‘Bare bottom,’ confirmed Sheila. ‘And that David will keep spanking you until you are crying – I want to see you cry!’ She continued. ‘Like you made me...’ I thought Sheila was hamming this up a bit much – she looked like she was about to shed a tear. Bloody hell, she was getting me into one hell of a spot!

'Do you understand, Jason?' David continued, scorn now entering his voice.

All I could do was nod – I couldn't trust my voice, and I was starting to shake with the humiliation of what was taking place.

‘Very well,’ said David. ‘I will do as my wife asks. And I will do it this evening, before dinner. Meanwhile, to show your willingness to make amends, I want you to go and clean my car.’

He said this in a challenging voice, as if to test my obedience and sincerity that I had so rashly promised.

I washed his car. I didn’t see that I had much choice. And I felt humiliation wash over me every moment I was out there washing the bloody thing!

Just what the hell had I let myself in for? Or rather, what had Sheila let me in for! Jeez it was confusing! Twice I went in for a fresh bucket of water and each time I could hear David and Sheila’s voices. I wish I knew what they were saying.

When I finally finished – and I won’t deny I was taking longer than was strictly necessary over it - I went back into the house to “face the music”. David met me in the hallway, looking every inch the stern disciplinarian. He told me in no uncertain terms to go upstairs to my room and remove my trousers and pants and then to present myself in the lounge in exactly five minutes time. And woe betide me if I was late!!

I climbed the stairs to do as I’d been instructed. My tread was heavy as I wondered what was going to happen. In my room, I slowly removed my trousers, folded them and put them on the bed. I then took off my underpants and placed them on top of the trousers. I took a deep breath before slowly going back down to the lounge.

I felt very foolish and exposed without any pants on, and as I pushed the lounge door open I was feeling a sense of ridicule and shame when I saw both David and Sheila standing in the room. I noticed that, in addition to the normal furniture there was now one of the ‘Master’ dining room chairs dominating the middle of the room. My cock was completely flaccid and I could feel their visual inspection as I walked slowly into the lounge.

‘Right Jason,’ said David, steeliness in his voice. ‘It is time for you to accept your punishment. I want you to bend over the back of that dining chair and hold onto the arms with your hands.’ I gulped and slowly did as I was told, very aware of Sheila watching, and of my father-in-law holding a wicked-looking leather belt in his hands.

As I bent over I was also aware of my bottom, bared and vulnerable, sticking out. I couldn't believe what I was doing. This was a man I detested and yet I was about to let him spank me on my bare bottom in front of his wife! And I didn't think I could change things now even if I wanted! Damn Sheila! I was shaking like a leaf and almost missed it when David started speaking again.

‘Jason, I will not have you being rude to my wife. I have had time to reflect on your behaviour, and I realize that you have often been rude or sarcastic about me. You are an arrogant and selfish individual and, frankly, a poor excuse for a son-in-law. I don’t really understand what my daughter sees in you, but I am no longer prepared to tolerate your attitude.'

“I am going to spank you now for your rudeness and, as I promised my wife, I'm going to do a very thorough job of punishing you and making you sorry! You have agreed to accept this punishment and so I don’t expect any arguments!'

There was a pause as I sensed David getting into position, and then his leather belt hit me. I didn’t hear it – just felt the belt thwap into my buttocks.

‘Ahh…’ Even though I was anticipating it, it was still a shock. I jumped slightly, and gasped at the same time…

Then another. Thwap - ‘Ahh…!’

And another. Thwap - ‘Ahhh…!’

David was spacing them about two or three seconds apart and I thought to myself ‘This is okay – I can cope with this...’

But suddenly the blows started to get harder. My father-in-law clearly was not satisfied with the reaction – or lack of – that he was getting from me. Or he had just been warming up; because, all of a sudden, I was starting to get a real walloping! I now started to cry out loudly with the pain of each stroke, and I was starting to squirm as the strength of each blow increased.

A sharply issued command of ‘Be still!’ from my father-in-law had me gritting my teeth and trying not to move.

I don’t know how many strokes he had delivered now. Twenty? Thirty? I couldn’t keep count. All I knew was that I was getting a solid walloping with my father-in-law’s leather belt. I was yelping with each blow and now desperately wanted him to stop. David's arm was strong for a man in his sixties and I didn’t think he was holding anything back. I was being steadily thrashed. Forty? Fifty?

From my position, I could see Sheila standing to one side, presumably enjoying the spectacle. As the blows continued to land I started to cry out even louder. I was trying to focus on Sheila – or what I could see of her, which was mainly her stockinged legs, skirt and heels. I had a brief thought about what was under that skirt and then she moved out of sight behind me.

When she came back into view a few moments later, she was stood right next to me. I felt David stop walloping me for a moment and then, after a short pause a new kind of hell started as a painful splat landed on my right buttock, followed by another on my left buttock! And suddenly I realized that I was now being spanked with Sheila's hairbrush – I recognised the feel of it.

Immediately the whole dynamic of the spanking I was being given changed! Within seconds I was wriggling with the sting of his hard blows and begging for him stop as the pain seemed to amplify ten-fold.

'Pl.. please stop!' I begged, tears starting to roll down my face. ‘P.. please stop! Please – aghhhh, Please! I'm begging you please stop!' I yelled.

Yet even as I sobbed the words, part of me didn't want him to stop. Part of me knew I deserved every bit of the spanking David was giving me. Part of me wanted him to keep spanking me as hard as he could. I didn't think it possible to be turned on by what was happening and yet...

And yet, my fantasy was coming true and I could feel the first tinges of real excitement start to course through me.

And now I was hoping that David would ignore my pleas and make my shame and humiliation complete.

Even as these hopes entered my mind, I could sense David's resolve hardening and, if it were possible, the blows became even harder!

I could feel Sheila watching. Could feel her enjoying the spectacle! I was already sobbing and couldn't believe how hard David was using his wife's hairbrush. It was so much worse than the belt! And so much harder than Sheila used the brush. Sheila had clearly not been satisfied with the result of my walloping with the belt and had offered her husband her hairbrush instead. What a Bitch! But a Bitch who seemed to know exactly what I wanted and needed!

My spanking went on and on. My bottom was on fire and I was almost hyperventilating as my cries and now very half-hearted pleas continued to be ignored - I just hoped David didn't realise he was now giving me exactly what I wanted!

After what seemed like forever, David eventually paused. I stood there shaking, breathing heavily, crying with real tears of both pain and humiliation. Was my spanking finally over? After a few moments, David spoke.

'Now, I want you to get up and apologise to my wife. Tell her how sorry you are and that you will do exactly what she tells you to in future. Do you understand Jason?'

'Y..yes, David,' I sobbed.

'Do it then!' he ordered 'Or I'll thrash you again!'

I quickly stood up, still breathless and turned to face Sheila, who was looking stern and smug and very pleased with herself all at the same time.

'I'm listening…' she said tonelessly.

God, I felt so much shame I wanted to crawl away forever! How could I ever look either of them in the eyes again! But I also felt excitement - shameful excitement! How could I feel two so very different emotions at the same time?

'I'm so very so... sorry for what I did, Sheila,' I hiccoughed, still sobbing.' …and I won't ever do it again and... and I'll do whatever you say!'. I kept my head down and tried to look contrite, which wasn't very difficult given my state.

'Very well!' She said. 'I accept your apology. And your promise to do whatever I say in the future. But I think actions speak louder than words, so I want you to get back over that chair, and ask my husband to spank you again.’

What was she saying! I couldn’t believe the words that had just come out of her mouth! She really was enjoying her role in this wasn’t she – and milking it for all its worth! Did she realise that maybe I secretly did relish the possibility of bending back over that chair?

Sheila was still looking at me. At the shock in my face probably.

‘Well?’ She questioned.

I didn’t want to do this. I didn’t want to do this at all! Or did I? But I didn’t see any way out whether I wanted it or not. I really didn’t have any choice. I slowly moved back to the chair and bent over it again, grasping the arms firmly.

‘I’m waiting…’ said Sheila impatiently.

‘Please, David. Please can you spank me again,’ I whispered.

‘I don’t think he heard you,’ said Sheila. ‘Ask him again, and this time call him “Master David”.’

I felt a fresh wave of humiliation wash over me as she said this. Was she serious? Of course she was.  And she was so enjoying it. I took a breath before obeying the most humiliating words yet.

‘Please, Master David – please can you spank me again?’ Unbelievably, as I said the words, I felt my cock twitch.  

Then Sheila laughed, almost maliciously. ‘Listen to him – he sounds so pathetic doesn’t he, calling you “Master David”? Maybe he’s had enough?’ She addressed this last question to her husband.

‘Yes,’ said David. ‘Perhaps he has.'

Incredibly, I felt disappointment at their words.

'Though I think I should reserve the right to punish him anytime I think he is getting out of line – or any time I think he deserves it. Don’t you agree Jason?’

Whoa – where did that come from! Was he serious? No! Absolutely not!


‘Um, I don’t know – I thought this was a one-off,’ I mumbled, still bent over the chair. God that sounded pathetic, even to my ears. I’d really lost the initiative – though I’d never really had it in the first place to be honest, had I?

‘No, I think not,’ Replied David. ‘Either you accept the situation and agree to be punished in the future as we see fit, or you will go from here to get your clothes and get out of my house now. Do you understand?'

I thought of my wife, Emma, and what that would mean to her. On one level, part of me really didn't have a problem with never seeing my in-laws again. It would, however, make things very difficult for Emma – and for our own relationship as well…

But on another level - the thought of being punished again amazingly gave my cock another spasm. I really hoped David hadn't noticed!

‘Um, yes David. I understand,’ I said, trying to sound as reluctant as possible.

Sheila’s next words made goosebumps rise on my neck.

‘I don’t actually think he has learned his lesson, David – what do you think? And he forgot to call you “Master”.’

David looked down at me impassively. Then…

‘Sheila’s right. I don’t like your tone and I don’t think you fully understand your situation. Another dose with the hairbrush I think! Get back over the chair or I will be explaining all of this to your wife when we speak!’ David exploded.

Oh God! Was Sheila reading my mind? Did she know the thoughts going through my head? Either way, I didn’t have any choice. I really didn’t. I was trapped. I reluctantly bent back over the chair and held onto the arms, again feeling that mixture of humiliation and excitement. Feeling totally confused about what I wanted.

Almost immediately David started spanking me with the hairbrush again. I was instantly in tears, sobbing loudly. He must have given me another hundred strokes or so and, by the time he was finished I felt utterly and completely destroyed as a man. And bizarrely, I relished what he had done to me!

‘Get up,’ Ordered David.

I kept on sobbing, unable to make myself get up until I felt myself yanked up by my arm.

‘Have you learned your lesson, boy?’ Asked David

‘Y, yes,’ I sobbed pathetically.

‘And will you submit to a spanking whenever either Sheila or I deem it necessary?’ he continued.

‘Y… Yes. Yes Sir. Master.’

‘Good. Maybe you are finally learning.’

‘Yes Sir.'

‘Sheila?’ David enquired.

Sheila walked up to me. ‘Look at me Jason,’ She demanded. I looked into her eyes. Then she slapped me hard, twice across my face. Once on each cheek.

‘He can go,’ She said with disdain.

'Very well – you may go to your room. You will not be eating with us tonight and I don’t want to see you again until the morning.' Feeling more ashamed than I had ever felt in my life I glanced at them both. The look in their eyes said it all. Sheila's were full of triumph and barely concealed excitement and humour - she owned me now and knew it and she could do with me as she liked – and looked like she would!

David, on the other hand, had utter scorn in his eyes. Whilst I'd learned a healthy respect for my father-in-law, I knew I'd lost any he might ever have had for me, and I wondered at what the future might hold...

I headed to the bathroom to clean myself up. When I looked at my bottom in the mirror I could see that my whole bottom was horribly bruised and blistered over a wide area. I really had been given a good hiding that I would remember for a long time.

In my room, I tried to make myself comfortable in the bed. It was difficult with such a sore bottom. I felt like a naughty child, spanked and sent to his room without any dinner.

Later that evening though, Sheila came up to visit me, bringing a tray of food with her.

‘Did you enjoy that?' She asked quietly, amusement in her voice after she had passed me the tray.

'N – No.' I stammered, shame and humiliation flooding my cheeks.

Sheila raised her eyebrows. 'Really?' she asked.

I was quiet, not really knowing what to say.

'I - I felt lots of different things...' I finally said, unable to meet her eyes.

'I'll bet you did!' She laughed gently. 'Better be careful what you wish for in the future!' Then she leaned in closely and whispered even more quietly in my ear 'But I thought you thoroughly deserved it and I loved every minute of watching my husband spank you.’

‘I’m sure you did – Mistress,’ I replied. ‘Did you enjoy slapping me and having David spank me a second time as well?’ I couldn’t help a slight resentment creeping into my voice.

Sheila looked at me for a long moment. ‘Jason, you need to realise that things have changed now. Last week was fun but that’s not going to happen again. You caught me by surprise. And I enjoyed it. But from now on, I am in charge of things and if you step out of line, there will be punishment. I meant that when I said it earlier.

‘Now, if there is an opportunity, I may indulge you.’ As she said this she slipped her hand under the duvet and fondled my cock. ‘Or I may not. It depends on what I want,’ she finished, withdrawing her hand. ‘I really do hope you understand that…?’

After giving me another long look, Sheila reached produced a piece of paper from her pocket.

‘David and I have drafted a letter which we’d like you to sign before you go home tomorrow. Have a look at it this evening and once you’ve signed it, David will take you to the station in the morning.’

She handed the letter to me and gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek. ‘Goodnight Jason,’ she said, and left the room.

I looked at the letter;

Today, as punishment for being rude to my mother-in-law Sheila, I was spanked by my father-in-law David. I gave consent for my father in law to spank me, and, indeed I asked to be punished in this way to make amends for my rudeness. The spanking I received was fair and appropriate.

Additionally, I have given consent for both my father in law and mother in law to punish me in the future as they see fit. This is to include, but not be limited to, all forms of corporal punishment.

The letter was dated today and included all the appropriate headings and surnames.

I put the letter down and closed my eyes. Wow! I was trapped in a web of my own making! Signing this would be tantamount to giving both Sheila and David the right to do what the hell they liked with me, and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

I couldn't believe how excited I felt by the prospect of signing such a letter…

What did that make me?

As I lay in bed, I reflected on my experience. I don’t think I had ever been so humiliated in my entire life. And the whole thing had been arranged by Sheila. Who would ever have known that she had such a manipulative side to her – almost vindictive, given I had been given a second dose with the hairbrush, as well as having my face slapped?

I thought about how David had controlled me. How he had taken charge. He had certainly shown himself to be the Alpha male in dealing with me. He had humiliated me today. Destroyed me as a man. Yet wasn’t that what I had wanted? Ultimately, hadn't I relished it?

As I continued to reflect on the afternoon I felt my cock stiffening at the memory of my humiliation. I detested David, yes, but calling him Master had seemed almost natural. I felt a new respect for him. Found myself admiring him. As I stroked myself I found myself thinking about his cock. It would undoubtedly be a manly cock and I imagined myself kneeling in front of it, of kissing it and slowly putting my lips around it…

I was close to coming, thinking about David’s cock. I wanted him to make me suck him and lick his balls. In my mind, he was Master David now and I wanted him to dominate me. I imagined him making me worship his arsehole…

I couldn't help it. I groaned and shot my load onto the sheets, shame returning at what had made me cum so forcefully.  I lay awake for a while, my thoughts about David getting more and more confused, until I eventually drifted off to sleep, bottom still very sore and mind in turmoil, thinking about the letter that Sheila had given me.

When I woke in the morning I picked it up and read it through one more time. Then, with one hand on my cock, I signed it. And changed things forever.



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