Jason's pants down shaming

By femdomgal

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Barbara makes good on her threat to punish stepson Jason with his pants off in front of the family
Jason couldn't believe what was occurring as he let his underpants down and hobbled about unhooking them from his feet on the cold stone kitchen floor.

43 year old Barbara watched on with smug satisfaction as her stepson handed her the white cotton undergarment, still warm from his body.

She looked down as he pulled at he hem of his vest to hide his 'thing' and grinned.

"You needn't think you'll be allowed to do that in the living room young man. In fact we'll have this vest off as well, you can have your punishment in the nude!"

Barbara peeled the vest upwards as Jason squirmed about and she smiled as his willy danced about now exposed to her gaze.

"You'd think I'd never seen a boy's willy before, the way you're carrying on."

Jason once freed from the vest quickly cupped his hands over his crotch.

"You made your bed young man, and now you're going to have to lie on it!"

Barbara continued...
"I warned you about what would happen if you ever stole again. I told you I would punish you in front of everyone with your underpants off, didn't I? But clearly you didn't listen. Either that or you didn't believe me. But when have you ever known me not be true to my word?"

Barbara took Jason tightly about his left upper arm, her grip like steel reminded him just how foolish he would be if he attempted to struggle.

He shuffled along the hallway of the house with the living room door open wide before him where he could see Kate chatting to Helen, who was seated, her back was to the door.

He gazed at the 19 year olds full womanly body, her dark brown hair cascading down her upper back, she stood with arms folded, wearing a sleeveless dark pink blouse, and her skin tight denim jeans, which molded to her voluptuous big, sexy bottom like a second skin.
22 year old Helen was wearing beige colored slacks which were equally as snug as her younger sisters denims, the older girl being at least equal to Kate in the derrière department.

How often had men looked back over their shoulders to see her gorgeous 41 inch hips sway as she walked down the street. The perfect girl next door, with an ass to die for.

The one area Kate had the edge on big sis was her breasts, which were not huge but just perfect size and as shapely and firm as any man could wish for.
Both young woman were with partners and they knew what a man looked like. But now this was different. Jason was their stepbrother, and of course nudity was taboo in their traditional old fashioned family. However this was punishment, and very serious.

They knew full well that they were about to see the younger stepbrother in a state of indecency. They had prepared themselves for it. There would be no silly giggling or smirking as one might expect with less mature, well brought up young ladies than Kate and Helen.

Indeed they hear their mother enter the room and quickly turned there attentions to the matter in hand. Poor Jason was more embarrassed than either girl had ever seen anyone in their lives!

They instantly saw that he had not been allowed to retain even his vest, as they expected, and was in fact completely naked from head to toe.

He was predictably bending over towards them, clutching his cupped hands to his crotch as if the world depended on preventing these two older girls from seeing what he was hiding.

Both looked on with an air of sensible calmness which only made tears well up more in Jason's eyes. To him this was the end of the world...but there they were taking it all in their stride.

"Stand up straight, and take your hands away!" demanded Barbara.

As he resisted and whimpered, his stepmother bellowed in his ear, so angrily that the shock caused him to actually do as she ordered and take his hands away and straighten himself.

Poor Jason now was standing facing Helen and Kate allowing them to see him full frontal.

He felt giddy, light headed and nauseous, and his mouth was so dry his tongue felt like cardboard. All the while his heart was pounding.

Jason felt like his legs were giving way beneath him. Barbara gently turned him around to show her two daughters his rear view.

"Now let Helen and Kate see the area that is to be punished."

Poor Jason could hold back no longer and began sobbing loudly.

"Yes, you should be upset, upset at stealing from Mr Nesbitts, and bringing this families good name into disrepute."

Then she turned Jason once more to face his stepsisters who looked on with pity at his tear drenched, flushed face.

Barbara turned to her two girls and asked them to explain why their stepbrother was being punished this way.

Helen cleared her throat.
"Your being punished like this so that you feel embarrassed and ashamed of yourself, because that's how you've made us feel by stealing from the shops and giving us something to be ashamed about."
Helen stopped and looked towards her sister who was perched on the arm of the settee.

"Kate?" prompted Barbara...
"Erm...well, we hope that you never do anything like this again and learn your lesson. And the embarrassment that you feel now standing here in front of us with nothing on is not as bad as the embarrassment of being seen as a family with a shoplifter."

Kate then looked to her mother for approval of her little speech.

Barbara responded, "Very good. Now I want you, Kate, just to say what you think Jason is the most embarrassed about. I know you're not shy Kate, so feel free to be forthcoming."

Kate raised her eyebrows at the request and took a deep breath.

"I think that," she smiled and suppressed the urge to giggle, "Jason is most embarrassed that we have seen...his bottom... ahem... he's embarrassed that we have seen his bare bottom... and that we're going to see his bare bottom get punished.!"

Helen was then given the nod to continue and add her view.

"Jason is ashamed that we can all see him with no clothes on, and I think he definitely is most upset that Kate and I have seen his willy!"

Jason squirmed in response.
"...because no teenage boy wants his big sister, sisters, to see what his willy looks like."

Jason was not accustomed to hearing his sisters talking about such intimate things.

"Of course, he doesn't like us seeing his bottom either. But...I think for a boy, a bare bottom, having your sister see a bare bottom , that's not as bad as it is for a girl to have her brother see that, or a father or uncle, erm," the eldest girl clumsily explained .
Helen paused momentarily for thought then restated...
"I think, though, he is most upset we can see his willy - yes."

Poor Jason was so totally humiliated that it seemed that the physical punishment would be very much an afterthought.

Jason definitely wasn't expecting his stepmother's sudden inspiration - that Helen and Kate should both spank their stepbrother in turn before she finished the tanning of his bare backside herself.

That's exactly what happened though.

An old towel was produced, on request, to place over their laps, because they didn't want their stepbrother's bare willy pressing against their pants.

Kate chose to use a hairbrush.

Jason couldn't help but grow stiff as he settled onto the lovely warmth of Kate's firm thighs. 

When he stood up, he again was cupping himself with his hands and was looking very sheepish, but Barbara resolutely plucked the hands away and Jason's full 5 inches were revealed. Kate bit her bottom lip at the rude protrusion.

Helen was not happy about having an erection pressing on her legs, and it was then decided, after various suggestions by Barbara, that Jason would be put in something called 'The Diaper Position'.

Barbara held his legs together and pinned them back, while Helen whacked away at the taught red cheeks with the hairbrush.

Kate thought how funny Jason looked in this ridiculous position, his bared posterior sticking right up in the air.
If only she dared take a picture. She could have her stepbrother as her personal slave by threatening to show the girls at Jason school.

Barbara finished her stepson's punishments with an old fashioned over the knee spanking - bare hand on bare bottom!

Kate and Helen stood just feet away watching as their younger stepbrother writhed and squirmed about, bottom flesh bouncing and wobbling, Jason gasping, his fringe now stuck to his forehead in messy spikes from sweat and tears. 

When Jason was at last raised from his stepmother's lap they all noticed that he was once again fully erect.

Barbara made him stand and listen to her final words on the matter of the offense that had led him to this deeply embarrassing ordeal, and all the time his penis looked angrier and bigger than ever, and a clear liquid was now seeping from the tip.

Kate and Helen were looking directly at the engorged member when they noticed it was twitching repeatedly.

Jason gasped heavily and his final disgrace occurred.

The 16 year olds penis erupted like a mini volcano, shooting thick stringy white globs violently from the tip. Jason involuntarily seized his dick in his right fist and furiously pumped it before the open mouthed onlookers.

Finally, emotionally and physically spent, Jason dropped to his knees gasping, as the three women of the house looked down at the white gooey mess on the floor.

Barbara was not at all pleased...
"Right young man, I will get you a cloth and a bucket of hot soapy water and you can jolly well clean that disgusting mess off my carpet!"