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Jennifer's Birthday Paddling....

Jennifer and her friend Linda get a paddling, and Jennifer gets her rectum pleasured by her friend.

Jennifer was really a sweet catch, and an older woman to boot. I had been working a Real Estate office for 2 years in sales, and she joined the company in May of 89'.

I immediately liked Jennifer a lot, not only because she was older but had a very sweet and kind air about her. I was 27 at the time, and Jennifer was a bit older than me (closer to 40 I guessed). I have always enjoyed the company of older women since my mid twenties. The have their act together, know what they want, and are at their sexual peak.

The other thing I liked about her was that she was rather plain looking, but had a big heart. Most of the other sales guys I worked with were too busy screwing 20 year old coeds from the surrounding colleges, or swilling beer and generally lying about their conquests. They wouldn't have touched Jennifer with a ten foot pole, and that was fine by me.

Personally, I thought Jennifer was great. She was about 5'4 - slim figure, and beautiful wavy hair cascading over her shoulders. She never liked to wear makeup, and I think that's why she looked rather plain. However, looking plain myself - I figured we might get along famously, and we did! She also had the most smoldering green eyes I have ever seen, and they sometimes glinted with mischief when you would talk to her. She also likes to touch you when she spoke. Sometimes softly on the arm, or the hand.

Our courtship was a wonderful experience - intimate, romantic, and filled with expectation. She was absolutely a great lover, and could get me up and running sometimes four or five times in one night. During that summer, we had gotten into some light spanking during our lovemaking sessions. Nothing too serious, 20 or 30 light swats to warm her bottom and then a long night of lovemaking. She was always alluding to getting spanked, and would find all sorts of ways to work it into the conversation.

After a while, we tried to get the spanking routine into almost every Saturday's lovemaking. Jennifer has a strong will (stubborn), so even then I found that the spankings were more her idea than mine, with her asking for it, and me responding...

This was soon to change....

We'd been together for about nine months, and I realized Jennifer's Birthday was less than a week away. One night on the phone, I started asking her what she'd like. It was to be her fortieth birthday (a biggie as they say), and I really wanted to treat her to something special. A nice dinner, some presents, a hug and a kiss, whatever she wanted...

"So Jen, what would you like for your B-day?"... This was after ten minutes of prying and prodding.

"Well, what can you get for the woman who has everything?"

I joking said (knowing she'd like this), "How about a Birthday spanking you'll never forget?”

She paused for a moment...there was silence on the line.

"That sounds wonderful...I want a birthday spanking like I've never had, I want my ass so red and stinging I can't sit down for a week".

I laughed.

"Are you really serious?"

"Yes sweetie, this time instead of those mild spankings you always give me in bed, I want a real spanking. A spanking for a woman, not a girl - something that will really mark my fortieth birthday".

I thought this was wonderful, but I had to view it with a certain amount of skepticism. Jennifer liked lovemaking like no other woman I’ve known, but she had a tender heart. And for that reason, I really never let her have a real spanking. I always kept them mild, a nice mixture between pleasure and pain as a good lover would.

"Are you serious Jen?"

"As a Church Warden!” she replied.

"OK, enough said".... I took a moment here to collect my thoughts...

"On Saturday night, I am going to give you a spanking you will never forget ".

My boldness quickened....

"I am going to sting your ass like you've never felt before, and take you to new heights. Don't ask me what's going to happen, just think about it. Think about how it's going to feel sweetie. You want a real birthday swatting; you are going to get one. If you want to back out now, this is your chance... once you say yes, that's it, No turning back".

My voice had grown hoarse. There was silence on the other end of the line... Then:

"Yes. I want my birthday ass swatted. Hard!"

I boldly added..."OK, no masturbating until Saturday is that understood? You aren't to touch yourself for the next four days...You are to remain pristine and virtuous until then" I added...

"All right"... Jennifer's voice was more timid than I had ever heard it before. She was enjoying this, and I was aiming to please her.

We hung up.

Since Jennifer's birthday was the following Saturday, (just 4 days away) I figured I had better get things prepared. Wednesday night after work, I went to a local lumber yard, and started casting around for the right materials. I wanted to fashion a truly unique and deadly paddle to warm her ass with. I wanted something light, not one of those paddles you see in frat houses. Those were too coarse and blunt for my Jennifer's bottom. I wanted to hand craft and sculpt a weapon that could sting her ass most delicately and precisely - something hand built that would last for many good spankings to come.

A scalpel for ass blistering, as it were....

After looking at all sorts of planks and larger boards, I finally spied a bin of leftovers. These were pieces of board that had been cut from larger sheets and planks and then tossed aside as scrap. Sticking out from the top of this barrel of discards was the piece I had been looking for. A thin strip of board about 2 feet long, and seven inches wide was there for the taking. It was made of cedar, a quarter of an inch thick (thinner than a ping-pong paddle), and perfectly unblemished on both sides. This handy scrap cost less than a dollar, and I was on my way home.

I spent the next 2 nights down in my woodshop fashioning a tool to warm Jennifer's ass. Sometimes it was difficult to concentrate with my cock springing to stiffness at what was to come - but I would shake these thoughts from my mind and concentrate at the task that was at hand. I had shortened the thin piece of board down to about 16 inches, narrowed it a by an inch, and had formed the whole affair into a rather nice teardrop shape. It reminded me of one of those paddleball toys I had owned as a kid, you know - the kind with the elastic string and the rubber ball - but longer and thinner. After cutting the basic shape, I had rounded off the sharp edges with a sander, and then finally hand sanded it with finer and finer grades of paper. By the end, I had a perfect paddle, and the wood was as smooth as a baby's skin.

I then carefully painted a nice red heart in the middle of the paddle, with the word "Jennifer" emblazoned across it in light blue. Perfect. Two coats of shellac, with sanding in between...and time to let it dry. By Thursday night, I had the supreme paddle. It was very light, and could be wielded quickly and with precision like a saber to the exact spots I wanted on Jennifer's backside.

After work on Friday, I came home and finished the paddle with a final coat of butcher's wax, and a fierce buffing. I decided to give it a test.

The paddle was so glossy now; you could hold it up and see a perfect reflection of your face in it. I had a raging harden in my pants by this time, so after the last coat of wax, I dropped my trousers and bent over my tool bench, I held the paddle up, and it shined wickedly - reflecting the overhead florescent into my face. I quickly reached back, grabbed my underpants and jerked them down as my cock sprang free. Before I could talk myself out of it, I brought the paddle up and back behind me, and delivered three stinging swats to myself.


Tremendous! Superb speed and balance. I looked back to admire my own handiwork, and there were 3 perfect red ovals forming on my right ass cheek.

My cock was a flagpole, and my ass was on fire, and it took all the restraint in the world not to touch myself. I was saving myself for Saturday night. I could barely contain my fantasies at this point, just the thought of Jen's bottom twisting and undulating under this tool made my head swim.

I spent the rest of the night wrapping her other presents, and then packaged the paddle in an old Victoria's Secret Box. I then wrapped the box in some handsome paper I had picked up at the mall. The box seemed like a great touch, especially knowing she'd undo the wrapping and see the Victoria’s Secret Box, and think: "Oh wonderful, lingerie!", and instead find a present that would sting her derriere red. I decided not to put a card on it.

Finally Saturday afternoon came, and I was about to hop into the shower. The phone rang....


"Hey sweetie, it's me! How are you?"

"Great" I said, thinking of the box of with its deadly contents.

"So what's up?"

Jennifer said, "Well hon. I hope it's ok, but I asked Linda if she would come out a celebrate my big Four-Oh with us tonight. Is that going to be ok?"I hesitated for a moment as this might change things a bit. Jennifer had been friends with Linda now for five years, and they were practically soul mates. They did everything together, told everything to each other. They shared everything, and at times I had suspected that they also shared a physical relationship.

The three of us had done things together hundreds of times too, and I loved Linda as well, though Linda's relationship was platonic with me in a physical sense. The three of us had even gone on vacation together once. She was a sweet woman, about Jennifer's age - with long black hair that hung half way down her back. She was slim, and actually better looking than Jennifer in some ways. I have to admit there were times when I would fantasize about Linda, or even how great it would be if all three of us went to bed together.

Linda however was bit timid and shy. She didn't say much sometimes, but when she did - it really came from the heart. In some ways she reminded me of a woman from the Victorian ages. Very pale, milky white skin and fine features. A professional business woman like Jennifer, and the same age...

I decided between diplomacy and compromise - then finally love won out..

"OK, That sounds good... are we still going to the same restaurant?"

I thought about the paddle, and how I'd have to stash it away until after Linda left. I also thought about how restrained I'd have to be during dinner, thinking about anything but swatting Jennifer's white ass, and to keep from getting a hardon.

"Sure, it's my favorite restaurant"

"Terrific, I'll see you at 8:00?"


"OK sweetie, I'll be there - shall I pick Linda up?"

"Yes could you?"

I breathed a sigh of frustration inside. Linda would need a ride home afterwards, and it could mess up the whole evening. However, it was my sweetie's Birthday...

"Sounds super. I love you, and I'll see you in a bit..."

I hung up the phone and headed for the shower.

I left the house about half past six, rolled the windows down, and started driving over to Linda's place. It was a warm August night, and the trees were full and dappled with bits of late afternoon sunlight. I could hear lawn mowers and crickets faintly in the breeze, as I wound through the suburban streets.

I had a smoke on the way, to quell my jitters.

Linda looked just beautiful when I picked her up. She was freshly scrubbed, and her long black hair simply glowed. She was wearing a white knee length summer dress, white matching sandals, and just a touch of lipstick. A faint smell of ChanelNumber 5 wafted in the air - it was heady and romantic. I hugged her from across the seat, and gave her a small kiss on the cheek. We started to drive...

I had placed Jennifer's presents in a bag on the back seat, and Linda put heir’s back there as well - a large box. We chitchatted with each other during the 15 minute long drive. Finally at one stop light I pulled up a bit short, and my special box containing the paddle slid out from under the passenger's seat, and bumped Linda's heels. She reached down...

"Hey, what's this? Another secret present?"

She smiled and wiggled her eyebrows up and down at me.

"Oh nothing" I said. I playfully tried to grab the box away from her, but couldn't while I drove.

"Besides, it's none of your business Linda"...

"Uh-Oh" Linda gleefully shook the box and said "Gee, sounds like something illicit in there". She clutched the box to her chest...

"I'm going to tell Jennifer - ohhhhhh".

"Common, knock it off silly" I replied, and snatched the box from her grasp. She smiled again, and tried to make another grab for it, but I had reached around and thrown the box into the hatchback section way in the rear. The car careened wildly down the street.

"Mmmmm...Sounds like a hot night for Jen tonight!" she giggled.

I had no idea how much Jen shared about our sex life with Linda, but seeing as how they were so close, I assumed it was everything. The three of us joked around all the time, and there was no way could even kiss Jen in front of Linda, without her making some sort of cute little remark or teasing us.

Finally we got to Jen's, and she was sitting on the front porch waiting for us. I hopped out and gave her a warm hug, and long kiss on the lips. She smelled wonderful, and also had on a pretty summer dress. Sort of a light and gauzy thing, with a plunging neckline. It had a small print pattern of flowers on it. Jennifer liked wearing a bra much, and her breasts filled the dress nicely. I could see the faint outline of her nipples peeping through the thin material.

"Happy Birthday Sweetie"

"Mmmmmm" Jen held me tightly, and kissed me on the lips again. I could feel my prick stirring faintly in my jeans.

"Hey, am I gonna have to call the Vice Squad?" Linda chimed out from the car.

"All right, all right - we're coming" I replied.

Dinner was great. Jennifer had a favorite Italian restaurant right in her neighborhood that we had been going to for months. We got there around 7:30 - and enjoyed a bottle of wine while we sat in the cafe's garden patio.

Dinner seemed to slide right by, and by the time we left at 10:00we had consumed 2 whole bottles of fine French wine, and Irish coffee during the dessert course. The girls were rather tipsy, and I was as well.

All through dinner I kept thinking of the paddle, and how satisfying it would be to hear it crack against Jen's ass. How she would love cock kept springing to attention, and I was glad the tablecloth concealed my condition.

We all walked back to the car (swayed), and I had my arm around Jen's waist, and Linda's hand in mine.

Finally we got back to the house, and Jennifer poured us each an after dinner liqueur, while she opened her presents. Linda had given her a wonderful ceramic bowl, and I had given her two books, a new blouse, and finally a set of pearl earrings.

"Oh Claude they are wonderful".

Both girls cooed over the earrings and Jen tried them on right away. They looked beautiful with her outfit I thought. She plopped down on the couch next to me, and gave me long wet kiss on the lips. She was rather bombed, and started rubbing my thigh in circular motions, moving up my leg towards the bulge in my jeans.

"Hey shall I get a bucket of cold water for you two?" Linda teased from the other end of the couch.

"Besides, Jennifer has one more present to open" she added.

Jennifer stopped kissing me, and looked at Linda.

"Another present?" - "where?”. The bag I had brought up was empty, so I Jennifer started looking around the room. Here eyes were glassy, and she was in an obvious state of lust.

"Oh just a little something Claude has stashed down in the car for you my dear". Her voice was mocking, and she did that silly little eyebrow wiggle of hers, that she did when she teasing us about sex.

Jennifer got that impish grin of hers. "Oh goody, another present!”

"Now wait a minute!"

Jen had sprung up from the chair and already had my car keys in hand from the small table near the door.

"Ah, sweetie - that's something you should open LATER...when we’re alone, ahem."

She was swaying back and forth from all the wine. "Sorry" she giggled, "I want my present now". And with that the clomped down the wooden stairs outside and made a bee-line for the car.

I was too buzzed to really be upset and leaned back lighting up a cigarette. Still, I couldn't let Linda get away with this...

"That's just great Linda. Thanks for nothing" I said sarcastically.

Linda grinned that silly grin of hers, and I could tell she was really feeling the effect of the wine too. Moments later, Jennifer came bouncing back into the living room with my special present in her hand. She literally flew into in to the empty spot next to me on the couch.

"Ahh, Jen - why don't we open this a little later, after I take Linda home?" My voice was soft but serious. She could tell I meant business...

"No! I want to open it now!" She was playing the part of the spoiled brat, and loving it. I sighed...

Slowly she tore open the paper to reveal the Victoria' Secret box inside, and she let out a gasp of excitement. This was my last chance...

"Ah, Hon - well it's not really what you think it might be”. I gulped. "Are you sure we can't open it later?"

"Open it now! Open it now! Open it now!" Linda chanted. My arguments fell on deaf ears, as Jennifer opened the lid of the box and undid the tissue paper inside. There lay the paddle, gleaming in the soft light of the living room. Linda grabbed my shoulder and craned across me to get a better look. Jen lifted the paddle from the box...

I think both girls had really expected it to be some sort of G-String, or short nightie - anything but a paddle. Jennifer grinned hugely, and showcased the paddle to Linda; especially the side with the heart and "Jennifer" painted across it.

"I love it!" she squealed.

I have to admit, Linda looked a bit shocked at this point and a blush had come to her cheeks.

"God, I just Love it!"

Jennifer leaned over and gave me another wet kiss, and then jumped to attention.

"I've just got to see how it feels!"

And with that, she tuned her back away from us - facing us, bent over, and slammed the paddle against her backside, right through the dress. She proceeded to give herself two more swats.

"Ok" I said - feeling a bit embarrassed at her tipsy condition, "Time to take Linda home".

"No no no" Jen responded, "I want my spanking now!" She followed this up with by wiggling her hips around like a Hula dancer.

"Not only that" she added, "I want Linda to watch me get my Birthday spanking".

I looked over at Linda, who seemed sort of dazed at the whole event.

"Linda, do you want me to take you home?" I asked?

She shook her head back and forth.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes" she whispered.

"Ok Linda, you better knows what you are getting yourself into here. Jennifer has asked me for a birthday spanking, and I aim to give her one. Once we get started. There no turning back, is that understood?"

Linda nodded, her cheeks were flushed, and I could tell she really wanted to watch. My heart felt a new burst of courage, I was in command here, and these two women were my charges.

Linda nodded again.

I stood up, grabbed Jennifer's wrist and stated to lead her to the bedroom. Linda just sat there, smiling.

"You, up on your feet, come with us"

This wasn't a request, it was an order - and Linda obeyed. Slowly she rose from the couch, and I could see her hands trembling. I led my girlfriend to the bedroom, and turned on the light that sat on the dresser. The dresser sat on the far wall, at the foot of the bed. Jennifer turned to kiss me; the paddle was still in her hand. I refused the kiss, and jerked the paddle from her grasp while Linda stood in the doorway, eyes cast to the floor. I grabbed both of the pillows off the top of the bed, and placed them all the way down the mattress, one on top of the other.

My voice was cold and calculating. "Up on the bed Jen, all fours kneel on the pillows..."

Jen tried to kiss me again, but I would have none of it. I shoved her onto the bed.

I commanded again, "Dammit, you heard what I said".

Jen seemed to be in a rather heated and dreamy state, and proceeded to lay prone over the pillows, hips jutting up in the air.

"Is that what I told you to do?" I chided, "I said KNEEL on the pillows, not over them!”

Jennifer dutifully crawled on top of the pillow until she was kneeling, arms locked rigidly in a doggy style pose. I gently placed my hand between her shoulder blades and pushed her face down into the comforter below. This was perfect, kneeling on the pillows her ass was now lofted incredibly high into the air, and her ankles hung off the end off the bed.

"You wanted a birthday swatting? - well you are going to get one to remember young Lady"

I looked over at Linda who was still standing in the doorway, transfixiated by the whole sight. She was staring, and her legs trembled. I walked to the dresser where I had turned the lamp on before. There was a small rotary fan sitting next to it, and I pushed the knob in back of it. Now it wouldn't scan the room blowing breeze. I adjusted its position, so that it aimed right at my beautiful Jen's bottom, and turned it on. I flicked the switch to "low". Almost immediately, Jen's skirt started to sway and blow in the fan's breeze - the hem flipping up and down to reveal a bit of thigh.

I strode to the side of the bed. Jen was already moving her hips rhythmically back and forth, at what was to come. I leaned down and whispered to her...

"You're looking forward to this aren't you?"

Jennifer shook her head violently up and down.

I placed the paddle on the bed, right in front of her face.

"Well, this fan is here to cool your ass sweetie, and you better enjoy it. Because when I come back in this room in five minutes, your ass is going to be swatted so red you can't sit down for a week. Do you understand that?"

She nodded again.

"Think about it" I said.

I reached back and grabbed the back of her skirt, and violently jerked it up over her hips. She shuddered, and her ass moved rhythmically again. She had on plain nylon panties, full cut, and they were shear. I could spy a faint pinkness in the crotch of her undies, where a wet spot had formed. A wonderful aroma of arousal wafted up to my nose.

I stepped back to the doorway, where Linda stood.

"I'll tell you something else Jen, I better not find you touching yourself when I come back in here in few minutes. If do, there will be 20 extra swats, and they will really sting. Do you understand that?"

She nodded again, her ass still circling around in the breeze. I knew there was no way she could keep her fingers off of her pussy, and relished the thought of twenty extra snaps to her bottom.

I gently closed the door to the bedroom.

I softly held Linda's hand and led her back to the couch in the living room.

"Sit" I told her.

Once we were seated, I poured her another glass of Schnapps, and lit a cigarette for myself. I glanced over at Linda, and her legs were shaking uncontrollably.

"Claude, I ah...""Quiet. Not another word out of you. You had your chance to go home, and it has past, now you will do what I tell you. Have your drink"

I passed her the drink, and we sat quietly for until my cigarette has dwindled to nothing. My cock was incredibly hard, and I'm sure the bulge showed through my jeans. I leaned over and stared into her brown eyes. They looked like whirlpools, and gently I kissed her. She pressed against me, and I could feel her small breasts rub against my chest through her dress. I had wanted to kiss Linda for a long time, and finally it had come. Her lips were soft and sweet, very wet as well. It was heavenly.

Finally I stood. "Now, Jennifer is going to get her Birthday Spanking".

I grasped Linda's hand and led her towards the bedroom.

"Be very quiet, I want to surprise her"

I winked at Linda, and she smiled in response.

"Tip toes" I added.

We slunk the last few feet to the bedroom door, quiet as church mice. It was hard to hear anything inside the bedroom with the fan blowing in there - but above all that that there was a faint rustle of clothes.

I jerked the door open, and there was Jen - fingers well inside her panties as they were bulged outward from her hand. Obviously she had her fingers well inside her cunt, and was sliding them in and out in a rather rhythmic fashion.

I roared at her, "What kind of shit is this! Goddamit I can't leave you alone for five minutes without you frigging yourself like a twelve year old?"

Both girls were stunned, and Jen quickly pulled her hand away and flung it back out in front of her. Her ass was still wafting high in the air, the fan cooling it - and her panties were now thoroughly soaked.

I took two massive strides across the room and roared again.

"You nasty little thing you. You know what happens to little girls who do nasty things when they are told not to?" I was furious and yelled right into Jen's face while it was pressed down into the mattress. She seemed oblivious, and continued smiling a dreamy smile.

"Linda comes here”. I looked across the room, and Linda was standing in the doorway where she had before, eyes once again cast to the floor. Obviously she didn't like yelling, and was in a state of shock, having never seen me mad.

Linda crossed the room, eyes cast down, hands clenched tightly in front of her.

"Lower her panties Linda".


"Lower her fucking panties as I tell you, or you'll end up with your ass in the air as well!!!"

Linda sheepishly looked up, grabbed the elastic band of her best friends' panties, and tugged them down in one jerk. There was a soft whisper of cloth as the damp panties came down. Jen's pussy was exquisite, her lips were as full and engorged as I've ever seen them - and covered with the fluids of her desire. She was wet, and her blossom had opened.

I reached down, grabbed the soaked crotch of her undies and jerked them wildly past her knees, and off.

"Hold her back down Linda".

I reached over and grabbed Linda's wrists and placed the flat of her palm on the small of Jen's back.

"Push down" I commanded.

Linda stood at the foot of the bed and applied some pressure to Jen's back. This served to not only press Jen's face deeper into the mattress, but to raise her ass to an incredibly high level. She was now wide open to both of us, pussy, anus, everything. Her openings looked delicious and inviting.

Slowly I laid my hand upon her flank, and she shivered from the touch. I caressed her bottom, and it responded with slow and steady undulations. Linda was fascinated by this whole sight, and I suspected she had never seen anything like this before. In fact it really stuck me right then, that Linda was the type of girl who had never even seem a porno film before, much less a birthday spanking. Her eyes were like two saucers, wide and staring.

Slowly I raised my hand from Jen's ass, about a foot away.


My fingers stung smartly into her bottom. She let out a low moan, and rocked her hips gently in response. SWAT! SWAT! SWAT!

I let her have three more, just using the tips of my fingers to give the maximum stinging effect. I looked at Linda and she was smiling.

"Ohh, that smarts!" Jennifer had finally spoken up. She circled her hips in a slow pattern.

"You think that hurts? Try this!!!!” I yelled.


My hand and fingertips laid heavily into my love's bottom, and she squealed in response. After twenty blows her ass had started to turn a bright red, and she was whimpering in response. The spanking had turned from what she thought was going to be a pleasurable experience, into a real ass warming. She reached back to protect her bum, but I flung her hand away as it came up.



Her small ass was trying to make a decision as to what it should feel. The hand kept coming up to protect the soft skin there, and each time it was knocked away. Yet her as betrayed her, as it continued to dance and torque in a fashion revealing pleasure. Linda pressed as hard as she could into the small of Jen's back. Her buttocks were now lofted into the stratosphere.


"Enough!" I said.

I reached down and grabbed the paddle that had been in front of Jen for a good ten minutes. Tears had formed in her eyes, and she let out a gasp.

"Please, noooo."

"Too late now" I intoned. "In fact, your friend is going to administer the blows, and I haven't forgotten about that small bit of self pleasure we discovered you at. The twenty swats I promised will now be delivered".

I held the paddle out to Linda, and she took it.

"Let her have it”. Linda was having trouble focusing, and she herself swayed back and forth in a state of pleasure. Her legs were clamped firmly together, and I suspected she was trying to get any kind of friction she could under that white dress.

Linda grasped the paddle, stared at it - brought it back about a foot, and let go.


The paddle landed dully on Jennifer's behind. She responded with a slight moan, and jerking of the hips.

"No, No, No - all wrong. Give it here", I asked.

Linda passed the paddle back. I held it at arms length a good three feet away from Jen's arse.

"Like this!"


It sounded like a real snap in the room, echoing off the ceiling at walls. The paddle bit right into Jen's ass like a mousetrap. Immediately a red crescent formed on her bottom.

"It's all in the wrist. You have to give it a snap of the wrist at the last moment - do you understand?"

I handed the paddle back, and Linda smiled.

"Now, rub the paddle against her behind a bit to warm it up, and then lean back and crack her ass", I commanded.

Jennifer took a moment to plead for mercy again. I could have cared less, as her ass was swinging back and forth in the breeze, obviously looking for more pleasure. The tears from before had dried, but were soon to return.

Linda raised the paddle...


"Excellent" I intoned. "Now rub the paddle against her ass again in a circular motion - then six more".

Linda rubbed the paddle about on Jen's hoisted bottom, and it responded by firmly pushing back against the paddle. She was in a sate of distress, and the tears were flowing again.



Linda had taken artistic license with my six blows and made it twelve instead. I was pleased. Still, Jennifer's bottom continued to cavitate in the breeze of the cool fan, and the hot swats had intermingled with him cooling wind. Jennifer was now bawling like a child and reached up to protect her blistered fanny. Once again I grabbed her wrist, and held it aside.

"More I yelled!"




A reign of deadly swats now assailed Jennifer's ass as she jerked it wildly back and forth. Linda looked like a demon. Her lips were curled back, and a wicked grin had spread across here face, and her eyes were squinted with steely determination.

Jennifer let out a long moan..."oh God, fuck, I am going to come!"

"Oh no you're not"

I stayed Linda's blow, before she could lay another stinging volley of swats on Jennifer's behind.

"You're not going to come until I'm good and ready to let you"

Jennifer moaned again - her voice was hoarse: "Oh please, damn, swat me! Fuck me! Do anything, god I wanna come!"

Her hand sprang up to her snatch, but I caught it in mid-flight and pinned it to the bed next to her thigh.

"I am controlling the spanking tonight, and now I will control the pleasure."

I looked at Linda, who was now frantically and shamelessly rubbing the front of her dress against her cunt. I still pinned Jen'shand to the bed. She twisted against my tight grip, but I kept the pressure up.

"Linda walk over to the bedside table, and get me the tube you find in there" - "Now!" I commanded.

Linda walked across the room with trembling legs, and slid open the drawer in the small table next to the bed. She extracted a tube of KY jelly and returned to my end of the bed, where I still had Jennifer's wrist firmly held down. Linda was shaking, and there was a visible wet spot on the front of her dress. I held my hand out:

"Give me the paddle".

Linda did as she was told. I took a step to my left and brought Jen's wrist up in front of her again. I then proceeded to pull both her wrists out in front of her, and pinned them down again. Jen's ass still stuck delightfully up into the air, and a long string of sticky cunt juice drooled out of her snatch onto the pillows below.

"Now Linda, take the cap off and spread some of that lubricant on your right index, and middle fingers".

Linda looked totally shocked at this. I think she had expected me to fuck Jennifer right there on the spot with her watching, and that’s what the KY was for....

"I don't know, I'm not sure if I can".... her hands trembled uncontrollably...

"You're not sure if you can?" I barked.

"Godammit, you are going to do what I say, or I'm going to whip your ass ten times harder than I did her's. You'll do what I tell you to, and with no backtalk!"

Jennifer's ass still undulated back and forth up in breeze of the fan, waiting for someone, anybody to touch her - and bring her off. She was a loaded gun at this point, and ready to fire.

She moaned again..."Please Linda, please". She was begging.

With hands shaking and fluttering around like a moth, Linda unscrewed the cap of lubricant, and spread a large gob of it on the two fingers of her right hand.

"Stick them up her ass Linda".

I was dead serious, and Linda could tell I meant it. Tentatively, and slowly Linda approached her friend and dabbed a bit of the lubricant on her anus. Immediately Jen pushed her ass backwards towards the inviting fingers. I watched Linda slowly rub the tips of her fingers up and down Jennifer's anus, exploring ever so gently the secret opening there. Jennifer responding by rotating her ass around in rhythmic circles, back and forth, side to side. It was a wonderful sight.

Linda increased the pressure of the two fingers, and they finally pushed past the ring of her opening. Jen responded by pushing her ass backwards as far as she could, and Linda was drawn up against her and lightly grasped Jennifer’s left hip. The fingers had made a delightful squishing sound as they sunk into Jen's asshole, and the sound almost pushed me right over the edge as well. I was ready to come in my pants right then and there.

Slowly I decreased the pressure on Jen's wrists, until I had let go of them. I wanted to move around back, and get a view of this magnificent sight.

And magnificent it was. Linda had both fingers buried right up the last knuckle in Jen's rectum, and was slowly pushing them in and out. Her whole hand, wrist, and Jen's thighs were slick with cunt juice and lubricant. Jen continued to move her hips back and forth, slowly and rhythmically - enjoying this ass fuck from her friend.

Both girls had their eyes closed, and Jen was gripping great handfuls of bedspread in front of her. I decided Linda now needed some attention so I slid up behind her and pressed myself against her. I could feel my prick bulging in my jeans, and straining against the back of her ass. I reached around to her front, and slowly undid the top four buttons of her white dress, and pulled it down over her shoulders. She had beautiful tits. They were very small, almost flat - but the nipples were enormous, almost half an inch long. I had never seen a set of breasts like these, and imagined how delightful they would look grinding against Jennifer's red ass.

I moved back to the side of the bed, and kissed Linda full on the mouth while firmly squeezing her right breast. Both girls were getting very excited now, and their motions became more and more frantic. Jennifer had started to buck her hips and was moaning again. Linda's legs were trembling, and she was still pumping her fingers furiously in and out of Jen's blistered bottom. Her breathing was heavy and her eye’s were fluttering.

"Three fingers now!" I yelled.

"Grind your tits against her ass!"

Linda responded immediately and slipped a third digit up into my girlfriend's asshole. Jennifer let out a wail of pleasure and bucked her hips even more drastically. Then Linda bent over, fingers sucking in out, and started to drag her tits up and down Jennifer's ass. This drove Jennifer wild.

This was the moment I had been waiting for! I reached down and grabbed the hem of Linda's white summer dress and hiked it up over her hips. She had a deliciously small ass, and it was encased in a pair of satiny, peach colored panties. The crotch and back of the panties were totally soaked, and her juices had run down the inside of her thighs as well. I grabbed the elastic waistband, and with one smooth motion slid the damp garment off of her ass, down to her ankles. She was oblivious to all of this, and continued to pump her fingers in and out of Jen's nether region. For a girl who sometimes came across as modest and shy, I was surprised. Her pussy was trimmed very neatly, and her lips were full and wet down there. Her pretty pink asshole winked up at me, a rosebud.

I grasped the paddle firmly, brought it back - and let go with a stinging swat.


Linda let out a gasp, closed her eyes, and continued her machinations with an even fiercer determination.


I paused for a moment to admire my handiwork. Four beautiful red crescents had started to from on Linda's bottom. Both she and Jennifer were jerking there hips back and forth frantically like dogs fucking, and they were both panting heavily.


I really started to lay into Linda's ass like an athlete coming down the home stretch. Both girls were literally in a wild frenzy at this point. Just jerking their asses to and fro in crazy patterns, the slurping sounds of Jennifer's ass getting finger fucked filled the room, amongst the tangled moans and wails. Linda was still grinding her tits madly against Jen's red bottom, her own bottom getting redder by the moment.

I reached under Linda's belly and slowly traced a finger along her clitoris. It was all I could do to keep it there with her hips moving around so violently. I let her have twelve more!



The paddle bit viciously at Linda's flank. It had been so white and unblemished when I started, but now glowed a fierce crimson. Linda was visibly crying, but still yearning for something that would bring her to orgasm. Both girls started to really wail, and Linda was first:

"Oh, I am coming! I am coming!" she cried...

I immediately slid the finger I had held against her swollen clitoris, right into her pussy. It instantly clenched my fingerlike a vice and started contracting. I let her have six more!


Jennifer was only a second behind her friend, and let out what could only be called a scream.


It was ear piercing, and Linda keep digging at her ass with the three wet fingers. What I saw then, blew my mind like nothing else before. A foot long, thick - milky stream of cunt juice shot out of Jennifer's pussy right onto the hip of Linda's dress, soaking her totally. It was without a doubt, the biggest orgasm I have ever seen a woman have.

The two of them just stayed there for a moment, Linda with her arm wrapped around her friend's waist. They were panting, and slowly Linda pulled her fingers out, arm trembling uncontrollably.

Finally I said: "Very nice girls, rest...."

The whole room just smelled like burned ass and wet cunt, it was like opium. I kissed them each on the lips, and they collapsed back on to the bed embracing each other. I left the bedroom, and returned a minute later with some Lubriderm which I gently rubbed onto their heated bottoms. For the rest of the night, I could deny them nothing and pleasured them each in any way they fancied. I was gentle, and later we all fell asleep together on the small bed.

In the morning I made them breakfast...

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