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Jennifer's Need

Jennifer arranges to go and visit Katherine, but has an adventure along the way
This is a continuation of the story in Jennifer's Shame, so if you've not already read it, I suggest you start there.

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When she got home, Jennifer went upstairs and ran a bath. Easing herself gently into the warm water, she lay back, closed her eyes and let her mind drift back over the events of the afternoon. She could almost hear the sound of the swishing cane and again experienced the searing sting as the rattan bit into the soft flesh of her bottom. Jennifer found herself getting aroused and slipped a hand between her legs and began running a finger over her engorged clit. Remembering the feel of Julian's soft hands soothing her afterward, her finger moved faster. Jennifer gasped as she peaked, a soft wave of pleasure washing over her.

Once she had dried herself and dressed, Jennifer picked up the phone and called the number Julian had given her.

"Hello, is that Katherine?"

"Hi Jennifer, Julian said you'd be calling."

"Oh, you've spoken to him then."

"Yes, he told me you had a very eventful meeting. How is your bum?"

"I think I'll be sleeping on my tummy for a few nights, but judging from all the entries in his punishment book with your name on it, then I guess you know what that feels like."

"Indeed I do. So when are you coming to see me?"

"How about next Saturday?"

"Great, can you stay overnight."

"Sure, I'll drop Ellie with my folks."

"I'll see you then. Julian gave you the address and everything?"

"Yes he did."

"Okay, see ya."

Jennifer put down the phone and thought again about Julian and the effect of the caning. For the first time in a year, she felt totally at peace within herself and although her bum still stung, she didn't feel as if she had been unfairly treated.

The rest of the week seemed to drag on until Jennifer thought she would go crazy. On Saturday morning she went shopping and bought a new dress and had her hair done so she'd look her best.

While in town she spotted an adult store, which was advertising itself as newly opened and woman friendly. On a whim she went in to have a look around. There was the expected collection of "martial aids" but they were nicely arranged on display shelves. Walking towards the back of the store, Jennifer saw that on one side there was a display of underwear and other lingerie and on the other was a display of what appeared to be traditional school straps, some wooden and leather paddles as well as some wicked looking canes. Jennifer handled a few of the items, trying to imagine what they might feel like and then went to check out the lingerie. On a shelf, she spotted a stack of cotton panties with "Spank Here" printed across the bum. Jennifer picked up a pair to get a better look at them and was holding them up when a voice behind her said, "Can I help you with anything?"

Jennifer turned around, her cheeks turning red and looked straight into the eyes of the most attractive man she had ever seen. Jennifer stood there unable to utter a word, totally dumbstruck. His eyes were a deep blue and Jennifer could feel herself being drawn straight in.

"Sorry to have startled you, but we don't open until this afternoon."

"Sorry, the door was open and I was just looking around and thought these were funny." Jennifer said, finally finding her voice.

"There is a matching top as well. If you want to try them on, there is a changing room back there, but those are a twelve and unless I'm mistaken you are an 8 or a 10 at most."

"Thanks. I'm Jennifer by the way."

"I'm Graham. If you want to take a couple of sizes back and try them on then please go ahead. I saw you looking at the implements as well, if you are interested in any of them, we offer a try before you buy service." he said this with a straight face, but Jennifer could see the gleam of amusement in his eyes.

Jennifer selected the appropriate sizes and also picked up a lovely silk chemise and took them back to the changing rooms. On the doors there was a sign that said 'please pay for all items, thieves will be spanked'

She slipped out of her jeans and t-shirt and took off her knickers and bra. The changing room had full-length mirrors on three sides so Jennifer was able to admire herself. The marks from her caning had faded and once again her bum was smooth and perfect. She slipped on he panties and the top and checked out how she looked. The top had 'Naughty Girl' printed across chest.

She thought about Graham and those deep blue eyes, and before she could stop herself, she opened the door to the changing room and walked back out into the store. Luckily there was no one there except Graham.

"So? What do you think?" she asked smiling her cheekiest grin.

"That looks terrific. You have a great body and that outfit really shows it off."

"Thanks. I'll take it."

"Great. Can I interest you in anything else?" asked Graham with a penetrating look.

Jennifer paused for a moment. Could she really be that brazen? Well screw it, she'd been a faithful wife for fifteen years and her husband had left her for his secretary, saying that Jennifer just wasn't exciting anymore. My god it was such a cliché. Making her decision looked Graham straight in the eye.

"Well, actually there is something. I'm interested in that small leather paddle you have over there."

Graham walked over the retrieved the paddle and handed it to Jennifer. His walk was graceful, almost like a dancer. Jennifer slapped the paddle against her palm a couple of times.

"It's perfect for some intimate OTK." said Graham. Giving Jennifer another penetrating look. 


"Over The Knee."

"Oh, well I'll take this as well." she replied holding his gaze. "not sure when I'll get any use from it but.". Jennifer left the suggestion hanging.

"If you are unsure, I'd be more than happy to demonstrate its effectiveness."

"How would you do that?"

"Oh I think you know exactly what I mean, so why don't you go back past the changing rooms and go into the room with the green door. I'll be through in a moment."

Jennifer again paused. Could she really go through with this? She had come this far and Graham was absolutely gorgeous. Jennifer walked back, opened the green door and entered the room. The room was large and was painted in pale cream and green. There was what looked like a writing desk and a couple of stools along one wall and a door in another. The floor was carpeted with a thick pile carpet that was warm and comfortable under foot.

The door opened and Graham entered, closing the door behind him. He held out his hand and Jennifer handed him the paddle. He retrieved one of the stools and placing it in the middle of the room, sat down and patted his knee.

Jennifer walked over, knelt down next to him and gently eased herself over his lap. Graham eased her forward a little so that her bottom was positioned uppermost and smoothed the fabric of her panties, enjoying th sensation of bottom under palm as he always did.

"I'll just warm you up a little before your paddling."

Jennifer lay still, letting her emotions wash over her as she waited for the first spank. A potent mixture of apprehension and desire swirled around her as Graham stroked her bottom letting his fingers brush her inner thigh. Graham placed the paddle next to Jennifer’s head and flexed his fingers. When it landed, the first spank was light, almost caressing, followed by a flurry of increasingly firm smacks until Jennifer started to feel a tingle and heat begin to build in her bottom and between her legs. This was a totally different experience to the caning she had experienced only a week ago. While this was still an assault on her senses, she was fully engaged and turned on. Graham again stroked and rubbed her bottom, and parting her legs a little slid his fingers between her legs, feeling the dampness coming through the cotton as Jennifer gasped with pleasure.

"Such a naughty girl. You haven't even paid for these yet and they are already all wet."

"Please, spank me some more. I've never been this turned on in my life. Please."

Sliding his other hand around her front and cupping her right breast, Graham continued to spank Jennifer while stroking her breasts first through the cotton top and then easing the top up to allow her breasts their freedom, he stroked the nipples and gently fondled each breast. Jennifer responded with little moans and began to grind herself against grahams crotch. Graham stopped her spanking and slowly slid her panties down and off her legs. Sliding a finger into her he asked, "Are you ready for the paddle now Jennifer?"

"Yes, please, anything, just don't stop."

"In that case, please hand me the paddle."

Jennifer handed the paddle to Graham and after a few experimental taps on Jennifer's bottom he began her paddling. Again he started gently, letting her skin warm to its caress. While this was certainly much stingier than his hand, Jennifer felt herself being transported. Te tent combination of the paddle and Graham's warm hand on her breasts started pushing her towards orgasm. Graham slid his hand up to her face and cupped her face, turning it towards him a little. Jennifer stared at him, a look of pure desire and need in her eyes.

Placing the paddle down, he again slipped his fingers over her pussy and stroked her clit firmly, causing Jennifer to cry out and push herself against his fingers. Sliding her off his knee and pulling her to her feet, Graham slipped the top over her head and dropping it on the floor, took Jennifer in his arms and kissed her deeply.

"I want you, please." she begged.

Graham placed the stool back at the side of the room and walked to the far wall. He pressed the wall and with a click, the wall dropped forward to reveal a king size bed. Graham lifted Jennifer into his arms and carried her to the bed, placing her in the centre. With economy of movement, he stripped off, revealing an impressive erection, which Jennifer greedily reached for, taking him fully into her mouth and sucking hard, while fondling his balls. Graham let out a cry of desire as the full effects of the blowjob began to take.

Pushing her back onto the bed, Graham took one leg in his hands and started kissing her foot, working his way up her leg and thigh and brushing his lips over her pussy and down the other leg. The effect on Jennifer was electric, causing her to writhe with pleasure. On the return to her pussy, Graham flicked his tongue over her engorged clit and then making his tongue flat licked her deeply from her ass to the top of her clit and back, lapping her wetness, as Jennifer locked her legs around his head and moaned with pleasure.

"Please Graham." She gasped "I need you in me now." 

Easing her legs apart, Graham slid himself between her legs and entered her gently, letting his full length penetrate her. Holding himself there he kissed Jennifer deeply again, filling her mouth with his tongue and letting her taste her own desire. Lowering his head, he took a nipple in his mouth as he began to stroke her slowly and fully sending Jennifer over the top as a wave of orgasm hit her full on, followed closely by another, then another as Jennifer bucked her hips, taking as much of Graham as she could and locking her legs across his back.

They flipped over and Jennifer took the lead and rode Graham hard as he reached behind her and smacked her bottom on the upstroke causing Jennifer to grind harder on the down stroke. Graham could feel his own orgasm building as he pulled Jennifer to him and kissed her hard. As he was nearing orgasm, he lifted Jennifer off and to the side. Taking his cock in her hands, Jennifer jerked and stroked until hot ribbons of cum spurted out, splashing on her chest and hands. Jennifer crawled up the bed and they lay in each others arms, letting their heartbeats return to normal. They dozed a little in a post-coital haze, just enjoying each other’s presence. Finally Graham eased Jennifer away and got up.

"I need to open the shop, as it's nearly lunchtime."

"Can I see you again?"

"Of course. I'd say tonight, but I'm going to some friends for dinner"

"Me to. I'm staying overnight, but I'll be home by tea time tomorrow.

"Great, if you give me your number, I'll call and we can arrange to have dinner or something."

"Just so you know, I have a teenage daughter."

"I don't see a problem with that."

"Great. I hope to hear from you soon. I'd best clean myself up and get going."

"There is a bathroom and shower through there, so please help yourself."

Jennifer took a long shower and when she came back into the room, she noticed that Graham had brought her clothes and bags through from the changing room and laid them out on the bed for her. She dressed quickly and walked back through the shop to the front where she handed Graham a note with her name and number on it. A long kiss goodbye followed and Jennifer spent the rest of the afternoon on a high.

At around 5:30pm she got to Katherine's house and rang the bell. Katherine answered the door and took Jennifer through to the lounge and served up some coffee.

"You're looking positively radiant Jen, what have you been up to today?"

"Oh, just the usual, shopping, hair, incredible sex with a stranger."

"Oh really. Where did you meet this stranger?"

Just as Jennifer was about to answer, they heard the door opening and a few moment later, Julian came in.

"Hello again Jennifer. Sorry I wasn't here to greet you, I had to pop into town and pick up a friend who is joining us for dinner, he's just in the bathroom.

Turning to Katherine, he said, "Sorry Kath, I'm afraid he may be off the Market now. I know you hoped that he and Jennifer might hit it off, but it seems he met this incredible woman today. Can't stop talking about her."

The door opened and a man came in. Jennifer stared open mouthed.

"Jennifer, I'd like you to meet Graham."

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