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Jenny Is Disciplined By Mrs Denver

Jenny misbehaves at a school event and she and others are disciplined by Mrs Denver
Mrs Denver stood up, hands on her hips, looked cross, was very cross, and shouted, “Mrs Howe, that was extremely dangerous and could have hurt young Emma. I’ll need to deal with you.”

The afternoon had been going well. Parents and students were using the swimming pool. The swimming competition had been exciting. Now, about thirty parents and students were relaxing in the pool, some swimming lengths but most just were standing in the water and chatting to friends. Then came the incident. The one Jenny Howe and others were about to regret.

42-year-old Jenny Howe looked around. She hadn’t seen 16-year-old Emma when she did her water bomb and had jumped right on to her. She was horrified at what she had done, for two reasons. First because she may have really hurt the student, but was relived to find that a few tears Emma was recovering well.

The second reason was Mrs Denver, who had warned everyone about misbehaving. Jenny’s concern was well justified when Mrs Denver looked straight at her and said sternly, “Come over here, Mrs Howe.”

Jenny grimaced as she quickly got out of the pool and walked towards Mrs Denver. It didn’t make jenny feel any less concerned when she saw Mrs Denver looking disparagingly at the rather skimpy swimsuit she had chosen to wear. A bright red, halter-neck bra with thong briefs that to be fair showed off the 42-year-olds figure beautifully. Except it went against several regulations for the students. Jenny stood in front of Mrs Denver aware of over a hundred parents and students who had stopped doing what they were doing and were watching intently.

Mrs Denver was still looking around and saw the other two culprits she had spotted playing with Jenny Howe.

“ Mrs Hall , over here as well please,” followed by, “ Charlotte , you as well.”

Soon the three women were standing obediently in front of the very annoyed Mrs Denver who berated all three. “Really it is just so bad of you. I saw you bomb diving so everyone close to you got splashed. It really was childish.”

“Sorry, Mrs Denver,” both Jenny Howe and Kelly Hall said submissively. Charlotte was biting her lip looking at the Headmistress, her boss. Mrs Denver looked particularly angrily at her secretary.

After telling each woman off in turn Mrs Denver looked around. “I need a prefect please,” she snapped as and her eyes fell on Olivia, Jenny’s daughter. “Ah, Olivia, please come here.”

Olivia walked quickly over to the Headmistress. Mrs Denver made a point of looking approvingly at her one piece swimsuit, the regulation blue as well. When Olivia got to Mrs Denver the Headmistress asked, “Olivia, please can you go to my study and bring me a senior cane. I think that is called for.”

“Yes, Mrs Denver,” Olivia said, turning, giving her Mum a, ‘You should know better,’ look, and went off to collect the cane.

Mrs Denver looked at Charlotte and said, “Charlotte, bring the chair over here will you please.”

“Yes, Mrs Denver,” Charlotte said, knowing she was going to be on the receiving end of whatever was about to happen to the other two women. Otherwise it would have been her who would have been sent to collect the cane. Quickly she picked up the chair and took it over to Mrs Denver who was standing about halfway down the pool length. Charlotte put the chair down and stood waiting.

Mrs Denver spoke to Jenny Howe as though she were one of the schoolgirls rather than a Mum, and announced. “Jenny Howe, you are going to be spanked here and now, and when Olivia returns with the cane you will be given 12 strokes in front of everyone as you have pretty much spoilt their afternoon We will then revert to my study for a further 12 strokes. Understood?”

“Yes, Mrs Denver,” Jenny obediently responded, blushing.

Jenny scanned the pool area, seeing so many people she knew. It was well known that the 42-year-old Mum was one of the parents in the Parent Only Discipline Participation Scheme. Olivia was now so well behaved she had been dropped from the discipline schemes Mrs Denver had introduced. On the other hand Jenny’s Mum, Olivia’s Grandmother, had insisted Jenny transfer to the Parent Only Scheme and regularly completed a Punishment Slip for her 42-year-old daughter who had to attend Mrs Denver’s Study to be punished. So many students had stood in the secretary’s office listening to Jenny crying out as she was being punished. Jenny was well known for it.

So today all these people will be watching her being disciplined first hand and that was so humiliating for the 42-year-old. Humiliating, yet Jenny also realised strangely erotic. So everyone will see her disciplined? So what? So many people already knew she was regularly disciplined. Now everyone will know first-hand.

Mrs Denver announced, “You, Mrs Hall will be caned in my study and will be getting 9 strokes. You, Charlotte will also be caned in my study and will get 12 strokes.”

Kelly Hall looked distraught. She had enrolled in the Parent Scheme when her daughter first joined the Academy but never expected to be disciplined. Charlotte didn’t look happy either but mainly because her punishment had been announced in public. She after all was a regular recipient of Mrs Denver’s discipline.

Having announced the various tariffs Mrs Denver sat on the chair and ordered Mrs Howe, “Come here please Jenny. I will spank you whilst I wait for the cane to arrive.”

Jenny knew better than to argue; not when she was about to be disciplined. So she stood by the seated Mrs Denver who looked at her thong pants and said irately, “That can come off.”

Jenny groaned as she quickly stepped out of her thong. Mrs Denver took them and threw them on the floor where Jenny’s face will be.

“Get over my lap,” Mrs Denver ordered and Jenny quickly bent down and eased herself across the Headmistress’s lap. Yes, this was erotic. She loved being across the Headmistress’s lap. She might be blushing and feel humiliated, but she loved being so submissive.

Mrs Denver rubbed the 42-year-olds bottom, still not happy when looking down at Jenny’s back. “I think you should lose the halter neck bra as well. It really does go against the regulations. Undo it please, Mrs Howe.”

Jenny gasped as she lifted her hands behind her back and unclipped the bra, feeling awkward. A few seconds later she felt very exposed, being naked, her ample breasts now dangling down and on show for everyone, parents and students alike.

“That’s better,” Mrs Denver said in a satisfied tone as the bra followed the thong on the floor.

Mrs Denver rubbed Jenny’s bottom and this time raised her hand and brought it down hard on her bare bottom, fully across both bottom cheeks, with a thud. Jenny gasped. Those closest saw Jenny’s bottom cheeks swirl away from the Headmistress’s heavy hand. Even as Mrs Denver raised her hand again there were quite a few unsympathetic looks from the parents, and lots of giggles from the students, as the spanking progressed. Jenny was soon gasping louder and louder. The sound of the spanks echoed around the pool.

Jenny felt the first few spanks but was looking around as best she could, hoping to see some supportive looks; but there weren’t any. Mrs Denver was right. She and the others had spoilt the afternoon. So as spank followed spank Jenny looked at the ground and at her bikini knowing she was gasping particularly at the stinging spanks on the backs of her legs. She so wanted Olivia to get there with the cane but also wanted her never to come as being caned in front of so many people was not going to be fun.

Those watching could tell Mrs Denver looked resolved as she spanked Jenny unremittingly, hard, undoubtedly intent on making the 42-year-old pay for what she had done.

The parents and students watched silently, many looking at Jenny’s breasts as they swayed as she squirmed and reacted to the hard spanks, only too aware of the spectacle she was giving the watching crowd. As she squirmed her bottom cheeks swirled and her breasts swayed and all the time it was a 42-year-old being spanked, a parent, a Mum, being disciplined for misbehaving.

Mrs Denver played to the crowd knowing the more she humiliated the 42-year-old maybe, just maybe, she would learn her lesson. She kept on spanking as she looked up with a firm look from time to time, showing the crowd they should be thankful it wasn’t one of them across her lap.

There was movement by the entrance and Olivia returned carrying the long thick senior cane. She quickly walked towards Mrs Denver. Olivia scrunched her face up at the realisation her Mum was across Mrs Denver’s lap being spanked in public. She was still quite a way away when she saw her Mum’s breasts swaying as she squirmed and realised she was naked. How could she face her friends and her friends parents knowing her Mum was being humiliated in this way? Why couldn’t her Mum learn from all the times she had attended Mrs Denver’s study; that unless her behaviour improved she was going to keep on being spanked and caned?

Mrs Denver looked up as Olivia arrived but looked back at Jenny’s bottom and kept on spanking her bottom and the tops of her legs. Olivia looked on uncomfortably but she had watched her Mum being spanked before so that wasn’t as much an issue as feeling embarrassed for her.

Mrs Denver eventually decided to stop spanking Jenny and ordered her, “Please stand up Mrs Howe.”

Jenny manoeuvred herself off Mrs Denver’s lap and as much as she wanted to rub her sore bottom she knew she mustn’t. As she stood up she caught sight of her daughter and the cane she was holding. The wicked senior cane with the hooked end. The one she had received so many times before. The one that stung so much, but which afterwards left its erotic throbbing sensation.

Mrs Denver stood up, turned the chair 90 degrees, and told Jenny, “Bend over Mrs Howe and grab the chair. Do not let go or else 12 strokes will become rather more. Understood?”

Jenny nodded and murmured, “Yes Mrs Denver?”

“Pardon, Mrs Howe?”

Jenny scrunched up her face and said far louder, loud enough for everyone to hear, “Yes, Mrs Denver.” Jenny was almost shouting.

“Good; now bend over.”

The 42-year-old bent over and grabbed the seat of the chair, dropping her tummy, leaving her bottom sticking right out, ready to be caned. Or not quite.

Mrs Denver said loudly, “Legs apart, Mrs Howe.”

Jenny groaned as she parted her legs knowing whoever was behind her will have a clear view of her now stretched pussy. Those to the side will see her breasts hanging down and Jenny knew they would swirl and swing as the cane did its work. Those to the front will see her face etched with pain after each stroke. So many different views; and so many people there to catch them.

Mrs Denver took up her position behind the 42-year-old and reminded Jenny and the watching crowd, “12 strokes, and 12 more later.”

Jenny’s head dropped as the number of strokes she would receive sunk in. She held on to the chair seat firmly knowing if she let go and stood up that stroke won’t count whilst at the same time so conscious of her nudity. She looked up and again saw Olivia, caught her eye for a moment, then looked back at the seat, focussing on the pain to come. Suddenly she heard the swish and the thwack and milliseconds later felt the pain spread right across her bottom. Her gasp resounded around the pool area returning to fill Jenny’s ears just as she heard the second swish and felt the pain shoot across her bottom again. The third swish soon followed and Jenny knew one leg was raised as she held on desperately to the seat of the chair.

Jenny knew the first three strokes were always the hardest for her to take as after them the shock was over. Though not the pain. The pain increased with each stroke and particularly as Mrs Denver was so expert at delivering intense pain.

The fourth stroke brought a loud yelp from Jenny, and the fifth another lifted leg. The sixth led to Jenny’s head jerking up. Her hair flew around her head and her breasts swung from side to side drawing more giggles from the students. Even from those who had experienced the cane themselves; as so many had. However there was also the spectacle of Jenny’s swaying rocking breasts which were admired by the men, and envied by the women. None were jealous of Jenny’s caning though; just her naked body.

The seventh stroke brought a shriek from the 42-year-old and her legs bent. Some of the parents were feeling sorry for her, or rather they were still annoyed their afternoon had been spoilt but could relate to her pain. As the eighth stroke carved another line across Jenny’s bottom quite a few of the parents were licking their lips as they counted all of the red lines thinking just how they must hurt. When the ninth stroke stamped its fierce red line across Jenny’s bottom and the 42-year-olds shriek filled the pool area there was a flow of wonderment that she was able to keep hold of the chair seat; most adults reckoned they would never have been able to themselves. And still there were three more strokes to be taken.

The tenth stroke drew another shriek that filled the pool area and there were groups of parents just looking at each other amazed, astounded, and horrified that an adult was given such a punishment. Many of the students had been given 12 strokes by Mrs Denver and had told their parents how much it hurt, but only now did so many of the parents truly know how much it must have hurt. That was before they punished their daughter’s again before signing the student’s punishment letter. After the eleventh stroke some students looked at their parents with an, ‘I told you so,’ look hoping their parents might rebel against the future use of the cane. That of course was a forlorn hope they all knew, but they could hope.

The twelfth stroke landed amid feelings of relief from many of the crowd whilst others were hoping the caning would continue as they were getting so aroused by the sight. Jenny let out her loudest shriek but had counted the strokes and knew her punishment in front of the huge watching crowd was over.

Mrs Denver kept Jenny waiting, bent over, clutching the seat of the chair, her bottom stinging, throbbing, red lined, and still on show. Those who had the perfect view looked closely at her bottom, or more precisely her stretched pussy. Her glistening stretched pussy to be more precise. Both men and women, not to mention so many of the students, knew pussy’s only glistened like that when aroused; normally by their own fingers or vibrators, or if luckier by their boyfriends or girlfriends and of course by their husbands. Was that Jenny’s sex juice or just the light many wondered?

For most the view was too short lived to tell. Only those closest could form the best opinion and from the looks on their faces they decided it was her sex juice; and that set some minds running. Could they too be aroused by being caned?

Mrs Denver broke the scene with the snapped announcement, “Mrs Howe, get up please.”

Slowly Jenny put her legs together as she stood and the vision of her pussy was gone. The new clearer view of her breasts filled everyone’s eyes; and for many of the fathers their trousers as well, as their penis’s stiffened. At the same time they saw Jenny’s nipples stood erect, which was more proof she was sexually aroused.

“Put your bikini back on, Mrs Howe,” Mrs Denver ordered.

Jenny bent down and scooped up her bikini. She put the halter-neck bra back on first partially hiding her ample breasts in the half cups. She then stepped in to the thong knickers not concerned her burning bottom cheeks remained uncovered, leaving the dozen wicked red lines fully on show.

Mrs Denver spoke to Olivia. “Please will you take Mrs Hall and Charlotte to the hallway outside Charlotte’s office. There are a row of chairs and they can sit there and wait for me.”

“Yes of course, Mrs Denver,” Olivia replied. She took both women by the upper arms and led them away, childlike, unable to resist, clearly under the control of the 17- year-old prefect.

Mrs Denver turned to Jenny and ordered, “You, Mrs Howe shall stand facing the wall with your hands on your head while I speak to everyone.”

Jenny quickly stepped over to the closest wall and put her hands on her head pressing her nose against the paintwork, conscious of her bottom being on show with all those red lines.

Mrs Denver turned to the crowd and said, “First I must apologise that the three unruly misbehaving women have spoilt what was before then a most successful afternoon. Let me assure you ladies and gentlemen and students their punishment is far from over. I will be taking the other two to task soon, and Mrs Howe here has 12 more strokes to take.”

There were several nodding heads, but then everyone normally agreed with Mrs Denver. It wasn’t done to disagree after all; just in case at some later stage you had the misfortune of being summoned to her study.

Mrs Denver wished everyone a safe journey home before turning to Jenny and saying sternly, “Mrs Howe, you will keep your hands on your head and turn around.”

Jenny turned and faced the watching crowd.

Mrs Denver beckoned Emma to the front and turned again to Jenny saying, “Apologise to the poor girl, please.”

Jenny looked at the 16-year-old a said a heartfelt, “Sorry Emma, I didn’t mean it.”

Emma nodded and looked to Mrs Denver for guidance. “Return to your parents, girl,” and she thankfully melted back in to the crowd. It never did to stand out where Mrs Denver was concerned. Every student knew that.

“Right, Mrs Howe, now keep your hands on your head and we will go to my study and join the others.”

Jenny blushed as she walked passed so many friends and acquaintances and knew that as she passed so their eyes stared at her bottom cheeks, easily on view because of her thong bikini pants. She heard the muted whispers, some of the parents saying how much the punishment was deserved; as a sop to the Headmistress. Others stayed silent thinking perhaps the punishment was too harsh as Emma seemed unharmed. Then there were the few thinking about the caning and how aroused Jenny appeared to be from it. Maybe they would ask her? Later.

Jenny and Mrs Denver arrived at the secretary’s office and found Charlotte and Mrs Hall sitting on the chairs outside. Jenny was told to join them, sitting gingerly on one of the hard seats.

Mrs Denver asked Olivia, “As Charlotte is to be disciplined would you perhaps act as my secretary in the meantime?”

Olivia loved the thought of sitting at Charlotte’s desk, filling in the Punishment Book, whilst listening to the punishments taking place in the Headmistresses study. “Of course, Mrs Denver,” Olivia said respectfully. This ought to get her some brownie points as well.

The hallway filled as parents and students made their way to the hall where food was being served. The three women looked positively distraught as they heard more whispers of a deserved punishment; no doubt made because Mrs Denver was standing close by. The comments were embarrassing nevertheless.

Mrs Denver announced, “Right ladies, go in to the secretary’s office and stand quietly.”

Mrs Hall went first being the most eager to get out of the gaze of so many of the others. Charlotte followed, with Jenny last struggling with her stinging bottom. Olivia stood up and shut the door, sat back down, and looked at the three adults who were to suffer their punishments in the Headmistresses study.

Olivia got out the Punishment Book and waited to find out who was going first. The intercom sounded. Olivia picked up the receiver, listened, then said, “Yes, Mrs Denver.” She put the phone down, looked at Mrs Hall, and said, “Please knock on the study door and wait.”

This was all new for Mrs Hall. She had never been inside Mrs Denver’s study before as all meetings had taken place in one of the classrooms or the main hall. She stood at the study door and knocked. There was no reply and wondering if she had knocked loudly enough. She turned and looked at Olivia, thinking at that moment how absurd it was, her looking to the 17 year old for help. Still, Olivia shook head. Mrs Hall knew to wait and a few seconds later they all heard the gruff, “Come.”

Mrs Hall disappeared inside the study but it was noticeable how the door was left ajar by several inches. Mrs Denver wanted everyone to suffer the punishment. Admittedly, Mrs Hall will suffer the most but then the other two will find the sound of the caning at least difficult, if not actually uncomfortable.

Olivia started a new page in the book as Mrs Hall’s name wasn’t on any of the pages. She followed the layout of the other pages putting her name at the top. So, Kelly Hall was entered at the top of the page.

Olivia also got out a blank Punishment Letter. They had moved on since the system was first introduced with lots of boxes. Spanking, cane, paddle, slipper, plimsoll, were all typed with a box next to each item. A tick indicated that punishment had been given. Another box was large enough for a number. Most had enough for a double figure but others could take a three figure number. The hairbrush paddle and the footwear were often used more than a hundred times in any one punishment.

As Jenny and Charlotte watched Olivia at work the sound of the first stroke was heard from the study, followed by a loud shriek. That was the first stroke Kelly Hall had ever been given and she screamed out. Jenny and Charlotte remained silent as stroke after stroke was followed by a louder and louder scream.

After the fourth stroke Mrs Denver was heard to say sternly, “If you stand up Mrs Hall that stroke doesn’t count; so that last one doesn’t. You still have three more strokes so please hold on to the desk.”

Mrs Hall was heard to cry openly at the promise of the additional stroke. The repeated fourth stroke was heard and another shriek followed. Mrs Hall cried out in horror as she realised she had again let go of the desk.

Mrs Denver announced again, “That stroke doesn’t count either, Mrs Hall.”

The repeated stroke was given and this time although there was a loud shriek Mrs Denver remained silent. More strokes were followed by louder and shrieks but no further comment from Mrs Denver. Mrs Hall had learned her lesson it seemed. Without doubt the last stroke produced the loudest shriek from Mrs Hall.

Mrs Denver said briskly, “You may get up Mrs Hall and pull your knickers back up.”

There was the sound of a grown woman crying and some shuffling around before a wet faced Mrs Hall came out of the study and went over to Olivia.

The intercom sounded and Mrs Denver was heard to order, “Olivia, please tell Charlotte come here.”

Charlotte waited for Olivia to nod at her, crossed the room, and disappeared in to the study. Again the door remained ajar again.

Olivia looked up expectantly at Mrs Hall who looked back blankly. Olivia asked, “How many Mrs Hall?”

Mrs Hall replied between sobs, “Oh sorry. 9 strokes.”

“Mrs Hall, I’m afraid you need to address me as Miss whilst we do this.”

“Oh, yes of course. 9 strokes, Miss.”

Olivia enjoyed the power she had over a woman her Mum’s age. “Actually, Mrs Hall there were the two extras which do count for the Punishment Book.”

“Yes yes, 11 strokes , erm, Miss.”

The first stroke was heard from the study followed by Charlotte’s gasp of pain. Mrs Hall bit her lip as the next stroke was heard and the ones after that with each one followed by Charlotte’s yelp. Jenny was more relaxed, listening for the gasps and yelps and gauging how Charlotte was faring. Better than Mrs Hall that was for sure.

Olivia wanted to listen as well but thought she should be more professional and asked, “Mrs Hall, who shall I address your Punishment Letter to?”

Mrs Hall was only half listening as stroke followed stroke was followed each time by a yelp, asking, “Pardon, dear?”

“Excuse me,” Olivia asked firmly.

Mrs Hall realised her mistake and quickly paid full attention to the 17-year-old. “Sorry, Miss. My Mother is down to sign my Punishment Letter.”

Olivia could not resist asking, “Has your Mother spanked you before?”

An embarrassed Mrs Hall answered, “Well no, this will be the first time, Miss.” Kelly was lying. Her Mum had spanked her regularly when younger.

“You know she must give you the same punishment? Does she have a cane?”

“Erm, I don’t think so, Miss.”

“Well the letter suggests a hairbrush as an alternative with ten spanks for each stroke given, or 20 spanks with a plimsoll or 30 with a slipper.”

“OK, Miss, that’s fine.” Mrs Hall just wanted to get away.

Olivia pressed her position of authority and saw Mrs Hall’s Mother’s phone number on the file. “I’ll have to call her,” Olivia said picking up the phone.

Mrs Hall thought it normal so didn’t object. She did listen to the one sided conversation.

Olivia spoke to Mrs Hall’s Mother . “Yes, Mrs Hunt, you are registered for signing Kelly’s Punishment Letter …. Yes I am afraid she has just got one …. Yes, the punishment she received is stated …. No, Mrs Hunt, the Academy expects you to at least repeat the punishment at home subject to the implements you have … Yes Mrs Hunt, it is only the minimum and in fact the Academy fully supports parents who give a harsher punishment … Yes Mrs Hunt, double or treble the tariff is quite in order and will be well received by Mrs Denver. The alternative is to duplicate the punishment on consecutive nights although the letter can be signed after the first night … I do agree Mrs Hunt that your decision should be final and Kelly should have no say …. I do like your approach, Mrs Hunt.”

Mrs Hall blanched at the conversation and bit her lip. The prospect of being disciplined by her Mum again wasn’t one she was looking forward to, especially as she always went to extremes; and judging from the conversation her Mum was going to keep that same approach with her when she goes and sees her

One thing was certain in Mrs Hall’s mind though. She had hated every moment of her punishment and resolved never to associate again with Jenny Howe. She was going to become the epitome of good behaviour from now on and will never earn another discipline session with Mrs Denver. She had heard the rumours that Jenny enjoyed the discipline, or at least the feeling afterwards. Well, for Kelly Hall there were no such feelings. If she gets caned again she will hate it as much as this time, and her memory was only of pain and humiliation. She thought dryly that must be exactly what Mrs Denver wanted and in Kelly Hall Mrs Denver had a Mum who was going to learn the lesson she had just been taught.

There was another noise from the study. The sound of the cane and Charlotte’s yelps had changed to the unmistakeable sound of her crying and what sounded like gasping as she pulled her knickers up. Seconds later she re-entered the outer office.

“Send Mrs Howe in please,” Mrs Denver called out from the doorway.

Jenny sighed, more like a groan, as she walked towards the study door and it was her turn to disappear inside, conscious of the door remaining ajar.

Mrs Denver gave her short shrift. “Take those ridiculous knickers down please, bend across the desk, and grab the far side.”

Jenny had done this so many times. She quickly lowered her thong and bent over the desk stretching her arms to grab the far side. Her bottom was still tingling from her first caning as Mrs Denver took up her position, tapped her bottom a couple of times, then gave Jenny the first of her next 12 strokes.

Jenny cried out knowing the women in the outer office will hear her cries but not caring. Even though her daughter was also listening. This second set of strokes were different to the first. Jenny was immersed in the arousal of what she loved about being caned. The pain was overbearing of course and she could do nothing about her cries and her legs bending or raising or whatever reaction each stroke produced. Each stroke now merged with the next. The pain was intense but so was the excitement of the never ending stinging as each stroke bit in to her bottom cheeks. She didn’t count but preferred to lose herself in the wonder of the pain.

Mrs Denver watched Jenny closely knowing out of all the adults she caned Jenny Howe took it the best; and probably to craved it. Mrs Denver caned harder this time and even though the cries were louder she never felt Mrs Howe saw it as punishment exactly; stroke after stroke, only seconds between each one, adding red line after red line across the 42-year-olds bare bottom. As she gave her the twelfth stroke, the hardest, and it brought the loudest cry, so she wondered if she could take more strokes. Then again it never seemed to matter how many strokes she gave Mrs Howe; it always felt as though it was several short of a proper punishment. However, the tariff was 12 strokes in the study and 12 had been given.

“You can get back up, Mrs Howe,” Mrs Denver said sternly and a crying shaking Jenny felt for her thong and pulled them up.

Mrs Denver added, “Go out to the office and get your letter, Mrs Howe.”

Jenny turned towards the door, tears filling her eyes as she walked out.

Olivia sat at the desk still and Mrs Denver asked, “Have you done their letters, Olivia?”

“Yes, Mrs Denver. Their Mother’s will be dealing with them.”

“Good, I look forward to having the letters signed and returned tomorrow morning.”

Mrs Denver looked at Charlotte and said, “Charlotte, take over the secretarial duties.” She said to Olivia with a smile, “Thank you for your help whilst I dealt with Charlotte.”

Olivia beamed. “No problem, Mrs Denver.”

Olivia stood up and Charlotte sat down. T welve strokes not that much of a problem for Charlotte as she had often been given rather more by the Headmistress. Still, her bottom stung nicely and she was sure once her Mum disciplined her later on she will have the most wonderful orgasms when she masturbates in bed.

Charlotte asked Jenny, “How many Mrs Howe?”

Jenny replied, “24 strokes Miss, and a spanking, all on my bare bottom Miss.”

“Of course,” Charlotte said to herself as she entered the tariff in the Punishment Book and the same information in the Punishment Letter.”

“Who will be dealing with you, Mrs Howe?” Charlotte asked.

Jenny knew that was a problem as her Mum was away. “Mum is away so I will need someone else Miss.”

“I see,” Charlotte said looking for the list of people who have offered their services for just this situation.

Mrs Denver thought for a moment, and then said, “Mrs Howe, I have a suggestion.”

Jenny looked through tear-filled reddened eyes at the Headmistress.

“I can deal with you.”

“Really, Mrs Denver?” Jenny asked.

“Yes of course. We will have to wait an hour. I have a class to take. You can sit in the hallway though and wait for me to return, and then I can deal with you.”

Jenny thought quickly. Another spanking and 24 strokes from Mrs Denver. What might that be like? What choice did she have though?

“Thank you, Mrs Denver, yes please.”

Mrs Denver was delighted. This will give her the chance to find out just how aroused Mrs Howe was when disciplined. This will be educational. For both of them.

“Wait outside, Mrs Howe. I will be at least an hour so make sure you are well behaved.”

Jenny sat obediently on the hard seat, squeezing her thighs together as she thought about her punishment session to come, and looking forward to tonight when she was sure she will have the most wonderful orgasms.

To be continued …..

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