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Jenny's Punishment Letter Ordeal Continues

Jenny hands in the Punishment Letter signed by her Mum and gets a shock
This continues the story of a mother and daughter's discipline. Please read the earlier chapter, "Mother and Daughter Punishment Letter Ordeal" first, already published:

By the following morning 42 year old Jenny and 17 year old Charlotte had recovered from the spanking Grandma gave them both the night before although their bottoms were still sore and neither felt like sitting down. They went together to the Academy to hand in their punishment letters.

Charlotte was at her desk when Olivia and Jenny came in and handed her their letters. Charlotte opened Olivia’s first, read it, nodded, and put it on the desk.

Then she opened the second letter, read it, her eyes narrowed, she looked up at Jenny, and pressed the intercom.

“Mrs. Denver, Mrs. Howe has brought her letter in but you need to see it. It is most irregular.”

Mrs. Howe looked at her daughter, then at Charlotte, not understanding. Mrs. Denver came out of her office, walked over to Charlotte’s desk, and read the letter. Mrs. Denver nodded as she read, then looked at Mrs. Howe and then at Olivia.

Mrs. Denver said to Mrs. Howe, “You had better read what is written here,” and handed Mrs. Howe the letter. She read and horror spread across her face.

“Exactly Mrs. Howe. Exactly.”

Mrs. Howe looked up and was about to plead.

“No use Mrs. Howe. Your Mum has asked me to give you six more strokes for lying. It is quite disgraceful you did so in fact,” and then more forcefully, “Really disgraceful.”

“Olivia, you may go to class.”

Olivia wasn’t going to argue with the Principal. She shot a look at her Mum, then turned and left. She would call her Mum later.

Mrs. Howe looked at Mrs. Denver and let out a sob.

Mrs. Denver smiled to herself when she saw Mrs. Howe was fully made up today with a quite lovely eye shadow. She will regret that she knew.

“Follow me please,” Mrs. Denver demanded, and walked in to her Study, followed by a very sorry looking Jenny Howe.

Mrs. Denver walked over to the caning chair and pulled it out slightly. She turned and saw Mrs. Howe had a much tighter skirt on and said, “Well you won’t need that on for a while, so you had better take it off, your knickers as well”

Mrs. Howe sniffed, bit her tongue, but followed the instruction obediently. She quickly unzipped her skirt, let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it.

“Bend over please and grab the chair.”

Mrs. Howe again turned and bent over, placing her hands on the seat of the chair. She whimpered as she remembered only yesterday being caned was a long held fantasy and here she was about to be actually caned for a second time.

“So Mrs. Howe, you lied did you?” she demanded sharply.

“Yes, I’m sorry Mrs. Denver,” Mrs. Howe said quickly, her voice breaking.

Mrs. Denver looked at the bare bottom sticking out at her and could see the bruising which she knew was from the hairbrush. This was one well spanked bottom, but one that needed to be thrashed some more.

“Your Mother has asked I give you six strokes for lying, and that I will do.”

Mrs. Howe kept staring at the seat of the chair wondering how she was going to cope with six more strokes.

“Then there is the fact you lied to me Mrs. Howe.”

Mrs. Howe took a sharp intake of breath. Surely not. Surely she would only get six.

“I take a dim view of what you did Mrs. Howe and feel obliged to add my own punishment.”

Mrs. Howe sniffed and bit her lip. She knew she mustn’t argue, not in her position, naked below the waist, bent over grabbing the chair with her bare bottom sticking out ready to be caned again. She started to shake when she realised Mrs. Denver was serious.

“I instil in the students not to lie but if they do there is a minimum tariff of six strokes.”

She let the comment sink in and watched the 42 year old bend one leg then the other as she was fighting to come to terms with the enormity of the comment. Twelve more strokes of the cane, having been given twelve strokes yesterday, put across her Mum’s lap and spanked by hand and with the hairbrush until her bottom was reddened and bruised and she could not even sit down this morning, and here she was being told she was going to get another twelve strokes of the cane. She started to sob, which Mrs. Denver took as her acceptance of the punishment.

“I hope you learn from this Mrs. Howe, I really do,” as she went to the cupboard and took out a senior cane. She swished it a couple of times as she walked back to Mrs. Howe, took her position, legs apart, one arm behind her back for balance, business like, knowing she only canes to hurt, to teach, to give a lesson to be remembered.

Mrs. Howe waited, listening to Mrs. Denver’s footsteps, whilst at the same time realizing she found the strictness of Mrs. Denver’s voice arousing, and being under her control exciting. A quiver between her legs made her gasp and she knew her pussy was wet. She wasn’t looking forward at all to the pain but the very thought of the pain thrilled her. She couldn’t explain why, but she did remember having so many orgasms after being caned the first time.

Mrs. Denver tapped the cane on the bare red lined bottom, lifted it back, and with a whoosh and a thwack sliced it through the air and landed it squarely on Mrs. Howe’s right bottom cheek, and heard the expected gasp from the 42 year old. It was a hard stroke, and another equally hard stroke followed, then the following two were harder, and the two after that were even harder.

Mrs. Howe was shaking her bottom, bending her legs, yelping, gasping, in fact doing anything to try to dissipate the searing scorching ever-spreading pain.

Mrs. Denver stopped at the sixth stroke and allowed a short gap as she listened to Mrs. Howe crying, but acknowledged that to her credit she kept hold of the chair. She looked at her bottom and all the new red lines which she knew must be stinging horribly, but she didn’t feel sorry for her, she might be 42 years old but Mrs. Denver was used to caning adults ever since the parent discipline participation scheme was introduced, and she knew the parents had to be spanked and caned even harder than the students. Indeed it was even more important they suffered as only then will they take the discipline of their sons and daughters seriously.

So Mrs. Denver looked on impassively as 42-year-old Mrs. Howe cried and shook halfway through her punishment.

When she was ready she tapped the cane on Mrs. Howe’s bottom again causing her to involuntarily tense her bottom as hard as she could believing it will reduce the pain, and closed her eyes when she heard the whoosh of the cane as it again travelled at speed through the air. Mrs. Denver used even more force than the sixth stroke. After all the unfortunate bottom being caned was now warmed up and so could easily take an even harder caning, and deservedly so.

Mrs. Howe shrieked this time, making Charlotte jump as she heard the caning through the closed door. A student was with Charlotte in the outer office, having been sent there by a teacher for misbehaving in class, and had given Charlotte a punishment request form. The teacher requested Mrs. Denver to punish the student, a request Mrs. Denver always agreed to. The student though heard the screaming coming from the Study and without thinking started to rub her own bottom. Charlotte watched her lower lip tremble.

“Don’t worry so much Stephanie,” she said quietly looking at the Punishment Request, “You are going to spanked not caned.”

“Thank you Miss,” came the reply from the slightly pacified student.

Inside the Study the screaming continued as each stroke was given, and as before the third and fourth were harder than the first and second, and the fifth and sixth the hardest of them all.

Mrs. Howe’s scream was loudest after the final stroke, but relieved it was over, at least the caning was. She shook her bottom and bent her legs again, but stayed bent over until Mrs. Denver said, “You can get up now and rub.”

Mrs. Howe shot up and her hands flew to her bottom and rubbed. She could not see properly through her tears but was conscious of Mrs. Denver going and sitting behind her desk. She looked up at the 42 year old and said,

“Please don’t lie again Mrs. Howe. The punishment will be more severe next time if you do. Now get dressed and report to Charlotte.”

Mrs. Howe quickly stepped in to her knickers, but gasped as she tried to ease them on to her very sore bottom.

“Do it,” Mrs. Denver said sternly and as Mrs. Howe let go of the elastic she let out yet another gasp. She closed her eyes in pain, then stepped in to her skirt and zipped it up.

“Good. You may now go.”

Mrs. Denver looked down at the papers on her desk but was satisfied one very chastened Mrs. Howe will try to be far better behaved in future. Even more when she realises her tears have made her eye shadow run down her face. She smiled again to herself.

Mrs. Howe stepped in to the outer office still crying and almost bumped in to the sixteen year old Stephanie also standing by Charlotte’s desk. Stephanie gasped when she realised the screaming had come from Mrs. Howe, who socialised with her own parents. Jenny looked equally shocked when she realised a friend’s daughter knew she had been caned.

Stephanie was shocked to see her makeup had run down her face. How silly to have worn it if she was going to get the cane the 16 year old thought.

Stephanie blushed and was about to say hullo when the intercom sounded and Mrs. Denver announced, “Send Stephanie in please.”

Charlotte looked at the student and pointed to the door. Soon only Charlotte and Mrs. Howe were in the outer office.

Charlotte opened the Punishment Book and asked, “What was your punishment Mrs. Howe?”

“Twelve strokes,” she replied, her voice still breaking.

Charlotte made the entry in the book on Mrs. Howe’s page. She then held up the letter and said, “This should be signed by your Mum and brought back in. Mrs. Denver told me it can be on any of the next three mornings, bearing in mind you have been caned twice in two days.”

Mrs. Howe was about to speak when suddenly the unmistakable sound of a bare bottom spanking came from the Study. Both knew Stephanie was now bent across Mrs. Denver’s lap and was having her bare bottom spanked. Mrs. Howe realised as well that Stephanie will have heard some of the caning she had received, and no doubt her screaming, and felt further humiliated as she was bound to tell her parents.

Charlotte said, “Stephanie has much improved her behaviour since starting here, but she lapses now and again so needs a reminder like this. It does her good though. I won’t be seeing her for quite a while after this punishment, well except when she brings back her letter tomorrow.”

Jenny pondered the comment. She sniffed, but thought that yes discipline can have its benefits.

Charlotte felt suddenly sorry for the Mother. “You may want to pop in to the loo on the way out Mrs. Howe, to remove your eye shadow. Its, erm, well, run.”

Mrs. Howe knew immediately what would have happened. She looked at her reflection in a glass cabinet and gasped. How awful, and some of the students will be bound to see her before she got to the toilets. Still, she thanked Charlotte for pointing it out to her. It would have been far worse if she had walked all the way out without knowing.

Mrs. Howe took her letter and left the office, ducking in to the toilets within seconds but not before three students gasped at the mess on her face adding to her wretched humiliation.

After cleaning herself up as best she could she stood for a second looking at herself in the mirror and as the pain in her sore bottom turned to tingling she again knew her pussy was wet. She closed her eyes and pictured herself being caned by the ever so assertive Mrs. Denver and touched her pussy as she became more aroused. Not so bad then really she thought. Being caned. Even the sight of her face covered in wet eye shadow made her smile and wonder if she would have the nerve to be seen like that again. Everyone would know she had been caned and for some reason that thought turned her on even more. She was finding the very thought of utter humiliation enthralling, even arousing.

As she walked back to her car however she remembered that even after twelve more strokes of the cane her punishment wasn’t over as she had to accept another spanking from her Mum. Somehow being spanked by her Mum was far from arousing. That really was going to be awful again.

She took some time to recover though and so after driving home, as uncomfortable as that was, she rubbed cream in to her bottom.

Jenny couldn’t resist using her vibrator again. Her bottom was tingling as she lay on her bed, pinched her nipples and caressed her breasts, then rubbed her stomach as she edged her fingers down to her wet pussy, massaged her clit for a while before switching on her vibrator surrendering to the ecstasy of orgasm.

Jenny revelled in the wonderful memory of being caned by the oh so strict Mrs. Denver. Such a stern woman who knew how to control those who needed it whether that person is 17 years old or 42 years old. So unforgiving, and rightly so. So heavy-handed. So severe. So dominant. Jenny masturbated again as she thought of the hard caning she had been given, and wondered whether she would ever again be ordered to undress and bend over, to stick her bottom right out so the always ruthlessly authoritarian Mrs. Denver could again discipline her, just when she needed to be. She was beginning to hope she would be.

Afterwards as lay on her bed, her breathing heavy, feeling exhausted from her exertions of so many orgasms, she remembered she will have to call her Mum and discuss her signing the punishment letter. Another spanking loomed she supposed. Another trip across her Mum’s lap as she spanked her so hard.

Jenny didn’t feel aroused by the thought. She did though when picturing herself being caned by Mrs. Denver and after running her finger along her wet pussy and fingering her clit she picked up her vibrator again and switched in on. That was something to get aroused about. The phone call to her Mum can wait and so can the spanking.

To be continued ….

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