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Jenny's Punishment Letter - The Return Visit

42 year old Jenny gets sent to Mrs. Denver again to be disciplined
Jenny entered the school secretary’s office holding her Punishment Form. The 42 year old knew the words off by heart, those her Mum had written just two days ago. The request is for 18 strokes of the cane and the reason was simply caught lying. Jenny’s Mum had berated her and Jenny had promised it was the very last time but no matter what Jenny said her Mum filed out the Form, handed it to her daughter, and whilst she was still in the room phoned Mrs. Denver’s office, spoke to Charlotte, and requested a time slot for Jenny to attend the school and receive her punishment.

Today was the day and Jenny’s Mum even telephoned her this morning to remind her, as if she needed reminding. Her Mum added,

“Don’t forget to pick up your punishment letter and come here afterwards so I can give you your spanking as well, unless you want double from Mrs. Denver of course.”

Jenny grimaced at the after thought. “No Mum, I won’t forget, I don’t want a second dose from Mrs. Denver, not for the same mistake.”

Her Mum was happy with the retort, maybe Jenny was learning. Jenny was learning. She had chosen to put herself under the parent Discipline Scheme run by Mrs. Denver and had given her Mum full authority to complete a Punishment Form, just like this one. This was now the seventh time Jenny had attended Mrs. Denver for discipline. The gap between visits was lengthening and Jenny felt her overall behaviour was improving. Maybe she was getting over confident. Maybe her Mum was getting stricter. Either way this was now the second visit in two weeks and she had told her Mum a rather bad lie. She had bought clothes on her credit card which was over the pre agreed limit. Pre agreed with her Mum not the credit card company. Her Mum had asked to see her latest statement so the lie was easily confirmed.

So Jenny was again at the school, just seven days after the previous time. On all the previous occasions her Mum had requested twelve strokes of the cane, always delivered to Jenny’s bare bottom. This time her Mum decided she needed more of a lesson and asked for eighteen strokes. Eighteen! Jenny knew where to go as she made her way to Mrs. Denver’s Study, passing several students she knew, friends of her daughter, girls who had been to their house, girls who knew today was detention day for the adults, so girls who knew exactly what was going to happen to Jenny Howe. She could tell from the knowing glances the girls knew that Mrs. Howe was again on her way to see Mrs. Denver for you know what.

Jenny knocked on the door of the outer office just as another group of girls passed by. Adults didn’t need to knock, well not if they were coming to see Mrs. Denver to discuss their sons or daughters. They did have to knock if they were there to be punished, and Mrs. Howe knocked, and waited.

“Come,” said the voice from behind the door.

Jenny breathed deeply as she opened the door, stepped inside, and closed the door quietly behind her.

“Oh hello Jenny,” Charlotte said enthusiastically. The 25 year old secretary to Mrs. Denver smiled brightly at the newly arrived Jenny who quickly looked around the room. The first person she was Olivia, her 17 year old daughter. Jenny knew Olivia was attending detention as well today but had hoped she would attend at a different time. They smiled at each other, bot blushing and both glancing at the others.

There were two girls who Jenny thought were first years so 16 years old, and a third girl who Jenny judged was 18 years old. They were waiting patiently, when just then there came a howl from Mrs. Denver’s Study. Jenny recoiled as it didn’t sound like the voice of a boy student. Jenny looked quizzically at Charlotte who nodded her head and said,

“It’s Donald Fox. His wife, you know, Lucy, sent him here because he got drunk at a party and got, well, too friendly to one of the other Mum’s.”

Charlotte looked at the Punishment Letter and read out,

“Twenty four with the cane. He’s had twenty two already.”

Jenny knew Donald and his wife. Lucy was known to be the strict one in her family. Just then Jenny realised one of the sixteen year olds was Beth, Donald’s daughter. How strange, both adults being disciplined today had a daughter there as well and who was also to be punished. Strange and humiliating Jenny thought.

Just then another howl from Mrs. Denver’s room. Jenny looked at the students and they were all looking at the floor, a couple were rubbing their bottoms, all will have been sympathetic to Donald’s plight, and all will soon be feeling the wrath of Mrs. Denver as she dealt with them. They all held their breath as the final stroke brought an even louder yell from Donald. There was the sound of Mrs. Denver scolding Donald, then the instruction to get dressed and report to Charlotte. A few moments later the door opened and Donald came out. He saw Jenny and blushed, looked across the room at Beth and scrunched his face up. Jenny reckoned she had not been in the room when Donald first arrived so he was unaware his daughter had heard the punishment through the thin walls.

Donald went to stand by Charlotte’s desk and when asked by Charlotte confirmed the number of strokes which Charlotte entered neatly in to the Punishment Book. Jenny saw several entries on Donald’s page so another regular attendee of Mrs. Denver’s. Charlotte finally handed Donald the Punishment Letter and as always told him,

“Don’t forget to have this signed and brought back in the morning. If you fail to get it signed or brought back you must come back for a double punishment. Let’s see, yes it’s your wife who must sign your letter so I suppose she will give you her own spanking before signing the letter.”

Donald replied,

“Yes Miss Johnson, my wife will be home tonight to deal with me.”

Jenny smiled to herself at the Miss Johnson bit. It was always Charlotte, except on punishment days. Jenny knew she will be addressing the secretary as politely herself. Donald looked across at Jenny again and nodded his head as he left the outer office giving his daughter a last smile. Mrs. Denver clicked the intercom and asked.

“”Who’s next Charlotte?”

“Charlotte replied,

“Mrs. Howe is here.” The adults always jumped the queue when it came to being punished and so Jenny would be the next person to enter Mrs. Denver’s Study.

“Send her in please,” Mrs. Denver said in her snappy tone of voice.

Charlotte smiled at Jenny who took another deep breath, looked at the door, and walked over to it. She stood by it and knocked. That was the rule and all the girls knew and obeyed it. A show of respect, and as Jenny knew only too well, the transfer of authority from one adult to another.

“Come,” Mrs. Denver said after a moment. Jenny disappeared inside the Study and walked over to Mrs. Denver’s desk, passing the caning chair already facing in to the room, already well used Jenny knew. Jenny stood in front of the desk looking at Mrs. Denver who was writing something, another show of authority as if it was needed, before Mrs. Denver looked up and asked,

“How is your Mum Jenny?”

Jenny blinked with surprise but managed to stutter an answer,

“Erm very well thank you Mrs. Denver, very well indeed.”

“I am glad to hear it. A pity you found it necessary to lie to her though isn’t it. Eh girl, eh?”

Jenny blushed at the question. Yes it was silly she knew but she so wanted the dress even though she couldn’t afford it. Mrs. Denver didn’t wait for the answer but just added,

“Well let’s teach you the error of your ways shall we?”

Again Mrs. Denver didn’t expect an answer as she looked at the piece of paper in front of her and said to the table,

“Let’s see, eighteen strokes. Right then, let’s get going shall we.”

Mrs. Denver stood up, looked at Jenny and said sternly,

“Please take your skirt and knickers off Jenny and put them on the table.”

Jenny did as she was told whilst Mrs. Denver walked across the room to the cane cupboard and took out a senior cane. Jenny looked across just in time to see which cane Mrs. Denver had chosen although she had quite expected it. Jenny had removed her skirt and knickers as instructed just as Mrs. Denver got back to the desk, this time standing next to Jenny. She ordered,

“Bend over please Jenny.”

Jenny turned and went to the chair bending down and grabbing the seat of the chair. Mrs. Denver stood behind and to the side of the 42 year old and tapped the cane on her bottom. Mrs. Denver wasn’t ready to start yet though. She needed to know Jenny won’t be repeating her mistake and certainly not lying about it again. Mrs. Denver stated to scold Jenny, just as her Mum had done, forcing Jenny to answer why she had done, yes she did know she shouldn’t have done, no she won’t do it again, yes it was childish and immature, yes she does deserve to be punished, and so on and so on.

Jenny knew very well that the conversation will be clearly overheard in the outer office, that all four girls will be trembling as she is forced to respond to Mrs. Denver’s questioning, including Olivia, her own daughter. Jenny hated this bit more than the caning. Well maybe not more than the caning but she really could do without it. Why couldn’t Mrs. Denver just cane her and get it over with, but of course she knew why. The end result was going to be the caning but the questioning will also be remembered, and may be Jenny will this time actually learn she cannot get away with lying. Maybe. Probably not though and both Mrs. Denver and Jenny knew it. The other reason was the impact the scolding will be having on the girls outside. Mrs. Denver had instructed Charlotte to make sure there was always a crowd in the outer office. She was certain that any boy or girl who was thinking of being naughty would think again when he or she heard both the intense scolding and the punishment itself, whether that be an across the knee spanking or a full blown caning.

Mrs. Denver was satisfied Jenny was now geared up sufficiently for the caning, that she would think twice next time, and may be twice will be enough, but either way the caning will now start. The girls outside heard finally Mrs. Denver announce,

“Right Jenny, eighteen strokes.”

Charlotte knew the number and so did Olivia, but not the other girls who gasped, put their hands to their mouths in shock, and each whispered, “Eighteen!”

Charlotte put her finger to her lips and shushed them, and the girls fell silent. Next moment there was the unmistakable sound of cane slicing through air followed by the thwack of the cane landing home and a second later the quite distinct groan from Jenny as the 42 year old held on to the chair to stop herself standing up whilst the pain spread across her bare bottom cheeks.

Mrs. Denver rubbed her hand across the bare bottom and remarked,

“I see you have kept your bottom well creamed Jenny, very wise.”

The girls in the outer office looked at each other, their mouths dropped open, and two started to giggle. That was really funny they thought. Charlotte again shushed them up. The next moment the girls heard the second stroke hit home and knew Jenny’s cry was louder than the first time. The girls held their breath a second as they considered Olivia’s Mum having to take the cane, at her age. The third stroke hit home and Jenny’s gasp was even louder but Charlotte had her finger to her lips already and no one said anything. The fourth stroke hit home followed by the inevitable yell, then the fifth and sixth. The girls stayed quiet thinking about their own punishments to come.

The phone rang on Charlotte’s desk. She picked up the receiver and after a few moments said,

“Oh I see, well I will just let her know. Hang on please.”

Charlotte put the caller on hold and rang Mrs. Denver’s extension. Everyone heard Mrs. Denver say,

“What is it girl?” Everyone could hear Mrs. Denver as though she were in the outer office but Charlotte explained the reason for the interruption and a calmer Mrs. Denver said,

“OK then.”

A few moments later Mrs. Denver opened her door and Jenny walked out still naked below the waist.

“Stand there with your hands on your head until I call you back in.” Mrs. Denver pointed to the wall adjacent to her door.

Jenny stood right up against the wall with her hands on her head, her bare bottom and the six wicked looking red weal’s for all to see. Mrs. Denver disappeared back in to her Study. Charlotte said to the caller,

“Transferring you now,” before replacing the phone. No one could hear Mrs. Denver now, proof she spoke very loudly on purpose when scolding the unfortunate person she was disciplining in her Study.

The girls stared at Jenny’s bottom. Beth said,

“Look at those tramlines.”

The other two girls giggled but Olivia felt sorry for her Mum and stayed quiet. Charlotte shushed them again, but as they could not hear Mrs. Denver they assumed Mrs. Denver couldn’t hear them. A mistake. Beth and the others made more choice comments, much to the Jenny’s embarrassment, and even Olivia started laughing and saying how hard it will be for her Mum to sit down tonight. The banter went on for several minutes and try as she might Charlotte could not make them stop. The moment the Study door opened the chatter did stop.

“What is going on out here? How dare you girls.” Mrs. Denver looked very cross, glared at Charlotte and asked,

“Who was the main culprit?”

Charlotte knew better than to resist and said,

“Emma Mrs. Denver.”

Emma blushed, looked at the floor, and said a quiet,

“Sorry Miss.”

What about the others?”

“Well the others joined in afterwards.”

“All of them?”

“Yes Mrs. Denver, well not Jenny.”

“Right then.” Mrs. Denver looked at Emma and asked sharply,

“Sorry you say? Really? What are you here for?”

“Six of the cane Miss.”

Mrs. Denver said, “It’s twelve now.”

Mrs. Denver looked at the other two girls who said there were here for a hand spanking and were told that had now been upgraded to include the paddle. Olivia was told her twelve strokes were now fifteen. Charlotte was busy altering the punishments both in the Punishment Books and in the Punishment Letters to be given to the parents. Finally Mrs. Denver looked at Charlotte and said,

“How come you couldn’t control them Charlotte. I will be giving you six strokes before you go home.”

Charlotte blushed and said,

“Please Mrs. Denver I tried.”

“Did you? Well next time try harder, and for arguing you will now get twelve which I hope gives you more to think about.

The girls looked wide eyed. They knew Charlotte was also disciplined but this was the first time they had heard first hand. They looked at Charlotte who now opened her page in the Punishment Book and made the new entry and then took out a Punishment Letter and filled that in. Only Mrs. Denver knew Charlotte was going home with Mrs. Denver tonight and it will be she who gives her a spanking and signs the Punishment Letter.

Mrs. Denver spoke to the back of Jenny’s head and ordered the 42 year old back in to her Study then turned to Beth and ordered her in to her Study as well, saying sharply,

“You may as well see what a hard caning is like young lady because I will be using the senior cane on you rather than the junior cane.”

Beth looked shocked. The older girls had told her how much more the senior cane hurt compared with the junior cane. She sniffed as she followed the two older women in to the Study. Mrs. Denver told Beth to stand just behind Jenny so she had a perfect view of the cane hitting the bottom. Jenny wanted to object. It was bad enough for a 42 year old to be caned, but to be watched by a 17 year old girl, and one not related to her, was unbelievably degrading. She didn’t object though because she knew it would get her nowhere, or more likely extra strokes, yes more likely several additional strokes, so she bent down, her bottom on full view, to the 17 year old. What was also embarrassing was how Mrs. Denver was again speaking loudly and explaining to Beth just how deserved the caning was and how Mrs. Howe was a persistent liar. Beth answered mechanically. It got worse for Jenny when Mrs. Denver said after the second set of six strokes,

“Give Mrs. Howe’s bottom a rub, touch the weal’s, and see what you think of them.”

Jenny had to stand still whilst the 17 year old rubbed her bare sore bottom and ran her finger tips across the weal’s, the tears still running down her cheeks from the caning which hid her newer tears of indignity having her bottom rubbed.

A few moments later and Mrs. Denver started the third set of six strokes and Beth watched as again Jenny was yelling out as the cane bit in to her bare bottom and Beth getting more and more edgy thinking that she was more than likely to be next. Mrs. Denver swung the cane keenly and Jenny was screaming by the second stroke. The third stroke had one leg kicking out, the fourth had her bending both legs, the fifth wiggling her bottom to try to dissipate the awful burning stinging pain, which of course it didn’t, and the sixth was certainly the hardest stroke she had ever received, but no matter how bad the pain of each stroke Jenny always ensured she didn’t let go of the chair which would mean an automatic additional set of strokes. The tears flowed down Jenny’s cheeks and fell on to the seat of the chair. Jenny kept crying after the final stroke, her chest heaving, her breathing heavy, her legs still bending, her bottom still shaking, her hands still gripping the seat of the chair for dear life.

Mrs. Denver told Beth to wait outside and when alone she rubbed Jenny’s bottom herself which Jenny found soothing at least. Jenny was shocked though when instead of just rubbing she ran her fingers between Jenny’s legs, clutching her pussy and squeezing, feeling the wetness which she knew from Charlotte meant that Jenny Howe was aroused by the caning, not just disciplined. Mrs. Denver smiled as Jenny started to moan, not even aware why, but enjoying the sensation, gyrating her waist as Mrs. Denver rubbed, her fingers going deeper and deeper inside her pussy until she felt the fingers massaging her clit, and just as Jenny was starting to reach orgasm Mrs. Denver stopped, suddenly, unexpectedly, saying sternly so the girls in the outer office could clearly hear,

“OK Mrs. Howe, you can get dressed and go, but don’t forget to speak to Charlotte and get your punishment letter.”

Jenny stood up and through very wet eyes looked quizzically at Mrs. Denver. Had the older woman really touched her in such a private area, had she really nearly brought her to orgasm? Had she imagined it? The pain was just so terrible, maybe she imagined it. Jenny sobbed loudly as she slipped her knickers back on, making sure the elastic didn’t snap back too hard as she knew that would sting. Jenny put her skirt back on, and her heels, said,

“Thank you Mrs. Denver,” in an almost questioning voice.

Mrs. Denver was quite stern as she ignored the implied question and sat at her desk and read some papers. Jenny turned and walked out of the Study, still unsure. She looked at the girls and knew immediately how in awe they were, knowing of the punishment she had received. Beth in particular swallowed hard and gasped when the intercom went and Mrs. Denver announced,

“Charlotte, send Beth in please.”

Beth closed her eyes momentarily before going to the Study door, knocked, and entered when instructed. Jenny walked over to Charlotte’s desk.

“How many Jenny?” Charlotte looked up at Jenny and saw her red eyes and tear streaked face and thought how gorgeous she looked and when Jenny confirmed eighteen strokes Charlotte wrote the number in to the Punishment Book confirming the correct number. Charlotte then completed Jenny’s Punishment Letter and handed it to her. Jenny held her breath when Charlotte handed her the letter but instead of just letting go of the letter she quickly grabbed Jenny’s hand and squeezed, saying,

“If you want to talk let me know Jenny, it might help.”

Jenny was again thrown not quite knowing her feelings just then. She did know she had a throbbing between her legs and that her knickers were wet, unsure how that could be after being caned so hard, but she was aroused, very aroused. Just then everyone in the outer office heard the swish of the cane from inside the Study. The thwack as it hit home, and the shriek from Beth. Stroke after stroke thwacked home and Beth shrieked louder and louder. Jenny looked at Charlotte and realised that whilst one hand was on the desk the other was hidden, resting on her lap. Jenny knelt down and saw under the desk and Charlotte had her hand between her legs, her skirt raised, and just as another thwack emanated from the Study do Charlotte pressed her fingers harder on to her pussy. Jenny stood up and caught Charlotte’s eye. Charlotte blushed but smiled in a friendly way and Jenny smiled back. So, Charlotte was turned on by listening to the caning. Then Jenny remembered that Charlotte too was to be caned by Mrs. Denver. Did she get turned on by being caned as well she wondered?

Jenny waited in the outer office for Olivia to be disciplined. Jenny heard every time the cane hit Beth and listened to every scream, but she realised it wasn’t just a feeling of them both being under discipline as she felt tingling between her legs as she remembered the caning she had just received. There was a realisation that she was being turned on just like Charlotte and when Jenny caught Charlotte’s eye they smiled at each other, a friendly comforting smile. Beth came out after her caning bawling her eyes out and rubbing her bottom and from the look on her face the caning must have been every bit as hard as Mrs. Denver had threatened. The other girls went in one after the other and also came out crying. Jenny heard each girl being reprimanded, told to take down her knickers and bend across Mrs. Denver’s lap. They had not been spanked with a hairbrush before and told Charlotte how much it had stung. They could not even begin to think what the cane would be like. Finally it was Olivia’s turn to knock on Mrs. Denver’s door and enter when told. Listening to Olivia being caned was the worst, not that she shouted out as loudly, but because it was her own daughter. Jenny counted all fifteen strokes then waited for her daughter to come out of the Study. Olivia looked at her Mum and whilst her eyes were tear filled Olivia seemed calm, breathing only slightly more heavily than usual, as though she had endured the punishment as hard as it might have been, but now she was composed. Jenny didn’t understand that at all. Olivia stood quietly as Charlotte completed the Punishment Book and gave Olivia her Punishment Letter.

Jenny and Olivia left Charlotte’s office just as the intercom went and Mrs. Denver announced, “Come in Charlotte, I need to discipline you before we go home.”

Jenny turned to look at Charlotte who returned her look with an embarrassed smile and Jenny immediately realised what that meant. Mrs. Denver and Charlotte were lovers and the fact Charlotte was rubbing her own pussy when listening to the girls being caned meant she really was turned on, so maybe she was also turned on by being caned as well. Was she, she wondered?

Jenny and Olivia walked in silence clutching their Punishment Letters but neither said anything until they left the Academy gates. Jenny was the first to speak.

“Olivia, we need to phone Grandma and arrange to go over so we can get our Punishment Letters signed.”

Olivia answered quickly,

“I’m going over now Mum, I arranged it this morning.”

Jenny was surprised but said,

“Have you dear? Shall I come too?”

Olivia looked at her Mum and said,

“Sure Mum, Grandma said it would be OK.”

“Did she?” Jenny was incredulous.

Olivia was unruffled. “Yes Mum, I told her you were getting caned today and she said you will need to get your letter signed so reckoned you will be calling her.”

Jenny was surprised how in command Olivia was, her 17 year old daughter was almost controlling her. So assertive in fact. Her 17 year old daughter is more sure, more calm, than herself. Olivia continued,

“Lucy would like to meet you Mum.”

Jenny was again surprised, “What, Beth’s Mum?”

Olivia said with an almost mocking laugh,

“Yes, Beth’s Mum,” then continued more seriously, “She needs a fourth.”

Jenny asked innocently, “What for?”

“Olivia stopped walking and looked straight at her Mum, “Mrs. Denver and Charlotte are lovers Mum and like tonight Charlotte will be giving her discipline letter to Mrs. Denver for her to sign so first she gets spanked by Mrs. Denver and then will sleep over. Get it?”

Jenny didn’t quite get it, so Olivia continued,

“Grandma explained it to me the other day. Lucy and Mrs. Denver have become friends since Don has been disciplined by Mrs. Denver. This weekend Charlotte will be staying at Mrs. Denver’s knowing she has to behave impeccably or be spanked. Mrs. Denver has asked Lucy to join them and to bring a friend, you know, who might also benefit from being taught the benefit of behaving faultlessly or else get spanked. Then comes the sleep over bit Mum. Understand now?”

“Why should Lucy’s friend be spanked?”

“Because Mum both Mrs. Denver and Lucy will be very very strict and the slightest misbehaviour earns a spanking. Grandma told me it’s helped Charlotte learn how to behave better so you only do it if you think being made to behave properly will do you some good as well, but listening to Grandma I can tell you she will think it a good idea.”

“What?” Jenny was incredulous, but somehow interested. She still looked flustered but Olivia continued,

“Grandma tells me you still need to improve on the behaviour front Mum.”

Jenny could not get over her Mum talking to her daughter so openly about her lack of discipline. It was so embarrassing, but Jenny set that to one side and thought about Lucy disciplining her. Lucy is a very attractive woman for sure. Jenny’s thoughts were interrupted by Olivia,

“Lucy spanks very hard Mum.”

Jenny responded quickly,

“How do you know that?”

“Well Mum I sleep over at Beth’s what two weekends a month, and on every occasion Beth and I earn at least one and mostly two spankings each. Lucy is very strict Mum, I mean really strict, but we know the rules and if we break them then bosh, it’s over her lap we have to go, and I can tell you once Lucy has dealt with us we are both always in tears for ages after each spanking and last time Lucy used the hairbrush like forever and I was sore for two days when I got home. Mind you Beth and I comfort each other afterwards with cuddles and, erm, the like.”

Jenny knew nothing of this but chose not to ask Olivia what ‘and the like’ meant, remembering her own experiences when her daughters age. Jenny thought for a moment then decided to make two phone calls. The first to her Mum.

“Yes Mum eighteen strokes and they really hurt …. Yes Mum, it taught me a lesson I won’t forget in a hurry … Yes if that’s Ok I’ll come over with Olivia now … Ok Mum yes the heavier hairbrush, I’m sure Olivia will accept it as well … What just me? How come Mum? ... Oh I see … No I’m not arguing Mum … Yes of course Mum I know it’s a punishment … See you soon Mum.”

Olivia was smiling as she heard half the conversation. Jenny said afterwards,

“Your Grandma thinks I’m relapsing and wants to make sure I don’t so I get the heavier hairbrush. I guess I won’t be sitting on my butt for quite a while.”

Olivia was a bit miffed only her Mum was going to get the heavier hairbrush. She was thinking she may have to give her Grandma some lip. Jenny’s second call was to Lucy,

“Yes Lucy, I think it will help me a lot … Saturday midday through to late Sunday afternoon, sounds good, what about clothes … Really? No change of clothes needed just some fresh knickers? Oh I see .... Yes I am sure a vest and knickers make admirable sense … Yes having to be well behaved will do me a lot of good.”

Olivia smiled when she saw the realisation spread across her Mum’s face. Over twenty four hours and no clothes needed. Olivia almost choked when her Mum gave her next answer,

“Yes, … Yes my nipples are erect Lucy … Yes I suppose that is what it means … Well I look forward to being comforted afterwards Lucy I’m sure I’ll need it … Oh of course, as soon as I arrive I will remember to address you as Miss Fox .. Saturday it is … Yes, I am on my way to my Mum to get my Punishment Letter signed ... Yes with Olivia … I am sure it will hurt Lucy, I mean Miss Fox, no I mean Lucy.”

Jenny realised she had just been talked in to what is bound to be several very hard spankings yet her nipples were pressing out through her bra and she knew her knickers were more than just moist. Olivia enjoyed listening to her Mum getting more and more flustered and for a while they walked in silence. After a while a still deep in thought Jenny asked her 17 year old daughter,

“Lucy is strict and spanks hard you say Olivia?”

Olivia replied firmly making every word quite distinct,

“She is very strict and spanks very hard Mum, very long and very very hard.”

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