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Jenny’s Punishment Letter

Mrs Denver spanks 42-year-old Jenny twice in one day
Jenny sat on a seat in the hallway clutching her Punishment Letter. She was still stinging from the punishment already given to her by the dominant Headmistress. Now, as her Mum was away, Mrs Denver was going to deal with her, just one hour after punishing her. She was exhilarated and pensive at the same time, still tensing her thighs and giving herself a series of mini orgasms.

She still managed a wicked smile as she watched Charlotte and Kelly Hall leave the Academy, both rubbing their bottoms. Jenny was squirming as she sat on the hard seat waiting for the dominant Mrs Denver to return and deal with her again before signing her Punishment letter.

A teacher came along and Jenny had to stand up and say, “Miss,” before sitting down again. She knew that she would get a black mark if she showed anything less than respect and those black marks would mean extra strokes of the cane when Mrs Denver came back. It was an easy enough system. Mrs Denver had given Jenny ten pieces of paper before leaving her in the hallway. Every student got the same now. If Jenny showed a lack of respect to any teacher then that teacher would demand one of the pieces of paper. Mrs Denver will again count the papers when back in her Study. All lost pieces of paper added three strokes of the cane. Quite an incentive.

Jenny decided to be fully respectful and had to give up only one piece of paper during her wait. That was to the gym mistress who seemed to come out of nowhere. To be fair, Jenny’s mind was miles away thinking about Charlotte and Kelly who will both very soon be across their Mum’s laps getting spanked. By the time Jenny realised the gym mistress was standing over her it was too late. She demanded one piece of paper and Jenny was just thankful she didn’t demand more. The gym mistress gave Jenny a wearisome look as she made it clear she disapproved of the skimpy bikini the 42-year-old was wearing. Jenny hadn’t thought about it until she got the stare from the gym mistress. She couldn’t stop thinking about it afterwards.

Anyway, Jenny paid full attention to all of the other teachers so still had nine pieces of paper left by the time Mrs Denver came back. She followed the Headmistress first in to the Secretary’s office and then in to the Study, both doors being closed after them.

Mrs Denver held out her hand and Jenny gave her the pieces of paper. “One piece missing. That’s three extra stokes. You got two sets of 12 strokes before so that makes it 30 strokes now.”

Jenny knew that wasn’t right. Her punishment was 24 strokes so three extra was 27. She knew though it wasn’t worth arguing. Mrs Denver was always right in her Academy, and even more so in her Study. Jenny had agreed to have Mrs Denver sign her Punishment Letter and she could add whatever punishment she wanted to anyway.

Mrs Denver knew she was playing with Jenny and was hoping to wind her up so she would snap at her; then she could really pile on the punishment. Well if it didn’t work that time she might rise to it another time . So she carried on and sat on her spanking chair.

“A spanking first, Mrs Howe.” Mrs Denver loved calling the parents Mr or Mrs, as it emphasised they were adults being disciplined. “Please put your Punishment Letter on the table and then take that skimpy bikini off again will you, Mrs Howe.”

Jenny was expecting that. She first handed Mrs Denver the Punishment Letter before quickly stepping out of the thong knickers, then unhooking the halter neck bikini bra sliding it down her arms and catching it before putting both garments on the table. Jenny knew that meant Mrs Denver will see her already erect nipples but didn’t argue as she quickly stripped. Even so, she felt her pussy quiver and a dribble of her sex juice run down her inner thigh as she saw Mrs Denver sit on her chair and crook her finger before pointing to her lap.

Happy in her nakedness in front of the dominant Mrs Denver Jenny walked over to the waiting Headmistress. Well, now she will discover how hard Mrs Denver can spank and cane for sure; and took a deep breath as she lowered herself across the Headmistresses lap. She was back in her favourite position of submission across the lap she most likes to be across. What could be better than that?

Mrs Denver smiled at the back of Jenny’s head. She knew she would be able to spank the 42-year-old very hard and was looking forward to the challenge of making the woman cry; and cry uncontrollably. After rubbing her bottom just a few times feeling the weal’s already standing proud across her bottom, she raised her hand and brought it down hard on Jenny’s bare bottom, hitting as many of the weal’s as she could. Jenny gasped, and Mrs Denver kept smiling as she raised her hand again and brought her firm open palm down hard across Jenny’s bottom again and again.

Jenny knew the spanking would hurt. She had already been spanked once and given 24 strokes of the cane so another spanking with Mrs Denver’s firm hand was going to cause even more stinging.

Jenny was squirming quickly and gasping as spank after spank landed all over her bottom. Soon though Mrs Denver was landing spank after spank on the same spot of the same bare red wealed and stinging bottom cheek even after Jenny squealed and cried out. Mrs Denver knew exactly how to impart the maximum pain and that Jenny was struggling. Even so, Mrs Denver landed spank after spank on another spot on Jenny’s bare bottom and enjoyed the squeals getting increasingly louder as once again Jenny found it hard to cope with the pain.

Mrs Denver spanked Jenny for far longer than she had in front of the students and parents by the swimming pool, but then there was no set limit to a hand spanking. Not in Mrs Denver’s book. So she just kept on spanking the 42-year-old and watched as her bottom got redder and redder. Of course Mrs Denver did not overlook the backs of Jenny’s legs. They too were turned a burning red and Mrs Denver enjoyed Jenny struggling even more with those spanks knowing they were especially stingy.

Jenny squirmed around on Mrs Denver’s lap and as she squirmed her legs kicked, but even though tears rolled down her face she wasn’t properly crying. Not yet. That would come of course, but not just from the hand spanking. No matter how severe; and this hand spanking was particularly severe. Even so she loved being across the dominant woman’s lap, naked, knowing her breasts will be swaying beneath her with erect nipples as tell-tale signs of her arousal. Mrs Denver didn’t see her breasts yet, but she will for sure when Jenny is caned.

The spanking was arousing Jenny far more than when her Mum spanked her. After all her Mum never treated her like a 42-year-old when spanking her. To her Mum, Jenny was like a naughty schoolgirl who needed a good dose of strong discipline, often, to make her behave. She didn’t see an adult who accepted being disciplined because it aroused her sexually. Mrs Denver though, whilst also seeing times like this as the necessary disciplining of an adult, also understood how students and adults alike might well find being disciplined arousing.

After all, she had experience of just that with several students and even more parents. That’s why she spanked and caned those individuals so much harder. Yes, they got aroused; and yes they will no doubt masturbate afterwards. But at the same time the much harder spanking and caning at least reminded them, perhaps for days afterwards, and certainly well after they have finished masturbating, that they were disciplined. As a consequence, Mrs Denver hoped that just maybe the severe sessions will slowly turn the naughty recipients in to better behaved people.

Mrs Denver knew that Jenny Howe was different to most of the parents, even those who enjoyed being disciplined. She seemed to absolutely revel in the pain. Still, that was a good enough reason to go much harder, maybe even to cross the line that makes the 42-year-old think again about misbehaving.

When Mrs Denver’s hand began to sting she started to think about bringing the spanking to an end and go on to the real pain giver. The senior cane.

“Up you get Mrs Howe, and bend across the desk please.”

A sobbing groaning Jenny slid off Mrs Denver’s lap and stood up. She eyed the Headmistress hoping for the nod that said she could rub her bottom. It didn’t come and in truth Jenny didn’t expect it to. Mrs Denver saw the look though, and it heartened her. Mrs Howe was feeling this spanking. That looked like a win to her, so far.

Jenny accepted there would be no chance to rub her bottom so turned and bent across the large desk grabbing the far side. Gone was the comfort of the Headmistress’s lap. Instead she lay across the hard wooden desk top, her breasts flattened beneath her on the cool wooden surface as her arms were stretched out holding on to the far side of the desk. She was aware of the tears still rolling down her cheeks but knew the flow would seriously increase once the caning started. 30 strokes now, not the 24 she was expecting. In fact, 30 strokes on top of the 24 already received so that will be more than ever before. She wondered if she would still be aroused after all those extra strokes. She hoped so.

Mrs Denver picked up the senior cane and took up her position, tapping Jenny’s bottom with the cane. Deciding she wasn’t happy with how Jenny was positioned she said sternly, “Legs apart Mrs Howe, not together.” She tapped her bottom harder and Jenny quickly spread her legs apart. Still less than satisfied the Headmistress ordered firmly,

“I want those legs well apart Mrs Howe,” and put the cane between Jenny’s legs and whisked it from side to side hitting the 42-year-olds soft inner thighs.

Jenny spread her legs even farther apart now struggling to reach the far side of the desk and knowing her stretched bottom will suffer all the more from the caning. She was also aware her stretched pussy lips and hair mound was also more clearly visible to the dominant Headmistress.

Mrs Denver looked at the naked body of the 42-year-old, her very red and wealed bottom, and the reddened tops of her legs merging with the redness of her bottom. She could see that her breasts were squashed beneath her but knew that when the caning started Jenny’s head will jerk upwards and her breasts will be free to sway before being squashed again as Jenny’s naked chest fell back on to the desk.

As though wanting to see that beautiful sight sooner rather than later Mrs Denver said sternly, “30 strokes Mrs Howe, unless you earn extras.”

Mrs Denver lifted the cane up, looked again at Jenny’s stretched pussy lips, and brought the cane down quickly with a final flick of the wrist making it a hard stinging stroke; the cane sinking in to Jenny’s bottom and drawing yet one more fresh wicked red line.

Jenny felt the cane bite in to her bottom, her head shot upwards, her mouth opened, and a shriek filled the room. Mrs Denver watched Jenny’s breasts rise from the table, sway as Jenny screamed out, and savoured the unmistakably erect nipples before they disappeared again beneath the collapsing chest of the outwardly distressed Jenny.

Only Jenny wasn’t distressed, or alarmed. Yes, she was hurting, the cane stroke was so painful, but the stinging stroke renewed the erotic throbbing of her bottom, reviving the arousal she felt when caned before; just as she had hoped, and even yearned for. This was so much more intense than when her Mum disciplined her. This was pure sex at its best. What was even yummier was that this was the first stroke, sometimes the best so far as Jenny was concerned, but which she knew would be the first of many ‘best’ strokes.

Believing Jenny was suffering Mrs Denver eagerly laid on the second stroke, harder, fiercer, and delighted in the reaction. Another even louder shriek from the 42-year-old. Another well struck cane stroke.

Mrs Denver continued with increased intensity, stroke after stroke, and savoured the ever louder shrieks and enjoyed seeing the tears roll down Jenny’s oh so pretty face. Tears enhance her looks, Mrs Denver thought, and her red tear filled eyes made her look so sexy. Twelve strokes were quickly given and received. The shrieks filled the room. Jenny kicked one leg or the other, but clung on to the desk, obediently, submissively.

The next six strokes were given quickly, hardly five seconds between each one. Stroke after stroke saw raw ridged lines newly created on Jenny’s bottom, mixing in with the still stinging lines drawn so eloquently earlier that day. Each stroke drew a loud gasp yelp or scream from the 42-year-old. Sometimes a leg was raised in response to the fierce stroke, or her head was thrown up as the pain filled shriek left her open mouth. Still the caning continued, ever more intense, Mrs Denver criss-crossing the weals, knowing those strokes will be even more difficult for Jenny to deal with; and the louder and louder shrieks confirmed just that.

The time between strokes reduced to no more than three seconds. Mrs Denver ignored Jenny’s cries, seeing that the 42-year-old clung on to the desk, her head rising and falling as she first felt and then recovered from each stroke; her breasts rising off the desk and falling back beneath her, and Mrs Denver saw that her nipples were still erect. This all told Mrs Denver that Jenny was coping and saw no reason to hold back. So she didn’t.

Mrs Denver kept on caning the 42-year-old until deciding that after 18 strokes she would give Jenny a gap, a rest, running the cane across Jenny’s bottom and the backs of her legs; building up to the dozen strokes that she had yet to give.

There was a noise in the outer office. Mrs Denver heard it. Jenny didn’t as she was far more focussed on the pain spreading like a tidal wave across her bottom. Her legs were still apart so she could not tense her thighs to fully intensify the fluttering deep inside her pussy; but she savoured the break and wriggled her bottom pressing her pussy down on the desk so she could take at least some pleasure from the intensely smarting pain.

Mrs Denver opened the door to her Study and looked out. She recognised the woman. “Hullo, Carla,” she said to the cleaner.

Carla looked up and smiling said, a cheery, “Hullo Mrs Denver, still working I see, just like me.”

Mrs Denver smiled. “A different type of work but yes, I am still hard at it.”

“A student or parent Mrs Denver?” the 23 year old cle aner asked.

Mrs Denver often discussed discipline with the cleaner. She didn’t mind and Carla sounded interested. “A parent this time Carla. Do you know Mrs Howe?”

“No,” Carla replied. “Can I see?”

“Yes, of course,” Mrs Denver replied and beckoned Carla in.

Jenny heard none of the conversation as she was crying, her bottom stinging and throbbing so much even as she savoured the pain. The first she knew was when Mrs Denver said sharply,

“Mrs Howe, Carla here is going to run her fingers over your bottom to feel the weals. Do not get up.”

Jenny gasped as the fingers pressed down on her weals. Looking around Jenny saw through her tear-filled eyes Carla looking back at her, smiling. She knew Carla was one of the office cleaners and a friend of Mrs Denver’s. She was going to say something about not getting so personal but suddenly realised her fingers were doing wonderful things to her, pressing the weals, squeezing her bottom cheeks; it felt so good. Jenny raised her bottom to encourage Carla who responded with more squeezes until Jenny let out an erotic moaning gasp.

“See, Mrs Denver, I think this lady is enjoying your caning too much.”

Mrs Denver said, “Really, Carla?” in feigned surprise.

“Yes, look,” Carla said as she ran her fingers along Jenny’s fully stretched pussy lips.

Jenny gasped out, sexually excited, as Carla put her fingers to her nose, smelt, and said triumphantly, “Yes, Mrs Denver, that isn’t pee, it’s her pure sex.”

Mrs Denver said sternly, “That is very naughty Mrs Howe; just as I thought I was teaching you a lesson.”

Jenny was crying still even as she had come so close to an orgasm and said nothing. What could she say? Yes, she was enjoying some of the hardest cane strokes she had even received; and yes she almost came because of the pain. What now she wondered?

“What do you think I should do, Carla?” Mrs Denver asked the 23 year old.

Carla smiled wickedly asking, “How many strokes did you give her so far Mrs Denver?”

“18 strokes, with another 12 to come.”

“Maybe you should make it 24 to come Mrs Denver, to make sure she knows this is about discipline and not orgasm.”

“I think you are right Carla. That will be 42 strokes in all now. I gave her 24 strokes earlier. Yes, I think that 66 strokes sounds a good number for such a naughty woman.”

“Exactly Mrs Denver.”

Carla said her goodbyes and left the study. She was in great spirits as she left the Academy knowing she had added to Jenny Howe’s punishment, not that she would have minded she knew. Mrs Denver will no doubt thank her though, as she usually did.

Mrs Denver tapped the cane on Jenny’s bottom again. “So, Mrs Howe, 24 more strokes.”

Jenny closed her eyes tightly as she grasped the far end of the desk even more tightly. This was certainly a huge punishment for dive bombing poor young Emma , but she was so going to enjoy herself when she was alone. Now though she felt the taps of the cane and prepared herself for the remaining strokes; 24 more strokes, the same number she should have had in total. The first stroke bit again in to her bottom drawing a howl and her arms tensed as she forced herself to hold on to the far side of the desk. Almost immediately the next stroke bit home and her head jerked up; she knew she screamed out and as her head fell back towards the desk the next stroke thrashed down on her.

Stroke after stroke landed, Mrs Denver again criss-crossing the other weals, enjoying dealing with Jenny as she always did. Hers was one bottom she knew she could cane really hard and still do no damage. Well, no lasting damage anyway. Mrs Denver revelled in the shrieks, the wriggling bottom, and the head jerking upwards as she shrieked out; and seeing that Jenny’s nipples were still so erect. Mrs Denver looked between Jenny’s legs at her stretched pussy lips and saw her sex juice again dribbling down her inner thigh.

Stroke after stroke still, Mrs Denver counting them out as she went; Jenny lost in the pain, the intense, throbbing, stinging pain; the cane caressing her bottom, like long hard burning kisses. Relentlessly all pain-filled 24 hard strokes were given before Mrs Denver put the cane on the desk next to Jenny’s outstretched arms so she would see it as soon as she released her hands from the far end of the table.

“You can get up, Mrs Howe,” Mrs Denver said, still in her strict Headmistress voice.

Jenny opened her eyes as she levered herself up and saw the hooked ended cane as she slowly stood up and turned to look at Mrs Denver, careful not to rub her bottom. Mrs Denver looked at the naked Jenny, focussing first on the tears streaming down her face dribbling from her cheeks down on to her ample breasts. Her gorgeous sexy breasts with their erect nipples. As Jenny sobbed uncontrollably Mrs Denver relented and said, “You can rub Mrs Howe.”

Mrs Denver smiled with delight watching Jenny rub her sore stinging bottom, stepping from foot to foot and with her breasts swaying. The spanking dance Mrs Denver so enjoyed watching. The dance lasted longer than usual but then the caning was harder, with more strokes than usual. Jenny’s pussy glistened with her sex juice making the scene even more tantalising for Mrs Denver.

“You had better put your bikini back on, Mrs Howe,” Mrs Denver ordered.

Jenny cried and sobbed as she picked up the halter neck bikini top and slipped it on. She stepped in to the thong thankful no part of it touched the criss-cross cane weals.

“Thank you for dealing with me, Mrs Denver,” Jenny said in a heartfelt tone as she watched the Headmistress sign her Punishment Letter.

“You may leave, Mrs Howe,” Mrs Denver said in a dismissive tone.

Jenny closed the study door behind her and Mrs Denver’s hand quickly edged inside her knickers and felt her own soaking pussy. Caning the 42-year-old had been so erotic and now she was ready to satisfy herself, caressing her pussy, her fingers pressing inside her wet pussy lips, deep inside, finding her erect clit, flicking it, bringing herself quickly to orgasm, gasping and groaning as she erupted. As she calmed down she knew she would masturbate again tonight, several times in fact.

Jenny stepped out in to the hallway hoping to walk to the changing room without being seen, conscious that with thong knickers anyone seeing her will have a clear view of her bottom with all the weals from the caning. She walked towards the pool area so she could get dressed. Her clothes will still be in the locker in the changing area. She walked slowly as her bottom and legs were stinging, rubbing her bottom as she walked. About halfway there, to her horror, a few teachers were suddenly following her along the corridor. They must have had a meeting.

Jenny cringed as they spoke loudly to each other describing Jenny’s bottom reckoning it must hurt; and congratulating Mrs Denver on disciplining her so well. One thing they made very clear as they walked closely behind the 42-year-old was that they were in no doubt that she deserved what she got. It was a humiliating walk for the 42-year-old.

Once in the changing room Jenny was thankful for two things. First, her clothes were still in the locker; and second there was no one else there. She could wait no longer so went into a cubicle, took a deep breath, and forced herself to sit down on the hard cold plastic seat. She gasped as she put her weight on her stinging bottom but it felt just so good as the stinging intensified on the hard surface. She lowered her thong knickers, parted her legs, and ran her fingers along her pussy. She eagerly pressed her probing finger inside, found her clit, and brought herself quickly to orgasm. A swift orgasm but it allowed her to enjoy even more the stinging in her bottom; she was looking forward to getting home.

Jenny listened and knew no one was in the changing room so she stepped outside and looked at her bottom in the mirror. She gasped as she saw so many wicked red weals standing proud of her bottom. No wonder her bottom stung so much. So gloriously. She ran her fingers along some of the weals and enjoyed how it stung.

Fearing one of the teachers might come in she went back in to the cubicle. She quickly got dressed, putting on her vest top and skirt. She pulled her thong knickers back up not daring to wear the tighter knickers she wore when she came, and finally stepped in to her high heeled shoes. She made her way out of the Academy, chastened by the second punishment but knew she had enjoyed the experience. She thought about Charlotte and Kelly, wondering how they fared; and whether they had got their Punishment Letters signed. She smiled as she got out side giggling to herself thinking about three adult women all disciplined by Mrs Denver and then having to face a second punishment, all for dive bombing one of the students.

She for one would do it all again.

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