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Joanne's Summer Job

The ex-Head Girl gets her ideal summer job

It was late April in Joanne Wilson’s second year at University and her thoughts were on two things. Firstly, her upcoming end of year exams and secondly, finding a job to bring in some money over the long summer holidays. Both Peter her boyfriend and herself had decided to stay in the city over the summer rather than returning home for the twelve-week break. The fact that their two housemates, Lisa and Helen, were going home for the whole holiday had made their decision to stay a very easy one. She was just scanning the pages of job vacancies on a job site when one job caught her attention.

“Administration assistant required. General office duties – including word processing, filing and dealing with the public. Good telephone manner and computer skills essential. Flexible hours, ideally Monday – Friday 8am-4.30pm. Rates negotiable depending on experience - £8-12.50 per hour. Based in York centre. For further information and an application form please email or call Karen on 01904 565 2200. Applications close 1st May.”

Joanne smiled. It was the best opportunity that she had seen in weeks of looking for work. Her mood had not been helped by Peter, who had already secured a full-time job at a local computer company, starting on the Monday after his last exam. She quickly tapped out an email to Karen Savage, checking that she had the correct email address, enclosed her CV and pressed “send.” Once she had finished, she shut down her laptop and walked into the kitchen to make dinner for Peter and herself. She groaned. He was a far better cook than she was, and Joanne hated having to cook.

She did not give her email a second thought until she checked her emails the next day. In her inbox was a reply from Ms. Savage.

“Hello Joanne,

Thank you for your email enquiry. Please find enclosed further information about the post and an application form. If you need any further information or have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me by telephone or email.

I look forward to receiving your application.


Joanne Wilson decided that she would fill the application form in immediately. She figured that it would be an easy job if it only required her to answer the phone and write a few emails. She could do that no problem at all. The application form itself was easy to fill in and simply asked for her personal details, education and work history and the names of two referees. She immediately typed in the contact details of Ms. Storey, the Deputy Head Mistress at St Katherine’s School also, Miss Mulligan, her Sixth Form tutor at the school and, now a close friend. She checked the form over and once satisfied, pressed “send.”

On the first of May, and five days after she had filled in the application form, Joanne’s mobile rang while she was studying in her bedroom. She looked at the screen and noticing that it was a local number decided to answer the call.

“Hello.” She said softly and a little unsure.

“Hello. Is that Joanne Wilson?” The lady on the other end of the line asked.

“Yes. I’m Joanne.” She got up from her bed where she had been sitting and walked out onto the landing.

“Oh great. Its Karen from FCI in York. I wanted to ask if you would come in for a chat tomorrow.” The woman said.

Joanne took a few moments to remember about her job application.

“Oh. Sorry. Yes, I can do that.” Joanne wanted to shout in joy at getting an interview.

“Great. Can I see you at 10.30 tomorrow morning.?” Karen asked.

“Sure. I’m free all morning and am only at University tomorrow afternoon.” Joanne was thinking about what to wear for her interview and what she would have to take with her.

“That’s good. Should only take 20 minutes or so. Can you bring your qualifications with you and is it all right if I speak to your references?” The woman asked.

“Of course, you can. They’re both from my school if that’s okay?” Joanne tried to hide her excitement.

“That’s fine. Do you know where the main Police station is?” Karen seemed to be flicking through a stack of papers as she was speaking.

“Yes, I know where it is.” Joanne Wilson thought about the businesses that she knew in that part of the city. She couldn’t remember a company called FCI.

“Well, we’re just behind the Police Station, on Marlow Street. There’s a pizza shop on the corner of the street and we’re in the grey walled building about half-way down the street. If you find Marlow Street you can’t miss us. Just ring the intercom and I’ll come and let you in.”

“I know where you are. That’s great. Thank you.” The smile on Joanne’s face grew wider.

“Lovely. I’ll see you tomorrow. If you have any issues or problems, then just give me a call on the number on the email I’ll send you now.” Karen Savage was already pressing “send” on the message as she spoke.

“I will do. Thank you. See you tomorrow Ms. Savage.” Joanne replied.

“Looking forward to it. Good bye Joanne.” Karen ended the call and Joanne was left holding her phone, wanting to jump for joy at securing an unexpected interview.

All thoughts of revising for her end of year Law exams went out of the window that day. She sorted out her Record of Achievement, with all her qualifications and other certificates and awards she had received during her time at St Katherine’s School. Next, she decided on what to wear and once she had settled on a pair of black pinstriped trousers and a white long-sleeved blouse, Joanne spent an age ironing the garments to within an inch of their life. Joanne then read, and re-read, the information that Karen had sent her by email and tried to google FCI. It came up with all sorts of results, but none were based in York, which made her consider giving Karen a call to ask her what exactly did the company do?

Joanne Wilson tried to relax that evening but found it difficult to focus on anything but her interview the following day. She had asked Peter if he knew about FCI, but he knew even less than she did about this mysterious company. She found it difficult to sleep and had got up and made herself a cup of tea which she drank in the kitchen. Finally, when it was morning, she had showered and spent time doing her hair, which she tied with a hair band, allowing her long red hair to run halfway down her back. Joanne spent an hour doing her make-up, making sure that it was perfect. She dressed in her white blouse and black pinstriped trousers, topped off with a black suit jacket. Joanne Wilson sprayed herself with her favourite Coco Mademoiselle perfume. She was ready to go.

As it was only a short walk to Marlow Street, she set off at 10am and made her way past the Police station. She found the pizza shop, like Karen had described over the phone and looked further along the street. She could see a large, three-storey grey walled building and walked towards it. Once outside, she noticed the brass plaque on the wall with the initials “FCI” on it and reached for the intercom. She pressed the button and it buzzed. She waited.

A few moments later, the intercom crackled, and she heard a woman’s voice.

“Hello. Can I help you?” The crackled voice asked.

“It’s Joanne Wilson. I have an interview with Ms. Savage at 10.30.” Joanne replied.

“Push the door and take the stairs up to the third floor.” The voice said as the door buzzed.

Joanne pushed the door and walked inside the building, the door closing slowly behind her. She paused for a moment and jumped as the door swung shut with a loud “slam!” She exhaled heavily and found the stairs around the corner to her right. She slowly made her way up to the third and top floor of the building. As she climbed the stairs she tried to see what was going on, but there were no windows in the doors, which were all heavy, fire doors, firmly shut. Joanne opened the door to the third floor and found herself in a reception area, with leather chairs scattered around the large desk.

She looked around for someone to announce that she was here, but there was no-one in sight. She waited for a few moments before she could hear a voice which was becoming louder as the person who it belonged to made their way way towards the reception area. As the woman saw Joanne waiting, she ended the call on her mobile phone and placed it in her jacket pocket. She held out her right hand.

“Hello. You must be Miss Wilson.” Karen Savage smiled.

“Yes. Joanne. I’m here for the administration assistant interview.” She took Ms. Savage’s hand and shook it firmly.

“Yes. You’re a little early, but shall we get started, Joanne?” The older lady ended the hand shake.

Karen Savage turned and headed back down the corridor from where she had come. Joanne Wilson followed her and walked inside the spacious office, where Karen was stood in the doorway.

“Take a seat, Joanne and make yourself comfortable.” Ms. Savage closed the door gently and removed her red jacket, which she placed on a hanger on the back of the door.

Joanne sat down carefully on the comfortable leather seat and placed her bag on the floor next to her left foot. She watched as Karen walked around her desk and sat down in the chair opposite her. The older woman smiled as she picked up Joanne’s application and CV.

“So, tell me a little bit about yourself, Joanne. What have you been up to and what do you do with your time?” Ms. Savage spoke softly and smiled at the young lady sitting across from her.

The ex-Head Girl at St Katherine’s School told the woman about her time at school, about her Law degree course at the local University, her hobbies and what her skills were. Karen sat and listened intently, letting the younger woman speak, occasionally nodding and saying “yes,” or “mm” to indicate that she was listening. Once Joanne had finished, Karen leaned forward in her chair and stared across at the attractive red-haired young woman sitting in the other chair.

“I see that you went to St Katherine’s School, Joanne.” Karen Savage smiled.

“I did. I was the Head Girl in 2015-16.” Joanne smiled proudly.

“Did you know Ms. Storey?” Ms. Savage asked.

“She was Deputy Head Mistress. She’s lovely.” Joanne lied.

“Yes. Jasmine is my cousin.” Karen’s smile grew wider across her face before she continued.

“I saw you had her down as a reference, so I called her and asked about you. She’s very complimentary.” Karen Savage picked up Joanne’s application and looked at it.

“I liked Ms. Storey. She’s a really nice, caring person.” Joanne Wilson told another lie.

“Jasmine told me that as Head Girl you had to keep the other students in line. That you were responsible for maintaining discipline.” Ms. Savage stared at the younger woman sitting opposite.

“I was. I found that it took up most of my time, but I didn’t mind doing it.” Joanne Wilson struggled to keep her hands in her lap and to resist the urge to bite her fingernails.

Karen sat back in her chair and rubbed her hands together, not shifting her gaze from Joanne.

“Jasmine said that you can use the strap and the cane extremely confidently. Is that right?” Karen Savage swept her long dark hair back behind her ears with her right hand.

“I was, Ms. Savage. It’s not so difficult with a little practice.” The ex-Head Girl smiled.

“Good. I also told Jasmine about the job and she said that you would be ideally suited to it.” She smiled.

“I pick things up pretty quickly and am confident dealing with people and using computers and things like that.” Joanne replied softly.

“That’s great, but I have another job that I’d like to run by you first.” Karen got to her feet and walked around her desk and sat on the edge, inches away from where Joanne Wilson was sitting.

“Oh. I thought it was just an admin job for the summer, Ms. Savage?” Joanne Wilson asked.

“Well, it was. But on seeing your experience, and talking to Jasmine, then I think that you would be perfect for another role we have here. Besides, getting an admin assistant should be quite easy.”

Joanne Wilson was confused but sat in silence. The older woman looked down at her and continued.

“Do you know what we do here, Joanne?” Karen Savage smiled.

“Not really. I couldn’t find anything on the internet about the company.” She smiled back.

“Not surprising.” Karen said quietly before continuing.

“Well, I’m sure that you, being a young person and a law student too, is aware of the government’s new policy of dealing with anti-social behaviour and keeping young people out of the courts and ultimately, prison.”

Joanne nodded.

“FCI stands for Female Correction Institute – there is a male one on the other side of the city.” Karen laughed.

“Young people between the ages of sixteen and twenty one who are arrested for minor offences, such as being drunk and disorderly, minor driving offences, acts of anti-social behaviour and a whole host of other minor things can be given a choice – go to court and be dealt with there or plead guilty immediately and get dealt with here with a short, sharp shock.” Karen got to her feet and returned to the seat behind her desk.

“A short, sharp shock, Ms. Savage?” Joanne asked, even if she already knew the answer.

“A strapping, or a caning – so, that’s why you appeal to me so much Joanne.”

“I don’t know if I could do that, Ms. Savage.” Joanne Wilson said truthfully.

“Look. You will have administered harder punishments as Head Girl at St. Katherine’s than you will here, and the money is really good – we’ll pay you £20 an hour and you can work full-time over the summer if you wanted to and then go part-time to suit you once term starts again.” Karen Savage licked her lips.

Joanne thought about this to herself for a moment. Jasmine Storey had obviously told her cousin about some of the punishments that she had administered. Immediately, her mind shifted to the punishments she had meted out to students like Melissa Chambers, and even to her own boyfriend, Peter. She admitted to herself that they were given at full-force and, in the case of Melissa, she had felt nothing about doing it to her. She then thought about this job offer. The money would be amazing and would mean that she could make thousands of pounds over the holidays as well as keep the job on part-time after she returned to University.

She looked down at her hands and then at Ms. Savage who was watching her.

“What if a person refuses the punishment or becomes abusive, Miss?” She asked.

“That will hardly ever happen Joanne. The person wants to avoid the courts and once this is done the slate is wiped clean. The person signs to accept the punishment and then they can’t refuse it. If they do, or they become abusive, the Police come, and they are taken to the Young Offenders’ Institute just outside town to start an immediate six-month sentence.”

The telephone on Karen’s desk rang, but she ignored it and allowed it to ring until it stopped. She continued.

“I’ve done this for three years’ now and in all that time I know of only four cases of us having to get the Police. People don’t want to be here, but they prefer the short sharp shock to going to court, and perhaps, to prison.” Karen Savage got to her feet and looked at Joanne.

“We’ll train you, and you’ll always have another officer in the room with you when you are dealing with someone. They’ll do most of the work. All you have to do is lay on the strokes. Its as simple as that.”

Joanne thought it over for a few moments. She watched Karen, who walked to the door and retrieved her mobile phone from her jacket pocket. She began tapping out a text message as Joanne Wilson sat there in silence, thinking to herself. The money was far more than she would make anywhere else. The option of keeping the job part-time after she returned to University was also a bonus. Joanne had never had an issue with laying on corporal punishment as Head Girl and this time, she would be doing it to absolute strangers and getting well-paid for the privilege.

“What hours would I work, Miss?” She asked, and Karen looked up from her mobile phone.

“Generally, we work from eight in the morning until six in the evening, so you would be expected to do one week on earlies – eight in the morning until four in the afternoon and then one week eight thirty until four thirty.” Having finished her message, she threw her mobile phone on the desk.

“We also work one Saturday in three, but you’ll find that all the girls here are happy to work certain shifts so its always possible to swap and do the one that suits you. I mean, one of my best ladies, Laura, likes late shifts and likes working Saturdays so she would swap with you if you preferred to start early.”

Karen Savage looked at the expensive watch on her right wrist and smiled at Joanne.

“Sorry, Joanne but I’ve got an “appointment” in ten minutes.” She emphasized the word “appointment” leaving the younger lady in no doubt that it was a punishment session.

“So, what do you think?” Karen smiled as she got to her feet.

Joanne Wilson had already decided. The money was too good to be true. Caning and strapping people was something that she could do easily. So much the better if someone else would have to deal with the person about to be caned.

“Okay. I’ll give it a go Ms. Savage.” Joanne stood up and looked up at the extremely tall and slim, Karen Savage.

“Great. I’ll send you some details through later today and then I’ll arrange for you to come in for an induction – its nothing really. Just a chat with one of the senior ladies like Laura and myself and then we’ll get you a uniform and you’ll get to shadow one of us before a little training with the canes and straps before letting you loose.” Karen smiled and shook Joanne by the hand once again.

“Uniform, Ms. Savage?” Joanne Wilson looked confused.

“Oh, nothing too stylish – just a white short sleeved blouse, black knee-length skirt and comfortable black shoes.” The older lady pointed to her clothes.

Joanne noticed and smiled back at her. Karen had an identity badge clipped onto the waistband of her skirt and wore a silver badge on her right breast.

“We’ll sort you out with a security pass to open the doors and a badge. We’ll organise your induction out for some time early next week and then we can arrange a date for you to come and start.” Ms. Savage walked towards her office door and opened it, holding it until Joanne walked past her and out into the corridor.

“I’ll check your other reference, but the job is yours unless you hear otherwise.” She walked Joanne back to the reception area and pressed her security pass against the box on the wall which beeped. Karen pushed the door open and Joanne moved out towards the stairs.

“Thanks. I’m looking forward to it.” Joanne said nervously.

“I’m glad. Jasmine is a good judge of character and I’d be stupid to ignore what she said about you. I’m sure you’ll love it here and will be a credit to us. I’ll arrange a date for your induction day and then we’ll go from there.”

“Thank you, Ms. Savage.” Joanne Wilson smiled.

“It’s Karen. When we’re not in the punishment room we call one another by our first names honey.” Karen laughed.

“Thank you, Karen.” The younger lady smiled as she turned and walked down the flights of stairs. She pressed the door release and stepped back out on the street.

The next day she received a phone call from Karen Savage, who informed her that she had spoken with Joanne’s other referee, Rebecca Mulligan. Her ex-Form Mistress, like Jasmine Storey, had been extremely complimentary about the twenty-year-old and had told Ms. Savage that she couldn’t recommend anyone as much for a job as she would Joanne Wilson. Karen told Joanne that she would send her a formal letter, offering her the job and that she could bring her letter of acceptance to the induction day, which both ladies decided would be the following Tuesday.

Joanne Wilson spent over half an hour chatting to Karen, who took various details from her, including the younger lady’s measurements for her uniform, which, she assured her, would be waiting for her on her induction day. She would also ensure that her security pass and staff badge would be ready for her too. As they ended their telephone conversation, the women exchanged mobile telephone numbers and personal email addresses.

When she came off the phone, Joanne wanted to shout with happiness at securing a good job but resisted the temptation. She did however, decide to hide the true nature of her job from her boyfriend. She was unsure how Peter Mitchell may react to what her job entailed. As far as he was concerned, Joanne Wilson’s job was as an administration assistant at a logistics company called FCI. It was so well-paid because she was giving the company legal advice when they needed it. Peter did not need to know that she was disciplining females who had committed minor offences.

The following Tuesday, Joanne Wilson arrived outside the FCI building at just after 8am. Her induction would start at 8.30 and she admitted to herself that she was looking forward to the job. She pressed the intercom and waited for what seemed like an age before someone answered.

“Hello. Can I help you?” The voice replied.

“Hi. It’s Joanne Wilson. I’m here for my induction with Ms. Savage and Miss Concannon. Sorry I’m a bit early.” Joanne laughed.

“No problem. Push the door and come up to the third floor.” The door buzzed, and Joanne Wilson pushed it open, stepping inside and headed straight for the stairs that were around the corner.

Joanne quickly made her way up the stairs and was soon standing outside the reception on the third floor. This time, the door was locked, and she knocked as hard as she could and waited. A few moments later, the door opened, and she was greeted by a tall, attractive young lady who was wearing a short-sleeved white blouse and knee length black skirt. The woman looked at her and smiled.

“Hi. I’m Laura. You must be Joanne?” The older woman asked with a smile on her face.

“Yes. I’m a bit early. Sorry.” Joanne replied as she walked into the room and stood looking at Laura Concannon.

“That’s okay. Karen should be in shortly and then we can start. I guess that I can sort a few things out before she gets in.” Laura removed a large bunch of keys from her black leather belt around her waist and picked the key she was looking for.

“Come with me and I’ll get you your security pass and identity badge and then I’ll sort your uniform out.” Miss Concannon turned on her heels and began to walk towards the office where Karen Savage had interviewed Joanne a week before.

Once inside the large office, Laura unlocked the top drawer in Karen’s desk and rummaged around noisily until she found what she was looking for. She smiled as she brought out an A4 sized envelope, which had Joanne’s full name written neatly on the front. She locked the drawer and handed the envelope over to Joanne who took it in her right hand.

“That’s your name badge and your security pass, which you have to wear at all times while you’re at work.” Laura Concannon smiled and then concentrated on finding another key on her large bunch.

“I put your security pass on a chain to wear around your neck as I find it easier that way, but you can take it off it you prefer to wear it on your blouse or your skirt.” She smiled as she found the key that she wanted.

“Thanks. I’ll just keep it the way it is and wear it around my neck. Less chance of me losing it that way.” Joanne smiled as she opened the envelope and emptied the contents into her left hand.

“Right. If you come with me, I’ll get you your uniform and you can change and see if everything fits.” Laura Concannon walked past Joanne, who was still looking at her security pass and name badge and stopped at the door until the younger girl began to follow her.

The two ladies made their way down to the second floor and Laura looked at Joanne.

“Just place your security pass on there and see if it works.” She smiled as Joanne reached across with her pass and the door beeped.

Laura pulled the heavy door open and began walking down the corridor. Joanne Wilson followed her, looking behind her as the door slammed shut a few seconds later. Miss Concannon stopped at a blue door and unlocked it with her key. She flipped on the light and stepped inside, re-emerging a moment later, holding a large white bag in her left hand. She turned off the light and closed the door, locking it with her keys, which she returned to her belt.

“That’s yours.” She smiled as she handed the package over to Joanne who stepped forward and took the large bag in both hands.

“I’m really sorry but we can’t get you any shoes. I have no idea why they’ve stopped that – probably cost-cutting, but I’m sure that you have better shoes than they used to supply.” Laura looked down at her shiny black, trainer-like shoes she was wearing.

“That’s okay. I was going to ask if I can wear these as they’re really comfortable.” Joanne asked as she looked down at her own pair of flat soled, black shoes.

“They look ideal.” Laura smiled and walked to the end of the corridor, pausing outside another blue door.

“This is our changing room. You can get changed in here and take a shower if ever you need it. I’ve sorted you out a locker too, so you can keep your uniform in there if you wanted to.” She pushed the door open and walked inside, followed by Joanne.

Inside the large room, Joanne could see the rows of tall lockers that stretched along both sides of the room. At the far end of the room, there was a kitchen area, and off to the right-hand side was a toilet and shower area. On the opposite side were some tables and chairs and Joanne Wilson noticed a couple of ladies sitting there, chatting and drinking coffee.

“Kelli. Charlotte. This is Joanne who will be starting work with us shortly.” Laura Concannon smiled at the other ladies who got to their feet and walked over to where Joanne and Laura stood.

“Hi. I’m Kelli, I think you’re watching me this afternoon.” The extremely young-looking woman held out her hand and shook hands with Joanne.

Joanne smiled and nodded to her as Charlotte Paulsen also offered her hand. She shook it and the smile on the lady’s face grew wider.

“Nice to meet you. If you ever need anything just ask as we’re all happy to help with things.” She let Joanne’s hand go and the two ladies returned to their seats, leaving Joanne Wilson and Laura Concannon standing there.

Laura turned and walked across to the lockers, standing by one that was already open.

“This one is yours, so you can leave your things in there. Put that key on your key ring when Karen gives it to you later.” She handed a small silver key to Joanne, who took it and placed it in her jeans pocket.

“You can go and change in there to see if everything fits. If there’s a problem, then just give me a shout. Do you want a coffee or a cup or tea?” She smiled as she pointed towards the changing area.

Joanne Wilson stood in silence for a moment taking in her surroundings.

“Err, coffee please.” She replied softly, looking over towards the changing room.

“Milk and sugar?” Laura said, looking over her shoulder as she headed towards the kitchen area.

“Just milk, please, Miss.” Joanne began walking slowly towards the changing and shower room, still holding onto the large bag in her right hand.

“Okay. You get yourself changed and it’s Laura, by the way.”

“Sorry. Thanks Laura.” She smiled uneasily and walked into the spacious changing area.

The ex-Head Girl spent the next ten minutes changing out of her jeans and sweater and into the white short-sleeved cotton blouse and knee-length black skirt that was in the bag that Laura had given her. She stood there for a few moments, looking herself up and down in the full-length mirror and decided that the items fit her perfectly. The blouse was loose fitting, but she reckoned that was correct seen as she would need space in which to get a good swing with the canes or straps. The skirt fit her perfectly and ended just above her knee. She pinned the silver name badge above her right breast and put the security pass around her neck.

Joanne placed her own clothes in the bag, along with the two additional blouses and spare skirt and walked back into the locker room, where Laura had sat down at a table and was sitting with a couple of newcomers. Joanne Wilson placed the bag, containing her clothes, in her locker and locked it with the key that Laura Concannon had given her. She kept that in her hand and walked over to the table where Laura was sitting.

“Everything fit, sweetie?” She asked kindly.

“Perfectly.” Joanne did a twirl and smiled.

“I’m glad. Here’s your coffee lovely.” Laura pointed to the cup and Joanne took a seat.

“This is Nicola and Heidi. They are the ones to talk to if you ever want to swap shifts.” She smiled, and the ladies offered their hands to Joanne.

A short time later, and once Joanne had finished her cup of coffee, Karen Savage walked into the room and immediately made her way over to where Laura and Joanne were sitting.

“Everything fit, Joanne?” She smiled as she noticed the younger lady wearing her new uniform.

“Perfectly. Thank you.” Joanne smiled back.

“So sorry about the shoes but they’re getting really touchy about providing anything but the essentials.” Ms. Savage sat down opposite Joanne.

“Its fine. I’d rather wear my own if that’s okay.” Joanne Wilson showed her shoes from beneath the table.

“They look ideal Joanne. I admit that I do wear my own too.” Karen laughed and showed her shiny black shoes.

The ladies exchanged small talk for a short while and Karen introduced Joanne to the ladies who were arriving for their shifts.

“So, if we’re done with our coffee, I guess we can go and have a chat?” Karen Savage looked at Laura Concannon, who nodded to her.

The ladies got to their feet and left the room, walking down the corridor and up the stairs to the third floor. Karen held her office door open for Laura and Joanne, watching them take a seat before making her way behind her desk and sitting down in her comfortable leather chair.

“So, Laura tell Joanne what our plan for the day is.” She smiled at the younger woman.

Laura Concannon, who was sitting next to Joanne, looked across at the younger girl and cleared her throat.

“Well. We’ll have a chat and then at ten o’clock, you’ll go with Karen here and watch her cane Megan Shaw. Then you’re with me when I cane Georgina Gormley. Then lunch. Then you’re with Kelli and then we’ll take you into the gym, where we’ll show you how to administer the reformatory canes and the prison strap.”

“Thanks. Laura. So, as I think you’re now aware we administer judicial punishments and that’s the purpose of FCI.” Karen Savage smiled.

Over the next twenty minutes or so, the three ladies chatted about the work of FCI and the roles of the Correction Officers who worked there. Laura explained that in her first few weeks that Joanne would simply focus on administering punishments and, after a couple of weeks, would then take on the full role of managing the punishment too. She would learn how to bring the prisoners from the holding cells, get them to sign to accept their punishment, then supervise them as they stripped naked before she would secure their wrists and ankles as they lay face down on the punishment bench. She would then clean them up afterwards if it was required, before untying them and watching them dress. Her last task would involve her escorting the person to the back entrance of the building and ensuring that they left the premises.

After, what seemed like no time at all, Karen got to her feet and smiled at Joanne and Laura.

“Right. Thanks for that Laura, but it is about time for my first session of the day. Come with me Joanne.” She walked towards her office door and Joanne got to her feet.

“Megan is a first-time offender and has been sentenced to four strokes with the dragon cane.” She continued as she headed out of her office and down the corridor.

Joanne Wilson followed her down to the ground floor where Karen began to point things out to her.

“So, we generally work in the same room all day. We have twelve punishment rooms – all sound-proofed, and this morning I’m in room seven for my three appointments.”

Joanne nodded and smiled as Karen Savage continued.

“We alternate between giving the punishment and dealing with the offender and getting them prepared for their punishment.” She looked back over her right shoulder at Joanne Wilson.

“I’m working with Angela Hall this morning.” She smiled as she reached room seven and stood at the door.

“Use your security pass to open the door, Joanne.”

Joanne Wilson took her pass that was around her neck and pressed it against the black box on the wall. It beeped loudly, and Karen pushed the door open. On entering the room, Joanne tried to take in as much as she could. She could see the punishment bench that was in the centre of the room. Then the girl secured with straps on her wrists and ankles secured to the bench. Then the other Correction Officer standing facing the girl. Then the table, on which the selected implement was placed.

The eighteen-year-old offender, Megan Shaw, lay across the spanking bench in silence. Karen walked across the room and looked at the clipboard, on which the girl’s punishment was detailed. She checked that the offender had signed to accept the punishment and then placed the clipboard back on the table. Karen Savage picked up the implement that had been selected for the sentence and walked behind Megan, who was breathing loudly.

“Joanne, take a seat over there.” Karen pointed to a plastic chair in the far corner of the room and the younger woman quickly walked over and sat down, watching Karen closely.

“Well, Miss Hall. Are we ready?” Karen Savage swished the senior dragon cane through the air.

“Yes. Ms. Savage. Megan is a first-time offender and has been sentenced to four strokes of the dragon cane on her bare buttocks for being drunk and disorderly.” She coughed.

“She has signed to accept the punishment.” Angela Hall moved round and faced the girl. She placed her hands on her shoulders and held her firmly in place.

“You may lay the strokes on Miss.” Angela said softly and waited.

Karen Savage took up position to Megan’s left-hand side. She placed her left foot about twelve inches in front of her right and bent her left knee. She placed her left hand on her left hip and measured the dragon cane out across the plump buttocks lying in front of her.

Before their arrival, Angela had ensured that Megan had stripped naked. She had then signed the consent form and Angela Hall had secured her wrists and ankles to the punishment bench. The thirty-year-old lady had then secured padding above her buttocks and across her thighs, exposing about six inches of flesh across the centre of Megan’s ample bottom.

Ms. Savage tapped the bottom in front of her loudly and looked at Angela Hall, who was looking down at the girl secured over the bench in front of her.

“Four strokes, Miss Savage. You may lay on the first stroke.” Miss Hall looked at Karen, who drew the cane back over her right shoulder.

Seconds later it came whistling through the air and landed a second later with a loud “thwack!” which seemed to echo around the sound-proofed room.

“One!” Miss Hall announced.

Megan Shaw took a second to react but once the pain had registered in her brain she screamed. She tried to move, but soon discovered that she couldn’t due to being held down by leather straps and the strong arms of Correction Officer, Angela Hall. Karen Savage raised the cane in the air once more and brought it down with a loud “thwack!” a second later across the centre of the exposed buttocks in front of her.

“Two!” Angela said loudly.

The young girl was crying and sobbing, but Karen Savage already had the cane in the air once again. She tapped the bottom lying at her mercy and once happy where the cane would land, drew it back, high above her head, and after a short pause, brought it down with another loud “thwack!”

“Three!” Miss Hall announced coldly.

Ms. Savage looked over to Joanne, who was absolutely fascinated by what she was witnessing. Karen Savage smiled at her before focusing on her final stroke. She tapped the bottom in front of her a few times until she was satisfied before raising the cane, high in the air and pausing, before bringing it down one final time, landing with a loud “thwack!” which seemed to echo around the room for an age.

“Four!” Angela Hall said loudly.

Megan Shaw was crying uncontrollably, and the ladies left her for a few moments. Karen Savage walked over to the table and took a box of anti-septic wipes in her hand. She spent a few moments cleaning the cane, before placing it back on the table. She then picked up the clipboard and signed it to say that the punishment had been administered. Karen then handed it to Angela, who signed to say that she had witnessed the punishment. The younger woman then opened the small first aid kit and took out some wipes and plasters and walked over to Megan Shaw, who was still sobbing to herself.

Karen Savage nodded to Joanne, who got to her feet and then walked towards the door. Ms. Savage opened the door with her security pass and held it until Joanne had stepped out into the corridor. The door shut loudly behind them as they made their way back along the corridor.

“So, there you go. As easy as that.” Karen Savage smiled as they made their way up the stairs to her office on the third floor.

For the rest of the day, Joanne Wilson watched Laura Concannon cane repeat-offender Georgina Gormley twelve times with the reformatory cane. Then after lunch, she spent time with Kelli Seagrave who used a Singapore cane on another repeat offender, Lauren Edgar. The final part of her induction was done in the gym on the ground floor where she was given a chance to use different kinds of canes and straps on a padded dummy that was secured across a bench, just like she had seen that morning. After a few helpful tips from Karen, the older lady was satisfied that Joanne was ready and confident enough with the new implements.

Before she left, Karen Savage sat down with Joanne and decided on a starting date for the twenty-year-old Law student. Joanne Wilson had exams for the next two weeks and the ladies finally settled on Monday 29th May as her first day at work. Ms. Savage handed the young girl a key ring with about half a dozen keys on it, explaining what each of them was for. They shook hands and Joanne headed home with her uniform in her bag. Once she got home, she carefully hid the white blouses and black skirts in her wardrobe and concealed her security pass and badge in her purse. She then concentrated on revising for her upcoming exams and putting the job at FCI to the back of her mind.

For the next fortnight, Joanne Wilson devoted every moment to revising for her end of year Law exams, and by the time they had finished on May 24th, she felt confident that she had done as well as she expected. She would have to wait a couple of weeks until she received the results, but she decided to forget about them and concentrate on having a relaxing weekend with Peter and then starting work at FCI the following Monday.

After a lazy weekend together, Joanne and Peter prepared to start their summer jobs. He was very relaxed about his as it was only answering the telephone, taking messages and making cups of tea. Joanne Wilson, on the other hand, was becoming increasingly nervous and unsure about starting at FCI. She did not sleep at all that Sunday night, and had eventually got up and sat in the kitchen thinking about delivering no nonsense corporal punishment to young women. Eventually, the ex-Head Girl gave up on the idea of getting any sleep and read and re-read all the information that Karen had sent her about the job.

Once it was light, Joanne had showered and tied her hair up. She applied some discreet make-up and dressed in her work clothes, telling Peter that her boss liked her admin staff to dress in a blouse and skirt. Peter Mitchell had commented that he liked to see her dressed that way too, but for different reasons and tried to initiate sex, but Joanne had none of it. She was far too nervous about starting work that Monday morning.

She watched the clock move slowly towards 7.30 and decided that she would have to go. Joanne’s first shift started at 8 o’ clock that morning and she wanted to arrive at least ten minutes early. She kissed Peter goodbye and headed into town, arriving outside the FCI building just before 7.50. Joanne reached into her bag and rummaged around until she felt her security pass which she brought out and pressed against the small black box on the wall. It beeped, and she pulled the heavy door open with her right hand, stepping inside.

Joanne Wilson hurried up the stairs to the second floor and walked along the corridor to the changing room. Once inside, she removed her jacket and placed the security pass, which was on a chain, around her neck. She opened her locker and carefully placed her jacket inside, before removing her keys and name badge from her purse, carefully pinning the small rectangular silver badge high on the right-hand side of her white blouse. The twenty-year-old took out her mobile phone and checked it. There was a message from Peter which she read and then smiled at.

“Love you, Jo. Hope you have a good first day at work. Please will you keep your work clothes on once you get home, so I can be the one who undresses you! Have fun xxxx”

She was tempted to reply with something funny, but simply decided to text back:

“Have a good day too. Behave yourself or I’ll ask Leonie to come back with her plimsoll! Love you too, Sweetie xxx”

Joanne Wilson placed her phone in her handbag and then put the bag in her locker, closing the door gently and then locking it with the small silver key. She clipped her keys to the waist band on her black knee-length skirt and looked around the room. There were a few ladies already there, drinking cups of tea and coffee and chatting about their weekends, but she didn’t recognise any of them. Joanne was just about to find a seat at one of the tables when Laura Concannon walked in and picked her out immediately.

“Hi there Joanne. Ready for your first day?” She smiled and held out her small right hand, which Joanne took in hers and shook it gently.

“Morning Laura. I’m really nervous but I’m sure that I’ll get into it.” She smiled as she let the older woman’s hand go.

“You’ve got a lighter load seen as it’s your first week – just five sessions each day as it stands at the moment – and you’re with me all day today. I’m your number two!” The smile grew broader across her face.

Laura Concannon said hello to the other women in the room and introduced them to Joanne, who stood there trying to take everything in. She immediately forgot the names of the women that she had just met. Miss Concannon then walked to her own locker and placed her handbag and mobile phone inside before locking it with her key. She checked that she had everything she needed before placing her security pass around her neck and clipping her key chain to her belt.

“We’re in room seven all day and it should all be pretty straight forward.” She turned and headed over to the small kitchen and filled the kettle.

“They’re all drunk and disorderly. Four are getting four strokes as first-timers and one of them is getting six as she’s a repeat offender.” The dark-haired woman waited for the kettle to boil.

“I’ll keep you right and like we said before, you just need to concentrate on laying on the strokes and that’s it.” Laura Concannon smiled and held up two cups.

“Coffee, Joanne?”

Joanne Wilson smiled and accepted the offer of a cup of coffee. Her first “appointment” wasn’t until 9.15 that morning, so she would take the opportunity to relax, before having to make her way down to room seven on the ground floor.

At 8.30, Laura took Joanne down to the ground floor and showed her the punishment room in which they would be working that day. She spent a few moments walking around the large, white-walled room, taking in her surroundings. The young woman walked over to the wooden table in the corner of the room and looked at the five clipboards that had been neatly laid out in order. These would be her punishment sessions that day. She picked each board up in turn and looked at the names and sentences.


“Kelsey Thompson. Aged 19. Drunk and Disorderly on Saturday 27th May 2018. Sentenced to four strokes with the senior dragon cane.”


““Zoe Dolan. Aged 18. Drunk and Disorderly on Saturday 27th May 2018. Sentenced to four strokes with the senior dragon cane.”


“Rachael Brown. Aged 20. Drunk and Disorderly on Saturday 27th May 2018. Sentenced to four strokes with the senior dragon cane.”


“Steph-Ann Baker. Aged 18. Drunk and Disorderly on Saturday 27th May 2018. Sentenced to six strokes with the reformatory cane.” Repeat Offender.

And finally,


“Danielle Johnston. Aged 18. Drunk and Disorderly on Saturday 27th May 2018. Sentenced to four strokes with the senior dragon cane.”

Laura quietly checked that everything in the room was in order for their day ahead. She made sure that the straps were securely attached to the spanking bench. Then she checked that there were enough plasters and tubes of cream in the first aid kit. Next, she walked over to the basket of implements and selected the correct cane for their first offender. She smiled as she saw Joanne watching her as she swished the red handled cane through the air a few times for effect. Miss Concannon then placed it on the table next to the clipboards and smiled at Joanne Wilson.

“I’ve got to go and check that Kelsey has arrived and book her in. I’d go and grab a coffee or loosen up in the gym if I was you. I’ll come and get you when we’re ready to start.” She touched Joanne Wilson on her right arm.

“Loosen up?” Joanne asked confused.

“Just go and give the dummy a few strokes to get your muscles relaxed.” Laura Concannon moved to the door and opened it with her security pass, holding it for Joanne, who slowly walked over to the door and stepped into the corridor.

“Okay. I’ll go and get some last-minute practice.” She smiled and walked off in the opposite direction to Laura, who headed through the door and towards the visitor reception where offenders had to report to.

Joanne tried to concentrate on laying on the strokes across the padded dummy, that was strapped down to a spanking bench in the gym but was interrupted by Laura in what seemed like no time at all. She placed the cane that she had been using back in the bucket and walked towards Miss Concannon, who had a smile on her face.

“It’s time, Lovely. Kelsey is ready for her punishment.” She held the door to the gym open for Joanne.

“Okay.” Joanne Wilson walked out in the corridor and took a few deep breaths.

“Remember. I’ll do all the work. You don’t have to say anything at all. Just lay on the four strokes across the exposed part of her bottom then sign your name on the clipboard and then hand it to me and I’ll counter-sign it. That’s it.” Miss Concannon looked at Joanne Wilson and waited until she was sure that the girl was relaxed.

She turned and headed down to room seven, which was about halfway down the long corridor. Once outside, Laura pressed her security pass against the black door release box and the door buzzed. She pushed the door open and the two women entered the room.

The two Correction Officers walked across into the centre of the room, where nineteen-year-old Kelsey Thompson had already been stripped naked and had been strapped down to the bench by Laura. Joanne Wilson couldn’t help but look at the girl, who lay face down on the leather-padded bench. She was silent and breathing quietly. Joanne noticed that her wrists had been secured with thick leather straps, as had her legs. Her thighs and lower back were each covered by thick padding which, were also secured by thick straps.

The twenty-year-old walked over to the table and picked up the senior dragon cane that Laura had laid out for her. She swished it loudly through the air to get the feel for it before she moved over to where Kelsey Thompson was secured to the bench. Joanne Wilson looked across to Laura Concannon, who stood in front of Kelsey. She nodded to Joanne, who nodded back.

“Well, Miss Wilson. Are we ready?” Laura asked Joanne as the younger woman swished the senior dragon cane through the air once more.

“Yes. Miss Concannon.” Joanne Wilson replied as coldly as she could.

“Kelsey is a first-time offender and has been sentenced to four strokes of the dragon cane on her bare buttocks for being drunk and disorderly.” She announced.

“She has signed to accept the punishment.” The Senior Correction Officer continued and moved in closer so that she could place her hands on the prisoner’s shoulders and hold her down.

“You may lay the strokes on Miss.” Laura said softly and waited.

Joanne stood to Kelsey Thompson’s left-hand side and took a moment to think about what she was going to do. Once she was satisfied, the ex-Head Girl placed her left foot about twelve inches in front of her right and placed her left hand on her left hip. She laid the cane in between the two thick pads, that covered Kelsey’s lower back and thighs and began gently tapping the exposed buttocks before her. Once she was comfortable, she lifted the cane in the air and paused, before bringing it whistling through the air before it landed with an extremely loud “thwack!”

“One!” Joanne Wilson heard Laura announce a moment later.

Unlike, Megan, the girl who Joanne Wilson had watched Karen cane a few weeks previously, who screamed through her punishment, Kelsey Thompson showed hardly no reaction. She moved slightly but she did not make a sound. Joanne raised the cane once more, and looked at Laura, who nodded to her once more. A second later, the cane landed again, in the dead centre of Kelsey Thompson’s bottom, with a “thwack!”

“Two!” Miss Concannon said loudly.

Again, very little reaction from the nineteen-year-old prisoner.

Joanne Wilson looked at Laura for her reassurance and the older woman smiled and nodded to her. The cane was raised once more and was brought down a second later with an almost-deafening “thwack!”

“Three! Her colleague announced.

Kelsey Thompson felt the third stroke and began trying to move. She didn’t shout out in pain but was crying and sobbing. The new Correction Officer took a deep breath and raised the dragon cane in the air once more, looking at Laura Concannon who smiled at her. The cane whistled through the air for one last time before landing with a “thwack!”

“Four!” Senior Correction Officer Concannon said, removing her hands from Kelsey’s shoulders.

Joanne Wilson exhaled deeply and walked across to the table in the corner of the room. She laid the cane on the table and picked up the clipboard with Kelsey’s details on. The ex-Head Girl took a pen from her blouse pocket and signed her name on the sheet. She walked across to Laura and handed the older woman the clipboard. She took Joanne’s pen and signed her name to indicate that she had witnessed the punishment before handing the pen and clipboard back to the younger girl.

As Joanne Wilson cleaned the cane with an anti-septic wipe, Laura Concannon unfastened the padding that had protected Kelsey Thompson’s back and thighs. She went and fetched the first aid kit, which she opened and brought out some cream and plasters. The dark-haired woman put a glove on her right hand and emptied some cream into the palm of her gloved hand, rubbing it gently into the hot bottom in front of her. She smiled as she could hear the nineteen-year-old sobbing. Once she had covered a small mark on the bottom with a plaster, Laura unfastened the straps and watched as Kelsey slowly got to her feet, rubbing her bottom as she stood up.

“Right. Come with me and we’ll get you dressed and then on your way.” Laura walked to the table, where she placed the first aid kit and picked up the clipboard, removing the top white A4 sheet.

“Take that, young lady. That’s your copy to say that you have been dealt with.” She held the sheet out to Kelsey, who eventually reached over and took it in her left hand.

“Miss Wilson can you take the other two copies to the office please?” Laura Concannon looked at Joanne, who stood there daydreaming.

“Sure, Miss Concannon.” She replied eventually, taking the clipboard.

The rest of her day passed in a similar way. Joanne Wilson had found that the job really was just like Ms. Savage had described to her. She had caned five girls that day and had felt nothing about doing it. The prisoners had taken their punishments with no fuss and not one of them had said a word to her. Laura had kept her right and before she knew it, the shift was over, and she headed up to the locker room where she removed her badge and took her jacket and bag from her locker. She put her jacket on and checked her mobile phone.

She walked out of the building with Laura Concannon and made her way home. As promised, she kept her blouse and skirt on and waited for Peter to arrive home. He arrived shortly before 6pm and they agreed to have a takeaway that evening. They talked about the first day in their new jobs and agreed that it had not been a bad day at all. Joanne was aware that Peter was excited and despite her initial reluctance to have sex before dinner, relented and smiled at him.

“God, can you leave my blouse alone?” She struggled to stop him trying to unbutton her work blouse.

“Come on. Let’s go to bed before dinner.” He smiled at her.

Joanne Wilson couldn’t resist him. She stood up and took his left hand and pulled him to his feet, leading him upstairs to her bedroom. The ex-Head Girl smiled as her boyfriend stripped her naked, throwing her clothes on the floor before he began kissing her all over her neck and breasts. Soon he was on top of her on her bed, pounding away between her legs, until she came loudly.

She slept well that night and was well-rested for her next day at work. Joanne Wilson had forgotten her initial nerves and reluctance about the job at FCI and was determined to enjoy it from now on. Just as she had done when she was Head Girl at St Katherine’s, Joanne promised herself that she wouldn’t think about those who she was administering punishment to. She would be as cold, and as unfeeling, as the other ladies who worked with her.

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