just a spanking fantasy

By emeraldsnrubys

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my sassy mouth always seems to get me in trouble

.........My sassy mouth always seems to get me in trouble. 

 I am ordered to lower my jeans and panties mid thigh and go to the corner. I must press my nose firmly in the corner and push my bottom out, my back arched.  After 15 mins or so of corner time, I am allowed to pull my panties back up, however, the jeans must stay where they are.  I am then ordered to stand at his right knee for scolding.  Then he gently takes my wrist and lowers me over his lap.  He allows his hand to rest on my shaking bottom while he gently scolds me for my sassy mouth. 

Then the first spanks fall, then another, alternating cheeks... after 20 of so spanks on my panty cover bottom, I am ordered to raise my hips so that my panties can be lowered.  I am thoroughly embarrassed, but comply.  I feel his fingers on the waistband of my panties and I feel them being lowered to below my knees.  The spanks are then falling on my bare behind.   After a couple sets, he rubs my spanked cheeks and slightly spreads them. 

I am told that I have 20 more hand spanks then its over the pillows stacked almost at the edge of the bed. Any tears that I have been able to contain start to fall now and not totally from the pain of the spanking.  My spanker is a very caring and gentle man, but we both know that I must be punished for my sassy mouth.  The tears come in part because I know that over the pillows mean totally nude. I must walk to the bed, totally exposed,  with my hands on my head. 

Then I am over pillows on the bed, my bottom high and I am very exposed.  My spanker gently taps the side of my thighs.  I know what this means.. I must spread my knees to at least shoulder width apart and I know that I must comply.  I close my eyes tightly as I will my knees to spread to the required width.   I feel naughty and embarrassed for being in this position, but at the same time it is a sexual turn on like I have never experienced.  I have already had several hand spanks on my bare bottom otk and it is stinging, but not too much.. just enough to make me very aroused and ...ummm.. yes.. very wet. 

And now the situation I find my self in, over pillows, very exposed to be spanked bare bottom for a sassy mouth is increasing that arousal to a very heighten state.  I receive a couple of hand spanks, then its time for the paddle.  Its not the big ugly scary paddle, but rather small .. and stingy.. I get about 10 on each cheek and they do sting like the devil.. but at the same time, my arousal continues to peak.. and yes.. my wetness continues to flow....

My spanker realizes my extreme state of arousal and begins to hand spank.. with nice cheek rubs in between.  the hand spanks sting slightly but in my aroused state, they are very pleasurable.  I moan as my spanker rubs my bottom.  the caresses are firm yet gentle  and  he allows a stray finger to casually touch me.  of course, he finds me dripping wet and comments on it, adding to my aroused state. 

A couple more spanks and more bottom rubs and his fingers stray even further and feels my swollen parted wet lips.  he slowly slips one finger in and with his other hand, casually give me a couple of hand spanks..  he slowly pulls his finger out and begins to explore and caress the entire area and strokes my clit.  I moan and push back on his hand.  he removes he hand and tells me that naughty girls don't get to have pleasure when they want it.. that naughty girls get punished. 

There are more hand spanks and the land low on my bottom, where my bottom and top of thighs meet. after several stingy spanks, his hand strays again, only this time, two finger invade me, slowly...and begin to move in and out and caresses my g-spot...... on the out stroke, he fingers find my clit again and begin to tease and rub...and this cycle continues.. his fingers sliding in and out of me caressing my g-spot, then stroking my clit.  .. the heat from the spanking.. the corner time, with panties at my knees.....the bare bottom... the specific parted width of my knees,....the feeling of being exposed.... the exploring fingers... the submission to it all.......It is not long at all until I am an experiencing the most powerful orgasms of my life... and yes I said orgasms because they are multiple.  like a wave, they peak and crest repeatedly until I am totally exhausted and collapse against the pillows.. I continue to experience "aftershocks" for at least 30 mins. 

When I finally regain composure, I silently thank my sassy mouth.. and just wonder how long I can contain it....