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Justice At Last – Chapter One

Georgina gets revenge on a teacher who unfairly disciplined her

Georgina Minter was in the car park waiting for Amy to come out from school. Georgina was twenty-five years old and was looking after Amy who was her neighbours sixteen-year-old daughter.

It was a hot summers day and Georgina was in a sleeveless floral dress with a short hem and bare legs.

When Amy didn't come out, Georgina walked in to the school to look for her. Having walked through the back entrance she walked along the corridor towards her classroom. She hadn’t got very far when she saw Miss Thompson coming towards her. "Hello Miss Thompson," Georgina said with a smile remembering that Miss Thompson had been one of her teachers when she attended the same school. She reckoned that Miss Thompson was now about forty-eight-years-old.

Miss Thomson took a few moments but then did recognise Georgina. "Hello Georgina, it's nice to see you. What are you doing here?" She knew that Georgina didn’t have any children at the school as she knew all of the mum’s.

Georgina responded, "I am looking after my neighbour’s daughter, Amy. She was supposed to come out of school by now and I am a little worried."

Miss Thompson replied, "Oh I see. I didn't realise that her mum was away. I left a voicemail for her telling her that Amy was in detention for being rude in class."

"Oh dear," Georgina replied. “How long is the detention?"

Miss Thompson replied, "There is another 45 minutes to go."

Georgina thought for a moment about what she would do for the next forty-five minutes. As she wondered, she looked again at Mr Thompson and saw that she was wearing a black sleeveless dress with thin straps. She knew though that there was a school play on and all of the Teachers were supposed to go and watch it. So she asked Miss Thompson, "Aren't you supposed to be going to the show?"

Miss Thompson blushed, and, blustering, replied, "Well I am actually going to meet my girlfriend. We have tickets for the theatre but we are going to dinner first the new restaurant that has just opened."

Georgina was suspicious. She knew that it was pretty much a blanket instruction that all teachers had to attend the show in order to enforce the same on the schoolchildren. She didn't think that simply going to meet a girlfriend would be a sufficient reason to avoid going herself. Georgina could also see that Miss Thomson was nervous and even looked around to see if anyone else was coming as though she didn’t want to get caught

Georgina replied, "Amy told me about the show. However, she had a letter releasing her because I had to take her to the doctor for a check-up. I thought that would also have released her from the detention. Anyway, I am still surprised that you have been released from going to the show."

Georgina let the comment hang in the air and saw Miss Thompson blush an even deeper red. She could tell that Miss Thompson wasn't telling the truth. She wouldn't have minded normally but she remembered that when she had tried to leave the school instead of going to the show, Miss Thompson took her to the Punishment Room and gave her a bare bottom spanking. It just seemed wrong that Miss Thompson was now trying to leave the school herself without attending the show.

Georgina asked with a surprised look on her face, "Oh look, isn't that one of the senior mistresses over there?"

Miss Thompson looked and turned back towards Georgina with a worried look on her own face. "I think I really need to go now, Georgina."

Georgina was adamant. She said firmly, "Tell me, Miss Thompson, do you remember what you did when you caught me trying to leave the school instead of going to the show?"

Miss Thompson swallowed hard as she did remember. Indeed, she had done the same to several of the school girls over the years. She just bit her lip and blushed and looked at the floor uneasily. She then replied very quietly and guiltily, "Not really."

Georgina noticed just then that the door quite close to them lead into the Punishment Room. She saw her chance for revenge and looked at Miss Thompson with a wicked smirk, "Maybe we should just check with the senior mistress over there?"

Miss Thompson was clearly even more uneasy when she replied, "Please don't go and ask, Georgina. You are right and I don't have permission to leave the school. However, if you raise it with any of the senior staff I am likely to be sacked as I am already on my second warning."

Georgina suspected as much and again with a smirk said," Again I ask you, Miss Thompson, what did you do to me when I tried to skive off going to the play?"

Miss Thomson wanted to get the conversation over with as quickly as possible because the senior mistress was coming towards them. “Yes, yes, I do remember. I did give you a spanking. However, please, I must get away as otherwise, I will lose my job."

Georgina showed Miss Thompson very little sympathy. However, she intended offering Miss Thompson an alternative. "I was always very upset because you spanked me. I know I deserved it. However, don't you think that you deserve the same?"

Miss Thompson was surprised and looked surprised as she replied, "What do you mean?"

Georgina continued, "Exactly what I said. You spanked me when I skived off, I knew I was wrong to try to skive off and therefore you were right to discipline me. Whilst I don't particularly want you to lose your job I do want you to suffer the same consequences that I did. Right behind you is the door to the Punishment Room. The choice for you is quite clear. Either we can wait for the senior mistress to make it down here and we can have a discussion with her. Alternatively, we can go through that door and wait for her to pass and then I will deal with you as you dealt with me all those years ago. The choice is yours."

Miss Thompson still looked uneasy but knew she had been forced into a corner. She gave her decision in a very short and uneasy response, "Okay then. Let's go in there."

Miss Thompson turned and walked towards the Punishment Room door. Georgina walked behind her smiling at the back of her head. She had never really expected Miss Thompson to concede in the way that she had and doubted she would actually submit to a spanking but she certainly intended scaring her ex-teacher.

Miss Thompson opened the door and walked in. Georgina went in behind her and closed the door. They both listened at the door and could clearly hear as the senior mistress walked past. Georgina opened the door again and changed the sign on the door from vacant to "In Use." She reckoned that anyone passing by would think that it was one of the schoolgirls being disciplined and would not try to come in. In any case, almost everybody in the school would by now be in the hall waiting for the show to start. Course that would be except for those, like Amy, who were in detention.

Georgina turned and looked around the room. It was all pretty much as it was when she was at the school. The caning desk was there which at the moment had the Punishment Log sitting on top of it. There were drawers to the side and she knew that the Log would be put in there after the school girls name and punishment was entered into it. There were also two high backed chairs. One was for the teacher to sit on when taking one of the schoolgirls across her lap. The other was a spare because quite often there would be two school girls there to be spanked. Sometimes there were two teachers in the Punishment Room at the same time but on other times the second school girl would have to stand there with her skirt raised and knickers already down around her ankles or even removed and put on the second chair. Finally, she saw on the wall the three hook ended canes although assumed that they were certainly not the same ones that were used when she was at the school.

Georgina looked at Miss Thompson and ordered, "I will be giving you a bare bottom spanking. I think in addition I will be giving you three strokes of the cane."

Miss Thompson winced at the tariff. She had expected to be given the spanking, albeit she hardly thought it was Georgina's place to give it to her. Nevertheless, having come into the Punishment Room on the threat she fully expected Georgina to carry that through. On the other hand, she wasn't so happy being caned. In the morning she and her girlfriend were due to go to the spa and the masseur would be bound to see the cane marks. However, she knew she had no choice.

Georgina then ordered, "I don't want to crease your dress as it does look particularly nice. Please take it off and then also take off your knickers. You can keep your bra on."

Miss Thompson winced again as she replied, "I am not wearing a bra.”

Georgina smirked and shrugged her shoulders. “Okay then, then I will just have to spank you fully naked. So get undressed please,"

Miss Thompson knew she still had no choice. She partly unzipped her dress, putting her arm behind her back and pulling the zip the rest of the way down. She let the straps slide down her arms and then she pushed the dress down from her waist stepping out of it.

Georgina smirked as she saw Miss Thompson’s full breasts and for a moment thought how she would like to kiss and suck them. She did remember having a school girl crush on her ex-teacher but knowing that Miss Thompson had a girlfriend she put that to the back of her mind. She was more focused anyway on spanking Miss Thompson and then caning her. She smiled to herself as she watched Miss Thompson push her knickers down to her ankles and step out of them.

Georgina knew that Miss Thomson and looked towards the canes on the wall but initially hadn’t thought for a moment that she would get away with using them on Miss Thomason. However, having threatened three strokes of the cane and with Miss Thompson having all but accepted it, she told herself she was going to enjoy that part of the punishment even more than giving her ex-teacher a spanking.

Once Miss Thompson was fully naked and stood looking at Georgina the order was given, "Put your hands on top of your head whilst I get the room ready."

Miss Thompson followed Georgina's order obediently and stood there with her hands placed on top of the head.

Georgina took one last glance Miss Thompson’s rather sexy figure. Her breasts were full and to die for. She noted that her ex-teacher had a bit of a tummy but still had toned legs albeit with fleshier arms. Having savoured the look, she then turned and pulled one of the high backed chair’s further out into the room and sat down.

Just as Georgina was about to give Miss Thompson the instruction to come over and get across her lap, the phone rang in Miss Thompson's handbag.

"That'll be my girlfriend," Miss Thompson said pleadingly.

Georgina replied, "Well you had better answer it then."

Miss Thompson was concerned that Georgina might take the phone herself. However, she knew that she and her girlfriend were going to the theatre and that she would now be late for the dinner reservation. She had to warn her girlfriend who would be otherwise waiting for her at the table. So she went over to her handbag and took out the phone, clicking the accept button, and putting the phone to her ear.

Georgina immediately ordered, "Put on the microphone."

Miss Thompson again followed the instruction and moments later was speaking to her girlfriend with her voice clearly heard in the room. Georgina was sure that she would enjoy the exchange.

Miss Thompson said, "I'm sorry but I am going to be here for about another 30 minutes or so. I'll be able to come onto you after that. Can you put the table back?"

The girlfriend was clearly irate. "What is holding you up?" she asked.

Miss Thompson replied, "I am in the Punishment Room and I have to deal with the punishment required."

Georgina could see that Miss Thompson was trying to work the conversation away from the truth and suggest that it was she who would be punishing one of the school girls. Georgina decided that that was no bad thing and encouraged Miss Thompson to continue on that basis.

The girlfriend asked, "What punishment are you giving?" There seemed to be a more jovial tone to the girlfriend’s voice, as though she enjoyed hearing what kind of punishment Miss Thompson gave the school girls.

Miss Thompson replied, "The punishment is a bare bottom spanking and then three strokes of the cane."

The girlfriend asked, "Can anyone else hear me?"

Miss Thompson looked at Georgina and saw she was shaking her head. "No," Miss Thompson lied.

The girlfriend said with clear laughter in her voice, "Then I think you should make it six strokes of the cane. Three for whatever the school girl has done wrong, and three more because I will have to wait for you."

Miss Thompson looked at Georgina who was now smiling and nodding her head.

Miss Thompson said, "Six strokes it is then." She was blushing as she realised her girlfriend would know she lied to her when she saw the six wheals tonight let alone at the spa tomorrow. How silly she had been she told herself not to have thought through what she was saying. Her stress at the thought of being sacked had affected her thought process but she knew her girlfriend would be livid with her when she found out.

Georgina glared at Miss Thomson as she sat in the chair and listened to the conversation but smiled to herself. Six strokes sounded so much better than three. She also knew Miss Thomson's girlfriend would find out that she had been lied to. Maybe she would punish her as well. That put another thought into her mind. She would give Miss Thomson a punishment letter and tell her to give it to Amy in the morning. That would ensure the girlfriend saw Miss Thomson's bottom because she would need to spank it to sign the letter.

Even happier than she had ever expected to be Georgina ordered, "Right, 'Miss Thomson. Get across my lap."

Miss Thomson's mind was in turmoil. She had never expected to be spanked when she got up this morning. She had skived off school events so often and only been caught twice and was being as careful as possible today. It was such bad luck that Georgina had come along. Almost anyone else would have let it go. Not just that but she had lied to her girlfriend and that wouldn't go down at all well when she found out. Add to that the six strokes of the cane she will be getting rather than three, or even none. The day had really gone badly, she thought. Except for one thing she realised. She wasn't dreading the punishment. In fact, she was feeling the opposite to dread. She knew her nipples were taut and she felt flutters deep inside her pussy. She even reckoned her pussy lips were damp. Was she turned on, she wondered? How could she be?

Georgina tapped her thigh at the time it was taking Miss Thomson to get across her lap. "It will be nine strokes in a moment," she threatened.

That jolted Miss Thomson who said, "Sorry," as she walked quickly across the room and stood looking down at Georgina’s lap. She saw her dress had ridden right up and she would be lying across her bare thighs. As she thought that so she felt more flutters flying across her pussy as she eased herself down across Georgina's lap.

Georgina smiled at the back of Miss Thomson's head as her ex-teacher lowered herself across her lap. It was a delight to see Miss Thomson's full breasts pass so close to her face and then the feel of her bare tummy lowering across her bare thighs. Even as Miss Thomson lowered her full weight across her thighs she found the feel of bare skin on bare skin so sexual. Georgina still knew she would not make a play for Miss Thomson but also knew that she would still enjoy disciplining her and then tonight in bed she would masturbate. Probably a few times in fact as she played over in her mind what she had done. She hoped so anyway.

Miss Thomson bit her lip as she felt Georgina's hand rubbing her bottom. She felt so humiliated as she lay across her ex-pupil’s lap. Surely a teacher should never be disciplined by one of her ex-pupils. There should be a law against that she reckoned. Then on reflection, she reminded herself that she had spanked Georgina, and so many other school girls, for exactly what she had tried to do. Skive off a school event that had a mandatory requirement to attend. So she could hardly complain, could she? Even as she felt the first spank land and the next and the next she reminded herself how she would have been doing the same thing if she had caught any school girl trying to avoid the show.

Georgina happily landed spank after spank on alternate bottom cheeks. She had never spanked anyone before but supposed that she had seen enough people spanked in class or at friend’s homes to know how to give a spanking. She knew to land spank after spank on alternate bottom cheeks until she had turned them both a deep red. She kept on going with the spanks and watched happily as both bottom cheeks turned deeper and deeper shades of red before landing spank after spank on the same bottom cheek.

Miss Thomson could feel the stinging sensation intensify. She had often been spanked herself at school and even caned but never disciplined at home. Her parents were against physical punishment but she knew the benefits which was why she was so strict with the school girls. Maybe too strict she supposed but better that than too soft. However, as she struggled with the increasingly intense stinging she kept on telling herself she was right to be strict. She kept on thinking that as she again felt the flutters in her pussy and knew for sure she was turned on by being spanked. Incredible as that might still sound, she told herself.

Georgina heard the louder and louder gasps coming from Miss Thomson and knew that meant she could increase the strength of each spank. She knew she needn't show any sympathy. She had heard teacher after teacher who spanked girls in class say that the cries only led to harder spanks as the lesson was being learned. Georgina reminded herself about that as she landed those harder and harder spanks.

Miss Thomson made a point of looking at the backs of Georgina's legs. They were shapely and toned and sexy but she looked at them for another reason as well. She knew that if she looked at them and they were blurred that the tears had come. Mind you, in the meantime, she liked the sight of Georgina's upside down legs. She liked, more particularly she told herself, the feeling of submission. The fact that Georgina was in charge sent more flutters flying around her pussy. It was another great new feeling she had.

Georgina had now turned Miss Thomson's bottom a deep glowing red having landed a dozen spanks on the same bottom cheek before doing the same to the other bottom cheek. She purposely didn't rest at all but landed spank after spank as hard as she could. She saw Miss Thomson's back heave and heard the sobs and again that only led her to spank Miss Thomson harder and harder. She was revelling in the fact she was in control of her ex-teacher to such an extent. She had thought about it so often as she remembered being spanked but never ever thought she would get her revenge. It gave her a wonderful feeling which she would definitely use tonight when in bed.

Miss Thomson could feel the tears running down her face. She didn't need the sight of Georgina's blurred legs to tell her that. Strange she thought as she should have known from the times she was spanked when younger. However, she remembered now.

Now that Miss Thomson's bottom cheeks were glowing red and she heard the sobs Georgina decided that she had spanked her ex-teacher enough and in any case, she had the cane to come. "Get up Miss Thomson," she ordered.

Miss Thomson was happy the spanking was over and as she eased herself up started to think maybe she would go to the staff toilets before leaving and have herself an orgasm. She really felt alive even though her bottom was stinging so much and she could not stop rubbing her hot bottom cheeks. She looked at Georgina who was still blurred to her and said between sobs, "Sorry again, Georgina. That was a hard spanking though and one I will remember for a long time."

Georgina could tell that Miss Thomson was too relaxed. That was confirmed when she saw the look of horror on her face when she asked, "Like the cane, I am going to give you now?"

As well as the look of horror Miss Thomson covered her mouth with her hand and gasped. She had totally forgotten the caning. How could she have done? It must have been the erotic thoughts as she got up from Georgina's lap she told herself.

Georgina almost came herself by Miss Thomson's reaction. It was classic and one she would have to remind herself about time and again. She felt so elated as she ordered, "Go and bend over the caning table. Six strokes, if you recall."

Miss Thomson did now recall exactly that. She sobbed as she went over to the caning table and bent over and grabbed the sides as far up as she could. She knew her already stinging bottom was going to sting far more after the caning.

"Legs apart," Georgina ordered as she put the cane between Miss Thomson's legs and whisked from side to side. It wouldn't have hurt Miss Thomson but it certainly made her place her legs well apart which in turn meant her bottom cheeks were nicely taut.

Georgina also glanced at Miss Thomson's stretched pussy lips and was sure her hair mound glistened. Was Miss Thomson turned on by the spanking she asked herself. That would be incredulous but the evidence seemed to be there. As though to test it out she rubbed Miss Thomson's bottom and then rubbed her hand down her inner thighs. There was no mistaking that Miss Thomson edged her legs even further apart. As a last test, Georgina ran her fingers along Miss Thomson's pussy lips and there was no doubting they were damp. Really damp in fact.

Miss Thomson loved how Georgina rubbed her bottom and she started to relax. She loved it even more as Georgina rubbed her inner thighs and thought how great it would be if she ran her fingers up and down her pussy lips. Even better if she eased her fingers inside her pussy. What an orgasm that would give her. So when Georgina ran her fingers along her pussy lips she could not stop herself parting her legs even more and raising her bottom. It felt so good. Again, she thought, and was disappointed when Georgina didn't. Why not, she asked herself? Then it hit her. This was Georgina and not her girlfriend. Yet now Georgina knew she was turned on by being spanked and caned. How humiliating that someone who was not her girlfriend now knew that?

Georgina heard the short erotic gasp and knew that Miss Thompson was aroused by her fingering. Georgina was satisfied with her new found knowledge and it told her one thing. She needn't worry how hard she caned Miss Thomson as she was turned on and seemed to be getting close to having an orgasm. Georgina wanted to see that orgasm and reckoned a hard caning could do it.

However, seeing the orgasm would just be an added bonus if it happened. That was not her main intent. She wanted to get her own back for the spanking Miss Thompson had given her all those years ago, albeit that she accepted the spanking was correctly given at the time. Her revenge though was to have given Miss Thomson the spanking and now a caning which she felt was equally correct.

So Georgina looked down at Miss Thompson’s already red bottom and tapped it twice with the cane. She wondered whether Miss Thompson was still aroused or whether she was now concerned about the pain that she was about to receive.

Miss Thomson purposely pushed her bottom out as far as she could, dropping her tummy down, to present her bottom just as she liked to have the school girls present their bottoms to her. She felt the two taps of the cane and gasped. On the one hand, she knew that this was going to hurt but on the other hand still felt that she would be so aroused afterwards that she would want to disappear to the staff toilets and masturbate. There was some conflict in her mind though. What if it hurt so much that she was no longer aroused? Alternatively, what is she was so aroused that she actually had an orgasm during the caning? She supposed she would know in a few moments whether either or neither was correct.

Georgina focused on Miss Thompson’s bare red and bottom, pulled her arm back, and brought the cane fiercely down on to Miss Thomson's bare bottom. She held her breath and was open-eyed as Miss Thomson threw her head backwards and yelped. It was a quite satisfying sound for Georgina to hear.

Miss Thompson grunted as the cane cut into her bottom and immediately afterwards the pain cascaded around just as it did all those years ago when she was caned at school. The second stroke landed and the pain intensified. As the third stroke cut into her bottom she cried out and was, at the same time, tense because there were three strokes left, whilst at the same time her flutters flew around her pussy with the sexually erotic pain.

Georgina saw the three red raised wheals and aimed the next stroke just below those three. She felt herself getting aroused as the wheal developed and Miss Thomson cried out again. There was the first sob as well. Georgina knew some people used to cry during the caning and others reserved their tears for afterwards in the privacy of the toilet block. She had often wondered why the girls hid away but she reckoned Miss Thomson would end up doing that as she was already sobbing but by the way she was tensing her thighs she showed every sign of being aroused as well. So she decided the last two strokes should be even harder.

The fifth stroke cut in to her bottom and Miss Thomson grunted again and cried out. She kept telling herself that there was just one more stroke as the stinging pain cascaded across her bottom. Maybe she wasn’t so aroused now, she asked herself?

Georgina pursed her lips as she landed the sixth and final stroke and as Miss Thomson threw her head back Georgina could see tears running down her face. She was momentarily worried that she had caned too hard but when Miss Thomson let out a heavy breath and a long-winded, ‘Owww,’ she knew that her ex-teacher was okay. She was suffering from the caning for sure but she was through it.

Miss Thomson relaxed telling herself this caning was at least better than the alternative which was being sacked for sure. It also told herself that she wouldn’t be so silly again as to try to avoid mandatory school events. As she calmed down she even laughed to herself that she was telling herself how to be better behaved because of the caning. That meant caning the girls worked. So that was quite educational for her as well.

Georgina looked at her watch and knew she needed to go and find Amy. She said firmly, “You can get up, Miss Thomson. Your caning is over.”

Miss Thomson eased herself up and stood looking at Georgina and saw how resolute and satisfied she looked. Maybe it was about revenge, she asked herself?

Georgina had that last card she wanted to play. She went over to the table and took out the punishment log. She took a punishment slip out of the sleeve and looking at Miss Thomson said sternly, “You will ask your girlfriend for a spanking and ask her to complete the form. You can then give it to Amy in the morning in a stuck closed envelope and she will give it to me. Understood?”

Miss Thomson thought about objecting. However, it might lead to a complaint to the Headmistress which would mean the spanking and caning would have been in vain. On the other hand, she knew she was aroused by being disciplined and in any case her girlfriend would see the wheals most likely tonight when they make love or tomorrow when at the spa. So this way she would have to meet the problem head on. Anyway, she supposed it had endless possibilities. She nodded and replied, “I will do that, Georgina.” After a moment she added smiling, “Maybe I’ll get a second spanking tonight at the same time as Amy as I gave her a letter to take home as well.”

Georgina had to smile at that. Certainly, it confirmed Miss Thomson had recovered if she had her sense of humour back already.

Georgina left the Punishment Room and went to look for Amy. It took a few minutes and then she was told that the detention had another fifteen minutes to run. Eventually though, Amy came out of the classroom along with about a dozen other girls.

“Hi, Mrs M,” Amy said as she went up to Georgina holding out her punishment letter. She scrunched up her face as she explained, “I got one of these for you to sign.”

“Oh dear,” Georgina said intending to keep her punishment of Miss Thomson private. She added, “Anyway, let’s get to the car and go home. We can discuss this over supper.”

Georgina and Amy walked towards the car park. As they passed the teachers toilets Miss Thomson came out. No one would know from how she looked that she had six red raised wheals on her otherwise very reddened and no doubt still stinging bottom.

Georgina looked at Miss Thomson and thought she looked far too relaxed for a woman who had just spent fifteen minutes putting on makeup. She wondered what else she had done.

Amy stopped and said, “Hi, Miss. You look nice in that dress. Are you going to a party, Miss?” Amy had seen Miss Thomson just a short while ago in the detention class when she was spanked by her and then she was wearing her school clothes and not such a swish party dress. How come the change of clothes, Amy wondered?

Miss Thomson smiled back although found she had to force herself. She replied, “Dinner and then the theatre actually, Amy. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Miss Thomson looked at Georgina and said a school teacher’ish, “Have a good evening, Miss Minter.”

“You have a good evening as well, Miss Thomson.” Georgina smiled to herself thinking how Miss Thomson may well find herself with a close-up look of the floor again and an even redder stingier bottom than she had now.

As they walked off Amy asked Georgina, “How come she knows your name?”

Georgina thought quickly and replied, “I had to tell the school I was picking you up rather than your mum.”

“Oh right,” Amy accepted.

Once in the car Amy said, “I know you said we will talk about the letter when we get home. I just thought I would say I would rather you didn’t ask mum and just spanked me and signed the letter.”

Georgina wondered if that was because Amy didn’t want her mum to be even asked, or was there another motive in Amy’s request? Still, it meant that Miss Thomson could well be right when she said that both she and Amy might well be spanked this evening at the very same time.

Georgina was feeling pretty good as she drove home. She had really enjoyed getting her revenge on Miss Thomson and got even more aroused as she thought about Miss Thomson getting a second spanking today. She just hoped to be able to get some time alone to masturbate before dealing with Amy’s punishment letter.


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