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Katie’s Revenge Chapter 2

Katie gets more revenge on her ex-babysitter and her ex-babysitter's step-mum

Katie looked carefully at Marion, Gemma’s step-mum, who was fifty-three-years-old and wearing a sleeveless floral dress with bare legs and had short dark brown hair. She didn’t look so different to those few years ago when she spanked her when having a sleep-over with Gemma babysitting her. Gemma had told Marion how unruly she had been and Katie remembered how Marion had initially refused and that Gemma had almost ordered Marion to spank her and Marion had, clearly reluctantly, agreed to spank her.

Katie decided that it was best to continue with the role-play and maintained her character as the Prefect having given Gemma a detention. She overlooked the fact that she was eighteen-years-old and Gemma was twenty-five-years-old as she looked sternly at Marion and said, “Well, it’s like this. I have just given Gemma a detention and the cane.” She turned to Gemma and ordered, “Show your mum.”

Gemma was blushing as she spun around and heard her mum gasp at the sight of the red welts.

Katie continued, “You know of course about the Parent Participation Scheme at the School?”

Marion was quite thrown by the reply. She looked quizzically at Gemma who was still blushing and let out the occasional sob, and had streaks of tears running down her face and remained standing with her hands on her head. Was this for real, Marion asked herself? She did know all about the Parent Participation Scheme at the School and three of her friends had been disciplined under it when their daughters had got double detentions for being persistently late with their homework. It was deemed by the School that the parents had a role to ensure their girls did their homework on time and if that went on and the girls earned detentions then the parents were summoned to the School and given the stark choice of their daughter being expelled or the parent also getting the cane.

Marion had discussed what happened with all three mum’s who said how horrible the caning was but that after getting home each one masturbated replaying the caning in their heads. Somehow, it had been a turn-on for her three friends and it set her thinking about what being caned might be like. Not just caned but most of the teachers were much younger than she and her friends were and so there was the added feeling of humiliation of being caned by a woman so much younger than themselves.

Marion looked at Katie and supposed that she wasn’t so much younger than some of the teachers and that she had already caned Gemma, and so maybe she should play along and see if she ended up getting caned as well. She licked her lips and asked tentatively, “So are you going to deal with me under the Scheme?”

Gemma was wide-eyed at the realisation that her step-mum was being so compliant rather than scoffing at the clear lie, and so aybe that was why she never got spanked at home because even at her age her step-mum wanted to be on the receiving end. How odd was that, she asked herself?” 

Katie had been expecting Marion to snap at her and was so surprised that instead she seemed to be playing along. Surely that wouldn’t last, she told herself, but she may as well continue the role-play as well and see, and said firmly, “Exactly. Gemma has failed to do her homework on too many occasions and has earned a double detention. I have just given her ten strokes of the cane to try to correct her behaviour but you as her mum have an important part to play in her education and you have failed miserably so far as that is concerned.”

Marion listened to the ‘Do as I say,’ tone of voice Katie was using and felt quivers flying across her pussy as she was being told off. “I see what you mean,” she said sounding contrite.

Katie carried on still supposing she was being played but said sternly, “So please explain why you have failed to ensure that Gemma does her homework.”

Marion still liked the tone of voice Katie was using and blushed as she replied apologetically. “I have a busy social life and most days Gemma comes home to an empty house and I leave her supper out and a note telling her to do her homework. So, I suppose you are telling me that that isn’t good enough?”

Katie replied sternly, “It most certainly is not good enough. You need to be here when Gemma gets home and become a more responsible parent.”

Marion supposed that being vague would lead to a punishment and so said, “I suppose I could get home once or twice a week.”

Katie liked how Marion was being reticent and wondered if she was wanting to be disciplined and so tried, “You know what, Marion, I think you need to go across my lap and we can continue discussing your lack of responsibility with you looking at the floor.”

Marion hadn’t expected to get a spanking but liked the idea and had fantasised on such a regular basis about being spanked. She reckoned that she masturbated three or four times a week fantasising about being spanked by a young woman and so this fitted in so well. Katie might be a few years younger than her fantasy spanker but not so much younger, so she replied sounding remorseful, “If you think so.” 

Katie snapped back, “I do, so roll your dress up above your waist and take your knickers off and then get across my lap.”

Marion swallowed as she heard the instruction and watched as Katie went to the dining table and turned a chair in to the room before sitting down and glaring at her. “Now, Marion,” Katie snapped at her.

Once Katie snapped at her Marion didn’t hesitate as she quickly rolled her dress up above her waist and then putting her thumbs inside the elastic of her knickers pushed them down towards the floor and stepped out of them, putting them on another chair. She turned and looked down at Katie’s lap and the realisation she was about to be spanked made her hesitate. Mind you, she told herself, there was no real reason to hesitate as this was something she had wanted to have happen to her for as long as she could remember.

Gemma was still surprised by what her step-mum was doing but now supposed that like mum like daughter and that her step-mum had similar interests in discipline albeit they both had a hankering to be on the receiving end, and that was why her mum had never spanked her, perhaps? She knew that she could be difficult at times and that friends of hers had been spanked for pretty much the same things that she had always got away with. Of course, that didn’t help her, she realised, as being punished had helped her friends behave better.

Katie glared at Marion as she stood back up with her dress held up above her waist and ordered, “Get across my lap,” and held her breath as she waited to see whether Marion would do as she was told or turn the tables and force her across her lap.

Marion didn’t understand why she was hesitating as she had already decided to play along and to find out why her friends had masturbated after being disciplined by a young teacher and so as she stood next to Katie looking down at her lap she just tried to ignore the school uniform and to look on Katie as being at least as old as Gemma. She tried but couldn’t get there though.

Katie saw Marion hesitate and snapped, “I said get across my lap.”

Marion nodded still intent on experiencing the one spanking as she eased herself across Katie’s lap forcing herself to ignore that she was still a teenager, and lowered her full weight across Katie’s thighs and saw the backs of her bare young-looking legs and her own under the far side of the chair. Still, she calmed herself down even as she felt Katie’s hand rubbing her bare bottom in circles, thinking the feeling of submission was sort of erotic.

Katie still couldn’t understand how come a woman Marion’ age was lying across her lap knowing she was going to be spanked, but she was, and so there was no reason to hold back. She did decide to berate Marion one last time and said in her usual authoritative voice, “Make sure you change your attitude.”

Marion was going to reply but before she could she felt the first spank land and gasped in surprise. It didn’t hurt all that much she told herself but knew that the pain came later and sure enough as the spanks continued to land time and again so the stinging persisted and intensified.

Katie saw Marion’s bare bottom cheeks being turned redder and redder as she landed spank after spank on alternate bottom cheeks? “Is this helping you learn, Marion?” Katie demanded looking at the back of Marion’s head as she kept on landing harder and harder spanks.

“Yes,” Marion replied starting to see how the stinging took a hold. She didn’t understand though what her friends had found so erotic about being spanked although remembered they said those feelings came only after the spanking ended. That made sense now she was experiencing the spanking as it was hurting and supposed it would hurt even more before it ended. 

Katie knew that as well as spanking her bare bottom cheeks that spanking the backs of her legs stung even more and put that to the test. As she landed spanks on the backs of Marion’s legs so she heard the louder and louder gasps and all the time felt good about getting revenge whilst thinking which other women her age she could spark before thinking girls Gemma’s age were good to spank as well.

Marion was beginning to struggle as the spanks landed unabated. Were they on alternate bottom cheeks or on the same cheek time and again, she wondered? She couldn’t really tell as the pain seemed to merge and cover her whole bottom all of the time and she could not stop herself gasping loudly, kicking her legs, and squirming around on Katie’s lap. She was also feeling much more like a naughty girl than a woman in her fifties which she found an interesting and even sexy feeling.

It was only as tears welled up in her eyes that she realised that all the time she was spanking her Katie was also telling her off. She heard words like, ‘Responsibility ... caring ... homework ... behaviour ... detention ... lines ... spanking ... caning ... expulsion ... parental involvement ... parental discipline scheme,’ all spoken sternly and even as the spanks continued she quickly put together that she needed to show more parental responsibility or suffer the consequences. Well, she already was suffering the consequences, she reckoned.

Katie was enjoying scolding Marion as she spanked her but now that her bottom was nicely red she stopped and looking at the back of her head said equally sternly, “So am I to expel Gemma or will you take the caning? You need six strokes of the cane.”

Marion sniffed back a tear although by the time she was asked the question knew it was still role-playing but having seen Gemma’s welt covered bottom she wanted to experience the cane as well so she squirmed around and looking up at Katie replied in a repentant tone, “I’ll take the cane.”

Katie was again surprised at Marion’s willingness to be caned but saw no reason to stop the role-play and ordered, “Get up, Marion, hold your dress up, bend over the table, and grab both sides.”

Marion sniffed again as she eased herself up from Katie’s lap, grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up above her waist, went to the end of the table, bent down clasping the sides of the table with both hands, and waited.

Katie watched smiling to herself as Marion bent over the table leaving her reddened bare bottom staring up at her all ready to be caned. Once again, she wondered how come a woman as old as Marion who was well in to her fifties was submitting so easily and supposed that she must have thought about being caned. Even so, Katie said sternly, “Do not let go of the table because if you do you will get an extra stroke and so will Gemma.”

Marion heard the threat and nodded her head too stricken with concern as she licked her lips as she looked down at the surface of the table and wondered if she was doing the right thing. Surely if she wanted to be caned she could find someone her own age to do it rather than submitting to a teenager, she told herself? What was worse was that she was submitting to a teenager who she had spanked. What would happen if Katie told everyone she knew on some social internet site because that was bound to come to the notice of some of her own friends and she could easily become a laughing stock. However, she had already been spanked by Katie so the dye was cast, she supposed, and so getting the cane wasn’t going to make things any worse really.

Katie still couldn’t quite believe that she was about to cane a woman nearly old enough to be her grandma but here she was and Marion didn’t look anything like she was going to object. So, as Katie picked up the cane and stood behind Marion and rubbed the cane back and forth across her bare bottom she once again positioned herself to would make sure the end of the cane landed on the far bottom cheek to increase the pain but also to reduce the chances of the end of the cane splitting. She quickly shook off any hesitation because Marion stayed bent over and seemed to accept the impending caning and if that was the case then, Katie said to herself, who was she to disappoint?

Marion felt the cane rubbed back and forth and tensed her bottom, knowing she was going to stay in position and experience the caning. She reminded herself of the time that she had spanked Katie and had looked down on her ever so spankable bottom and spanked her really hard but straight afterwards regretted spanking her. She knew she shouldn’t have spanked her as Gemma had already given her a hard spanking, but Gemma had told she had to and so she did. Afterwards, Marion wondered how come Gemma had been so insistent that she spank Katie as she had never spanked her. She did though because she loved to obey, just as she so willingly obeyed Katie when ordered to bend over her lap and now the table.

Katie looked at the back of Marion’s head and saw that she was looking down at the table and glanced at Gemma who was still sobbing as she stood with her hands on her head, and then, focussing, pulled her arm back and brought the cane down sharply on to Marion’s waiting bare and already reddened bottom.

All thoughts that Marion had been having about how come she was about to be caned by a girl much younger than her own step-daughter disappeared when the cane bit in to her bottom. She gasped as the pain spread right across her bottom and threw her head back closing her eyes tightly as she fought to deal with the pain. How did anyone bear to take the cane if there was this much pain, she asked herself? She didn’t have time to answer her own question because the cane bit in to her bottom again and she once again gasped loudly as she held on to the table tightly to stop herself from getting up. She succeeded in staying in place but realised the pain was even greater than after the first stroke but she stayed in place and was ready to take the third stroke rather than risk extra strokes for her and for Gemma. Maybe that was it, she tried to tell herself? Maybe it was the fear of even more strokes of the cane that made whoever was being caned stay in place? After all, the decision to be caned was taken by someone else in authority and so the person getting the cane had no alternative but to take the strokes or risk an even greater punishment no matter how much pain there was.

Katie saw the two lovely red welts across both bottom cheeks and pulled her arm back and brought the cane down again just below the first two strokes. She heard Marion yelp and throw her head back and let out a longer lasting gasping breath and her knuckles whitened as she clasped hold of the sides of the table. Katie pursed her lips and delivered a very hard fourth stroke and happily saw Marion struggle once again but succeed in staying in position albeit with four beautifully red raised welts.

Marion had never suffered so much pain and as the fifth stroke landed she let out a long cry and was unable to stop the first tear running down her face. At least there was just one stroke left, she told herself. That stroke landed a few moments later and as the pain cascaded around her bottom so the floodgates opened and she cried like she had only ever cried when getting really bad news. Well, this wasn’t bad news but the pain was unbearable.

Katie smiled as she looked at the six raised red welts and was sorry she had settled on six strokes. Still, that was the amount she had set and Marion had behaved by not getting up so in fact she had taken her punishment really well. Katie was thinking of telling Marion what a good girl she had been, but held back. Instead she remained authoritarian and said sternly, “You can get up, Marion. You have taken your punishment and hopefully you will have learned your lesson and will deal more responsibly with Gemma.”

Marion eased herself up and as she rubbed her bottom and sniffed back her tears she replied contritely, “I will for sure.”

Katie sighed as the punishments seemed to have come to an end but glancing at Gemma remembered something else. “Of course, you will need to give Gemma a bare bottom spanking as all girls disciplined at School need to be punished again when they get home.”

Gemma gasped but thought how she so wanted to be spanked and almost smiled. Would her mum spank her, she wondered? After all, she never had spanked her and had never even threatened her with a spanking. All her friends had been spanked at home and she had watched several being spanked and all her friends said how jealous they were of her. They never realised that Katie felt let down by her mum and that by getting away with things her friends were spanked for only made her misbehave more. She wanted her mum to spank her and in fact not just once but to make up for all of the times she should have been spanked and was so pleased that Katie was ordering her mum to spank her.

Katie saw the glimpse of a smile on Gemma’s face but didn’t say anything about that and kept looking expectantly at Marion.

Marion was rubbing her bottom still and really didn’t want to spank Gemma. She never had and didn’t think she deserved to spank her, although if it was a rule then maybe she would have to. However, whilst she wanted to be spanked and caned again she really didn’t feel that she wanted to spank Gemma who was now twenty-five-years-old and so too old to be spanked for any of the things younger girls were spanked for.

Katie saw Marion hesitate and decided spontaneously that maybe she had a better answer than Marion spanking Gemma. After all, it all started because Gemma had spanked her when babysitting her and whilst the School’s discipline regime was based upon the cane why not side step that to get her full revenge, she decided? “I tell you what, Marion. I can see you are struggling to cope with the pain of your caning so on this occasion I will spank Gemma.”

Gemma gasped when she heard Katie’s decisive tone of voice and although disappointed her own mum wasn’t going to spank her was at least going to experience a spanking albeit from the very girl she had spanked when babysitting her. She wasn’t going to argue, though, and that was for sure.

Gemma wasn’t quite so sure, though, when she watched Katie go to her sports bag and take out a wooden-backed hairbrush. She licked her lips when Katie looked at her and said sternly, “Most parents use their hand first and then finish off with this to enforce discipline.”

Katie then sat on the dining chair she had sat on to spank Marion and glaring at Gemma who still had her hands on her head ordered, “Come here and get across my lap.”

Gemma swallowed hard as she stepped across to Katie and stood to her side looking down at her bare thighs realising that her bare tummy would be lying across Katie’s bare lap.

“Get across,” Katie ordered pointing to her thighs.

Gemma immediately eased herself down across Katie’s bare lap and caught her fall with her hands on the floor and lowered her full weight on to Katie’s thighs and had such a super close-up view of the backs of her legs and the underside of her thighs and saw her own legs dangling on the far side of the chair. Just then she knew exactly how her friends had felt in those few moments before being spanked, and loved the feeling of submission and humiliation particularly when she felt Katie’s palm rubbing her bottom.

Katie looked down at Gemma’s bottom and it felt so good that after so long she was going to get the revenge she had thought about so often. As she raised her hand and brought her open palm down on Gemma’s bottom and heard Gemma gasp so she smiled as she proceeded to land spank after spank on alternate bottom cheeks and loved the way they surrendered to her hand and swirled around and didn’t stop swirling as the spanks continued to land. It didn’t matter that Gemma squirmed around on her lap and kicked her legs and cried because this was one really well-deserved spanking and being sympathetic never crossed Kate’s mind, even though the spanks were landing on the red welts and must really hurt.

Gemma was crying with the pain of the spanks landing on top of her welts and knew that she should have been spanked so often and that if she had been she would be a better person now. Sure, it hurt but it needed to, she told herself. After all, she had masturbated so many times imagining being spanked and now it was actually happening she knew she had underestimated the pain but maybe she would have been even better off with many more hard spankings like this one.

Gemma gasped as the spanks continued and the pain once again engulfed her. When the spanks stopped she was half happy but half thinking that she wanted the spanking to continue. She was less thinking that as she felt the hard-wooden surface of the hairbrush rubbing her bottom in circles and even less so when the spanks started to land time and again and this time the pain was even greater as the hairbrush did its job.

Katie loved the loud thwacking noise as the hairbrush spanked down time and again and Gemma was reduced to a blubbering crying and ever so apologetic little girl who kept saying, “Sorry ... sorry ... sorry,” as though she had been naughty instead of role-playing.

Gemma felt her bottom stinging even more than with the cane but then she must have had hundreds of spanks, or at least that was what it felt like, compared to the ten strokes of the cane she got. 

Katie kept the spanks raining down on Gemma’s bottom until she counted fifty spanks. That was enough, she told herself, and was now happy that she had got sufficient revenge on Gemma and of course on Marion as well.

“You can get up,” Katie ordered, and smiled as Gemma eased herself up from her lap and immediately she stood her hands flew to her bottom and she rubbed feverishly as she stepped from foot to foot. Maybe it was even more satisfying spanking Gemma with the hairbrush than caning her, she thought?

Katie looked from a dancing bottom rubbing Gemma to a tear-stain faced Marion who also had her hands firmly on her bottom. She stood up and put the hairbrush and cane back in to her sports bag before saying sternly to Marion, “Don’t forget that if Gemma needs another spanking you need to give it to her. If you don’t then I will have to come back and punish you again.”

With a broad grin Katie picked up the sports bag and made her way out of the house closing the door behind her knowing that both Gemma and Marion would have stinging bottoms for ages. She walked happily home playing over in her mind how she had disciplined two older women and had enjoyed every moment.

Back in the house Marion was still sniffing as she said, “I need to lie down, Gemma,” and went upstairs still rubbing her bottom and lay on her tummy on her bed.

Gemma followed her mum’s lead and went to her bedroom and lay on her tummy on her bed.

Moments later both women had their fingers running along their pussy lips and both felt how damp they were and how turned-on they were from the very painful punishments they had been given.

Marion smiled as she played over in her mind bending across Katie’s lap and seeing her upside-down legs in what was such a humiliating position but somehow so erotic still and as her fingers edged inside her vagina and she flicked her taut clit she really wanted to be disciplined again.

Two rooms away Gemma had her fingers inside her vagina and was quickly giving herself an orgasm. This was so different to most of her other orgasms as this time instead of imagining her bottom stinging madly it really was and in fact unbearably so. However, she now saw how a really stinging bottom was giving her a much more intense orgasm and as she came with louder and louder gasps so she had a smile on her face and a feeling of such happiness. As she settled back down still flicking her clit she thought how she so wanted to be spanked again. How though, she wondered, as her mum was so resistant?

Katie was at home and lying on her bed propped up on a pillow with her school dress on the chair and her legs apart and her hand resting on her pussy when her phone beeped. She picked it up and saw there was a message from Marion. ‘I learned so much from you and know I am a bad mum and need to be taught to be more responsible. Can you help me again? Gemma is away overnight Tuesday next week. Would you come and deal with me again and scold me as you do so I really learn? Please. Please. Please.’

Katie was initially surprised but then knew that she had so enjoyed disciplining Marion and would love to do it again. ‘I will be over at 7 o’clock.’

‘Thank you so much,’ came the quick reply.

As Katie smiled to herself her phone pinged again. This time she saw it was a message from Gemma. ‘Thank you for taking my detention and disciplining me. If you were my mum I know I would be disciplined on a regular basis but be a far better behaved young lady. Mum is away next Wednesday night. I know I will earn another detention by then and the discipline I deserve. Please will you deal with me again, Miss?’

Katie smiled again. How cool was that, she thought, spanking and caning Marion one day and then Gemma the next? ‘Yes. I will get to you at 7 o’clock. Be in your school uniform.’

‘Thank you, Miss, and I will wear my school dress. You are the best teacher I could ever hope to have, Miss,’ came the reply.

Katie didn’t even realise that she had eased her hand inside her knickers and was running her fingers up and down her wet pussy lips edging inside and bringing herself towards an orgasm. It was so erotic disciplining Gemma and Marion and she was going to again next week. As her orgasm exploded all she could think of were the two welted and reddened bottoms of the two women who were much older than her and she couldn’t wait to turn them even redder with more welts next time and hopefully many times after that.

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