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Kelly’s Punishment Letter

Kelly, 39-years-old, has to ask her Mum to spank her. Her first since her teenage years
This is the final part of the story. Jenny, Charlotte, and Kelly, have all been disciplined by Mrs Denver. Three Mum’s who are spanked by the Headmistress who runs the Academy attended by their daughter’s. Each being given a Punishment Letter under the Parent Discipline Scheme. Each needing to ask for a spanking today or receive a double punishment tomorrow. This is the story of 39-year-old Kelly getting her second spanking.

When Kelly parted company with Charlotte outside the Academy, she saw Charlotte get out her mobile. She thought Charlotte had looked quite happy as she left, and judging from the cheery hullo she gave her Mum on the phone, she now believed 25-year-old Charlotte was actually looking forward to being spanked by her Mum.

Kelly wasn’t looking forward to showing her Mum her Punishment Letter; her first ever. However, she did think Charlotte had the right idea to phone ahead to check if her own Mum was still at home; even though she reckoned she would be as she had spoken to Olivia when in the Secretary’s office.

First though she called Lisa, her 16-year-old daughter , who attended the Academy. “Hi Lisa, where are you dear?”

Lisa replied, “I’m at Grandma’s. Hey Mum, did the old bat really cane you?”

That was embarrassing, thought Kelly, as she blushed. “Yes dear, she did.”

“Wow Mum, 9 strokes I heard.”

Kelly lied. “Yes dear, I’m afraid so.”

“Cool Mum. So what now?”

“Is your Grandma there as I need to ask her something?”

Lisa continued, “Mum, I got told you get a letter and you have to get spanked again today. Is that it Mum? Is that why you need to ask Grandma?”

Kelly sighed. “Yes Lisa, that’s why.”

“Cool Mum, here’s Grandma.”

The phone was handed to Kelly’s Mum. “Hi Mum, is it Ok if I come over now?”

Her Mum answered, “Yes Kelly that is fine. Lisa already knew about it.”

“Erm Mum, can you get rid of her, maybe next door?”

“No Kelly,” her Mum said firmly. “She can stay and watch.”

“But Mum,” Kelly started.

Her Mum interrupted. “No buts Kelly. Just get around here so I can do what I have to do.”

Kelly could not believe her Mum’s attitude. She is 39-years-old so surely her Mum doesn’t expect to spank her in front of her own daughter. She thought on and wondered whether perhaps her Mum would just sign the letter without spanking her? That was more like it. Maybe a bit out of character for her Mum, but hopefully that was it, thought Kelly. She felt happier making her way to her Mum’s.

When she arrived Kelly rang the doorbell and Lisa let her in. “Hi Mum, Grandma’s in the living room.”


“Let’s see the letter then, Kelly,” her Mum demanded. Kelly handed it over and waited as her Mum read the letter carefully. “So, 11 strokes of the cane.”

Lisa said, “No Grandma, Mum told me just now on the phone she got 9 strokes.”

Lisa and her Mum looked at Kelly with quizzical looks. “Well, erm, Lisa, it was supposed to be 9 strokes but as I stood up twice they didn’t count and so it became 11 strokes; but in fact counted as 9 strokes.”

Kelly’s Mum said sharply, “So you lied Kelly; is that right?”

Kelly bit her tongue, blushed but admitted, “Yes, Mum in a way I lied.”

“Not in any way, Kelly. You just plain lied didn’t you?”

A now deeply blushing and humiliated 39-year-old Kelly admitted, “Yes Mum; sorry.”

Her Mum looked again at the letter and Kelly asked, “Look Mum, you can just sign the letter can’t you? There’s no need to do anything else, is there?” She nodded towards Lisa but her Mum ignored her.

“You know what happens if I don’t discipline you don’t you?”

Kelly didn’t know and that was clear from her blank look. Her Mum told her. “You get called back to Mrs Denver who gives you the same punishment and this time you get two Punishment Letters.”

“You are kidding me?” Kelly said surprised; horrified in fact.

“You didn’t read the notes did you Kelly, as otherwise you would have known.”

Kelly admitted, “No I didn’t, Mum,” then continued, “But look Mum, I didn’t do anything wrong myself. It was Jenny Howe. She jumped on the poor girl in the pool. I was summoned because I was also jumping in, but I was ever so careful. It isn’t really fair I got caned.”

“Did you question Mrs Denver about it?”

Kelly blanched, “No Mum, I don’t think anyone questions her as her word is law.” Of course Kelly knew she had lied. She was very much a willing accomplice to Jenny. They both thought it would be great fun splashing the students in the pool.

Her Mum realised from the look on Kelly’s face that her 39-year-old daughter was lying. She stated flatly, “Well then, you got caned and given a Punishment Letter. That’s all I can see.”

Just then there was a ring on the doorbell. “Oh, that’s Carla.” Kelly knew she was her Mum’s Portuguese cleaner.

23-year-old Carla came in to the living room. “Hullo Mrs Hunt. Miss Kelly, Miss Lisa.” She saw the letter on the table and recognised it. “Miss Lisa, you got a Punishment Letter?”

Lisa said in a shocked tone, “No Carla, Mum has.”

It was Carla’s turn to look amazed, her mouth dropping open.

“Miss Kelly, you got it? Whatever for?”

Kelly’s Mum answered. “For messing around when she shouldn’t have done.”

“Oh. Well I’ve just come from the school and there is someone in with Mrs Denver really getting it. One of the parents.”

Kelly looked at her Mum, blushing, knowing it will be Jenny Howe.

Carla saw the look and asked, “You know who it is, Miss Kelly?”

Kelly replied, still blushing, “I think so Carla.”

“She was crying pretty loudly. I went in to the Secretary’s office but it was empty, then I heard the screaming from Mrs Denver’s Study and high tailed it out. I don’t know where Miss Charlotte was, but she is normally there when Mrs Denver is.” Carla lied about seeing Jenny Howe and caressing her wet pussy.

Kelly licked her lips knowing where Charlotte was headed after her caning. Like her she would be discussing being spanked with her Mum.

Carla glanced at the letter. “11 strokes Miss Kelly. I bet that hurt.”

“Please don’t read letters not addressed to you, Carla,” Kelly snapped.

“That’s enough, Kelly,” her Mum said in a threatening tone. “We still need to discuss what’s to happen and the more you yell at people as though it’s all their fault the more I’m going to increase what I give you.”

That stopped Kelly who was open mouthed. Her Mum had just made it clear she was going to spank her and the discussion was now more about how much rather than whether. “What do you mean ‘increase,’ Mum?” Kelly asked in a much quieter tone.

“Well the helpful young lady who phoned me said what’s in the letter is the minimum and I could double or treble it or even more.”

“Mum, that young lady was 17-years-old and Jenny Howe’s daughter, not the Secretary.”

“She was still helpful, Kelly. She told me the options and I see they are listed in the notes attached to the Punishment Letter.”

Carla interrupted with, “Quite a few of my clients are in the scheme Miss Kelly, and I know they get spanked a lot.” She looked at Kelly’s Mum and asked, “Can I watch Mrs Hunt?”

Kelly looked aghast at her Mum, and struggled for breath when she heard her say, “Why not Carla; Lisa will be watching as well.”

Kelly was really shaken. She knew she was going to be spanked by her Mum, but now also watched by her teenage daughter and her Mum’s cleaner. She again tried to stop her daughter watching. “Mum, please, not in front of Lisa, it’s just not fair. After all I’ll have to spank her when she is naughty at home. I spank her about once a month. So what happens in future? I send her over to you?”

“Definitely,” her Mum answered snappily. “If she needs to be spanked then you call me, send her around, and I’ll spank her. She did agree that you should be allowed to watch me spank her; that is just as she will be allowed to watch me spank you. After all, watching siblings being spanked tends to be an added incentive to behave and the same should apply here; even though you are mother and daughter.”

Kelly could not believe what she was hearing. Her Mum will spank Lisa much harder than she does so how did her Mum persuade her to hand over spanking rights to her? Mind you, once she accepted her Mum was going to be the one spanking her daughter in future it sort of made sense. It made her feel more like 16-years-old than her 39-years, which is probably what her Mum intended; and it looked like she will have to accept the position right now anyway. She was regretting more and more messing about with Jenny Howe. First a caning from Mrs Denver that the whole Academy knew about. Now a spanking from her own Mum; and disciplinary control of her daughter transferred up to her Mum. Could it get any worse?

It did when Lisa said, “I got some really snooty remarks at the Academy Mum; friends asking how come my Mum spanks me when she gets spanked as well. That’s why I had to ask Grandma to take over spanking me, you know.”

Kelly understood and agreed it made sense. In a strange way she now wanted to be spanked. Hopefully it will teach her never to earn another spanking; nor another caning. She shivered when she thought of the caning remembering how much it hurt, and that she never ever wanted that again.

Kelly decided she had better focus on what punishment she would have to endure to get her Punishment Letter signed. Her Mum was always one to go to extremes but she hoped today she would keep to the minimum required by the Academy. Mind you, she remembered her Mum saying how helpful 17-year-old Olivia had been pointing out it was merely a minimum and she might want to double or treble that amount.

“Mum, maybe we could get this over with?” she asked trying to be respectful but even she could tell she sounded defiant.

“Of course we can, Kelly. I am glad you are seeing sense. However I just need your agreement on the future.”

“Mum, I’ve already agreed you will be spanking Lisa in future, if she needs it, and you are still my designated spanker for the Punishment Scheme. What else is there for goodness sakes?” She still sounded rude she knew, but she was also frustrated it was all taking so long.

Her Mum gave her a stern stare. “Your discipline generally; that is what we need to discuss.”

“Mum, listen, I’m 39-years-old. I don’t get disciplined, except for this stupid system at the Academy.”

“Calm down Kelly. Show me respect.”

“Look, sorry Mum, but I just need the letter signed.”

“First things first. Will you listen to me and discuss this or not?”

That calmed Kelly down again.

“Right; so about your discipline generally. I want you to agree I will have the right to spank you if I think you deserve to be; nothing to do with the Academy but just normal mother daughter discipline.”

Kelly really could not take any more. She exploded. “Are you serious Mum? You want me to accept your disciplinary control and let you spank me when you think I need it. I’m 39-years-old Mum. That’s 39-years-old.”

Her Mum looked really cross. “I get that Kelly. But let me remind you that I am going to spank you today. At 39-years-old you are going to get a spanking from me. You got caned this afternoon and you are going to be spanked this evening. At 39-years-old. Is there some repetition there my girl?”

It struck home at last. Her Mum was going to be able to spank her when she wants to. Maybe each time they argued, and Kelly was only too aware that she was always short with her Mum. Would she be spanked each time? That would be so unfair. Surely being 39-years-old stood for something? It was understandable if Lisa got spanked as she is just a teenager. She is 39-years-old though and if she gets spanked at the whim of her Mum then that is a heck of a difference. It was just then that it really struck her. Her Mum had just placed both her and Lisa on the same disciplinary level. Oh my goodness. It was laughable, wasn’t it? How can that be?

Kelly looked at her Mum who was smirking, or at least it looked to her like a smirk. More likely though it was seeing the realisation on her own face of the changes that were occurring. All because of Jenny Howe jumping on that poor girl in the pool. Just that. Kelly could not believe what has come about from one silly silly incident. Of course Lisa being at the Academy didn’t help; that and the ridiculous Punishment Scheme. She knew that Mrs Denver has a lot to answer for. Mind you, Kelly equally knew she wouldn’t be having it out with Mrs Denver as she would end up getting the cane again no doubt. No parent went in and argued with Mrs Denver.

Kelly’s Mum broke her daughter’s thoughts. “So Kelly, do you agree? I need to know so we can get on.”

Kelly made one more rebellious stance. “What if I don’t agree Mum; what then?”

“You take your chances with Mrs Denver tomorrow when you take back an unsigned letter.”

“That’s blackmail, Mum,” Kelly said unhappily.

“Yes, but for your own good. Look at you, girl. Not prepared to take responsibility for your own actions. You deserve a spanking, just as you deserve a spanking whenever you are rude to me; which is very often I might add.” She waited a moment then added sternly, “You decide, Kelly. Do I get disciplinary control over you again or not?”

Carla said, “Miss Kelly, I’d do it. Mrs Hunt she is a fair lady, I think.”

Kelly took a deep breath. “OK Mum, you win, I lose.”

Her Mum smiled sternly, “You don’t lose, Kelly. Today is the day I start to get you back to winning. You watch, after I have spanked you a few times I reckon your behaviour will improve markedly. It really is for your own good.”

Kelly nodded. Maybe her Mum was right. Maybe being 39-years–old never was a bar to being spanked when you need to be. How often was it that when she had been particularly short with her Mum she felt annoyed with herself for being rude? That won’t happen again. Now she will be feeling her stinging bottom when on her way home.

Her Mum said, “Right, so let’s see what the letter says again, shall we?” She picked up the letter and murmured, “11 strokes … 10 with a hairbrush … have I got one, no, so I better get one … I do have a leather soled slipper … 30 with that .. so that is …. 270 spanks.”

Her Mum looked across at her daughter and murmured some more. “She was rude so I should make it 50 per cane stroke …that’s 550 spanks.” She looked up again and said to Lisa, “Can you go to my bedroom. In the first cupboard are my winter slippers; red with thick leather soles. Can you bring them down please?”

Lisa walked off quickly and a minute later came back in to the room holding the heavy leather soled slippers.

Kelly’s Mum went and sat on a high backed chair and called across to her daughter. “Take your knickers off and lift your skirt up please.”

Kelly walked over to her Mum, yanked her knickers down to her thighs, lifted her skirt, and bent across her Mum’s lap and looked intently at the floor just inches from her face. Her Mum rubbed her bottom, announcing to the watching Lisa and Carla, “I have decided to up the tally to 50 spanks per cane stroke instead of 30 because of all the rudeness.” She looked at the back of her daughters head and asked matter of factly, “I will give you a hand spanking first then the 550 spanks with the slipper. Ready dear?”

Squirming around Kelly looked up at her Mum feeling so much less than her 39-years. She nodded and said submissively, “Yes Mum, whatever you decide,” before looking back at the floor.

Kelly momentarily wondered how Jenny was doing with Mrs Denver, and Charlotte with her Mum. Would they all have their letters signed by tomorrow? Charlotte hoped Mrs Denver was giving Jenny a really hard time. She deserved it for getting her in to all this trouble. She liked Charlotte, so hoped she was Ok with her Mum, even if she did get aroused by being spanked; as incredible as that still sounded to Kelly.

The first spank thudded down across both bottom cheeks, a heavy thuddy spank that sent pain across her whole bottom. That reminded her how she had hated being spanked when she was a teenager. There was no feeling of arousal that she knew others felt. Jenny had told her how she got aroused when spanked and that while it hurt she masturbated afterwards. Kelly had always been astounded by that but even so became friends with her; and joined her bomb diving everyone at the Academy.

As spank followed spank, Kelly didn’t feel any sexual arousal. Just pain. The hand spanking stung, particularly when her Mum focused on the backs of her legs. There was a moments gap, the slipper was tapped a couple of times on her bottom, and then there was constant spanking with the leather soled slipper. It was far more intense than her Mum’s hand, but not anywhere near as bad as the cane had been.

Nevertheless, tears flowed and the pain spread across her bottom and the tops of her legs. Her Mum spanked her hard on her bottom and her legs and she was squirming and kicking her legs as she dissolved in to a crying teenager; worse even than how Lisa cried when she spanked her. Only she is 39-years-old and being spanked like a teenager.

Sitting on two chairs, Carla and Lisa looked at each other, both enjoying the spectacle. Kelly and her Mum didn’t know, though, that Lisa enjoyed being spanked just as Carla enjoyed being the spanker. Carla spanked Lisa regularly in fact. She would let her cum on her lap as she rubbed her bottom. Lisa always preferred to be spanked after she masturbated as the stinging was even more intense. Carla equally enjoyed Lisa giving her finger and tongue sex after spanking her. The age difference didn’t matter to either of them. Carla was 23-years-old and Lisa 16-years-old. They each enjoyed the pain and pleasure of both spanking and sex.

That is how come Carla was there today. Lisa called her saying what was going to happen and Carla egged Kelly along just because she wanted to see her spanked. Lisa already had erect nipples looking at Carla enjoy the spanking, and Carla knew her knickers were wet as she came squeezing her thighs as the spanking progressed. Later on they will go together to Carla’s house for Lisa’s spanking, and afters. This was such a nice taster though. It was their secret.

It was also why Lisa suggested to her Grandma that she spank her in future. Her Mum never spanked very hard and as soon as she cried out she stopped. Her Grandma though would be different. She would spank her hard, and even when she was crying she will keep on spanking her for ages. She knew that after one of her spankings she won’t be able to sit down for hours and hours. Maybe even days. Hopefully it will be days.

Carla and Lisa smirked at each other. They were so going to enjoy themselves afterwards. Both already had wet knickers and wet pussy’s as they watched the spanking and revelled in the cries of pain from 39-year-old Kelly.

As much as they enjoyed the spanking scenario it was so clear Kelly didn’t. Hers weren’t shrieks of joyful pain as the leather soled slipper spanked down on the red weals of the cane. She wasn’t enjoying it at all. She was being spanked because she was naughty and needed to be spanked. She realised that now and wanted to learn from her mistakes. She did quickly come to the unmistakeable conclusion as she dissolved in to tears that as much as she really hoped this would be her last spanking ever, she knew it wouldn’t be. As she crumpled into the naughty girl she knew she was, the 39-year-old accepted she will be spanked time and again. She needed to be, in fact. She hoped she would learn; eventually.

Kelly’s Mum had similar thoughts as she kept on spanking her 39-year-old daughter. Her thoughts were also focused on discipline. The discipline of her too often rude 39-year-old daughter. Now she was in control, she would enforce her position of authority for as long as it took to make her daughter better behaved. She reckoned a spanking every three days or so for starters. That sounded about right she thought as she concentrated on the ever reddening bare bottom across her lap; and happily watched the tears flowing down her daughter’s face as she cried uncontrollably. Just the way she knew a spanking should be given. Needed to be given. Will be given. Time and again.

Her Mum counted the spanks, and when she got to 550 she added a few for luck before letting her 39-year-old daughter up.

Kelly slid off her Mum’s lap and her hands flew to her bottom rubbing like mad to try to stop the pain. The pain kept on stinging though as Kelly did the spanking dance she remembered from her teenage days; and the dance she watched her own daughter do after she spanked her.

Kelly could make out through her tear filled eyes her daughter smirking. Carla was also smiling which was unfair as she was her Mum’s cleaner. Her Mum sat with her arms crossed, her legs crossed, and a stern look on her face. She decided to retreat and ran out of the room and to the bathroom.

Thirty minutes later Kelly was walking quickly home with her bottom stinging but unable to rub. She looked at people she passed wondering if they knew she had been spanked. Of course they didn’t, but it was somehow sexy to wonder if they did.

Two hours later:

Kelly lay in bed, on her tummy, her bottom still stinging. As the stinging subsided Kelly thought again about Mrs Denver and her time spent bent over the table being caned. Slowly a smile spread across her face, and she let out a giggle. She definitely remembered it hurting. The caning. The need to be submissive was not almost all consuming; she definitely wanted to accept the dominant Headmistress’s disciplinary control again. The tingling in her bottom wasn’t so bad now though.

Slowly she realised her fingers were running along her pussy. Her wet pussy. Her fingers edged inside and found her clit as her breathing deepened. She closed her eyes picturing herself across Mrs Denver’s lap. Being spanked wasn’t so bad after all. It was rather sexy actually; and certainly erotic After her breathing deepened as she caressed her pussy she pictured herself stretching out and grabbing the far side of the desk as she got herself ready for the cane. She almost felt the stinging pain of the cane again and again. Still she flicked her clit bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm; and all the time her stinging bottom felt better and better and the tingling felt sexier and sexier. Suddenly she burst out in loud groans as she came. It was a beautiful orgasm. One of the best she could remember.

As she recovered after her orgasm her mind-set changed. She understood why Jenny enjoyed being disciplined. The humiliation of being told off. The thrill of being ordered to get undressed and made to bend across the waiting lap. The desire beyond craving of the unbearable but so erotic pain of the cane.

She was now sure that she wanted her Mum to spank her. She needed to be punished after all. She wanted to be spanked and made to cry. She made another decision. Tomorrow she would work out how to be disciplined by Mrs Denver again. She was sure Jenny would want the same so maybe they will both get caned again and be given another Punishment Letter; which she will give to her Mum. Hopefully her Mum will buy some canes, or she will buy them for her, so future Punishment Letters will be dealt with more severely than today. She was sure two dozen or three dozen strokes of the cane would be even more sensationally erotic than the eleven she got today.

The 39-year-old even told herself that it won’t be so bad if Lisa watches her being spanked. Not really. She will quickly get used to her daughter watching her being disciplined. Maybe her Mum’s friends as well as she watched Jenny being spanked in front of everyone at the pool and thought the humiliation was something else she sought. What matters above was that she gets this same wonderful tingling sensation across her bottom and her pussy that she was experiencing right now. Time and again; and each time she would use the stinging tingling in her bottom to help her masturbate again.

Kelly giggled to herself even as her bottom stung. Maybe getting in to trouble today was a turning point after all. Maybe it was meant to be so she could discover the exciting side of being spanked and caned. How the pain creates delight. Orgasmic sensational delight. As her fingers sought out her clit again Kelly knew she wanted to experience it all again. In fact over and over again.

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