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Krystenah is a Naughty Teacher Part II

Krystenah learns that her student Matt is a Dom in the making as he punishes her for her not obeying
It had been a week of firsts. The day after Matt Simeon had paddled my ass and dry humped me in his mother’s office, he fingered me while I ran a review session over the lunch hour in my classroom. He had messaged me the night before that I should wear that “cute a-line skirt and the black v-cut blouse that hugs those hot-ass curves.” After spending all year as my student, I realized he knew my wardrobe. He had stopped by my classroom during my planning period and had sat down across from me. Anyone passing by in the hallway would have assumed that a teacher was helping her student with some pre-final review. Instead, Matt stared into my cleavage and nodded. “You look verrrry sexy, today, Ms. Krys. You will be rewarded for following my request.” I felt my face flush under his hungry gaze. “I can’t wait, Matty,” I said. I had breathlessly agreed to a relationship after he graduated and was no longer my student. The days seem to drag since we had formed the agreement.

He asked if he could take the last seat in the room when he came back to the classroom for his class. I was learning to say yes to every request he asked. He had threatened to report me to the school board if I did not do as he asked. That was how he had gotten me to bend over the principal’s desk yesterday and take an extended paddling session punctuated by heavy grinding that left me panting. As I stood in class, I felt the echo of the heat he had produced in my ass cheeks as well as the renewed thrill inside my cunt.

Most of my students were already mentally enjoying their summer vacations even if they physically sat in my class. None of them were in danger of failing and a few had actually been granted permission to skip the final because their grades were so high. Matt fell into this category, himself, but he still attended class. In years past when I went through a review session with a room of checked-out teenagers, I had felt frustrated by their lack of attention. Now I was grateful for it. At first, Matt ran a finger under the hem of my skirt. His touch sent electrical pulses through my skin. I never looked down at him, but I saw him smile when I rubbed at the goose bumps that formed on my forearm.

As the review went on, Matt grew more bold and tickled higher and higher up the back of my leg. In response I inched closer and closer to his chair as he stroked and tickled my leg. My nipples poked against the blouse he had requested I wear and I felt as if every spot of skin he touched was directly wired to my clit. He quietly moved his chair so that it was slightly behind me. He roughly ran his hand up my thigh and grabbed my right ass cheek. I gasped as his touch reignited the tenderness he had produced in it. He began playing with the hem of my panties, snapping them gently. His snaps became more insistent and when I finally snuck a look at his face, he whispered, “Take them off NOW.”

My heartbeat doubled as I bent over and reached up under my skirt. I grabbed the gusset of my panties which clung to my sticky, swollen clit. I pulled them down in one movement and stepped out of them. He grabbed them off the floor and stuffed them into his front pocket. The transaction was over in seconds. He thrust his hand back up my skirt and pushed his thumb into my pussy. He began tapping and stroking my clit with his fingers. I craved his cock. I tilted my hips back as he insistently grabbed at my clit and pinched his thumb and fingers together. The hour was coming to an end and he gradually moved his hands back to my ass, giving each globe a strong squeeze and then a playful pat on the edge of my right cheek at the sit spot. I reluctantly stood up straight as I completed the presentation. When Lindsey Adams turned the lights back on, I saw out of the corner of my eye that Matty was licking his fingers. His eyes were closed in a moment of private pleasure. He was the last to leave the classroom and he stood in the doorway and stared at me, wordless. I looked at his crotch and hungered for his cock. He winked at me and was gone.

Before I left the classroom, I grabbed some stray papers off my desk. In Matt’s handwriting a note had been placed on the top of the stack. “Your top drawer” is all it said.

I placed the papers in my case and opened up the top drawer of my desk. Inside was a gift box. It was too large to place in my case, so I set it inside my bag. My messenger lit up on my phone as I was loading my car. It was Matty. “Open the present,” he said. The air was oppressive with heat. I sat tenderly in the front seat, turned on the car, turned up the A/C and opened Matty’s box. I pulled it out and had to stuff it deep in my bag when I saw what it was: a bullet vibrator. I looked around to my left and right, instinctively, but everyone passing by was too preoccupied to notice my discomfort. The messenger lit up again. “You are to use this on the drive home. When you reach your house, text me back and I will give you further instructions.” I laughed at his nerve, but I found myself deeply wanting to follow his instructions. I had always been attracted to forceful, direct men who commanded respect. Matt definitely knew what buttons to press (literally and figuratively) to get my attention. But there was no way I was going to wear a vibrator on my way home. I shook my head and drove off campus.

A block later, my messenger lit up again. “Pull over when you reach the convenience store at Fifth and Walnut. Go in the bathroom. Insert my present and then text me when you get home. If you don’t follow these instructions, you will be punished. xxMatty”

Half of me wanted to push it and find out what this kid had. Punish me! Who did he think he was? He had paddled my ass with the authority of a much older man, but he was a child! Suddenly the reality of yesterday and this afternoon started to descend. He didn’t have any power over me. And how safe was it really to drive with a bullet stimulating my inflamed pussy, anyway? What if I was pulled over? The other half wanted to do as he asked. He had provided with such unexpected pleasure in the past few days. The convenience store was coming up on my right. I passed it without stopping. Suddenly a police car was behind me, lights flashing. My heart revved and I pulled over. I absently reached for my license, buried deep in the bag with Matty’s present.

I looked in the rearview mirror. I noticed it was a man, which I figured was in my favor. I had never gotten a ticket when I had been pulled over by a man. His head was down and he was looking into a computer mounted on the dash. I reviewed the dates for my tag registration and last car maintenance. I was up-to-date on everything. I knew this route by heart. I hadn’t run any lights or stop signs. He looked up and I caught a flash of his face in my mirror. He was wearing shades, but I could tell he was fiercely handsome. He opened his door and approached mine. I lowered my window and looked up into his face. He asked for my license and registration. I handed them over. “That’s what I thought,” he said.


“Ms. Krys, isn’t it? You teach at Ben Franklin High?"

“Yes Sir, I do, but what does—"

“Ma’am,” he said and held up a finger. He looked off into the distance and sighed. He turned back to me. “Explain something to me. If you are teacher, an English teacher, if I am not mistaken, how is it that you cannot read?”

“Did I miss a sign or--?”

He leaned down and took off his glasses. He had deep brown eyes with flecks of green around the pupils. He tilted his head.

“My nephew sent you a text with some fairly straightforward instructions not ten minutes ago.”

“Your nephew?” I looked at the officer’s metallic tag. SIMEON, it read.

“So explain it to me. Why did you fail to follow his instructions?”

I felt slightly panicked as the implications snapped into place. This police officer, Matty’s uncle, had been told that Matty wanted me to stop at the convenience store. Had Matty told him what he had asked to do?


“Hand me your phone, Ms. Krystenah.”

I handed it over. He scrolled through the messages. “What is the present my nephew gave you, Ma’am?”

“Officer, I really don’t think that is--.”

“But I do. Do you want me to cite you for noncompliance? Answer my question.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said, but I couldn’t bring myself to say the words. “It’s in my purse.”

“Pull it out for me and hand it to me very slowly.”

I felt like crying. I reached in and pulled out the vibrator. I handed it to Officer Simeon. I could not believe this was happening to me.

“Step out of the car, Ms. Krystenah,” he said and backed away from my door.

I stepped out and looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“I’m going to need you to come to the back of the car and lean over the back for me,” the officer said. He grabbed my wrist and marched me to the back of the car. I bent over the trunk. He kicked my feet apart and ran his hands roughly up and down my legs. He wrapped his hands over my mons and pressed some of my skirt material inside my pussy. “Stay right there for me,” he said. I heard him opening the package and turning the vibrator on. My mind was in a daze of confusion and fear. He stood behind me, his feet squared and facing me. He ran his hands down my back roughly again and lifted my skirt up. He tucked the hem into the waist of my skirt. The spring air hitting my bare ass cheeks made me tense my glutes and thighs.

“Shhhh,” he said, firmly but kindly. “This will go better for you if you relax,” he said. He ran the tiny vibrator over my ass, along my crack and between my legs.


“—Shhh,” he said and ran it over my clit. I felt my pussy start to contract. Officer Simeon placed the vibe inside my pussy and I clenched around it. “Let me explain what is going to happen to you. Are you listening?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said. All I could feel were the vibrations inside my pussy, his strong legs against mine and his breath against my ear.

“Good girl. I am taking you into custody.” I tensed. “I don’t want to have to arrest you, but if you resist me, that is exactly what I will do. When I say, ‘custody’, I mean I am taking you to Matt. My nephew is extremely important to me and I would like to see that he gets what he sets his mind on. Right now that is you. He asked me to make sure you got home safely and that you made a stop that he asked you to make.” The vibrator was sending shockwaves through my pussy. I felt the walls contract in response. My asshole was contracting in sympathy.

“I am going to stand you up and place you in the back of my car. I am going to take you to my house and you can explain to my nephew why you chose to disregard his instructions. I’ll tell you right now that he isn’t going to be too happy about it and paddling yesterday or not, you are going to be punished. Are we clear on that?” I felt like I was on the edge of a wave and that the slightest stimulation would send me over the edge. As if he could read my mind, he added, “and if you cum, you will only be making it worse for yourself. I wouldn’t recommend it. Ready?”

Without waiting for an answer, he stood me up and walked me to his car. After he had set me in the back, he went back to my car and grabbed my purse, keys and phone. He walked back to the car and I saw the resemblance between him and Matty. He had the same sharply defined high cheekbones, same eyes, same juicy lips. Officer Simeon was broader across the chest and moved with a slow, powerful walk in comparison to Matt's wilder loping stride. The Officer smiled and sat in his seat.

As we pulled away, I asked about my car. “It will be towed, Ms. Krys.” He added unnecessarily, “that’s what happens when you are taken into custody.” I asked if I could take the vibrator out, but he just shook his head no. I could see his smile in the reflection of the mirror. The drive to Officer Simeon’s house wasn’t long and I saw Matty standing in the front lawn, his arms crossed across his chest. As his uncle pulled into the driveway, Matty walked toward him and only gave me the quickest glance. The two men spoke and the officer took Matty to the back of the car. The men continued to talk as the officer handed Matty several items in a bag. My pussy was uncomfortably tender with arousal.

Finally, Officer Simeon opened the door. I stepped out, clenching the vibe.

“Hi, Matty,” I said quietly.

“Don’t ‘hi, Matty’ me, Krystenah. I asked you to do one simple thing but you thought you had a better idea. I shouldn’t have to bring my uncle into this. Now you have wasted his time and the city’s resources. You said we had a deal. I’m going to take you into that house and we are going to hammer out a new deal…on your ass.”

“I’m sorry—“ I looked into his eyes, mine filling with tears.

“Not yet, you aren’t. I’ll tell you when you are sorry,” he said. He grabbed my elbow and dragged me into the house. Officer Simeon got into the car and tooted his horn as he pulled away from the house.

As soon as we cleared the doorway, Matty dropped the bag and crabwalked be against the wall. He held my arms at my side against the wall and kissed me hard. Some tears escaped my eyes as he pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. I moaned at his hunger and I tried to push against him so I could touch his body. He broke the kiss and shook his head no. “After you are punished, maybe, Krystenah,” he said. "Not before."

He dragged me by the wrist into the living room and sat on the couch. He pulled me over his lap and spread my legs apart. “Ooh, I’ll bet your ass is still tender from yesterday. That means maybe you will LISTEN better!" he said, and smacked my right ass cheek. My leg shot up behind me reflexively. “Stay still,” he said. He spanked my ass until I was in tears and then he made me stand in the corner. He stood behind me and ran his hand between my legs. He removed the vibe, mercifully, and told me to think about what I had done.

I was chastened. I felt truly sorry, but also lightheaded and dizzy with desire.

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