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Lady Victoria Part 2 Her Ladyship gets her just reward

Her Ladyship enters Mr Tannards world and learns a painful lesson
LADY VICTORIA - PART 2 - Her Ladyship Gets Her Just Reward 

Lady Victoria had been sent to Beddingfield Ladies College by her father Lord John for one reason only, to prepare her for marriage into high society. His phenomenal success had brought him huge wealth and his recent ascent into the House of Lords as a Baronet inspired new ambitions, which knew no bounds. His daughter would not only marry into high society but into Royalty itself and he had the money and the power to see it through.

At barely 18, Lady Victoria had come of age in spectacular fashion and her arrival at Beddingfield had brought a reign of terror previously unknown among the servants of the huge house. Her haughty intolerance had seen most of the young maids who attended her either spanked or strapped by their Master, Mr Tannard the Butler. Even Miss Grey, one of her own tutors of respectable upbringing had fallen foul of her Ladyship requiring her to bend over and bare herself for two dozen strokes from Mr Tannards slipper!

Lady Victoria's name was synonymous with a spanking and the household staff walked in fear of her. The other Ladies at the College disliked her but felt inferior to her and her status and she quickly assumed leadership of them

It all went wrong about two months later and the first Lady Victoria knew about it was when her father's name was the headlines in all the major newspapers.

'Fraud trial for wealthy Baronet' they proclaimed alongside a photograph of Lord John.

She knew about her fathers legal meetings in the city but had no idea about allegations of fraud. The trial ran for two weeks and never left the news until the dreaded headline 'Baronet GUILTY' hailed from every newspaper vendor. His downfall was rapid and complete with the news the following day that Lord John had been sentenced by the Judge to serve twelve years in jail. The business had already collapsed into bankruptcy and the huge mansion, and all his effects seized by the Banks. His title had been withdrawn reducing him to a common man despatched without delay to a debtor's prison.

Lady Victoria's life was changing almost as rapidly as her father's, and she remained in her apartment trying to take in all the news. Her mother had gone insane and was now incarcerated in a mental institution, the house was closed and all the staff dismissed and a hand delivered letter from a solicitor informed her that all her possessions were now the property of the creditors. The college was in shock and the other Ladies suddenly shunned the self-proclaimed aristocrat.

Lucy, her maid had informed her she was required to attend the Principal in his office, not invited as before she observed, but required.

Her Ladyship questioned the girl's manner toward her, reminding her that she had occasion to speak to Mr Tannard about her attitude only that very morning. Haughtily, Lady Victoria made her way down the corridors of the large house, her heavily embroidered silk dress swishing back and forth around her luxurious petticoats. Two Ladies passed, obviously discussing her situation, both contriving to ignore her as if she didn't exist. She arrived at the large oak door where Penny, the parlour maid was waiting.

"You're to go straight in My Lady," the maid said opening the door for her.

Lady Victoria dismissed the wretch and walked airily past her into the room.

The Principal sat behind his huge desk. Politely she greeted him, "Good evening Principal."

Without returning the courtesy the Principal motioned to a large chair opposite him.

"Please be seated," he said simply. She did as instructed. "Now young lady," he continued without any reference to her title. "I have been informed by solicitors from the Court that all your possessions are to be despatched to them for auction along with all other items of your fathers’ estate." He went straight to the point, "you are in effect, madam, destitute."

"This cannot be so," she argued, unaware of the gravity of her situation. "It will all be sorted out I am sure. And in any event those are my possessions and nothing to do with my fathers business."

"Unfortunately that is not the case," the Principal countered. "Your father also owes this college a very large sum for your tuition. We have been informed that we will forfeit this sum." His face was grim, "I am afraid we can no longer entertain you as a Lady guest."

"But what shall I do?" she replied with an air of expectation.

"I am afraid you will have to leave these premises immediately," he answered bluntly. "You can no longer afford our hospitality."

Her superior demeanour rose to the fore, "This is outrageous. I will not be treated like some common servant."

"A common servant, young lady," he said sternly, "is a far more valuable commodity than you at this time."

"I warrant you should call me by my proper title, Sir." She stormed. "This will not do, not do at all, Sir."

The Principal assumed a haughtiness of his own. "You will not be allowed to return to your apartment, Madam, and you will be shown the door. Your possessions are now in the custody of the Court who have been instructed to package them up and take away."

'Lady' Victoria inhaled several times to calm herself, her breasts heaving in her corseted dress. "Forgive me Sir," she placated, "I am at a loss as to know what to do. I beg you to assist me."

The Principal leaned back in his huge chair, "You have only two options," he mused, cupping his hands in his lap. "You can leave as you are, with nothing. Or," he hesitated, "you can take up a position within this household."

Relieved at the prospect of a lifeline, some of her aloofness returned. "And what position would I be offered? Some kind of Tutor perhaps."

"Parlour maid," He said in a low voice. "I have spoken to Mr Tannard and that is the only position available." 

A full minute passed as the young girl absorbed the seriousness of her situation. Suddenly with incredulity in her voice she answered, "You cannot in all seriousness be suggesting that I become a servant, Sir. A superior position among your tutors perhaps, but below stairs!"

"Young lady," the Principal said leaning forward across his desk, "you are not qualified as a tutor. In fact you are not qualified at anything. The only difference between a Lady and a vagrant is money, and you no longer have any. You should be grateful for the offer of a position as a parlour maid for you are no more qualified to be a scullery maid. I am sure Mr Tannard would have to spend a great deal of his time in bringing you up to that position."

He realised his abruptness and changed his tone.

“I am sorry we cannot accommodate you young lady and I would seriously recommend against a position below stairs for a Lady of your upbringing.”

He thought some more then added, “Mr Gibb, the County Solicitor is still here overseeing the removal of your belongings. I recommend you discuss your situation with him. He may be able to help decide your next move. Again I would strongly caution you against becoming a servant, the harshness of Mr Tannard would certainly be contrary to your previous situation my dear.”

Lady Victoria did indeed seek out the opinion of Mr Gibb and requested a further meeting with the Principal. He sat sternly behind his desk and motioned to a large chair opposite him, "Please be seated," he said simply.

Mr Tannard stood stiffly at his flank as she did as instructed. "Now young lady," he continued, “I understand you have spoken to Mr Gibb?”

She nodded solemnly.

“Was he of any assistance?”

Lady Victoria flushed, clasped her hands in front of her.

“Mr Gibb was very kind and very explicit in his opinion,” she said, her voice quiet and slightly wavering.

“As I have no relatives willing to take me on or friends I can call on to support me his opinion is that I have two alternatives. His first thought was that I could work in Service as a seamstress but with no experience I would be at the lowest level and have no secure tenure, I would in all probability be unable to find any suitable lodging house. His second thought was to be er...”

She flushed even more deeply at the thought.

“A lady who provides a service to men,” she spluttered, her embarrassment now total. “He offered to introduce me to a certain establishment of his aquaintance, and be my first client no doubt.”

She couldn’t believe the things she was saying but Mr Gibb’s words had been plain, and unfortunately, true!

The Principal was now shifting in his chair uncomfortably at the tone of this conversation.

“And have you reached any decision?”

She glanced at the looming Mr Tannard still standing bolt upright with his hands clasped behind him; he cast her a wry smile. She shuddered, feeling fear and uncertainty for the first time in her life. She had witnessed his punishments to the girls in his charge and she shifted uneasily beneath her exquisite dress. His eyes bored into her and she was certain the bulge in the front of his trousers was growing.

She looked away from him and fixed her gaze on the Principal, "I have decided that my best interests will be in accepting a position here. If you will kindly offer me a postion, what happens now?"

The bulge in Tannard's trousers was indeed growing, his cock stiffening to a full erection with her last statement. His eyes took in her every detail from her long golden hair formed into beautiful ringlets dancing against her partially bare white shoulders. An emerald pendant pointed towards her magnificent cleavage bursting from her low neckline. Her heaving bosom betrayed her stress at her situation. The richly embroidered dress would cost more than a years pay, whilst her shoes were of the most delicate design and presented her as one of the most desirable Ladies he had ever seen at the college.

The Principal had a look of surprise. “My Dear, I would caution you against this decision. I would, of course offer you a place but as I explained earlier, I can only accept you below stairs as a maid.”

“I accept,” she said breathlessly, her lips trembling at her final decision.

The Principal could hardly contain his shock as he fumbled in one of the drawers of his desk. He pushed a document across the table towards her, "You will sign yourself over to the College as you are in debt to us you will not be paid for your work but you will receive bed and food, it would take a parlour maid at least three years to repay your current debt to us."

His tone became even more grave "Make no mistake young lady, by signing that document you will become a servant of this College. You will also accept any punishment Mr. Tannard thinks fitting. It is your choice. You are and always will be free to leave at anytime, as is the case with all the servants here."

Lady Victoria glanced at the document she knew would change her life forever. Her alternative was uncertainty for her safety, how would she survive with no money or station in a cruel world, There were no relatives to come to her aid, she was alone, none of her so called friends would entertain her now any more than she would if it were one of them. The document blurred as her head swam with the hopelessness of her situation.

Her delicate hand trembled as she signed the paper.

The Principal filed the document in his drawer, locked it and rose to leave, "Mr Tannard will discuss your duties with you," he glanced knowingly at his butler and closed the door behind him.

"First I will establish my authority, Victoria," he hissed emphasising the loss of her title. “Am I correct to assume that Miss Grey did not steal the book you accused her of?”

Victoria shrank into her seat at the determination in his voice. She knew she had to begin with a clean slate. “Yes Sir,” she said softly. I did make it up to get her punished.”

"Enter girl," he barked and the parlour maid outside quietly came into the room.

For the first time Victoria paid attention to the austerity of the girl's uniform as she silently approached her master.

"Prepare it for me," he ordered.

Victoria's eyes widened as the girl placed a curious bottle she had been cradling onto the desk, but it was what she held in her other hand that stunned her. The maid soaked a cloth from the contents of the bottle, which smelt of linseed oil, and gently stroked it along the length of the wide leather strap. It had a broad handle with a long, wide expanse of thick leather, which split into two 'tails' and glistened from the oil. The maid handed it to the butler who swatted it against his other hand.

"Yes, young lady," he glowered at the still seated girl, "this is my authority and the quicker you become acquainted with it the better. I intend to right the wrong you did to Miss Grey." He turned to the maid.

"Have her ready for me," he ordered.

Victoria was frozen in shock, she had been punished before but only by her father and only on a handful of occasions. Even then he would put on a velvet glove so as to protect her delicate skin. The indignity of being put over his knee in his study was deemed punishment enough for a Lady of her standing.

Through the fog of her confusion she heard the maid saying, "Please my Lady, you must put yourself over the desk."

Tannard rebuked the girl for using her 'title' and took over the situation.

"Bend yourself across this desk, NOW, GIRL," he shouted, "or I will leather you twice as hard."

She rose from her chair in a dream and shuffled toward the desk guided by the maid, and bent forward with her hands on its surface.

"Lay yourself flat," she urged pressing her hand against her back.

Victoria resigned herself to her fate and lay fully bent over with her breasts squeezed against the desktop. She heard the girl shuffling behind her and suddenly felt her skirts being lifted up and over her back, the cool air of the room wafting around her legs.

The butler watched in awe as her dress was lifted clear to reveal lingerie of such exquisite delicacy the like of which he had never seen before. True he had spanked and strapped countless girls, all servants of various standing, but apart from the tutor, Miss Grey, no one of high breeding and certainly not a Lady of the means to attend this College.

The layers of white calico petticoats were lifted like a veil to expose a very shapely pair of long legs clad in ivory silk stockings topped with embroidered pink lace garters festooned with 'tear-drop' pearls. The sight of her finery made Tannard's cock strain against his tight trousers and he watched in a trance as the maid expertly slid her hand under the waist of the girl's skirts and unleashed the delicate bow of her knickers. The delicately laced garment was tugged free of her waist and pulled gently down her legs to the floor exposing her virgin white bottom cheeks for her new master's attention.

The maid gave a quick curtsey to her Master and stepped back.

The Butler assumed his position behind her, now fully empowered by her helpless situation.

"Now, my girl," he said slowly, "you will find that I am not only Tannard by name, but I TAN HARD by nature." Her bottom quivered.

'SSPATT!' The strap landed centrally across both pure white cheeks.

"Ooooooooowww!" her long squeal echoed around the room.

Victoria couldn't believe the pain spreading across her bottom and heard herself squeal for probably the first time in her life.

'SSPATT!' Tannard landed his next stroke perfectly over the red welt left by the first one and he smiled in satisfaction as 'her ladyship' let out another wail. She was up on the toes of her tiny shoes, her legs taut and shapely.

'SSPATT!'….."Eeoooooooooowww!" she squealed

'SSPATT!'….."Eeoooooooooowww!" his freshly oiled strap sang sweetly across her reddening cheeks and her legs danced into life.

'SSPATT!'….."Eeoooooooooowww!" 'SSPATT!'….."Eeoooooooooowww!"

'SSPATT!'….."Eeoooooooooowww!" 'SSPATT!'….."Eeoooooooooowww!"
He swished two more across her swaying backside, her legs now kicking wildly behind her, the oil from the leather making her red orbs glisten.

'SSPATT!'….."Eeoooooooooowww!" 'SSPATT!'….."Eeoooooooooowww!" 

Now she was shrieking uncontrollably.

Tannard decided two more should be enough and flipped his strap way back across his shoulder before swinging it down smartly across the scarlet mounds of his new charge.

'SSPATT!'….."Eeoooooooooowww!" 'SSPATT!'….."Eeoooooooooowww!" 

Victoria could hardly breathe, her head was spinning and her rear end ablaze from the rapid onslaught of Tannard's searing strap. She felt the pressure on her back vanish as he removed his restraining hand and the maid suddenly appeared to assist her to her feet.

Her long skirts cascaded back into place as she tottered back onto her high-heeled court shoes, her knickers still in a puddle around her ankles. She turned to face her Master for her next instruction, his face beaming with satisfaction as his fingers played with the tongues of leather with which he had just scorched her bottom.

"Lucy will show you to your new room where you will dress in the uniform provided and attend dinner in the servants hall in one hour."

He leaned towards her menacingly, "There is a second part to your education yet to come, my girl. That was merely an introduction," he said pointing to the door. "You may leave."

Her face was ashen and her stomach churning with fear of the life she was now to lead. Her aristocratic haughtiness now vanished she shuffled towards the door, the maid reaching down to retrieve her fallen undergarment.

"Leave them, girl," he barked, "Maids do not wear knickers in my household."

She obeyed instantly and led the hapless 'Lady' out of the room.

Tannard retrieved the delicate lacy-edged silk garment for his own pleasure.

The tiny room was austerity itself at the very top of the huge house and along a dark dingy corridor. The ceiling sloped from its centre making the room appear even smaller, the only light coming from a small, plain window set within the roof of the house. There were no curtains and nothing but a small iron bed, a chair, a chest of drawers and a small hanging cupboard. There was nothing of her possessions except the heavy silver hairbrush she had received on her birthday. Obviously the inscription had made it worthless to the auctioneers she thought as she caressed the only thing left from her privileged former life.

All her clothes had gone except for those she stood in, and the plain blue parlour maid's dress lying neatly on the small bed. Beside that were two linen petticoats a pair of black woollen stockings and black buckled shoes and a long nightdress of thin cotton. Victoria studied them and collapsed face down on the bed sobbing. Her fall from grace had indeed been swift and complete. She had awoke this morning in her sumptuous apartment, her every need attended by her maid and within hours stripped of her title and her possessions and her very dignity.

The obnoxious Mr Tannard had laid her bare in a way no other man had and had strapped her to the point of collapse taking her to a level of pain she could never have imagined. Her bottom still burned from the whipping he had given her. She finally felt able to thrust her hands up her skirts and rub her tingling cheeks, her hands becoming oily from the linseed soaked strap he had used on her.

She suddenly realised the loss of her knickers and jumped from the bed to inspect the chest of drawers for any of her underwear. They were all empty. How on earth would she ever get used to having nothing on under her dress.

Panic set in, how long had she been there sobbing, 'one hour,' he had said she thought, one hour to be in the servants hall. She suddenly realised she didn't even know where that was, how would she find it, she hadn't even changed into her new uniform. Fear welled in her stomach, if she was late he would surely beat her with that strap again.

She grappled with the laces and stays of her elegant dress struggling to get out of it without the assistance of her maid. Victoria pulled on the long woollen stockings and immediately pushed them back off, her legs itching with the irritation from their roughness. She would have to wear her silk ones instead. The linen dress felt tight and restrictive over the two petticoats and the tiny apron seemed unnecessary and the large bow difficult to tie round the back.

The black buckled shoes were clumpy and felt awkward as did the small white frilly cap perched on the top of her head fastened with a large pin. She wanted to run away but knew she couldn't so she nervously left the little room and ventured down the dark passage until she found some narrow stairs. Victoria seemed to go down forever passing a small landing at each level until she arrived on a stone tiled floor and followed another passage in the direction of some light and the sound of busy voices. She opened the door and walked slowly into the huge vaulted stone room and the chatter of the girls seated at the huge refractory table fell silent.

"Come here, girl," said a woman in her thirties, "you must be Victoria."

She nodded stiffly feeling really stupid in her new attire.

The cook added, "You will sit by me opposite Dick."

Victoria, now completely bereft of her arrogant haughtiness, obeyed and took her place at the end of the long bench and sat still almost afraid to look around her. She felt the eyes of the others burning into her as if she were an alien, which to them she most certainly was. They were sizing her up, this woman of great importance who had suddenly descended into their ranks, and into their world. Most of them felt they had a score to settle with this 'Lady'.

 Not least was Dick whose backside quivered with the memory his hiding with the 'strop' at her behest. He stared intently at her, she resisted any attempt to look at him.

They would have laughed at her and subjected her to scorn had it not been for a more serious development. Their eyes returned to the head of the table, Mr Tannard had not yet arrived but his place had been set. Much worse was the razor 'strop', which lay on the table in front of his chair. Victoria of course was completely ignorant of its significance but the others knew that before dinner was served Mr Tannard would be using it across the backside of one of them.

The feeling of terror around the table was palpable, the thick leather of the 'strop' delivered the most painful, and the most embarrassing of all the punishments meted out by the Butler. Being spanked across his knee or swatted with his belt, strap or slipper was much more preferable than his 'strop'.

Mr Tannard strode into the room and silence descended again. Walking directly to his place at the head of the table he didn't sit down but instead picked up the broad strop. "Come here Lucy," he barked.

A subdued squeal escaped from her throat even before she had left her seat, ", Sir," she whimpered.

"Now, girl," he growled, "you know why."

Victoria was no longer ignorant of the purpose of the thick broad leather object and her eyes were also wide with terror. Lucy was her maid and was about to receive a public whipping.

"I don't .. Sir, honestly …" she implored.

The Butler was in no mood to listen.

"I warned you about your attitude to your Mistress Lady Victoria."

Victoria's ears pricked up at the mention of her name, and title, suddenly everyone looked at her.

"The second time, I put you over my knee and spanked you for it. And now this very morning I am informed by her Ladyship," he looked directly at Victoria as he spoke, "that you have learned nothing. This time you will not sit down for a week. Now come here!"

Lucy was already sobbing. She had worked hard to be regarded as the leading maid in the household. She had witnessed some of the others getting the 'strop' and had been careful to be respectful at all times.

", S..Sir, I didn't do anything wrong. It was her," the hapless girl pointed at Victoria and again everyone stared at her, she felt her face burning red wishing she could disappear.

"Sh..she was nasty to me and then said she would report me."

"That is of no consequence," he crooked his finger towards Lucy who shuffled slowly towards him.

"You know what to do," he said slapping the thick belt onto the table. She liked her job despite the punishments and decided to accept her fate.

Lucy did know what to do, she had witnessed him giving the 'strop' before but she never thought she would ever receive it. She moved to the edge of the table directly in front of Mr Tannard and lifted herself onto it sitting with her legs dangling before leaning backwards onto the huge solid oak expanse looking directly upwards at the vaulted ceiling.

"Legs up," he commanded and her feet slowly rose into the air, her skirts and petticoats falling back onto her chest whilst beneath her they hung limply from the edge of the table.

The Butler clamped his hand around her ankles and pushed her legs through the vertical and over towards her head, raising her now bare bottom from the table and up towards him. Her exposure was complete with even the entrance to her young womanhood pouting from between her legs.

He laid the thick belt across her cheeks to measure his stroke and flipped it back across his shoulders returning it with a piercing 'SWACKK!' Lucy squealed out at the top of her voice. The next 'SWACKK' arrived even louder than her scream and she squealed again.

'SWACKK…SWACKK' the wide leather snaked across both her cheeks and her exposed womanhood.

"Aaaaarrrgghh!" she screamed, and then again. Lucy tried to wriggle free but he had an iron grip around her ankles and bent her even further back bringing her reddening globes even closer to him.

'SWACKK'… "Aaaaarrrgghh!"…'SWACKK'… "Aaaaarrrgghh!"

'SWACKK'… "Aaaaarrrgghh!"…'SWACKK'… "Aaaaarrrgghh!"

Everyone was silent except Lucy who squealed relentlessly.

'SWACKK'… "Aaaaarrrgghh!"…'SWACKK'… "Aaaaarrrgghh!"

'SWACKK'… "Aaaaarrrgghh!"…'SWACKK'… "Aaaaarrrgghh!"

He released her ankles and she slowly let her legs drop but her skirts were still folded around her waist above her stocking tops. She rose from the table into a sitting position and then suddenly hopped off as if sitting on a hot plate, brushing her skirts back down into place. Mr Tannard placed the stiff leather under her chin and forced her to look up at him.

"You are a good maid, Lucy. But I will not tolerate any complaints from above stairs. Do you understand?"

Between sobs she choked her words out, "Y..yes, S..Sir."

"Back to your seat," he said.

Lucy obeyed and sat briefly before quickly getting back to her feet. The fire raging across her backside just wouldn't allow it. Dinner was served in silence and Lucy ate hers standing.

The Butler, with the instruction to be ready to work at five in the morning dismissed Victoria to her room. She undressed and put on the thin nightdress and lay face down on her bed still trying to make sense of the changes that had overtaken her. It seemed impossible that only that very morning she awoke as Her Ladyship, wealth and property beyond most people. Now, only hours later she was destitute, resolved to a life of servitude with a dingy unlit room her only possession apart from her solid silver inscribed hair brush which had been left on the single chest of drawers. Yet she felt neither sorrow or despair even after receiving a beating from Mr Tannard of whom yesterday she would not even have given a minor thought. Now he was her master, a master who had bestowed his authority over her in under an hour.

She had spent her life looking down on those beneath her, broadly speaking everyone she had ever met, now there was no one beneath her, she was the lowly servant girl. Still she felt no self pity or sadness at her situation. Slowly she worked the thin dress up her legs and over her still smouldering bottom, running her hands across the parallel ridges in her soft skin he had given her with his strap. The heat had spread between her legs and around her 'quim' which was damp, giving her a very strange sensation. She noticed that her breasts felt plump and her nipples were erect and very hard. Without thinking she rubbed her middle finger gently around her 'woman' and, breathing heavily, entered herself.

With her head in a whirl she almost missed the sound of the door creaking open, a burst of light entered the room as Mr Tannard walked in carrying an oil lamp. Quickly she withdrew her fingers and attempted to pull down the thin dress around her and sit up on the edge of the bed at the same time, sucking in her breath as her bottom stung beneath her.

Still breathing heavily and startled she stammered, "Mr Tann…Sir!" she whispered as she remembered her place.

He placed the lamp on the chest of drawers giving her the first opportunity to take in the dinginess of the room.

"I told you there would be a second part to your understanding of your new position," he said firmly.

He picked up the silver hairbrush and patted it into his palm, "I thought this would come in useful. On your feet my girl," he ordered.

Still shaking with shock Victoria got to her feet in front of him and looked up at his grim features. She had never been conscious of her height before and always felt equal to most people around her, but now, in her bare feet, he towered over her.

"Take off your night-dress," he said simply.

Victoria's education was complete because without any protest she worked the thin cotton up her legs, over her tiny waist and ample breasts and pulled it over her head. She let the garment fall to the floor and crossed her arms in an attempt to cover her straining nipples. She stood before him completely naked her long golden hair still retaining the delicate ringlets that danced against her bare shoulders. He sat on the corner of the bed and viewed her unprotected pubic triangle before slapping his thigh.

"Bend over my knee," he said.

Again without protest she bent forward and placed herself fully over his lap, the rough material of his trousers abrading her delicate stomach as she presented her still crimson bottom to him.

'SWATT!…SWATT!' Tannard applied two firm slaps with the back of the hairbrush to each of her red cheeks. She moaned huskily and gently kicked her legs.

'SWATT!…SWATT!' She moaned a little louder and her legs swung up a little further than before.

'SWATT!…SWATT!' Two little squeals followed each spank and her legs picked up speed.

'SWATT!…SWATT!' Louder squeals.

'SWATT!…SWATT!' "Aaaarrrhhh, ..p..please, S..s..sir, I have learned my lesson."

He stood her up, the bulge in his tight trousers bursting to be released, his eyes delighting in her young beauty as she stood before him stripped of everything including her haughty attitude, compliant and naked. Victoria arched her back pushing her pubescent mound towards him as her hands worked feverishly behind her to reduce the heat from the tanning he had given her, exposing her full breasts to him. He rose from the bed and placed the hairbrush back on the chest of drawers.

"I think your education is now complete," he said, leaving.


The cook's bed squeaked wildly as Tannard sank himself deeper inside Miriam who moaned in ecstasy on his erection fuelled by the vision of Lady Victoria's nubile body squirming on his knee, her shrill, recently superior voice begging him, a humble servant, to stop spanking her. This was indeed a day he would remember forever. Miriam knew he had taken Lady Victoria across his knee and his 9” cock felt harder than she had ever known. He withdrew from her as his orgasm built and the dutiful cook placed her fingers around his throbbing shaft and massaged him gently. His relief was complete as he pumped his liquid high up Miriam's midriff.

Victoria was also relieving herself, strangely excited by her new submissive position in which she found herself. Kissing the flat back of her hairbrush which had so warmed her, she thrust her fingers deep inside her, and wondered when she would again feel her master's firm knee beneath her.

PART 3 The Ladies take their revenge.

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