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Lady Victoria Part 3 - The Ladies Take Their Revenge

Please read part 1 and 2 before this one as it is a continuation of Lady Victoria's fall from grace.

Following her father's ruin the Lady Victoria had been forced to accept a servant's position as a parlour maid at the College where she had reigned supreme. It was ironic that her father had sent her to this College to be educated and prepared for her marriage into aristocracy and instead was being 'educated' to work as a servant. Mr Tannard the Butler had begun her training 'stripping' her of her high-minded attitude and haughty aristocratic airs. He had bent her across the Principal's desk and leathered her previously untouched bottom with his strap and had spanked her naked across his knee with her own silver hairbrush. Now she stood in her dingy attic bedroom having dressed in the new pale blue parlour maids dress she had been ordered to wear, beneath which were two petticoats and no knickers! They had been confiscated by Mr Tannard after he had leathered her, with the instruction that his servants were not allowed to wear them, only the tutors and of course the Ladies of the college. The woollen stockings issued had irritated her soft skin so she had opted for the luxurious silk ones she still possessed and the clumpy black buckled shoes fitted her well enough but with no high-heels made her feel like a silly schoolgirl. Her uniform was completed with a frilly linen cap perched on the centre of her head and her long curly hair bunched at the back.

Oddly she didn't feel sad. She missed neither her father, who she rarely saw anyway, nor her mother who was distant and engrossed in her own affairs and she didn't miss the constant conflict with both her equals and the servants who attended her. For the first time in her life she felt almost as if she belonged in her current situation and strangely, more comfortable being commanded by others rather than always being in control. Apart from the woollen stockings and no knickers, her new uniform felt easier to wear than the heavy dresses and numerous petticoats and frills of a Lady's attire. She knew she was free to leave at anytime but accepted Mr. Tannard's authority, and his punishments, in return for the security of the household. Besides, the world outside the college offered her no safety, nor food or shelter and the likely result would be much worse, far worse than having to bend over Mr Tannard’s knee for the occasional tanned bottom!

Today would be difficult for Victoria as she would be 'working' above stairs for the first time with Penny to learn her chores and be at the beck and call of the very Ladies she herself had looked down upon.

Weaving through the back corridors and stairs of the huge house was an eye-opening experience for Victoria as she followed Penny's every movement. As one of the Lady's approached they would immediately move out of her way and curtsey in deference as she passed. Victoria's stomach churned as they encountered their first Lady, it was Lady Charlotte, "don't forget to curtsey," said Penny as they backed against the wall. She rushed by in a flourish of silk and rustling petticoats without even a glance in their direction and completely oblivious to Victoria who was now someone to be ignored. She obeyed Penny’s instruction and curtsied unsteadily. Lady Simone and Lady Caroline also came and went without any notice and Victoria let out a sigh of relief each time. What did surprise her was how small she had become with no 'bustle' in her dress, wide flowing skirts or high-heeled shoes to elevate her, she was suddenly very insignificant. And glad of it.

They were in the Drawing Room when the Ladies entered to retire after lunch, led by Lady Sarah who recognised Victoria instantly. "Well, well what have we here?" she crooned sarcastically, "if is isn't the Lady Victoria."

Penny already to attention bobbed a curtsey to the Lady before digging her elbow at Victoria to do the same. She gave an awkward curtsey and stood alongside Penny wondering what to do next.

Lady Sarah smiled broadly sticking her nose into the air. "This new maid needs to learn some manners," she said haughtily, "well, girl?"

Victoria didn't know how a maid should address a Lady and was stuck for words. Penny jumped in, "begging your pardon, My Lady," she explained, "we were just leaving."

"Oh no you don't," Lady Sarah ordered. "Well girl, speak!"

Victoria looked at the other Lady's now seated and waiting for her to say something whilst Lady Sarah looked down her nose, Penny shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other. Victoria finally said, "I'm sorry, My Lady."

"Sorry. Sorry for what?" Lady Sarah sniffed airily. "Sorry that your father was caught stealing."

The comment caught a raw nerve in Victoria. "No, of course not. He did not, would not steal anything." Penny whispered a warning to stay quiet.

Lady Sarah played to her audience in the same way as Victoria herself had done many times when she knew she couldn't lose. "My father always said your father was merely a common gambler. And he should know being his banker."

Victoria snapped at the suggestion and forgot herself, "Your father's Bank could have helped but chose to do nothing and then took everything. I'd call that stealing!" she retorted angrily. Lady Sarah smiling satisfactorily rang the bell for the Butler whilst Penny was frozen to the spot. Victoria blurted some sort of an apology but it was useless.

Both Penny and Victoria stood motionless alongside each other when Mr Tannard entered, summoned by the pull cord against the fireplace.

"You sent for me, My Ladies," he said on arrival giving a deferential bow to the Ladies seated.

Lady Sarah spoke out first, "Your maid was rude and offensive to me, Sir.'"

Tannard looked directly at Penny who was white with fear.

"Not her, Tannard," she growled "the other one. She actually accused my father of being a thief, Sir."

Victoria was silent, knowing she was unable to defend herself. She was on the other side of the fence now and was powerless against Lady Sarah.

Tannard could hardly believe his ears but the assenting noises from the others confirmed it. He looked directly at Penny, "Leave us," he said, "get on with your work elsewhere." Penny didn't need telling twice and was off, she knew from her own experience what was going to happen next.

"Come here, girl," he commanded. Victoria immediately obeyed and stood before him, "you will apologise to Her Ladyship, immediately."

She struggled to find her words; "I Beg your forgiveness, My Lady."

Tannard pointed towards the door, "downstairs, young lady," he growled, "I will deal with you in my sitting room."

"I do not accept her apology, Sir," Lady Sarah pronounced. "I will have her beg my forgiveness from across your knee, Sir," she ordered.

Victoria was visibly shocked. She couldn't believe she was now in the same predicament she had insisted on herself, when she had Penny spanked in front of them in this very room only days before.

Tannard looked at the others. Obviously Lady Sarah was the ringleader, but the others nodded in agreement.

The Butler knew he had no choice but to do their bidding and seated himself on the same piano stool he had sat to upend Penny. He beckoned Victoria to him, she recoiled slightly before accepting her fate and shuffled towards him. He pulled her across his knee. The room was hushed as Tannard reached down to find the hem of the girls' skirts and expertly lifted both skirt and petticoats up her legs and bottom and high over her back. The Ladies gasped as he bared her bottom in front of them, stunned by the ease in which he had upended the recently haughty madam who now lay limply, fully bent over his widely parted knees. They gaped at her knicker-less bottom.

Tannard raised his arm high and spanked his hand hard across her bare behind, the crisp 'TISSSH!' followed by a high-pitched "oooooooww!"

'TISSSH!'…"oooooooww!" as his hand found her other cheek.

'TISSSH!'…"oooooooww!" … 'TISSSH!'…"oooooooww!"

'TISSSH!'…"oooooooww!" … 'TISSSH!'…"oooooooww!"

He gripped her tiny waist holding her firmly to his knee and applied two swats to each cheek in turn bringing Victoria's legs kicking high into the air.

'TISSSH!'…"oooooooww!" … 'TISSSH!'…"yeeeoooooooww!"

'TISSSH!'…"oooooooww!" … 'TISSSH!'…"yeeeoooooooww!"

Victoria squealed and bucked wildly as the heat from his hand spread like wildfire across her previously pampered derriere. She reached behind her to fend off any more spanks but Tannard caught her arm and held it to her side.

'TISSSH!'…"eeeoooooooww!" … 'TISSSH!'…"yeeeoooooooww!"

He gave her a dozen spanks and she scrambled off his knee back onto her feet, her skirts cascading back down around her legs, her face flushed from squealing and her head bowed in embarrassed submission.

"Get to your room, my girl," he whacked his hand firmly across the seat of her skirt, "I will tend to you later."

With her hand to her mouth to suppress her sobs she quickly left the room as Tannard rose from the stool and smoothed down the front of his trousers. "If that will that be all, My Ladies," the women sat silent, still shocked by the reversal of Victoria's position. He gave a bow and followed Victoria out of the room.

It seemed an age before Victoria heard the heavy footsteps of her Master outside her door and without knocking he entered the room with what appeared to be a bundle of rags under his arm. He deposited these on the chest of drawers and picked up the silver hairbrush, "It seems your education is not yet complete," he said tapping the back of the hairbrush against his other hand. "Take off your dress," he added curtly.

Victoria knew he would use the hairbrush on her again and felt a surge of excitement in the pit of her stomach. The spanking in the Parlour was more embarrassing than painful and although her bottom had glowed hot whilst she was across his knee, it quickly faded. The hairbrush, though, was another story.

She untied the bow on her apron and lay it on her bed and reached behind her, fingers working on the buttons up the back of her dress, sliding it down over her breasts and waist before stepping out of it. Tannard watched as she unlaced the front of her under-bodice, he had not meant for her to strip completely but didn't stop her as her breasts broke free of the bodice, which she added to the pile on the bed along with her petticoats. She stood before him with her hands by her side wearing only her stockings still held high by her exquisite pink lace and pearl garters and her buckled shoes.

Tannard made no attempt to sit but lifted his left foot, resting it against the lower rail of her bed and slapped his thigh, "bend over," he ordered. Victoria obeyed immediately, pushing her pubic bush into his thigh and bending fully over his knee delivering up her pert round bottom for his attention. He caressed each of her cheeks with the flat side of the hairbrush before taking a back-swing. 'SWATT!…SWATT!' he applied two hard whacks with the back of the hairbrush to each cheek in turn. She moaned huskily and gently kicked her legs.

'SWATT!…SWATT!' She moaned more breathlessly this time.

'SWATT!…SWATT!' Squeals followed each spank and her feet danced the air her slim body perfectly pivoted across his knee.

'SWATT!…SWATT!' "p..p..please, S..s..sir," ‘please don’t stop’ she thought, her head in turmoil.

'SWATT!…SWATT!' "Aaaarrrhhh, ..p..please, S..s..sir, oooooohhh!"

Tannard took a last lingering look at her long legs clad in the expensive white silk stockings and delicate lace and pearl-drop garters. "From tomorrow you will wear only the black stockings. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Sir," came the muted reply from the other side of his knee.

'SWATT!…SWATT!' "Aaaarrrhhh, oooooowwww, S..s..sir, yes Sir I understand," she husked. She could feel his hand caressing her hot cheeks, his fingers straying close to her inner secret, her body inert in her doubled over position on his broad firm knee. Feelings she had never experienced before mingled with the glowing throb in her bottom matched only by the heat between her legs. She dare not move a muscle until he ordered her to do so.

Finally Tannard allowed her back to her feet, her hands busy rubbing her burning backside. He greedily ogled her young assets before lifting her dress from the bed, "You won't be needing this for a while," he said softly. "You will work in the kitchen until further notice. Your new uniform is over there," he said nodding to the bundle on the chest of drawers. He laid down the hairbrush and left the room. He had hardly closed the door behind him as she picked up the hairbrush and gently caressed the smooth flat surface he had used to good effect across her bottom and kissed the handle. Face down on her bed with her crimson red globes cooling in the dingy atmosphere of the small room she reached down to her damp entrance between her legs and slid her fingers deep inside her. She submitted to an orgasm for the first time in her life and fell into a deep sleep.

The dress of a scullery maid was far less attractive than that of a Parlour Maid in pink and white check material with a larger apron and resembled a school dress she had to wear many years ago. For some reason she didn't feel too bad about being demoted to the lowest level of servant in the house. At least she wouldn't have to see Lady Sarah for a while but she would really like to get even with her some day. The 'new' dress smelt musky and obviously had not been washed in a while. It had, in fact, been stripped from Ruby who had been elated at her new promotion and had eagerly waited in her underwear the arrival of Victoria's dress. It wasn't exactly a straight 'swap', as Ruby had to convince Mr Tannard she was sufficiently grateful for her new promotion. As Penny had done a few days earlier, she knelt before him in his room and sucked her Master greedily, Tannard using his hand on the back of her head to control her pace. Ruby knew this was her chance to get off the bottom rung and enter the elegant world of the upstairs rooms and she wasn’t about to pass it up. She slid his cock between tight lips and bobbed eagerly on his huge shaft looking up regularly at her master for his approval and an indication of his ejaculation. Tannard looked down on the girl, still in her bodice and petticoat his large hand guiding her back and forth, the same hand that had tanned her bare bottom so many times. He was ready to spurt his load but resisted, making her work hard for her chance, a chance he knew she was not ready for. She would pay for her ambitious designs from across his knee but for now Ruby sensed his readiness and released him from her lips, using her small fingers to massage his rigid length. Tannard made eye contact with the girl, her desire to please him palpable, her head turned up in expectation, mouth wide like a chick waiting to be fed. He exploded with a force unlike ever before and Ruby absorbed it, relieving him of his excitement at spanking the fair Lady Victoria's pretty little bottom.

Victoria had been happily getting used to working in the scullery with no incidents for over two weeks and she seemed to be happy to learn new things from Miriam. She did look like a schoolgirl in her dress, which, because she was much taller than Ruby, was very short, reaching to just below her knees. She was busy in the kitchen with the cook patting a huge block of butter into shape with wooden paddles when she caught a glass near the edge of the table sending it crashing to the floor.

The cook was startled by the sound of shattering glass, "Goodness me," she shrieked, "what a mess. You'd better get that cleaned up before the Master sees it or he'll tan your hide for sure."

Victoria was on her knees with a small brush when she heard his footsteps on the stone floor. Eventually his shiny shoes appeared in her field of vision. "What's this?"

Victoria looked up at him from the floor, "the glass slipped of the table, Sir"

He glowered down at her, "Did it slip, or was it pushed?"

"I… I er…" she stammered.

"Stand up," he commanded. She rose to her feet smoothing down her dress. "I would normally take the cost out of your wages, young lady. But since you do not get any you will pay for it another way." He pulled a chair out from under the table, "bend over and put your hands on the seat in front."

Victoria did as obeyed as Mr Tannard picked up one of the wooden butter paddles from the table in front of her and pulled up her skirts. He lightly stroked the paddle across her bottom leaving a coating of butter over both cheeks and swung into action.

'SPATTTT! … SPATTT!' The paddle left two imprints one for each cheek.

Her bottom jerked from across the back of the chair, "aaoooowww …aaoooowww."

'SPATTTT! … SPATTT!' "aaoooowww …oooowwwcchh."

'SPATTTT! … SPATTT!' "aaoooowww …oooowwwcchh."

The butter seemed to act as a lubricant for the paddle biting fiercely into her bright red orbs, which danced wildly from side to side in an attempt to avoid a paddling on the same spot.

'SPATTTT! … SPATTT! . "Yeeeeooow…eeeeoow…ooow…ouch."

'SPATTTT! … SPATTT! . "Yeeeeooow…eeeeoow…ooow…ouch."

"I think you'll be more careful in future," he said replacing the paddle on the table as she stood up furiously working the butter grease into her blazing behind. As he left the room Miriam went to tend the girl's glowing posterior, "I told you he'd tan your hide, my girl," she said smoothing her hands across her bottom.

Back on her knees Victoria continued clearing up the glass when she suddenly got the idea. Miriam was busy preparing the portions for dinner for the Ladies when she said to herself but aloud "that one is for Lady Sarah," and the opportunity presented itself to get even with the arrogant madam who had stolen her crown.

A red mist appeared in front of Victoria who, as Miriam turned away for a moment, sprinkled a pinch of glass shards into the portion. The cook turned back and quickly despatched the meals to the dining room just as Victoria realised the stupidity of what she had just done. She watched helpless as the meals were whisked away, unable to do anything about it.

It was just after lunch when both Mr Tannard and Miriam where called to the Principal's office where Lady Sarah's glass infected lunch lay on the desk.

Miriam gave a low curtsey to the Principal who ignored it and pushed the plate towards her, "How do explain these pieces of glass?" he asked curtly.

The cook looked at the meal with disbelief, the implications for her obvious. "That would not have left my kitchen in that state, Sir," she was shaking with fear, 'I would never do anything to hurt one of the ladies, honest Sir."

"I should dismiss you immediately," the Principal fumed.

"Please, Sir … don't, Sir," sobs filled her throat, "I love it here, Sir."

She looked towards Tannard who was still looking at the meal with disbelief. "Sir," he said summoning all his authority, "this has never happened before and so must be the result of some oversight. I know it should never have happened but I would beg you not to dismiss her. Her work has always been of a very high standard, Sir."

"That is true," he relented, "but our Ladies must have confidence in this College and must be assured of the very best at all times." The Principal stared intently at Miriam, "Madam, this falls way short of the standards we expect from you," he said gravely, Miriam shifted uneasily beneath her dress unable to contain the shivers which radiated throughout her body and fearing the worst. He continued, "you will be taken from here…"

", Sir," Miriam intercepted, sobbing.

He raised his voice, "You will be taken from here to see Lady Sarah to whom you will apologise without reservation." He turned to face Tannard, "You, Sir, will give this woman a beating she will never forget, unless she chooses to leave our employ. I believe you have a special 'strop' for that purpose. And, Tannard," he added looking over his spectacles, "I would expect this woman to be standing for her meal tonight, do I make myself clear?"

"Of course, Sir. She will be punished in front of the other servants at dinner."

"Th .. thank you, Sir," Miriam sobbed gratefully.

Tannard ushered her out of the office and reported to Lady Sarah who didn't waste the opportunity to lecture them both. She accepted her punishment as a satisfactory recompense.

"I can't think how the glass got there, My Lady," she had confessed. Tannard knew, and he had a plan for young Victoria. But it would keep for now.

Back below stairs Miriam relaxed a little and finally stopped shaking, "Thank you Ted," she said using his Christian name for the first time outside of her bedroom. "He would have dismissed me if it hadn't been for you."

"You won't be thanking me when I lay that 'strop' across you. I will have to punish you like the others, and as hard."

She put her hand on his crotch, "Leather me as hard as you can, Ted," she husked, "I will repay you for saving my job in my bed tonight." She felt his cock growing beneath her fingers.

The servants gathered at dinner in silence, word of the Cook's situation had spread around like wildfire and some around the table were looking forward to her getting a taste of what they had been given by the stern Butler. Some still doubted he would use the 'strop' on his lover but that notion was dispelled with the savage leather monster lying on the table. The Cook sat with her head bowed waiting to be called to the other end of the oak table when Mr Tannard arrived along with the Principal. He had decided to witness the woman's correction for himself. It had been a long time since he had taken part in any of the staff's discipline and he had always thought Miriam a very attractive young woman.

Tannard picked up the heavy 'strop' and let it dangle by his side before calling her to the head of the table. She left her chair and slowly made the long journey to her place of punishment, bobbing a respectful curtsey standing obediently before him and the Principal.

"Place yourself on the table, Madam," Tannard ordered. The Principal studied her intently as she backed herself to the edge of the polished top and leaned backwards to face the ceiling. "Raise your legs," he commanded.

Miriam did as ordered, her skirts and petticoats falling away from her with the laws of gravity, her long legs and black stockings giving way to white thighs and a perfect pair of rose-white bottom cheeks. Tannard eased her feet further back to lift her slightly from the table and expose her fully to both him and the Principal whose erection was already complete. The entrance to her 'womanhood' pouted open to them causing the Principal to clear his throat quietly as he wished he could plunge himself into her. Tannard's stiffness throbbed in his trousers in expectation of what was to be his alone later. He stroked the thick belt across her cheeks, which shuddered in anticipation and strapped it back hard against them, 'SWACKK'… "eeeeoooowwwch!" she squealed. He flipped back the belt and strapped her again in exactly the same place 'SWACKK'… "eeeeoooowwwch!" she squealed again.

Tannard looked down the table at the others who were both mesmerised and surprised at the sight of the previously 'untouchable' Cook, laid bare on her own dining table. Victoria was the only one trying not to look, staring down in front of her. She felt his stare and knew he'd guessed the real culprit.

'SWACKK'… "eeeeoooowwwch!"…'SWACKK'… "eeeeoooowwwch!"

'SWACKK'… "eeeeoooowwwch!"…'SWACKK'… "eeeeoooowwwch!"

Everyone was silent and still except Miriam who squealed and wriggled her hips to escape the burning onslaught of his leather 'strop'.

'SWACKK'… ""Yeeeeooow!"…'SWACKK'… " eeeeoow…ooow…ouch."

Her squeals became longer, and louder.

'SWACKK'… ""Yeeeeooow!"…'SWACKK'… " eeeeoow…ooow…ouch."

'SWACKK'… ""Yeeeeooow!"…'SWACKK'… " eeeeoow…ooow…ouch."

He let the strap hang from his side.

The Principal, his eyes still fixed to her now glistening quim and deep red cheeks said hoarsely, "give her six more Tannard."

Without a word he re-aligned the leather across her hide.

'SWACKK'… ""ow..ow..oowwwcch!" she screamed bucking her legs wildly. 'SWACKK'… ""ow..ow..oowwwcch! Oh, Sir,” she squealed again.

Tannard continued.

'SWACKK'… " eeeeoow…ooow…ouch."

'SWACKK'… "Yeeeeooow! Miriam’s squeals filled the huge hall.

'SWACKK'… ""ow..ow..oowwwcch!" She was sobbing breathlessly.

'SWACKK'… ""ow..ow..oowwwcch! I beg you, Sirs. Please have done with me."

Tannard placed the 'strop' on the table by her side and helped her to her feet.

Miriam's bed creaked loudly as she released his cock from her mouth and worked up his body, kneeling astride him with her breasts hanging just above his face. Tannard sucked greedily on each hard nipple in turn as she worked his steel hard shaft deep into her, rising and falling gently to the 'trot' and moaning throatily with each thrust. He gently eased his broad hands under her, cupping each burning red orb gently to guide her up and down his shaft until he withdrew himself and shot his load into her pubic bush. Miriam worked her way down him again and swallowed his wilting stem, bringing it back to attention and replacing him back inside her to bring her to orgasm.

He was in no mood to play games with Victoria the next day and ordered her to report to him in his sitting room at three. She arrived on the dot. Tannard sat in his sturdy chair, the one he had spanked Miss Grey over, and the nervous Victoria stood before him with her hands clasped over her apron.

"We both know where the glass came from, girl," he rasped. She shook visibly but didn't try to deny it. "The Cook took a severe beating on your account young lady. And you are going to receive and equally severe one, my girl."

His stare was intense as he sat with his knees slightly apart. Victoria was expecting him to put her over them when he stood and went to a cabinet and fished out a small white bundle and handed it to her. She recognised her silk knickers instantly and gave him a quizzical look.

"You will go to your room after dinner and dress as a Lady. You will wear those and the silk stockings under the petticoats and dress you wore in the Principal's office. Do you understand?"

She nodded silently.

"I will come to your room and attend to you as you have never been attended to before, my girl."

She quaked at the severity in his voice.

"I would advise you to acquaint yourself with the skills Penny used to keep her position above stairs. I will expect you to pleasure me that way when I enter your room. Do you understand?"

She nodded again although currently ignorant of what she would be required to do. She gave him a low curtsey and left.

It was nine in the evening when Tannard entered her room. Victoria had transformed herself back into Lady Victoria resplendent in the luxury silk dress filled out with layers of crisp calico petticoats and her small feet enclosed with her delicate silk sheathed high heeled court shoes. Her long slightly curled hair danced on her bare shoulders and the emerald necklace pointed into her pushed up breasts, heaving with anticipation. Oddly she now felt strange dressing in the finery of her previous life.

Tannard closed the door and stood in eager anticipation. Victoria shuffled towards him, the sound of her crisp petticoats seemingly filling the room, and sank down before him, her skirts billowing out as if her legs had vanished from beneath her. She looked up at him for a sign that this is what he expected and began fumbling with the buttons on his trousers. She slid her hand inside the opening and withdrew his straining erection and recoiled slightly with shock at the sheer size of it. She had never seen a man's cock before and didn't know what to expect. His foreskin was peeled right back and the 'head' seemed to leap out at her. Again she looked up at him and seeing no sign of reproach bent her head forward and placed her lips against the bald tip. Opening her mouth she slid the 'head' between her lips and began to suck him. Tannard watched in a satisfied stupor as her head bobbed back and forth along his shaft.

A touch on her shoulders and a flick of his hand brought Victoria back to her feet. He picked up the hairbrush, "You saw how the Cook laid herself open to me," he said huskily, "Prepare yourself on the bed."

Victoria sat on the edge of her bed and leaned back lifting her feet from the floor together. Her heels were almost pointing at the ceiling when the starched petticoats finally fell away from her legs, beneath her the elegant dress and layers of calico hung limply over the edge of the bed and onto the floor. He clenched her ankles and brought her silk-clad derriere towards him, reaching down to the waistband of her knickers, drawing them over her bottom and up her legs. He encircled them around her ankles binding her legs together and held them firmly, high in the air. Her young virginal entrance pouted invitingly from between her silk clad legs as he measured the flat back of the silver hairbrush against her taut cheeks.

'SWATT! … SWATT!' The smooth surface raised pink blotches on the pinnacles of her round cheeks. "Ooooooww … oooooooowwwch" she moaned softly.

'SWATT! … SWATT!' "Ooooooww … oooooooowwwch"

'SWATT! … SWATT!' "Ooooooww … oooooooowwwch"

She was breathing much heavier now and her breasts strained inside her corseted dress, her stomach churning with excitement as he continued to spank her slowly. Her glistening 'woman' betrayed her state of arousal to him as he caressed each mound with the hairbrush before resuming her punishment.

'SWATT! … SWATT!' "Ooooooww … ooooooooooowwwww"

'SWATT! … SWATT!' "Ooooooww … ooooooooooowwwww"

'SWATT! … SWATT!' "Ooooooww … ooooooooooowwwww"

Her moans were now much louder as he began her final six, her hands had helplessly tried to rescue her fiery bottom but the mass of tumbled petticoats and dress were obstructing her path.

'SWATT! … SWATT!' "Ooooooww … ahhhrrr … oooowww … Sir"

'SWATT! … SWATT!' "Ooooooww … ooooooooooowwwch … p..please, Sir"

'SWATT! … SWATT!' "Ooooooww … ooooooooooowwwww" … sob … sob.

Tannard laid the hairbrush down on the bed beside her and spanked her slowly with his open hand across each cheek in turn bringing her to the point of collapse. Her legs had long since given up the struggle to get free and her submission was total. He finished her spanking and gently caressed her burning orbs smoothing his hand over every inch of her scarlet skin. She flinched as he ran his fingers across her moist entrance, moaning hoarsely as he entered her, playing her clitoris. Tannard unbound her ankles from her knickers and prised her legs apart placing each silk shod foot across his shoulders, her toes curled back inside her delicate golden high-heeled court shoes. His straining cock nuzzled her pussy lips before penetrating her and sinking deep inside her, the new mix of pleasure and pain forcing a squeal from her lips as he brushed aside her virginity. She enclosed him in her virgin tightness as he rode her vigorously, her moans hoarse and plentiful as she arched herself from the bed. Minutes later he withdrew himself, spending his load across her red-hot globes and petticoats before buttoning himself up.

Victoria lay exhausted and not daring to move except to bring her legs down onto the bed. Her skirts were still piled across her middle, her deep gasps for air heaving her breasts against the low neckline of her bodice. He moved to her side and looked down at her, "You will only wear this dress at my behest." She nodded her understanding. "Penny taught you well, you will pleasure me with your new found skills whenever I enter this room."

As he closed the door behind him he smiled contentedly to himself, 'He was now truly her Master, and she his willing servant.'

PART 4 - Now its the Servants turn for Revenge.

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