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Lady Victoria Part 4 The Servants take their Revenge

please read parts 1-3 first as this is a continuation of Lady Victoria's downfall
Lady Victoria's dramatic fall from Baronet's daughter and high ranking society débutante to lowly scullery maid had been swift and decisive. Mr Tannard, the minion Butler who had once served her without question, was now her master whom she had quickly learned to obey without hesitation. Her transformation from Lady to servant was now complete, with many of her lessons having been educated at her former Butler's knee! She had agreed to accept any punishment he decided to give her and, although she was free to leave at anytime she liked the relative security the household gave her. The young Lady Victoria was about to find out that in her new life Mr Tannard wasn't her only Master!

Victoria was getting used to life below stairs and the work, although long hours and sometimes dirty, opened her eyes to the day to day running of a large household. She had often thought that this is what it must have been like in the bowels of her father's mansion, a hive of activity of which, in all the years she lived there, she had no idea. But all that was now gone, there had been no word of either her father from his prison cell, or her mother in the sanatorium. One thing she couldn't get used to though was her scullery maid's dress, the little pink and white checked material was made for little girl's frocks and it was so short that her petticoats peeked out from below it.

The black woollen stockings were now second nature and the clumpy black buckled shoes were very practical but she still hadn't got used to having no knickers on. It made her feel vulnerable, not that it mattered with Mr Tannard because he would just take them down anyway if he decided she warranted a spanking. No, it was Dick who was showing a lot of interest in her, not in any romantic way, he wanted revenge for her part in getting him two dozen lashes across his bare backside in front of the other girls. Several times when she thought she was alone, he had come from behind her and run his hand up inside her skirts placing his hand on her bare bottom, "I'm going to have you, My Lady," he would whisper, "I haven't seen you get the 'strop' … yet."

The thought of having to lay on the great oak table with her legs lifted in front of everyone filled her with dread, true Mr Tannard had spanked her in a similar position but that was in private, in her bedroom and with her hairbrush. Just the sight of the broad leather 'strop' chilled her. It had reduced the Cook to a bawling schoolgirl when the Butler whipped her with it in front of the Principal and the rest of the servants.

She would do anything to avoid the humiliation of the strop, including 'entertaining' Mr Tannard in her room whenever he chose, better just him seeing her stripped than the rest of them. He had become a kind of father figure, a man of authority who told her what to do, and punished her when she didn't do it. She had never had that before and she had come to prefer that to her previous life. Besides she didn't think the hairbrush was anything like as fearsome as that thick leather belt, she shivered at the thought.

Unknown to her, Dick wasn't the only male who wanted to see her spanked. The Principal had been aroused to the point of ejaculation at the sight of the Cook having her bare bottom strapped by Tannard. It had been some years since he had witnessed a girl's punishment, leaving it to others to administer to them, but it wasn't always the case. He cursed himself for not witnessing Miss Grey's slippering and for not staying in his office whilst Tannard applied the strap to Lady Victoria's pretty young bottom. Having seen the girl again, in the servants hall dressed in the short little girl's frock, his desire knew no bounds and his fancy would not be satisfied until the young Lady Victoria was over his knee, her pretty pink cheeks bouncing beneath his palm.

The Principal sat perfectly upright behind his large desk, his fingers trembling with excitement as he awaited her arrival. He had told Tannard to send her to him without delay as he wanted to make sure for himself she was ready to be allowed upstairs once again as a Ladies Maid. It was a ruse of course, she was a Lady herself until recently so she would certainly know how to behave and conduct herself in the company of those who were now her mistresses. Now Lady Sarah had left she would probably find little or no interest in her from the Ladies still in residence. No, it wasn't anything to do with that, the Principal had his own agenda, and she had presented him with a perfect opportunity.

A light knock on his door signaled her arrival and his cock stiffened, "Enter," he said mustering his most authoritative voice.

She entered and closed the door behind her and bobbed a curtsey to him, "You sent for me, sir?" she said nervously.

He nodded looking her over from head to foot. His erection grew to its hardest as he took in her slim but well endowed figure, her breasts ample and heaving with nervous breathing, her waist trim and blossoming out across her well rounded bottom. He swallowed hard and tried in vain to concentrate. Her curves were accentuated by the smallness of the servant’s little dress, the short hem and the petticoat frill peeping from below her skirt like a child's doll. His cock throbbed inside his tight trousers having swollen into the small space along his thigh.

"I understand you wish to become a Ladies Maid," he sniffed.

"Please, Sir. Yes, Sir," she replied humbly.

He couldn't believe the change in the girl's demeanor, from haughty Lady to contrite servant, Tannard has indeed done a good job, he thought. It gave him more confidence to proceed.

"I need to be sure you are reliable and, dare I say, honest if you are to be allowed to look after the Ladies, whom you are aware are the mainstay of this institution." He fingered a written note on the desk, "This is a signed affirmation by Miss Grey," he said introducing her to its contents. "In it she denies your accusation that she stole your book and that you did indeed lend it her. What have you to say? And I repeat, I must be sure of your honesty if you are to be allowed above stairs," he cautioned.

Victoria was at a loss to know what answer to give. She did indeed loan her the book and acted totally out of spite for some forgotten misdemeanor towards her. If she owned up to her lie it would that mean she is still dishonest and if she stood by her lie would that still make her dishonest also. Besides, Mr Tannard knew she had lied and had already punished her with his slipper for it. He could easily have told the Principal. She opted for honesty, a clean slate. "I lied, Sir," she admitted with her head bowed.

"I am glad you are able to admit it," he said. She stood silent awaiting his decision. "Miss Grey was taken downstairs and given a spanking by Mr Tannard with his slipper, a spanking she will never forget, all because you abused your power. Is that correct?" his voice was more severe than before. Victoria nodded feeling some shame for her actions. "If you wish to work among the Ladies I will need to correct that injustice. You will accept a punishment from me or remain below stairs." He obviously didn’t know that Mr Tannard had already punished her; he had kept it to himself and now, so would she.

Victoria raised her head and looked directly at the Principal, "I wish to become a Ladies Maid, Sir. Your punishment will be no less than I deserve. I did wrong by Miss Grey, Sir," she agreed.

His cock strained against his trousers, it had been years since he had spanked a girl, especially one so pretty and he was eager to begin. "Come here, my girl," he ordered. Victoria moved around the desk and stood by his side and curtsied again, he was surprised how small she had become since being stripped of her exquisite gowns and other Ladies' attire. He was also amazed at her transformation from high-born young Lady to subservient maid in such a short time.

Gently slapping his thigh he whispered, "Over my knee, girl." She obeyed without question leaning forward across his lap, her hands reaching out in front of her towards the floor. The Principal looked down on the girl spread across his lap waiting expectantly for his next move, the light pressure from her body squeezing against his bloated cock. His hand moved to the edge of her skirts and lifted them slowly up her legs and over her bottom, his fingers trembling against her soft, warm bare cheeks.

'TISSCH … TISSCH … TISSCH … TISSCH!' his spanks fell lightly, barely raising a pinkish hue. His cock reacted to the bounce of her cheeks beneath his hand.

'TISSCH … TISSCH … TISSCH … TISSCH!' she bucked slightly on his knee and squealed softly, "ooow … ooooowww … ooooowwwch … ow"

'TISSCH … TISSCH … TISSCH … TISSCH!' he spanked her harder and her legs began to react, her toes kicking at the carpet, "oooooow … yeeeooooowww … ooooowwwch … yeeeoow!" She yelped.

His cock was pining for relief as he lifted her up from his knee. Her dress falling back into place as she shook her hair behind her and looked at him, knowing he hadn't finished with her yet. He wasn’t to know it but Victoria was feeling the heat between her legs as much as on her bottom. Getting a spanking was now part of her sexual appetite.

"Miss Grey had a slippering from Tannard. I think you need some leather to make up for that." He stood up, his fingers moving to the buckle on his belt, Victoria’s eyes transfixed as he slowly uncoupled it before unfurling it from the loops in his waistband. He doubled it over then again to form a short thick strap as she watched without blinking, then he sat on the edge of his desk. Without speaking he pulled Victoria back over his knee and once again lifted her skirts.

'SSHLAKK … SSHLAKK … SSHLAKK … SSHLAKK!' his belt seared across her reddening orbs.

Victoria had dangled obligingly over his knee until the fourth swat of his belt when her head reared up with her back arched as the leather made itself felt. Her hand sought out her burning behind but was pinned to her side by his strong grip, her other hand clawed at his trouser leg, her girlish squeals filling the room.

'SSHLAKK … SSHLAKK … SSHLAKK … SSHLAKK!' The Principal was now in full swing, his hard-on swollen to its full extent and pressed against the side of his thigh by her gyrating pubic mound working him towards an orgasm. Victoria’s high pitched squeals added to his state of excitement.

'SSHLAKK … SSHLAKK … SSHLAKK … SSHLAKK! His belt snaked fully across her bottom, its smooth supple width occasionally licking at her pouting 'quim' sending a mini shock-wave through her slim body. She was now perched up with her hand beneath her on his knee forcing herself up but unable to get free from his iron grip. Her legs danced wildly with each swat of his belt.

'SSHLAKK … SSHLAKK … SSHLAKK … SSHLAKK! He was enjoying her obvious discomfort slapping the leather across her bottom rapidly, her crimson globes testifying to its effectiveness. Victoria's gyrations increased with his laying on of his belt and his balls tightened then his cock suddenly released its load beneath her onto his leg and trousers.

'SSHLAKK … SSHLAKK … SSHLAKK … SSHLAKK! He finished her with a final flurry of two swats to each cheek, her legs kicking wildly before he released his grip and allowed back to her feet. The girls’ face was almost as red as her behind as she turned to face him, both hands attempting to quell her fire.

The Principal seated himself behind his desk to conceal the wet patch on the front of his trousers, "I think that rights the wrong you did Miss Grey," he said placing the belt on the desk. "I will approve of you becoming a Ladies Maid."

Victoria curtsied respectfully, "Thank you, Sir."

"I will be keeping a watchful eye on you, my girl," he cautioned. He fingered the coiled leather on his desk, "Any sign of haughty behavior, young lady, and I will take my belt to you again. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Sir. Perfectly understood, Sir," she acknowledged, panting to regain her composure. She could feel her nipples hardening beneath her bodice and the tantalizing tingling from her pussy, aroused by the authority in his voice. If he had bent her over his desk and canted up her skirts to enter her she would not have complained. Instead he dismissed her with a wave of his hand before using it to bring himself off once again.

A week later Victoria was assigned to Lady Jane, a new arrival at the College who turned out to be quite a strict mistress and frequently gave Victoria a stern telling off. The maid had learned to keep her tongue and remembered being just as nasty and vindictive herself. Lady Jane had threatened to complain to Mr Tannard on several occasions but so far hadn't actually done so. Sally, one of the other Ladies Maids had heard the threats and decided she would get her own back on Victoria who had reported her to Tannard during her very first day as Lady Victoria's maid. He had put her over his knee for that minor incident and given her a spanking for something she hadn’t done. Now it was her Ladyship’s turn.

The scene was set as the Ladies returned to their rooms after lunch; Sally stationed herself in the Ladies corridor beside one of the doors leading to the servant's passages.

She saw Lady Jane approaching and began her charade, "you shouldn't talk about her Ladyship in such a way," she said to the absent maid.

Lady Jane could only see Sally who appeared to be talking to someone at the servant's door.

She continued as the Lady got closer, "it's not your place to question her Ladyship's status." Then looking towards Lady Jane, "you must go quickly, Victoria." To give credence to her act she pushed against the door so that it was just closing as Lady Jane arrived at Sally's side.

Sally bobbed a curtsey, "begging your pardon my Lady."

"To whom were you talking," she ordered, her face flushed with anger.

"Er … no one my Lady," Sally answered convincingly as that was indeed the case.

"I will not ask you again, my girl."

Sally knew her plan had worked. "Well, it was Victoria, my Lady. I told her she shouldn't speak in such a way."

Lady Jane drew herself up in an air of self-importance. "I will see to it that she is punished for her insolence," then stormed off to her room.

"Come here Victoria," Mr Tannard ordered down the length of the refractory table, she paled at his command knowing what it meant but not understanding why. Sally sat up attentively to witness her revenge on the once high and mighty madam. Unable to protest she slowly left her place and made her way to Mr Tannard's chair, standing silently by his side.

"Lady Jane informs me you have been insolent to her," he announced loudly.

Victoria's legs trembled beneath her skirts as she realised that whatever she said, she would be bending over his knee and having her bottom smacked by him before her dinner.

She attempted to claim her innocence, "Please, Sir. I didn't say anything, Sir."

"Are you suggesting Lady Jane would lie about you?" he snarled, looking her up and down as if she were insignificant. She was in her new maid's dress of pale blue with a frilled neckline and hem just above her ankles and finished with a small white apron with a waistband tied into a ribbon round the back

Her bottom cheeks tightened together as she answered, "No, sir." In one sweep he was tipping her over his lap. Mr Tannard lifted the hem of her dress to reveal two petticoats, black woollen stockings and black buckled shoes. Up went the petticoats above her stocking tops exposing her pert, pale pink bottom, clad in pretty lace edged lavender knickers.

He returned her to her feet. "What is the meaning of those, young lady," he demanded. "My girls do NOT wear knickers."

Her face was bright red with fear and embarrassment. She bobbed a curtsy, "Begging your pardon, Sir," Victoria gasped between deep breaths, "My mistress had put them out to throw away so I mended them for my own use."

"Which mistress?"

"Lady Jane, Sir."

He eyed her suspiciously. "You didn't steal them?"

She choked back a sob, "Honest, Sir. They were torn. I beg you to believe me."

Mr Tannard was silent for a moment in thought. Victoria's legs quivered beneath her as she awaited his judgement, a spanking would be nothing compared to the punishment she would receive for stealing. He would almost certainly apply his razor strop to her hide before dismissing her from the house and reporting her to the town clerk. The Magistrate would likely give her twenty lashes before sending her to jail.

He spoke quickly, "Take them off girl and show me the mend."

Victoria looked around the table at the others all eyes fixed on her. She obeyed meekly, sliding her hands up her skirts to unfasten the delicate bow holding up the knickers before easing them down her legs and pulling them off over her buckled shoes. Collecting them from the floor she offered them to her Master for his inspection. Tannard's cock stiffened as he threaded her knickers between his fingers, unable to contain his excitement at having ordered this young woman to remove her undergarments.

A short time ago it would have been unthinkable for him to see as much as her ankle when she was a woman of high society moving in the highest circles. Now she was his to do whatever pleased him, her alternative would be to leave the household but she had agreed to her current situation. Now, this previously glamorous Lady was his to discipline at his will. His erection was heightened at the thought of Lady Jane having been the previous owner of the exquisite garment in his hands.

Satisfied with her story he placed her knickers on the table in front of him and looked at the fixed stares of the other females gathered around the table. "I will have obedience to my rules," he rasped. "There will be no knickers worn by servants in this house. Only the Ladies and tutors are allowed these garments," he gestured toward the crumpled pile of silk; "any girl breaking this rule will answer to my slipper. Is that understood?" A collective 'yes, Sir,' said they did. "To make sure, in future you will all raise your skirts to me before breakfast. Is that understood?" The collective 'yes, Sir,' came in a more disgruntled tone.

He turned his glare to young Victoria, nervously awaiting her fate, "go to my parlour and fetch my slipper."

The 'clack, clack' of her footsteps echoed around the hall as everyone waited in complete silence, "quickly, girl," he ordered. Her footsteps quickened.

She was in a daze as she entered his room and collected one of his leather slippers warming by the fireside, carrying the huge, fearsome implement in both hands. She rushed back to the servant's hall her small hands dwarfed by the over-sized slipper, its shiny black leather sole mesmerizing her, knowing Mr Tannard would soon be applying it to her small bare bottom.

She handed him the slipper. "Get over my knee girl," he growled.

Victoria jumped to it and almost dived over his lap to avoid any further retribution.

Tannard flexed it between his hands before gripping its heel and preparing to bare Victoria's behind, whipping her skirts up well over her back. He noticed that she had brought him his left one, the very one he had used to good effect on Miss Grey's tender bottom. This was indeed some sort of justice for the young tutor who had received the tanning of her life after being falsely accused of stealing one of the then Lady Victoria's expensive books. He smiled wryly and swatted the leather sole firmly across her once pampered little bottom.

The extra large shoe size was more than a match for Victoria's round bottom cheeks. 'SPATTT' the sound of leather against bare bottom filled the hall and she responded immediately. "Yeeeoooow…aaaahhh" she cried.

'SPATTT' "Yeeeoooow…aaaahhh, oooooohh, S...Sir." Her hands feverishly tried to put out the fire behind her.

'SPATTT' "Yeeeoooow…aaaahhh.. S...Sir." she responded breathlessly. 'SPATTT' "Yeeeoooow…aaaahhh" she squealed at the top of her voice from across his knee. "Oooooooow! S...Sir."

Tannard continued to punish her applying two successive strokes to each cheek in turn. 'SPATTT … SPATTT … SPATTT … SPATTT!'

She howled and kicked her legs high into the air whilst the servants watched as the former Lady squirmed across her former servant’s knee. Young Dick smiled broadly as he witnessed Sally getting her own back on her former Mistress, his cock as hard as Tannard's who was having his erection massaged by the slim form of the young lady sprawled across his lap. Dick had his hand under the table massaging his!

'SPATTT … SPATTT … SPATTT … SPATTT!' The supple slipper had turned her rear end into a crimson ball of fire, Victoria’s stockinged legs kicking up a frenzy, her buckled shoes high in the air providing an amazing spectacle for the gathered servants watching in stony silence.

He placed his slipper on the table and raised her back to her feet, her little hands feverishly kneading the back of her skirts as they cascaded back into place. Her face was flushed from bending and the effort of squealing.

"Back to your seat girl," he ordered.

Dinner was served with Victoria standing throughout!

Miriam the cook was, as usual, the main beneficiary of the hard-on her lover always sported after tanning one of the girls. She noticed his manhood was much harder after spanking Lady Victoria and tonight he was riding her like a wild stallion, her rusty bed creaking earnestly beneath his thrusting loins. Not far away Dick was standing in Sally's room with his trousers unbuttoned and the pretty ladies maid kneeling before him, her head sliding back and forth on his shaft. Dick pressed his hand against the back of her head to place his cock deep down her throat. "We've not done with that pompous Lady yet," he said pumping his load at the voracious girl.

If Victoria thought things were settling down she was in for a huge shock. Being called to the Principals office once again sent shivers of fear and excitement down her spine and she knocked on his door weakly in trepidation, unlike in her society days when she would have knocked politely and entered without being invited.

"Come," the Principals voice came strongly from within. She entered his office to find him seated behind his desk and Tannard and the tutor, Miss Grey standing by his side. She shuffled into the room, her fear causing her legs to shake beneath her. On the desk lay a book, which she recognized. It was one her father had given to her just before he left for London and the very one she had falsely accused Miss Grey of stealing, resulting in the young tutor dancing to the very same slipper she herself had now experienced.

It was as if time had rewound itself, the only difference being that Miss Grey stood haughty and proud in exactly the same place as she herself had done. Victoria unfortunately occupied the spot that Miss Grey had stood, trembling at the thought of being handed over to the Magistrates. Her legs quivered like jelly just as her tutor's had at the thought of twenty lashes, or even worse!

The Principal spoke gravely. "Do you recognize this book?"

Victoria bobbed a curtsey. "Yes Sir. It's the one my father gave to me."

"Was it not taken from you to pay your father's debts?" he enquired.

"Yes, Sir," she answered again.

Miss Grey entered the conversation. "I purchased that book from your father's estate at auction," she explained. "It was stolen yesterday from my room."

Victoria paled at the suggestion in her voice and nearly fainted. Her throat was suddenly dry and couldn't speak. Her past misdeeds were indeed catching up with her.

Mr Tannard spoke the words she had dreaded. "The book was found in your room, my girl. What have you to say?"

Victoria couldn't think of anything to say as she was totally mystified by his statement. She uttered a whispered denial.

Miss Grey spoke again, "I think it is clear to all that you stole the book from me out of malice and spite." The memory of her slippering at the hands of the Butler clouded her judgement but it sounded the only possible explanation.

"Sir, I swear I did no such thing," sobbed Victoria looking for some sign of belief from the Principal, now fully understanding the stress she had given to her tutor when the role was reversed.

The Principal looked gravely at Victoria, "If I contact the Magistrates they will take you into custody and I will have no alternative but to dismiss you from this house immediately. They will deal with you most severely."

As before Tannard suggested dealing with the matter himself.

The Principal was pensive for a moment, "That would be most preferable. Would that be acceptable to you Miss Grey?"

Miss Grey thought for a moment and nodded her consent, "I would wish to witness her punishment," she added.

Mr Tannard addressed her directly. "That would not be appropriate Madam. The punishment this young lady is to receive would not be suitable for a woman of your station to witness.

The Principal took up the explanation. "I can assure you she will repent for her action in the most painful and embarrassing way. And I myself will witness her punishment. Victoria was terrified and knew she was in for the 'strop' across the refractory table, her womanly secrets exposed to both men as she squealed for their leniency.

Miss Grey was adamant, "I really have to insist…"

The Principal interruption was sharp and final. "You will not insist, Madam. You will return to your work and leave this for us to deal with."

Severely rebuked the young tutor glared at Victoria and swirled her skirts around her and left the room


The scene was set at dinner; Tannard picked up the heavy 'strop' and let it dangle by his side before calling Victoria to the head of the table. She rose from her place and slowly made the long journey bobbing a respectful curtsey and standing obediently before him and the Principal. Her breasts were heaving breathlessly beneath her pale blue and white maids dress as she tried to contemplate the vicious leathering he would soon be giving her. She could always leave of course, out onto the streets in the clothes she stood in, or accept her fate.

"Place yourself on the table, my girl," Tannard ordered. Victoria knew the procedure having seen Miriam place herself in exactly the same position. She shuddered visibly at the sight of the thick leather strop hanging from Tannard's hand. The Principal studied Victoria intently as she backed herself to the edge of the polished top and leaned backwards to face the ceiling. "Raise your legs girl," the Butler commanded.

She did as ordered, her skirts and petticoats falling away from her with the laws of gravity, her long legs and black woollen stockings giving way to white thighs and a perfect pair of rose-white bottom cheeks. Tannard eased her feet further back to lift her slightly from the table and expose her fully to both him and the Principal whose erection was already complete. Her entrance pouted from between her legs and Tannard's erection throbbed in his trousers at his dominance over this once high and mighty Madam. He stroked the thick belt across her cheeks, which shuddered in anticipation and strapped it back hard against them, 'SWACKK'… "eeeeoooowwwch!" she squealed. He flipped back the belt and strapped her again in exactly the same place 'SWACKK'… "eeeeoooowwwch!" she squealed again.

Tannard looked down the table at the others who were both mesmerized and surprised at the sight of a once Lady of the Manor baring her all across the servant's dining table. Victoria could see the Principal staring intently at her 'private area' she could also see his obvious pleasure bulging at the front of his tight trousers.

'SWACKK'… "eeeeoooowwwch!"…'SWACKK'… "eeeeoooowwwch!"

'SWACKK'… "eeeeoooowwwch!"…'SWACKK'… "eeeeoooowwwch!"

Everyone was silent and still except for Victoria who squealed and wriggled her hips to escape the burning onslaught of the leather 'strop'.

'SWACKK'… ""Yeeeeooow!"…'SWACKK'… " eeeeoow…ooow…ouch."

Her squeals became longer, and louder.

'SWACKK'… ""Yeeeeooow!"…'SWACKK'… " eeeeoow…ooow…ouch."

'SWACKK'… ""Yeeeeooow!"…'SWACKK'… " eeeeoow…ooow…ouch."

He let the strap hang by his side.

The Principal, his eyes still fixed to her now deep red cheeks said hoarsely, "give her six more Tannard."

Without a word the Butler re-aligned the leather across her hide.

'SWACKK'… ""ow...ow...oowwwcch!" she screamed bucking her legs wildly.’SWACKK'… ""ow...ow...oowwwcch! Oh, Sir..."

Tannard continued.

'SWACKK'… " eeeeoow…ooow…ouch."

'SWACKK'… "Yeeeeooow!" Victoria squealed.

'SWACKK'… ""ow...ow...oowwwcch!" She was sobbing breathlessly.

'SWACKK'… ""ow...ow...oowwwcch! I beg you, Sirs. Please have pity on me."

Tannard placed the 'strop' on the table by her side and helped her to her feet.

Victoria slept on her stomach that night, her bottom a ball of flame for most of the night. Miriam the cook had given her some ointment to rub over it soothing her so at least she could sleep. The next day she felt she could begin to put the trauma behind her.

Then they came to arrest her…

Miss Grey, in a fit of pique decided to report her stolen book to the Magistrates and suddenly Victoria was in a smoke filled courtroom before an ageing man who seemed to have difficulty hearing or seeing. Miss Grey was allowed to make her case to the court fully explaining her reasons for believing Victoria to have stolen her property. The Magistrate listened intently and turned to the hapless maid and said, "How do you plead?" A man whom she had never seen before answered "Guilty!" from a nearby bench and the Magistrates' gavel struck the desk and her sentence passed immediately
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