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If my situation keeps getting worse, why do I get so aroused.

At the end of the day I left the office to head back home. My mind still in turmoil from what had happened earlier in the day, I had been spanked by my female boss and her assistant and had to orally pleasure them both. Had what had happened actually happened! I decided to call at a bar on the way back to my landlady's house and have a stiff drink. I sat on my own and drank down a large Whisky, I now had a warm glow in my stomach to match the warm glow of my backside. Time to go I thought.

I used my key and entered the front door, straight away I could tell that the house was unusually quiet, maybe no one else was home, brilliant I thought, my optimism didn't last long as the silence was suddenly broken.

"Oh, your home then," said Gail, the younger of my landlady's two daughters, as she descended the stairs ahead of me. "Mom is at the Mall and Lucy is at her dance class, so I have been told to check that you are still wearing my sister's knickers!"

Gail now stood before me with her hands on her hips. She was very well developed young women with a very sexy figure, however she was still only a week away from her seventeen birthday  and even though she was wearing her sexy school uniform of short pleated skirt, neat blouse and long white socks, I thought it best not allow any attraction toward her flourish in my mind.

"Gail, I'm sure your mum is just having a joke with you.......But don't worry you can tell your mom that I was still wearing them if you want, which of course I am, but there's no need to check, after all it's nonsense really." I said as I waltzed past her heading for my room. I was sure I could manipulate a sixteen year old!

"Hold it right there," said Gail angrily. "My mom said if you gave me any trouble it would be the last night you spent in this house, get back here now and drop your trousers!" Gail added in the same irate tone.

I was blown away by Gail's authoritative manner and found myself spinning back to obediently follow her command. I loosened my belt before I hesitated and squeaked out a final plea, "do we really need to do this Gail?"

"Yes, what are you waiting for, it's not like I haven't seen everything you have already," Gail answered.

She was of course totally accurate so without any more stalling I let my trousers fall to the floor."

"Oh my god!" declared Gail, "no knickers, you're for it now." "Mom said you're to be punished if you didn't have my sisters pants on," added Gail.

"Wait, I had a problem at work." "Listen can't we keep this between ourselves, teenagers could always use some extra money right?, how about 'fifty' and we don't say anything to your mom?" I asked.

"Let me get this straight you've disobeyed my mom, lied to me, trying to bribe me and now you want me to lie to my mom?" said gail in an inquiring tone.

I couldn't argue with Gail's reasoning. "Sorry, It's just....well my backside is still sore and I don't think It could take another spanking, isn't there another punishment we could do?" I implored.

Gail suddenly softened her expression, "Well I will have to think about it," said Gail, as she started to ponder. "First you will have to do anything I say, without question, and I think as I'm in charge you should call me Miss Gail."

"I will Gail, I mean Miss Gail" I replied.

"For starters, you can get the rest of your clothes off and wait there, I need to use the loo" added Gail, feeling very victorious. With that she turned and headed upstairs to the bathroom.

I reckoned the best thing I could do was to comply with Gail's orders and slowly stripped off the rest of my clothes. I was soon totally naked feeling both helpless and ridiculous.

Gail shouted down to me, "come up here to the bathroom John."

What now I thought as I climbed the stairs and walked to rest outside the bathroom door, "Yes, Miss Gail" I said.

"In here," shouted Gail through the closed door. 

I entered the bathroom to find Gail sitting on the toilet, her white panties we're round her ankles and she'd gathered her little skirt up in her arms, even though she was hunched forward I could still see an awful lot of her beautiful creamy white thighs.

Averting my eyes away from her gaze I meekly asked, "what is it?"

"Can't you see idiot no toilet tissue! I don't see why I should have soiled panties when I've got you around," said Gail.

It must have been clear from my expression that I clearly hadn't cottoned on to Gail's meaning, because she quickly added "You John, are going to use your lying tongue to dry my pussy, now get over here and kneel down in front of me" 

A little in shock and a little excited I watched as Gail lifted one of her legs to rest on the side of the bath and repositioned herself so her legs we're wide open and she was leaning back to give me access to the area between her legs.

She had the most gorgeous young pussy thin pink lips almost bare with whispers of light brown hair arching away from her clit, she obviously shaved from time to time. My cock again started to betray me and began to swell in earnest. I stepped forward and obediently knelt before the young 'goddess."

"Start at the bottom and keep your mouth open, you naughty boy" said Gail smirking from ear to ear.

I did as ordered and probed as low as I could sticking my tongue in the crevasse of Gail's lower arse cheeks, keeping my mouth open as instructed. I could feel the warm droplets of urine as I lapped away ay Gails tender area.

All of a sudden Gail gave a little shudder and a tiny dribble of piss dropped in to my mouth. I was about to cough and spit it out when Gail giggled, "oops, sorry about that," "drink all down it's all part of your punishment," she added mockingly.

I did as I was told and soon the taste of Gail's lovely sex had replaced the bitter taste of her pee. I had not been told to stop so I continued paying all my attention to Gails clit and pussy lips. Gail was now moaning her approval and in a husky voice said, "that's it don't stop, keep licking, oh god yes.....yes!"

After ten more minutes of worshiping between Gails legs she gripped her thighs to my head and thrust herself to my mouth before she came with an almighty scream, "oh fuck...fuck!" she said.

It was now time to taste Gail's fresh cum and I gulped down all she had to offer.

Gail caught her breath and pushed me back on my knees, I had another 'personal best record' erection raging ahead of me.

Gail looked into my face and smiled before saying, "That was awesome, looks like I've got my own personal pussy licker." Gail stood up and bent over the toilet to press the flush, her firm white bum was now inches away from my nose and mouth. Instinctively I leaned forward held her arse cheeks open with my hands and started to lick Gail's rose pink anus.

Gail let out a responsive sigh before pushing me away with her bottom. "We haven't got time for that now you greedy little boy," she said sarcastically.

Gail pulled up her panties and straightened her skirt. "Turn round and bend over, I will decide whether your arse can take another spanking," Gail commanded.

I reluctantly turned and leaned over the bath for Gail's inspection. "No it won't do, I admit it's still a little red but, if mom was to check she would Know you hadn't just been spanked and I'm not getting in to trouble for you so, we're going to have to add some more colour, follow me to my bedroom you naughty little boy," continued Gail.

'Little' I thought, I was 5' 11 and thirty-one years old, my tormentor was 5' 3, if that, slim and just shy of seventeen. How could she call me little!

I followed Gail like a puppy in to her room. Gail took up a very business like manner and sat on the edge of her bed picking up one of her slippers on the way. I was instructed to lay over her lap with my head almost touching the carpet. 

"I going to spank you until I think your arse is red enough or my arm gets tied and you John, you will thank me for every slap," announced Gail.

I garbled out my agreement and the punishment began, smack!, "thank you Miss Gail, smack!, thank you Miss Gail. The beating continued and the pain in my rear started to become unbearable, I had already received two beatings in the last 24 hours and was now having a third. Gail certainly new how to spank, and tears were now streaming down my face.

My mind was racing through the pain, it was all so cereal, I had just acted like a sex slave for the pleasure of a sixteen year old collage student and was now allowing her to spank me naked over her lap!

"There that's lovely and red now mom will be pleased, you can get up now," said Gail, as my punishment came to a thankful end.

I stood up and started to tenderly rub my sore behind, my cock was still hard.

Gail burst in to laughter, "I'm going to love this," she said to herself.

She leaned forward and slowly caressed my cock which responded to her touch. "I may even have a use for this, but not today," said Gail as she leaned back on her bed. "Right ground rules, today is Thursday and every Thursday night mom goes to the Mall and Lucy goes to dance classes, so from now on you will be my secret plaything every Thursday evening, and you will do everything I tell you without question or, I will tell my mom you tried to have your way with me and she will probably call the police." "I will tell mom you 'did' have Lucy's panties on when you came home and I took them off you, she will never know the difference.

" So, do you agree to my rules John?" added Gail.

I was now getting used to surrendering myself to young females and nodded my compliance.

"Oh good," said Gail with girlie glee in her voice. "You better get your clothes from downstairs and go to your room mom will be back in thirty minutes and if she sees your bottom she will know I had to spank you".

"Yes, Mistress," I said resigned to my fate.

"Ooh, 'Mistress' I like that," said Gail. "Now, off you go."
















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