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A mistake I made 9 years earlier got me in to the caught between 'a rock and a hard place' position

My name is John Marples,  I am single and 31st old.

 It all really began 9 years earlier when I was a high flier at quite a big company, I had a secretary then called Janice. She was only 18 and during that time I must admit treated quite badly.

However, I didn't care because I was doing very well in my role as a Sales Account Manager, and, I new I would be promoted to our head office which was in another city. Sure enough it was not long before I got my promotion and I left the regional office heading for glory at our London Head Office or so I thought.....

 Nine years later recession hits and I find myself back at my old regional office in a much more junior position and Janice my old secretary is now head of accounts which mean' t that she was now my superior.

My move back to the regional office was a very sudden affair. Not only did I have a new job, I had nowhere to live.

Janice, my new 'boss', was aware of my situation and arranged lodgings for me, paid as part of my new much lower salary package.

It was clear that Janice had held a grudge and took pleasure in informing me that, If she was given any reason to fire me she would do it without hesitation. She give details of my new address and told me to report to my new lodgings after my first day at work.

My head was spinning as I knocked on my new landlady's door.

A lady in her mid-forties answered the door, "oh you must be John."

" Yes," I replied.

"I am Mrs Jackson, come in and we will get you settled," she said.

 After following my new landlady into her kitchen she went on to explain that she lived alone with her two daughter's, Gail 16 and Lucy 18.

She told me that I was her first ever boarder and that she was renting a room to help with her finances. She went on to explain she had two strict rules. first, she expected her rent on time! no excuses and second, I had to take care of the laundry duties for the entire house every other week, with my landlady doing the other weeks washing on an alternate basis.

In my position I had no other alternative but to agree to the rules of the house as they seemed to be pretty fair.

Everything was okay for the next 4 weeks until one evening arriving back from work, my landlady told me she needed to see me. I followed as She led me in to her sitting room.

 "John, first your rent is not in my account and thus it is late and second the laundry has not been done and it was your turn," she said.

I started to explain that I had forgotten the laundry and I would sort out the rent with my 'boss', but she stopped me and said, "in this house if you transgress you get punished, now get those pants off and get over my knee!"

"What, I'm a grown man you can't spank me", I said.

"It's either take your spanking or get out of my house."

I quickly realised the terrible situation I was in, if I was thrown out of the house, not only would I have nowhere to live, but I would also have to explain to 'Janice' my new boss, I'd been asked to leave my lodgings, not something I wanted to go through.

Then I thought how bad could a one off spanking from a woman be. I decided to accept the situation and get it over with.

Mrs Jackson moved a chair to the centre of the room sat down and patted her lap.

"Come on then," she snapped.

I moved to stand in front of her and unbuckled my belt, my trousers fell to the floor around my ankles and I shuffled and draped myself over her knee. I could feel my face growing red as my hands landed on the carpet, just then Mrs Jackson lifted her knee sending me further over on to the floor, then before I could do anything she pulled my underpants right down. I was now naked from the waist down, bottom on show dangling over my landlady's knee waiting to be spanked!

"10 minutes spanking for the rent being late and 10 minutes spanking for not doing the laundry," said My landlady, "and you better thank me for this afterwards," she added.

Smack, smack, smack, the blows rained down on my behind one after the other.

For anyone who has not been spanked recently let me assure you it hurts!

Smack, smack and more pain, it seemed to go on forever until the stinging turned to more of a heat glow on my behind. It was then I started to become aware of my growing erection. It was either the erotic nature of the situation or the rubbing of my Genitals against my landlady's skirted thighs, all I knew was, I was in pain and I had a hard on.

My Landlady was breathing heavier and the smacks were slowing when she suddenly stopped.

"That's the first 10 minutes," she said. "Now get up and take that shirt off and kick your pants and underpants off, they're getting in my way."

I got up and did as I was told kicking my clothing to the side of the room. I was now standing completely naked rubbing my backside with a ragging erection sticking out in front of me.

Mrs Jackson was grinning at my predicament, staring at my cock she reached forward and took hold of it, she then looked up at me and said, "your not supposed to be enjoying this little boy, I think my slipper will help you concentrate." "Now before you go back over my knee have you anything to say"

Remembering what My Landlady had said earlier I blurted out, "Thanking you for punishing me Mrs Jackson."

My landlady beamed another grin and said "good little boy, now over you go."

 My landlady positioned me again and then leaned over me to get hold of her slipper. I was sure I heard a noise behind me and tried to look up but my landlady pushed my head back down and said, "stay there and do not move until I tell you". "Now for the slipper," and with that I felt the first thwack on my already sore backside. The pain with the slipper was far worse than with the hand and I soon found myself almost sobbing and begging her to stop.

"no more," I cried.

"Another 5 minutes left and then it will be all over," she replied.

Sure enough 5 minutes later the blows came to an end and the pressure from my landlady was lifted from my back. As I struggled to get to my feet I became aware my erection had ebbed away a little during the punishment from the slipper.

I stood up fully, rubbing my bum, eyes blurred from the tears and got the biggest shock ever. There was my landlady grinning with arms folded sat in the chair with her two daughters Gail and Lucy stood beside her with a slipper in each hand!

When I tried to cover myself up from all their gazes, My Landlady said "oh no! arms by your side or do you want some more punishment," "in this house all those wronged get to chastise the wrongdoer."

Not wanting anymore spanking I slowly put my arms by my side. When Gail and Lucy saw my cock rising again they both burst out laughing.

"That's enough now," said My Landlady. "John, why don't you say what needs to be said then you can go to your room."

As quick as I could, I said, "Thank you for punishing me Mrs Jackson."

Gail and Lucy chuckled again.

"I didn't slipper you, Lucy and Gail did, you should be thanking them," my landlady merrily pointed out.

This was so embarrassing not only had I a 31 year old man, just been spanked with a slipper by a sixteen and eighteen year old girls whilst naked lying over theirs mothers lap, but now I had to stand in front of them, me totally naked with a ragging erection, them both fully clothed and I had to thank them each for spanking me.

I moved a little closer to them and muttered "thank you for punishing me Lucy, thank you for punishing me Gail."

"You better be a good boy and do as you are told from now on," said Lucy.

With that Lucy reached toward me and slapped my behind with the slipper again. Gail giggled at this, but my landlady said "that's enough now, John you can go up to your room but, before you put any clothes back on you can go in to the kitchen and do all the laundry you forgot to do.

I made my haste from the room but Lucy and Gail followed me laughing and teasing me and even slapping my sore behind until I finally bundled all the washing in to the machine and got safely back to my room.


End of chapter one. more to follow if well received.















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