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Late Christmas Present

A man buys hairbrushes at a hair salon
I was at a strip mall to buy some office supplies when I went past a hair salon that also was a store that sold hair products. Now my wife has long flowing black hair, so I looked at the display window. I was surprised because they were featuring a set of large wooden hairbrushes. Why the set was featured was because the price was sixty percent off. For Christmas I had given her a nice silver bracelet, but I knew she was hoping to get more than that. Also, if you have read any of my stories, you know my wife spanks me. When I am over her lap for a spanking, she likes to first her hand, but next she uses a hairbrush on me.

There were three hairbrushes in the set and the largest one looked as big as a table tennis paddle. So I went into the store to examine them. When I walked into the store, there was a large display case of the brushes. All of them were very flat on one side and they were also made of oak. I wanted to test then so I took the medium sized one and I hit my hand with it many times. It did sting a little, and they looked like they would work well for both brushing her hair and for spanking me.

Then a young female sales clerk approached me and asked, “Can I help you? Watching you, it looks like you might have another use for these too.”

“I didn’t think you noticed. Yes, these brushes work be like a late and double Christmas present for my wife,” I said.

“Who would be feeling the wood part of the brushes?”

“I would be,” I answered. “That is why I was trying them on my hand, but it doesn’t feel the same way.”

“Well, we have a set of brushes in the backroom that I could try out on you,” she said.

“I don’t know about that. You must be very busy,” I said.

“Since it is after Christmas, the store is very slow. Plus there are other sales clerks and you aren’t the first man who has wanted a demonstration,” she said.

“I would like to know how they feel before I buy them for my wife. Okay.”

“Then follow me to an office in the back of the store. There you will have a lot of privacy.”

She took me to the back of the store, past many boxes, to a small office. Inside, there was a large wooden desk and a hairbrush set was sitting on top of it. “I will not give you a over the knee spanking but you can stand by the desk and lower your pants. I will start with the small hairbrush and see how you like it.”

So I walked over to the desk, lowered my slacks and bent over. “Put your elbows on the desk, be sure and stay in position, and spread your legs.”

I didn’t think going to get office supplies would lead to a spanking like this. I still had my undershorts on and when she started to spank me, I could feel it but she wasn’t spanking me very hard.

“Does your wife spank you over your shorts or on your bare bottom?”

“Always on my bare bottom,” I said. “The spanking has a better effect on me that way.”

“So stay bent down over the desk. I am going to lower your underpants.” Then I felt the coolness of the air as she lowered them to my knees. “You do have a nice tight bottom to spank. No wonder she spanks you. You are now going to feel your spanking a lot more.”

The hairbrush did sting a lot more this way. I was surprised because she also used the hairbrush to spank my upper inner thighs.

“Now you will feel this medium sized hairbrush.” She bent over and showed it to me.

Then spank, spank, spank. By the way I was reacting, I knew my wife would love these hairbrushes. Spank, Spank, and Spank!

“Now for the last and biggest one. It reminds me of a real paddle, it is so big.”

Spank, Spank, and Spank! It really stung and it warmed up my whole lower body.

Then I heard the door open. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to disrupt you,” someone said. “Be sure to demonstrate the new bath brush we got in. The men are buying a lot of them.”

“Good idea. Can you bring me one?”

“Sure. Be right back.”

“We got these new bath brushes in. They are lightweight but the brush is very big and flat on them. Most men buy those for their wife’s too. How often does your wife spank you?”

But before I could answer, I heard the door open again. “Here it is. Let me show it to him and give him a spanking with it.”

She quickly let me see it and then my spanking started again. Spank, Spank, and Spank! Between being spanked by two women and now smelling the new woman’s perfume, all of this was affecting me between my legs. I now was aware that I had a big erection, and I was unable to control it.

Then the new woman said, “It looks like he is reacting to his spanking. Let me get some tissues and relieve him.”

“Keep bent over the desk and don’t move,” my original salesclerk said.

I stayed bent over while I felt some nice soft hands stroke my penis shaft. It felt so good and I suddenly exploded in her hands. Then I felt the tissues as she cleaned me up.

“I think you have another happy customer. Hurry up because we have another man wanting a demonstration.” Then I heard the door close again.

“I will leave you to get dressed again and then meet me at the cash register.”

So I got dressed and paid for the brush set and the extra bath brush. When I got home, I wrapped them in red Christmas wrapping paper and gave them to her. Now she got another Christmas present that she could use many ways.

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