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Late from the prom part 2

Late From the Prom (part 2)

Driving home from Nancy’s house was hard. My butt was sore but also warm and tingling. Flashes of what just happened kept going through my mind. Naked of over Nancy’s mom’s lap, Nancy in the room, Nancy sneaking peeks from the corner and my erection. I was turned on by being naked in front a woman and particularly someone I knew but not well. But there was more to this. I was turned on by the spanking and its aftermath.

I parked and went in and straight up to my room. I quickly got out of my Tux and took off my underwear. My cock was still very hard. It felt like it would just explode on its own. I looked at my butt in the mirror still red but started to fade toward bruises. I started to rub my butt thinking about what just happened. Being naked and spanked and thinking was Nancy right now undergoing the same. Was her cute butt that I had only seen in her tight jeans or under her dress tonight turning bright red under her mom’s hairbrush? This thought was too much! I came long and hard. I could not believe how hard I came!

The next morning I awoke with thoughts of spankings still in my head. This time it was not Nancy’s mom but Nancy. That is thoughts of Nancy spanking me and of me spanking her. These thoughts stayed with me all day. As dinner time approached I got more and more nervous. How could I look Nancy’s mom in eye or even Nancy for that matter after last night? How could I talk to them with these thoughts of spankings going through my head?

I called to confirm dinner. Nancy’s mom answered and she seemed nervous. Nancy did not come to the phone and so I confirmed the time for me to come and hung up. As I drove there my nerves were getting worse. I rang the bell and when Nancy’s mom answered I could not look at her. She said Nancy would be down soon and I could wait in the study. She turned and headed off toward the kitchen. I went into the study and my knees almost gave out as the memories came rushing back. Less than 24 hours ago I was naked in this room being spanked.

After a few minutes Nancy’s mom came in. She seemed a little uneasy. “Nancy should be down soon” she said, “How are you feeling?”


“You seem to be able to sit anyway.” Her nerves seemed to vanish and mine got much worse.

“I’ll go and see what is keeping Nancy” she said, “I would like to get this over so we can have dinner.”

With that she walked out. What did she mean by that? I started to get really nervous.

After several minutes she returned followed by Nancy. Nancy’s head was down but from what little I could see her eyes were puffing from crying. I said hi but she seemed not to hear. Her mom went and sat in the chair from last night. Nancy still near the door was rocking from one foot to the other looking as if she would like to run out of the room.

Her mom started talking. “After you left last night Nancy started to take her punishment but after the warm up she was crying very hard. She said it was not fair that you were punished in front of her but she was punished in private. I told her that was what you wanted and it was already done. She asked if I could delay her fifteen strokes until today. I told her no and asked her to hand me the hair brush. She said that you had taken your punishment so the two of you could still see each other but that she would never feel comfortable with you because of this imbalance. I told her that it would just take a little time. I then gave her the fifteen each cheek and we agreed. After it was over she again said it was unfair how things turned out and she asked if she could take the extra ten that you did today with you here to clear the air between you. I of course said no but she kept asking and all this morning as well. I finally gave in. I am not sure this is the right thing to do but I have agreed. Now let’s get this over before I need to get back and finish cooking dinner.”

I did not know what to say or do. Nancy never looked up during this whole time. I tried to catch her eye but she was staring at the floor rocking back and forth.

“No I am fine with the way things went” I said, although the bulge in my pants said otherwise. This had to be a dream!

“Nancy pushed me all day for this and like I said I am not sure it is the right thing to do but we are going to do it. Now let’s see you should be in the corner” she said to me and pointed to the far corner were Nancy had stood last night.

“No Nancy you don’t have to do this” I said, “I am fine and we will be fine.”

Nancy said very quietly still staring at the floor, “I want to do this. I need to do this.” Then she quickly looked up and caught my eye. There was fear and nerves but a strength as well. I know as much as she wanted to stop this that she was even more determined to see it through.

Nancy’s mom said “Corner now please. Now David!” She was in charge again. Her nerves were gone. “Don’t make ask again or you may be over my lap rather than in the corner.”

I got up and headed toward the corner. There was a small table almost in the corner that I had to walk around. I did not remember it being there yesterday.

“OK Nancy” her mom said, “come stand before me. I will give you the same choice as Dave last night. If you want to change your mind right now you can.”

I heard nothing but she must have agreed because Nancy’s mom then said “OK to be fair I think you should undress to your underwear like last night.”

I was so excited I could not catch my breath. What should I do I was so excited but I also felt bad for Nancy. I looked from side to side and something on that little table caught my eye. I small mirror was setup and if I just bent a little I could see Nancy’s mom in the chair. Nancy had set this up! Not only did she want to make things fair she also wanted me to watch! This was too much. This had to be a dream!

Nancy was out of view! I could hear her undressing but could only catch a glimpse of her off to the side. I moved and strained to see.

“David! Stop that fidgeting right now! If you don’t stand still I will punish you again!”

I froze. What if she saw the mirror! I slowly moved so I see her sitting in the chair and then stayed still. Nancy suddenly stepped in front of her. Nancy’s back was to me and all she was wearing was her panties and bra. She was amazing! I felt as if I would faint.

“OK Nancy. Since you were punished yesterday and I assume still sore, I will just give a quick warm up and then ten each cheek with the hair brush. Now over my lap please.”

Nancy stepped forward and bent over her mom’s lap. She was at about a 45 degree angle facing away. It was a perfect view. Her mom rubbed her butt and grabbed the waistband of her underwear. Nancy lifted her hips. But then her mom looked up at me.

“David” she said, “something is not right!” Oh no she has seen the mirror what I am I going to do. “David if we are finishing last night then this is the corner time you missed out on. So please lower your pants. You to need to be in the right state of mind. While your butt is no longer red as it should be for corner time I am sure there is some color left”

I stood there staring into the mirror afraid to move. “David please do as I say or I could add some color to your butt to make your corner time more true.” I undid my belt and pants and let them slide down to the floor. “Good,” she said, “and now your underwear please.”

I was so excited now. I could see Nancy in her underwear over her mom’s lap and I was being order to undress by her mom. My erection was so hard that it hurt. I grabbed the waistband and stretched the underwear around my erection and down.

“Good but your shirt is still in the way. Hands on your head that should pull up your shirttails.” I moved my hands up and felt the shirt raise off my butt. I was now exposed to Nancy’s mom. “Good and you do have some color left. Good to know I did a good job last night.” I clinched my butt and tried to discretely rub the head of my penis against the wall. I let out a soft moan but I don’t think either heard.

I looked in the mirror again and I could see Nancy’s face up-side-down looking at me. She had set this up perfectly. I could see her and she me! Now I just needed to make sure I did not cum. I could never explain that to Nancy let alone her mom. This thought of course only made me more aware of my cock on the verge of exploding.

“OK hips up please” said Nancy mom. Nancy looked down at the floor and slowly raised her hips. Her mom grabbed the waistband and lower Nancy’s panties. I could barely hold still as Nancy’s checks came into view, slightly bruised but still beautiful to see. Nancy glanced up to see me again.

Suddenly Nancy’s mom started raining down spanks all over Nancy’s beautiful ass. It quickly turned pink and then red. Nancy was staring at the floor. I am sure after being spanked yesterday the warm up must hurt more. I watched Nancy’s ass move and vibrate as the spanks rained down. It was amazing to watch! I started to move my hips slightly just letting the tip of my cock touch the wall. Then suddenly her mom stopped and was caressing Nancy’s butt.

“Yes I think you are warmed up. I knew it would be quick after yesterday,” said Nancy’s mom. “Now hand me the hair brush.”

I could see Nancy stretch to reach the brush and hand it to her mom. She looked back and me and winked and then seemed to ready herself for what was to come. She got her hands flat on the floor and stared straight between them.

“OK Nancy this should not be too bad only ten each cheek”, said her mom. Then her mom looked up at me and said, “Now since you wanted David here so badly lets have him count. OK David count loud and clear and any mistakes we start over. Understood!”

“What Oh Yes I understand”, I said as sweat started to run down my face.

SMACK! It took me by surprise and I her Nancy let out a small cry.

“David! You need to count or poor Nancy will be here all day. Let’s start again please”

SMACK! “One”

“Very good!”

SMACK! “Two”

SMACK! “Three” Hearing my voice made me feeling like I was part of the spanking.

SMACK! “Four” I started moving my hips again and letting the head of my cock rub the wall.

SMACK! “Five” SMACK! “Six” SMACK “Seven” This was too much!

SMACK! “Eight” We were now in the rhythm. The spank followed by a gasp from Nancy, then my counting and then my cock against the wall. Please don’t let them notice!

SMACK! “Nine” SMACK “Ten”

“OK now the other check! David count down this time please. You go first and then I will spank!”

“Ten” … SMACK! Oh my god it was now like I was doing the spanking!

“Nine” … SMACK! “Eight” … SMACK! I was now rubbing my cock at the same time as the spank and watching Nancy in the mirror, her body jerking with each hit, and then relaxing a little waiting for the next.

“Seven” … SMACK! “Six” … SMACK! “Five” … SMACK! I had gone too far I knew I was going cum and soon. No turning back now.

“Four” … SMACK! “Three” … SMACK! Just two more and then hide the fact I am cumming!

“Two” … SMACK! “One” … SMACK! And I let it go. I just tried to stand as still as could as I shot my cum into the corner. Please no one see. I will just sneak back later and clean it up.

As I steadied myself Nancy’s mom pulled Nancy’s panties back. “David, you may now pull your pants up but remain facing the corner until I say you can turn around,” said Nancy’s mom. “OK Nancy get dressed and let’s get on with dinner.

I heard Nancy getting dressed and then her mother said, “OK David we are done and I am going to finish dinner and I expect you two to come along and help set the table.” With that she turned left the study.

Nancy came over to me and gave me a peck on the cheek and said, “I hope you enjoyed the view,” as she glanced at the table and mirror, her face flushed almost as red as her ass was. Before I could respond she said, “So next time we are alone I was trying to figure who would go first but since you left that mess in the corner I think the naughty boy goes over my knee.” I stared at her. She giggled and said “don’t worry you will get your turn as well. Let’s go help mom before she starts to wonder what we are up to.”

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